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Rosslare RNLI lifeboat was launched in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday 29 June 2011) to go to the aid of a 40 ft yacht that was badly damaged following a collision with a three masted 100 ft Norwegian Tall Ship ten miles south east of Rosslare Harbour. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO.

The lifeboat launched at 2.38am and was on scene at 3.32am. Reports had been received from Dublin Coast Guard that the yacht was in urgent need of assistance after being damaged on collision with another vessel and was taking on water.

Arriving on scene the volunteer lifeboat crew saw debris in the water and noticed a considerable amount of damage to the yacht on the port side. They immediately assessed the state of the crew on both vessels, fifteen were onboard the Tall Ship and a single crewmember onboard the yacht.


The casualty vessel - Photo: RNLI

On establishing there were no injuries three lifeboat crew boarded the yacht and cleared some of the debris from the water. Due to the damage the lifeboat crew took the yacht under tow back to Rosslare Harbour and the Tall ship made its way on to Waterford.

The Irish Coast Guard Helicopter from Waterford arrived on scene and provided a strong search light overhead for the crews to work in. Conditions were good with a slight swell.

Commenting on the callout, Rosslare Deputy Launching Authority Dave Maloney said, " While there was damage to one of the vessels thankfully there was no serious injury to any person. The priority for the lifeboat crews was to ensure that there was no danger to anyone and that the vessel was taken back to shore as quickly as possible due to the threat of sinking.”

Afloat's latest Tall Ships News HERE

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The yacht once owned by the late former Taoiseach Charles Haughey will be only Irish entrant in the Tall Ships Races at Waterford later this month.
The Irish Times reports that Celtic Mist will take part in the first leg of the race to Greenock in Scotland before it is fitted out for its new life as a research vessel for the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.
The IWDG's Simon Berrow confirmed that it has accepted the Haughey family's donation of the yacht as a gift to support its study and conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoise in Irish waters.
He said the group first had to explore the feasibility of running such a large vessel before it could accept the "very generous offer".
The Irish Times has more on the story HERE.

The yacht once owned by the late former Taoiseach Charles Haughey will be only Irish entrant in the Tall Ships Races at Waterford later this month.

The Irish Times reports that Celtic Mist will take part in the first leg of the race to Greenock in Scotland before it is fitted out for its new life as a research vessel for the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.

The IWDG's Simon Berrow confirmed that it has accepted the Haughey family's offer of the yacht as a gift to support its study and conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoise in Irish waters.

He said the group first had to explore the feasibility of running such a large vessel before it could accept the "very generous offer".

The Irish Times has more on the story HERE.

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There were concentrated faces last night in Cork Harbour where the Royal Cork fleet had a windy evening of racing in the Union Chandlery June League.

Brian Heffernan's Dufour 365 Aisling was first in the in White Sail division. Class 3 went to Jimmy Nyhan and Maritta Buwalda in their Quarter Tonner Outrigger. Class 2 winners were Paul and Deirdre Tingle's First 31.7 "Alpaca" and in Class one the honours went to Robert O'Leary in his modified 1720 Antix Beag.

Concentration this morning now turns to the first race of the ICRA National Championships being held in Crosshaven.

The wind was southwesterly at about 20 knots gusting to 30. Race officers set an excellent course (No.70). It was a clean start at the top of the tide, with a beat to the cage.

Those that kept to the south made the right call. It was then a run to No.7 where we gybed and headed for No.13 Some were brave enough to carry spinnakers with some interesting results both good and not so good. A number of Irish Naval ships at anchor off Spike Island.

After No.13 the fleet had a fetch back to No.9 and then a beat back to Cage. With the tide now ebbing it paid to go down the middle. We rounded Cage once again with a run back to No.7 more spinnakers up this time. After rounding No.7 the fleet had a nice beat home.

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7th June 2011

Rita Wins Howth 17 Race

HOWTH YACHT CLUB. TUE + SAT SERIES 2 (RACE) 07/06/2011 17 Footer SCRATCH: 1, Rita Curley/Lynch; 2, Aura I Malcolm; 3, Oona P Courtney; 17 Footer HCAP: 1, Echo B & H Lynch; 2, Rita Curley/Lynch; 3, Aura I Malcolm TUESDAY SERIES 2 (RACE) 07/06/2011 Puppeteer SCRATCH: 1, Mojo Stanley/Callen; 2, Blue Velvet C & K Kavanagh; 3, Harlequin Clarke/Egan; Squib SCRATCH: 1, Shadowfax P Merry; 2, Klipbok E Dalton; 3, Pot Black I & R McMurtry; Etchells SCRATCH: 1, Gelert J Flynn; 2, Fetching Quinn/O'Flaherty; SB3 SCRATCH: 1, Dinghy Supplies S Murphy; 2, Investwise G May; 3, Sin a Bhuifl Guinness/Costigan; Puppeteer HPH: 1, Mr. Punch NiBhraonain/Wilson; 2, Arcturus McAuliffe/McDermott; 3, Ile Molene Byrne/Stanley; Squib HPH: 1, Shadowfax P Merry; 2, Pot Black I & R McMurtry; 3, Puffin E Harte
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HOWTH YACHT CLUB. WEDNESDAY SERIES 1 (RACE) 01/06/2011 Class 1 IRC: 1, Tiger Hughes/Harris; 2, Trinculo M Fleming; 3, Makutu Doyle/Others; Class 1 HPH: 1, Trinculo M Fleming; 2, Makutu Doyle/Others; 3, Tiger Hughes/Harris; Class 2 IRC: 1, Sunburn I Byrne; 2, King One D Cullen; 3, Superhero Byrne/Banahan; Class 2 HPH: 1, C'est la Vie Flannelly/Others; 2, Indigo Eadie/Ritchie; 3, Sunburn I Byrne; Class 3 IRC: 1, Gecko K Darmody; 2, Hard on Port F O'Driscoll; 3, Starlet Bourke/Others; Class 3 HPH: 1, Gecko K Darmody; 2, Midnight Sun Howard/Others; 3, Jibberish O'Kelly/Others; White Sails HPH: 1, On the Rox J & C Boyle; 2, Tantrum 3 O'Leary/Klimche; 3, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham; White Sails IRC: 1, Alphida H Byrne; 2, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham; 3, On the Rox J & C Boyle
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Dublin Bay local Adam Hyland has won the Optimist Leinster Championships on home waters this afternoon in blustery conditions that saw the series completed in the comparative shelter of Scotsman's bay in the lee of Dun Laoghaire's East pier as winds across Dublin Bay hit 25 knots from the West. Howth Yacht Club sailors Sean Waddilove and Robert Dickson were second and third respectively.

The Championships hosted by the National Yacht Club also featured racing in the Junior and Regatta fleets. The juniors was won by Ronan Cournahane and regatta racing by Eva Millar.

Results below.

Series PlaceSail NoFleetHelmPrize AgeClubSeries PointsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11413GoldAdam HYLAND14RStGYC713523
21437GoldSean WADDILOVE14SSC/HYC851252
31355GoldRobert Dickson13HYC1121581
41443GoldSean Gambier-Ross14KYC1347522
51407GoldConor O'Beirne13RStGYC1812666
61441GoldEoin Lyden14RCYC / BSC20115184
71433GoldJil McGinley14RCYC24910552
81305GoldSandy APLIN13RStGYC26321439
91440GoldHarry Whitaker14RCYC/BSC26351178
101307GoldAnna Kelly13RCYC/BBSC291081211
111438GoldSean Donnelly14NYC36239452
121315GoldFergus Flood13HYC371941452
131316SilverRoss Quirke14NYC39728257
141444GoldSophie Browne TBSC/RCYC401516952
151420GoldMegan Parker13SSC411818235
161425GoldDouglas Elmes13RCYC/WHSC4116191015
171335GoldScott Levie14LDYC428402212
181415SilverCaitlin Waters15RStGYC5025321510
191410GoldDaire Cournane13RCYC/KYC56352152
201314GoldAlexandra Walsh14RStGYC5617235216
211369GoldAdam D'ARCY13RCYC5730221322
221340GoldAlacoque Daly13TBSC5827242014
231436GoldDaniel Raymond NYC6313311952
241446SilverStephen Judge13RIYC6421372419
251298GoldBill Staunton14SSC6524202152
261352SilverCara MC DOWELL13MYC6626272713
271439GoldPeter McCann14RCYC681425252
281234GoldMark Bolger14RStGYC6928132852
291442GoldCliodhna Ni Shuilleabhain13KYC7041121752
301422GoldChloe Eggers14RStGYC756175252
311361GoldAoife Hopkins13HYC7620401652
321332SilverJames O'Connor13RStGYC7622383321
33961SilverClaire O'Sullivan RCYC8134353017
341427SilverJacob MARTENSSON14RIYC8131362624
351360SilverNicole Hemeryck13RIYC/WHSC8233295220
361349GoldConor KNEAFSEY14NYC8442253425
371243SilverCharley Breen13RCYC8840332926
381358SilverErica Markey13HYC9445393223
391225GoldPeter Healy14KYC10239521152
401375GoldRichard Hogan13HYC10229215252
41122SilverFionn O'REGAN14DSC10338343152
421392SilverCian BUCKLEY14MYC10443263552
431154GoldCiaran Finnegan13WHSC10737525218
441389SilverLaura COLEMAN13RIYC12444433752
451303SilverD.J. MCGOVERN14MYC12936415252
461278SilverEoghan O REGAN13RCYC14052523652
471313SilverAlex Kavanagh13HYC14652425252
48768SilverJulia GEOGHEGAN13RIYC15652525252
481218SilverEmer Rafferty 15652525252
481359SilverIsabel CAHILL13HYC15652525252
481402SilverLucy McCutcheon14RStGYC15652525252
Junior Division
Series PlaceSail NoFleetHelmPrize AgeClubSeries PointsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11411GoldRonan Cournane12RCYC/KYC715113
21408GoldKate Lyttle12RStGYC831132
31346SilverPhilip McDowell12MYC1112821
41012GoldNiamh Henry12RStGYC124445
51343SilverColin O'SULLIVAN12MYC158259
61282SilverOskar Cahill12 155377
71372GoldIsabelle Delamer12HYC1969144
81347SilverBen Walsh12SSC21214136
91266GoldScott O'Sullivan12KYC22.577.5818
101341GoldEwan MCMAHON12HYC24911514
111290SilverHarry Durcan12RCYC25136118
121421GoldEvie Byrne12NYC281012616
131302GoldHarry Craig12RStGYC31217223
141217GoldRebecca O SHAUGHNESSY12RCYC3211101611
151445SilverHugh Perrette12NYC/SDC4314191021
161342SilverDarragh KELLY12SDC445713922
171148GoldEoghan O'Buachalla12TBSC4423161216
181119SilverConor LEE11GBSC4715181715
191246SilverJohnny Durcan12RCYC5520171857
201143SilverRichard McGinley11RCYC5616272020
211399SilverDaniel Hopkins11HYC5817315710
221324SilverHeather SPAIN12NYC6530242417
231291SilverAmy CARROLL11 6525221924
241382SilverConor Byrne12NYC6722202557
251403SilverJamie O'GRADY11HYC7119262627
261357SilverJames McCann11RCYC7518573126
271297SilverLuke MCGRATH11RCYC7628255723
281404SilverAlex O'GRADY11HYC7731232331
298SilverEmma Parker10SSC7857292128
301275SilverNell STAUNTON11SSC8024572729
311294SilverTom KEAL10RCYC8629282957
321192SilverRachel Eggers11RStGYC8927305732
331244SilverAlix Buckley11SSC9057215712
341153SilverRonan WALSH11RCYC11732572857
351435SilverPatrick RIORDAN12RIYC13957575725
361089SilverHarry BELL10RNIYC14026575757
371397SilverLucy DONWORTH12RCYC/BSC14457575730
381293SilverKillian MCHUGH12GBSC14457573057
39698SilverShane O'Brien SDC17157575757
39885SilverImogen MCNAMARA11RIYC17157575757
39934SilverJane Bolger10RStGYC17157575757
39989SilverLucy WATERS11RStGYC17157575757
39996SilverGavin Roche Griffin11RStYC17157575757
391195SilverGrace O'Beirne11RStGYC17157575757
391196SilverOisin LYONS11GBSC17157575757
391233SilverSarah CUDMORE11rcyc17157575757
391253SilverSarah LEVIE11LDYC17157575757
391255SilverRos Morgan12SSC17157575757
391280SilverGemma MC DOWELL11MYC17157575757
391296SilverPhoebe NORWOOD12RIYC17157575757
391309SilverHelen O'Beirne11RStGYC17157575757
391354SilverDavid O'REILLY11GBSC17157575757
391364SilverDara Donnelly12NYC17157575757
391379SilverMax Kavanagh10HYC17157575757
391384SilverSally BELL12RNIYC17157575757
391423SilverTom SHANAHAN12NYC17157575757
Regatta Division
Sail NoHelmPrize AgeClub
720Mairead MCHUGH10GBSC
786Caoimhe Totterdell10NYC
795Cormac BUCKLEY10MYC
844Robert KEAL0RCYC
1009Kate D'ARCY10RCYC
1081Peter FAGAN11NYC
1133Cliona COYLE11NYC
1150Patrick COYLE13NYC
1173Megan CAHILL11HYC
1182Clare GORMAN10NYC
1196Michael CARROLL10
1204Brian FOX13TBSC
1208William SPAIN11NYC
1242Alison MAGUIRE11RIYC
1254Emily Whitaker10RCYC/BSC
1269Guy Withinshaw WITHINSHAW10NYC
1321Katie-Jane Marshall10NYC
1348Ella DUFFY11NYC
1394Neasa O'CONNELL9RstGYC
1396Morgan Lyttle9RStGYC
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The Fireball Worlds are now only two weeks away! The regatta officials have been announced! A title sponsor has been secured! New boats are in the final stages of preparation and new sailing combinations have been honing their skills and teamwork over the winter!

This morning, Friday 27th May, the entry stands at 58 boats, spread across 9 nations and 3 continents. The spread of countries covers Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Shetland Islands, France, Czech Republic, Canada and Germany, with the continents being Europe, Australia and North America.

The home contingent boasts 28 boats, followed by GBR with 17 boats, France and Switzerland have three entries each, Canada and the Czech Republic 2, with Australia, the Shetlands and Germany each having one. However, there is a late attempt to get a second Australian entry to the event and in fact with entries being open right up to the eve of the regatta, there is always the prospect that more boats may still declare. I also know of one entry that isn't on the list yet as the crew was only secured last weekend and the boat is still being finished out.

So which names stand out in the entry list thus far?
Tom Gillard and Sam Brearey are the current European Champions having won that title in the Czech Republic in Pavlov last October. They gave a very convincing display in that regatta and have shown good form in the UK regattas they have sailed to date. Tom has also "dabbled" recently in the Scorpion scene in UK with success. Also on the podium in Pavlov was Jaroslav Verner of the Czech Republic who has entered for Sligo with a different crew. From further afield and the sole Aussie thus far, is Ben Schulz, sailing with Phillip Bowley, who finished 5th in the 2010 Worlds in Barbados. Ben is the current Secretary of Fireball Australia.

As the largest Fireball fleet internationally, the UK fleet always brings quality to these events and the entry list for Sligo reflects that continuing trend. Defending champions Chips Howarth and Vyv Townend are not entered, but the British contingent is like a "Who's who" of the class there.

Vince Horey, 11th in Barbados races with Andy Thompson, Matt Burge & Richard Wagstaff, 2nd in Barbados sail together again in Sligo, Simon Potts, 3rd placed crew in Barbados teams up with David Wade, 6th placed helm in Barbados and 6th placed crew in Barbados, Tim Saunders, current UKFA Chairman, teams up with Alan Krailing. For those who follow the Fireball scene in the UK and internationally, these are almost household names!

Messrs Jospe & Egli are perennial competitors at international regattas and they are joined by Messrs Tipton & King. Both combinations contested the Barbados event.

European Commodore Maja Suter is part of a 3-boat Swiss representation which also includes another Fireball stalwart in Ruedi Moser. The French contingent has a similar profile with 3 boats and Jean-Pierre Nouel (Monsieur Cantona) their most travelled competitor.

Of the Irish contingent, the names that will be vying for first home boat will include, on current form, Graeme Grant & Hugh Butler, Noel Butler & Stephen Oram, Barry McCartin & Conor Kinsella and Kenny Rumball & Seamus Moore. Much will depend on the weather, but a 28 boat contingent is great news for the host fleet and bodes well for an interesting session of racing.

Sligo here we come!

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A combination of an impossibly tight deadline, the high cost of entry and an appalling vista for sailing sponsorship in Ireland this season has halted any chance of an Irish entry into the La Solitaire du Figaro race when it sails in to Dun Laoghaire harbour on August 10th.

Competitive race entry costs ranged from anywhere between €60-250,000.

As late as February National Yacht Club organisers were touting the possibilities of two Dublin entries in to the race. It was a scenario that would have added extra spice for an Irish audience during the Figaro's only foreign stopover at the Irish east coast port.

A 71 boat fleet is expected to stay in Dun Laoghaire for four days and the National Yacht Club is staging a special festival around it.

Latest La Solitaire du Figaro news here


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24th May 2011

Oona's Race in Howth

Howth Yacht Club TUE + SAT SERIES 1 (RACE) 24/05/2011 17 Footer SCRATCH: 1, Oona P Courtney; 2, Aura I Malcolm; 3, Rita Curley/Lynch; 17 Footer HCAP: 1, Oona P Courtney; 2, Aura I Malcolm; 3, Leila R CooperTUESDAY SERIES 1 (RACE) 24/05/2011 Puppeteer SCRATCH: 1, Trick or Treat A Pearson; 2, Yellow Peril N Murphy; 3, Gold Dust Walls/Browne; Puppeteer HPH: 1, Geppetto O'Reilly/McDyer; 2, Trick or Treat A Pearson; 3, Haemoglobin Mullen/O'Dea; Squib SCRATCH: 1, Whipper Snapper M Cantwell; 2, Puffin E Harte; Squib HPH: 1, Puffin E Harte; 2, Whipper Snapper M Cantwell; Etchells SCRATCH: 1, Northside Dragon J Bourke; 2, Fetching Quinn/O'Flaherty; 3, Jabberwocky S Knowles; SB3 SCRATCH: 1, Dinghy Supplies S Murphy; 2, Sin a Bhuifl Guinness/Costigan
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You just can't beat the gleaming look of a varnished yacht, can you? A fine 30-foot example is for sale in Cork through Crosshaven Boatyard at €32,900. Wavetrain is a one-off IRC racing yacht that has become a successful and regular competitor at events all over Ireland and the UK. She has been well maintained and comes with spares and extras.  Click here for all the details of this 1988 Channel including spec, pics and video.






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Cork Harbour Information

It’s one of the largest natural harbours in the world – and those living near Cork Harbour insist that it’s also one of the most interesting.

This was the last port of call for the most famous liner in history, the Titanic, but it has been transformed into a centre for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The harbour has been a working port and a strategic defensive hub for centuries, and it has been one of Ireland's major employment hubs since the early 1900s. Traditional heavy industries have waned since the late 20th century, with the likes of the closure of Irish Steel in Haulbowline and shipbuilding at Verolme. It still has major and strategic significance in energy generation, shipping and refining.

Giraffe wander along its shores, from which tens of thousands of men and women left Ireland, most of them never to return. The harbour is home to the oldest yacht club in the world, and to the Irish Navy. 

This deep waterway has also become a vital cog in the Irish economy.

‘'s Cork Harbour page’ is not a history page, nor is it a news focus. It’s simply an exploration of this famous waterway, its colour and its characters.

Cork Harbour Festival

Ocean to City – An Rás Mór and Cork Harbour Open Day formerly existed as two popular one-day events located at different points on Cork’s annual maritime calendar. Both event committees recognised the synergy between the two events and began to work together and share resources. In 2015, Cork Harbour Festival was launched. The festival was shaped on the open day principle, with Ocean to City – An Ras Mór as the flagship event.

Now in its sixth year, the festival has grown from strength to strength. Although the physical 2020 festival was cancelled due to Covid-19, the event normally features nine festival days starting on the first week of June. It is packed full of events; all made possible through collaboration with over 50 different event partners in Cork City, as well as 15 towns and villages along Cork Harbour. The programme grows year by year and highlights Ireland’s rich maritime heritage and culture as well as water and shore-based activities, with Ocean to City – An Rás Mór at the heart of the festival.

Taking place at the centre of Ireland’s maritime paradise, and at the gateway to Ireland’s Ancient East and the Wild Atlantic Way, Cork is perfectly positioned to deliver the largest and most engaging harbour festival in Ireland.

The Cork Harbour Festival Committee includes representatives from Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Port of Cork, UCC MaREI, RCYC, Cobh & Harbour Chamber and Meitheal Mara.

Marinas in Cork Harbour

There are six marinas in Cork Harbour. Three in Crosshaven, one in East Ferry, one in Monkstown Bay and a new facility is opening in 2020 at Cobh. Details below

Port of Cork City Marina

Location – Cork City
Contact – Harbour Masters Dept., Port of Cork Tel: +353 (0)21 4273125 or +353 (0)21 4530466 (out of office hours)

Royal Cork Yacht Club Marina

Location: Crosshaven, Co. Cork
Contact: +353 (0) 21 4831023

Crosshaven Boatyard Marina

Location: Crosshaven, Co. Cork
Contact: +353 (0)21 4831161

Salve Marina Ltd

Location: Crosshaven, Co. Cork
Contact: +353 (0) 21 4831145

Cork Harbour Marina

Location: Monkstown, Co. Cork
Contact: +353 (0)87 3669009

East Ferry Marina

Location: East Ferry, Co. Cork
Contact: +353 (0)21 4813390

New Cove Sailing Club Marina

(to be opened in 2020)

Location: Cobh, Co. Cork
Contact: 087 1178363

Cork Harbour pontoons, slipways and ramps

Cork City Boardwalk Existing pontoon

Port of Cork 100m. pontoon

Cork city – End of Cornmarket St. steps and slip;

Cork city - Proby’s Qy. Existing limited access slip

Quays Bar & Restaurant, Private pontoon and ramp for patrons, suitable for yachts, small craft town and amenities

Cobh harbour [camber] Slip and steps inside quay wall pontoon

Fota (zoo, house, gardens) Derelict pontoon and steps

Haulbowline naval basin; restricted space Naval base; restricted access;

Spike Island pier, steps; slip, pontoon and ramp

Monkstown wooden pier and steps;

Crosshaven town pier, with pontoon & steps

East Ferry Marlogue marina, Slip (Great Island side) visitors’ berths

East Ferry Existing pier and slip; restricted space East Ferry Inn (pub)
(Mainland side)

Blackrock pier and slips

Ballinacurra Quay walls (private)

Aghada pier and slip, pontoon & steps public transport links

Whitegate Slip

Passage West Pontoon

Glenbrook Cross-river ferry

Ringaskiddy Parking with slip and pontoon Ferry terminal; village 1km.

Carrigaloe pier and slip; restricted space; Cross-river ferry;

Fountainstown Slip

White’s Bay beach

Ringabella beach

Glanmire Bridge and tide restrictions

Old Glanmire - Quay