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#HomeInternationalRowing: Ireland had to be content with second places both in crew terms and in overall categories at the Home International Regatta in Nottingham. England had a clean sweep, winning both the senior men’s and women’s categories and the junior men’s and women’s. Ireland senior men and junior women filled the runners-up spots; the senior women finished fourth and the junior men third.

The men’s junior pair of Ryan McKenna and Alex Chadfield from Clonmel won, as did the Ireland junior women’s eight. Twelve Ireland crews finished second in their races.

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# ROWING: Athlone Regatta, which was scheduled for Coosan Point tomorrow (Saturday) has been cancelled. The organisers made the decision today because the wind and the flood levels were too variable.

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#ROWING: Galway crews won both the men’s Intermediate and Junior 18A eights at the Limerick Regatta. The junior title went to St Joseph’s, while NUIG won the intermediate crown.

Limerick Regatta Results 2012              
RaceTimeEventHeatLane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Next RaceNo Qual 
108:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat ACastleconnell (Moloney)2Colaiste Iognaid RC A (Bell)1Fermoy RC A (Fischer)4St. Michaels (Hanily)334/35  
208:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat BGraiguenamanagh C (Murphy)3Clonmel RC B (Mc Kenna)2Tralee RC B (Sugrue)4Shannon RC B (Fitzgibbon)134/35  
308:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat C  Athlone BC (Molloy)1Clonmel RC A (Allen)3Fermoy RC B (O'Mahoney)234/35  
408:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat D  Shannon RC C (Devereux)2Graiguenamanagh RC B (Schone)1UL RC (Aherne)334/35  
508:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat E  St. Joseph's (Lydon)1Tralee RC A (Stuart)2Shannon RC A (Blackwell)334/35  
608:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat FNO RACE       34/35  
708:50Men's Intermediate 1XHeat A  Garda Suiochana B (Kenny)3University of Limerick A (Sheehan)2St. Michael's (Lazda)144  
808:50Men's Intermediate 1XHeat B  University of Limerick (Brinn)2St. Michael's B (O'Connor)1  44  
909:00Mens Novice 4X+Heat A  Athlunkard A1Shandon BC2NUIG345  
1009:00Mens Novice 4X+Heat B  Commercial RC1Athlunkard B2  45  
1109:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat AGraiguenamanagh BC3Cork BC C2Athlunkard BC4Clonmel151/52  
1209:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat BCarlow B1St. Joseph's B Cork BC A2 351/52  
1309:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat CAthlone3Shandon2Colaiste Chiarain4Fermoy151/52  
1409:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat DSt. Michael's A4Shannon 1Carlow3Colaiste Iognaid251/52  
1509:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat EKillorglin1Muckross4St. Joseph's2Cork BC B351/52  
1609:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat FNO RACE       51/52  
1709:35Mens Junior 18 2XHeat AColáiste Iognaid B3St. Michael's 2Fermoy4Athlone150  
1809:35Mens Junior 18 2XHeat B  Castleconnell3Fermoy B2Coláiste Iognaid A150  
1909:35Mens Junior 18 2XHeat C  Coláiste Chiaráin3Tralee2Coláiste Iognaid C150  
2009:35Mens Junior 18 2XHeat D  Clonmel2Shandon3St. Michael's B150  
2109:55Women's Junior 16 2XHeat AAthlunkard 3Shandon2Fermoy Graiguenamanagh BC146  
2209:55Women's Junior 16 2XHeat BSt. Michael's4Tralee3Coláiste Chiaráin2Castleconnell146  
2309:55Women's Junior 16 2XHeat CNO RACE       46  
2410:10Men's Intermediate II - 1XHeat ASt. Michael's C (Taylor)4Cappoquinn (Landers)2Clonmel (Predergast)1St. Michaels (Culinane)353  
2510:10Men's Intermediate II - 1XHeat BCommerical (Peuget)1Neptune (Brett)3Neptune A (McCarthy)2Athlunkard (Carroll)453  
2610:10Men's Intermediate II - 1XHeat CNO RACE       53  
2710:20Womens Junior 18A 4X-Heat ACastleconnell Shandon - DISQ St. Michael's A2St. Michael's B158  
2810:20Womens Junior 18A 4X-Heat B  Fermoy1Athlone2St. Michael's C 58  
2910:30Womens Junior 15 2XHeat ASt. Michael's C1Fermoy3Offaly2Coláiste Iognaid A460  
3010:30Womens Junior 15 2XHeat B  Coláiste Iognaid B3St. Michael's B2Killorglin160  
3110:30Womens Junior 15 2XHeat C  St. Michael's A2Shandon3Cork160  
3210:45Men's Senior 2-Heat ASt. Michael's A1Neptune3Muckross/ULRC2Lee RC 61  
3310:45Men's Senior 2-Heat BRACE 32 is NOW A FINAL RACE 32 is NOW A FINAL RACE 32 is NOW A FINAL RACE 32 is NOW A FINAL 61  
3410:55Men's Junior 18A 1XSemi ACastleconnell (Moloney)2Coláiste Iognaid (Bell)1Shannon (Fitzgibbon)3Clonmel (McKenna)463  
3510:55Men's Junior 18A 1XSemi B  Athlone (Molloy)2Graiguenamanagh (Shone)3St. Joseph's (Lydon)163  
3611:05Women's Junior 16 4X+Heat A  Shandon1Castleconnell BC2Athlone362  
3711:05Women's Junior 16 4X+Heat B  Athlunkard2Colaiste Iognaid1  62  
3811:15Men's Junior 16 1XHeat AShannon (Carmody)1Clonmel (Chadfield)2Commercial (Carroll)3Cork (O'Connell) - Injury 67  
3911:15Men's Junior 16 1XHeat BCastleconnell (Kileen)1Athlunkard (Meehan)3Conmel B (May)4Coláiste Chiaráin (Malone)267  
4011:15Men's Junior 16 1XHeat CAthlone (Egan)1Clonmel (Lonergan)3Athlone (Hannon)2Skibbereen (Mc Carthy)467  
4111:15Men's Junior 16 1XHeat DNo Race       67  
4211:35Womens Novice 4X+Heat A  Cappoquinn1Shannon3Kilorglin269  
4311:35Womens Novice 4X+Heat B  Cork A1Cork B2Athlunkard369  
4411:45Men's Intermediate 1XFinalUniversity of Limerick A (Sheehan)3St. Michael's (Lazda)2St. Michael's B (O'Connor)1University of Limerick (Brinn)    
4511:50Men's Novice 4X+Final  Athlunkard A1Commerical 2Shandon3   
4611:55Women's Junior 16 2XFinalShandon Graiguenamanagh BC1Castleconnell2Coláiste Chiaráin - SCR    
4712:00Womens Senior 2-Final  Cork 1Shannon2     
4812:05Womens Junior 18 8Final  Muckross1Shannon2     
4912:10Women's Novice 4+Final  NUIG A2NUIG B3UL1   
5012:15Men's Junior 18A 2XFinalAthlone2Coláiste Iognaid A3St. Michael's B4Coláiste Iognaid C1   
5112:20Mens Junior 15 4X+Final 1  Clonmel3Carlow B1Fermoy2   
5212:25Mens Junior 15 4X+Final 2  Shannon2Killorglan1     
5312:30Men's Intermediate II - 1XFinalCappoquinn (Landers)2Clonmel (Prendergast)1Commerical (Peuget)4Neptune A (Mc Carthy)3   
5412:35Men's Junior 16 8Final  Muckross3St. Joseph's 2Coláiste Iognaid1   
5512:40Women's Senior 1XFinal  ULRC (O'Sullivan)2Killorglan (Dukarska)1     
5612:45Men's Novice 4+Final- Time Pushed to 13.05 Commerical1Cork2     
5712:50Men's Junior 18A 8Final  St. Joseph's1St. Michael's2Fermoy3   
5812:55Women's Junior 18A 4X-FinalSt. Michael's A3St. Michael's B1Fermoy2Athlone    
5913:00Men's Master 8Final  Old Collegians1Shannon2     
6013:05Womens Junior 15 2XFinalOffaly3St. Michael's C2Killorglin1Cork4   
6113:10Men's Senior 2-FinalNO RACE - FINAL RUN @ RACE 32          
6213:15Women's Junior 16 4X+Final  Shandon2Colaiste Iognaid1Castleconnell3   
6313:20Men's Junior 18A 1XFinal  Colaiste Iognaid (Bell)1St. Joseph's (Lydon)2Castleconnell (Moloney)3   
6413:25Men's Intermediate 8FinalSt. Joseph's 2NUIG1Athlunkard4Muckross3   
6513:30Women's Intermediate 8Final  NUIG3Muckross2St. Michael's1   
6613:35Men's Senior 4XFinal  UL RC1Castleconnell / Clonmel / UL2NUIG3   
6713:40Men's Junior 16 1XFinal  Shannon (Carmody)1Castleconnell (Kileen)3Athlone (Egan)2   
6813:45Women's Intermediate 1XFinal  Limerick (Willis)2Offaly (Piggot)1     
6913:50Women's Novice 4X+FinalCork BC B4Cappoquinn2Cork BC A3Killorglin 1   
7013:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat AColaiste Iognaid A4Cork BC A2Castleconnell B3Fermoy C1121/1221 
7113:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat BFermoy A3Fermoy B1Lee2Colaiste Chiarain4121/1221 
7213:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat CSt Michaels 3Cholaiste Na Coiribe4Cork BC C2Athlone A1121/1221 
7313:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat DCastleconnell BC2Offaly 3Muckross DISQ 34Cork BC B1121/1221 
7413:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat EAthlone BC B4Shandon BC2Shannon RC1Lee B3121/1221 
7513:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat FNo Race Above HEATS HAVE CHANGED!!!     121/122  
7614:20Men's Senior 1XHeat AStraight Final at final time       124  
7714:20Men's Senior 1XHeat BSee race no 124       124  
7814:30Men's Novice 1XHeat AWaterford A (Konan)4Cappoquinn A (Hennessy)3Shandon (Cronje)2Clonmel (Murphy)11281 
7914:30Men's Novice 1XHeat B  Waterford B (Corrigan)1Waterford C (Harrison)2Shandon C (Smith)31281 
8014:30Men's Novice 1XHeat C  Shandon A (Carroll)3Castleconnell (O'Connor)1Waterford (Stender)21281 
8114:30Men's Novice 1XHeat D  Cappoquin (Landers)1Neptune (McCarthy)2Cappoquinn (Moloney)31281 
8214:45Mens Junior 16 2XHeat AClonmel2Castleconnell1Fermoy4Athlunkard31291 
8314:45Mens Junior 16 2XHeat BCommerical1Shandon4Skibbereen2Colaiste Iognaid B31291 
8414:45Mens Junior 16 2XHeat CTralee3Shannon A4Shannon B1Colaiste Iognaid A21291 
8514:45Mens Junior 16 2XHeat DNo Race       129  
8615:05Womens Junior 14 4X+Heat ACastleconnell3Shandon2Athlone B4Shannon C11341 
8715:05Women's Junior 14 4X+Heat BAthlone A3Castleconnell B - DISQ No Bow Ball Muckross B2Lee11341 
8815:05Women's Junior 14 4X+Heat CSt. Michael's1Athlunkard2Cholaiste Na Coiribe3Shannon RC - DNS 1341 
8915:05Women's Junior 14 4X+Heat D  Muckross A2Shannon B3Colaiste Iognaid11341 
9015:25Men's Junior 18A 4X-Heat A  Waterford BC - DNF St Michaels2Colaiste Iognaid11352 
9115:25Men's Junior 18A 4X-Heat B  Shandon BC2Shannon RC1  1351 
9215:35Women's Junior 18A 1XHeat A  Tralee (Deady)2Colaiste Iognaid (Gavin)1St. Michael's B (Ahern)31361 
9315:35Women's Junior 18A 1XHeat B  St. Michael's C (Sheehan)2Athlunkard (Green)1Tralee B (O'Donnell)31361 
9415:35Women's Junior 18A 1XHeat C  St. MIchael's A (O'Brien)2Muckross (Crowley)1Castleconnell (Donnigan) 1361 
9515:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat AKilorglan A3Kilorglan B 2St. Joseph's B4Shandon B1131/1321 
9615:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat BShannon B - DNS Colaiste Chiarain 1Shannon A2St. Joseph's C3131/1321 
9815:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat DFermoy A4Castleconnell A3Colaiste Iognaid B1Colaiste Iognaid A2131/1321 
9915:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat EFermoy D 1Athlone3Shandon4St. Joseph's D2131/1321 
9715:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat CGraiguenamanagh 3Clonmel1Fermoy C4Cork A2131/1321 
10015:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat F  St. Joseph's A1Cork C3Skibbereen 2131/1321 
10115:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat G  Athlunkard1Fermoy B3Cork B2131/1321 
12418:05Men's Senior 1XFinal  Commercial A (Crowley) Offaly (O'Donohue)      
10216:15Women's Junior 16 1XHeat AColaiste Chiarain B (G Malone)2Tralee (Ryall)3Colaiste Chiarain (R Malone)4St. Michael's (Klimek)11411 
10316:15Women's Junior 16 1XHeat BKillorglin (Hyde)2Graiguenamanagh (Duffy)4Fermoy (Sohun)1Clonmel (Coyne)31411 
10416:15Women's Junior 16 1XHeat CCastleconnell A (Griffin)3St. Michael's B (Madden)2Fermoy B (Freeman)1Graiguenamanagh B (Walsh)41411 
10516:15Women's Junior 16 1XHeat D  Colaiste Iognaid (Cushen)2Colaiste Chiarain (Downes)3Fermoy (Ryan)11411 
10616:35Men's Junior 16 4X+Heat AAthlunkard2Colaiste Iognaid B3Tralee4Athlone11421 
10716:35Men's Junior 16 4X+Heat BSt. Michael's B3Muckross B2Coláiste Chiráin 4Colaiste Iognaid11421 
10816:35Men's Junior 16 4X+Heat CShandon3Muckross4St. Joseph's A2Commerical11421 
10916:35Men's Junior 16 4X+Heat DShannon1St. Joseph's B3Athlone B4St. Michael's21421 
11016:55Women's Novice 1XHeat AULRC (Kearney)1Shandon (Callinan)2Killorglin (Ryan)3ULRC (Mooney)41432 
11116:55Women's Novice 1XHeat B  Offaly (Piggot)2St. Michael's (Gill)1Castleconnell (Silk) 1432 
11217:05Men's Intermediate 2XHeat ANUIG - DNF (crashed)3UL1Athlunkard Lee21442 
11317:05Men's Intermediate 2XHeat B  Neptune2St. Michael's3Garda11442 
11417:15Women's Junior 18A 2XHeat A  Muckross B1Fermoy2St. Michael's B31451 
11517:15Women's Junior 18A 2XHeat B  Clonmel2Muckross3St. Michael's A11451 
11617:15Women's Junior 18A 2XHeat C  Capoquinn2Muckross C3Colaiste Iognaid11451 
11717:15Women's Junior 18A 2XHeat D  Castleconnell2Shandon1Athlunkard31451 
11817:35Women’s Junior 15 4X+Heat AColaiste Iognaid3St. MIchael's Rowing Club1Muckross RC4St. Michael's B21462 
11917:35Women’s Junior 15 4X+Heat B  Tralee1Fermoy2Shannon - DNS01461 
12017:35Women’s Junior 15 4X+Heat C  Killorglin1St. Michael's C3Shandon21461 
12117:50Mens Junior 14 4X+Final 1  Fermoy C1Fermoy B2Athlone A3   
12217:55Mens Junior 14 4X+Final 2  Cork B1Shannon 2     
12318:00Women's Senior 2XFinalNo Event          
12418:05Men's Senior 1XFinalWill be raced at 16:00 Commercial A (Crowley) Offaly (O'Donohue)      
12518:10Women's Intermediate 4+Final  Cork BC2ULRC1     
12618:15Women's Junior 18A 4-Final  Colaiste Iognaid1Muckross RC2     
12718:20Women's Junior 16 8Final  Shannon 1St. Michael's2Athlone3   
12818:25Men's Novice 1XFinalCastleconnell (O'Connor)3Clonmel (Murphy)2Waterford B (Corrigan)4Cappoquin (Landers)1   
12918:30Men's Junior 16 2XFinal  Castleconnell2Commerical1Shannon B3   
13018:35Men's Intermediate 4+Final  St. Michael's3NUIG B2NUIG A1   
13118:40Mens Junior 15 2XFinal 1Fermoy D3Shandon B2Colaiste Chiarain4Colaiste Iognaid B1   
13218:45Mens Junior 15 2XFinal 2  Clonmel2St. Joseph's A1Athlunkard3   
13318:50Women's Novice 8FinalShannon 3Cork4Athlunkard2NUIG1   
13418:55Womens Junior 14 4X+FinalSt. Michaels4Shannon2Lee1Col Iognaid3   
13519:00Men's Junior 18A 4X-FinalSt. Michael's3Colaiste Iognaid2Shannon1Shandon - DNS    
13619:05Women's Junior 18A 1XFinal  Colaiste Iognaid (Gavin)3Athlunkard (Green)2Muckross (Crowley)1   
13719:10Men's Junior 18A 4+Final  Colaiste Iognaid1Michael's A2Michael's B3   
13819:15Men's Masters 1XFinal 1Clonmel (Kinsella)2Tralee (Slattery)4Commerical (Crowley)1Portora Board Club3   
13919:20Men's Masters 1XFinal 2           
14019:25Womens Junior 18 2-Final  St. Michael's A3St. Michael's B1Shannon2   
14119:30Women's Junior 16 1XFinalFermoy (Freeman)4St. Michael's (Klimek)1Fermoy (Sohan)2Fermoy (Ryan)3   
14219:35Men's Junior 16 4X+FinalShannon3Athlone2Colaiste Iognaid1Commercial4   
14319:40Women's Novice 1XFinalShandon (Callinan) - DNS UL (Carney)1St. Michael's Gill2Offaly (Piggot) - DNS    
14419:45Men's Intermediate 2XFinalLee2ULRC1Garda4Neptune3   
14519:50Women's Junior 18A 2XFinalColaiste Iognaid4Muckross B1St. Michael's A2Shandon3   
14619:55Women’s Junior 15 4X+FinalKillorglin1St. Michael's2Tralee3St. Michael's B - DNS    
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#ROWING: John Keohane of Lee Valley won the men’s senior single scull at Ghent Regatta in Belgium today. The women’s single was won by the great Ekaterina Karsten. Keohane was one of a collection of Irish winners, with Three Castles impressing in the women’s events.

Ghent International May Regatta, Belgium (Selected Winners, Irish interest)


Men, Sculling, Quadruple – Lightweight: 1 Carlow 7:04.93.

Women, Sculling, Quadruple: Three Castles 7:20.68.


Men, Sculling, Quadruple – Lightweight: 1 Carlow 7:15.36. Under-23 Lightweight Double – Carlow 7:47.39. Single – Senior: Lee Valley (J Keohane) 7:32.08

Women, Eight – Junior: Methodist College, Belfast 8:02.34. Sculling, Quadruple: Three Castles 7:20.63.

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#ROWING: Chris Black and Joel Cassells did themselves no harm in the hunt for selection on the Ireland team for the World Junior Championships when they won their final at Munich Junior Regatta today. Each heat of this event was run as a final, but Black and Cassells won their heat easily and were by far the fastest pair of the day.

Munich Junior International Regatta (Selected Results)



Pair (each heat run as a final) – Heat Three: 1 Ireland (C Black, J Cassells) 6:49.27; Heat Four: 2 Ireland (H Millar, L Seaman) 7:05.59.

Double Scull – Heat Six: 6 Ireland (A Griffin, D Quinlan) 6:56.61.

Single Scull – Heat One: 4 Ireland (P O’Donovan) 7:19.82.


Quadruple – Heat Two: 2 Ireland (B Walsh, H Shinnick, K Cromie, B Jacques) 6:55.22. Final: 5 Ireland 6:48.64.

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#ROWING: Monika Dukarska and Holly Nixon engaged in an entertaining battle in the women’s single sculls at Queen’s University Regatta at Castlewellan today, with Dukarska coming out on top in the closing stages. Helen Walshe, who won the first round of the eFlow Go Row League, was third, and Sinead Jennings fourth. Colin Williamson won the men’s equivalent. Queen’s won the Division One men’s eight. Galway Rowing Club finished second, beating Bann and Methodist College in the battle of the junior eights. Skibbereen won the women’s eight.

Queen’s University Regatta, Castlewellan – Selected Results

First Session


Eight - Division Two – A Final: 1 Queen’s (novice) 5:37.23, 2 Neptune (jun) 5:40.85, 3 Methody (jun) 5:50.92. B Final: Neptune (jun 16) 5:59.44.

Four, coxed – Division One – A Final: Queen’s (sen) 5:43.38, 2 Bann (inter) 5:47.25, 3 Methody (jun) 5:51.66.

Pair – Division One – A Final: 1 Bann (J Cassells, C Black; jun) 5:59.41, 2 Portora (jun) 6:06.41, 3 Queen’s (sen) 6:08.41. B Final: Queen’s (sen) 6:32.56; 3 Commercial 6:44.56.

Sculling, Single – Division One – A Final: 1 Queen’s (C Williamson, sen) 6:12.03, 2 UCD (D Neale) 6:16.04, 3 Skibbereen (A Burns; jun) 6:17.79, 4 Neptune (Bailey, inter) 6:20.14. B Final: 1 Queen’s (McKibbin, sen) 6:26.59; 3 RBAI (Beck, lightweight) 6:30.32. C Final: Shandon (Casey; jun) 6:27.95.

Division Two – A Final: 1 Lee (Twomey-Thompson, jun) 7:20.75, 2 RBAI (McKillan; jun) 7:24.25, 3 Skibbereen (Keating; jun 16) 7:26.80. B Final: (O’Sullivan; jun 16) 6:26.59. C Final: Offaly (Gannon; nov) 7:32.09.

Women – Eight – Division One – A Final (aggregated result from two races): 1 Skibbereen (sen) 5:47.87, 2 Galway (jun) 5:56.36, 3 St Michael’s (jun) 5:58.87.

Four, coxed – Division One – A Final: 1 Commercial (inter), 2 Queen’s, 3 Belfast. Division Two, coxed – Final: 1 Queen’s (nov) 6:53.80, 2 Belfast BC (nov) 7:02.08, 3 Commercial (nov) 7:23.12.

Sculling, Quadruple – Division One A Final: 1 Three Castles (sen) 5:59.66, 2 Portora/Belfast/Fermoy/Skibbereen (sen) 6:06.91, 3 Shandon (jun) 6:18.40. B Final: Skibbereen (jun) 6:17.49. Division Two, coxed – A Final: 1 Galway (jun 16) 6:43.76, 2 Killorglin (jun 16) 6:48.17, 3 St Michael’s (jun 16) 7:01.14. B Final: Athlunkard (nov) 7:09.56.

Double – Division One – A Final: 1 Skibbereen (D Walsh, M Dineen; sen) 6:47.80, 2 Skibbereen (sen) 6:55.87, 3 Three Castles (sen) 6:56.24; 4 Neptune (jun) 7:11.52. B Final: 1 Carrick-on-Shannon (jun) 7:33.88, 2 Garda (inter) 7:39.54.

Division Two – A Final: 1 Muckross (jun 16) 7:18.96, 2 S Michael’s (jun 16) 7:27.63, 3 Commercial (jun 18) 7:35.06; 5 Queen’s (nov) 7:44.70. B Final: Lee (jun 18) 7:29.14.

(Second session; run on Time Trial Basis)


Eight – Division One: 1 Queen’s (senior) 4:40.74, 2 Galway (junior) 4:45.74, 3 Bann (jun) 4:48.25; 4 Methodist College, Belfast (jun) 4:50.19, 5 Queen’s (intermediate) 5:08.80, 6 Queen’s B (inter) 5:12.65.

Fours – Division One: 1 Bann/Portora (sen) 5:04.80, 2 Queen’s 5:14.46, 3 Methody 5:38.27. Fours, coxed – Division Two: 1 Queen’s (nov) 5:38.95, 2 UCD (nov) 5:55.15, 3 UCD (nov) 6:00.05; 5 Methody (jun) 6:06.41; 6 Commercial (jun 16) 6:14.22.

Sculling, Quadruple – Division One: 1 Queen’s (sen) 5:07.78, 2 Skibbereen (jun) 5:16.68, 3 Bann (inter) 5:19.25. Division Two (coxed): 1 Neptune (jun 16) 5:44.06, 2 Galway (jun 16) 5:48.71, 3 Commercial (jun) 6:00.09; 5 Athlunkard 6:04.40. Double – Division One: 1 Queen’s (sen) 5:32.40, 2 Shandon (jun) 5:39.50, 3 Skibbereen (jun) 5:40.65; 5 Garda 5:41.46. Division Two 1 Lee (jun 16) 5:55.38, 2 Lee B (jun 18) 5:59.18, 3 Skibbereen (jun 16) 6:07.36; 6 Galway (nov) 6:15.90.


Eight – Division Two: 1 Queen’s (nov) 5:59.63, 2 Athlunkard (nov) 6:21.24, 3 Shannon (nov) 6:29.83; 4 Methody (jun 16) 6:39.25; 6 Shannon 7:03.44.

Four – Division One: 1 Queen’s (sen) 5:58.49, 2 Skibbereen (sen) 6:06.54, 3 Bann/St Michael’s (sen) 6:12.98; 4 Muckross (jun) 6:14.03.


Single – Division One: 1 Killorglin (M Dukarska; sen) 6:24.17, 2 Portora (H Nixon; sen) 6:24.88, 3 Three Castles (H Walshe; sen) 6:36.41; 4 St Michael’s (Jennings; sen) 6:44.42, 5 Three Castles (B Quinn; lwt) 6:49.76, 6 Fermoy (H Shinnick; jun) 7:03.23; 11 Queen’s (Addley; inter) 7:20.54. Division Two: 1 Queen’s (Richards; nov) 7:55.56, 2 Methody (English; jun 16) 8:01.29, 3 St Michael’s (Sherin, jun) 8:06.93.

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#ROWING: Methodist College, Belfast, won the men’s junior 18 eight and coxed four at Neptune Regatta. Two UCD crews fought it out in the final of the women’s senior coxed four, with UCD B coming out on top.

Results - FINALS Saturday 21st April
Race Event North Station South Station Winner Margin
33 M J 18 4X- Neptune Carlow Carlow Easily
43 W J 18 1 X Carrick-on-Shannon (Kelly) Carrick-on-Shannon (Van der Speck) Carrick-on-Shannon (Kelly) 2L
58 M J 14 2X Carrick-on-Shannon Commercial Carrick-on-Shannon 1.5 L
73 W N 4+ Commercial Bann R.C UCD B 4L
76 W N 1X Garda B.C (O'Brien) DULBC (Crowe) Garda O'Brien dist.
78 W J 14 4X+ Bann Athlone Bann 2 L
82 M J 16 2X Neptune Cork Boat Club Neptune 2 L
83 W J 15 2X Commercial RC Carrick on Shannon BC Commercial 3L
88 M S 1X Commercial (Crowley) Carlow (Coughlan) Carlow (Coughlan) 1.5L
94 M Novice 1X Waterford (Corrigan) DUBC (Rooney) DUBC (Rooney) 2L
97 W J 16 2X Carrick-on-Shannon Neptune RC Neptune 5L
99 M Inter 1 X St. Michael's (O' Connor) Neptune (Harwood) SMRC (O'Connor) 3L
100 M Masters 4+ Commercial RC Waterford Boat Club Commercial 2 1/4 L
101 M N 4x+ Neptune Commercial RC Neptune Easily
106 M J 14 4X+ Bann Cork (A) Cork A 1.5 L
109 W Nov 4X+ Methodist College Neptune Neptune 1 1/4 L
110 M N 8 Commercial RC Neptune RC Neptune 5L
111 W Inter I 4+ Winner Race 79 UCD Boat Club UCD 2 L
112 W J 16 8 Methodist College RC Commercial RC Commercial 3/4 L
113 M J 16 8 Neptune Methodist College (A) Neptune 2 L
114 M J 16 1X Athlone (Hannon) Athlone (Egan) Athlone (Egan) 5 L
115 M Inter 8 Carlow RC Bann RC Bann 4 L
116 M Masters 8 Old Collegians Boat Club Commercial RC Commercial 1 L
117 W J 18 4X- Neptune Athlone Boat Club Neptune Easily
118 W J 14 2X Carlow RC (A) Carlow RC (B) Carlow A Easily
119 M J18 8 Neptune Methody Methody 1 1/4 L
120 M J18 1X Bann (Gordon) Waterford (Konan) Bann (Konan) 1 L
121 M J 15 4X+ Commercial (B) Carlow (A) Commercial 3 L
122 W N 8 UCD DULBC DULBC 2 1/2 L
123 W S 4+ UCD B UCD Boat Club (A) UCD B 2 L
124 W I 1X Garda Boat Club (Holden) Methodist College RC (Gregson) Methody (Gregson) 5 L
125 W J 16 4X+ Neptune Commercial RC Commercial 4 L
126 M N 4+ Dublin University Boat Club Neptune RC Scratch
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