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Island Nation
It is a point which I feel compelled to make, time and again, because it is people who make up a community of interest, by their determination, their commitment, their focus and that is what I believe the marine community…
Island Nation
I feel an empathy with Jimmy Buffett, the American singer and songwriter, whose words about his boat resonates with me: “Yes, I own a boat… It slides across the sea… Some folks say I’m a part of it…I know it’s…
Island Nation
It seems to me that, without dedicated volunteers, there would be a lot of work not done in the marine sphere, so I like when possible, to highlight what dedicated people are doing. Publicity can help them to raise funding…
Island Nation
Every sailor knows the importance of the weather forecast ….We watch forecasts on television, listen to them on radio, check the Met Eireann forecasts, look at the weather maps in the newspapers… At sea we check the Coast Guard’s coastal…
Island Nation
“We were invited into schools in the North Wall and while all the children had grandparents who were dockers, not one of them knew what a docker was, because all of that tradition is gone….” Amidst the current controversy over…
A Question Asked in a Kerry Boatyard
Island Nation
#islandnation – "Now, why would you say that Tom?" And when Fionán Murphy rightly challenged me about my question, I did ask myself why I had just said: "It's unusual, isn't it, for a boat for Norway to be built…
Jimmy Tyrrell – An Arklow Maritime Legend
Island Nation
#arklow legend – We are fortunate in this country to have people who are dedicated to the marine sphere and who give freely and willingly of their time and efforts in pursuit of their belief that maritime matters really should…
Valentia Coastal Radio Station Centenary Highlights How Far Morse Code Travels
Island Nation
#islandnation – DAH DIT, DAH DIT...The distance which Morse Code could travel was highlighted to me at Valentia Coastal Radio Station when the centenary of its operation was marked writes Tom MacSweeney. John Draper now in charge of the station recorded…
Marine Minister Forecasts Wooden Boat Building Revival
Island Nation
#woodenboat – Marine Minister Simon Coveney is confident that wooden boat building in Ireland is going to be revived writes Tom MacSweeney. Traditional skills have been lost and there are fears that they will disappear forever, but the Minister sounds…
Shipwrecked – Brian Carlin Tells How He Survived Volvo Ocean Race Crash
Island Nation
#vor –  As the Volvo Ocean Race organisers release the investigation report into the Team Vestas Wind shipwreck in the Indian Ocean, Irish sailor Brian Carlin who was the yacht's Onboard Reporter describes dramatically on the current edition of THIS ISLAND…
Difficult Waters for Irish Sailing, Just 17,000 Registered Leisure Sailors in Ireland
Island Nation
#irishsailing – There are just 17,000 registered leisure sailors in Ireland at present. There has been a decline in sailing, the level of activity has weakened, clubs are losing membership and several marinas have space available for the first time.…
Shocking Drowning Figures & EU Recognises Cruise Ship Industry After 25 Years
Island Nation
#drowning – The Chief Executive of Irish Water Safety, John Leech, shocked me this week when I heard him say at the end of his regular report on my radio programme 'THIS ISLAND NATION': "I finish on a sad note,…
Why Sea Links Are More Important Than Air Links
Island Nation
#sealinks – In the current debate which has surfaced about the future of Aer Lingus, it is good to hear the realisation in all quarters, from politicians to business, economic and media commentators that Ireland is an 'island nation'. While…
The Relationship of Ireland to the Sea
Island Nation
#islandnation – "There is a deep-rooted interest in the sea amongst Irish people. Seeing history through the prism of the sea, bringing together the coastal communities and the public generally will raise interest in the relationship of Ireland to the…
Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth: Understand Backwards – Look Forwards
Island Nation
#islandnation – "Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards." It was Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, a 19th century Danish philosopher and theologian, who penned those words. His approach to philosophy was to leave the reader of his…
Do Boats Talk?
Island Nation

Do Boats Talk?

18th December 2014
#islandnation –  I have told my wife that my boat is not an inanimate object, that it does talk to me, which has generated the response that it costs enough, but does it ever explain why? It may not be…

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