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#Rowing: Cork Boat Club had a good day at Limerick Regatta at O’Brien’s Bridge today. They won the the men’s intermediate eight and senior pair and the women’s junior 18 eight. UCD won the women’s novice eight and Daire Lynch of Clonmel, who won the single sculls time trial in a very fast time (five minutes and nine seconds), went on to take the senior and intermediate singles titles.

Limerick Regatta, O’Brien’s Bridge (Selected Results)


Eight – Intermediate: Cork. Club: Neptune. Jun 18: Neptune. Masters – Final One (b-c): St Michael’s A. Final Two (d-e): Athlone. Jun 16: Col Iognaid.

Four – Sen: St Michael’s. Inter, coxed: Cork. Jun 18A, coxed: St Michael’s.

Pair – Senior: Cork. Jun 18: Clonmel.


Quad – Sen: Carlow. Nov, coxed: UCC. Jun 18A: Carlow. Jun 16, coxed: CRCC.

Double – Inter: Castleconnell B.

Single – Senior: Clonmel (D Lynch). Inter: Clonmel (D Lynch). Jun 18A: Clonmel (A Butler). Jun 16: Castleconnell (R O’Neill). Masters – Final One: Lady Elizabeth (B Smyth). Final Two: Cork (B Crean). Final Three: Galway (A McCallion).


Eight – Nov: UCD. Jun 18: Cork. Jun 16: St Michael’s.

Four – Sen: Shannon. Inter, coxed: Shannon. Jun 18: Col Iognaid.

Pair – Sen: Fermoy. Jun 18: Fermoy.


Quadruple Novice, coxed: Cappoquin. Jun 18: Cork. Jun 16, coxed: Killorglin. Masters, coxed: Univ of Limerick

Double – Inter: Carlow.

Single – Inter: Garda (B Larsen). Jun 18A: Carlow (C Nolan). Jun 16: Cork (C O’Sullivan). Masters: Offaly (C Nolan).

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#Rowing: Masters and junior 18 crews impressed at the St Michael’s Head of the River at O’Brien’s Bridge today. The fastest crew on the day was the Masters eight from home club, St Michael’s. Castleconnell’s junior 18 quadruple were five seconds further back. The weather for the refixed event was not perfect but the course was rowable.

St Michael’s Head of the River, O’Brien’s Bridge, Saturday

Overall: 1 St Michael’s Masters Eight 10 min 34 seconds, 2 Castleconnell jun 18 quadruple 10:39, 3 Castleconnell, Cork, Fermoy Shandon, St Michael’s masters eight 10:44.


Eight – Inter: Univ of Limerick 13:21. Jun 18: Castleconnell 10:55. Jun 16: Col Iognaid 11:33. Masters: St Michael’s (C) 10:34.

Four – Inter: Univ of Limerick 11:30. Inter, coxed: St Michael’s 11:47. Jun 18, coxed: St Michael’s 11:22. Jun 16, coxed: Shandon 11:36. Masters: Galway 11:49. Masters, coxed: Shandon, Fermoy 12:08.  

Pair - Senior: Castleconnell A 11:56. Inter: Col Iognaid 13:22. Jun 18: Shandon 12:04.


Quadruple – Inter: Clonmel 10:58. Jun 18: Castleconnell 10:39. Jun 16, coxed: Castleconnell 11:36. Masters: Shandon, Cork, Lee Valley 11:10.

Double – Inter: St Michael’s 11:16. Jun 18: Shandon 11:55.

Single – Masters: Clonmel (O McGrath) 13:17. Jun 18: Castleconnell (J Quinlan) 12:08. Jun 16: St Michael’s (R O’Gorman) 14:27.


Eight – Inter: Cork 13:11. Novice: Galway 13:37. Jun 18: Cork 11:44. Jun 16: St Michael’s 12:10.Masters: Grainne Mhaol 12:51.

Four – Inter, coxed: St Michael’s 12:33. Nov, coxed: 15:00. Jun 18: St Michael’s 13:14. Jun 18, coxed: Cork 13:26.

Pair – Inter: Shannon 13:07. Jun 18: Cork 13:29.


Quadruple – Sen: St Michael’s B 11:48. Jun 18: Cork 11:53. Jun 16: Carlow 13:10. Masters: Univ of Limerick 15:11.

Double – Sen: St Michael’s 12:36. Inter: St Michael’s 12:48. Jun 18: Kenmare 12:37.

Single – Inter: Shandon 14:48. Nov: Univ of Limerick (A Ormsby) 20:27. Jun 18: Col Iognaid (Nic Dhonncha) 14:12. Jun 16: Castleconnell (N Silke) 14:28.



St. Michael's Rowing Club
Head of the River - Saturday 18th March 2017.
Position Crew ID Club Name Crew Name
Boat Type: Elapsed
Results: by Grade Position. Printed: 15:29:06
MS 2- Men's Senior 2-
1 242 Castleconnell B.C. A MS 2- 11:56
2 216 Galway R.C MS 2- 12:55
3 243 Castleconnell B.C. B MS 2- 13:28
MI 8+ Men's Intermediate 8
1 836 University of Limerick R.C MI 8+ 13:21
MI 4X- Men's Intermediate 4X-
1 417 Clonmel R.C MI 4X- 10:58
MI 4+/4- Men's Intermediate 4+/4-
1 481 University of Limerick R.C A MI 4- 11:30
2 532 St.Michael's R.C MI 4+ 11:47
3 482 University of Limerick R.C B MI 4- 11:49
4 503 Coláiste Iognáid R.C MI 4+ 11:51
5 483 University of Limerick R.C C MI 4+ 11:52
6 495 Cork B.C. MI 4+ 12:31
MI 2X Men's Intermediate 2X
1 266 St.Michael's R.C B MI 2X 11:16
2 206 Carlow R.C MI 2X 11:43
3 265 St.Michael's R.C A MI 2X 12:21
MI 2- Men's Intermediate 2-
1 246 Coláiste Iognáid R.C MI 2- 13:22
MI 1X Men's Intermediate 1X
1 82 University of Limerick R.C Hough, C MI 1X 12:34
2 36 Carlow R.C Keating, L MI 1X 12:34
3 48 Cork B.C. MI 1X 12:54
4 94 Castleconnell B.C. Mozdzer, A MI 1X 12:55
5 37 Carlow R.C Murphy, N MI 1X 12:57
6 96 Castleconnell B.C. Silke, P MI 1X 13:05
7 105 Coláiste Iognáid R.C O'Donoghue, S MI 1X 13:14
8 95 Castleconnell B.C. O'Connor, A MI 1X 13:23
9 83 University of Limerick R.C Carmody, C MI 1X 13:49
10 41 Clonmel R.C Hewitt, E MI 1X 13:49
MM 8+ Men's Masters 8
1 841 St.Michael's R.C C MM 8+ 10:34
2 830 Castleconnell/Cork/Fermoy/Shandon/SMRC (c 365) MM 8+ 10:44
3 813 St.Michael's R.C A (e 458) MM 8+ 12:27
4 800 Athlone B.C. (e 475) MM 8+ 12:39
5 829 Castleconnell B.C. (d 425) MM 8+ 15:46
MM 4X- Men's Masters 4X-
1 407 Shandon/Cork/Lee Valley MM 4X- 11:10
2 446 Galway R.C (e 221) MM 4X- 12:14
3 533 St.Michael's R.C A (f 243) MM 4X- 13:24
MM 4+/4Men's Masters 4+/4-
1 444 Galway R.C A (d 203) MM 4- 11:49
2 445 Galway R.C B (d 211) MM 4- 12:01
3 406 Shandon/Fermoy MM 4+ 12:08
4 456 Muckross R.C A (b 147) MM 4+ 12:09
5 457 Muckross R.C B (b 147) MM 4+ 12:26
St. Michael's Rowing Club Head of the River - Saturday 18th March 2017. Page 1 of 5
Position Crew ID Club Name Crew Name
Boat Type: Elapsed
Results: by Grade Position. Printed: 15:29:06
MM 1X Men's Masters 1X
1 42 Clonmel R.C McGrath, O (c) MM 1X 13:17
2 117 Shandon B.C. Merz, H (c) MM 1X 13:18
3 130 St.Michael's R.C McDonnell, S (c MM 1X 13:25
4 53 Galway R.C Power, A (e) MM 1X 15:02
MJ18 8+ Men's Junior 18 8
1 831 Castleconnell B.C. MJ18 8+ 10:55
MJ18 4X Men's Junior 18 4X-
1 488 Castleconnell B.C. A MJ18 4X- 10:39
2 530 St.Michael's R.C MJ18 4X- 10:45
3 515 Shandon B.C. MJ18 4X- 10:46
4 489 Castleconnell B.C. B MJ18 4X- 11:24
MJ18 4+/Men's Junior 18 4+/4-
1 529 St.Michael's R.C MJ18 4+ 11:22
MJ18 2X Men's Junior 18 2X
1 254 Shandon B.C. MJ18 2X 11:55
2 207 Coláiste na Coiribe R.C MJ18 2X 11:57
3 250 Coláiste Iognáid R.C B MJ18 2X 12:46
4 261 St.Michael's R.C A MJ18 2X 12:53
5 262 St.Michael's R.C B MJ18 2X 12:56
6 263 St.Michael's R.C C MJ18 2X 13:04
7 245 Coláiste Iognáid R.C A MJ18 2X 13:47
8 233 Tralee R.C MJ18 2X 16:05
MJ18 2- Men's Junior 18 2-
1 252 Shandon B.C. A MJ18 2- 12:04
2 247 Clonmel R.C MJ18 2- 12:13
3 249 Coláiste Iognáid R.C MJ18 2- 12:41
4 228 Presentation College R.C MJ18 2- 12:44
5 253 Shandon B.C. B MJ18 2- 12:59
MJ18 1X Men's Junior 18 1X
1 97 Castleconnell B.C. Quinlan, J MJ18 1X 12:08
2 22 Clonmel R.C Walsh, C MJ18 1X 12:29
3 118 Shandon B.C. Ronayne, W MJ18 1X 12:32
4 98 Castleconnell B.C. Hourigan, R MJ18 1X 12:44
5 106 Coláiste Iognáid R.C Coen, D MJ18 1X 13:02
6 119 Shandon B.C. Gaffney, E MJ18 1X 13:09
7 23 Clonmel R.C O'Donnell, S MJ18 1X 13:12
8 69 Presentation College R.C Higgins, D MJ18 1X 13:13
9 18 Cork B.C. Ahern, J MJ18 1X 13:45
10 19 Cork B.C. O'Callaghan, C MJ18 1X 13:46
11 127 St.Michael's R.C Furey, P MJ18 1X 13:53
12 79 Tralee R.C Gannon, S MJ18 1X 14:00
13 33 Clonmel R.C Butler, A MJ18 1X 15:13
MJ16 8+ Men's Junior 16 8
1 832 Coláiste Iognáid R.C MJ16 8+ 11:33
2 826 Presentation College R.C A MJ16 8+ 11:56
3 827 Presentation College R.C B MJ16 8+ 12:48
4 828 Presentation College R.C C MJ16 8+ 13:18
St. Michael's Rowing Club Head of the River - Saturday 18th March 2017. Page 2 of 5
Position Crew ID Club Name Crew Name
Boat Type: Elapsed
Results: by Grade Position. Printed: 15:29:06
MJ16 4X Men's Junior 16 4X+/4+
1 516 Shandon B.C. MJ16 4+ 11:36
2 494 Castleconnell B.C. MJ16 4X+ 11:36
3 517 Shandon B.C. A MJ16 4X+ 11:41
4 430 Coláiste na Coiribe R.C MJ16 4X+ 11:44
5 504 Coláiste Iognáid R.C A MJ16 4X+ 12:05
6 506 Coláiste Iognáid R.C C MJ16 4X+ 12:24
7 526 St.Michael's R.C MJ16 4X+ 12:38
8 471 Presentation College R.C MJ16 4+ 12:38
9 403 Athlunkard B.C. A MJ16 4X+ 13:05
10 404 Athlunkard B.C. B MJ16 4X+ 14:37
MJ16 1X Men's Junior 16 1X
1 115 St.Michael's R.C O'Gorman, R MJ16 1X 14:27
2 43 Clonmel R.C Lynch, B MJ16 1X 14:41
3 8 Athlunkard B.C. Walsh, S MJ16 1X 14:49
MJ15 4X Men's Junior 15 4X+
1 490 Castleconnell B.C. A MJ15 4X+ 11:16
2 527 St.Michael's R.C A MJ15 4X+ 12:15
3 491 Castleconnell B.C. B MJ15 4X+ 12:57
4 492 Castleconnell B.C. C MJ15 4X+ 12:59
5 528 St.Michael's R.C B MJ15 4X+ 13:07
6 493 Castleconnell B.C. D MJ15 4X+ 13:12
7 519 Shandon B.C. B MJ15 4X+ 13:13
8 518 Shandon B.C. A MJ15 4X+ 13:26
9 507 Coláiste Iognáid R.C A MJ15 4X+ 13:27
10 472 Presentation College R.C A MJ15 4X+ 13:28
11 508 Coláiste Iognáid R.C B MJ15 4X+ 13:55
12 418 Clonmel R.C MJ15 4X+ 14:01
13 473 Presentation College R.C B MJ15 4X+ 14:55
14 498 Presentation College R.C E MJ15 4X+ 15:06
15 474 Presentation College R.C C MJ15 4X+ 16:17
16 497 Presentation College R.C D MJ15 4X+ 16:51
MJ15 1X Men's Junior 15 1X
1 108 Coláiste Iognáid R.C De Burca, A MJ15 1X 14:33
2 109 Coláiste Iognáid R.C Kelly, O MJ15 1X 14:43
WS 4X- Women's Senior 4X-
1 525 St.Michael's R.C B WS 4X- 11:48
WS 2X Women's Senior 2X
1 264 St.Michael's R.C WS 2X 12:36
WI 8+ Women's Intermediate 8
1 806 Cork B.C. WI 8+ 13:11
WI 4+/4- Women's Intermediate 4+/4-
1 531 St.Michael's R.C WI 4+ 12:33
2 425 Cork B.C. WI 4+ 13:44
WI 2X Women's Intermediate 2X
1 304 St.Michael's R.C WI 2X 12:48
2 305 St.Michael's R.C WI 2X 13:33
3 256 Shandon B.C. WI 2X 13:54
4 238 University of Limerick R.C WI 2X 14:32
WI 2- Women's Intermediate 2-
1 303 Shannon R.C C WI 2- 13:07
2 301 Shannon R.C A WI 2- 13:09
3 302 Shannon R.C B WI 2- 14:19
St. Michael's Rowing Club Head of the River - Saturday 18th March 2017. Page 3 of 5
Position Crew ID Club Name Crew Name
Boat Type: Elapsed
Results: by Grade Position. Printed: 15:29:06
WI 1X Women's Intermediate 1X
1 125 Shandon B.C. WI 1X 14:48
2 56 Kenmare R.C Crowley, E WI 1X 15:15
3 143 Shandon B.C. Phelan, R WI 1X 15:35
4 85 University of Limerick R.C Morgan, C WI 1X 15:36
5 86 University of Limerick R.C Reich, C WI 1X 16:44
WN 8+ Women's Novice 8
1 823 Galway R.C WN 8+ 13:37
WN 4X+/Women's Novice 4X+/4+
1 447 Galway R.C WN 4X+ 15:00
2 427 Cork B.C. WN 4+ 15:05
WN 1X Women's Novice 1X
1 88 University of Limerick R.C Ormsby, A WN 1X 20:27
WM 8+ Women's Masters 8
1 820 Grainne Mhaol R.C A (b 308) WM 8+ 12:51
2 821 Grainne Mhaol R.C B (b 293) WM 8+ 12:57
WM 4X- Women's Masters 4X-
1 487 University of Limerick R.C (c 179) WM 4X- 15:11
WJ18 8+ Women's Junior 18 8
1 808 Cork B.C. WJ18 8+ 11:44
2 804 Shandon B.C. WJ18 8+ 11:58
3 833 Coláiste Iognáid R.C WJ18 8+ 12:04
4 838 St.Michael's R.C WJ18 8+ 12:24
WJ18 4X Women's Junior 18 4X-
1 429 Cork B.C. WJ18 4X- 11:53
2 499 Castleconnell B.C. WJ18 4X- 12:14
3 538 St.Michael's R.C WJ18 4X- 17:12
WJ18 4+/Women's Junior 18 4+/4-
1 537 St.Michael's R.C WJ18 4- 13:14
2 428 Cork B.C. WJ18 4+ 13:26
3 410 Shandon B.C. B WJ18 4+ 14:43
WJ18 2X Women's Junior 18 2X
1 214 Kenmare R.C WJ18 2X 12:37
2 248 Castleconnell B.C. WJ18 2X 13:02
3 230 Shandon B.C. WJ18 2X 13:55
4 235 Tralee R.C B WJ18 2X 15:19
5 208 Coláiste na Coiribe R.C WJ18 2X 15:24
6 211 Cork B.C. C WJ18 2X 15:28
7 210 Cork B.C. B WJ18 2X 15:30
8 234 Tralee R.C A WJ18 2X 15:59
9 236 Tralee R.C C WJ18 2X 16:14
10 202 Clonmel R.C WJ18 2X 16:56
WJ18 2- Women's Junior 18 2-
1 244 Cork B.C. WJ18 2- 13:29
2 251 Coláiste Iognáid R.C WJ18 2- 14:06
WJ18 1X Women's Junior 18 1X
1 112 Coláiste Iognáid R.C Nic Dhonncha, WJ18 1X 14:12
2 55 Kenmare R.C O'Brien, G WJ18 1X 14:15
3 45 Clonmel R.C Davern, D WJ18 1X 15:27
4 80 Tralee R.C Nagle, K WJ18 1X 17:28
St. Michael's Rowing Club Head of the River - Saturday 18th March 2017. Page 4 of 5
Position Crew ID Club Name Crew Name
Boat Type: Elapsed
Results: by Grade Position. Printed: 15:29:06
WJ16 8+ Women's Junior 16 8
1 839 St.Michael's R.C WJ16 8+ 12:10
2 802 Carlow R.C A WJ16 8+ 13:02
3 803 Carlow R.C B WJ16 8+ 13:03
WJ16 4X Women's Junior 16 4X+/4+
1 412 Carlow R.C WJ16 4X+ 13:10
2 512 Coláiste Iognáid R.C WJ16 4X+ 13:31
3 411 Carlow R.C WJ16 4+ 14:01
4 500 Castleconnell B.C. WJ16 4X+ 14:21
5 421 Clonmel R.C WJ16 4X+ 15:44
WJ16 1X Women's Junior 16 1X
1 35 Castleconnell B.C. Silke, N WJ16 1X 14:28
2 101 Castleconnell B.C. O'Brien, L WJ16 1X 14:39
3 68 Tralee R.C Flynn, S WJ16 1X 16:30
WJ15 4X Women's Junior 15 4X+
1 415 Carlow R.C B WJ15 4X+ 13:09
2 416 Carlow R.C C WJ15 4X+ 13:36
3 513 Coláiste Iognáid R.C A WJ15 4X+ 13:43
4 420 Clonmel R.C WJ15 4X+ 14:12
5 539 St.Michael's R.C WJ15 4X+ 14:26
6 502 Castleconnell B.C. B WJ15 4X+ 14:56
7 535 Coláiste Iognáid R.C C WJ15 4X+ 16:03
8 414 Carlow R.C A WJ15 4X+ 17:54
WJ15 1X Women's Junior 15 1X
1 28 Castleconnell B.C. Kiely, N WJ15 1X 14:34
2 46 Clonmel R.C Fitzpatrick, E WJ15 1X 14:40
3 38 Carlow R.C Egan, K WJ15 1X 14:48
4 31 Castleconnell B.C. Kiely, C WJ15 1X 15:32
5 104 Coláiste Iognáid R.C O'Gorman, A WJ15 1X 15:34
6 39 Carlow R.C Scully, S WJ15 1X 15:36
7 27 Castleconnell B.C. O'Connor, R WJ15 1X 15:42
8 114 Coláiste Iognáid R.C Hume, K WJ15 1X 15:55
9 26 Castleconnell B.C. Nolan, R WJ15 1X 15:56
10 47 Clonmel R.C McGrath, S WJ15 1X 17:32
St. Michael's Rowing Club Head of the River - Saturday 18th March 2017. Page 5 of 5
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#ROWING: Sam McKeown of Portadown won the intermediate single sculls, beating Damien Kelly of Garda, at Limerick Regatta today. The St Michael’s men’s senior pair came out on top and Portora won both the junior 18 and junior 16 men’s eights. Patrick Munnelly of Athlone won the final of the men’s junior 18 single sculls. The event had to be delayed for over an hour because of inclement weather and junior 14 events were cancelled. However, a meeting at the venue decided that the Irish Schools Regatta on Sunday will go ahead.

Limerick Regatta, O’Brien’s Bridge, Selected Results:


Eight – Junior 18: 1 Portora, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 St Michael’s.

Junior 16: 1 Portora, 2 Col Iognáid, 3 St Joseph’s. Masters: St Michael’s.

Four – Senior: 1 Skibbereen, 2 St Michael’s.

Pair – Senior: 1 St Michael’s, 2 Neptune, 3 Shannon.

Sculling – Quadruple – Club Two: 1 Cork B, 2 Shandon, 3 Cork A. Junior 15, coxed, Final One: 1 Shandon A, 2 St Michael’s, 3 Killorglin. Final Two: Castleconnell.

Single – Intermediate: 1 Portadown (S McKeown), 2 Garda (D Kelly), 3 St Michael’s (D O’Connor). Junior 18: 1 Athlone (P Munnelly), 2 Graiguenamanagh (A Lennon), 3 Castleconnell (N Meehan).


Eight – Junior 18: 1 Portora, 2 St Michael’s, 3 Galway.

Sculling, Quadruple – Junior 18: 1 Lee, 2 Fermoy, 3 Offaly.

Double – Junior 15: 1 Workmans, 2 Fermoy, 3 Lee A.

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#ROWING: The junior A eight from St Michael’s were the fastest crew at the St Michael’s Head of the River at O’Brien’s Bridge today. Carlow’s intermediate four were just three seconds slower. The St Michael’s senior eight, rowing in unfavourable conditions later in the day, could only manages sixth place overall. The UCD B eight were the fastest women’s crew.

St Michael’s Head of the River, O’Brien’s Bridge, Saturday (Selected Results)

Overall: 1 St Michael’s A junior 18 eight 10 minutes 52 seconds, 2 Carlow intermediate four 10:55, 3 St Michael’s inter eight 10:56, 4 Commercial senior quadruple sculls 10:57, 5 Commercial Club Two eight 11:05, 6 St Michael’s senior eight 11:09.


Eight – Senior: St Michael’s 11 minutes 9 seconds. Inter: St Michael’s 10:56. Club Two: Commercial A 11:05. Junior 18: St Michael’s A 10:52. Jun 16: Col Iognáid 11:21. Masters: Fermoy 11:39.

Four – Senior: St Michael’s 11:11. Inter: Carlow 10:55. St Brendan’s Junior 18, coxed: Col Iognáid 13:14. Masters: Galway 13:23.

Pair – Junior 18: Athlunkard 13:04.


Quadruple – Senior: Commercial 10:57. Inter: Garda 11:10. Novice: St Brendan’s (coxed) 16:21. Club Two: Clonmel 12:44. Jun 18: Presentation 11:33. Jun 16: Commercial A (coxed) 12:07. Masters: Shandon 11:53.

Double – Senior: Castleconnell/Portadown 11:33. Inter: Presentation 12:05, Killorglin 12:05. Jun 18: Fermoy B 12:31.

Single – Senior: St Michael’s (D O’Connor) 12:19. Inter: Garda 12:26. Novice: Castleconnell (A Mozdzer) 14:22. Jun 18: Waterford (A Goff) 12:38. Jun 16: Commercial (E Meehan) 13:43. Masters: Cahir 13:22.


Eight – Senior: UCD B 11:45. Novice: Commercial C 13:19. Club Two: Galway 12:56. Jun 18: Shannon 11:47. Jun 16: Col Iognáid 14:29. Masters: Shannon 14:58.

Four – Inter: Shannon (coxed) 13:40. Novice: Fermoy B (coxed) 13:51. Jun 18: Carlow A 13:07. Jun 16: Cork 13:06. Masters: Tribesmen 14:58.

Pair – Senior: Shannon A 13:43. Inter: Univ of Limerick 14:49. Jun 18: Shannon 14:37.


Quadruple – Club Two: Athlunkard (coxed) 13:02.

Double – Inter: Carlow 14:13. Jun 18: Cork A 14:18.

Single – Inter: St Michael’s (A O’Sullivan) 14:34. Novice: Fermoy (E Kinsella) 17:24. Jun 18: Fermoy (S Cotter) 14:59. Jun 16: Workmans (S Burns) 15:24.

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ROWING: St Joseph’s of Galway won the men’s under-23 eights final at the Irish Schools’ Championships, at O’Brien’s Bridge in Clare today. The championships were the biggest held in the competition’s history and in contrast to yesterday's cool and wet day for the Limerick Regatta, conditions were excellent, with rowers competing in bright sunshine and on good water. Irish Schools’ Championships, O’Brien’s Bridge (Selected Results) Men Eight – Under-23: 1 St Joseph’s, Galway, 2 Col Iognaid, 3 Presentation. Jun 16: 1 Pres A, 2 Blackrock. Four – Under, 23, coxed: 1 CBC, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 Col Iognaid. Jun 16, coxed: 1 Pres A, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 Pres B. Jun 15, coxed: Presentation. Pair – Under-23: 1 Pres A, 2 Ard Scoil, 3 Col Iognaid. Sculling, Quadruple – Under-23: 1 CBC, 2 Ard Scoil, 3 St Mary’s. Jun 16, coxed: 1 CBC, Cork B, 2 Col Iognaid, 3 King’s Hos. Jun 15, coxed: 1 Ard Scoil A, 2 CBC, Cork, 3 Pres A. Double – Under-23: 1 Castleknock, 2 Schull CS, 3 Blackrock. Jun 16: 1 St Coleman’s, 2 Killorglin, 3 Borris Voc. Jun 15: 1 Blackrock, 2 Gael Colaiste, Cheath, 3 De La Salle. Single – Under-23: 1 Ard Scoil (O’Malley), 2 Castletroy (Whittle), 3 Marist (Munnelly). Jun 16: 1 Borris (Lennon), 2 CBC (O’Sullivan), 3 Ard Scoil. Jun 15: 1 Pres (O’Brien), 2 Col Iognaid (Power), 3 Killorglin (Houlihan). Women Four – Under-23: Laurel Hill A. Sculling, Quadruple – Under-23: 1 St Leo’s, 2 Laurel Hill. Jun 16, coxed: Loreto, Fer, 2 St Leo’s, 3 St Bridget’s. Jun 15, coxed: 1 Gaelscoil, 2 Laurel Hill, 3 CRCC. Double – Under-23: 1 Sacred Heart, 2 St Leo, 3 Castletroy B. Jun 16: 1 Athlone, 2 Castletroy, 3 Sacred Heart. Jun 15: 1 St Dominic’s, 2 Loreto, 3 Col Chiaran. Single – Under-23: 1 Gael Scoil (Murphy), 2 St Leo’s (Byrne), 3 St Bridget’s (Hickey). Jun 16: 1 Sacred Heart (Mooney), 2 Christ the King (Cummins), 3 WHS (Walker). Jun 15: 1 Loreto, Fer (O’Sullivan), 2 Portadown Col (McCann), 3 St Bridget’s (Murphy).


Schools Regatta Timetable 2014             
Race NoTimeEventHeatLane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Next RaceNo to Qual
18:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial ADeLaSalle - O.Mahony3Waterpark Goff2Cnock Coll Mulvaney1Marist Temple 33(4)
28:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial BSt Marys Jones2St August ahern1Borris Voc Duffy3St Josephs Madden433(4)
38:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial CCol Chiarain Hogan2Cnock Col Thompson1Athlone CC Egan Marist Cronin 33(4)
48:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial DSt. Coleman4Athlone CC McManus3Gaelscoil Gallagher2St Aloysius Hannon133(4)
58:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial EArmagh3ArdScoil O'Malley1Castletroy Whittle2St Aloysius Hannon 33(4)
68:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial F  St Munchin Carmody2Marist Munnelly1Killorglin Shaw333(4)
78:20Womens U23 2XHeat A  Castletroy B1Portadown College3Christ the King2341
88:20Womens U23 2XHeat B  St Bridgets3Killorglin2St Leos1341
98:20Womens U23 2XHeat C  Csastletroy A Sacret Heart Crescent A 341
128:40Mens J16 4X+Heat ASt Josephs Castletroy Col Iognaid St Colemans A 431
138:40Mens J16 4X+Heat BKings Hospital CCRC A Athlone CC CRCC B 431
148:40Mens J16 4X+Heat CCBC Cork B St Munchins Killarney Blackrock 431
158:56Mens J15 2XHeat ASt Colemans3Col Iognaid B2CBC Cork1St Brendans A4441
168:56Mens J15 2XHeat BKillorglin3CRCC4DeLaSalle1Col Iognaid A2441
178:56Mens J15 2XHeat CArdScoil2Kings Hospital Presentation Carlow3GaelColl Cheatharlach1441
188:56Mens J15 2XHeat D  St Josephs St Brendans B2Blackrock1441
199:12Womens J15 1XHeat A  P'down Col McCann2St Bridgets Murphy1CRCC Ni Hearain3452
209:12Womens J15 1XHeat B  Loretto Fer O'Sullivan1CRCC Ni Chainte   451
219:20Mens U23 4+Heat A  Presentation3Col Iognaid2CBC1462
229:20Mens U23 4+Heat B  Blackrock2St Josephs1  461
 9:28Womens J16 2XHeat AArdScoil Mhuire4Castletroy1CRCC 3Sacret Heart2492
249:28Womens J16 2XHeat B  Col Iognaid  Athlone CC Killorglin4492
259:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial AArdScoil A1St Marys CW2St Munchins B3KHBC A 50(4)
269:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial BKnockbeg Killorglin Blackrock KHBC B 50(4)
279:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial CSt Alousius St Colemans CRCC Borris Voc 50(4)
289:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial DBlackrock A Athlone CCA St Munchins A Ardscoil B  50(4)
299:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial E  Killarney Athlone CCB Castleknock Coll 50(4)
309:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial F  CBC Cork A Marist St Bren 50(4)
319:56Womens J16 4X+Heat ASt Leos2Laurel Hill3Athlone CC4Loretto Fer1512
329:56Womens J16 4X+Heat B  St Bridgets1Christ the King2Castletroy  512
3310:04Mens U23 1XFinalMarist Munnelly3Kilorglin Shaw4ArdScoil O Malley1Castletroy Whittle2  
3410:08Womens U23 2XFinal   Castletroy B3St. Leo2Sacred Heart1  
3510:12Mens Junior 15 4+Final   St Josephs2Presentation1    
3610:16Mens U23 2-Final Col Iognaid3Blackrock4ArdScoil2Presentation A 1 
3810:24Mens J14 1XFinal A  Knockbeg Keating1St Marys Fleming3Killorglin Houlihan2 
3910:24Mens J14 1XFinal B  Pres McCurtain1St Colemans Hurley3ArdScoil O'Byrne2  
4010:24Mens J14 1XFinal C  St Brendans Kunicki3ArdScoil Furey2CBC O'Hara1  
4110:36Womens J14 2XFinal A  Loreto B1Athlone CC3Loreto A2  
4210:36Womens J14 2XFinal B  Col Iognaid2Castletroy1    
4310:44Mens J16 4X+Final  Col Iognaid2Kings Hospital3CBC Cork B1  
4410:48Mens J15 2XFinalCBC Cork Delasaille3Gael Colaiste Cheath2Blackrock1  
4510:52Womens J15 1XFinal  St Bridgets Murphy3Lor Fer O' Sullivan1P'Down Col McCann2  
4610:56Mens U23 4+Final  CBC1Col Iognaid3St Josephs2  
4711:00Womens U23 2-Final  Killorglin No Race     
4911:08Womens J16 2XFinalSacred Heart3Castletroy2Athlone1Col Iognaid   
5111:16Womens J16 4X+Final Christ the King4Loretto Fer1St. Bridgets3St Leos2  
5411:20Mens J15 4X+Heat ACRCC2St Brendans3St Colemans1St Josephs B 991
5511:24Mens J15 4X+Heat B  Col Iognaid B2Presentation B3Presentation A1991
5611:28Mens J15 4X+Heat C  Ardscoil A 1ArdScoil B3Col Iognaid A2991
5711:32Mens J15 4X+Heat D  CBC1St Josephs A Blackrock2991
5811:36Womens U23 1XHeat ASac Heart Murphy2P'Down Flack3Mounthawk Ryan1Castletroy Griffin 1001
5911:36Womens U23 1XHeat BCastletroy Silke Castletroy McEligott3St Brigids Hickey1Royal Sch Martin21001
6011:36Womens U23 1XHeat CSt Leos Byrne1Col Iognaid Cushen2Blackwater Laughlin Borris Duffy 1001
6111:36Womens U23 1XHeat D  St Leos McGrath2Pres McCarthy3GaelScoil Murphy11001
6211:36Womens U23 4-Final  Laurel Hill A1Laurel Hill B2    
62A11:52Mens J16 2XFinalArd Scoil4Borris Voc3St. Colemans1Kiloglin2  
6311:52Mens U23 2XHeat ACBC A Royal school3St Munchins2Schull CS11011
6411:52Mens U23 2XHeat BCBC B4Castleknock1Marist3St Josephs21011
6511:52Mens U23 2XHeat C  Blackrock1Kings Hospital2Killorglin 1011
6712:08Womens J15 2XHeat ASacret Heart A2Loreto1Christ the King3Laurel Hill 1081
6812:08Womens J15 2XHeat BSt Leo's4Col Iognaid2Col Chiarain1CRCC31081
6912:08Womens J15 2XHeat CSacret Heart B4Gaelscoil A2St Dominics1Castletroy31081
7012:08Womens J15 2XHeat DBlackwater2Athlone  GaelScoil B1Kilorglin31081
7112:24Womens J16 1XHeat AChristKing Cummins1Loreto Bartley2Killorg O'Donoghue3Mounthawk McElligott41101
7212:24Womens J16 1XHeat B  Sac Heart Mooney1St Bridgets Joy3Blackwater Murphy21101
7312:24Womens J16 1XHeat C  Loreto Cotter2St Bridgets Cagney3Col Ign Coyne11101
7412:24Womens J16 1XHeat D  Loreto Walsh3Castletroy Barton2WHS Walker11101
4812:37Mens J16 8Final  Presentation A1Blackrock2    
7712:48Mens J15 1XHeat AGaelScoil O'Toole3Knockbeg Keating2Pres O'Brien1St Colemans Hurley41171
7812:48Mens J15 1XHeat BB'water Ballegaard2Col Iog O'Halloran4CRCC O'Dalaigh3KHBC Doyle11171
7912:48Mens J15 1XHeat CAthlone Byrne3Borris Duffy4Col Iog Buckley2Killorglin Houlihan11171
8012:48Mens J15 1XHeat DCol Iognaid Power1Killorglin Ireland4KHBC Gillick3DeLaSalle Harrison21171
8113:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial AArdScoil O'Brien3Marist Daly1Knockbeg Brophy4C'Knock Newcombe2118(4)
8213:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial BKillarney O'Neill1CRCC O'Ceirin3St Marys Byrne CRCC MacSuibhne2118(4)
8313:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial CSt Colemans Pyne2St Munchins O'Connor1At Aloysius Hannon3St Munchins Nash4118(4)
8413:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial DArdScoil J McKeown2Athlone Clogher Col Iog Convery Castletroy Silke1118(4)
8513:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial EBorris Lennon2Killarney O'Donoghue4CBC O'Sullivan1Marist Flynn3118(4)
8613:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial F  C'knock Thompson2St Marys Doyle3Athlone Maloney1118(4)
8713:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial G  Borris Scully1ArdScoil Nolan3ArsScoil B McKeown2118(4)
8813:28Womens J15 4X+Heat ASt Bridids B3Christ the King4GaelScoil1ArdScoil Mhuire21191
8913:28Womens J15 4X+Heat BCol Chiarain4Col Iognaid3Laurel Hill1St Brigids C21191
9013:28Womens J15 4X+Heat C  St Brigids A2CRCC 1Crescent31191
9913:40Mens J15 4X+FinalSt Colemans4Presentation A3ArdScoil A1CBC2  
10013:44Womens U23 1XFinalMounthawk Ryan4St. Brigets Hickey3St. Leos Byrne2Gaelscoil Murphy1  
10113:48Mens U23 2XFinal  Schull CS2Castleknock1Blackrock3  
10213:52Womens J14 4X+           
10313:52Womens J14 4X+Final  Col Iognaid B3Loreto1Col Iognaid A2  
10414:00Mens J14 2XFinal AAthlone ArdScoil1St Colemans CRCC2  
10514:00Mens J14 2XFinal B  St Josephs2Killorglin3St Marys1  
10614:08Mens U23 8Final  Presentation3Col Iognaid2St Josephs1  
10714:12Womens U23 4X-Final  St Leos1Laurel Hill2    
10814:16Womens J15 2XFinalLoreto2Col Chiaran3St Dominics1Gaelscoil B4  
11014:24Womens J16 1XFinalChristKing Cummins2Sacred Heart Mooney1Col Ign Coyne4WHS Walker3  
11114:28Mens U23 4X-FinalSt Marys3Ard Scoil2CBC1Castletroy4  
11214:32Mixed J14 4X+FinalCRC2St Bridgits A1St Bridgits B3    
11314:32Mens J14 4X+Final B  St Josephs B3Col Iognaid2St Josephs A1  
11414:40Womens J14 1XFinal A  Loreto Murphy1Castletroy Silke2Athlone Donovan3  
11514:40Womens J14 1XFinal B      Castletroy Lammond   
11614:40Womens J14 1XFinal Loreto O'Sullivan3Loreto CotterDNFCastletroy O'Brien2Loreto McGirr1  
11714:52Mens J15 1XFinalPres O' Brien1KHBC Doyle4Killorglin Houlihan3Col Iog Power2  
11814:56Mens J16 1XFinalCBC O' Sullivan2Borris Lennon1Ard Scoil3Borris Scully4  
11915:00Womens J15 4X+Final  Gaelscoil1Laurel Hill2CRCC3  
12015:04Mens J16 4+Final  Pres B3Pres A1St Josephs2 
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Ireland's Offshore Renewable Energy

Because of Ireland's location at the Atlantic edge of the EU, it has more offshore energy potential than most other countries in Europe. The conditions are suitable for the development of the full range of current offshore renewable energy technologies.

Offshore Renewable Energy FAQs

Offshore renewable energy draws on the natural energy provided by wind, wave and tide to convert it into electricity for industry and domestic consumption.

Offshore wind is the most advanced technology, using fixed wind turbines in coastal areas, while floating wind is a developing technology more suited to deeper water. In 2018, offshore wind provided a tiny fraction of global electricity supply, but it is set to expand strongly in the coming decades into a USD 1 trillion business, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). It says that turbines are growing in size and in power capacity, which in turn is "delivering major performance and cost improvements for offshore wind farms".

The global offshore wind market grew nearly 30% per year between 2010 and 2018, according to the IEA, due to rapid technology improvements, It calculated that about 150 new offshore wind projects are in active development around the world. Europe in particular has fostered the technology's development, led by Britain, Germany and Denmark, but China added more capacity than any other country in 2018.

A report for the Irish Wind Energy Assocation (IWEA) by the Carbon Trust – a British government-backed limited company established to accelerate Britain's move to a low carbon economy - says there are currently 14 fixed-bottom wind energy projects, four floating wind projects and one project that has yet to choose a technology at some stage of development in Irish waters. Some of these projects are aiming to build before 2030 to contribute to the 5GW target set by the Irish government, and others are expected to build after 2030. These projects have to secure planning permission, obtain a grid connection and also be successful in a competitive auction in the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS).

The electricity generated by each turbine is collected by an offshore electricity substation located within the wind farm. Seabed cables connect the offshore substation to an onshore substation on the coast. These cables transport the electricity to land from where it will be used to power homes, farms and businesses around Ireland. The offshore developer works with EirGrid, which operates the national grid, to identify how best to do this and where exactly on the grid the project should connect.

The new Marine Planning and Development Management Bill will create a new streamlined system for planning permission for activity or infrastructure in Irish waters or on the seabed, including offshore wind farms. It is due to be published before the end of 2020 and enacted in 2021.

There are a number of companies aiming to develop offshore wind energy off the Irish coast and some of the larger ones would be ESB, SSE Renewables, Energia, Statkraft and RWE.

There are a number of companies aiming to develop offshore wind energy off the Irish coast and some of the larger ones would be ESB, SSE Renewables, Energia, Statkraft and RWE. Is there scope for community involvement in offshore wind? The IWEA says that from the early stages of a project, the wind farm developer "should be engaging with the local community to inform them about the project, answer their questions and listen to their concerns". It says this provides the community with "the opportunity to work with the developer to help shape the final layout and design of the project". Listening to fishing industry concerns, and how fishermen may be affected by survey works, construction and eventual operation of a project is "of particular concern to developers", the IWEA says. It says there will also be a community benefit fund put in place for each project. It says the final details of this will be addressed in the design of the RESS (see below) for offshore wind but it has the potential to be "tens of millions of euro over the 15 years of the RESS contract". The Government is also considering the possibility that communities will be enabled to invest in offshore wind farms though there is "no clarity yet on how this would work", the IWEA says.

Based on current plans, it would amount to around 12 GW of offshore wind energy. However, the IWEA points out that is unlikely that all of the projects planned will be completed. The industry says there is even more significant potential for floating offshore wind off Ireland's west coast and the Programme for Government contains a commitment to develop a long-term plan for at least 30 GW of floating offshore wind in our deeper waters.

There are many different models of turbines. The larger a turbine, the more efficient it is in producing electricity at a good price. In choosing a turbine model the developer will be conscious of this ,but also has to be aware the impact of the turbine on the environment, marine life, biodiversity and visual impact. As a broad rule an offshore wind turbine will have a tip-height of between 165m and 215m tall. However, turbine technology is evolving at a rapid rate with larger more efficient turbines anticipated on the market in the coming years.


The Renewable Electricity Support Scheme is designed to support the development of renewable energy projects in Ireland. Under the scheme wind farms and solar farms compete against each other in an auction with the projects which offer power at the lowest price awarded contracts. These contracts provide them with a guaranteed price for their power for 15 years. If they obtain a better price for their electricity on the wholesale market they must return the difference to the consumer.

Yes. The first auction for offshore renewable energy projects is expected to take place in late 2021.

Cost is one difference, and technology is another. Floating wind farm technology is relatively new, but allows use of deeper water. Ireland's 50-metre contour line is the limit for traditional bottom-fixed wind farms, and it is also very close to population centres, which makes visibility of large turbines an issue - hence the attraction of floating structures Do offshore wind farms pose a navigational hazard to shipping? Inshore fishermen do have valid concerns. One of the first steps in identifying a site as a potential location for an offshore wind farm is to identify and assess the level of existing marine activity in the area and this particularly includes shipping. The National Marine Planning Framework aims to create, for the first time, a plan to balance the various kinds of offshore activity with the protection of the Irish marine environment. This is expected to be published before the end of 2020, and will set out clearly where is suitable for offshore renewable energy development and where it is not - due, for example, to shipping movements and safe navigation.

YEnvironmental organisations are concerned about the impact of turbines on bird populations, particularly migrating birds. A Danish scientific study published in 2019 found evidence that larger birds were tending to avoid turbine blades, but said it didn't have sufficient evidence for smaller birds – and cautioned that the cumulative effect of farms could still have an impact on bird movements. A full environmental impact assessment has to be carried out before a developer can apply for planning permission to develop an offshore wind farm. This would include desk-based studies as well as extensive surveys of the population and movements of birds and marine mammals, as well as fish and seabed habitats. If a potential environmental impact is identified the developer must, as part of the planning application, show how the project will be designed in such a way as to avoid the impact or to mitigate against it.

A typical 500 MW offshore wind farm would require an operations and maintenance base which would be on the nearby coast. Such a project would generally create between 80-100 fulltime jobs, according to the IWEA. There would also be a substantial increase to in-direct employment and associated socio-economic benefit to the surrounding area where the operation and maintenance hub is located.

The recent Carbon Trust report for the IWEA, entitled Harnessing our potential, identified significant skills shortages for offshore wind in Ireland across the areas of engineering financial services and logistics. The IWEA says that as Ireland is a relatively new entrant to the offshore wind market, there are "opportunities to develop and implement strategies to address the skills shortages for delivering offshore wind and for Ireland to be a net exporter of human capital and skills to the highly competitive global offshore wind supply chain". Offshore wind requires a diverse workforce with jobs in both transferable (for example from the oil and gas sector) and specialist disciplines across apprenticeships and higher education. IWEA have a training network called the Green Tech Skillnet that facilitates training and networking opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

It is expected that developing the 3.5 GW of offshore wind energy identified in the Government's Climate Action Plan would create around 2,500 jobs in construction and development and around 700 permanent operations and maintenance jobs. The Programme for Government published in 2020 has an enhanced target of 5 GW of offshore wind which would create even more employment. The industry says that in the initial stages, the development of offshore wind energy would create employment in conducting environmental surveys, community engagement and development applications for planning. As a site moves to construction, people with backgrounds in various types of engineering, marine construction and marine transport would be recruited. Once the site is up and running , a project requires a team of turbine technicians, engineers and administrators to ensure the wind farm is fully and properly maintained, as well as crew for the crew transfer vessels transporting workers from shore to the turbines.

The IEA says that today's offshore wind market "doesn't even come close to tapping the full potential – with high-quality resources available in most major markets". It estimates that offshore wind has the potential to generate more than 420 000 Terawatt hours per year (TWh/yr) worldwide – as in more than 18 times the current global electricity demand. One Terawatt is 114 megawatts, and to put it in context, Scotland it has a population a little over 5 million and requires 25 TWh/yr of electrical energy.

Not as advanced as wind, with anchoring a big challenge – given that the most effective wave energy has to be in the most energetic locations, such as the Irish west coast. Britain, Ireland and Portugal are regarded as most advanced in developing wave energy technology. The prize is significant, the industry says, as there are forecasts that varying between 4000TWh/yr to 29500TWh/yr. Europe consumes around 3000TWh/year.

The industry has two main umbrella organisations – the Irish Wind Energy Association, which represents both onshore and offshore wind, and the Marine Renewables Industry Association, which focuses on all types of renewable in the marine environment.

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