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Royal Cork's Antix skippered by Anthony O'Leary has finished as runner up in the IRC 1 division at a heavy weather staging of the British IRC Championships this afternoon.

With eight bullets in eight races, Peter Rutter and the crew of the Grand Soleil 43, Quokka 8, comfortably secured the 2011 IRC National Championship title as well as victory within IRC 2.

"I am incredibly proud - my crew have really worked their hearts off," said Rutter. "I have never been able to win this regatta before and I said to them 'we have to nail it this time' and they have worked their cotton socks off. So I am very very pleased and it is nice to have got this one finally put away. The boat is going well, the sails are good and the crew work has been stunning."

Matters were made no easier for the crew after Quokka 8's skipper unwisely chose light and moderate weather kites for this regatta, which has typically seen the wind rarely drop below 20 knots. Rutter paid his respects to the RORC race committee for laying on a good series, also admitted that being one of the fastest boats in Class 2 also helped. "It was the place to be, in winds of this strength - it helped you get clear wind. But keeping the boat under the rig was the important thing in this regatta!"

One of the favourites in IRC1, Jonathan Goring's new Ker 40, Keronimo, put this to the test today when on the final run of the second and final race, she was nailed by a squall, causing her to re-enact the famous pitchpole of Silk II (as captured on camera by Beken of Cowes). Tactician Simon Shaw recounted what occurred: "A big black cloud was chasing us down the run and we'd just changed on to the no4 and gybed to come into the mark when the front of the gust hit and the wind went from 26 to pretty much 40 knots...

"The boat instantly jumped into the wave we were following. The rudder was fully out of the water. It was a bit like watching one of those Extreme 40 capsizes - you are on top of the world looking down at the boat, holding on to the runners with your legs dangling down into the cockpit going 'hang on I thought this only happened on catamarans!'"

Keronimo teetered in her pitchpoled position for what seemed like 10 seconds, her bow buried so deeply into the water that the instrument displays on her mast were submerged, until eventually the fitting at the end of her bowsprit exploded and the chute roared aft destroying all the stanchions along her starboard side. "We lost one guy off each side and one off the bow," continued Shaw. "So we scooped everyone back in, wrestled the chute down over the back, pulled the jib up, bore away and carried on with the race." Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident.


Royal Cork's Antix finished second in Cowes this afternoon. Photo: Paul Wyeth

Victory in the hard fought IRC 1 was deservedly scooped up by the winner of both today's two races, Piet Vroon's Ker 46 Tonnerre de Breskens 3, also winner of the Jackdaw Trophy for coming second overall under IRC. Anthony O'Leary's Antix finished just a point adrift in second in IRC 1, ahead of third placed Keronimo.

Another equally unusual incident occurred prior to the start of today's first race on board Peter Morton's MAT 1010, one of the contenders in IRC 3, when her port cabintop window imploded. The exact reasons for this remain a mystery. but Morton believes the window was weakened by a barber hauler block repeatedly rapping against it and broken terminally when the weight of one of the crew was applied to it. In the brisk conditions they were forced to retire.

In IRC3 today's winner, claiming both races, was Michael Brough's Bavaria Match 38 Steady Barker, but even this fine show left them three points adrift of Mike Bridges' Elan 37, Elaine, the class victor.

Brough, who has been toughing it out since he twisted his knee during racing yesterday, says Steady Barker enjoys light or heavy airs and in this regatta they have seen more than their fair share of the latter.

Their racing today was also not without incident. "Before the start of the second race our mainsail ripped luff to leech," said Brough. "We just got it down, put some duck tape over it and it managed to make it all the way." Fortunately when the squall hit on the last race they were sailing upwind and the most they saw was 32 knots. Even so they decided to play it safe on the final run and chose not to hoist the kite. "We thought we'd see if anyone blinked before we put the kite up," admitted Brough. "Fatjax tried it and went over on her side. Even so we were doing 10.5-11 knots without the kite."

IRC 4 saw Adam Gosling's Corby 30 Yes! claim two bullets to win their class overall, albeit just three points ahead of Michael Kershaw's Half Tonner, Chimp.

Generally of this RORC IRC Nationals Brough observed: "The races have been great. Everyone is absolutely shattered on the boat, including the bowman. It has been hard racing and I'm glad RORC stuck with it rather than just canning it."

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With a slow moving front passing across the Solent today, the fleet competing at the RORC's IRC Nationals were subjected to one of the windiest days they have seen so far this season.

Three races were held on the central Solent and with the wind gusting into the 30s for today's final encounter, there were a multitude of DNSes and DNFes. While there were at least two dismastings on the Solent, fortunately the carnage in the IRC Nationals fleet was limited principally to sails and fittings, while those that did last the course were to be commended for their prudence, the majority for example choosing not to hoist the kites in the blustery final race.

Former Volvo Ocean Race skipper Bouwe Bekking, competing on board Willem Wester's Grand Soleil 46, Antilope, in IRC 1, said the most wind they saw was 32 knots. "That's fun and it is good that they keep us racing in that, because it brings seamanship back to everyone." Bekking said that they continued to use their spinnaker today but the lighter weight asymmetric boats, able to hoist large genoas on the reaches, were able to sail four or five knots faster than they were. For the most part today Antilope came away unscathed, although they suffered a small rip in their mainsail.

Antilope was one of only five boats in IRC 1 to complete the final race. Crucially one of the DNFs was Jonathan Goring's overnight leader, Keronimo, so the lead in the highly competitive IRC 1 has now passed to Anthony O'Leary and his Irish Rolex Commodores' Cup winning crew aboard the Ker 39, Antix.

Of course loving today's brisk conditions was Dutch salty seadog Piet Vroon, skipper of Tonnerre de Breskens 3, who's 3-1-1 scoreline was the most consistent of the day. His blue hulled Ker 46 now holds second place in IRC 1 two points astern of Antix and two ahead of Keronimo.
This is not the first time the well-travelled Tonnerre has encountered such conditions. "The boat goes better with a lot of wind," admitted Vroon. "And yes, we have seen these conditions occasionally. The boat did everything that was expected. Whether the crew did or not...!"
With more breeze forecast for tomorrow, Tonnerre could be in with a good chance of repeating her IRC Nationals class victory from two years ago, when she was just four weeks old.
While Johnny Vincent's modified TP52, Pace, continued her unbroken string of wins in IRC 0 against Rob Grey and Sam Laidlaw's Farr 52, Bob, both choosing to stand down from today's final race, so in IRC 2 Peter Rutter's Grand Soleil 43, Quokka 8, now has scored a phenomenal six bullets in as many races. Fighting for the remaining podium positions going into tomorrow's final two races are Nicolas Gaumont-Prat's First 40.7, Tradition Philosophie IV, Jim Macgregor's Elan 410, Premier Flair, and Richard Fildes' Corby 37 Impetuous.
Unfortunately in today's second race Jim Macgregor's Premier Flair suffered a contretemps with Peter Morton's MAT1010 sailing in IRC3. Morton recounted the incident: "They went around the top mark, hoisted and did a massive roll to windward - they almost did a Chinese gybe on top of us! We were on port and they were on starboard, but we were a long way away but they did this huge roll to weather and hit the top of the rig."
MAT1010 retired from that race but bounced back to win today's breezy third. In one gust Morton said they had seen 34 knots and at one point when they had the kite up they clocked 19 knots - not bad for a 33 footer.
With Chris and Hannah Neve's No Chance disqualified from yesterday's second race due to a start line infringement that ended up in the protest room, followed by an OCS in today's second race, so the leader in IRC 3 is now Mike Bridges' Elan 37, Elaine.
"We were just trying to keep it safe today," admitted Bridges, so says that for this regatta they are sailing with a mixed crew and don't have their usual amount of hiking weight on the rail. "We just wanted to get around and stay close to people."
Bridges says that Elaine likes "anything between 12 and 20+ knots, but 30 is probably a bit much!" Today they managed to avoid too much carnage although the conditions did take their toll and they blew out a fitting for the vang. "We had to replace that on the way. Otherwise there was nothing major," said Bridges.
In IRC 4 Adam Gosling's Corby 30, Yes! has been propelled into the lead following bullets in today's final two races, while yesterday's leader Michael Kershaw's Half Tonner, Chimp, was one of four boats in the class to bow out of today's final race, dropping her to second.
A final two races are scheduled for tomorrow and at the forecast at present is showing at least as much wind as we have seen today

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On Thursday night sailors were saying "It's a great night to be on the water". A big change from the previous Thursday writes our Cork Harbour Correspondent. SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS BY BOB BATEMAN BELOW.

The breeze was coming from the South West at about 10 knots. Full mains and a light No.1 for the seond race of the Timberland league. The start was an hour and a half after high water. So the spring tide made tactics more interesting.  The Race Officers, once again set an excellent course. It was a clean start for everyone with a short beat from Corkbeg to the Cage which we left to port. We then reached out to No.3 and then another beat out to W2. It was then a bear away set for a Spinnaker up the harbour leaving No.6 to port on the way to No.5 otherwise known as Dognose. Short beat once again to the Cage with another bear away set to No.9 After that we had another beat back to Dognose and a short beat then to the finish. It was a proper summer evening race thanks to the Race Officers and the Weather Gods!

Ernie Dillon's "Silk Breeze" in White Sail got the number 1 slot in IRC and 2nd in Echo. In Class 3 it went to Jimmy Nyhan & Maritta Buwalda's 1/4 tonner "Outrigger" in both IRC & Echo, in Class 2 it was Kieran & Liz O'Briens MG335 "Magnet" that came 1st in IRC & 2nd in Echo and in Class 1 the honours went to the Corby "Gloves Off" Kieran Twomey.

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Recently crowned ICRA IRC Three Champion, Tiger (George Kenefick) is travelling to Cowes for next week's 2011 Coutts Quarter Ton Cup hosted by the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in Cowes, and with only a week to go, anticipation is building amongst the international fleet signed up to compete.

The black hulled champion won its class at the ICRA Nationals in Crosshaven and was second in IRC a week later at the Sovereign's Cup in Kinsale. Tiger was also second in Kinsale's newly established Quarter Ton Cup.  The boat is Ireland's sole entry in the event.


Cork's Tiger is heading for Cowes and next week's Quarter Ton Cup. Photo: Bob Bateman

This is the seventh running of the event since the spectacular revival of the Quarter Ton Class back in 2005, and in addition to the core of regular domestic Quarter Ton Class aficionados who flock to Cowes each year, this year entries have also been received from France and the Netherlands, as well as from as far afield as Russia and New Zealand.

Following an afternoon of registration on Sunday 10th July and the Coutts Welcome Reception at Royal Corinthian Yacht Club that evening, racing will get underway on Monday 11th July and run through until Wednesday 13th July, with three races scheduled to take place each day. Racing will be run under the IRC handicapping system, enabling boats designed to all three versions of the Quarter Ton Class rule to compete as a single fleet.


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With nearly 400 yacht in 25 classes there is no doubt about the size of July's Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta. Here's the entry list class by class for Ireland's biggest regatta in 2011.

ClassBoat NameClubSail No TCCOwner
Beneteau 31.7 Twister Ballyholme YC/Royal Ulster YC GBR 1505  Fletcher, Byers, Fair
Beneteau 31.7 Prospect National YC IRL 1565  Chris Johnston
Beneteau 31.7 BluefinNational YC IRL 6662 M Bryson,B&S O'Callaghan
Beneteau 31.7 LevanteNational YC IRL31070.962Brian Leyden,Michael Leahy
Beneteau 31.7 MagicRoyal Irish YC IRL20040.956Donal O'Sullivan, David Espey
Beneteau 31.7 Flying Machine Royal Irish YC IRL 2474  Conor and Donal O Gallagher
Beneteau 31.7 Dies Irae Royal Irish YC IRL 1752  Patrick D Rowan
Beneteau 31.7 Prima Nocte Royal Irish YC IRL 993  Ptrick Burke and Patrick Kennedy
Beneteau 31.7 Extreme Reality Royal Irish YC IRL 6909  Patrick McSwiney, Emmet O'Rafferty
Beneteau 31.7 Attitude Royal Irish YC IRL 7317  Sugars, Owens and Branigan
Beneteau 31.7 LevanaRoyal St George YC  1740 Jean Mitton
Beneteau 31.7 AvalonRoyal St George YC IRL1041 Conan & Fox
Beneteau 31.7 30 Something Royal St George YC IRL 3007  Kavanagh,Jones,Gaffney,Lubliner
Beneteau 31.7 Fiddly Bits Royal St George YC IRL 5317  PJ Timmins/Bill Quigley/Domhnall Murray/Kevin Byrne
Beneteau 31.7 After You Too Royal St George YC IRL 1310  Michael Blaney
Beneteau 31.7 Violet Flame Royal St George YC IRL 1317  Brendan Murphy
Beneteau 31.7 Legally blonde Royal St George YC IRL 3175  Cathal Drohan
Dragon Susele Royal Irish YC IRL 131  Michael Halpenny
Dragon Diva Royal Irish YC IRL 210  Rick Johnson / Richard Goodbody / Rob Johnson
Dragon Zin Zan Royal Irish YC IRL 127  Dan O' Connor,P.Moriarty,T.Carpenter
Dragon Jaguar Royal St George YC IRL 201  Martin Byrne
Dragon Chiang Royal St George YC IRL 180  Iain Finnegan,
Dragon Whisper Royal St George YC IRL 213  Michael Cotter
Dragon Aphrodite Royal St George YC IRL 110  Doorly,Bolger,O'Kelly
Dragon ZU Royal St George YC IR 159  Matt Minch, Tim Pearson, Conor Grimley
Dragon Phantom Royal St George YC IRL 176  Peter Bowring,David Williams
Dragon EveYacht Club de CannesIRL 150  EAN PUGH
Etchell Kootamundra Wattle Howth YC IRL 1330  Dan O'Grady
Etchell Fetching Howth YC IRL 1323  Stephen O'Flaherty
Fireball license to Thrill Coal Harbour DL IRL 15007  LOUIS SMYTH
Fireball Samphire Coal Harbour DL IRL 14877  Cearbhall Daly
Fireball Elevation Dun Laoghaire Motor YC IRL 14775  Neil Colin , Margaret Casey
Fireball No Name Dun Laoghaire Motor YC  14865  B McGuire, M.Chambers
Fireball Mini Mostro Howth YC  14790  Luke Malcolm
Fireball El Rey del Fuego National YC IRL 14996  Francis Rowan
Fireball NN National YC IRL 15061  Stephen Oram
Fireball Incubus National YC  14854  Marie Barry
Fireball Position is Possession National YC IRL 14765  Gavin Doyle
Fireball Goodness Gracious Royal St George YC IRL 14691  Louise McKenna
Flying Fifteen Final FlingEast Antrim BC 3759 Norman Hamilton & William Rutherford
Flying Fifteen Fflogger II National YC IRL 3773  Alan Dooley
Flying Fifteen Kooigjug National YC IRL 3897  Ken Dumpleton
Flying Fifteen Flyer National YC IRL 3686  Niall Coleman
Flying Fifteen Out of the Blue National YC  3556  Fraser Mitchell
Flying Fifteen HY5ive National YC IRL 3877  David Gorman
Flying Fifteen A Mere Triffle National YC IRL 3749  Peter Sherry
Flying Fifteen The Gruffalo National YC IRL 3864  Keith Poole
Flying Fifteen Ash National YC IRL 3601  Joe Coughlan
Flying Fifteen Hi Fibre National YC IR 3704  Michael McCambridge
Flying Fifteen As Good As It Gets National YC IRL 3688  Alan Balfe
Flying Fifteen Gekko National YC IRL 3648  Sean & Paul Nolan
Flying Fifteen Melliffluence National YC IRL 3706  Tom Leonard
Flying Fifteen Rollercoaster National YC IRL 3774  Tom Murphy
Flying Fifteen Snow White National YC IRL3747  Francis J Burgess
Flying Fifteen The Big Bow Wow National YC IRL 3708  Niall Meagher and Nicki Matthews
Flying Fifteen Val DoolicanNational YC IRL3850 Ben Mulligan
Flying Fifteen Fastidiots National YC IRL 3837  Peter & Conor Cronin
Glen PterodactylRoyal St George YC G12 Roderick & David McCaffrey
Glen Glenmarissa Royal St George YC G 53  Frank Elmes/Wilf Higgins
Glen Glencoe Royal St George YC G 14  Patrick Sheehan
Glen Glendun Royal St George YC G 9 Brian Denham
Glen Glencree Royal St George YC G 107  John Bligh / Henry Roche
Glen Glenluce Royal St George YC G 67  Donal O'Connor & Richard O'Connor
Glen Glen Miller Royal St George YC G 29  Paul Cusack
Glen Glenshane Royal St George YC G 5  Peter Hogan
Glen GlensheskRoyal St George YC G 1 G Walker,L Faulkner,M Reid,A Henderson
Howth 17 Oona Howth YC  17  Peter Courtney
Howth 17 Leila Howth YC  3  Roddy Cooper
Howth 17 Aura Howth YC  7  Ian Malcolm
Howth 17 Echo Howth YC IRL 8  Bryan and Harriette Lynch
Howth 17 Isobel Howth YC  19  Brian and Conor Turvey
IDRA 14 Shearwater Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club  14 31  Ciaran Browne
IDRA 14 Chimaera Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club  157  Killian Sargent , Yvonne Murray
IDRA 14 Chaos Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club  143  Julie Ascoop, Heather Keenan
IDRA 14 Delos II Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club  15  Patrick O' Neill
IDRA 14 Doody Dun Laoghaire Motor YC  14 137  John Fitzgerald / Jennifer Byrne
IDRA 14 Dart Dun Laoghaire Motor YC  161  Pierre Long
IDRA 14 Dunmoanin Dun Laoghaire Motor YC  140  Frank Hamilton
IDRA 14 Squalls Dun Laoghaire Motor YC  124  Stephen Harrison,
IDRA 14 Diane Dun Laoghaire Motor YC  122  Fergal O'Flaherty / Brian Murphy
IDRA 14 Sapphire Dun Laoghaire Motor YC  138  Lorcan O'Sulivan
IDRA 14 Spray Royal St George YC  107  Joanne Sheehan
IDRA 14 Starfish Sutton DC 14 38  Alan Carr
IDRA 14 Siobhan Sutton DC 134  Gordan Kelly
IDRA 14 Charmian Sutton DC 28  Gerard O'Hanlon
IDRA 14 Slipstream Sutton DC  125  Alan Henry
IRC 0Aquelina Arklow SC IRL 1281 1.083Sheila & James Tyrell
IRC 0Grand Cru Clyde CC GBR 6969 1.059Jamie McGarry
IRC 0Eos Clyde CC GBR 9192 1.071Roderick Stuart
IRC 0Elf Too Fairlie Yacht Club GBR 4041 1.090 Christine Murray
IRC 0Crazy Horse Howth YC IRL 9852 1.082 Chambers/Reilly
IRC 0Mighty Max 2 Liverpool YC GBR 8383 1.079 Neil Thomas
IRC 0Doppelbock Norddeutscher Regatta Verein GER 6160 1.139Friedrich Boehnert
IRC 0Jump Juice Royal Cork YC IRL 2007 1.105 Conor Phelan
IRC 0Mermaid VRoyal Irish YCGBR 9383 1.057 Seamus Fitzpatrick
IRC 0Lively LadyRoyal Irish YC IRL 16441.109Derek Martin
IRC 0 WOW Royal Irish YC IRL 7111 1.093 George Sisk
IRC 0 Dark Angel Swansea Yacht & Sub Aqua ClubGBR 8833 1.104 Anthony Ackland
IRC 0 Zephyr Royal Gourock YCGBR 8140 1.087 Steven Cowie
IRC 1TroubleBallyholme YC GBR 2909 0.986Smyth,Ross and Magowan
IRC 1Humdinger Carlingford SC IRL 1357 1.001Michael Mc Cabe
IRC 1VaVavoom Holyhead GBR 9037 1.029 Richard Calveley
IRC 1Rebel Liverpool YC GBR 8296 0.985 Stan Edge
IRC 1Gringo National YC irl 7778 1.025 Tony Fox
IRC 1Adrenalin National YC IRL 1348 1.032 McDonald,Wright,Balfe,O'Malley
IRC 1Lula Belle National YC IRL 3607 1.019Liam Coyne
IRC 1Rockabill V National YC/Royal Irish YC IRL 3307 1.047 Paul O'Higgins
IRC 1Antix Beag Royal Cork YCIRL 17200 1.005Anthony O'Leary
IRC 1Aztec 3Royal Irish YC IRL 298321.034 Peter Beamish
IRC 1Axiom Royal Irish YC IRL 3709 1.035 Michael O'Neill
IRC 1Black Velvet Royal Irish YC IRL 3471 1.004 Parnell Family
IRC 1Xtravagance Royal Irish YC IRL 10034 1.001Colin Byrne
IRC 1Animal Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club GBR 1952 1.035Debbie Aitken
IRC 1Megalopolis Royal St George YC IRL 3922 1.010 Peter Allman
IRC 1ErrislannanRoyal St George YC IRL 7380.985Paul Kirwan
IRC 1Respect Total Ulster and Ballyholme Yacht Club.IRL 2905 0.988Mr Ian Wilson
IRC 1 Another Adventure Royal Irish YC IRL 3511 1.034Daragh Cafferky
IRC 1 Carmen IIHelensburgh SC IRL 1666 1.021 Paul Scutt / Alan Jeffrey
IRC 1 Raptor Royal Irish YC IRL 811 1.025 Denis Hewitt & Ors
IRC 1Bengal MagicRoyal Ulster YC IRL 725 1.014 John Moorehead & Chris Ferres
IRC 2 J'Zus OuthaulArklow SC IRL 9216 0.977Brian Dempsey
IRC 2 White Lotus DL Marina IRL 1333 .976 Paul Tully
IRC 2 Dick Dastardly Dun Laoghaire Motor YC FR 9156 0.947 Brian Cusack and Others
IRC 2 King One Howth YC IRL 8094 0.951David Cullen
IRC 2 Dux Howth YC IRL 988 0.930Anthony Gore-Grimes
IRC 2 Impetuous Howth YC IRL 2507 0.935Fergal Noonan & Robert Chambers
IRC 2 Jokers Wild Howth YC IRL 8151 0.927Gordon Knaggs
IRC 2 Papillion Howth YC IRL 2300 0.942 Brendan O' Halloran
IRC 2 Mini Mumm Howth YC IRL 25078 0.95Ronan Cobbe and Niamh McDonald
IRC 2 Movistar bleu Killyleagh YC Gbr 8747 0.975 Raymond Killops
IRC 2 Flash IILiverpool YC GBR 6998 0.914 Adam Kyffin & Jon Oliver
IRC 2 Smile National YC IRL 25007 0.936 Healy, O'Connell, O'Sullivan
IRC 2 Jester National YC IRL 8750 0.960Declan Curtin
IRC 2 Cor Baby Royal Irish YC IRL 2604 0.952 Martin Ryan / Vincent Lattimore
IRC 2 Jawesome II Royal Irish YC IRL 1046 0.960Mervyn Dyke/Basil D'Arcy
IRC 2 Diamond Royal Irish YC IRL 1959 0.937 Kyran McStay
IRC 2 Peridot Royal Irish YC GBR 5507 0.923 Yannick Charrier / Jim McCann / Paul Cadden / Hugh O'Donnell
IRC 2 Kamikaze Royal St George YC IRL 8223  Peter Nash
IRC 2 Free Spirit Royal St George YC IRL 3332 0.977Doherty,Gilsenan,Hannigan, O'Reilly, Ryan
IRC 2 Red Rhum Royal St George YC IRL 7284 0.966Jonathan Nicholson, Christopher Nicholson
IRC 2 Bendemeer Royal St George YC IRL 521 0.925Lindsay J Casey and Denis Power
IRC 2 Helter Skelter Royal St George YC IRL 3206  Adrienne and Averil Jermyn
IRC 2 RuthlessSligo YCIRL260260.953Conor Ronan
IRC 2 Graduate UCD Sailing Club/Royal Irish YCFRA 079 0.953Dominic O Keeffe
IRC 3 Shrinkwrap Pro Bray SC  1094  Donal Gleeson
IRC 3 Asterix   8245 0.824Counihan Meredith Boushel
IRC 3 Jabiru   8332 0.824Martin & Saundra Renwick
IRC 3 Tango Douglas Bay YCGBR 7469  Andy Dunn
IRC 3 Chouskikou Dublin Bay SC IRL 1689  Ronnie Sheehan / Ray Hickey
IRC 3 Challenger Dun Laoghaire Motor YC IRL 6556  Boland, Breathnach, Rossiter
IRC 3 SunChaser Howth YCIRL 2760 0.875 Michael Marr
IRC 3 Gecko Howth YC IRL 7115 0.881 Kevin Darmody
IRC 3 Holly Howth YC IRL 1311 0.842Basil Mac Mahon
IRC 3 Goyave Malahide YC IR 1654 0.872Colm Fitzpatrick and Russell Camier
IRC 3 Scandal Malahide YC IRL 4212 0.889Brian McDowell
IRC 3 Grasshopper 2 National YC IRL 1038  Kevin and John Glynn
IRC 3 Huggy Bear National YC IRL 9508 0.881Sean Doyle
IRC 3 Cacciatore National YC IRL 8069 0.823 Mairead Ni Cheallachain
IRC 3 Two Step National YC IRL 7770 0.867Ross Doyle
IRC 3 HyFlyer Poolbeg Yacht & Boat Club / DBSC IRL 49 0.886 John Barnard
IRC 3 CapilanoRoyal Irish YCIRL1208 Seamus Storan
IRC 3 BorraineRoyal Irish YC IR 9311  EAN PUGH
IRC 3 Wynward Royal Irish YC  307  W. McCormack
IRC 3 Cri-Cri Royal Irish YC I 8709 0.906Paul Colton
IRC 3 Chinook Royal Irish YC IR 2121  Andrew Bradley
IRC 3 Pamafe Royal Irish YC IRL 2855 .890 Michael Costello
IRC 3 Supernova Royal Irish YC IRL 7500 0.878Syb McCormack / Ken Lawless / Pat Shannon
IRC 3 Saki Royal Irish YC IRL 246  Paget McCormack, Ben,Michael Ryan
IRC 3 Yikes Royal Irish YC IRL 1883  Joe Conway
IRC 3 Taiscealai Royal Irish YC  851 0.878 brian Richardson and Jorid Lindberg
IRC 3 Isolde Royal Irish YC IRL 6404  Peter carroll
IRC 3 Small Wonder Royal Irish YC IRL 7007  Hugh C Kelly
IRC 3 Hard on Port Royal St George YC IRL 4794 0.889Flor O'Driscoll
IRC 3 Syzrgy Royal St George YC IRL 2111  Rowan Fogarty
IRC 3 Carrabeg Royal St George YC  727  D L Martin and R Deasy
IRC 3 Lady Rowena  IRL 34218 0.911 David Bolger
IRC 3 Janx Spirit National YC IRL 8224 0.889 McGrath,O'Hanlon,Brich
IRC 3 Jammie DodgerNational YC  80470.824Jerry O'Neill
IRC 3 No Half Measures Cove SCGBR 608 0.879 Finbarr Dorgan
J109 Tigh Soluis II Holy Loch SC  2377  Dr Ken Grant
J109 Sleeper Liverpool YC GBR 5909  Alasdair Davidson, John Carrier
J109 Jalapeno National YC IRL 5109  Baker et al
J109 Powder Monkey National YC IRL 28898  Chris Moore
J109 Something Else National YC IRL 2921  John and Brian Hall, Sue McDonnell
J109 Indecision Royal Irish YC IRL 9898  declan hayes/patrick halpenny/ronan molony
J109 Joker 2 Royal Irish YC IRL 1206  John Maybury
J109 JuraRoyal Irish YC IRL 9490  Peter Boucher
J109 Jump the GunRoyal Irish YC IRL 1129  Michael Monaghan & John Kelly
J109 Jetstream Royal Irish YC IRL 8109  Peter Redden
J109 Jedi Royal St George YC IRL 8088  Sarratt and Austin and McGuiness
J109 Storm Rush SC/Howth YC IRL 1141  Pat Kelly
Laser SB3 Sharkbait Howth YC NZL 3287  Ben Duncan/Brian Moran
Laser SB3 TBA Howth YC IRL 3240  David Quinn / Garrett May
Laser SB3 Monkey Howth YC IRL 3279  Cassidy/Kavanagh/McCormack
Laser SB3 Shockwave Howth YC IRL 3286  Eoin Quinlan
Laser SB3 Sin a Bhuifl Howth YC IRL 3165  Gillian Guinness
Laser SB3 TBC Kinsale YC IRL 3062  Ronan Downing
Laser SB3 Sirius Black Lough Ree YC/Arklow SC IRL 3315  Anna Leech and Ken Hudson
Laser SB3 Bumble BNational YC  3532 Fionnuala Loughrey
Laser SB3 Bluebird National YC  3033  Cathy Mac Aleavey
Laser SB3 Alert Packaging National YC  3323  Justin Burke
Laser SB3 Odin National YC  3586  James Gorman
Laser SB3 Mandarin National YC  3321  Rory Byrne
Laser SB3 Rubadubdub National YC IRL 3343  Nick Doherty,Rob Gavin
Laser SB3 SacreBleu Royal Irish YC  3164  Doug Smith
Laser SB3 SuperBug Royal Irish YC IRL 3576  Niamh O'Rourke and Garrett O'Carroll
Laser SB3 Bád-Kilcullen Royal Irish YC IRL 3307  Jerry Dowling
Laser SB3 SplashGordon Royal North of Ireland YC IRL 3283  Gordon Patterson
Laser SB3 Sin BinRoyal St George YC IRL3544 Barry O'Neill
Laser SB3 Yeti Royal St George YC IRL 3570  Sean Craig
Laser SB3 Kick'er Off Royal St George YC IRL 3257  Ed Cook / Selina Dicker
Laser SB3 Sandy Bottom Royal St George YC IRL 3341  Gordon Judge
Laser SB3 TBC Royal St George YC IRL 3072  Aidan O'Connell
Laser SB3 Seriously Bonkers 3 Royal St George YC  3484  Martin Cuppage, Peter Lee
Laser SB3 Sunday Brunch Royal St George YC  3297  Richard Tate, David Dwyer
Laser SB3 BomChickaWahWah Royal St George YC IRL 3312  John O'Driscoll
Laser SB3 Lupi D'Irlanda Royal St George YC ITA 3437  MARCO SORGASSI
Laser SB3 TBC Royal St George YC IR 1234  Chris Arrowsmith
Laser SB3 White Noise Royal St George YC 1 3342  Cormac Walsh
Laser SB3 Boomsticks Sligo YC IRL 3537  Brian Reilly
Laser SB3 Smoke on the water  IRL 3320  Bob Hobby
Laser SB3 Hutton's West Riding SC GBR 3510  Ben Williamson
Laser SB3 Mosquito Royal Irish YC  3272  Paul O'Callaghan
Laser Standard Rig Fossa Too Royal Irish YC 122181  Will Nesbitt
Laser Standard Rig Royal Irish YC  382  Paul Keane
Laser Standard Rig Royal St George YC  177852  Richard Tate
Laser Standard Rig Gatsby Royal St George YC 173 067  Des McCarthy
Laser Radial EveeRoyal St George YC  170946  ORLA CALLENDER
Laser Radial Hornet Wicklow SC 15 2650  Oscar McCullagh
Laser Radial Pump It Wicklow SC  190584  Luke Murphy
Mermaid Ferga Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club  4  Martin Reilly
Mermaid Aideen National YC  21  Dan Brennan and Brendan Martin
Mermaid Tiller Girl National YC  77  Jonathan O'Rourke
Mermaid Endeavour National YC  102  Roger Bannon
Mermaid Lively Lady National YC  73  Geraldine O'Neill and Michael Hanney
Mermaid Jill Royal Irish YC  134  Paul Smith, Pat Mangan
Mermaid Oonagh Royal St George YC 11 0  Marilyn and John Griffith
Mermaid Clare Rush SC  18  Paddy Archer
Mermaid Thumbalina Rush SC  26  Patrick Boardman
Mermaid MiDi Rush SC  186  Enda Weldon
Mermaid Helen Skerries SC  76  Therese McHugh
Mermaid The Message Skerries SC  185  Ross Galbraith
Mermaid Bean Adhmaid Skerries SC  179  Martin O'Toole
Mermaid Dolphin Skerries SC  182  James O'Toole
Mermaid Azeezy Skerries SC  189  sam shiels
Mermaid Fugitive Skerries SC  146  Brian Mc Nally
Non SpinnakerGrand Cru Douglas Bay YC GBM 1638 1.001 Peter Curphey
Non SpinnakerMiss Scarlett National IRL 4763 1.025 Anthony Keane
Non SpinnakerOrna National YC IRL 532 1.031 Philip Dilworth
Non SpinnakerRebellionNational YC IRL 60011.059Hughes,O'Mahony,Hanlon
Non SpinnakerTsunami National YC IRL 4007 1.061 Vincent Farrell
Non SpinnakerAct TwoRoyal Irish YC IR42501.001M.O'Leary,T.Roche,D.Andrews
Non SpinnakerAurora National YC IRL 7380  Ray Conway
Non SpinnakerSyledis in Blue Bray SC IRL 1309  John & Brenda Hayes
Non Spinnakerchase me Carlingford SC  397  John Raughter
Non SpinnakerJust Jasmin Dun Laoghaire Motor YC IRL 3506  Philip Smith
Non SpinnakerBrazen Hussy Howth YC IRL 3400 0.945 J Barry/M Stirling
Non SpinnakerVoyager Howth YC IRL 657 .923 Joe Carton
Non SpinnakerBite the Bullet Howth YC  3335 0.965 Colm Bermingham
Non SpinnakerEden Park Royal Irish YC IRL 1166 0.992 Liam Farmer
Non SpinnakerThe Great Escape Royal Irish YC IRL 1217 0.945 Patrick and Denise Rigney
Non SpinnakerSea Safari Royal Irish YC  1082  jacqueline smith
Non SpinnakerAfternoon Delight Royal Irish YC IRL 3202  M.Bennett; M. Brennan; G.Begley; J.P.Mackay
Non SpinnakerArwen Royal Irish YC IRL 3151 0.938 Philip O'Dwyer
Non SpinnakerPersistance Royal Irish YC IRL 8237  Charles Broadhead, Jerry Collins, Ian Stuart
Non SpinnakerNirvana Royal St George YC IRL 3104  Bernard Neeson
Non SpinnakerKatie Royal St George YC IRL 3204  Conorv McGuinness and Others
Non SpinnakerCalypso Royal St George YC IRL 5643 0.934 Howard Knott,
Non SpinnakerVespucci Royal St George YC IRL 1502  Sean and Kristina O'Regan
Non SpinnakerSpirit Royal St George YC  3950  Colin O'Brien et al
Non SpinnakerNauti-Gal Royal St George YC IRL 721 0.904 John / Jason Crawford
Non SpinnakerWindshift Royal St George YC IRL 37737 0.987 Ruairi O'Flynn, James O'Connor
Non SpinnakerXerxes Royal Irish YCIRL 2382 1.031 Dan O'Neill
Ruffian 23 Carmen Dun Laoghaire Motor YC IRL 6043  Brendan Duffy
Ruffian 23 Ruff Rider Dun Laoghaire Motor YC  401  Ronan Lee
Ruffian 23 Ruff Justice Dun Laoghaire Motor YC IRL 404  Pat O'Dowd
Ruffian 23 Ripples Dun Laoghaire Motor YC IRL 407  Frank Bradley
Ruffian 23 Crescendo National YC  584  Lorcan Balfe
Ruffian 23 Riff Raff National YC IRL 145  Brian Warner, Richard Godley, Hilary Murphy-Fagan
Ruffian 23 Different Drummer National YC IRL 856  Declan Tonge
Ruffian 23 Paramour National YC  470  Larry Power, Roberto Sastre, David Russell
Ruffian 23 Ruff n' Ready National YC K 6014  B Cullen/C Brown/A Kirwan
Ruffian 23 Ruff Nuff Royal St George YC IR 232  Derek and Carol Mitchell,
Ruffian 23 Diane 2 Royal St George YC IRL 7  Alan Claffey
Ruffian 23 Nuits Saint Georges Royal St George YC  1979  Alan Kirwan
Ruffian 23 Ruff DiamondSailing in Dublin 155 Sailing in Dublin
Shipman Invader Dun Laoghaire Motor YC IR 3221  Gerard Glynn
Shipman Just Good Friends Dun Laoghaire Motor YC IR 545  Micheal Carroll
Shipman Curraglas National YC  459  John Masterson
Shipman Malindi National YC IRL 717  Andrew Gray
Shipman Bluefin National YC  1223  finucane,o'sullivan,hegarty,rous
Shipman Whiterock Royal Irish YC IR 740  Henry M. Robinson
Shipman Macro One Royal Irish YC IR 270  J Murray
Shipman Jo Slim Royal St George YC  528  J.D.Clarke,William and Gerard Maher
Shipman Euphanzel 3 Royal St George YC  745  John Simington
Shipman Twocan Royal St George YC IR 553  F. David Freeman
Shipman Viking Royal St George YC IRL 409  Dr Fergus Mason, Dr Monica McWeeney, Oliver McCrohan Brian J Glynn
Shipman Gusto Royal St George YC  724  Christine Heath
Shipman The Den Royal St George YC IRL 71  Aisling Costello / George Miller
Shipman PoppyRoyal St George YC  639 Peter Wallis
Sigma 33 Pippa IV  K 4281  O'Brien, Kinsman and McMahon
Sigma 33 Polished Manx Douglas Bay YC GBR 8666  Kuba Szymanski
Sigma 33 Popje National YC IRL 4364  Ted McCourt
Sigma 33 Elandra National YC IRL 4536  Ralph Hance,
Sigma 33 Enchantress National YC K 4368  K.Bonner/L.Nicholl/M.Larkin
Sigma 33 Miss Behavin National YC IRL 4412  Alan Bell & Others
Sigma 33 Leeuwin Royal Irish YCIRL 971  Henry &Caroline Leonard & Robert Kerr
Sigma 33 September Song Royal Irish YCK 4597  Barry Colleary
Sigma 33 White Mischief Royal Irish YC IRL 4633  Tim Goodbody
Sigma 33 Pastiche Royal Irish YC  1688  Thomas J O Neill
Sigma 33 Gwili Two Royal St George YC IRL 4534  Dermot Clarke & Paddy Maguire
Sigma 33 Rupert Royal St George YC IRL 4518  Patrick T Varian, Richard V. Lovegrove
Sigma 33 Moonshine Royal St George YC GBR 4999  Ronnie Moloney,David O'flynn
Sigma 33 Fandango  GBR 4500  Cope/Lee/Price
Squib Periquin Dun Laoghaire Motor YC  48  Noel Colclough,John Redahan
Squib Klipbok Howth YC 89  Emmet Dalton
Squib Kerfuffle Howth YC  37  Jonathan Craig
Squib Pintail National YC  875  M.Muldoonand Mrs. B Stevens
Squib TOY for the boys Royal North of Ireland YC  818  Peter Wallace
Squib PerfectionRoyal St George YC  44  JILL FLEMING
Squib Kookaburra Royal St George YC  813  Peter and Marie Dee
Squib Lola Royal St George YC  46  Frank Whelan
Squib BuzzLite Royal St George YC  125  Gerry O 'Connor
Squib Anemos Royal St George YC  832  Peter and Anne evans
Squib Femme Fatale Royal St George YC  24  Joe O'Byrne + Vincent Delany
Squib Chillax Royal St George YC  664  Mrs Mary McLoughlin
Squib Coorse and Fine Royal St George YC  530  Wendy Goodbody
Squib Nimble Royal St George YC  38  Brian O'Hare and Tonia McAllister
Squib Fox Royal St George YC  738  Michael Moran,Ronan Browne
Squib Little Demon Royal St George YC - 95  Sheila Power
Squib Sidewinder Royal St George YC  138  Rupert Bowen / Rupert Westrup / David Croke
Squib Little BirdRoyal Irish YC 790 Nigel Barnwell
Squib Servus Mayo SC  667  Bobby Conlon
Two-Handed IRC Ulula Liverpool YC GBR 621 1.075 Nick Ogden
Two-Handed IRC Mojito Pwllheli SC GBR 1536  Peter Dunlop
Two-Handed IRC Dinah Royal Irish YC IRL 3508 1.016 Barry Hurley
Water WagMollie National YC  41  Cathy Mac Aleavey
Water Wag Good HopeRoyal Irish YC 18 Hal Sisk
Water Wag Coquette Royal Irish YC  17  Seymour Cresswell
Water Wag Swift Royal Irish YC  38  Guy Kilroy
Water Wag Scallywag Royal Irish YC  44  Dan O'Connor,David Williams
Water Wag Little Tern Royal St George YC  36  J. Ross-Murphy,
Water Wag SKEE Royal St George YC  32  David W Duffy
Water Wag Eros Royal St George YC  08  Gail Varian
Water Wag Pansy Wag Club 3 Julie Delany
Wayfarer Windwhisperer Aarhus Sejlklub SCDEN 10568  Peter Sigetty Bøje
Wayfarer No Strings Attached Aldeburgh SCW 0000  Jonathan Christie
Wayfarer Plane White Blackwater SC W 10706  Mike Pearce
Wayfarer Compleat Fiasco Bough Beech SCW 7470  Guy Marks/P Kershaw
Wayfarer Devil's Advocate Carsington SCW 10666  Richard Hartley
Wayfarer Risky Business Ripon SCW 10616  Bernard Clarke
Wayfarer SeadhnaCullaun SC   Margaret Hynes
Wayfarer Hofreki East Down YCW 10686  Trevor Fisher
Wayfarer Way Fair Lady East Down YCW 10695  Henry O'Friel
Wayfarer Hart-Beat East Down YCW 10596  Gordon Jess
Wayfarer Lammergier East Down YCW 4784  Margie Crawford
Wayfarer Ooh oh! Great Moor SC W 10570  Ian Richards
Wayfarer Liquidasset Greystones SCW 10606  Monica Schaefer
Wayfarer Ware Teg IIGreystones SC W 10111  Morgan Burgess
Wayfarer Catspaw Hickling Broad SCW 628  Brian Wilkins
Wayfarer Slippery When Wet Medway YCW 10609  Phil Stacey
Wayfarer Sudden Comfort Mengeham Rythe SCW 10687  Simon and Susan Hope
Wayfarer Ten Grand Parkstone SCW 10000  Simon Cox
Wayfarer Tumult Royal Corinthian IOW W 10594  Bjarne T. Clausen
Wayfarer Spree Lady Southwold SC W 9885  Ralph Roberts
Wayfarer Nimbus Starcross YCW 10740  Liam McGrath
Wayfarer  StauntonHarold SCW 000000  Stuart Hopson
Wayfarer The Black Pearl  W 10509  Neil McSherry
Wayfarer Panache Upper Thames SCW 9633  Mr. J. Dighton
Wayfarer Gorgeous Worgeous Upper Thames SC W 10618  Quentin Strauss
Wayfarer Don't worry, Be Happy! Wilsonian SCW 10680  John Goudie
Wayfarer Still Gamboling Wilsonian SCW 10614  Brian Lamb
Wayfarer Aeowen Yorkshire Dales SCW 1162  John Mellor
Published in Volvo Regatta
HOWTH YACHT CLUB. WEDNESDAY SERIES 1 (RACE) 01/06/2011 Class 1 IRC: 1, Tiger Hughes/Harris; 2, Trinculo M Fleming; 3, Makutu Doyle/Others; Class 1 HPH: 1, Trinculo M Fleming; 2, Makutu Doyle/Others; 3, Tiger Hughes/Harris; Class 2 IRC: 1, Sunburn I Byrne; 2, King One D Cullen; 3, Superhero Byrne/Banahan; Class 2 HPH: 1, C'est la Vie Flannelly/Others; 2, Indigo Eadie/Ritchie; 3, Sunburn I Byrne; Class 3 IRC: 1, Gecko K Darmody; 2, Hard on Port F O'Driscoll; 3, Starlet Bourke/Others; Class 3 HPH: 1, Gecko K Darmody; 2, Midnight Sun Howard/Others; 3, Jibberish O'Kelly/Others; White Sails HPH: 1, On the Rox J & C Boyle; 2, Tantrum 3 O'Leary/Klimche; 3, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham; White Sails IRC: 1, Alphida H Byrne; 2, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham; 3, On the Rox J & C Boyle
Published in Howth YC
Scottish skipper-helm Hamish Mackay and a core crew, which between them have won the premier trophy nine times lifted the Scottish Series Trophy this evening after two further race wins today. They sealed a conclusive overall victory in IRC Class 4 on Loch Fyne at the Brewin Dolphin Scottish Series.

After triumphing twice, back to back in 2001 and 2002, Mackay becomes only the second skipper or helm to win the overall top trophy three times in the 36 year history of the regatta.

Steering Humberside father and son duo Jim and Steve Dick's J97 Jackaroo, Mackay and crew scored no worse than second and won four times over their six races which were sailed in predominantly strong winds over the four day series. They finished nine points clear of an identical J97, Jaywalker, owned and steered by Clyde helm Iain Laidlaw.

"I have never been up here before but I will certainly be back. It has been such a fun, friendly regatta and winning overall just adds to it. Hamish and the crew have done us a great job. We only got the boat last year and have been learning about it all the time," commented Jackaroo's owner Jim Dick.

"I loved the sailing and the social side of it, it has been just wonderful. Seeing the boat go well and having fun at the same time has been a really good combination. The sailing is hosted in such a fantastic, beautiful location. I am half Scot myself with a father from Anstruther where my uncle had a shoe repair shop."

Dick, who retired four years ago, started and runs a charity in Hull, Cat Zero, which provides sail training and experience for young people who are unemployed.

"It is always a surprise to win. All you can do is win your class and get yourself on to the short list and see what happens. The Class 1 boat Tokoloshe put together a good series but all we could do was win our own fleet. The boat is excellent and we had some excellent people on the boat and that really made the difference. I don't think I can really remember when it was last it was as windy here as it was over the weekend, certainly not racing in a consistent 35 knots, but I was surprised that the race officers started us but I was pleased they did, did a good job getting us going," said Mackay, past chairman of the Royal Yachting Association in Scotland and former Olympic trialist.

"Every year is challenging. Today faired typically difficult Tarbert conditions, with the breezes coming down off the land. So we were keen to be on top of it today and to get two firsts to get ourselves on the short list, which we did. So we are all very pleased. It is a premier regatta, I'm happy we did it."

After a weekend of very testing strong winds today, Monday, Loch Fyne delivered crews a final reminder of how good conditions can be for the north of Britain's premier annual regatta.

Though there was still a chill in the air and the very early morning was punctuated by a heavy hail storm, the sun shone through both races which were completed and the moderate westerly breezes averaged 12 knots but varied from 7-18 knots up and down the three course areas set.

The Jackaroo crew, Mackay, Peter Cameron, George Purves, Billy Russell Jr, Jon Fitzgerald and Roddy Anderson, all native Scots, along with owner Dick, were pushed hard in the overall decision for the 107 boat regatta's top trophy. South African Mike Bartholomew and his team on the King 40 Tokoloshe overcame the challenge from double Scottish Series winner Anthony O'Leary to win IRC Class 1. In CYCA Class 7 Valhalla of Ashton, a Gourock based Swan 36 of Alan Dunnet, won overall with three first places and two second place finishes.

The Class 1 title was down to a duel between rivals Antix and Tokoloshe. The South African flagged boat, on owner Mike Bartholomew's first visit to Loch Fyne had a one point lead to protect ahead of Anthony O'Leary's Irish crew across today's two races. The first contest started with an immediate dilemma for the Series leaders. Antix crossed the start line early and had to restart.

But Tokoloshe's tactician Mike Richards may be from the very south of England but has enough experience of Loch Fyne to know to stick close to your rival rather than try to go off and win the race. That proved crucial as they were able to stay close enough to Antix to ensure they had the better of them in the first race and then secured the class title by winning the final race by 16 seconds ahead of the Cork crew on Antix.

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Howth Yacht Club: WEDNESDAY SERIES 1 (RACE) 25/05/2011 Class 1 IRC: 1, Trinculo M Fleming; 2, Tiger Hughes/Harris; Class 1 HPH: 1, Trinculo M Fleming; 2, Tiger Hughes/Harris; Class 2 IRC: 1, Dux A Gore-Grimes; 2, Superhero Byrne/Banahan; 3, Sunburn I Byrne; Class 2 HPH: 1, C'est la Vie Flannelly/Others; 2, Dux A Gore-Grimes; 3, Superhero Byrne/Banahan; Class 3 HPH: 1, Hard on Port F O'Driscoll; 2, Hellyhunter L McMurtry; White Sails HPH: 1, Tantrum 3 O'Leary/Klimche; 2, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham; 3, Alphida H Byrne; White Sails IRC: 1, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham; 2, Alphida H Byrne; 3, Tantrum 3 O'Leary/Klimche
Published in Howth YC

On Friday night last Barry Rose Commodore of the Irish Cruiser Racing Association launched the ICRA Corinthian Cup at the Royal Cork Yacht Club when Club Admiral Paddy McGlade was presented with the new trophy writes Claire Bateman. This cup will be the ultimate trophy for the non spinnaker fleet and carrying the same status of 'National Championship' at the ICRA National Championships. These events, to be sailed side by side, will give due recognition to both events and will add an element of fun and family competition to the whole scene.


Royal Cork Admiral Paddy McGlade receives the new trophy from ICRA Commodore Barry Rose. Photo: Bob Bateman

It was felt by ICRA that the idea of a Corinthian Cup event would reflect the spirit of inclusiveness being displayed by the non spinnaker sailors and means there are now two identical Cups offering equal status to both ECHO and IRC champions.

Admiral Paddy Mc Glade has placed the trophy on display in the Club Bar to encourage all the local non spinnaker (whitesail) fleet to enter the event to be hosted by the Royal Cork Yacht Club from 17th to 19th June.

Douglas Deane will be Race Officer for the non-spinnaker class so an event of the highest calibre is assured.


Published in ICRA

Spot the mark was the order of the day on Dublin Bay for this afternoon's Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) race as boats, ships and racing marks appeared - and disappeared - in a sea mist that persisted all afternoon.  The south easterly breeze that had prevailed this week means Forty foot mark, located just off Sandycove point, has got more than its fair share of use. Last Thursday's courses came in to play again this afternoon in Scotsmans bay.

David Williams of the Royal St. George Yacht Club sailing Phantom produced the same form as Thursday night to win from Michael Doorly in Aphrodite in a seven boat Dragon fleet. In the Flying fifteen's Frank Burgess  of the National Yacht Club won both races. The SB3 results have not been recorded and nor have Cruisers Zero. John Maybury's Cruiser one entry, the J109 Joker, was a winner on IRC and Chris Moore's J109 Powder Monkey was the ECHO handicap winner. The rest of the DBSC results from this afternoon's race are below:

As the DBSC fleet sailed back to their moorings more boats appeared out of the mist around 4.30pm. It was the leading pack of the ISORA fleet returning from their second race to Rockabill and back. And bringing them home was Bay regular Derek Martin's Lively Lady. Click for our ISORA story here.

DUBLIN PORT Dublin Bay Sailing Club Results for 7 MAY 2011

BENETEAU 31.7 - 1. Flying Machine (Conor O'Gallagher), 2. Prospect (Chris Johnston), 3. Bluefin Two (M & B Bryson)

BENETEAU 31.7 Echo- 1. Prospect (Chris Johnston), 2. Fiddly Bits (Kevin Byrne et al), 3. Flying Machine (Conor O'Gallagher)

CRUISERS 1 - 1. Joker 11 (John Maybury), 2. Something Else (J.Hall et al), 3. Aztec 3 (Peter Beamish)

CRUISERS 1 Echo - 1. Powder Monkey (C.Moore/M.Byrne), 2. Joker 11 (John Maybury), 3. Aztec 3 (Peter Beamish)

CRUISERS 2 Echo - 1. Dick Dastardly (B.Cusack et al), 2. Jawesome 11 (V.Kennedy/M.Dyke), 3. Smile (O'Connell/Healy/O'Sullivan)

CRUISERS 2 - 1. Jawesome 11 (V.Kennedy/M.Dyke), 2. Bendemeer (Lindsay Casey Power), 3. Smile (O'Connell/Healy/O'Sullivan)

CRUISERS 3 Echo - 1. Gung Ho (G & S O'Shea), 2. Hyflyer (John Barnard), 3. Cacciatore (Anne O'Callaghan et al)

CRUISERS 3 - 1. Gung Ho (G & S O'Shea), 2. Hyflyer (John Barnard), 3. Papytoo (M.Walsh/F.Guilfoyle)

CRUISERS 4 - 1. Maranda (Myles Kelly), 2. Ghrazel (Charles Pearson)

DRAGON - 1. Phantom (D.Williams/P.Bowring), 2. Aphrodite (Michael Doorly et al), 3. Susele (Michael Halpenny)

FLYING FIFTEEN - 1. Snow White (Frank Burgess), 2. The Big Bow Wow (N.Meagher/N.Matthews), 3. Fflogger (Alan Dooley)

FLYING FIFTEEN Race 2- 1. Snow White (Frank Burgess), 2. Hi Fibre (Michael McCambridge), 3. The Gruffalo (Keith Poole)

GLEN - 1. Glenluce (D & R O'Connor), 2. Glenshesk (L.Faulkner et al), 3. Glendun (B.Denham et al)

IDRA 14 FOOT - 1. Dunmoanin (Frank Hamilton), 2. Doody (J.Fitzgerald/J.Byrne), 3. Squalls (Stephen Harrison)

IDRA 14 FOOT Race 2- 1. Dunmoanin (Frank Hamilton), 2. Squalls (Stephen Harrison), 3. Doody (J.Fitzgerald/J.Byrne)

MERMAID - 1. Jill (P.Smith/P.Mangan), 2. Lively Lady (G O'Neill & M Hanney), 3. Kim (D Cassidy)

MERMAID Race 2- 1. Lively Lady (G O'Neill & M Hanney), 2. Jill (P.Smith/P.Mangan), 3. Kim (D Cassidy)

PY CLASS - 1. E Ryan (RS400), 2. F.Heath (Laser 1), 3. Desmond McCarthy (Laser 1)

PY CLASS Race 2- 1. F.Heath (Laser 1), 2. Desmond McCarthy (Laser 1), 3. E Ryan (RS400)

RUFFIAN 23 - 1. Ruffles (Michael Cutliffe), 2. Ripples (Frank Bradley), 3. Diane ll (Bruce Carswell)

SHIPMAN - 1. Gusto (C Heath), 2. Jo Slim (J.Clarke et al), 3. Whiterock (Henry Robinson)

SIGMA 33 - 1. White Mischief (Timothy Goodbody), 2. Gwili Two (D.Clarke/P.Maguire), 3. Popje (Ted McCourt)

SQUIB - 1. Femme Fatale (Joe O'Byrne), 2. Kookaburra (P & M Dee), 3. Nimble (Brian O'Hare)

SQUIB Race 2- 1. Femme Fatale (Joe O'Byrne), 2. Nimble (Brian O'Hare), 3. Kookaburra (P & M Dee)

WHITE SAIL CRUISERS Echo- 1. Sea Safari (Jacquelin Smith), 2. Calypso (Howard Knott), 3. Nirvana (Bernard Neeson)

WHITE SAIL CRUISERS - 1. Calypso (Howard Knott), 2. Act Two (Michael O'Leary et al), 3. Arwen (Philip O'Dwyer)

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