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Sports Capital Grants 2023 - Is your club or training centre looking for a boat to provide disabled access to sailing?

With deadlines due at the end of the week, there is still time to get your quote from Marine who are the leading dealers in Ireland for:

  • RS Sailing Dinghies
  • Airfloat Modular Pontoons
  • Selva Outboard Engines
  • RS Electric RIBs
  • Vanguard RIBs

There is still time left for you to get a competitive quote before Friday’s deadline. Don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

From our enquiries, we have seen a lot of clubs and training centres have asked for the option of sailing craft that are suitable for disabled access to our fantastic sport.

For this solution, look no further than the RS Venture Connect.

The RS Venture Connect has a lifting bulb keel for exceptional security and seaworthinessThe RS Venture Connect has a lifting bulb keel for exceptional security and seaworthiness

This is the self-righting keelboat version of the RS Venture, with a lifting bulb keel for exceptional security and seaworthiness.

It's large, self-draining cockpit makes the RS Venture Connect perfectly suited to unforgettable family adventures afloat. And it offers training centres a secure, multi-person boat for confidence-inspiring tuition.

Designed with plug & play parasailing equipment options, the RS Venture Connect can be set up for almost any disability – and changed between sessions as required. From able-bodied to sip/puff electronic control, the RS Venture Connect does it all.

The RS Venture Connect has twin rudders for exceptional control in all conditions The RS Venture Connect has twin rudders for exceptional control in all conditions 

The RS Venture boats the following features

  • Exceptionally stable and self-righting
  • 130kg keel with lead bulb and aluminium alloy fin
  • Removable keel hoist post and winch for easy keel lifting & lowering
  • Twin rudders for exceptional control in all conditions
  • Self-draining cockpit – transom drain tubes quickly clear spray and rainwater
  • Non-slip grip surfaces throughout the entire cockpitDurable Dacron mainsail and furling jib for training or cruising
  • Connect R race spec Mylar mainsail and high denier Dacron jib
  • Asymmetric gennaker spinnaker option
  • Trapeze pack option – for training or young sailor fun.

Para Sailing – Plug in and Play

  • Full range of options which can be added or removed as required
  • Allows the same boat to be used for either able-bodied or disabled sailing
  • Reconfigure the boat quickly to suit virtually anyone
  • A significant step forward and a huge advantage for many sailing centres
  • Twin forward-facing side-by-side seats
  • Easy communication between sailors
  • Adjustable seat position and footrests for various-size sailors
  • Plenty of additional cockpit space for an instructor or coach
  • Twin joysticks for steering from the centreline or either of the twin seats
  • Manual joystick or sip/puff steering
  • Electronic mainsheet control
  • Battery and electronic control box fitted in aft locker – removable
  • Brings all key sheets and control lines within reach of seated sailors
  • Adjustable height and reach for various sizes of sailors

For a quote or for more information, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

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The Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin, and the Minister of State for Sport and Physical Education, Thomas Byrne, announced that a new round of the Sports Capital and Equipment Programme (SCEP) will open for new applications from 17 July.

The SCEP is the government’s primary vehicle for providing support to sports clubs and communities to develop sports infrastructure around the country.

At we can help all sailing clubs and training centres around the country with new capital equipment; we can provide;

  • RS Sailing Dinghies
  • Airfloat Modular Pontoons
  • Selva Outboard Engines
  • RS Electric RIBs
  • Vanguard RIBs

The RS Sailing range is perfect for all clubs training and racing fleets around the country. have supplied many diverse boats to clubs in the four corners of Ireland throughout the last few years. The modern range of boats provides a 21st century twist on what is required for new sailors to embrace the sport and have a positive experience from their first sails.

The RS range includes the Tera, perfectly suited for smaller sailors as an alternative to other traditional beginner boatsThe RS range includes the Tera, perfectly suited for smaller sailors as an alternative to other traditional beginner boats

The RS Feva, well known as the perfect double handed training & racing boat for the 9-14 year old ages groupsThe RS Feva, well known as the perfect double handed training & racing boat for the 9-14 year old ages groups

The RS Zest which boasts innovative features such as a centreboard to avoid damage in shallow waters to a traditional daggerboard case. This boat is suited perfectly for two children or as a single-handed training boat for adults.The RS Zest which boasts innovative features such as a centreboard to avoid damage in shallow waters to a traditional daggerboard case. This boat is suited perfectly for two children or as a single-handed training boat for adults.

The RS Quest, jointly developed by the Sea Scouts has been sold in abundance and is the ultimate training dinghy with options including trapeze, asymmetric spinnaker, symmetrical spinnaker, the list is endless. A great training boat for adults and children alike that can be used to teach performance sailing but is also perfect for adventure camping sailing.The RS Quest, jointly developed by the Sea Scouts has been sold in abundance and is the ultimate training dinghy with options including trapeze, asymmetric spinnaker, symmetrical spinnaker, the list is endless. A great training boat for adults and children alike that can be used to teach performance sailing but is also perfect for adventure camping sailing

There are plenty more boats in the range, to arrange a test sail or for more information, see the online brochure here or contact [email protected].

Airfloat modular pontoons in Dun Laoghaire HarbourAirfloat modular pontoons in Dun Laoghaire Harbour

Recently took over the management of Airfloat modular pontoons which is a Highly versatile and the cost effective answer to create pontoons, floating jetties and walkways and can make an innovate solution for storing rescue boats and dinghies afloat. With a dedicated installation team we can design, supply and install a system for any of your needs throughout Ireland.

For further information, please see our website for all things AirFloat is now in its sixthth year of supplying & maintaining Selva marine outboards, which are manufactured by well-known Yamaha and are available at a slightly reduced price. With country-wide installation and servicing available on-site and stock engines available for immediate delivery, we can supply from 2.5hp to 300hp. supply and maintain Selva marine supply and maintain Selva marine outboards

The full range can be seen here. Contact [email protected] for an instant quote

New for 2023 is proud to be moving with the future with the addition of RS Electric RIBs to our stable. RS Electric Boats has announced that the new iteration of the Pulse 63, featuring a RAD40 (electric propulsion system) and increased battery capacity from 46kWh to 63kWh, will be on the market from August 2023.

RS Electric Boats has announced a new iteration of the Pulse 63, featuring a RAD40RS Electric Boats has announced a new iteration of the Pulse 63, featuring a RAD40

RS Electric Boats has calculated that the integral RAD40 offers 45 per cent more efficiency than the previous configuration, which was already a significant leap in terms of electric RIBs. The Pulse 63 will have even more speed and range than it previously enjoyed.

Further to this, the new set-up means the Pulse 63 will enjoy extreme manoeuvrability. This is because the RAD40 head unit stays still and only the bottom of its leg swivels. As a result, the propeller can turn 90 degrees in each direction, offering a fantastic 180 degrees – allowing the Pulse to spin in its own length.

Vanguard RIBsVanguard RIBs

As part of our agreement with Selva, we are also suppliers of Vanguard RIBs, or particular interest to clubs would be the Pro Work line. We have supplied various Vanguard packages from the smaller 450 Pro Work above to the Pro Work 850 in passenger boat format with over 200 horsepower!

As always, it is best to contact [email protected] for a quote or to discuss your exact requirements.

Whatever it is your club or training centre requires, we can supply it for you!

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The Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School have launched their Autumn recruitment campaign. While the Summer programmes in the Dun Laoghaire Sailing School are still in full swing preparations are underway for the September – November period, which requires an increase in the school's workforce in response to the demand for weekday training for primary and secondary groups.

Operations Manager Glyn Williams reports sustained demand for sailing and powerboating. “School group bookings are once again strong, including the school’s newly adding sailing to their curriculum. This is additional to busy weekend courses on keelboats, dinghies and powerboats for adults”.

The positions are ideal for college students studying in Dublin, as they’ll be able to fit sessions around their lecture timetables, and the INSS team is focusing in particular on Dinghy Instructors for their weekday school programmes and powerboat instructors for weekend courses.

Speaking as the recruitment campaign got underway, Chief Instructor Kenneth Rumball describes one key point for instructors thinking of coming onboard “Instructors will have the benefit of a full-time admin and operations support team, allowing instructors to focus on what they do best – the teaching” according to Principal Kenneth Rumball.

Full information on the weekday instructor roles can be found here.

Glyn Williams is available for enquiries and submissions of CVs on [email protected].

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Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School Chief Instructor Kenny Rumball is joining the Irish Sailing Instructor Training Panel, and to get the ball rolling, the school has scheduled a series of Pre-Entry Dinghy Assessments this August.

The assessments are in response to a demand from candidates this Summer for additional opportunities, and the school and Kenny Rumball are only too happy to oblige, with assessments taking place on the following dates:

  • Friday 18th August (9 am-5 pm)
  • Monday 21st August (9 am-5 pm)
  • Friday 25th August (9 am-5 pm)

The school’s booking team are available to chat about the requirements for these assessments and assist in any way they can. Full information on these programmes can be found here.

Assisting with Training and Pre-Requisite Qualifications

The Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School are ambitious in seeking to provide assistance to prospective instructor candidates with a variety of courses within the Irish Sailing framework. Operations Manager Glyn Williams discusses the school’s plan “We’re recognised to provide training that aspiring instructors need, from the National Powerboat Certificate to First Aid and Coastal Navigation for Small Boats as well as for advanced and senior instructors including Safety Boat Courses. Over the next six months we’ll be launching a dedicated training portal to assist candidates and parents”.

This enhanced assistance will include scheduling courses more in line with Irish Sailing’s drive to get Pre-Entry Assessments completed in August/September when candidates' sailing skills are at their best. For now, the school have a range of National Powerboat Certificate courses running mid-week before the end of the Summer, as well as a schedule of Coastal Navigation for Small Boats Courses in September and October. To assist currently aspiring advanced instructor and senior instructor candidates the school have added a Safety Boat Certificate Course on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August.

Dinghy Instructor Courses

The school are also calling for interested candidates for the 5-day Irish Sailing Dinghy Instructor courses to get in touch. Although they’ve not got courses scheduled yet, they plan a programme at Halloween and again during the February Mid-Term break.

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Dun Laoghaire-based Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School has announced a collaboration between two extraordinary forces in the water sports world: Pure Magic and Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School.

Together, we bring you the newest sensation in the realm of water sports - Wingfoiling!

Pure Magic Watersports - Where the Extraordinary Awaits! Pure Magic Watersports, originally based in Clontarf and Achill Island, are synonymous with adventure, passion, and excellence.

With years of experience providing top-notch water sports experiences, their highly skilled instructors ensure that every moment spent on or above the water is unforgettable.

INSS Sailing | Powerboat | Water Activities - A Haven for Water Sports Enthusiasts! Nestled in the stunning Dun Laoghaire harbour, the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School (INSS) stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the water sports industry. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities and a location of unparalleled beauty, INSS provides the perfect environment for anyone looking to embark on an exhilarating water adventure.

Discover Wingfoiling - The Fusion of Wind and Water! Picture yourself gliding gracefully across the water, a magical blend of windsurfing, Kitesurfing (without lines) and flying. Wingfoiling takes water sports to a whole new dimension, offering an unmatched feeling of freedom and thrill. And It is super easy, especially at INSS !!!

Why Choose Wingfoiling at Pure Magic and INSS?

Expert Instruction: Pure Magic's instructors will guide you step-by-step, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all levels - from beginners to advanced riders.

Cutting-Edge Gear: INSS's top-of-the-line equipment guarantees you have everything you need to dive into the enchanting world of Wingfoiling with confidence. Our boats are following you in the wonderful Dublin Bay

Perfect Location: The picturesque setting of Dun Laoghaire provides ideal conditions for Wingfoiling, making it an unforgettable experience every time.

Community Spirit: At Pure Magic and INSS, you become part of a vibrant water sports community where you'll forge lasting friendships and share the joy of mastering this captivating sport.

Unleash Your Potential: Wingfoiling is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle. Unleash your true potential, challenge yourself, and discover a new realm of adventure!

Book Your Wingfoiling Adventure Today! The fusion of Pure Magic and INSS awaits you. Book your Wingfoiling lessons now and experience the most unforgettable adventure of your life. Whether you are a fanatic water sports enthusiast or a curious beginner, this is your chance to ride the winds and dance with the waves like never before.

Visit here to reserve your spot and become a part of this thrilling water sports journey.

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As part of this week's Dun Laoghaire Harbour Coastival Festival, the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School team is hosting a free public talk in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Lexicon this Monday evening, the 3rd of July, from 6.30 pm.

“Getting Kids Involved in Watersports & Keeping Them Involved!” will see INSS leadership and instructors share their successes at keeping participation levels high and what prospective parents can do to encourage their children to get afloat and stay there.

“Getting Kids Involved in Watersports & Keeping Them Involved!” is the theme of an INSS leadership Coastival talk at DLR Lexicon“Getting Kids Involved in Watersports & Keeping Them Involved!” is the theme of an INSS leadership Coastival talk at DLR Lexicon

The lineup for the evening includes:

Muriel Rumball

Muriel runs the popular Sea Explorer's 4-6 Years Programme and is a former primary school principal. She's our lead on our Science Foundation Ireland accredited Discovery Primary Science and Maths (DPSM) ecology programme and an education officer for the Marine Institute.

Glyn Williams

Glyn is the operations manager of the school and a graduate from the kids' sailing courses himself!

Dairine McCabe

Senior Dinghy and Powerboat Instructor Dairine McCabe is a regular on our junior programmes and is involved with all age groups, 4-6 years, 7-10 years, 11-14 years and 15-17 years.

James Griffin

James is a newly qualified dinghy instructor, having recently come right through our courses and is now passing on these skills to new sailors.

Course Participants

We have a few course participants to share their thoughts on what motivates them and what their favourite things about being out on the water is.

Event Details

Date: Monday 3rd July
Time: 6.30 pm-7.30 pm
Where: DLR Lexicon Library

We welcome parents from courses, those interested in getting their kids involved, and anyone interested in watersports. Children are welcome to come along too!

Event Registration

All are welcome to attend, and all registered attendees will be entered into a draw for an INSS Summer Kids Course!

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The RS Ireland Super Series final act concluded the series last Saturday at Dun Laoghaire Harbour.

The short racing sprint series is the perfect training ground ahead of the summer sailing series. Racing was held for RS classes and for Waszps. Short 20-minute races with up to five races a day.

The last day was held with a strong South Westerly forecast that was due to decline to more agreeable winds. Race officer Kenny Rumball set the start/finish line at the Eastern side of the Harbour with a weather mark upwind near the breakwaters.

We managed to squeeze in a fantastic five races! Have a look at what we got up to in this video! 

Aeros, Waszps and Fevas featured on the day. What was of particular highlight was two young Feva Sailors who came from Howth to up their skills and sail against boats from the Dun Laoghaire Clubs. The young sailors are keen to build the fleet in Howth.

In a bid to help grow the fleet, RS Ireland currently has two limited offers available for Fevas in Ireland! These offers are limited and are a substantial saving over a new boat at 2023 prices!

The Irish National Sailing & Powerboats Schools Joe Gaffney & Finbarr were dominant in the FevaThe Irish National Sailing & Powerboats Schools Joe Gaffney & Finbarr were dominant in the Feva

Brand New MK1 Feva XL Race specification boats, including launching trolley and top cover! Available for only €6,834.93, including VAT

Ex-Demo MK1 Feva XL Race specification boats. These lightly used boats are essentially as new with little to no wear at all. As above complete with top cover and trolley.
We can offer these boats for €6,667.16, including VAT!

Noel Butler was the dominant leader of the Aeros, taking the win for the season. The Irish National Sailing & Powerboats Schools Joe Gaffney & Finbarr were dominant in the Feva while Tom Hogan took the Waszp Prize.

The results are available below

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It’s happening, the inaugural RS Fest, a fun action-packed weekend for RS racing classes!

RS Sailing Ireland in collaboration with Blessington Sailing Club and The Avon resort, are bringing back fun, family-orientated sailing events with activities and entertainment for all the family. From the 23rd to the 25th of June, multiple RS classes will race on the beautiful Blessington Lakes in County Wicklow, incorporating sailors of all genders and ages. The RS 200s & 400s will race on the 23rd to form their National Championships. The RS Fevas will also have their National Championships, however, they will only race on the 24th and 25th. RS Aeros and RS Teras will race on the 24th and 25th to form part of their regional calendar.

For a sneak preview, this is what we are basing the event from;

In a cohesive effort to recognise entertainment and fun for all the family, The Avon will be offering entertainment packages for all family members. Kayaking, SUPing and bicycle hire all feature from the nearby resort. There are enviable bicycle greenways around the lake, ensuring plenty of options for non-sailors who may be accompanying the RS sailors to the event.

Avon will also cater for post-racing entertainment and food in their food court at the inaugural RS Fest on Blessington Lakes in County Wicklow in June Avon will also cater for post-racing entertainment and food in their food court at the inaugural RS Fest on Blessington Lakes in County Wicklow in June 

Avon will also cater for post-racing entertainment & food in their food court, which should have some new additions this year in time for the event. Think freshly cooked wood-fired Pizzas, succulent Burgers and fresh salads!

The 2022 RS Aero Worlds Photo: Bob Stawicki Photography The 2022 RS Aero Worlds Photo: Bob Stawicki Photography 

For any young or old sailors who may be interested in taking to the water for the first time, RS Sailing Ireland will have some of their demo fleet on locations including the RS Tera, RS Neo and RS Zest for new sailors to try their hand at the sport and test out the latest models from RS.

For those sailors looking to sample new boats and classes or to minimise travel hassle, RS Sailing Ireland will have many charter boats available.

RS Fevas, RS Aeros & RS Teras will all be available for charter for the event.

Stay tuned for the Notice of Race and Charter pricing which will be released soon on the all new website and on the entry platform.

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Twenty-two young sailors completed their Dinghy Instructor Pre-Entry Assessments over the last few weekends at the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School.

The group is now preparing for RYA Dinghy Instructor Courses at Easter.

The programme at the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School is unique – drawing instructor candidates from their year-round junior programmes to first become assistant instructors during the Summer, and then inviting them to attend an 8-month training programme at weekends from September to April, covering sailing skills, theory and navigation, first aid, VHF, powerboat and skills relating to presentations, classroom management and teamworking.

The overall aim of the programme is to develop skills critical to good teaching and allow instructors pass on their passion to younger sailors and adults, on the school’s sailing courses. Sailing at the Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School is about more than just enjoying the time on the water. Life-long friendships are formed, leadership and teamworking skills are developed and everyone grows in confidence. Some of the sailors from the programme share their views on what it’s been like to be involved.

“A unique and worthwhile experience has led me to develop a passion, learn new skills from amazing trainers and build new friendships with amazing people. I’m so grateful to be a part of this; I look forward to it each week and would recommend it to everyone!” - Caoimhe Brady

“From starting sailing at a young age, I always dreamed of becoming an instructor. Not only has the instructor course increased my knowledge of sailing but it's also helped me become more confident and more independent. The course has also allowed me to meet some incredible people, and I have made many new friends I would have never met without the course. The instructor course is a great opportunity and I have gained so much from it.” - Conor Ahearne

“The Instructor Training Program has provided me with so many incredible experiences and opportunities. Not only has it improved my sailing ability, but has taught so many amazing skills and has presented an incredible chance to meet new people and overall has been an amazingly unique experience. I have enjoyed every aspect of it.” - Sarah Gormley

Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School Senior Instructors Zoë Noonan and Jeff Fahy have run the training to date and take pride in all 22 candidates successfully meeting the sailing standards. Candidates have already undertaken powerboat training to Powerboat Level 2 standard and are now focussing on developing boat handling skills needed for safe instruction of sailors.

Commenting on the 100% pass rate of the pre-entry assessments Glyn Williams, Operations Manager at the school says “All the candidates should be exceptionally proud of their efforts so far. We’re really looking forward to them joining the team after completing their instructor courses at Easter. Equally, the coaching team deserve great praise for once again having a full house of successful candidates”.

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Over the last number of years, the Irish National Sailing and Powerboat School have made steps to lessen its impact on the environment, one of the school’s top priorities. The Irish Government committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and the team are onboard with these targets. 

The motivation to put the school on a sustainable footing was two-fold, explains school principal Kenneth Rumball “Most importantly, we want to do this; the whole team is motivated and care. Secondly, with government initiatives to promote climate action, we feel it’s the right time to transform the operation to ready the school for the future”.

Operations Manager Glyn Williams explains the school's sustainability plan. “We have two objectives, first to meet or exceed the climate action targets set by the government and secondly, to operate in an entirely sustainable way – encompassing waste elimination, the strongest environmental stewardship, utilising the most efficient technology and to allow us to focus on what we all really enjoy – teaching people and getting them afloat”.

Their journey has exposed benefits beyond those associated with climate action – there are significant savings on energy costs, and more efficient work practises which can make a tangible difference to the team’s day-to-day working lives. The school set out their progress and ambitions here:

Ongoing Measures Targeting Environmental Impact

Goal – Helping the students and team be environmentally aware

It is so vital that children are taught from an early age about sustainability. The school is a Science Foundation Ireland Accredited Discovery Primary Science and Maths Centre, with Muriel Rumball delivering a Marine Ecology Seashore workshop. These workshops are integrated into many of the school’s sailing courses. In addition, DPSM School Tours serve as an excellent way to educate primary children as to the impact we have on the environment.

Muriel Rumball (left) delivers a Marine Ecology session of the Seashore workshopMuriel Rumball (left) delivers a Marine Ecology session of the Seashore workshop

Goal – Reducing Outboard Engine Emissions

The school is undertaking an ongoing programme of equipment renewal, focusing on replacing the older outboard engines with more efficient modern engines. Thanks to the school's partnership with Irish Selva Marine agent upgrades to the fleet are constant. Additionally, the team perform in-house maintenance regularly, which aids in keeping the equipment performing at its best.

The maintenance team have prioritised good environmental stewardship, by introducing syphon tubing for re-fuelling and ensuring that waste oils are disposed of through proper channels. This has extended to the wider school team with training and monitoring to ensure it’s done right.

Goal – Facilitate Active Travel and Public Transport Use

The school’s workforce are mostly 16-24 years old, and for age and economic reasons, tend not to have access to cars. Given the need for watersports participants to shower and change, the school has not had the same challenge in providing team members with such facilities that other businesses may find when adopting a strategy to see more people cycle or walk to work.

They agree that Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has helped on a very practical level, responding favourably to requests for additional cycle parking adjacent to their West Pier Clubhouse and Coal Harbour Boathouse. In addition, many staff and students make use of the new cycling facilities in the area.

For school principal Kenny Rumball, it’s important to lead by example – in his case, his preferred transport tool is his One-Wheel!

School principal Kenneth RumballOne Wheel - School principal Kenneth Rumball

Goal – Giving sails and wetsuits an afterlife – Looking for Circular Economy Avenues

This year the school handed over a large amount of old and used sails to Ann Kirwan from AK Sail Bags, who deconstructs the sails, taking all the usable materials off them for up-cycling into bags. Everything from bolt ropes to leech lines to even the cringles gets used to produce a stunning handbag, gear bag, washbag or marina bag! Furthermore, as a school that houses thousands of children and adults through its doors each year and also provides a wetsuit rental option to all clients too, they are bound to have some worn-down wetsuits from time to time.

They also work in close collaboration with The Upcycle Movement to give these wetsuits an afterlife by rescuing and transforming materials that otherwise would have gone to landfill. The results are unique and sustainable products. Hundreds of the school’s worn-down wetsuits have been transformed into pencil cases, wallets, bags and much more!

Ann Kirwan from AK Sail Bags deconstructs the sails, taking all the usable materials off them for up-cycling into bagsAnn Kirwan from AK Sail Bags deconstructs the sails, taking all the usable materials off them for up-cycling into bags


Goal – Renew Dinghy Fleet in Sustainable Way

By working with / RS Sailing Ireland, the school are renewing their dinghy fleet with boats designed with environmental stewardship at the forefront. RS Sailing have a major focus on sustainability in all they do, and this benefits the school’s operation according to Glyn Williams, “We choose RS Sailing dinghies as they were the best-designed boats for the job, but the sustainable practises from RS Sailing really are of benefit. RS focussed on using recycled materials as much as possible, so a new polyethylene hull is at least 70% recycled plastic. More importantly, it’s 100% recyclable – which is something RS will actually help you do. Even spare and foil construction is done to make recycling at the end of their life easy”.
Goal – Engines Go Electric

The school’s recently acquired fleet of J80 keelboats allows for a new adventure and cruising-orientated programmes; however, rather than fit petrol outboards, the team are currently procuring a fully electric alternative.
Testing is underway on electric engines for the safety boats, and plans are underway to roll this out when suitable options are available.


Goal - Waste Elimination – Paperless Office and Enhanced Technology

The school have thousands of students and clients walking in and out of their doors every year, each of whom used to be required to fill in a paper consent form. In 2022, all of this has moved online. Not only was this better for the environment, it also was easier for customers and staff members, and is one of the areas where the sustainability focus makes it easier for the team to do their job. Lead by Vonnie Airey; the team are undertaking a full digital transformation of the entire administration processes.

This forms part of the school’s strategy to eliminate waste across all aspects of the operation. Marine pollution is also on the radar. The team are committed to firstly not contributing to any such pollution, but also taking an active role in collecting any such materials when they have an opportunity to do so. They are in the process of planning a number of beach clean-ups throughout the year which will involve their students and staff.
Goal – Measuring and Targeting Impact

According to Glyn Williams, “back of the envelope calculations suggest that our safety boat fleet are the most important area to tackle for carbon emissions. Since 2020, despite getting busier, we don’t use any more fuel, thanks to the programme of improving engine efficiency and instigating better driving practises afloat”. However, the school are committed to understanding their impact “we can’t target what we’re not measuring”.

The team are undertaking a wide range of measurements of their overall impact and they’re committing to sharing this information. “Many things we’ve done so far have actually saved us money, or will do so in the long run – and many others make it easier to do our work”.

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Dun Laoghaire Harbour Information

Dun Laoghaire Harbour is the second port for Dublin and is located on the south shore of Dublin Bay. Marine uses for this 200-year-old man-made harbour have changed over its lifetime. Originally built as a port of refuge for sailing ships entering the narrow channel at Dublin Port, the harbour has had a continuous ferry link with Wales, and this was the principal activity of the harbour until the service stopped in 2015. In all this time, however, one thing has remained constant, and that is the popularity of sailing and boating from the port, making it Ireland's marine leisure capital with a harbour fleet of between 1,200 -1,600 pleasure craft based at the country's largest marina (800 berths) and its four waterfront yacht clubs.

Dun Laoghaire Harbour Bye-Laws

Download the bye-laws on this link here


A live stream Dublin Bay webcam showing Dun Laoghaire Harbour entrance and East Pier is here

Dun Laoghaire is a Dublin suburb situated on the south side of Dublin Bay, approximately, 15km from Dublin city centre.

The east and west piers of the harbour are each of 1 kilometre (0.62 miles) long.

The harbour entrance is 232 metres (761 ft) across from East to West Pier.

  • Public Boatyard
  • Public slipway
  • Public Marina

23 clubs, 14 activity providers and eight state-related organisations operate from Dun Laoghaire Harbour that facilitates a full range of sports - Sailing, Rowing, Diving, Windsurfing, Angling, Canoeing, Swimming, Triathlon, Powerboating, Kayaking and Paddleboarding. Participants include members of the public, club members, tourists, disabled, disadvantaged, event competitors, schools, youth groups and college students.

  • Commissioners of Irish Lights
  • Dun Laoghaire Marina
  • MGM Boats & Boatyard
  • Coastguard
  • Naval Service Reserve
  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution
  • Marine Activity Centre
  • Rowing clubs
  • Yachting and Sailing Clubs
  • Sailing Schools
  • Irish Olympic Sailing Team
  • Chandlery & Boat Supply Stores

The east and west granite-built piers of Dun Laoghaire harbour are each of one kilometre (0.62 mi) long and enclose an area of 250 acres (1.0 km2) with the harbour entrance being 232 metres (761 ft) in width.

In 2018, the ownership of the great granite was transferred in its entirety to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council who now operate and manage the harbour. Prior to that, the harbour was operated by The Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company, a state company, dissolved in 2018 under the Ports Act.

  • 1817 - Construction of the East Pier to a design by John Rennie began in 1817 with Earl Whitworth Lord Lieutenant of Ireland laying the first stone.
  • 1820 - Rennie had concerns a single pier would be subject to silting, and by 1820 gained support for the construction of the West pier to begin shortly afterwards. When King George IV left Ireland from the harbour in 1820, Dunleary was renamed Kingstown, a name that was to remain in use for nearly 100 years. The harbour was named the Royal Harbour of George the Fourth which seems not to have remained for so long.
  • 1824 - saw over 3,000 boats shelter in the partially completed harbour, but it also saw the beginning of operations off the North Wall which alleviated many of the issues ships were having accessing Dublin Port.
  • 1826 - Kingstown harbour gained the important mail packet service which at the time was under the stewardship of the Admiralty with a wharf completed on the East Pier in the following year. The service was transferred from Howth whose harbour had suffered from silting and the need for frequent dredging.
  • 1831 - Royal Irish Yacht Club founded
  • 1837 - saw the creation of Victoria Wharf, since renamed St. Michael's Wharf with the D&KR extended and a new terminus created convenient to the wharf.[8] The extended line had cut a chord across the old harbour with the landward pool so created later filled in.
  • 1838 - Royal St George Yacht Club founded
  • 1842 - By this time the largest man-made harbour in Western Europe had been completed with the construction of the East Pier lighthouse.
  • 1855 - The harbour was further enhanced by the completion of Traders Wharf in 1855 and Carlisle Pier in 1856. The mid-1850s also saw the completion of the West Pier lighthouse. The railway was connected to Bray in 1856
  • 1871 - National Yacht Club founded
  • 1884 - Dublin Bay Sailing Club founded
  • 1918 - The Mailboat, “The RMS Leinster” sailed out of Dún Laoghaire with 685 people on board. 22 were post office workers sorting the mail; 70 were crew and the vast majority of the passengers were soldiers returning to the battlefields of World War I. The ship was torpedoed by a German U-boat near the Kish lighthouse killing many of those onboard.
  • 1920 - Kingstown reverted to the name Dún Laoghaire in 1920 and in 1924 the harbour was officially renamed "Dun Laoghaire Harbour"
  • 1944 - a diaphone fog signal was installed at the East Pier
  • 1965 - Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club founded
  • 1968 - The East Pier lighthouse station switched from vapourised paraffin to electricity, and became unmanned. The new candle-power was 226,000
  • 1977- A flying boat landed in Dun Laoghaire Harbour, one of the most unusual visitors
  • 1978 - Irish National Sailing School founded
  • 1934 - saw the Dublin and Kingstown Railway begin operations from their terminus at Westland Row to a terminus at the West Pier which began at the old harbour
  • 2001 - Dun Laoghaire Marina opens with 500 berths
  • 2015 - Ferry services cease bringing to an end a 200-year continuous link with Wales.
  • 2017- Bicentenary celebrations and time capsule laid.
  • 2018 - Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company dissolved, the harbour is transferred into the hands of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council

From East pier to West Pier the waterfront clubs are:

  • National Yacht Club. Read latest NYC news here
  • Royal St. George Yacht Club. Read latest RSTGYC news here
  • Royal Irish Yacht Club. Read latest RIYC news here
  • Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club. Read latest DMYC news here


The umbrella organisation that organises weekly racing in summer and winter on Dublin Bay for all the yacht clubs is Dublin Bay Sailing Club. It has no clubhouse of its own but operates through the clubs with two x Committee vessels and a starters hut on the West Pier. Read the latest DBSC news here.

The sailing community is a key stakeholder in Dún Laoghaire. The clubs attract many visitors from home and abroad and attract major international sailing events to the harbour.


Dun Laoghaire Regatta

Dun Laoghaire's biennial town regatta was started in 2005 as a joint cooperation by the town's major yacht clubs. It was an immediate success and is now in its eighth edition and has become Ireland's biggest sailing event. The combined club's regatta is held in the first week of July.

  • Attracts 500 boats and more from overseas and around the country
  • Four-day championship involving 2,500 sailors with supporting family and friends
  • Economic study carried out by the Irish Marine Federation estimated the economic value of the 2009 Regatta at €2.5 million

The dates for the 2021 edition of Ireland's biggest sailing event on Dublin Bay is: 8-11 July 2021. More details here

Dun Laoghaire-Dingle Offshore Race

The biennial Dun Laoghaire to Dingle race is a 320-miles race down the East coast of Ireland, across the south coast and into Dingle harbour in County Kerry. The latest news on the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race can be found by clicking on the link here. The race is organised by the National Yacht Club.

The 2021 Race will start from the National Yacht Club on Wednesday 9th, June 2021.

Round Ireland Yacht Race

This is a Wicklow Sailing Club race but in 2013 the Garden County Club made an arrangement that sees see entries berthed at the RIYC in Dun Laoghaire Harbour for scrutineering prior to the biennial 704–mile race start off Wicklow harbour. Larger boats have been unable to berth in the confines of Wicklow harbour, a factor WSC believes has restricted the growth of the Round Ireland fleet. 'It means we can now encourage larger boats that have shown an interest in competing but we have been unable to cater for in Wicklow' harbour, WSC Commodore Peter Shearer told here. The race also holds a pre-ace launch party at the Royal Irish Yacht Club.

Laser Masters World Championship 2018

  • 301 boats from 25 nations

Laser Radial World Championship 2016

  • 436 competitors from 48 nations

ISAF Youth Worlds 2012

  • The Youth Olympics of Sailing run on behalf of World Sailing in 2012.
  • Two-week event attracting 61 nations, 255 boats, 450 volunteers.
  • Generated 9,000 bed nights and valued at €9 million to the local economy.

The Harbour Police are authorised by the company to police the harbour and to enforce and implement bye-laws within the harbour, and all regulations made by the company in relation to the harbour.

There are four ship/ferry berths in Dun Laoghaire:

  • No 1 berth (East Pier)
  • No 2 berth (east side of Carlisle Pier)
  • No 3 berth (west side of Carlisle Pier)
  • No 4 berth  (St, Michaels Wharf)

Berthing facilities for smaller craft exist in the town's 800-berth marina and on swinging moorings.

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