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Britain’s Withdrawal From Fisheries Convention Could Be ‘Catastrophic’ For Irish Fleet

5th July 2017
A fishing boat in Howth on the Irish Sea, where many Irish trawlers fish within British territory A fishing boat in Howth on the Irish Sea, where many Irish trawlers fish within British territory Photo: William Murphy/Wikimedia

#Brexit - Britain’s withdrawal from the London Fisheries Convention could be “catastrophic” for the Irish fishing fleet — with fishermen in Northern Ireland being the “big losers” in the end.

That’s the stark warning from fisheries organisations noted in’s rundown of ‘the five things you need to know as the UK backs out of the EU fishing deal’.

As previously reported on, Irish trawlers could soon face a ban from fishing within 12 nautical miles of the UK as ministers in Westminster prepare to trigger Britain’s withdrawal from the 53-year-old London Fisheries Convention.

The agreement, which grants fishing rights to European countries — including Ireland — that have traditionally fished in British waters for centuries, was incorporated into the Common Fisheries Policy more than 30 years ago.

However, Brexit means the UK’s exit from the CFP and an intention to reassert control over its fishing waters.

The affect for Ireland could be the wiping out of the Irish fishing industry, fears Patrick Murphy of the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation (IS&WFPO), who explains that as much as 50% of the Irish catch comes from English waters.

And Northern Irish fishermen would be “big losers” after such a move, says Francis O'Donnell of the Irish Fish Producers Organisation (IFPO) — with no specifics on how common fishing grounds such as Lough Foyle and Carlingford Lough would be handled.

Meanwhile, UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove claims that leaving the convention would give Britain the power to build a new domestic fishing policy “which leads to a more competitive, profitable and sustainable industry”.

But the WWF warns that making its own decisions is not enough for Britain to support its fishing industry.

“Achieving sustainable fishing is about a lot more than which country fishes where,” said the environmental NGO’s Ben Stafford, who added: “We will still need to co-operate with our neighbours, as fish do not recognise lines on a map.” has much more on the story HERE.

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  • Comment Link Fishermasffriend 5th July 2017 posted by Fishermasffriend

    Help me here...
    Does not Charity start and the buck stop at home?
    The Irish fishing fleet has been wrong side of every EU deal on quotas for 20 years, as have the British...
    The British have voted to BREXIT,and ... to manage their own destiny...
    The Irish, er, have to wait until the very people that messed them about in the past, decide how to mess them about in the future..
    Whose fault is that, exactly?
    ( look in the mirror... fishermen...)
    Get off you backsides and go cut a deal with the British..., without Big Brother EU telling you what to do... ( unless you are afraid of them...)
    And if the EU Commissioners get their way again, ask yourself: "For whom are those EU bureaucrats working?
    ( Clue: By their actions in the past, shall ye know them...
    How much more pain (and fish) do you want to take?

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