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# ROWING: Sanita Puspure is just a race away from qualifying for the Olympic Games. The Ireland single sculler finished third in her semi-final this morning behind Kim Crow of Australia and Iva Obradovic of Serbia to book her place in tomorrow’s A Final.

Olympic Qualification Regatta, Lucerne, Switzerland

Women’s Single Scull – Semi-Final One (Three to A Final; rest to B Final): 1 Australia (K Crow) 7:32.83, 2 Serbia (I Obradovic) 7:37.99, 3 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:41.27; 4 Norway (T Gjoertz) 7:42.55, 5 Ukraine (N Huba) 7:52.73, 6 Britain (R Gamble-Flint) 7:52.90. Semi-Final Two: 1 Denmark (FU Erichsen) 7:36.13, United States (G Stone) 7:39.48, Estonia (K Pajusalu) 7:42.79; France 7:48.85, 5 Latvia 8:02.96, 6 Bulgaria 8:03.05

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#ROWING: Niall Kenny and Mark O’Donovan finished third in their heat of the lightweight double scull to qualify directly for the semi-finals at the Olympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne in Switzerland today. Australia were the clear winners and Poland were second.

Olympic Qualification Regatta, Lucerne (Irish interest)


Lightweight Double Scull (First Three From Heats Straight to A/B Semi-Finals; rest to Repechage) – Heat One: 1 Hungary (Z Hirling, T Varga) 6:32.80, 2 Bulgaria 6:37.98, Austria 6:39.59. Heat Two: 1 Australia (R Chisholm, T Gibson) 6:26.56, Poland 6:34.06, 3 Ireland (M O’Donovan, N Kenny) 6:36.01, 4 Turkey 6:40.65, 5 Armenia 7:10.88. Heat Three: United States (A Campbell Jr, W Daly) 6:24.40, 2 Spain 6:24.71, 3 Switzerland 6:35.65; 4 Czech Republic 6:49.21.


Single Scull (First Two in Heats Straight to A/B Semi-Finals) – Heat One: 1 Serbia (I Obradovic) 7:27.70, 2 Estonia (K Pajusalu) 7:34.28. Heat Two: 1 Australia (K Crowe) 7:29.48, 2 United States (G Stone) 7:32.00. Heat Three: 1 Denmark (F Erichsen) 7:32.66, 2 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:35.85; 3 Norway (T Gjoertz) 7:35.88, 4 Latvia (E Gulbe) 7:53.35, 5 Bulgaria (LM Rusinova) 7:58.28

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#ROWING: Single sculler Sanita Puspure avoided a repechage by finishing second in her heat and moving directly into the A/B Semi-Finals of the Oympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne in Switzerland today. Puspure had just three hundredths of a second to spare over Tale Gjoertz of Norway for the crucial second spot behind Fie Udby Erichsen of Denmark.

Olympic Qualification Regatta, Lucerne (Irish interest)


Single Scull (First Two in Heats Straight to A/B Semi-Finals) – Heat One: 1 Serbia (I Obradovic) 7:27.70, 2 Estonia (K Pajusalu) 7:34.28. Heat Two: 1 Australia (K Crowe) 7:29.48, 2 United States (G Stone) 7:32.00. Heat Three: 1 Denmark (F Erichsen) 7:32.66

2 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:35.85; 3 Norway (T Gjoertz) 7:35.88, 4 Latvia (E Gulbe) 7:53.35, 5 Bulgaria (LM Rusinova) 7:58.28

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#ROWING: Galway crews won both the men’s Intermediate and Junior 18A eights at the Limerick Regatta. The junior title went to St Joseph’s, while NUIG won the intermediate crown.

Limerick Regatta Results 2012              
RaceTimeEventHeatLane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Next RaceNo Qual 
108:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat ACastleconnell (Moloney)2Colaiste Iognaid RC A (Bell)1Fermoy RC A (Fischer)4St. Michaels (Hanily)334/35  
208:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat BGraiguenamanagh C (Murphy)3Clonmel RC B (Mc Kenna)2Tralee RC B (Sugrue)4Shannon RC B (Fitzgibbon)134/35  
308:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat C  Athlone BC (Molloy)1Clonmel RC A (Allen)3Fermoy RC B (O'Mahoney)234/35  
408:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat D  Shannon RC C (Devereux)2Graiguenamanagh RC B (Schone)1UL RC (Aherne)334/35  
508:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat E  St. Joseph's (Lydon)1Tralee RC A (Stuart)2Shannon RC A (Blackwell)334/35  
608:30Men's Junior 18A 1XHeat FNO RACE       34/35  
708:50Men's Intermediate 1XHeat A  Garda Suiochana B (Kenny)3University of Limerick A (Sheehan)2St. Michael's (Lazda)144  
808:50Men's Intermediate 1XHeat B  University of Limerick (Brinn)2St. Michael's B (O'Connor)1  44  
909:00Mens Novice 4X+Heat A  Athlunkard A1Shandon BC2NUIG345  
1009:00Mens Novice 4X+Heat B  Commercial RC1Athlunkard B2  45  
1109:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat AGraiguenamanagh BC3Cork BC C2Athlunkard BC4Clonmel151/52  
1209:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat BCarlow B1St. Joseph's B Cork BC A2 351/52  
1309:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat CAthlone3Shandon2Colaiste Chiarain4Fermoy151/52  
1409:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat DSt. Michael's A4Shannon 1Carlow3Colaiste Iognaid251/52  
1509:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat EKillorglin1Muckross4St. Joseph's2Cork BC B351/52  
1609:10Mens Junior 15 4X+Heat FNO RACE       51/52  
1709:35Mens Junior 18 2XHeat AColáiste Iognaid B3St. Michael's 2Fermoy4Athlone150  
1809:35Mens Junior 18 2XHeat B  Castleconnell3Fermoy B2Coláiste Iognaid A150  
1909:35Mens Junior 18 2XHeat C  Coláiste Chiaráin3Tralee2Coláiste Iognaid C150  
2009:35Mens Junior 18 2XHeat D  Clonmel2Shandon3St. Michael's B150  
2109:55Women's Junior 16 2XHeat AAthlunkard 3Shandon2Fermoy Graiguenamanagh BC146  
2209:55Women's Junior 16 2XHeat BSt. Michael's4Tralee3Coláiste Chiaráin2Castleconnell146  
2309:55Women's Junior 16 2XHeat CNO RACE       46  
2410:10Men's Intermediate II - 1XHeat ASt. Michael's C (Taylor)4Cappoquinn (Landers)2Clonmel (Predergast)1St. Michaels (Culinane)353  
2510:10Men's Intermediate II - 1XHeat BCommerical (Peuget)1Neptune (Brett)3Neptune A (McCarthy)2Athlunkard (Carroll)453  
2610:10Men's Intermediate II - 1XHeat CNO RACE       53  
2710:20Womens Junior 18A 4X-Heat ACastleconnell Shandon - DISQ St. Michael's A2St. Michael's B158  
2810:20Womens Junior 18A 4X-Heat B  Fermoy1Athlone2St. Michael's C 58  
2910:30Womens Junior 15 2XHeat ASt. Michael's C1Fermoy3Offaly2Coláiste Iognaid A460  
3010:30Womens Junior 15 2XHeat B  Coláiste Iognaid B3St. Michael's B2Killorglin160  
3110:30Womens Junior 15 2XHeat C  St. Michael's A2Shandon3Cork160  
3210:45Men's Senior 2-Heat ASt. Michael's A1Neptune3Muckross/ULRC2Lee RC 61  
3310:45Men's Senior 2-Heat BRACE 32 is NOW A FINAL RACE 32 is NOW A FINAL RACE 32 is NOW A FINAL RACE 32 is NOW A FINAL 61  
3410:55Men's Junior 18A 1XSemi ACastleconnell (Moloney)2Coláiste Iognaid (Bell)1Shannon (Fitzgibbon)3Clonmel (McKenna)463  
3510:55Men's Junior 18A 1XSemi B  Athlone (Molloy)2Graiguenamanagh (Shone)3St. Joseph's (Lydon)163  
3611:05Women's Junior 16 4X+Heat A  Shandon1Castleconnell BC2Athlone362  
3711:05Women's Junior 16 4X+Heat B  Athlunkard2Colaiste Iognaid1  62  
3811:15Men's Junior 16 1XHeat AShannon (Carmody)1Clonmel (Chadfield)2Commercial (Carroll)3Cork (O'Connell) - Injury 67  
3911:15Men's Junior 16 1XHeat BCastleconnell (Kileen)1Athlunkard (Meehan)3Conmel B (May)4Coláiste Chiaráin (Malone)267  
4011:15Men's Junior 16 1XHeat CAthlone (Egan)1Clonmel (Lonergan)3Athlone (Hannon)2Skibbereen (Mc Carthy)467  
4111:15Men's Junior 16 1XHeat DNo Race       67  
4211:35Womens Novice 4X+Heat A  Cappoquinn1Shannon3Kilorglin269  
4311:35Womens Novice 4X+Heat B  Cork A1Cork B2Athlunkard369  
4411:45Men's Intermediate 1XFinalUniversity of Limerick A (Sheehan)3St. Michael's (Lazda)2St. Michael's B (O'Connor)1University of Limerick (Brinn)    
4511:50Men's Novice 4X+Final  Athlunkard A1Commerical 2Shandon3   
4611:55Women's Junior 16 2XFinalShandon Graiguenamanagh BC1Castleconnell2Coláiste Chiaráin - SCR    
4712:00Womens Senior 2-Final  Cork 1Shannon2     
4812:05Womens Junior 18 8Final  Muckross1Shannon2     
4912:10Women's Novice 4+Final  NUIG A2NUIG B3UL1   
5012:15Men's Junior 18A 2XFinalAthlone2Coláiste Iognaid A3St. Michael's B4Coláiste Iognaid C1   
5112:20Mens Junior 15 4X+Final 1  Clonmel3Carlow B1Fermoy2   
5212:25Mens Junior 15 4X+Final 2  Shannon2Killorglan1     
5312:30Men's Intermediate II - 1XFinalCappoquinn (Landers)2Clonmel (Prendergast)1Commerical (Peuget)4Neptune A (Mc Carthy)3   
5412:35Men's Junior 16 8Final  Muckross3St. Joseph's 2Coláiste Iognaid1   
5512:40Women's Senior 1XFinal  ULRC (O'Sullivan)2Killorglan (Dukarska)1     
5612:45Men's Novice 4+Final- Time Pushed to 13.05 Commerical1Cork2     
5712:50Men's Junior 18A 8Final  St. Joseph's1St. Michael's2Fermoy3   
5812:55Women's Junior 18A 4X-FinalSt. Michael's A3St. Michael's B1Fermoy2Athlone    
5913:00Men's Master 8Final  Old Collegians1Shannon2     
6013:05Womens Junior 15 2XFinalOffaly3St. Michael's C2Killorglin1Cork4   
6113:10Men's Senior 2-FinalNO RACE - FINAL RUN @ RACE 32          
6213:15Women's Junior 16 4X+Final  Shandon2Colaiste Iognaid1Castleconnell3   
6313:20Men's Junior 18A 1XFinal  Colaiste Iognaid (Bell)1St. Joseph's (Lydon)2Castleconnell (Moloney)3   
6413:25Men's Intermediate 8FinalSt. Joseph's 2NUIG1Athlunkard4Muckross3   
6513:30Women's Intermediate 8Final  NUIG3Muckross2St. Michael's1   
6613:35Men's Senior 4XFinal  UL RC1Castleconnell / Clonmel / UL2NUIG3   
6713:40Men's Junior 16 1XFinal  Shannon (Carmody)1Castleconnell (Kileen)3Athlone (Egan)2   
6813:45Women's Intermediate 1XFinal  Limerick (Willis)2Offaly (Piggot)1     
6913:50Women's Novice 4X+FinalCork BC B4Cappoquinn2Cork BC A3Killorglin 1   
7013:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat AColaiste Iognaid A4Cork BC A2Castleconnell B3Fermoy C1121/1221 
7113:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat BFermoy A3Fermoy B1Lee2Colaiste Chiarain4121/1221 
7213:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat CSt Michaels 3Cholaiste Na Coiribe4Cork BC C2Athlone A1121/1221 
7313:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat DCastleconnell BC2Offaly 3Muckross DISQ 34Cork BC B1121/1221 
7413:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat EAthlone BC B4Shandon BC2Shannon RC1Lee B3121/1221 
7513:55Men's Junior 14 4X+Heat FNo Race Above HEATS HAVE CHANGED!!!     121/122  
7614:20Men's Senior 1XHeat AStraight Final at final time       124  
7714:20Men's Senior 1XHeat BSee race no 124       124  
7814:30Men's Novice 1XHeat AWaterford A (Konan)4Cappoquinn A (Hennessy)3Shandon (Cronje)2Clonmel (Murphy)11281 
7914:30Men's Novice 1XHeat B  Waterford B (Corrigan)1Waterford C (Harrison)2Shandon C (Smith)31281 
8014:30Men's Novice 1XHeat C  Shandon A (Carroll)3Castleconnell (O'Connor)1Waterford (Stender)21281 
8114:30Men's Novice 1XHeat D  Cappoquin (Landers)1Neptune (McCarthy)2Cappoquinn (Moloney)31281 
8214:45Mens Junior 16 2XHeat AClonmel2Castleconnell1Fermoy4Athlunkard31291 
8314:45Mens Junior 16 2XHeat BCommerical1Shandon4Skibbereen2Colaiste Iognaid B31291 
8414:45Mens Junior 16 2XHeat CTralee3Shannon A4Shannon B1Colaiste Iognaid A21291 
8514:45Mens Junior 16 2XHeat DNo Race       129  
8615:05Womens Junior 14 4X+Heat ACastleconnell3Shandon2Athlone B4Shannon C11341 
8715:05Women's Junior 14 4X+Heat BAthlone A3Castleconnell B - DISQ No Bow Ball Muckross B2Lee11341 
8815:05Women's Junior 14 4X+Heat CSt. Michael's1Athlunkard2Cholaiste Na Coiribe3Shannon RC - DNS 1341 
8915:05Women's Junior 14 4X+Heat D  Muckross A2Shannon B3Colaiste Iognaid11341 
9015:25Men's Junior 18A 4X-Heat A  Waterford BC - DNF St Michaels2Colaiste Iognaid11352 
9115:25Men's Junior 18A 4X-Heat B  Shandon BC2Shannon RC1  1351 
9215:35Women's Junior 18A 1XHeat A  Tralee (Deady)2Colaiste Iognaid (Gavin)1St. Michael's B (Ahern)31361 
9315:35Women's Junior 18A 1XHeat B  St. Michael's C (Sheehan)2Athlunkard (Green)1Tralee B (O'Donnell)31361 
9415:35Women's Junior 18A 1XHeat C  St. MIchael's A (O'Brien)2Muckross (Crowley)1Castleconnell (Donnigan) 1361 
9515:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat AKilorglan A3Kilorglan B 2St. Joseph's B4Shandon B1131/1321 
9615:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat BShannon B - DNS Colaiste Chiarain 1Shannon A2St. Joseph's C3131/1321 
9815:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat DFermoy A4Castleconnell A3Colaiste Iognaid B1Colaiste Iognaid A2131/1321 
9915:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat EFermoy D 1Athlone3Shandon4St. Joseph's D2131/1321 
9715:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat CGraiguenamanagh 3Clonmel1Fermoy C4Cork A2131/1321 
10015:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat F  St. Joseph's A1Cork C3Skibbereen 2131/1321 
10115:50Mens Junior 15 2XHeat G  Athlunkard1Fermoy B3Cork B2131/1321 
12418:05Men's Senior 1XFinal  Commercial A (Crowley) Offaly (O'Donohue)      
10216:15Women's Junior 16 1XHeat AColaiste Chiarain B (G Malone)2Tralee (Ryall)3Colaiste Chiarain (R Malone)4St. Michael's (Klimek)11411 
10316:15Women's Junior 16 1XHeat BKillorglin (Hyde)2Graiguenamanagh (Duffy)4Fermoy (Sohun)1Clonmel (Coyne)31411 
10416:15Women's Junior 16 1XHeat CCastleconnell A (Griffin)3St. Michael's B (Madden)2Fermoy B (Freeman)1Graiguenamanagh B (Walsh)41411 
10516:15Women's Junior 16 1XHeat D  Colaiste Iognaid (Cushen)2Colaiste Chiarain (Downes)3Fermoy (Ryan)11411 
10616:35Men's Junior 16 4X+Heat AAthlunkard2Colaiste Iognaid B3Tralee4Athlone11421 
10716:35Men's Junior 16 4X+Heat BSt. Michael's B3Muckross B2Coláiste Chiráin 4Colaiste Iognaid11421 
10816:35Men's Junior 16 4X+Heat CShandon3Muckross4St. Joseph's A2Commerical11421 
10916:35Men's Junior 16 4X+Heat DShannon1St. Joseph's B3Athlone B4St. Michael's21421 
11016:55Women's Novice 1XHeat AULRC (Kearney)1Shandon (Callinan)2Killorglin (Ryan)3ULRC (Mooney)41432 
11116:55Women's Novice 1XHeat B  Offaly (Piggot)2St. Michael's (Gill)1Castleconnell (Silk) 1432 
11217:05Men's Intermediate 2XHeat ANUIG - DNF (crashed)3UL1Athlunkard Lee21442 
11317:05Men's Intermediate 2XHeat B  Neptune2St. Michael's3Garda11442 
11417:15Women's Junior 18A 2XHeat A  Muckross B1Fermoy2St. Michael's B31451 
11517:15Women's Junior 18A 2XHeat B  Clonmel2Muckross3St. Michael's A11451 
11617:15Women's Junior 18A 2XHeat C  Capoquinn2Muckross C3Colaiste Iognaid11451 
11717:15Women's Junior 18A 2XHeat D  Castleconnell2Shandon1Athlunkard31451 
11817:35Women’s Junior 15 4X+Heat AColaiste Iognaid3St. MIchael's Rowing Club1Muckross RC4St. Michael's B21462 
11917:35Women’s Junior 15 4X+Heat B  Tralee1Fermoy2Shannon - DNS01461 
12017:35Women’s Junior 15 4X+Heat C  Killorglin1St. Michael's C3Shandon21461 
12117:50Mens Junior 14 4X+Final 1  Fermoy C1Fermoy B2Athlone A3   
12217:55Mens Junior 14 4X+Final 2  Cork B1Shannon 2     
12318:00Women's Senior 2XFinalNo Event          
12418:05Men's Senior 1XFinalWill be raced at 16:00 Commercial A (Crowley) Offaly (O'Donohue)      
12518:10Women's Intermediate 4+Final  Cork BC2ULRC1     
12618:15Women's Junior 18A 4-Final  Colaiste Iognaid1Muckross RC2     
12718:20Women's Junior 16 8Final  Shannon 1St. Michael's2Athlone3   
12818:25Men's Novice 1XFinalCastleconnell (O'Connor)3Clonmel (Murphy)2Waterford B (Corrigan)4Cappoquin (Landers)1   
12918:30Men's Junior 16 2XFinal  Castleconnell2Commerical1Shannon B3   
13018:35Men's Intermediate 4+Final  St. Michael's3NUIG B2NUIG A1   
13118:40Mens Junior 15 2XFinal 1Fermoy D3Shandon B2Colaiste Chiarain4Colaiste Iognaid B1   
13218:45Mens Junior 15 2XFinal 2  Clonmel2St. Joseph's A1Athlunkard3   
13318:50Women's Novice 8FinalShannon 3Cork4Athlunkard2NUIG1   
13418:55Womens Junior 14 4X+FinalSt. Michaels4Shannon2Lee1Col Iognaid3   
13519:00Men's Junior 18A 4X-FinalSt. Michael's3Colaiste Iognaid2Shannon1Shandon - DNS    
13619:05Women's Junior 18A 1XFinal  Colaiste Iognaid (Gavin)3Athlunkard (Green)2Muckross (Crowley)1   
13719:10Men's Junior 18A 4+Final  Colaiste Iognaid1Michael's A2Michael's B3   
13819:15Men's Masters 1XFinal 1Clonmel (Kinsella)2Tralee (Slattery)4Commerical (Crowley)1Portora Board Club3   
13919:20Men's Masters 1XFinal 2           
14019:25Womens Junior 18 2-Final  St. Michael's A3St. Michael's B1Shannon2   
14119:30Women's Junior 16 1XFinalFermoy (Freeman)4St. Michael's (Klimek)1Fermoy (Sohan)2Fermoy (Ryan)3   
14219:35Men's Junior 16 4X+FinalShannon3Athlone2Colaiste Iognaid1Commercial4   
14319:40Women's Novice 1XFinalShandon (Callinan) - DNS UL (Carney)1St. Michael's Gill2Offaly (Piggot) - DNS    
14419:45Men's Intermediate 2XFinalLee2ULRC1Garda4Neptune3   
14519:50Women's Junior 18A 2XFinalColaiste Iognaid4Muckross B1St. Michael's A2Shandon3   
14619:55Women’s Junior 15 4X+FinalKillorglin1St. Michael's2Tralee3St. Michael's B - DNS    
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#ROWING: Ireland’s Sanita Puspure finished fifth in the A Final of the single scull at the World Cup Regatta in Belgrade today. Puspure, tasting this level of competition in the single scull for the first time, mixed it with the world’s best in the early stages and was second after 500 metres. But as Zhang Xiuyun of China and world champion Mirka Knapkova of the Czech Republic set a hot pace at the head of the field, Puspure settled at the back. Zhang won gold, Knapkova silver and Nataliya Mustafayeva of Azerbaijan pipped Frida Svensson of Sweden for the bronze.

Iva Obradovic of host country Serbia was withdrawn due to medical reasons.

World Cup Regatta, Belgrade, Selected Results (Irish interest)



Lightweight Four – A Final: 1 Denmark 6:01.17, 2 Britain (P Chambers, R Williams, R Chambers, C Bartley) 6:02.23.

Single Scull – A Final: 1 Czech Republic 6:47.82, 2 Britain (A Campbell) 6:51.33.


Single Scull – A Final: 1 China (X Zhang) 7:24.15, 2 Czech Republic (M Knapkova) 7:27.55, 3 Azerbaijan (N Mustafayeva) 7:29.71; 4 Sweden (F Svensson) 7:30.77, 5 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:45.97. Serbia (I Obradovic) did not start.

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#ROWING: Two Irish single scullers reached A Finals on the first day of the the huge Munich Junior Regatta. Bridget Jacques finished fifth in a race won by world junior champion Anne Beenken of Germany. Beenken pipped Jacques’s fellow Northern Irish woman Holly Nixon for gold last year at the World Championships.

Paul O’Donovan, who finished fourth at those Championships, had a rare off-day in his final today and finished sixth.

Munich Junior International Regatta (Day One, Selected Results)


Four – Heat One: 4 Ireland (L Seaman, H Millar, C Black, J Cassells) 6:20.86. B Final: 3 Ireland 6:24.24.

Single Scull - Heat Four: 1 Ireland (P O’Donovan) 7:15.42. Final: 1 Czech Republic (M Plocek) 7:06.20; 6 Ireland (O’Donovan) 7:34.26.


Single Scull – Heat Two: 1 Ireland (B Jacques) 8:01.96. Heat Three: 3 Ireland (B Walsh) 8:19.20. Final: 1 Germany (A Beenken) 7:53.78; 5 Ireland (Jacques) 8:07.97.

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#ROWING: Claire Lambe finished fifth in the A Final of the lightweight single sculls at the World Cup in Belgrade today. The 21-year-old Dubliner struggled to stay with the hot pace set by Michaela Taupe-Traer of Austria and Kathryn Twyman of Britain, who took the gold and silver medals. Pamela Weisshaupt of Switzerland took the bronze.

World Cup, Belgrade – Day Two (Irish interest)


Lightweight Double Scull – C Final (places 13 to 18): 1 Austria Two 6:24.17, 2 Austria Three 6:24.21, 3 Slovenia Two 6:26.16, 4 Croatia 6:26.66, 5 Ireland (M O’Donovan, N Kenny) 6:26.67, 6 Austria One 6:27.57.

Lightweight Single – C Final: Ireland (M Maher) did not start.


Single Scull – A/B Semi-Final (First Three to A Final; rest to B Final): 1 China (X Zhang) 7:18.59, 2 Czech Republic (M Knapkova) 7:18.81, 3 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:27.27; 4 Estonia (K Pajusalu) 7:32.15, 5 Serbia Two (I Filipovic) 7:43.16, 6 Ukraine (N Huba) 7:48.97.

Lightweight Single Scull – Repechage (First Four to A/B Semi-Final): 1 Switzerland (P Weisshaupt) 7:55.81, 2 Ireland (C Lambe) 7:57.35, 3 Sweden One (C Lilja) 7:58.63, 4 Croatia (H Pavkovic) 8:01.57; 5 Sweden Two (L Kalstroem) 8:06.42. A Final: 1 Austria (M Taupe-Traer) 7:48.45, 2 Britain (K Twyman) 7:50.11, 3 Switzerland (P Weisshaupt) 7:52.83; 4 Sweden 8:03.47, 5 Ireland 8:03.47, 6 Croatia 8:09.51.

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#ROWING: Ireland’s lightweight double scull of Mark O’Donovan and Niall Kenny did not make it into the A/B Semi-Finals at the World Cup regatta in Belgrade today. In a close-fought repechage, where two places were available, Ireland were in contention at half way, but in a hectic second 1,000 metres they fell back as Cuba and the Czech Republic took the qualification places.

Michael Maher also had a disappointing repechage in the lightweight single scull. He finished sixth, well outside the A/B Semi-Final places.

World Cup Regatta, Belgrade – Day One (Irish interest)


Lightweight Four – Heat Two (First Directly to A Final): 1 Britain (P Chambers, R Williams, R Chambers, C Bartley) 5:52.30.

Single Scull – Heat Two (Winner to A/B Semi-Final): 1 Britain (A Campbell) 6:57.43.

Lightweight Double Scull – Heat Four (Winner to A/B Semi-Finals; rest to Repechages): 1 China (C Wu, F Zhang) 6:22.40, 2 Greece 6:26.19, 3 Austria Four 6:32.40, 4 Ireland (M O’Donovan, N Kenny) 6:32.96, 5 Austria Two 6:37.47. Repechage (First Two to A/B Semi-Finals): 1 Cuba 6:25.96, 2 Czech Republic 6:26.89; 3 Slovenia Two 6:27.15, 4 Ireland 6:30.89, 5 Sweden 6:36.06.

Lightweight Single Scull – Heat One (First Three to A/B Semi-Final; rest to Repechage): 1 France Two 7:07.89, 2 Norway Three 7:11.01, 3 Greece 7:11.15, 4 Egypt 7:18.82, 5 Ireland (M Maher) 7:24.05. Repechage (First Three to A/B Semi-Finals) 1 Italy 7:08.05; 6 Ireland 7:30.00.


Single Scull – Heat Three (First Two Directly to A/B Semi-Finals; rest to repechages): 1 Serbia (I Obradovic) 7:29.83, 2 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:34.28; 3 Norway (T Gjoertz) 7:34.70, 4 Lithuania (D Vistartaite) 7:58.31, 5 Austria (L Farthofer) 8:01.66.

Lightweight Single Scull – Heat One (Winner to A Final; rest to Repechage): 1 Britain (K Twyman) 7:49.69; 2 Ireland (C Lambe) 7:54.91, 3 Austria Two 8:00.09, 4 Croatia 8:00.85.

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#ROWING: Sanita Puspure was Ireland's success story on the first day of the World Cup Regatta in Belgrade today. She won a battle with Norway’s Tale Gjoertz  to finish second behind local woman Iva Obradovic in her heat and qualify directly for the A/B Semi-Final of the single scull.

The three other Ireland crews in action all face into repechages. Mark O’Donovan and Niall Kenny finished fourth in their heat of the lightweight double sculls, over 10 seconds behind the winners, China. In the lightweight single sculls, Michael Maher finished fifth in his heat and Claire Lambe second in hers.

World Cup Regatta, Belgrade – Day One (Irish interest)


Single Scull – Heat Two (Winner to A/B Semi-Final): 1 Britain (A Campbell) 6:57.43.

Lightweight Double Scull – Heat Four (Winner to A/B Semi-Finals; rest to Repechages): 1 China (C Wu, F Zhang) 6:22.40, 2 Greece 6:26.19, 3 Austria Four 6:32.40, 4 Ireland (M O’Donovan, N Kenny) 6:32.96, 5 Austria Two 6:37.47.

Lightweight Single Scull – Heat One (First Three to A/B Semi-Final; rest to Repechage): 1 France Two 7:07.89, 2 Norway Three 7:11.01, 3 Greece 7:11.15, 4 Egypt 7:18.82, 5 Ireland (M Maher) 7:24.05.


Single Scull – Heat Three (First Two Directly to A/B Semi-Finals; rest to repechages): 1 Serbia (I Obradovic) 7:29.83, 2 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:34.28; 3 Norway (T Gjoertz) 7:34.70, 4 Lithuania (D Vistartaite) 7:58.31, 5 Austria (L Farthofer) 8:01.66.

Lightweight Single Scull – Heat One (Winner to A Final; rest to Repechage): 1 Britain (K Twyman) 7:49.69; 2 Ireland (C Lambe) 7:54.91, 3 Austria Two 8:00.09, 4 Croatia 8:00.85.

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#ROWING: The Ireland adaptive rowing crew which has qualified for the Paralympic Games in London took bronze at an international regatta in Varese in Italy on Saturday. The crew of Anne-Marie McDaid, Sarah Caffrey, Shane Ryan, Kevin du Toit and cox Helen Arbuthnot set a new Irish record of three minutes 28.3 seconds for the legs, trunk and arms mixed coxed four, filling  the third spot behind Britain and Germany. Today, Ireland, with Kevin Wall in for Ryan, finished fifth.

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The Irish Coast Guard

The Irish Coast Guard is Ireland's fourth 'Blue Light' service (along with An Garda Síochána, the Ambulance Service and the Fire Service). It provides a nationwide maritime emergency organisation as well as a variety of services to shipping and other government agencies.

The purpose of the Irish Coast Guard is to promote safety and security standards, and by doing so, prevent as far as possible, the loss of life at sea, and on inland waters, mountains and caves, and to provide effective emergency response services and to safeguard the quality of the marine environment.

The Irish Coast Guard has responsibility for Ireland's system of marine communications, surveillance and emergency management in Ireland's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and certain inland waterways.

It is responsible for the response to, and co-ordination of, maritime accidents which require search and rescue and counter-pollution and ship casualty operations. It also has responsibility for vessel traffic monitoring.

Operations in respect of maritime security, illegal drug trafficking, illegal migration and fisheries enforcement are co-ordinated by other bodies within the Irish Government.

On average, each year, the Irish Coast Guard is expected to:

  • handle 3,000 marine emergencies
  • assist 4,500 people and save about 200 lives
  • task Coast Guard helicopters on missions

The Coast Guard has been around in some form in Ireland since 1908.

Coast Guard helicopters

The Irish Coast Guard has contracted five medium-lift Sikorsky Search and Rescue helicopters deployed at bases in Dublin, Waterford, Shannon and Sligo.

The helicopters are designated wheels up from initial notification in 15 minutes during daylight hours and 45 minutes at night. One aircraft is fitted and its crew trained for under slung cargo operations up to 3000kgs and is available on short notice based at Waterford.

These aircraft respond to emergencies at sea, inland waterways, offshore islands and mountains of Ireland (32 counties).

They can also be used for assistance in flooding, major inland emergencies, intra-hospital transfers, pollution, and aerial surveillance during daylight hours, lifting and passenger operations and other operations as authorised by the Coast Guard within appropriate regulations.

Irish Coastguard FAQs

The Irish Coast Guard provides nationwide maritime emergency response, while also promoting safety and security standards. It aims to prevent the loss of life at sea, on inland waters, on mountains and in caves; and to safeguard the quality of the marine environment.

The main role of the Irish Coast Guard is to rescue people from danger at sea or on land, to organise immediate medical transport and to assist boats and ships within the country's jurisdiction. It has three marine rescue centres in Dublin, Malin Head, Co Donegal, and Valentia Island, Co Kerry. The Dublin National Maritime Operations centre provides marine search and rescue responses and coordinates the response to marine casualty incidents with the Irish exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Yes, effectively, it is the fourth "blue light" service. The Marine Rescue Sub-Centre (MRSC) Valentia is the contact point for the coastal area between Ballycotton, Co Cork and Clifden, Co Galway. At the same time, the MRSC Malin Head covers the area between Clifden and Lough Foyle. Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) Dublin covers Carlingford Lough, Co Louth to Ballycotton, Co Cork. Each MRCC/MRSC also broadcasts maritime safety information on VHF and MF radio, including navigational and gale warnings, shipping forecasts, local inshore forecasts, strong wind warnings and small craft warnings.

The Irish Coast Guard handles about 3,000 marine emergencies annually, and assists 4,500 people - saving an estimated 200 lives, according to the Department of Transport. In 2016, Irish Coast Guard helicopters completed 1,000 missions in a single year for the first time.

Yes, Irish Coast Guard helicopters evacuate medical patients from offshore islands to hospital on average about 100 times a year. In September 2017, the Department of Health announced that search and rescue pilots who work 24-hour duties would not be expected to perform any inter-hospital patient transfers. The Air Corps flies the Emergency Aeromedical Service, established in 2012 and using an AW139 twin-engine helicopter. Known by its call sign "Air Corps 112", it airlifted its 3,000th patient in autumn 2020.

The Irish Coast Guard works closely with the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency, which is responsible for the Northern Irish coast.

The Irish Coast Guard is a State-funded service, with both paid management personnel and volunteers, and is under the auspices of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport. It is allocated approximately 74 million euro annually in funding, some 85 per cent of which pays for a helicopter contract that costs 60 million euro annually. The overall funding figure is "variable", an Oireachtas committee was told in 2019. Other significant expenditure items include volunteer training exercises, equipment, maintenance, renewal, and information technology.

The Irish Coast Guard has four search and rescue helicopter bases at Dublin, Waterford, Shannon and Sligo, run on a contract worth 50 million euro annually with an additional 10 million euro in costs by CHC Ireland. It provides five medium-lift Sikorsky S-92 helicopters and trained crew. The 44 Irish Coast Guard coastal units with 1,000 volunteers are classed as onshore search units, with 23 of the 44 units having rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) and 17 units having cliff rescue capability. The Irish Coast Guard has 60 buildings in total around the coast, and units have search vehicles fitted with blue lights, all-terrain vehicles or quads, first aid equipment, generators and area lighting, search equipment, marine radios, pyrotechnics and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Community Rescue Boats Ireland also provide lifeboats and crews to assist in search and rescue. The Irish Coast Guard works closely with the Garda Siochána, National Ambulance Service, Naval Service and Air Corps, Civil Defence, while fishing vessels, ships and other craft at sea offer assistance in search operations.

The helicopters are designated as airborne from initial notification in 15 minutes during daylight hours, and 45 minutes at night. The aircraft respond to emergencies at sea, on inland waterways, offshore islands and mountains and cover the 32 counties. They can also assist in flooding, major inland emergencies, intra-hospital transfers, pollution, and can transport offshore firefighters and ambulance teams. The Irish Coast Guard volunteers units are expected to achieve a 90 per cent response time of departing from the station house in ten minutes from notification during daylight and 20 minutes at night. They are also expected to achieve a 90 per cent response time to the scene of the incident in less than 60 minutes from notification by day and 75 minutes at night, subject to geographical limitations.

Units are managed by an officer-in-charge (three stripes on the uniform) and a deputy officer in charge (two stripes). Each team is trained in search skills, first aid, setting up helicopter landing sites and a range of maritime skills, while certain units are also trained in cliff rescue.

Volunteers receive an allowance for time spent on exercises and call-outs. What is the difference between the Irish Coast Guard and the RNLI? The RNLI is a registered charity which has been saving lives at sea since 1824, and runs a 24/7 volunteer lifeboat service around the British and Irish coasts. It is a declared asset of the British Maritime and Coast Guard Agency and the Irish Coast Guard. Community Rescue Boats Ireland is a community rescue network of volunteers under the auspices of Water Safety Ireland.

No, it does not charge for rescue and nor do the RNLI or Community Rescue Boats Ireland.

The marine rescue centres maintain 19 VHF voice and DSC radio sites around the Irish coastline and a digital paging system. There are two VHF repeater test sites, four MF radio sites and two NAVTEX transmitter sites. Does Ireland have a national search and rescue plan? The first national search and rescue plan was published in July, 2019. It establishes the national framework for the overall development, deployment and improvement of search and rescue services within the Irish Search and Rescue Region and to meet domestic and international commitments. The purpose of the national search and rescue plan is to promote a planned and nationally coordinated search and rescue response to persons in distress at sea, in the air or on land.

Yes, the Irish Coast Guard is responsible for responding to spills of oil and other hazardous substances with the Irish pollution responsibility zone, along with providing an effective response to marine casualties and monitoring or intervening in marine salvage operations. It provides and maintains a 24-hour marine pollution notification at the three marine rescue centres. It coordinates exercises and tests of national and local pollution response plans.

The first Irish Coast Guard volunteer to die on duty was Caitriona Lucas, a highly trained member of the Doolin Coast Guard unit, while assisting in a search for a missing man by the Kilkee unit in September 2016. Six months later, four Irish Coast Guard helicopter crew – Dara Fitzpatrick, Mark Duffy, Paul Ormsby and Ciarán Smith -died when their Sikorsky S-92 struck Blackrock island off the Mayo coast on March 14, 2017. The Dublin-based Rescue 116 crew were providing "top cover" or communications for a medical emergency off the west coast and had been approaching Blacksod to refuel. Up until the five fatalities, the Irish Coast Guard recorded that more than a million "man hours" had been spent on more than 30,000 rescue missions since 1991.

Several investigations were initiated into each incident. The Marine Casualty Investigation Board was critical of the Irish Coast Guard in its final report into the death of Caitriona Lucas, while a separate Health and Safety Authority investigation has been completed, but not published. The Air Accident Investigation Unit final report into the Rescue 116 helicopter crash has not yet been published.

The Irish Coast Guard in its present form dates back to 1991, when the Irish Marine Emergency Service was formed after a campaign initiated by Dr Joan McGinley to improve air/sea rescue services on the west Irish coast. Before Irish independence, the British Admiralty was responsible for a Coast Guard (formerly the Water Guard or Preventative Boat Service) dating back to 1809. The West Coast Search and Rescue Action Committee was initiated with a public meeting in Killybegs, Co Donegal, in 1988 and the group was so effective that a Government report was commissioned, which recommended setting up a new division of the Department of the Marine to run the Marine Rescue Co-Ordination Centre (MRCC), then based at Shannon, along with the existing coast radio service, and coast and cliff rescue. A medium-range helicopter base was established at Shannon within two years. Initially, the base was served by the Air Corps.

The first director of what was then IMES was Capt Liam Kirwan, who had spent 20 years at sea and latterly worked with the Marine Survey Office. Capt Kirwan transformed a poorly funded voluntary coast and cliff rescue service into a trained network of cliff and sea rescue units – largely voluntary, but with paid management. The MRCC was relocated from Shannon to an IMES headquarters at the then Department of the Marine (now Department of Transport) in Leeson Lane, Dublin. The coast radio stations at Valentia, Co Kerry, and Malin Head, Co Donegal, became marine rescue-sub-centres.

The current director is Chris Reynolds, who has been in place since August 2007 and was formerly with the Naval Service. He has been seconded to the head of mission with the EUCAP Somalia - which has a mandate to enhance Somalia's maritime civilian law enforcement capacity – since January 2019.

  • Achill, Co. Mayo
  • Ardmore, Co. Waterford
  • Arklow, Co. Wicklow
  • Ballybunion, Co. Kerry
  • Ballycotton, Co. Cork
  • Ballyglass, Co. Mayo
  • Bonmahon, Co. Waterford
  • Bunbeg, Co. Donegal
  • Carnsore, Co. Wexford
  • Castlefreake, Co. Cork
  • Castletownbere, Co. Cork
  • Cleggan, Co. Galway
  • Clogherhead, Co. Louth
  • Costelloe Bay, Co. Galway
  • Courtown, Co. Wexford
  • Crosshaven, Co. Cork
  • Curracloe, Co. Wexford
  • Dingle, Co. Kerry
  • Doolin, Co. Clare
  • Drogheda, Co. Louth
  • Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
  • Dunmore East, Co. Waterford
  • Fethard, Co. Wexford
  • Glandore, Co. Cork
  • Glenderry, Co. Kerry
  • Goleen, Co. Cork
  • Greencastle, Co. Donegal
  • Greenore, Co. Louth
  • Greystones, Co. Wicklow
  • Guileen, Co. Cork
  • Howth, Co. Dublin
  • Kilkee, Co. Clare
  • Killala, Co. Mayo
  • Killybegs, Co. Donegal
  • Kilmore Quay, Co. Wexford
  • Knightstown, Co. Kerry
  • Mulroy, Co. Donegal
  • North Aran, Co. Galway
  • Old Head Of Kinsale, Co. Cork
  • Oysterhaven, Co. Cork
  • Rosslare, Co. Wexford
  • Seven Heads, Co. Cork
  • Skerries, Co. Dublin Summercove, Co. Cork
  • Toe Head, Co. Cork
  • Tory Island, Co. Donegal
  • Tramore, Co. Waterford
  • Waterville, Co. Kerry
  • Westport, Co. Mayo
  • Wicklow
  • Youghal, Co. Cork

Sources: Department of Transport © Afloat 2020

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