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The recent announcement that Nordic Clinker or Clench Timber Construction - as practised by several classic boat-builders in Ireland - is now receiving UNESCO Heritage Recognition has caused understandable pride among those who own one of those beauties, craft such as the Mermaids, Shannon One Designs, Castlehaven Ettes, and Dublin Bay Water Wags, to name only four.

But the new recognition has also led to added interest in other boats such as the Rankins which are undergoing a steady revival in Cork Harbour, and were built by the Rankin brothers in Cobh using the edge-glued plywood plank lapstrake technique. To a casual observer, they may look to be clinker built. But they’re not, as the essence of clinker is the clenching or clinking of the athwartships steam-bent timbers, tensioned home using copper rivets.

Yet the Rankins are handsome and very effective boats, so in fairness to them it would surely be more appropriate to use the American term “lapstrake” to describe their build method. Apart from anything else, it’s a much more attractive word in itself than clinker, as clinker suggests the ash-pan under an old and smokey stove, whereas lapstrake immediately suggests the lapwing, an extremely elegant wader patrolling the shore of many a charming estuary.

One of the advantages of the Rankin is that it has a clean interior, uncluttered by those cross-ship timbers which define true clinker construction. Yet the Rankins obtain more than adequate hull strength through the fore-and-aft strakes created by the overlaps, and this s something which is repeated when a standard clinker-built hull is used as the mould to build a fibre-glass dinghy which is arguably clinker, yet isn’t plagued by those endless little corners with which any re-fitter of a classic wooden clinker dinghy will know only too well.

Such people, having spent hours cleaning and sanding and then cleaning again before painting or varnishing the multiple separate sections in their pride-and-joy’s bilges will tend to regard glass fibre creations of clinker-built boats as phoney, which incidentally is a word that ancient Irish has contributed to global English. Yet at this time of year, when long and painful hours labouring in the bilges of wooden clinker-built boats is the prospect face by many classics owners, a “phoney” glass-fibre lapstrake boat suddenly becomes a very attractive proposition indeed.

Thus it’s no surprise that this characterful 2006-built 12ft glass fibre lapstrake sailing dinghy of the Wagtail class has come to the market with Leinster Boats at the rather ripe price of €4, 750. That’s almost €400 per foot, but a quick look at the price of new boats, and a thought or two about the fact that the only woodwork in the Wagtail - some very attractive trim - is extremely accessible for ease of varnishing, and you begin to see things in a more realistic way. In fact, the boat sells herself - all you need is a private harbour or slipway beside some appropriately attractive and un-crowded sailing water. Details from

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26th December 2021

Busy Times for Leinster Boats

The lead into Christmas has been busy for Leinster Boats with buyers getting themselves set up for the coming season and with the new pandemic challenges the sailing community face.

In the run into Christmas here are a few of the sales that have taken place:

  1. Sigma 33 OOD SOLD.
  2. Elan 31 SOLD.
  3. J80 SOLD to buyers in The Netherlands. As part of our comprehensive broker service, Leinster Boats facilitated having this boat delivered to Dublin Port for onward shipping.
  4. Impala 29 SOLD. Launched Christmas week and sailed away from Dun Laoghaire by a happy new owner.

Also, a Firefly Fleet (below) was sold on behalf of a Third Level College to a Sailing Club in the UK. Leinster Boats facilitated the loading and transport logistics for the new owners.

At Leinster Boats we have a significant log of keen purchasers. If thinking of selling, talk to Ronan at Leinster Boats, (086 2543866. [email protected]) a member of Network Yacht Brokers with 30 offices across the €U & UK.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who go Afloat.

Ronan Beirne

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Here's a quartet of four boats Leinster Boats have listed for sale on Afloat boats for sale: they're all ready for an enthusiastic crew to get out on the water for club racing.

  • Corby 25:  Here is a racing rocket that will give an exciting sailing experience in club racing. 
  • Impala 29:  The Hunter Impala 29 foot cruiser-racer is a proven design and no slouch on the race course. This vessel has many upgrades.
  • Sigma 33 OOD: Good example of this popular and robust Sigma 33 one design. In racing trim with winter cradle.
  • J/80: Excellent example of this easily handled and very fast popular one design.

For further information check out Leinster Boat's full listing on Afloat Classified or call Ronan on 086 2543866. 

Our Range Suits Every Racing Enthusiast!

Call Ronan Beirne on: 086 254 3866 (from UK 00 353 86 2543866)

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Here's a pack of four boats Leinster Boats have listed for sale on Afloat boats for sale: they're all ready for an enthusiastic crew to get out on the water for club racing.

420: A very lightly used 420 by Nautivelia. This boat has been in storage since it was brought into Ireland new for a European event in 2012. Great value boat for club racing. See the full advert on Afloat here

J80: Sports boats of this quality do not present themselves often. Very well prepared and maintained this J80 has a proven track record with podium finish at the last J80 fleet event in the 2019 Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta. See the full advert on Afloat here

First 28: A great value cruiser-racer that has proven success in Fingal and Dun Laoghaire. Great value starter cruiser racer that is ready to go. See the full advert on Afloat here

Corby 25: The ultimate in club racing. Exciting sailing in a boat that will not disappoint. Be on the line in this very fast Corby. See the full advert on Afloat here

Our Range Suits Every Racing Enthusiast!

Call Ronan Beirne on: 086 2543866 (from UK 00 353 86 2543866)

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11th February 2021

Yachts Wanted by Leinster Boats

Yachts and boats are required by Leinster Boats for clients planning to get afloat for the coming season.

Leinster Boats will ensure your vessel has a high level of exposure by listing on 12 marketing partner portals: Yacht World, Afloat, The Yachtmarket, Apollo Duck, Scanboat, Band of Boats and others, says Leinster Boats yacht broker, Ronan Beirne. 

Leinster Boats is a member of Network Yacht Brokers with 20 offices in the EU & UK. Your vessel will be listed with this network of offices.

"Our dedication to the professional and efficient management of the sale of your vessel will ensure a smooth transaction and successful sale. Leinster Boats will prepare all the necessary paper work and for registered vessels, says Beirne

Professionalism, trust, confidentiality and experience will ensure the sale of your vessel is conducted to the best of standards our clients expect.

Contact Ronan Beirne for a consultation: 086 2543866. [email protected]

Check out Leinster Boats:

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With the easing of access regulations on May 18th, a recent boat purchaser asked yacht broker Ronan Beirne of Leinster Boats what should he be looking out for not having been on board his boat for some weeks.

Here is a checklist that will be “natural instinct” for the old hands, however, it might be of use to the more recent boat owner.

  1. On approaching your boat check the waterline/boot top for growth. The Boot top can be cleaned with a long-handled scrub brush however booking for a lift and clean at this busy time would be advised.
  2. Check the mooring lines for chafe at fairleads and toe rails. Adjust accordingly.
  3. On boarding, walk around the deck and look out for any stray clevis pins or shackles and investigate the source and make good. Check the rigging bottle screws.
  4. Open up the boat and check the bilge for water and any smell of gas. If bilge is dry pump anyway to remove any gas that may be in the bilge.
  5. Startup the motor and after she has started up gently put in gear and leave running in gear as diesel motors like to work with load. Leave it running while you attend to other items.
  6. Look over the running engine and check the stern gland for any leak. If there is a drip you may need to apply grease pressure where there is such a remote turn screw facility.
  7. Open the fore hatch and ventilate the boat.
  8. Turn on the VHF and listen out for any traffic to ensure it is working.
  9. Check the service dates on flares and fire extinguishers.
  10. Open the fridge and cool box and leave open of not on for ventilation.
  11. Prepare a safety plan showing where all your safety kit is stored. This you can post to a bulkhead for visitors to get familiar with the location of your safety kit on board.
  12. Go back on deck and if light wind from ahead permits unfurl your headsail and check.
  13. Similarly, hoist the main and ensure all OK. Inspect the gooseneck.
  14. Check the service date on your liferaft to ensure it is “in date”

Stray clevis pin on deckA stray clevis pin on deck

Having attended to these basic checks you can now look forward to the Summer knowing that you have checked on the basic safety and operational aspects of your vessel.

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Ronan Beirne of Leinster Boats is inviting those in the market for a boat this season to browse his extensive online boat listings. 

Click on and and also his listing on Afloat boats for sale here. The well known Dun Laoghaire based broker says he offers 'more choice, more boats and more attention to your requirements'  for any second-hand boat query.

Current listings include some popular sailing cruiser marques such as a J109 racing yacht at €89,000 and a Formula 28 at €13,000

Over 600 vessels are also on offer at the Leinster Boats affiliate Network Yacht Brokers site, an organisation with 20 affiliate offices across the EU & UK.

Ronan Beirne is available on email: [email protected] or by phone on 086 2543866 for more details on any of the listings.

Leisnter boats Home pageThe Leinster Boats Home page

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Irish yacht broker firm Leinster Boats has joined Network Yacht Brokers, the leading co-operative of multiple independent yacht brokers with 18 offices in Wales, England and the Mediterranean.

Principal broker Ronan Beirne of Leinster Boats sees this as a natural development of yacht and boat sales activity and transactions that have been completed for both Irish clients seeking boats from the UK and for our increasing number of overseas clients looking for a suitable boat in Ireland.

“Membership of the network will increase Leinster Boats listings ten fold while giving the Leinster Boats stock listing greater and broader exposure in the overseas market. Leinster Boats will benefit from the continuous development of the Network back office system of on-line inter connected offices and will greatly enhance the process of craft search and sales management process required by a busy sales office”

Rob Woodward, Chairman of Network Yacht Brokers welcomes Leinster Boats onboard “Leinster Boats as part of Network Yacht Brokers will benefit from collective on-line presence and search engine optimization with an increased list of quality yachts in addition to increased brand awareness and collective group advertising. At Network Yacht Brokers we are pleased to have Leinster Boats join our group and representing us in the Irish market. We see positive synergies with our offices on both sides of the Irish Sea and are confident that the addition of Leinster Boats will greatly enhance our network”

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It says much for the growing reach of Leinster Boats that a Galway-based owner has turned to Ronan Beirne’s Dun Laoghaire firm to sell on his First 310 writes W M Nixon. The boat is advertised on Afloat Boats for Sale. This is a boat which is something of a collector’s item, for although the First 31.7 is well established as a One Design class in Dublin Bay, the earlier 310 dating from the 1990-1994 period is somewhat rarer in Ireland.

That said, the mighty Beneteau organisation built 496 of them for the home and international market, and this one has all the features which made the Finot-designed First 310 such an attractive proposition 25 years ago, when her high volume hull made her seem palatial by comparison with more traditional boats of the same overall length.

As we are now discovering, good fibreglass construction seems well able to last for ever, and today’s marine industry is able to provide specialists who can make a 25-year-old boat seems as good as new. At an asking price of €29,500, she’s certainly of interest, and is currently laid up ashore in Galway city to provide speedy viewing.

See the full advert here

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How about this for the last word in 'Explorer yachting'? If the world's your oyster, could you go too far wrong in this €7.9m stress–free cruiser? With a range of 3,000 nm at 12 knots it is literally possible to cruise the planet.

Following the signing of the contract of the new 24XP, Numarine – the Turkish high performance motoryacht shipyard based in Istanbul, with a range from 55' - 130' – has announced hull #1 of the all-new 32XP model has been sold to a Northern European client.

Lips are sealed but could he/she be a repeat Irish client?

The Numarine 32XP Series – together with 24XP and 40XP – will be a new line of Explorer series models.

Designed by Can Yalman the 32 metre yacht has accommodation for 12 guests – including a full width owners cabin. 

32XP Hull #1 – Short technical sheet
Length Overall 32,5 m
Length on the Waterline 30,72 m
Beam (molded) 8 m
Draft (100% load) 2,1 m
Displacement full load 234 ton
Internal Tonnage under 300 GT
Passengers 12 (6 cabins)
Crew 5 (3 cabins)
Design Speed at Max (50% fuel &25% water) 14 knots
Design speed at Cruise 12 knots
Range 3000 nm
Fuel oil tankage 26.000 lt.
Fresh water tankage 3.000 lt.
Oily water tank 500 lt
Black water tankage 2.000 lt.
Grey water tankage 2.000 lt.
Gasoline tankage 150 lt.
Engines 2 x CAT C18 Acert C 715bhp @2100rpm
2 x 60 kW @1500 rpm, 220/400V three phase
1 x 22 kW @ 1500 rpm, 220/400V three phase
Hull Material Steel
Superstructure FRP Composite

Classification RINA : HULL ● MACH Y Unrestricted Navigation C
for navigation without restrictions relating to recreational craft and for private use

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Coastal Notes Coastal Notes covers a broad spectrum of stories, events and developments in which some can be quirky and local in nature, while other stories are of national importance and are on-going, but whatever they are about, they need to be told.

Stories can be diverse and they can be influential, albeit some are more subtle than others in nature, while other events can be immediately felt. No more so felt, is firstly to those living along the coastal rim and rural isolated communities. Here the impact poses is increased to those directly linked with the sea, where daily lives are made from earning an income ashore and within coastal waters.

The topics in Coastal Notes can also be about the rare finding of sea-life creatures, a historic shipwreck lost to the passage of time and which has yet many a secret to tell. A trawler's net caught hauling more than fish but cannon balls dating to the Napoleonic era.

Also focusing the attention of Coastal Notes, are the maritime museums which are of national importance to maintaining access and knowledge of historical exhibits for future generations.

Equally to keep an eye on the present day, with activities of existing and planned projects in the pipeline from the wind and wave renewables sector and those of the energy exploration industry.

In addition Coastal Notes has many more angles to cover, be it the weekend boat leisure user taking a sedate cruise off a long straight beach on the coast beach and making a friend with a feathered companion along the way.

In complete contrast is to those who harvest the sea, using small boats based in harbours where infrastructure and safety poses an issue, before they set off to ply their trade at the foot of our highest sea cliffs along the rugged wild western seaboard.

It's all there, as Coastal Notes tells the stories that are arguably as varied to the environment from which they came from and indeed which shape people's interaction with the surrounding environment that is the natural world and our relationship with the sea.

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