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Sailing on Saturday with WM Nixon

The final two races of the 27th Calves Week in Schull were sailed in light, unpredictable winds writes Oonagh Buckley

Friday's traditional feeder race to Crookhaven, around the Fastnet Rock, is a highlight of the week, particularly for the crews of visiting boats. They can then say with honesty that they have been in a Fastnet Race and have the photographs to prove it. Over recent years, wind conditions have forced the fleet to be split, with only the larger boats rounding the Rock. This year however, race officer Neil Prendiville sent the full fleet of over 60 boats through the Calf Islands and around the iconic lighthouse. He reckoned however without the unpredictable winds which dropped as the boats passed the Bill of Cape Clear. Around a third of the boats retired and the course was shortened to finish at the Rock itself for Classes 3 and 4. Those that held on were rewarded with a 10 to 12 knot breeze in later afternoon for an evening finish in Crookhaven Harbour.

Anchor Challenge (E Rohan) in Class 3 was first to finish over the line, commensurate with his results all week. Kieran Twomey in Gloves Off was second and won Class 0/1 from ISOR (P. O'Donovan) and Coirín (F. Leyden). Growler (D. Dineen), one of the two of that name sailing in the fleet this year, won in Class 2, Tete a Tete (T&O Buckley) in Class 4, Fizz (C. Geoghegan) in Whitesail 1 and La Perle Noir (J&D Crowley) in Whitesail 2.

Saturday was a lay day for Calves Week, with some boats participating in Crookhaven Regatta.

Schull Regatta is the traditional Sunday finish to the week. Despite heavy winds and rain overnight, the race officer had to delay the start to the race by an hour, as the winds had dropped to one or two knots by midday. As the forecast was for the wind to pick up in mid afternoon, a short course around placed marks was set, with all classes rounding the course twice. The wind duly came up with a spinnaker finish in 10 to 12 knots over the line in Schull Harbour.

Aidan Heffernan on Indulgence took final honours in Class 0/1, ahead of Donal O'Leary on D-Tox and Brian Siggins on Arís Maria. Growler (D. Dineen) again took honours in Class 2, Outrigger (J. Nyhan) in Class 3, Chinook (A Bradley) in Class 4, Becca (D. Madden) in Whitesail 1, and Zeezwan (D. Buckley) in Whitesail 2.

A correction to the previous results is that Samba won in Whitesails 1 (including IRC) in Tuesday's Offshore Race.

The trophy for overall IRC Helmsman was Eamonn Rohan in Anchor Challenge. Overall Echo Helmsman was Diarmuid Dineen in Growler. The 'Best Local Boat' Trophy was won for the first time by Ted and Oonagh Buckley on Tête a Tête.


OverallClass 0/ Echo: D-Tox (D O'Leary)
Class 0/1 IRC: D-tox (D O'Leary)
Class 2 Echo: Growler (D Dineen)
Class 2 IRC: Allure (B Goggin)
Class 3 Echo: Chameleon (P O'Donovan)
Class 3 IRC: Anchor Challenge (E Rohan)
Class 4 Echo: Tête a Tête (T&O Buckley)
Class 4 IRC: Saoirse (R Hanley)
Whitesail 1 IRC: Samba (J Downing)
Whitesail 1: Samba (J Downing)
Whitesail 2: Wild Dreams (N Groom)

Saab Schull to Crookhaven
Class 0/1 IRC 1 Gloves Off (K. Twomey) 2. D-Tox (D. O'Leary) 3 ISOR (P. O'Donovan)
Class 0/1 Echo 1 Gloves Off (K. Twomey) 2 ISOR (P. O'Donovan)3 Coilín (F. Leyden)
Class 2 IRC 1 Sandrine (Conboy/Kelly) 2 Allure (B. Goggin) 3 Catalpa (D. Nash)
Class 2 Echo 1 Growler (D. Dineen) 2 Sandrine (Conboy/Kelly) 3. Polly (J. Pollard)
Class 3 IRC 1 Anchor Challenge (E Rohan) 2. Whyte Knight (F. Coughlan) 3 Outrigger (J. Nyhan)
Class 3 Echo 1 Anchor Challenge (E Rohan) 2 Whyte Knight (F. Coughlan) 3. Outrigger (J. Nyhan)
Class 4 Echo 1 Tete a Tete (T and O Buckley) 2. Barossa (E. Krugel)
Whitesail 1 IRC 1 Samba (J Downing) 2 VSOP (D. McCarthy) 3 Just Jasmin (P Smith)
Whitesail 1: Fizz (C Geoghegan) 2. Samba (J Downing) 3 VSOP (D McCarthy)
Whitesail 2: 1 La Perle Noire (J &D Crowley) 2 Brazen Huzie (T O'Dwyer) 3 Chinook (F O'Hara)

Schull Regatta
Class 0/1 IRC: 1 D-Tox (D O'Leary) 2 Black Velvet (L. Parnell) 3. Gloves Off (K Twomey)
Class 0/1 Echo: 1 Indulgence (A Heffernan) 2. D-Tox (D O'Leary) 3 Arís Maria (B Siggins)
Class 2 IRC: 1 Allure (B Goggin) 2 Cochise (B Appelbe) 3 Val Kriss (Dann/Murphy/Hennessey)
Class 2 Echo: 1 Growler (D Dineen) 2 Val Kriss (Dann/Murphy/Hennessey) 3 Allure (B Goggin)
Class 3 IRC: 1 Seconds Count (D O'Donovan) 2 Outrigger (J Nyhan) 3 Full Pelt (P Murray)
Class 3 Echo 1 Outrigger (J Nyhan) 2 Chameleon (P O'Donovan) 3 Fult Pelt (P Murray)
Class 4 IRC 1 Saoirse (R Hanley) 2 Shelly D (M Murphy)
Class 4 Echo 1 Chinook (A Bradley) 2 Barossa (E Krugel) 3 Witchcraft (S Nelson)
Whitesail 1 IRC 1 VSOP (D McCarthy) 2 Just Jasmine (P Smith) 3 Aisling (B Heffernan)
Whitesail 1 Becca (D Madden) 2 Just Jasmine (P Smith) 3 Windborne (N Palmer-Sheehan)
Whitesail 2 1 Zeezwan (D Buckley) 2 Kileena (J Molloy) 3 La Perle Noir (D & J Crowley)

Published in Calves Week
Over 60 boats signed up for the 27th Calves Week in Schull this week writes Oonagh Buckley. The first few days of the week long racing event benefited from a late burst of summer conditions with light winds and blue skies. The  organisers were pleased that the numbers coming to Schull held up well, despite the poor summer so far.

Many boats of course return year after year, to join the local fleet from Schull Harbour Sailing Club. This may reflect the unique experience offered in Calves Week where the islands in Roaringwater Bay are used as additional marks for the races. One innovation this year was offering an IRC series for Whitesail 1, with Samba (J. Downing) taking winning honours on all 3 races to date.

The feeder races from Cork and Kinsale battled against light winds to make it down. Only one whitesail boat (Aisling, B. Heffernan) sailed overnight from Kinsale. Five boats set off from Cork with Indulgence (A. Heffernan) winning by less than 8 minutes on corrected time from Exhale (D. Good).

The wind picked up over Sunday to a force 3/4, which allowed the Racing Officer (Neil Prendiville) to send the full fleet around Clear Island on the feeder race to Baltimore. Black Velvet (L.Parnell) won Class 0/1, with Val Kriss (Dann/Murphy/Hennessey) ahead of Cochise in Class 2, Chameleon (P O'Donovan) in Class 3 and local boat Tete á Tete (T and O Buckley) winning Class 4. Megalopolis (P. Allman) in Whitesail 1 and Wild Dreams (N. Groom) in Whitesail 2 headed the large Whitesail fleet.

Baltimore regatta was sailed in glorious sunshine. Light and gusty winds, particularly in Baltimore Habour caused trouble for some boats trying for a spinnaker finish for the crowds. Exhale (D.Good) took honours in the Class 0/1 contest, Sandrine (Conboy/Kelly) in Class 2, Chameleon (P O'Donovan) in Class 3 and Tete á Tete (T and O Buckley) winning Class 4. Megalopolis (P. Allman) again won Whitesail 1, Zeezwan (D. Buckley) in Whitesail 2

Despite light winds, the winning boats maintained a remarkably consistent approach in the A&L Castor Offshore Race on Tuesday, around the cans with the honours changing only in Class 4 won by Barossa (E. Krugel), Whitesail 1 by Outrigger (J. Nyhan) and Whitesail 2 by Brazen Huzie (T. Dwyer). After a rest day on Wednesday, enlivened by a treasure hunt around the islands, Thursday saw fresher winds and an Atlantic swell for the Coastal Trophy Race with Derry Good on Exhale losing the mast in a severe gust.

Friday's race from Schull – Fastnet – Crookhaven and Schull Regatta on Sunday will complete the series for 2011.

Results (Provisional):

Schull-Baltimore (30th July)
Class 0/1 IRC 1. D-Tox (D. O'Leary) 2. Black Velvet (L.Parnell) 3. Gloves Off (K.Twomey)
Class 0/1 Echo 1. Black Velvet (L.Parnell) 2. Indulgence (A. Heffernan) 3. D-Tox (D. O'Leary)
Class 2 IRC 1. Allure (B. Goggin) 2. Cochise (B. Applebe) 3. Val Kriss (Dann/Murphy/Hennessey)
Class 2 Echo 1 Val Kriss (Dann/Murphy/Hennessey) 2 Cochise (B. Applebe) 3. Sandrine (Conboy/Kelly)
Class 3 IRC 1. Anchor Challenge (E Rohan) 2. Outrigger (J. Nyhan) 3. Seconds Count (D. O'Donovan)
Class 3 Echo 1 Chameleon (P. O'Donovan) 2 Full Pelt (P. Murray) 3 Outrigger (J. Nyhan)
Class 4 IRC 1 Saoirse (R. Hanley) 2 Shelly D (M. Murphy)
Class 4 Echo 1. Tete a Tete (T and O Buckley) 2. Saoirse (R. Hanley) 3. Josephine (R. Doorley)
Whitesail 1 IRC 1 Samba (J Downing) 2 Megalopolis (P. Allman) 3. VSOP (D. McCarthy)
Whitesail 1 1 Megalopolis (P.Allman) 2. Samba (J Downing) 3. VSOP (D. McCarthy)
Whitesail 2 1 Wild Dreams (N. Groom) 2. An Cuileann (Dolan/Taylor) 3 Chatterbox (N. Lane)

Baltimore Regatta (31st July)2
Class 0/1 IRC 1. Exhale (D.Good) 2. Black Velvet (L. Parnell) 3. D-Tox (D. O'Leary)
Class 0/1 Echo 1. Exhale (D. Good) 2. Coirin (F. Leyden) 3. Black Velvet (L. Parnell)
Class 2 IRC 1. Allure (B. Goggin) 2. Cochise (B. Applebe) 3. Catalpa (D. Nash)
Class 2 Echo 1 Sandrine (Conboy/Kelly) 2. Growler (D.Dineen) 3 Polly (J. Pollard)
Class 3 IRC 1. Anchor Challenge (Eamonn Rohan) 2. Seconds Count (D. O'Donovan) 3. Chameleon (P. O'Donovan)
Class 3 Echo 1 Chameleon (P. O'Donovan) 2 Whyte Knight (F. Coughlan) 3. Seconds Count (D.O'Donovan)
Class 4 IRC 1. Saoirse (R. Hanley)
Class 4 Echo 1 Tete a Tete (T and O Buckley) 2. Chinook (A. Bradley) 3 Saoirse (R. Hanley)
Whitesail 1 IRC 1 Samba (J. Downing) 2. Megalopolis (P. Allman) 3 VSOP (D. McCarthy)
Whitesail: 1. Megalopolis (P. Allman) 2. Aisling (B. Heffernan) 3 Samba (J. Downing)
Whitesail 2: 1 Zeezwan (D. Buckley) 2. An Cuileann (Dolan/Taylor) 3 Wild Dreams (N. Groom)

A&L Castors Coastal Race (1st August)
Class 0/1 IRC 1 D-Tox (D. O'Leary) 2 Black Velvet (L. Parnell) 3. Gloves Off (K. Twomey)
Class 0/1 Echo 1 Exhale (D. Good) 2 D-Tox (D. O'Leary) 3 Black Velvet (L. Parnell)
Class 2 IRC 1 Allure (B. Goggin) 2 Cochise (B. Appelbe) 3 Val Kriss (Dann/Murphy/Hennessey)
Class 2 Echo 1 Val Kriss (Dann/Murphy/Hennessey) 2 Cochise (B. Appelbe) 3. Allure (B. Goggin)
Class 3 IRC 1 Anchor Challenge (E Rohan) 2. Outrigger (J. Nyhan) 3 Whyte Knight (F. Coughlan)
Class 3 Echo 1 Chameleon (P. O'Donovan) 2 Whyte Knight(F. Coughlan) 3. Outrigger (J. Nyhan)
Class 4 IRC 1 Shelley D (M Murphy) 2 Saoirse (R. Hanley)
Class 4 Echo 1 Barossa (E. Krugel) 2 Shelly D (M. Murphy) 3 Tete a Tete (T and O Buckley)
Whitesail 1 IRC 1 Outrigger (J. Nyhan) 2 VSOP (D. McCarthy) 3 Megalopolis (P. Allman)
Whitesail 1: 1 Outrigger (J. Nyhan) 2 Megalopolis (P. Allman) 3 Aisling (B Heffernan)
Whitesail 2: 1 Brazen Huzie (T. Dwyer) 2 Wild Dreams (N. Groom) 3 Chatterbox (M. Lane)

Published in Calves Week
Schull Harbour Sailing Club has announced the programme for Calves Week 2011 and as well as full programme of coastal, offshore and overnight races, the top sailing event in West Cork has also announced Heineken Lager has come on board as title sponsor writes Claire Bateman. Calves Week runs from Friday 29th July to Sunday 7th August.

With the high powered excitement of the ICRA National Championships and the Sovereign’s Cup behind them, the eyes of the sailors are now turning westward with the first of the visiting boats already arriving in Schull Harbour to enjoy leisurely cruising prior to joining the racing action on the August weekend.

Principal Race Officer, Neill Prendeville of Kinsale YC, will take charge of the on the water events and has promised a mixture of laid and natural courses using the many islands of Roaring Water Bay, while Denis Kiely of SCORA, will oversee the handicaps and results.

The opening SCORA overnight race will start from Crosshaven on Friday 29th July and will round the Fastnet before finishing in Schull Harbour, while the Whitesail Fleet will have an early start in Kinsale on Saturday morning, July 30th.

The opening and closing receptions will take place in the Fastnet Marine Centre that is currently undergoing major refurbishing prior to staging the World Team Racing championships at the end of August, and the Thursday prizegiving ceremony will take place in the historic Grove House on the Colla road.

With confirmed entries now approaching the fifty mark, it is hoped that the many hundreds of sailors and friends that will crowd into Schull for the week of exciting racing and onshore festivities will provide a major tourist lift for the area .

Calves Week Schedule of races

Fri 29th July.  Crosshaven-Fastnet –Schull  (Overnight SCORA Offshore Series)

Sat 30th July. Kinsale –Schull  ( WhiteSail Offshore day race)

Sun 31st July. Schull - Baltimore (Coastal Race)

Mon 1st August  Baltimore Regatta.

Tue 2nd August  Offshore Trophy Race

Thr 4th August  Coastal Trophy Race

Fri 5th August  Schull-Fastnet-Crookhaven

Sun 7th August Schull Regatta.

Published in Calves Week
Nice to see Calves Week organisers are leaving nothing to chance next year. They've already published the entry form and notice of race for the 2011 West Cork regatta from July 30th to August 7th. The regatta is organised jointly by Baltimore Sailing Club, Crookhaven Regatta and Schull Harbour Sailing Club. 
Published in Calves Week
Near perfect weather and the largest fleet of the week graced the waters off Schull on Sunday for the annual regatta and final day of Calves Week.With
the start line moved outside the harbour the fleets took in both the Goat and Calve Islands together with the marks off Castle Island.

In Class Zero IRC Kieran Twomeys "Gloves Off" finished a brilliant week of sailing to take the Regatta Cup and also the overall trophies in both handicap divisions, while Schull Sailing Club Commodore Morgan O' Donovan's "Loco" won the Regatta Echo cup.

In Class One IRC the overall result went right down to the wire with victory in the final race giving Donal O Leary's "D Tox" the title after a six points tie break with Simon Coveney s "Wavetrain". D Tox finished a very successful weeks racing by also winning the Echo overall trophy.


Infinity and Beyond (left) and Loco on opposite tacks. Photo: Bob Bateman. More photos on the gallery here

Competition was also intense in Class Two IRC with Conor Ronan's "Ruthless" just edging out the Deasey/Ivers/Desmond crew in "Bad Company" for the overall trophy thanks to his better last race result, while in Echo a third place in the regatta race, behind Andrew Mackeys "Lornadrew" was good enough to win the overall for John McGowan's "Mackey G".

The overall in Class Three IRC was never in doubt with David Kenefick in "Tiger" scoring five bullet , while a third in the final race for Paul Murrays "Full Pelt" saw him claim the Echo overall.

In Class Four the Hanley Brothers in "Saoirse" finished off a productive weeks racing by winning the IRC regatta cup and the overalls in both handicap divisions with Una Buckley sailing "Tete-a-Tete to victory in Echo.

In the White Sail One fleet the Don McCarthy sailed VSOP won the regatta race, while a third place for Bryan Heffernans "Aisling" was good enough for
him to clinch the overall trophy. In White Sail Two Tadgh Dwyer's "Brazen Huzie" won the overall, having discarded the regatta result which saw Frank
Murphys "Dreamcatcher take the trophy.

The McMahon trophy for best local boat went to Paul Murray's "Full Pelt" while the Pearson "Spirit of the regatta trophy "was presented to Bill Rigney.

Published in Calves Week

For Thursday's Inter Island race series Race Officer Neil Prendeville sent the fleets on a long course around many of the scenic marks in Roaring Water Bay writes Claire Bateman. The arrival of the forecasted rain late in the afternoon resulted in the westerly wind dropping off to a gentle breeze, necessitating the shortening of the Class Two and White Sail One courses after five hours of sailing. In class zero Kieran Twomey's "Gloves Off" showed a clean pair of heels to the rest of the fleet, by comfortably winning both IRC and Echo with"Crackerjack" and "Infinity" in second and third. In class one, Donal O'Leary continued his run of good results in winning both divisions with Simon Coveney's "Wavetrain" second in IRC and Derry Good's "Exhale" second in Echo.

The Royal Cork dominance continued in Class Two where the Desmond, Ivers, Deasy trio in "Bad Company" captured both trophies, with Conor Ronan's "Ruthless" second in IRC and John Mc Gowan's"Mackey G" filling second place in Echo. In Class Three IRC David Kenefick's Quarter Tonner,"Tiger" is proving to beunbeatable, while Paul Murray in "Full Pelt" had a slender ten second advantage in Echo .In Class Four, Richard Hanley in "Saoirse" led his family crew to victory inboth handicap divisions ahead of "Shelly D" in IRC and "Witchcraft" in Echo.In the White Sail One class Frank Whelan added another win to his recentstring of victories with Don McCarthy's "VSOP" in second and Julian Dockery's "Flying Fox" in third, while in White Sail Two it was a cleansweep for local Schull boats with Frank Murphy's "Dreamcatcher" taking thetrophy ahead of Paul and David Kiely sailing their Norfolk Smuggler "Cu NaMara" and the Crowley family in "La Perle Noire".


Published in Calves Week

Summer weather finally returned to Schull on Tuesday with a fresh westerly breeze. All fleets sailed a course taking in the Calf Islands and Goat Island as a weather mark.

In Class Zero L. J. Mc Mahon of the Killyeagh YC sailed 'Crackerjack' to victory in both divisions, helped by the retiral of 'Loco' with sail damage and 'Gloves Off' who had a brush with the Middle Calves reef fortunately without sustaining damage.

In Class One IRC Simon Coveney's 'Wavetrain' recovered from a poor start to take the Costal Trophy ahead of Donal O Leary's 'D Tox', who also had to
settle for second in Echo behind Derry Goods 'Exhale.

In Class Two, it was a clean sweep in both divisions for the Applebe family in 'Cochise, with 'Bad Company' second in IRC and Andrew Mackey's 'Lornadrew' filling second place in Echo.

In Class Three David Kenefick continued his impressive run in "Tiger" to win IRC from Paul Murray's 'Full Pelt, with Murray taking the Echo division ahead of Padraig O'Donovan's 'Chameleon'.

In Class Four the fresh conditions ideally suited Mark and Michelle Murphy in 'Shelly D"'who captured both trophies from the Hanley brothers in

In White Sail One Bryan Heffernan in 'Aisling' notched up another win from Brian Siggens' 'Aris Maria', while Julian Dockery's 'Flying Fish' required the assistance of the inshore lifeboat service when stranded on the reef southeast of the Middle Calf Islands.

White Sail Two saw the prizes go to local boats, with the Crowley family sailing 'La Perle Noire' to victory ahead of Hugh O Donnell and crew in 'Aoife' and Tadgh Dwyers 'Brazen Huzie'.

Published in Calves Week

A light westerly breeze of eight to ten knots arrived in time for the start of Baltimore regatta on Bank holiday Monday. Race Officer Neil Prendeville sent the various fleets on a course through the Gascanane Sound and around the Calve Islands. The inclusion of the Amelia Buoy as a windward mark caused the race officers some anxious moments when the Irish Lights vessel 'Granuaile' lifted the mark during a routine maintenance operation just as the fleet appeared south of the Calves. However, the slow progress of the racing yachts allowed enough time to complete the operation, and the resulting spinnaker run back to Baltimore created a spectacular colourful background in Roaring Water Bay.

In Class Zero IRC Northern Ireland entry 'Crackerjack' scored her first victory of the regatta when owner L.J. Mc Mahon claimed the Regatta Cup. In Echo a fully crewed 'Loco' gave Schull Commodore Morgan O' Donovan the first local win of the regatta..

In Class One IRC Simon Coveney's 'Wavetrain' had a comprehensive victory over Ian Nagle's 'Jelly Baby'while in Echo Donal O'Leary's 'D Tox' took the spoils.

In Class Two IRC Conor Ronan's Corby 26 'Ruthless' had thirteen seconds to spare over Bad Company, while in Echo the Dann/Murphy duo in 'Val Kriss' had an equally narrow victory over the Appelbe family in 'Cochise'.

In Class Three IRC David Keneficks 'Tiger'held off a strong challenge from Cove sailing Clubs 'Bedlam',while in Echo victory went to long time event supporter Padraig O'Donovan of KYC sailing 'Chameleon'.

In Class Four the Hanley brothers in 'Saoirse' claimed victory in both divisions ahead of "Chinook" in IRC and Tete-A-Tete in Echo.

In a highly competitive White Sail One class Frank Whelans 'Blow Wind Blow' had a comfortable win over Donal Heffernans 'Aisling', while in White Sail Two the trophies went to local boats with Kieran Dwyer's 'Brazen Huzie' snatching victory from Dave Waters' 'Genevieve'.

Victory in the large 1720 class went to 'Smile'n Wave' ahead of 'Malarky' and Two to Tango.

Published in Calves Week
The ten competitors in the Crosshaven to Schull overnight race had a glorious spinnaker run out of Cork harbour as far as Cork Head before settling in for the long trip west with the freshening western breeze writes Claire Bateman. The trip was uneventful until the Class One fleet had passed Galley Head when in the early hours of Saturday morning Aidan Heffernans 'Indulgence' developed a steering problem. With three of his fellow competitors standing by a call was put out to Baltimore Lifeboat who towed the casualty safely to Baltimore.

The race continued to Schull where Donal O'Learys 'D Tox' took line honours finishing shortly after 7am. With numerous requests for redress, the race committee had a busy time sorting Class One results, which resulted in 'D Tox' taking first in both IRC and Echo, with Exhale and Saxon Senator filling second and third.

The spoils were shared in Class Two With Kieran O Briens 'Magnet' taking the IRC trophy, with the Barrett/Conlon team in 'Y Knot' winning Echo.

In the combined Classes Three and Four dogged determination finally paid off for Eddie Higgins and the crew of La Maraquita who, sailing the smallest boat in the race, crossed the Schull line in an elapsed time of sixteen and a half hours to capture the Echo trophy, with David Kenefick's 'Tiger' winning IRC.


West Cork bound. Photo: Robert Bateman

Compared with their companions from the previous night, the five White Sail boats that started from Kinsale on Saturday morning had an uneventful long slog to Schull where Bryan Heffernans 'Aisling' took first ahead of Doherty and Co in 'Free Spirit' and Julian Dockery's 'Flying Fish',while Kieran Dwyer's 'Brazen Huzzie' was the sole finisher in White Sail Two.

On Sunday the Wind Gods totally deserted Schull, where Race Officer Neill Prendeville was finally forced to fly the abandonment flag after a four hour postponement.

Published in Calves Week

With over 60 confirmed entries at present, the 2010 Calves Week in Schull, is hoped to top the 80 boat mark for the annual West Cork festival of sailing.  This year’s event will feature racing for eight cruiser classes, together with the growing West Cork 1720 fleet of sportsboats. The week long sailing event is once again supported by the local business community together with sponsorship from Saab, Airtech Security and A&L Castors.

Due to the dramatic increase in numbers, the White Sail fleet will be split into two, with a cut off point of approximately 35ft. Both fleets will begin the series in Kinsale, where they will start a daylight race to Schull at 8pm on Saturday morning July 31st.

The cruiser fleets in classes Zero, 1 and 2 will start the traditional Crosshaven / Fastnet/Schull overnight race at an earlier time of 19.30 on Friday 30th from the Weavers Point line, while classes 3 and 4 will sail a shorter course direct to Schull. The opening reception and briefing has been moved from the event headquarters at the Fastnet Marine Centre, to the Harbour View Hotel in Schull at 8.00 pm on Saturday 31st, which will also host the final overall presentation of prizes, on Sunday Aug 8th.

The first race from Schull will start on Sunday 1st Aug. , when the fleets will sail a variety of courses, which will all finish in Baltimore in the late afternoon. Some of the boats will stay overnight, for Monday’s regatta with the full fleet again resuming for battle in Schull on Tuesday morning, where a costal race is scheduled. On Wednesday the fleet sail to Cape Clere Island for the fun regatta of the week.

The racing boats will anchor in South Harbour, while the support crafts will tie up in North Harbour. This infamous event is run by the secret committee of the Cape Clere Yachting Association and has always proved to be the ideal location for the crews to “leave their hair down”

On Thursday the racing returns to Schull, with a mid week presentation of trophies in the Coartyard on main street, while on Friday the fleet round the Fastnet Rock with a finish in Crookhaven, where some of the boats remain overnight for the following days regatta. The exhausting week finally concludes on Sunday 8th with Schull Regatta, where racing will take place on a variety of courses in Roaring Water Bay, with the closing ceremony and overall presentation of trophies at 8.00 pm

Published in Calves Week
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William M Nixon has been writing about sailing in Ireland and internationally for many years, with his work appearing in leading sailing publications on both sides of the Atlantic. He has been a regular sailing columnist for four decades with national newspapers in Dublin, and has had several sailing books published in Ireland, the UK, and the US. An active sailor, he has owned a number of boats ranging from a Mirror dinghy to a Contessa 35 cruiser-racer, and has been directly involved in building and campaigning two offshore racers. His cruising experience ranges from Iceland to Spain as well as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, and he has raced three times in both the Fastnet and Round Ireland Races, in addition to sailing on two round Ireland records. A member for ten years of the Council of the Irish Yachting Association (now the Irish Sailing Association), he has been writing for, and at times editing, Ireland's national sailing magazine since its earliest version more than forty years ago

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