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ROWING: St Joseph’s of Galway won the men’s under-23 eights final at the Irish Schools’ Championships, at O’Brien’s Bridge in Clare today. The championships were the biggest held in the competition’s history and in contrast to yesterday's cool and wet day for the Limerick Regatta, conditions were excellent, with rowers competing in bright sunshine and on good water. Irish Schools’ Championships, O’Brien’s Bridge (Selected Results) Men Eight – Under-23: 1 St Joseph’s, Galway, 2 Col Iognaid, 3 Presentation. Jun 16: 1 Pres A, 2 Blackrock. Four – Under, 23, coxed: 1 CBC, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 Col Iognaid. Jun 16, coxed: 1 Pres A, 2 St Joseph’s, 3 Pres B. Jun 15, coxed: Presentation. Pair – Under-23: 1 Pres A, 2 Ard Scoil, 3 Col Iognaid. Sculling, Quadruple – Under-23: 1 CBC, 2 Ard Scoil, 3 St Mary’s. Jun 16, coxed: 1 CBC, Cork B, 2 Col Iognaid, 3 King’s Hos. Jun 15, coxed: 1 Ard Scoil A, 2 CBC, Cork, 3 Pres A. Double – Under-23: 1 Castleknock, 2 Schull CS, 3 Blackrock. Jun 16: 1 St Coleman’s, 2 Killorglin, 3 Borris Voc. Jun 15: 1 Blackrock, 2 Gael Colaiste, Cheath, 3 De La Salle. Single – Under-23: 1 Ard Scoil (O’Malley), 2 Castletroy (Whittle), 3 Marist (Munnelly). Jun 16: 1 Borris (Lennon), 2 CBC (O’Sullivan), 3 Ard Scoil. Jun 15: 1 Pres (O’Brien), 2 Col Iognaid (Power), 3 Killorglin (Houlihan). Women Four – Under-23: Laurel Hill A. Sculling, Quadruple – Under-23: 1 St Leo’s, 2 Laurel Hill. Jun 16, coxed: Loreto, Fer, 2 St Leo’s, 3 St Bridget’s. Jun 15, coxed: 1 Gaelscoil, 2 Laurel Hill, 3 CRCC. Double – Under-23: 1 Sacred Heart, 2 St Leo, 3 Castletroy B. Jun 16: 1 Athlone, 2 Castletroy, 3 Sacred Heart. Jun 15: 1 St Dominic’s, 2 Loreto, 3 Col Chiaran. Single – Under-23: 1 Gael Scoil (Murphy), 2 St Leo’s (Byrne), 3 St Bridget’s (Hickey). Jun 16: 1 Sacred Heart (Mooney), 2 Christ the King (Cummins), 3 WHS (Walker). Jun 15: 1 Loreto, Fer (O’Sullivan), 2 Portadown Col (McCann), 3 St Bridget’s (Murphy).


Schools Regatta Timetable 2014             
Race NoTimeEventHeatLane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Next RaceNo to Qual
18:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial ADeLaSalle - O.Mahony3Waterpark Goff2Cnock Coll Mulvaney1Marist Temple 33(4)
28:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial BSt Marys Jones2St August ahern1Borris Voc Duffy3St Josephs Madden433(4)
38:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial CCol Chiarain Hogan2Cnock Col Thompson1Athlone CC Egan Marist Cronin 33(4)
48:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial DSt. Coleman4Athlone CC McManus3Gaelscoil Gallagher2St Aloysius Hannon133(4)
58:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial EArmagh3ArdScoil O'Malley1Castletroy Whittle2St Aloysius Hannon 33(4)
68:00Mens U23 1XTime Trial F  St Munchin Carmody2Marist Munnelly1Killorglin Shaw333(4)
78:20Womens U23 2XHeat A  Castletroy B1Portadown College3Christ the King2341
88:20Womens U23 2XHeat B  St Bridgets3Killorglin2St Leos1341
98:20Womens U23 2XHeat C  Csastletroy A Sacret Heart Crescent A 341
128:40Mens J16 4X+Heat ASt Josephs Castletroy Col Iognaid St Colemans A 431
138:40Mens J16 4X+Heat BKings Hospital CCRC A Athlone CC CRCC B 431
148:40Mens J16 4X+Heat CCBC Cork B St Munchins Killarney Blackrock 431
158:56Mens J15 2XHeat ASt Colemans3Col Iognaid B2CBC Cork1St Brendans A4441
168:56Mens J15 2XHeat BKillorglin3CRCC4DeLaSalle1Col Iognaid A2441
178:56Mens J15 2XHeat CArdScoil2Kings Hospital Presentation Carlow3GaelColl Cheatharlach1441
188:56Mens J15 2XHeat D  St Josephs St Brendans B2Blackrock1441
199:12Womens J15 1XHeat A  P'down Col McCann2St Bridgets Murphy1CRCC Ni Hearain3452
209:12Womens J15 1XHeat B  Loretto Fer O'Sullivan1CRCC Ni Chainte   451
219:20Mens U23 4+Heat A  Presentation3Col Iognaid2CBC1462
229:20Mens U23 4+Heat B  Blackrock2St Josephs1  461
 9:28Womens J16 2XHeat AArdScoil Mhuire4Castletroy1CRCC 3Sacret Heart2492
249:28Womens J16 2XHeat B  Col Iognaid  Athlone CC Killorglin4492
259:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial AArdScoil A1St Marys CW2St Munchins B3KHBC A 50(4)
269:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial BKnockbeg Killorglin Blackrock KHBC B 50(4)
279:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial CSt Alousius St Colemans CRCC Borris Voc 50(4)
289:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial DBlackrock A Athlone CCA St Munchins A Ardscoil B  50(4)
299:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial E  Killarney Athlone CCB Castleknock Coll 50(4)
309:36Mens J16 2XTime Trial F  CBC Cork A Marist St Bren 50(4)
319:56Womens J16 4X+Heat ASt Leos2Laurel Hill3Athlone CC4Loretto Fer1512
329:56Womens J16 4X+Heat B  St Bridgets1Christ the King2Castletroy  512
3310:04Mens U23 1XFinalMarist Munnelly3Kilorglin Shaw4ArdScoil O Malley1Castletroy Whittle2  
3410:08Womens U23 2XFinal   Castletroy B3St. Leo2Sacred Heart1  
3510:12Mens Junior 15 4+Final   St Josephs2Presentation1    
3610:16Mens U23 2-Final Col Iognaid3Blackrock4ArdScoil2Presentation A 1 
3810:24Mens J14 1XFinal A  Knockbeg Keating1St Marys Fleming3Killorglin Houlihan2 
3910:24Mens J14 1XFinal B  Pres McCurtain1St Colemans Hurley3ArdScoil O'Byrne2  
4010:24Mens J14 1XFinal C  St Brendans Kunicki3ArdScoil Furey2CBC O'Hara1  
4110:36Womens J14 2XFinal A  Loreto B1Athlone CC3Loreto A2  
4210:36Womens J14 2XFinal B  Col Iognaid2Castletroy1    
4310:44Mens J16 4X+Final  Col Iognaid2Kings Hospital3CBC Cork B1  
4410:48Mens J15 2XFinalCBC Cork Delasaille3Gael Colaiste Cheath2Blackrock1  
4510:52Womens J15 1XFinal  St Bridgets Murphy3Lor Fer O' Sullivan1P'Down Col McCann2  
4610:56Mens U23 4+Final  CBC1Col Iognaid3St Josephs2  
4711:00Womens U23 2-Final  Killorglin No Race     
4911:08Womens J16 2XFinalSacred Heart3Castletroy2Athlone1Col Iognaid   
5111:16Womens J16 4X+Final Christ the King4Loretto Fer1St. Bridgets3St Leos2  
5411:20Mens J15 4X+Heat ACRCC2St Brendans3St Colemans1St Josephs B 991
5511:24Mens J15 4X+Heat B  Col Iognaid B2Presentation B3Presentation A1991
5611:28Mens J15 4X+Heat C  Ardscoil A 1ArdScoil B3Col Iognaid A2991
5711:32Mens J15 4X+Heat D  CBC1St Josephs A Blackrock2991
5811:36Womens U23 1XHeat ASac Heart Murphy2P'Down Flack3Mounthawk Ryan1Castletroy Griffin 1001
5911:36Womens U23 1XHeat BCastletroy Silke Castletroy McEligott3St Brigids Hickey1Royal Sch Martin21001
6011:36Womens U23 1XHeat CSt Leos Byrne1Col Iognaid Cushen2Blackwater Laughlin Borris Duffy 1001
6111:36Womens U23 1XHeat D  St Leos McGrath2Pres McCarthy3GaelScoil Murphy11001
6211:36Womens U23 4-Final  Laurel Hill A1Laurel Hill B2    
62A11:52Mens J16 2XFinalArd Scoil4Borris Voc3St. Colemans1Kiloglin2  
6311:52Mens U23 2XHeat ACBC A Royal school3St Munchins2Schull CS11011
6411:52Mens U23 2XHeat BCBC B4Castleknock1Marist3St Josephs21011
6511:52Mens U23 2XHeat C  Blackrock1Kings Hospital2Killorglin 1011
6712:08Womens J15 2XHeat ASacret Heart A2Loreto1Christ the King3Laurel Hill 1081
6812:08Womens J15 2XHeat BSt Leo's4Col Iognaid2Col Chiarain1CRCC31081
6912:08Womens J15 2XHeat CSacret Heart B4Gaelscoil A2St Dominics1Castletroy31081
7012:08Womens J15 2XHeat DBlackwater2Athlone  GaelScoil B1Kilorglin31081
7112:24Womens J16 1XHeat AChristKing Cummins1Loreto Bartley2Killorg O'Donoghue3Mounthawk McElligott41101
7212:24Womens J16 1XHeat B  Sac Heart Mooney1St Bridgets Joy3Blackwater Murphy21101
7312:24Womens J16 1XHeat C  Loreto Cotter2St Bridgets Cagney3Col Ign Coyne11101
7412:24Womens J16 1XHeat D  Loreto Walsh3Castletroy Barton2WHS Walker11101
4812:37Mens J16 8Final  Presentation A1Blackrock2    
7712:48Mens J15 1XHeat AGaelScoil O'Toole3Knockbeg Keating2Pres O'Brien1St Colemans Hurley41171
7812:48Mens J15 1XHeat BB'water Ballegaard2Col Iog O'Halloran4CRCC O'Dalaigh3KHBC Doyle11171
7912:48Mens J15 1XHeat CAthlone Byrne3Borris Duffy4Col Iog Buckley2Killorglin Houlihan11171
8012:48Mens J15 1XHeat DCol Iognaid Power1Killorglin Ireland4KHBC Gillick3DeLaSalle Harrison21171
8113:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial AArdScoil O'Brien3Marist Daly1Knockbeg Brophy4C'Knock Newcombe2118(4)
8213:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial BKillarney O'Neill1CRCC O'Ceirin3St Marys Byrne CRCC MacSuibhne2118(4)
8313:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial CSt Colemans Pyne2St Munchins O'Connor1At Aloysius Hannon3St Munchins Nash4118(4)
8413:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial DArdScoil J McKeown2Athlone Clogher Col Iog Convery Castletroy Silke1118(4)
8513:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial EBorris Lennon2Killarney O'Donoghue4CBC O'Sullivan1Marist Flynn3118(4)
8613:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial F  C'knock Thompson2St Marys Doyle3Athlone Maloney1118(4)
8713:04Mens J16 1XTime Trial G  Borris Scully1ArdScoil Nolan3ArsScoil B McKeown2118(4)
8813:28Womens J15 4X+Heat ASt Bridids B3Christ the King4GaelScoil1ArdScoil Mhuire21191
8913:28Womens J15 4X+Heat BCol Chiarain4Col Iognaid3Laurel Hill1St Brigids C21191
9013:28Womens J15 4X+Heat C  St Brigids A2CRCC 1Crescent31191
9913:40Mens J15 4X+FinalSt Colemans4Presentation A3ArdScoil A1CBC2  
10013:44Womens U23 1XFinalMounthawk Ryan4St. Brigets Hickey3St. Leos Byrne2Gaelscoil Murphy1  
10113:48Mens U23 2XFinal  Schull CS2Castleknock1Blackrock3  
10213:52Womens J14 4X+           
10313:52Womens J14 4X+Final  Col Iognaid B3Loreto1Col Iognaid A2  
10414:00Mens J14 2XFinal AAthlone ArdScoil1St Colemans CRCC2  
10514:00Mens J14 2XFinal B  St Josephs2Killorglin3St Marys1  
10614:08Mens U23 8Final  Presentation3Col Iognaid2St Josephs1  
10714:12Womens U23 4X-Final  St Leos1Laurel Hill2    
10814:16Womens J15 2XFinalLoreto2Col Chiaran3St Dominics1Gaelscoil B4  
11014:24Womens J16 1XFinalChristKing Cummins2Sacred Heart Mooney1Col Ign Coyne4WHS Walker3  
11114:28Mens U23 4X-FinalSt Marys3Ard Scoil2CBC1Castletroy4  
11214:32Mixed J14 4X+FinalCRC2St Bridgits A1St Bridgits B3    
11314:32Mens J14 4X+Final B  St Josephs B3Col Iognaid2St Josephs A1  
11414:40Womens J14 1XFinal A  Loreto Murphy1Castletroy Silke2Athlone Donovan3  
11514:40Womens J14 1XFinal B      Castletroy Lammond   
11614:40Womens J14 1XFinal Loreto O'Sullivan3Loreto CotterDNFCastletroy O'Brien2Loreto McGirr1  
11714:52Mens J15 1XFinalPres O' Brien1KHBC Doyle4Killorglin Houlihan3Col Iog Power2  
11814:56Mens J16 1XFinalCBC O' Sullivan2Borris Lennon1Ard Scoil3Borris Scully4  
11915:00Womens J15 4X+Final  Gaelscoil1Laurel Hill2CRCC3  
12015:04Mens J16 4+Final  Pres B3Pres A1St Josephs2 
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# ROWING: The Irish Schools Championships were a happy hunting ground for Colaiste Iognaid of Galway. They won the overall title at the National Rowing Centre in Cork today. The junior 18 eights was won by another Galway school, St Joseph’s, but the open fours went to Ard Scoil Ris of Limerick and the open pairs was won by twin brothers Brian Keohane and David Keohane for Presentation Brothers, Cork.

 The junior 14 quadruple sculls had an extraordinarily close finish, with Intermediate School, Killorglin shading it over Colaiste Iognaid, St Coleman's of Fermoy and Presentation, Cork.

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