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ROWING: Under-23 athlete Justin Ryan won the men’s A Final of the single sculls at the Irish Assessment Regatta at the National Rowing Centre in Cork. Fellow lightweights Michael Maher and Justin Ryan were second and third.

Sanita Puspure was dominant in the women’s single, where surprise packet Bridget Jacques, who is just 17, took second.

Sean O’Connor and Eddie Mullarkey of NUIG, an under-23 crew, beat Bann juniors Chris Black and Joel Cassells into second in the men’s pair. The Bann pair have not competed this season as Black has had glandular fever.

The A Final of the women’s pair, an all-junior affair, was won by Hanna McCarthy and Hanna O’Sullivan of St Michael’s after a terrific battle to the line with Brooke Edgar and Emily Hutchinson of Bann.

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ROWING: Niall Kenny of UCC headed up a group of lightweight men at the top of the rankings after the 5,000 metre time trial at the second National Assessment in Newry. The top lightweight woman, Siobhan McCrohan also impressed – her percentage of projected world best time was 84.7 to Kenny’s 84.9. The fastest woman of the day was under-23 heavyweight Lisa Dilleen, and the junior women and men set a high standard, with Bridget Jacques and Andrew Griffin topping their classes. Sanita Puspure (ill) and Holly Nixon (injured) could not compete and Shane O’Driscoll and Paul O’Donovan missed out because of a bereavement.

National Assessment, Newry (5,000 metre time trial; Provisional Results - Percentages based on projected world winning time in athlete's class)

Niall Kenny (UCCRC) LM1x 19:37.3 84.9%

Michael Maher (Three Castles) LM1x 19:42.8 84.5%

Mark O'Donovan (CITRC) LM1x 19:55.5 83.6%

Anthony English (UCCRC) LM1x 19:55.9 83.6%

Justin Ryan (UCCRC) LM1x 19:56.4 83.6%

Nathan O'Reilly (Tideway Scullers’ School) LM1x 20:20.3 81.9%

Jonathan Mitchell (QUBBC) LM1x 20:23.1 81.8%

Sean O'Connor (NUIGBC) HM1x 20:21.3 80.2%

David Neale (UCD) HM1x 20:28.5 79.8%

Eddie Mullarkey (NUIGBC) HM1x 20:37.4 79.2%

Conor Egan (NUIGBC) LM1x 21:10.0 78.7%

Patrick Hughes (DUBC) HM1x 20:50.3 78.4%

Adam Boreham (BBC) HM1x 20:55.2 78.1%

Christopher Beck (RBAIRC) LM1x 21:22.5 78.0%

Feargal Geraghty (NUIGBC) LM1x 21:24.5 77.9%

Mark O'Brien (St Michaels) HM1x 21:23.6 76.3%

Matthew Wray (Bann RC) HM1x 22:27.1 72.7%

Siobhan McCrohan (Tribesmen RC) LW1x 21:38.1 84.7%

Claire Lambe (UCDBC) LW1x 21:42.0 84.5%

Lisa Dilleen (CITRC) HW1x 21:13.5 83.4%

Sarah Dolan (DULBC) LW1x 22:26.0 81.7%

Monika Dukarska (Killorglin RC) HW1x 21:59.7 80.5%

Sinead Dolan (DULBC) LW1x 23:05.7 79.4%

Andrew Griffin (Neptune R.C.) JM1x 20:39.2 83.0%

David Quinlan (Castleconnell Boat Club) JM1x 21:02.0 81.5%

Patrick Boomer (MCB) JM1x 21:02.2 81.5%

Aodhan Burns (Skibbereen R.C.) JM1x 21:03.2 81.5%

Cathal Phelan (Offaly RC) JM1x 21:03.7 81.4%

John Mitchel (Lee R.C.) JM1x 21:04.3 81.4%

Mathew Ryan (Skibbereen R.C.) JM1x 21:06.4 81.3%

Paddy Hegarty (Skibbereen R.C.) JM1x 21:12.6 80.9%

David O'Malley (St Michaels) JM1x 21:18.6 80.5%

Paudie Leonard (Skibbereen R.C.) JM1x 21:21.5 80.3%

Andrew Bell (Col.Iognaid) JM1x 21:22.0 80.3%

Cian Noone (Neptune R.C.) JM1x 21:25.1 80.1%

Andy Harrington (Shandon B.C.) JM1x 21:26.1 80.0%

Daniel Buckley (Lee R.C.) JM1x 21:30.9 79.7%

Gearoid Moore (St Michaels) JM1x 21:37.6 79.3%

Gary Thornton (Portora BC) JM1x 21:40.0 79.2%

Thomas English (Neptune R.C.) JM1x 21:43.6 78.9%

Eddie Beechinor (Cork BC) JM1x 21:52.7 78.4%

Conor Carmody (Shannon RC) JM1x 21:55.2 78.2%

Darragh McCarthy (Col.Iognaid) JM1x 21:58.9 78.0%

Kevin Fallon (St.Joseph's) JM1x 22:09.5 77.4%

Mathew Kelly (Col.Iognaid) JM1x 22:22.3 76.7%

James Healy (St Michaels) JM1x 22:35.1 75.9%

Brian Keohane (Presentation College, Cork) JM1x 22:39.9 75.7%

Philip Mc Entee (GRC) JM1x 22:56.3 74.8%

Kai McGlacken (Col.Iognaid) JM1x 23:15.5 73.7%

Bridget Jacques (BBC) JW1x 22:22.6 83.0%

Hilary Shinnick (Fermoy RC) JW1x 22:37.0 82.2%

Katie Cromie (Portora BC) JW1x 22:39.2 82.0%

Kate O'Brien (St Michaels) JW1x 23:00.1 80.8%

Aileen Crowley (Muckross RC) JW1x 23:19.3 79.7%

Bernadette Walsh (Skibbereen R.C.) JW1x 23:22.0 79.5%

Leonie Hamel (Cork BC) JW1x 23:33.4 78.9%

Sarah Higgins (Cork BC) JW1x 23:36.9 78.7%

Sarah Allen (Bann RC) JW1x 23:37.9 78.6%

Fionna Murtagh (GRC) JW1x 23:44.1 78.3%

Roisin Merz (Shandon B.C.) JW1x 23:50.0 78.0%

Jasmine English (MCB) JW1x 23:51.9 77.9%

Phoebe Mulligan (Portora BC) JW1x 23:56.4 77.6%

Aoife Cooper (Muckross RC) JW1x 23:59.9 77.4%

Kara O'Connor (Muckross RC) JW1x 24:18.3 76.5%

Sadhbh Cassidy (Neptune R.C.) JW1x 24:18.8 76.4%

Maria Gregson (MCB) JW1x 24:20.3 76.4%

Katherine Cremin (Muckross RC) JW1x 24:31.5 75.8%

Claire Silke (Castleconnell Boat Club) JW1x 25:01.4 74.3%

Megan McLaughlin (Cork BC) JW1x 25:03.0 74.2%

Crainne Malone (Col. Charrian) JW1x 25:11.9 73.7%

Megan Donnelly (GRC) JW1x 25:23.2 73.2%

Zoe Hyde (Killorglin RC) JW1x 25:33.5 72.7%

Henry Millar/Lloyd Seaman (Portora BC/Portora BC) JM2- 19:47.5 82.2%

Kevin Keohane/Niall Crowley (Presentation College Cork) JM2- 20:05.5 81.0%

William Yeomans/Colm O'Riada (Commercial) JM2- 20:09.5 80.7%

Joel Cassells/Chris Alcorn (Bann) JM2- 20:10.4 80.7%

Aidan Kinneen/Eric McEvoy (St.Joseph's) JM2- 20:30.9 79.3%

Shane Walsh/Alan Murtagh (Galway RC) JM2- 20:40.5 78.7%

Killian Doyle/Aaron McGrath (Carlow) JM2- 20:55.3 77.8%

Brooke Edgar/Emily Hutchinson (Bann) JW2- 22:29.0 79.8%

Hanna McCarthy/Hanna O’Sullivan (St Michael’s) JW2- 22:40.7 79.1%

Ruth Gilligan/Lauren McHugh (Shannon) JW2- 22:51.9 78.5%


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Kate O'Brien of St Michael's in Limerick recorded an outstanding time for a junior woman in the ergometer (rowing machine) test of six minutes 58 seconds at the second Natioinal Assessment at Newry today. Only one other woman, under-23 athlete Lisa Dilleen, with 6:49.2 bettered the young Limerick competitor's time. Sanita Puspure, who was ill, was a noticeable absentee, but she hopes to soon bounce back from the viral infection which prevented her taking part. Dave Neale was the fastest man, and the strong lightweight men's group performed well. Shane O'Driscoll had to withdraw due a family bereavement.

Rowing Ireland
2k Ergo Results (11th-February-2012)
FEB 2k Score
Row Labels Total
David Neale (UCD ) HM 6:05.0
Eddie Mullarkey (NUIGBC) HMU23 6:09.8
Adam Boreham (BBC) HMU23 6:12.2
Mark O'Brien (St Michaels) HMU23 6:15.6
Patrick Hughes (DUBC) HMU23 6:18.0
Sean O'Connor (NUIGBC) HMU23 6:19.0
Matthew Wray (Bann RC) HMU20 6:21.4
Lisa Dilleen (CITRC) HWU23 6:49.2
Monika Dukarska (Killorglin RC) HWU23 7:00.1
Michael Maher (3 Castles) LM 6:14.3
Niall Kenny (UCCRC) LM 6:16.7
Anthony English (UCCRC) LM 6:19.0
Mark O'Donovan (CITRC) LM 6:21.6
Nathan O'Reilly (Tideway Scullers School) LM 6:25.6
Feargal Geraghty (NUIGBC) LM 6:29.0
Justin Ryan (UCCRC) LMU23 6:17.0
Jonathan Mitchell (QUBBC) LMU23 6:20.2
Adam O'Donohue (Offaly RC) LMU23 6:55.3
Conor Egan (NUIGBC) LMU20 6:46.0
Christopher Beck (RBAIRC) LMU20 6:49.8
Siobhan McCrohan (Tribesmen RC) LW 7:09.3
Claire Lambe (UCDBC) LWU23 7:11.6
Sarah Dolan (DULBC) LWU23 7:24.7
Sinead Dolan (DULBC) LWU23 7:38.8
Henry Millar (Portora BC) MJ18 6:19.7
Fionnan McQuillan-Tolan (St.Joseph's) MJ18 6:20.9
Joel Cassells (Bann RC) MJ18 6:25.0
Andrew Griffin (Neptune R.C.) MJ18 6:25.3
Eddie Beechinor (Cork BC) MJ18 6:26.8
Patrick Boomer (MCB) MJ18 6:27.4
David Quinlan (Castleconnell Boat Club) MJ18 6:28.9
Thomas English (Neptune R.C.) MJ18 6:31.5
Andrew Bell (Col.Iognaid) MJ18 6:32.6
Cian Noone (Neptune R.C.) MJ18 6:34.4
Lloyd Seaman (Portora BC) MJ18 6:35.6
Colm O'Riada (Commercial RC) MJ18 6:36.3
James Healy (St Michaels) MJ18 6:36.4
Killian Doyle (Carlow RC) MJ18 6:37.2
Gary Thornton (Portora BC) MJ18 6:39.0
Shane Walsh (GRC) MJ18 6:41.9
Chris Alcorn (Bann RC) MJ18 6:42.0
Paudie Leonard (Skibbereen R.C.) MJ18 6:44.1
Gearoid Moore (St Michaels) MJ18 6:45.7
Kevin Molloy (Athlone B C) MJ18 6:46.0
Aodhan Burns (Skibbereen R.C.) MJ18 6:46.2
Mathew Kelly (Col.Iognaid) MJ18 6:52.3
Paddy Hegarty (Skibbereen R.C.) MJ17 6:29.7
Kevin Keohane (Presentation College Cork) MJ17 6:34.8
Aidan Kinneen (St.Joseph's) MJ17 6:36.0
Mathew Ryan (Skibbereen R.C.) MJ17 6:37.1
Niall Crowley (Presentation College Cork) MJ17 6:39.8
Aaron McGrath (Carlow RC) MJ17 6:39.8
Andy Harrington (Shandon B.C.) MJ17 6:40.4
John Mitchel (Lee R.C.) MJ17 6:42.4
Eric McEvoy (St.Joseph's) MJ17 6:42.7
William Yeomans (Commercial RC) MJ17 6:46.1
Alan Murtagh (GRC) MJ17 6:46.2
Cathal Phelan (Offaly RC) MJ17 6:47.5
Daniel Buckley (Lee R.C.) MJ17 6:48.7
Philip Mc Entee (GRC) MJ17 6:51.9
Dylan Delargy (GRC) MJ17 7:16.2
Kai McGlacken (Col.Iognaid) MJ16 6:49.1
Conor Carmody (Shannon RC) MJ16 6:51.6
Brian Keohane (presentation College Cork) MJ16 6:58.8
Darragh McCarthy (Col.Iognaid) MJ16 6:59.5
David O'Malley (St Michaels) MJ16 7:00.5
Kevin Fallon (St.Joseph's) MJ16 7:02.8
Kate O'Brien (St Michaels) WJ18 6:58.0
Katie Cromie (Portora BC) WJ18 7:09.2
Hanna O'Sullivan (St Michaels) WJ18 7:30.0
Aileen Crowley (Muckross RC) WJ18 7:32.7
Sarah Allen (Bann RC) WJ18 7:33.5
Emily Hutchinson (Bann RC) WJ18 7:35.7
Brooke Edgar (Bann RC) WJ18 7:36.3
Roisin Merz (Shandon B.C.) WJ18 7:37.7
Sarah Higgins (Cork BC) WJ18 7:41.5
Maria Gregson (MCB) WJ18 7:45.3
Sadhbh Cassidy (Neptune R.C.) WJ18 7:46.8
Aoife Cooper (Muckross RC) WJ18 7:47.5
Sally O'Brien (Neptune R.C.) WJ18 7:53.6
Hilary Shinnick (Fermoy RC) WJ17 7:07.9
Bridget Jacques (BBC) WJ17 7:08.0
Leonie Hamel (Cork BC) WJ17 7:28.5
Lauren McHugh (Shannon RC) WJ17 7:32.3
Hanna McCarthy (St Michaels) WJ17 7:32.9
Ruth Gilligan (Shannon RC) WJ17 7:34.1
Fionna Murtagh (GRC) WJ17 7:37.4
Bernadett Walsh (Skibbereen R.C.) WJ17 7:40.0
Phoebe Mulligan (Portora BC) WJ17 7:45.6
Claire Beechinor (Cork BC) WJ16 7:39.9
Zoe Hyde (Killorglin RC) WJ16 7:42.1
Jasmine English (MCB) WJ16 7:42.5
Megan McLaughlin (Cork BC) WJ16 7:49.3
Megan Donnelly (GRC) WJ16 7:50.8
Katherine Cremin (Muckross RC) WJ16 7:52.5
Crainne Malone (Col. Charrian) WJ16 7:54.1
Claire Silke (Castleconnell Boat Club) WJ16 7:58.7
Kara O'Connor (Muckross RC) WJ16 7:59.4

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Coastal Notes Coastal Notes covers a broad spectrum of stories, events and developments in which some can be quirky and local in nature, while other stories are of national importance and are on-going, but whatever they are about, they need to be told.

Stories can be diverse and they can be influential, albeit some are more subtle than others in nature, while other events can be immediately felt. No more so felt, is firstly to those living along the coastal rim and rural isolated communities. Here the impact poses is increased to those directly linked with the sea, where daily lives are made from earning an income ashore and within coastal waters.

The topics in Coastal Notes can also be about the rare finding of sea-life creatures, a historic shipwreck lost to the passage of time and which has yet many a secret to tell. A trawler's net caught hauling more than fish but cannon balls dating to the Napoleonic era.

Also focusing the attention of Coastal Notes, are the maritime museums which are of national importance to maintaining access and knowledge of historical exhibits for future generations.

Equally to keep an eye on the present day, with activities of existing and planned projects in the pipeline from the wind and wave renewables sector and those of the energy exploration industry.

In addition Coastal Notes has many more angles to cover, be it the weekend boat leisure user taking a sedate cruise off a long straight beach on the coast beach and making a friend with a feathered companion along the way.

In complete contrast is to those who harvest the sea, using small boats based in harbours where infrastructure and safety poses an issue, before they set off to ply their trade at the foot of our highest sea cliffs along the rugged wild western seaboard.

It's all there, as Coastal Notes tells the stories that are arguably as varied to the environment from which they came from and indeed which shape people's interaction with the surrounding environment that is the natural world and our relationship with the sea.

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