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27th February 2016

Trinity Clear at Lagan Head

#Rowing: Trinity’s men’s novice eight were the fastest crew in Race One of the Lagan Head of the River in Belfast today. They had more than three-quarters of a minute to spare over the Queen's University novice eight. Single sculler Christ Beck of Queen’s placed 11th overall.


Lagan Head of the River 2016 - Race 1 2700m at 10:30hrs
RESULTS by Time - Masters handicap not applied
NUMBER Club Class Cox/Steerer Time % of winning
1 129 DUBC C Mens Novice 8+ A McCormack 09:45.4 100.00
2 132 QUBBC A Mens Novice 8+ J Stitt 10:32.9 108.11
3 101 RBAI Mens J18A 4X- N Reid 10:40.0 109.32
4 103 DUBC Mens Intermediate 4+ H Mulvany 10:47.0 110.53
5 105 St Josephs A Mens Intermediate 4+ C R Wanjau 10:49.4 110.94
6 113 Portora Mens J18A 4- C Ross 10:50.2 111.07
7 203 Portora Mens Club 1 2X B Rix 10:59.0 112.57
8 130 DUBC A Mens Novice 8+ C Keogh 11:03.9 113.40
9 102 St Josephs Mens J18A 4X- F Vickers 11:08.4 114.18
10 136 Portora Mens J15 8+ R Farragher 11:08.9 114.26
11 120 QUBBC Mens Senior 1X C Beck 11:15.1 115.32
12 138 Commercial (d ) Mens Masters 4+ J Briscoe 11:25.4 117.08
13 150 St Josephs Mens J16 4+ E Finnegan 11:26.3 117.23
14 116 Commercial Mens J18A 4X+ B McGuinness 11:26.3 117.24
15 202 QUBBC B Mens Club 1 2X M Taylor 11:27.4 117.43
16 133 QUBBC B Mens Novice 8+ A Sloan 11:33.1 118.40
17 131 DUBC B Mens Novice 8+ J Davis 11:33.5 118.46
18 112 Bann Mens J18A 4- A Cochrane 11:33.8 118.52
19 118 Methodist Mens Club 1 4+ A Mawhinney 11:34.1 118.57
20 106 QUBBC Mens Senior 2- D Roy 11:36.6 119.00
21 139 Belfast BC / Commercial / OCBC (e ) Mens Masters 4+ J Malloy 11:38.3 119.28
22 109 Commercial B Mens Senior 2- J Healy 11:44.1 120.28
23 107 Commercial D Mens Senior 2- J A Cash 11:46.0 120.61
24 156 Commercial Womens Intermediate 4+ K Curran 11:47.3 120.82
25 117 Commercial Mens Club 1 4+ S Eustace 11:48.7 121.05
26 176 Broxbourne RC (c) Mens Masters 1X R Shirley 11:52.2 121.67
27 124 Portora Mens Intermediate 1X M Monteith 11:54.5 122.05
28 171 Neptune Mens Novice 4X+ E Power 11:57.5 122.56
29 184 Commercial Womens J18A 4X- G MacNamara 11:57.5 122.57
30 149 Portora Mens J16 2X N Timoney 11:58.9 122.80
31 173 DULBC B Womens Senior 2X A Leahy 12:03.4 123.58
32 143 Commercial Mens J18A 1X E Meehan 12:06.6 124.13
33 126 Bann Mens J18A 2X B McNeill 12:07.0 124.19
34 205 DUBC A Mens Club 1 2X A Merle 12:08.8 124.49
35 110 Commercial A Mens Senior 2- J Forbes 12:09.6 124.63
36 162 Portora Mens Club 1 1X R Ballantine 12:10.0 124.70
37 144 Commercial Mens J18A 1X M Lynch 12:12.0 125.04
38 134 Commercial Mens J18A 2- R Brown 12:12.5 125.12
39 151 Portora Womens J18A 4- L Mulligan 12:15.0 125.55
40 121 QUBBC Mens Intermediate 1X P Martin 12:15.2 125.58
41 155 QUBLBC A Womens Intermediate 4+ G Canham 12:16.0 125.73
42 172 DULBC A Womens Senior 2X G Crowe 12:18.6 126.17
43 227 Portora Womens J15 8+ S Dolan 12:26.2 127.47
44 158 Bann Mens J15 4X+ D Clyde 12:26.6 127.54
45 153 DULBC Womens Intermediate 4+ A Reid 12:27.9 127.76
46 152 Methodist Womens J18A 4- L McIntyre 12:29.7 128.07
47 115 RBAI Mens J18A 4X+ M Honan 12:30.1 128.13
48 125 Portora Mens J18A 2X S O'Hare Smith 12:30.8 128.25
49 204 RBAI Mens Club 1 2X M Gaston 12:43.6 130.45
50 141 Commercial Mens J18A 1X O O'Toole 12:44.7 130.62
51 186 Belfast RC Womens J18A 4X- E Hobson 12:45.9 130.83
52 170 RBAI Mens Club 1 4X+ C Harley 12:51.0 131.71
53 167 Yarm School B Womens Club 1 4+ J Dodds 12:51.4 131.77
54 128 Belfast RC Mens J18A 2X J Moran 12:51.8 131.85
55 108 Commercial C Mens Senior 2- C Kinsella 12:52.2 131.91
56 127 Portadown Mens J18A 2X N Hull 12:56.3 132.61
57 183 Portora (e) Mens Masters 1X G Murphy 12:56.3 132.61
58 200 DUBC B Mens Club 1 2X D Hough 12:56.6 132.67
59 189 Commercial Womens J18A 4X+ S Carpenter 12:56.9 132.71
60 206 QUBBC A Mens Club 1 2X D Beirne 13:01.1 133.43
61 218 Methodist Womens Club 1 4X+ A Lane 13:01.8 133.55
62 178 QUBLBC A Womens Senior 2- R Davidson 13:04.7 134.05
63 212 Portora Womens J16 4X+ J Lunny 13:05.7 134.22
64 146 St Josephs B Mens J16 2X A Daly 13:06.5 134.36
65 164 Portadown Mens Club 1 1X A Laivins 13:07.2 134.48
66 193 Bann Womens J18A 1X H Scott 13:09.4 134.84
67 180 C of Derry (e) Mens Masters 1X G D'Urso 13:10.4 135.01
68 222 QUBLBC B Womens Club 1 2X A Buck 13:10.7 135.07
69 195 Bann Womens J18A 1X F Chestnutt 13:12.3 135.34
70 224 QUBLBC A Womens Novice 8+ A Ellis-Saunders 13:13.4 135.54
71 160 DUBC Mens Club 1 1X S Canning 13:16.9 136.13
72 201 Sligo Mens Club 1 2X M Donohoe 13:21.6 136.93
73 181 Lagan (e) Mens Masters 1X J Phelan 13:21.9 136.99
74 157 Lagan / Belfast BC (c ) Womens Masters 4X- L Venkatraman 13:23.2 137.20
75 226 DULBC B Womens Novice 8+ S Osters 13:24.2 137.38
76 208 LVBC (e ) Mens Masters 2X D O'Hara 13:29.3 138.25
77 225 DULBC A Womens Novice 8+ B Murphy 13:31.9 138.70
78 192 DULBC Womens Intermediate 1X G Foley 13:34.0 139.04
79 191 Yarm School Womens Intermediate 1X E Grant 13:35.6 139.33
80 223 QUBLBC B Womens Novice 8+ A Murdoch 13:38.6 139.83
81 196 Belfast RC Womens J18A 1X L Taylor 13:40.7 140.20
82 190 Bann Womens Intermediate 1X K Shirlow 13:42.1 140.43
83 174 Commercial (c) Mens Masters 1X L Gleeson 13:45.4 141.00
84 232 Bann Womens Club 1 1X A Odonovan 13:45.4 141.00
85 228 Commercial Womens J15 8+ E Walsh 13:45.7 141.05
86 114 Neptune Mens J18A 4X+ J Stapleton 13:48.4 141.51
87 217 Bann A Womens J15 4X+ C Yarnold 13:53.4 142.36
88 161 RBAI Mens Club 1 1X T Lyons 13:54.7 142.59
89 175 Belfast RC (c) Mens Masters 1X J Boomer 13:55.5 142.72
90 123 QUBBC Mens Intermediate 1X R Taylor 13:57.3 143.02
91 211 Commercial Womens J16 4X+ S Pierce 13:57.3 143.03
92 169 Yarm School A Womens Club 1 4+ A Arad 14:02.1 143.85
93 199 Belfast BC (f) Mens Masters 1X S Lockwood 14:06.9 144.67
94 182 Lagan (e) Mens Masters 1X G Reid 14:07.5 144.77
95 147 C of Derry Mens J16 2X A Simpson 14:07.8 144.83
96 215 Bann B Womens J15 4X+ D Whoriskey 14:15.2 146.08
97 188 Portora Womens J18A 2X A McCreesh 14:15.2 146.09
98 194 Belfast RC Womens J18A 1X C Coulter 14:18.0 146.57
99 148 St Josephs A Mens J16 2X Y Xie 14:26.6 148.04
100 221 Portadown Womens Club 1 2X A Martin 14:27.3 148.16
101 185 Portadown Womens J18A 4X- K McCann 14:44.7 151.12
102 159 Methodist Mens J15 4X+ H Adams 14:44.7 151.13
103 166 Belfast RC Womens Club 1 4+ M Cheung 14:46.8 151.48
104 165 Yarm School Mens Club 1 1X A McAllister 14:52.4 152.45
105 142 C of Derry Mens J18A 1X C Baldwin 14:54.8 152.86
106 216 Portadown Womens J15 4X+ R Pinkerton 14:57.3 153.27
107 213 Methodist Womens J16 4X+ M Cawley 15:01.4 153.99
108 210 C of Derry (g ) Mens Masters 2X D Doherty 15:01.7 154.03
109 179 Yarm School Mens J14 4X+ S Graham 15:16.9 156.62
110 214 Belfast RC Womens J16 4X+ S Smith 15:22.1 157.52
111 154 QUBLBC B Womens Intermediate 4+ V Wallace 15:31.3 159.09
112 140 Portadown Mens J18A 1X D Murtagh 15:38.4 160.30
113 231 Portora A Womens J14 4X+ D Duffy 15:46.3 161.65
114 198 C of Derry (d ) Womens Masters 2X N-W Loughlin 15:49.1 162.14
115 219 QUBLBC A Womens Club 1 2X A Foster 16:05.0 164.85
116 230 Portora B Womens J14 4X+ L Bothwell 16:27.9 168.75
117 207 Belfast BC (c ) Mens Masters 2X M Wreathall 16:55.0 173.39
118 234 C of Derry Mens Senior 1X K Doherty 17:18.9 177.46
104 St Josephs B Mens Intermediate 4+ C Finnegan
111 Neptune Mens Senior 2X K Coughlan
119 Belfast RC Mens J16 4X+ B McCaughtry
122 Commercial Mens Intermediate 1X S Connolly
135 DUBC Mens Novice 4+ L Arnold
137 St Josephs Mens J15 8+ B Holland
145 Galway (d ) Mens Masters 4X+ C Moloney
163 DUBC Mens Club 1 1X N Rawlinson
168 DULBC Womens Club 1 4+ C O'Donnell
177 QUBLBC B Womens Senior 2- E Holmes
187 Neptune Womens J18A 2X A Clark
197 Portadown (c) Womens Masters 1X S Laivina
209 Belfast BC (h) Mens Masters 1X H Coppinger
220 Yarm School Womens Club 1 2X E Atherton
229 Yarm School Womens J14 4X+ F Wilmot
233 Portora Womens Club 1 1X A Beacom
Lagan Head of the River 2016 by Belfast Rowing Club
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#Rowing: Philip Doyle of Queen’s University won the battle of the senior single scullers at the Lagan Scullers’ Head of the River in Belfast. He had just over 17 seconds to spare over Portadown’s Sam McKeown. The fastest crew on the day was the Queen’s University senior men’s quadruple. The event was run in strong winds, but coming from the east, they did not prove to be seriously disruptive. The organisers were pleased that the Ireland under-23 women's group took part and that some junior scullers could compete, as their trials had been cancelled.

Lagan Scullers’ Head of the River, Belfast, Saturday (Selected Results):

Race One

Overall: 1 Queen’s Univ (P Doyle, senior single sculls) 11 minutes 56.2 seconds. 2 Portadown (S McKeown, senior single) 12:13.3, 3 Queen’s (T Oliver, senior single) 12:15.9.

Men – Sculling, Quadruple – Jun 15, coxed: Portora 12:40.5

Double – Jun 16: Portora 13:04. Masters: City of Derry 13:29.8. 

Single – Senior: Queen’s (Doyle) 11:56.2. Jun 18A: Methody (C Macrae) 12:47.2

Women – Sculling – Quadruple – Masters: Lagan Scullers/Belfast BC 15:01.8. 

Double – Jun 18A: Bann 12:55.8.

Single – Intermediate: Belfast BC (O Blundell) 14:09.3. Club Two:  Queen’s (R Brown) 15:01.1. Jun 16: Belfast RC (A Hall) 16:05.8.

Race Two

Overall: 1  Queen’s men’s senior quadruple (Roy) 10:43.6, 2 RBAI men’s sen quad 11:14.1, 3 Queen’s men’s sen quad (Evans) 11:31.0.

Men – Sculling, Quadruple – Senior: Queen’s (Roy) 10.43.6. Jun 16, coxed: Methody 11:56.5.

Double – Jun 18A: Bann 11:51.

Single – Intermediate: Portora (C Laughlin) 12:33.7. Club Two: Belfast RC (T McCaughtry) 12:51.4. Novice: RBAI (T Lyons) 14:57.3. Jun 15: Portora (O Donaghy) 13:59.4.

Women – Quadruple – Jun 16, coxed: Portora 13:44.4. Jun 15, coxed: Bann 14:10.8.

Double – Seniors: Fermoy/Belfast BC 12:53.7.

Single – Jun 18A: Bann (H Scott) 13:45.2. Masters: Belfast BC (U Purdy) 15:15.6.

Race Three

Overall: 1 Methody junior 18A quadruple 10:43.1, 2 Queen’s senior double 10:57.4, 3 Belfast BC, Portadown 11:18.4.

Men, Quadruple – Jun 18A: Methody 10:43.1. Jun 18B, coxed: Methody 12:18.5. 

Double – Senior: Queen’s 10:57.4.

Single – Jun 16: Portora (N Timoney) 13:40.1. Masters: Portora (D Murphy) 13:40.8. 

Women, Quadruple – Jun 18A: Methody 12:48.6

Double – Jun 16: Bann 14:50.9.

Mixed Quad – Portadown 13:40.2.

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#Rowing: Justin Ryan and Siobhan McCrohan took the lightweight single sculls titles at the Irish Rowing Championships today. The Skibbereen man and Tribesmen woman were commanding winners. McCrohan had already won the senior singles title, while Ryan was taking his second consecutive lightweight title at the National Rowing Centre. Last year he represented UCC.

Two crews won by taking early command of their races. Colm Hennessy and Ronan Byrne in the Shandon junior double and the Commercial intermediate pair of Colm Dowling and Neil Gahan gauged the tailwind well and used it to back up their good starts.

NUIG also won the women’s intermediate coxed four well, and Bann’s Hannah Scott and Katie Shirlow, added the junior pair to their junior fours crown.

Queen’s took the club coxed four, having already won the club eight. They held off UCD’s challenge in the closing stages.

Irish Rowing Championships, National Rowing Centre, Cork, Day Three (Selected results)


Four – Club, coxed: 1 Queen’s 6:28.23, 2 UCD A 6:30.77, 3 NUIG A 6:36.48.

Pair – Intermediate: 1 Commercial A 6:47.94, 2 Skibbereen 6:55.20, 3 Portora 7:00.19.

Sculling, Double – Junior: 1 Shandon 6:40.27, 2 Castleconnell A 6:50.48, 3 Cork BC B 6:55.56.

Lightweight Single: 1 Skibbereen (J Ryan) 7:09.17, 2 Skibbereen (McCarthy) 7:12.63, 3 St Michael’s (D O’Connor) 7:15.40.


Four – Intermediate, coxed: 1 NUIG 7:09.66, 2 Commercial 7:18.28, 3 Shannon 7:23.16.

Pair – Junior: 1 Bann 7:42.60, 2 Portora 7:47.30, 3 Lee 7:51.35.

Sculling, Single – Lightweight: 1 Tribesmen (S McCrohan) 7:46.48, 2 Commercial (Sarah Dolan) 7:50.22, 3 Skibbereen (O Hayes) 8:00.39.

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#Rowing: Siobhan McCrohan won the won the women’s senior single sculls for Tribesmen and the experienced Old Collegians/UCD crew took the men’s senior quadruple at the Irish Championships this afternoon.

In the junior women’s eight, Portora had to see off a challenge by Bann, while Shandon bested Castleconnell in an exciting race to win the junior men’s quadruple – their third in-a-row.

Queen’s won the men’s novice eight, beating UCD and Trinity, while Margaret Cremin of Lee won the club single sculls and Andrew Goff of Waterford the men’s intermediate single.

Irish Rowing Championships, National Rowing Centre, Cork (Day Two, Selected Results)


Eight – Intermediate: 1 Trinity 5:46.51, 2 UCD A 5:49.27, 3 Queen’s 6:08.61. Novice: 1 Queen’s 6:18.97, 2 UCD 6:25.66, 3 Trinity 6:38.63.

Four – Junior, coxed: 1 Portora 6:36.84, 2 St Joseph’s 6:37.0, 3 Athlunkard 6:45.18.

Pair – Senior: 1 UCC 7:03.18, 2 NUIG 7:10.16, 3 Carlow 7:12.51.

Sculling, Quadruple – Senior: 1 Old Collegians/UCD 6:07.97, 2 Commercial 6:14.51. Junior: 1 Shandon 6:16.78, 2 Castleconnell 6:17.49, 3 Cork BC A 6:28.24.

Single – Intermediate: 1 Waterford (A Goff) 7:23.95, 3 Athlone (P Munnelly) 7:34.43. Club: 1 Shandon (C Merz) 7:42.94, 2 Clonmel (D Lynch) 7:44.96, 3 Lee (D Larkin) 7:45.94.


Eight – Novice: 1 Commercial 6:59.55, 2 Queen’s 7:13.67, 3 Trinity 7:13.67. Junior: 1 Portora 6:49.43, 2 Bann 6:52.99, 3 Shannon 7:13.95.

Sculling, Double – Intermediate: 1 Skibbereen 7:36.62, 2 St Michael’s 7:45.87, 3 Belfast BC 7:48.80.

Single – Senior: 1 Tribesmen (S McCrohan) 8:06.29, 2 Commercial (Sarah Dolan) 8:12.04, 3 Skibbereen (O Hayes) 8:13.99. Club: 1 Lee (M Cremin) 8:33.88, 2 Garda (J Ryan) 8:46.29, 3 Queen’s (R Brown) 8:51.52. Junior: 1 Cork (D Forde) 8:07.98, 2 Skibbereen (E Hegarty) 8:18.01, 3 Offaly (A Mooney) 8:21.91.

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#ROWING: Trinity won the senior men’s and women’s races at the Lagan Construction University Boat Races in Belfast today. Queen’s closed fast on Trinity coming up to the line in the men’s race and lost by a narrow margin. The senior women’s race was a more decisive win for the visitors, who had a strong senior crew. There was a strong headwind for the 11th annual running of the event.

Lagan Construction University Boat Races, Belfast


Senior: Trinity bt Queen’s, canvas

Fresher: Queen’s bt Trinity

Junior 18, Ulster Schools: Portora bt Bann.

Junior 16 (Craig Cup): Portora bt Methodist College

Alumni: Queen’s bt Trinity, 1 ft


Senior: Trinity bt Queen’s

Fresher: Trinity bt Queen’s, disq

Junior 18 (Bobby Platt Cup); Bann bt Portora

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#ROWING: Dave Neale had a good day at Queen’s Regatta on Saturday. The Old Collegians man won the senior single sculls from Sam McKeown of Portadown and teamed up with Sean Jacob to take the senior double for Old Collegians at Castlewellan Forest Park in Co Down. McKeown won the intermediate single. The top senior eight were Portora, with Commercial and Carlow second and third. Carlow won the senior four.

Queen’s Regatta, Castlewellan Forest Park, Co Down, Saturday (Selected Results):


Eight – Senior: 1 Portora, 2 Commercial, 3 Carlow. Club One: 1 Belfast RC, 2 Queen’s B. Junior 16: 1 Portora A, 2 Commercial, 3 Methody A.

Four – Senior: 1 Carlow, 2 Lady Elizabeth/Commercial, 3 Belfast RC. Club One, coxed: 1 Queen’s C, 2 Carlow, 3 Belfast RC A. Junior 18A, coxed: 1 Portora, 2 Bann, 3 Athlunkard. Jun 16, coxed: 1 Portora, 2 Coleraine AI B.

Pair – Senior: 1 Queen’s B, 2 Queen’s A, 3 Neptune. Intermediate: 1 Portora, 2 Neptune, 3 Carlow A. I


Quadruple – Club One, coxed: 1 Sligo, 2 Methody, 3 Coleraine AI. Jun 18A: 1 Commercial, 2 RBAI, 3 Carlow. Jun 16, coxed: 1 Methody A, 2 St Michael’s, 3 Three Castles. Jun 15, coxed: 1 Commercial A, 2 St Michael’s, 3 Coleraine AI A.

Double – Senior: 1 Old Collegians, 2 Commercial A, 3 Commercial B. Club One: 1 Sligo, 2 Garda, 3 Commercial B. Novice, coxed: 1 Methody, 2 Belfast RC, 3 RBAI B. Jun 18A: 1 Carlow, 2 Methody A, 3 Commercial. Jun 16: 1 Three Castles, 2 Methodist A, 3 Methody B. Jun 15: 1 St Michael’s A, 2 Commercial D, 3 Methody.

Single – Senior: 1 Old Collegians (D Neale), 2 Portadown (S McKeown), 3 Commercial (F Groome). Inter: 1 Portadown (McKeown), 2 Garda (D Kelly). Club One: 1 Carlow (O Nolan), 2 Carlow (L Keating), 3 Sligo (G Patterson). Jun 18A: 1 Bann (D Mitchell), 2 Commercial (R Baskerville), 3 Belfast BC (A Murray). Jun 16: 1 Three Castles (O Clune), 2 Bann (J Bell), 3 Three Castles (T McKnight).


Eight – Club Two: 1 Queen’s A, 2 Commercial, 3 Neptune. Novice: 1 Queen’s A, 2 Belfast RC, 3 Methody. Junior 18A: 1 Portora, 2 Bann. Junior 16: 1 Portora A, 2 Commercial, 3 Methody.

Four – Club One, coxed: 1 Garda, 2 Queen’s A, 3 Commercial.

Pair – Intermediate: 1 Queen’s B, 2 Commercial A, 3 Queen’s A.


Quadruple – Club One, coxed: 1 Methody, 2 Neptune. Novice, coxed: 1 Commercial, 2 Sligo, 3 Belfast RC. Jun 18A: 1 Bann, 2 Carlow, 3 Neptune. Jun 16, coxed: 1 Commercial, 2 Carlow, 3 Methody A. Jun 15, coxed: 1 Bann, 2 St Michael’s, 3 Portadown.

Double – Club One: 1 Belfast BC, 2 Queen’s, 3 Belfast RC. Jun 18A: 1 Methody, 2 Belfast RC A, 3 Belfast RC B. Jun 15: 1 St Michael’s A, 2 St Michael’s B, 3 Portora.

Single – Intermediate: 1 Belfast BC (S Quinn), 2 Trinity (H O’Neill). Club One: 1 Belfast BC (O Blundell), 2 Belfast BC (K Turner), 3 Methody (C Deyermond). Jun 18A: 1 Bann (F Chestnutt), 2 Belfast RC (L Taylor), 3 Belfast RC (C Coulter).

Mens Senior 8+ Portora View 1st  
 Commercial View 2nd  
 Carlow View 3rd  
 Bann View 4th  
 QUBBC View Did not start  
Mens Senior 4- Carlow View 1st  
 LEBC / Commercial View 2nd  
 Belfast RC View 3rd  
Mens Senior 2- QUBBC B View 1st  
 QUBBC A View 2nd  
 Neptune View 3rd  
 LEBC View 4th  
Mens Senior 2X OCBC View 1st  
 Commercial A View 2nd  
 Commercial B View 3rd  
 OCBC / UCDBC View Did not start  
Mens Senior 1X OCBC, Neale, D View 1st  
 Portadown, McKeown, S View 2nd  
 Commercial, Groome, F View 3rd  
 Commercial, Gahan, N View 5th  
 Commercial, Dowling, C View 6th  
 Commercial, Maher, M View Did not start  
 QUBBC, Beck, C View Did not start  
Mens Intermediate 2- Portora View 1st  
 Neptune View 2nd  
 Carlow A View 3rd  
 Athlunkard A View 4th  
 Commercial View 5th  
 Athlunkard B View 6th  
 Carlow B View Did not start  
 QUBBC View Did not start  
Mens Intermediate 1X Portadown, McKeown, S View 1st  
 Garda, Kelly, D View 2nd  
 QUBBC, Doyle, P View Did not start  
Mens Club 1 8+ Belfast RC View 1st  
 QUBBC B View 2nd  
 QUBBC A View Did not start  
 RBAI View Did not start  
Mens Club 1 4+ QUBBC C View 1st  
 Carlow View 2nd  
 Belfast RC A View 3rd  
 QUBBC A View 4th  
 CAI View 5th  
 QUBBC B View 6th  
 Belfast RC B View Competed  
Mens Club 1 4X+ Sligo View 1st  
 Methodist View 2nd  
 CAI View 3rd  
Mens Club 1 2X Sligo View 1st  
 Garda View 2nd  
 Commercial B View 3rd  
 Methodist View 4th  
 Commercial A View 5th  
 Portadown View 6th  
 Carlow View Competed  
 CAI View Competed  
 QUBBC A View Competed  
 QUBBC B View Competed  
Mens Club 1 1X Carlow, Nolan, O View 1st  
 Carlow, Keating, L View 2nd  
 Sligo, Patterson, G View 3rd  
 Garda, Allen, R View 4th  
 Commercial, Joyce, D View 5th  
 Commercial, Fowler, P View 6th  
 Carlow, Jones, S View Competed  
 C of Derry, D'Urso, G View Competed  
 Commercial, Healy, J View Competed  
 Garda, Maceoin, D View Competed  
 Lagan, McAllister, J View Competed  
 Lagan, McGivern, T View Competed  
 Portadown, Chambers, L View Competed  
 Portadown, Laivins, A View Competed  
 QUBBC, Martin, P View Competed  
 QUBBC, Roy, D View Competed  
 QUBBC, Williamson, R View Competed  
 RBAI, Hoy, J View Competed  
Mens Novice 4X+ Methodist View 1st  
 Belfast RC View 2nd  
 RBAI B View 3rd  
 RBAI A View 4th  
 QUBBC A View 5th  
 QUBBC B View 6th  
 QUBBC C View Did not start  
Mens J18A 4+ Portora View 1st  
 Bann View 2nd  
 Athlunkard View 3rd  
 CAI View 4th  
 Carlow View Did not start  
Mens J18A 4X- Commercial View 1st  
 RBAI View 2nd  
 Carlow View 3rd  
 Methodist View 4th  
Mens J18A 2X Carlow View 1st  
 Methodist A View 2nd  
 Commercial View 3rd  
 Methodist B View 4th  
 Sligo View 5th  
 CAI View Competed  
 RBAI View Competed  
Mens J18A 1X Bann, Mitchell, D View 1st  
 Commercial, Baskerville, R View 2nd  
 Belfast BC, Murray, A View 3rd  
 Sligo, Hough, C View 5th  
 Sligo, Hackett, D View 6th  
 Carlow, Doyle, P View Did not start  
 Commercial, Meehan, E View Did not start  
 RBAI, Reid, N View Did not start  
Mens J16 8+ Portora A View 1st  
 Commercial View 2nd  
 Methodist A View 3rd  
 Portora B View 4th  
 Methodist B View 5th  
 Portora C View 6th  
 Portadown View Did not start  
Mens J16 4+ Portora View 1st  
 CAI B View 2nd  
 RBAI View Did not start  
 CAI A View Did not finish  
Mens J16 4X+ Methodist A View 1st  
 SMRC View 2nd  
 3 Castles View 3rd  
 Bann View 4th  
 Commercial View 5th  
 RBAI View 6th  
 Methodist B View Competed  
 Portadown View Competed  
Mens J16 2X 3 Castles View 1st  
 Methodist A View 2nd  
 Methodist B View 3rd  
 SMRC View 4th  
 Bann View 5th  
 CAI View 6th  
 Portadown A View Competed  
 Portadown B View Competed  
 Portora View Competed  
 RBAI View Did not start  
Mens J16 1X 3 Castles, Clune, O View 1st  
 Bann, Bell, J View 2nd  
 3 Castles, McKnight, T View 3rd  
 3 Castles, Quinn, R View 4th  
 SMRC, Keating, M View 5th  
 Methodist, Young, X View 6th  
 Bann, McNeill, B View Competed  
 Carlow, McHale, F View Competed  
 Commercial, O Toole, O View Competed  
 Methodist, Ryder Moore, O View Competed  
 Portadown, Martin, C View Competed  
 RBAI, Hetherington, H View Competed  
 SMRC, Guilfoyle, M View Competed  
 SMRC, Kiely, J View Competed  
 3 Castles, Irwin, A View Competed  
Mens J15 4X+ Commercial A View 1st  
 SMRC View 2nd  
 CAI A View 3rd  
 Commercial B View 4th  
 Methodist A View 5th  
 Methodist B View 6th  
 CAI B View Competed  
 Commercial C View Competed  
 Methodist C View Competed  
 Portadown View Competed  
Mens J15 2X SMRC A View 1st  
 Commercial D View 2nd  
 Methodist View 3rd  
 Commercial A View 4th  
 SMRC B View 5th  
 Commercial C View 6th  
 CAI View Competed  
 Commercial B View Competed  
 Portadown View Competed  
Womens Intermediate 2- QUBLBC B View 1st  
 Commercial A View 2nd  
 QUBLBC A View 3rd  
 QUBLBC C View Competed  
 Commercial B View Did not start  
Womens Intermediate 1X Belfast BC, Quinn, S View 1st  
 DULBC, O'Neill, H View 2nd  
 Garda, Ryan, J View 3rd  
 Portadown, Martin, A View 4th  
Womens Club 1 4+ Garda View 1st  
 QUBLBC A View 2nd  
 Commercial View 3rd  
 Belfast RC View 4th  
 QUBLBC B View 5th  
 DULBC View 6th  
 QUBLBC C View Competed  
Womens Club 1 4X+ Methodist View 1st  
 Neptune View 2nd  
Womens Club 1 2X Belfast BC View 1st  
 QUBLBC View 2nd  
 Belfast RC View 3rd  
 Portadown View 4th  
 Castleconn View Did not start  
Womens Club 1 1X Belfast BC, Blundell, O View 1st  
 Belfast BC, Turner, K View 2nd  
 Methodist, Deyermond, C View 3rd  
 Carlow, Byrne, A View Competed  
 Commercial, Edwards, C View Competed  
 Garda, Galvin, L View Competed  
 Garda, Moore, M View Competed  
 Garda, Sheila, K View Competed  
 Portadown, Martin, A View Competed  
 QUBLBC, Smylie, R View Competed  
 3 Castles, Feeley, A View Competed  
 3 Castles, Greve O' Meara, J View Competed  
Womens Club 2 8+ QUBLBC A View 1st  
 Commercial View 2nd  
 Neptune View 3rd  
 QUBLBC B View 4th  
 Belfast RC View 5th  
 QUBLBC C View Did not start  
Womens Novice 8+ QUBLBC A View 1st  
 Belfast RC View 2nd  
 Methodist View 3rd  
 QUBLBC B View Did not start  
Womens Novice 4X+ Commercial View 1st  
 Sligo View 2nd  
 Belfast RC View 3rd  
 Methodist View Did not start  
Womens J18A 8+ Portora View 1st  
 Bann View 2nd  
Womens J18A 4X- Bann View 1st  
 Carlow View 2nd  
 Neptune View 3rd  
 Belfast RC View 4th  
 Methodist View Did not start  
Womens J18A 2X Methodist View 1st  
 Belfast RC A View 2nd  
 Belfast RC B View 3rd  
 Sligo View 4th  
 Portadown View 5th  
Womens J18A 1X Bann, Chestnutt, F View 1st  
 Belfast RC, Taylor, L View 2nd  
 Belfast RC, Coulter, C View 3rd  
 Portadown, Flack, C View 4th  
 Commercial, Bartley, A View 5th  
 Sligo, Dunbar, T View 6th  
 Bann, Mullan, B View Did not start  
Womens J16 8+ Portora A View 1st  
 Commercial View 2nd  
 Methodist View 3rd  
 Portora B View 4th  
Womens J16 4X+ Commercial View 1st  
 Carlow View 2nd  
 Methodist A View 3rd  
 Belfast RC View 4th  
 Methodist B View 5th  
Womens J16 1X Belfast RC, Hobson, E View 1st (private race) 
 SMRC, Devereux, J View Did not start (private race) 
 Portadown, McCann, K View Did not finish (private race) 
Womens J15 4X+ Bann View 1st  
 SMRC View 2nd  
 Portadown View 3rd  
Womens J15 2X SMRC A View 1st  
 SMRC B View 2nd  
 Portora View 3rd
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#ROWING: Dave Neale and Eimantas Grigalius made an excellent start at Henley Royal Regatta today. The Three Castles’ men took the lead early in their heat of the Double Sculls and never relinquished it against the lighter crew of Chris Owen and John Hale from Roy Roy Boat Club. Neale and Grigalius had a three-length lead by halfway and won by that margin.  

Queen’s exited the Prince of Wales in the first round. The Irish quadruple fell to Tyrian and Thames in a race which was decided early on. Queen’s were behind by a length by 500 metres, and while they made a number of pushes they did not make enough progress into the headwind conditions.

Henley Royal Regatta, Day Two (Selected Results; Irish interest)

Prince of Wales Challenge Cup (Men’s Quadruple Sculls, Intermediate): Tyrian Club and Thames RC bt Queen’s University (G McKillen, A Boreham, T Oliver, C Beck) 3l, 7:17.

Double Sculls Challenge Cup (Men, Open): Three Castles (D Neale, E Grigalius bt Roy Roy (C Owen, J Hale) 3l, 8:08.

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ROWING: Queen’s Regatta has been cancelled. The Grand League Regatta was scheduled for May 17th at Castlewellan Forest Park in Co Down but redevelopment work at the venue has forced the abandonment of the event. The board meeting of Rowing Ireland this Saturday will consider whether the Grand League slot now left open could be filled by another regatta.

The Irish University Championships, originally scheduled for Blessington in June, have been switched to the National Rowing Centre in Cork and will be held on April 11th. Skibbereen’s two-day Grand League Regatta will be held on April 12th and 13th at the NRC.

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# ROWING HENLEY QUALIFIERS: The qualifying races for Henley Royal Regatta last evening did not bring joy for Galway Rowing Club. Two crews competed in the Junior Women’s Quadruple, but failed to qualify for the regatta, which begins on Wednesday.

Belfast Boat Club pulled off a fine result in qualifying for the Britannia, a club coxed fours event. They were one of just three of eight crews to qualify.

However, the Queen’s University eight did not make it through the qualifiers to the draw of the Temple Cup.

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#ROWING: The Afloat Rowers of the Month for April are the Galway Rowing Club under-23 women’s eight which won the Division One title at the Queen’s University Regatta, the first eFlow Grand League Regatta of the season. All eight rowers are juniors, with only talented cox Aifric O’Regan falling outside this age group.

Rower of the Month awards: The judging panel is made up of Liam Gorman, rowing correspondent of The Irish Times and David O'Brien, Editor of Afloat magazine. Monthly awards for achievements during the year will appear on and the overall national award will be presented to the person or crew who, in the judges' opinion, achieved the most notable results in, or made the most significant contribution to rowing during 2013. Keep a monthly eye on progress and watch our 2013 champions list grow.

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Dublin Bay

Dublin Bay on the east coast of Ireland stretches over seven kilometres, from Howth Head on its northern tip to Dalkey Island in the south. It's a place most Dubliners simply take for granted, and one of the capital's least visited places. But there's more going on out there than you'd imagine.

The biggest boating centre is at Dun Laoghaire Harbour on the Bay's south shore that is home to over 1,500 pleasure craft, four waterfront yacht clubs and Ireland's largest marina.

The bay is rather shallow with many sandbanks and rocky outcrops, and was notorious in the past for shipwrecks, especially when the wind was from the east. Until modern times, many ships and their passengers were lost along the treacherous coastline from Howth to Dun Laoghaire, less than a kilometre from shore.

The Bay is a C-shaped inlet of the Irish Sea and is about 10 kilometres wide along its north-south base, and 7 km in length to its apex at the centre of the city of Dublin; stretching from Howth Head in the north to Dalkey Point in the south. North Bull Island is situated in the northwest part of the bay, where one of two major inshore sandbanks lie, and features a 5 km long sandy beach, Dollymount Strand, fronting an internationally recognised wildfowl reserve. Many of the rivers of Dublin reach the Irish Sea at Dublin Bay: the River Liffey, with the River Dodder flow received less than 1 km inland, River Tolka, and various smaller rivers and streams.

Dublin Bay FAQs

There are approximately ten beaches and bathing spots around Dublin Bay: Dollymount Strand; Forty Foot Bathing Place; Half Moon bathing spot; Merrion Strand; Bull Wall; Sandycove Beach; Sandymount Strand; Seapoint; Shelley Banks; Sutton, Burrow Beach

There are slipways on the north side of Dublin Bay at Clontarf, Sutton and on the southside at Dun Laoghaire Harbour, and in Dalkey at Coliemore and Bulloch Harbours.

Dublin Bay is administered by a number of Government Departments, three local authorities and several statutory agencies. Dublin Port Company is in charge of navigation on the Bay.

Dublin Bay is approximately 70 sq kilometres or 7,000 hectares. The Bay is about 10 kilometres wide along its north-south base, and seven km in length east-west to its peak at the centre of the city of Dublin; stretching from Howth Head in the north to Dalkey Point in the south.

Dun Laoghaire Harbour on the southside of the Bay has an East and West Pier, each one kilometre long; this is one of the largest human-made harbours in the world. There also piers or walls at the entrance to the River Liffey at Dublin city known as the Great North and South Walls. Other harbours on the Bay include Bulloch Harbour and Coliemore Harbours both at Dalkey.

There are two marinas on Dublin Bay. Ireland's largest marina with over 800 berths is on the southern shore at Dun Laoghaire Harbour. The other is at Poolbeg Yacht and Boat Club on the River Liffey close to Dublin City.

Car and passenger Ferries operate from Dublin Port to the UK, Isle of Man and France. A passenger ferry operates from Dun Laoghaire Harbour to Howth as well as providing tourist voyages around the bay.

Dublin Bay has two Islands. Bull Island at Clontarf and Dalkey Island on the southern shore of the Bay.

The River Liffey flows through Dublin city and into the Bay. Its tributaries include the River Dodder, the River Poddle and the River Camac.

Dollymount, Burrow and Seapoint beaches

Approximately 1,500 boats from small dinghies to motorboats to ocean-going yachts. The vast majority, over 1,000, are moored at Dun Laoghaire Harbour which is Ireland's boating capital.

In 1981, UNESCO recognised the importance of Dublin Bay by designating North Bull Island as a Biosphere because of its rare and internationally important habitats and species of wildlife. To support sustainable development, UNESCO’s concept of a Biosphere has evolved to include not just areas of ecological value but also the areas around them and the communities that live and work within these areas. There have since been additional international and national designations, covering much of Dublin Bay, to ensure the protection of its water quality and biodiversity. To fulfil these broader management aims for the ecosystem, the Biosphere was expanded in 2015. The Biosphere now covers Dublin Bay, reflecting its significant environmental, economic, cultural and tourism importance, and extends to over 300km² to include the bay, the shore and nearby residential areas.

On the Southside at Dun Laoghaire, there is the National Yacht Club, Royal St. George Yacht Club, Royal Irish Yacht Club and Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club as well as Dublin Bay Sailing Club. In the city centre, there is Poolbeg Yacht and Boat Club. On the Northside of Dublin, there is Clontarf Yacht and Boat Club and Sutton Dinghy Club. While not on Dublin Bay, Howth Yacht Club is the major north Dublin Sailing centre.

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