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Hello and welcome aboard this week’s edition of your maritime programme Seascapes ...(scroll down to listern). Hugh Oram talks to the programme about his latest book on Sandymount published by The History Press Ireland and we hear the story of Sandymount Pier .......The Venture Cup of Speedboat racing is coming here in July you can see and read more here ..... MARei has secured three quarters of a million euros in further funding from NTR ; Dr Edward Bourke will be giving a talk in Poolbeg Yacht and Boat Club in Ringsend on Thursday next on “ Maritime Aspects of the 1916 Rising “ as the final talk in the series of Glenua Sailing Centre lecture season .....................first this week we bring you a report from last weekend’s Seminar on the Sea and the Easter Rising titled “ Revolution on an Island” and held in the National Maritime College of Ireland organised and hosted by The Irish Maritime Forum ...... the sessions were chaired by Dr John Borgonovo, School of History, University College Cork and by Commander Brian FitzGerald of the Naval Service, the event drew a large attendance in Ringaskiddy where we met many regular Seascapes listeners ... we’ll be talking to Dr Ian Speller and Dr John Treacy we hear first from Daire Brunicardi, retired Senior Lecturer at the National Maritime College he is a Master Mariner and a Fellow of the Nautical Institute he delivered a paper on The Royal Navy during the Easter Rising...

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Hello and welcome aboard this week’s edition of your maritime programme Seascapes .....this week we’ll be hearing from
Richard McCormick, President of the Maritime Institute on the re publication of John de Courcy Irelands’ “The Sea and the Easter Rising “ also details about a series of illustrated talks over the coming months in The National Maritime Museum of Ireland in Dun Laoghaire to mark the centenary of 1916 ; we preview the Maritime Forum scheduled for this Saturday in the National Maritime College of Ireland we’ll be speaking with James Robinson former President of The Nautical Institute and we mark the 10th Anniversary of John de Courcy Ireland’s passing...first to the National Maritime Museum of Ireland on Haigh Terrace in Dun Laoghaire and to Richard McCormick who explained to Seascapes the illustrated panels that can be seen in the Museum assembled by Padraic O Brolchain ......

Richard McCormick, President of the Maritime Institute, those lectures in the National Maritime Museum of Ireland began last month with Pat Murphy’s talk on the ASGARD, next Tuesday 5th April – Dr John Treacy will speak on The Silent Shore, The Aud, Roger Casement and Banna Strand ...whilst later this month Cormac Lowth will deliver a lecture on The Aud and The Helga in the 1916 Rising, you can find the full list of lectures on the Seascapes webpage –

Described as one of the greatest figures in our maritime history –Dr John de Courcy Ireland teacher, author, mariner, historian, adventurer and a great crusader for this country’s maritime and marine heritage passed away ten years ago on the 4th April in 2006 so we remember him with these extracts taken from a recording produced by The Marine Institute titled “The Seafaring Irish – A Life ..........

Dr John de Courcy Ireland author of many books including the recently republished “The Sea and the Easter Rising” available from The National Maritime Museum......John is the subject of an illustrated lecture in tribute to the highly respected maritime historian Dr John de Courcy Ireland on Thursday 9th June in the National Maritime Museum of Ireland ......

You can read more about Dr John de Courcy Ireland in Sailing By
Celebrating twenty five years of Seascapes published by The Liffey Press.....

On this Saturday The Irish Maritime Forum are hosting a one day seminar titled “ Revolution on an Island “ –The Maritime Aspects of the 1916 Rebellion at The National Maritime College of Ireland earlier today we spoke to James Robinson about the seminar and the contributing speakers.......

James Robinson on the one day seminar hosted by The Irish Maritime Forum – “Revolution on an Island” we’ll have a full report here on Seascapes next week.....

Well that’s it for this week here on Seascapes, next Friday night
We talk to Hugh Oram about his latest book on Sandymount published by “The History Press Ireland and also hear the tale of Sandymount Pier ; Bert Williams and his record cod of ninety three pounds ; we ‘ll have a full report from “Revolution on an Island” held in the National Maritime College of Ireland .... all that and much more here on Seascapes.....until next Friday night, tight lines and fair sailing. “

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Coastal Notes Coastal Notes covers a broad spectrum of stories, events and developments in which some can be quirky and local in nature, while other stories are of national importance and are on-going, but whatever they are about, they need to be told.

Stories can be diverse and they can be influential, albeit some are more subtle than others in nature, while other events can be immediately felt. No more so felt, is firstly to those living along the coastal rim and rural isolated communities. Here the impact poses is increased to those directly linked with the sea, where daily lives are made from earning an income ashore and within coastal waters.

The topics in Coastal Notes can also be about the rare finding of sea-life creatures, a historic shipwreck lost to the passage of time and which has yet many a secret to tell. A trawler's net caught hauling more than fish but cannon balls dating to the Napoleonic era.

Also focusing the attention of Coastal Notes, are the maritime museums which are of national importance to maintaining access and knowledge of historical exhibits for future generations.

Equally to keep an eye on the present day, with activities of existing and planned projects in the pipeline from the wind and wave renewables sector and those of the energy exploration industry.

In addition Coastal Notes has many more angles to cover, be it the weekend boat leisure user taking a sedate cruise off a long straight beach on the coast beach and making a friend with a feathered companion along the way.

In complete contrast is to those who harvest the sea, using small boats based in harbours where infrastructure and safety poses an issue, before they set off to ply their trade at the foot of our highest sea cliffs along the rugged wild western seaboard.

It's all there, as Coastal Notes tells the stories that are arguably as varied to the environment from which they came from and indeed which shape people's interaction with the surrounding environment that is the natural world and our relationship with the sea.