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David Tyler of Belfast Harbour based Artemis Technologies, will present the 'Artemis eFoiler®: Decarbonising Maritime Transport' at the Europort 2023 Maritime Exhibition held in the major Dutch port of Rotterdam.

At the Europort’s Green Stage (Hall 4) is where David on Wednesday (8 Nov.) at 1100hrs will be at the walk-in-theatre to discuss the revolutionary Artemis eFoiler® as Afloat previously reported the 11.5 metre electric foiling vessel named “Pioneer of Belfast” . The prototype can fly over the water, using significantly less energy than a conventional workboat with high-speed re-charging technology also developed.

Artemis Technologies which launched the Artemis eFoiler® in 2022 with its 100% electric, high-speed foiling workboat prototype on Belfast Lough, aims to one step closer to providing high-speed zero-emission maritime transport to the masses. To register for this particular presentation, register here for Europort 2023.

Other exhibitors and partners during Europort 2023 (3-7 November) will also be giving short presentations and share their insights in the field of green shipping.

Europort is organized in the world port city of Rotterdam, where the international maritime exhibition is a meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding.

With an average of 25,000 professional visitors and 1,000 exhibiting companies Europort belongs to the world’s largest maritime meeting & knowledge sharing B2B platforms.

The seas, channels and river are deeply rooted in The Netherlands’ DNA and so the Dutch are globally renowned for challenging these waters and for their maritime expertise on extraordinary projects.

While the exhibition will span every aspect of the maritime world, it is therefore only natural that Europort has a strong focus on high-tech ships. These nine categories of special-purpose vessels will be particularly prominent at Europort.

About Electric outboard engines

The direct-drive component in electric outboard engines means that the electric motors are incredibly efficient compared to conventional marine combustion motors, operating with considerably higher torque whilst using less power.

Without any need for gears, cooling systems and moving parts the motors are maintenance free, highly efficient and economic to run.

As a result, electric boat engines are becoming more popular on Irish waters as the world transitions from fossil fuels to green energy.

To date, popular electric engine sizes have been trolling engines typically used by fishermen on lakes.

These marine engines are available in models that can be used in fresh water and sea water, for your boat or kayak.

Electric motors are Ideal for fishermen because they are quiet and create little in the way of disturbance 

Popular electric trolling models range from 30lb thrust to 55lb thrust in a range of shaft lengths.

But use is becoming broader now in 2021 and electric outboard engines are being used on small runabouts and RIBS where electric outboard engine sizes are getting bigger.

Outboard electric engines are economical and environmentally friendly. Battery technology is also improving at a rapid rate meaning they are becoming smaller and lighter and run for longer.

Built in hydro-generation provides alternative recharging options whilst under sail are also options meaning the electric outboard now has a home on the stern on small yachts and dayboats too.

As far back as 2014, Torqeedo owner Jack O'Keefe from Cork Harbour told Afloat readers of his sailing adventures in a Drascombe Coaster dinghy and how after swapping from a petrol version the rewards from his new electric outboard engine are less noise, no smells, more stowage, better sailing performance and a motor that can be started by a small child. But it's still not silent, there's a whine he says here 

Popular brands in Ireland are Torqeedo, ePropulsion, Pulsar and Minn Kota but there are more arriving all the time as the technology advances