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# ROWING: UCD won 11 of the finals at Trinity regatta at Islandbridge in Dublin today, including the men’s senior eights, fours and single sculls – with Dave Neale in each of the winning crews. The big controversy of the day concerned the women’s senior eights, where a re-row was ordered after a clash early in the race. UCD decided not to compete – prompting anger from some Trinity mentors. Trinity won on a row over.

Trinity Regatta, Islandbridge, Dublin (Selected Results)


Eight – Senior: UCD bt Trinity 5l. Novice: UCD A bt Trinity B 3½ l. Intermediate: UCD A bt UCD B 3l. Junior 18: Neptune bt Portora 2l. Junior 16: Portora A bt Portora B 2l. Masters: Old Collegians bt Shannon 3l.

Four – Senior, coxed: UCD A bt Trinity 3l. Intermediate, coxed: UCD A bt UCD B 1½ l. Novice, coxed: UCD A bt UCD B 1½ l. Junior 18, coxed: Portora bt Athlunkard ½ l.

Pair – Senior: UCD bt Commercial B 1l.

Sculling, Quadruple – Novice, coxed: Neptune A bt Trinity A 1¼ l. Junior 18: Neptune bt Athlone easily. Junior 16, coxed: Killorglin bt Commercial, disqualified.

Double – Intermediate: Carlow bt Garda A easily. Junior 16: Waterford bt Shannon 5l.

Single – Senior: UCD (D Neale) bt Carlow (A Bolger) 3l. Intermediate: Garda A bt Three Castles 3l. Junior 18: Shannon bt Commercial 3½ l. Junior 16: Athlone bt Waterford A 2 ½ l. Masters: Commercial A bt City of Derry 3l. Lightweight: Carlow B bt Trinity 2l.


Eight – Senior: Trinity row over UCD. Intermediate: UCD bt Commercial 1¼ l. Novice: Trinity A bt UCD A disqualified. Junior 18, coxed: Portora bt Commercial, distance. Junior 16: Shannon A bt Portora easily.

Four – Senior, coxed: UCD A bt Trinity 5l. Intermediate coxed: UCD bt Commercial 2½ l. Novice, coxed: Commercial bt UCD A 1l. Junior 18, coxed: Portora A bt Portora B 3l.


Quadruple – Novice, coxed: Carlow bt Commercial A easily. Junior 18: Carrick-on-Shannon bt Commercial easily. Junior 16, coxed: Killorglin bt Carrick-on-Shannon 3l. Double – Intermediate: Killorglin row over UCD.

Single – Senior: Trinity (Sinead Dolan) bt Trinity (S O’Brien) 1¼ l. Novice: Fermoy A bt Killorglin easily. Junior 18: Carrick-on-Shannon bt Fermoy 3l. Junior 16: Commercial (Lambe) bt Killorglin 4l. Masters: Carlow bt Neptune easily.

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# ROWING: UCD produced an exact repeat of last year in the Colours Races on the Liffey today by winning the senior men’s and women’s events and also taking the novice men’s race. Trinity again won the women’s novice eights race with a dominant performance.

The senior men’s race was won in the first 20 metres: UCD’s big crew gained a crucial advantage and exploited it so competently that they had the race in the bag by the Four Courts. The win gave Dave Neale a record sixth Gannon Cup crown.

The UCD senior women also started well and established a good lead, but Trinity nipped away at them down the course and lost by only a half length.

The men’s novice eight race ended before the line, as Trinity crashed into the wall after Watling Street Bridge due to a snapped steering line. UCD had taken the furthest south arch in Winetavern Street bridge, prompting a Trinity objection, but the race umpire said that he had told the crew to avoid the marked centre lane due to a possible hindrance there.

Colours Races 2013

Men – Eight, Senior (Gannon Cup): UCD (L McCarthy, M Bailey, P Moore, A Sheehan, D Neale, J Nihotte, G Duane, P Grogan; cox: K Joyce) bt Trinity 4l

Eight, Novice (Dan Quinn Shield): UCD bt Trinity not rowed out

Women – Eight, Senior (Corcoran Cup) UCD (A O’Riordan, K Joy, O Finnegan, S Bennett, C Ni Reachtagain, G Collins, A Gilligan, B Lait; cox C McGowan) bt Trinity ½ l

Eight, Novice (Sally Moorhead Trophy): Trinity bt UCD easily.

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# ROWING: Morten Espersen was an interested spectator for a fine day of rowing at the Erne Head of the River at Enniskillen today. The Ireland HPD saw a composite from Galway come home fastest of a strong field of men’s senior eights. The crews, which featured the experience of Grainne Mhaol along with NUIG and St Joseph’s, had three seconds to spare over UCD. The Dublin college had good reason to be pleased as they started third but were faster than Queen’s, who started ahead of them. Neptune’s junior 18 eight had a good ninth placing.    

Saturday 2nd March 2013
Finishing Crew Mins:Secs
Position No. Crew Identity Class Rowing Time
1 1 GM/NUIG/St.JoesMS 8 19:30
2 3 U.C.D. BC MS 8 19:33
3 2 QUBBC MS 8 19:49
4 4 DUBC MS 8 19:52
5 8 DUBC MI 8 20:08
5 = 9 U.C.D. BC A MI 8 20:08
7 6 NUIG BC MI 8 20:09
8 5 St Michaels RC MS 8 20:30
9 13 Neptune RC MJ18 8 20:55
10 12 UCD BC B MI 8 21:03
11 20 U.C.D. BC A MN 8 21:10
12 25 DUBC B MN 8 21:11
12 = 14 Portora BC MJ18 8 21:11
14 19 QUBBC A MN 8 21:23
15 21 NUIG BC MN 8 21:37
16 10 St Michaels RC MI 8 21:46
17 15 MCB BC MJ18 8 22:09
18 30 Garda BC MI 4x 22:11
19 18 DUBC A MN 8 22:17
19 = 22 Portora/BBC/CAIBC MS 4x 22:17
21 33 Bann RC MJ16 8 22:18
22 24 U.C.D.L B.C A WS 8 22:24
23 16 RBAI BC MJ18 8 22:26
24 11 CAIBC MI 8 22:35
25 27 QUBBC B MN 8 22:36
26 35 MCB BC MJ16 8 22:47
27 40 Portora BC MI 4+ 22:57
28 23 LSC MS 4x 23:06
29 28 DUBC C MN 8 23:08
30 17 Blackrock BC MJ18 8 23:19
31 41 BBC MM 8 E 23:22
32 32 Portora BC MJ16 8 23:36
33 42 BRC A MM 8 C 23:38
34 43 BRC/BBC B MM 8 E 23:39
35 29 U.C.D. BC MI 4x 23:41
36 47 Bann RC WI 8 23:44
37 45 QULBC WI 8 23:51
38 31 U.C.D.L.B.C B WS 8 23:58
39 34 CAIBC MJ16 8 24:08
40 63 CAIBC MJ18 4+ 24:09
41 38 BBC MS 4+ 24:10
42 48 Portora BC WJ18 8 24:13
43 50 Bann RC MM 8 C 24:31
44 49 LVBC MM 8 E 24:42
45 44 OCBC/TCBC MM 8 F 24:47
46 60 St Michaels BC WS 4+ 24:52
47 53 QULBC A WN 8 25:11
48 57 BBC WM 8 D 25:13
49 59 Portora BC WS 4x 25:19
50 62 Bann RC MJ18 4+ 25:42
51 52 Molesey B C MM 8 G 25:56
52 37 MCB BC B MJ16 8 26:14
53 54 BRC WN 8 26:33
54 55 QULBC B WN 8 26:48
55 58 Neptune BC WS 4x 27:04
56 51 Portadown BC MM 8 D 27:09
57 66 Portora BC A WJ16 8 27:16
58 36 Portora BC B MJ16 8 27:22
59 61 BRC WS 4+ 27:29
60 65 CAIBC MJ16 4x 27:53
61 67 Portora BC B WJ16 8 28:52
62 56 QULBC C WN8 29:55
63 = 7 QUBBC MI 8 Did Not Row
63 = 26 U.C.D BC B MN 8 Did Not Row
63 = 39 DUBC MI 4+ Did Not Row
63 = 46 NUIG BC WI 8 Did Not Row
63 = 64 Blackrock BC MJ18 4x Did Not Row
The positions given are those relative to all crews participating.
Positions within a Class are to be determined by inspection.
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#sywoc – Ireland's UCD sailing team have beaten Canada by 12 points to win the Student Yachting World Cup in France after the series was shortened due to gales in La Rochelle. The Irish team took the lead on Tuesday and extended it after being reinstated in a race they were previously disqualified from.

The event had been decided on the results of 13 races and two discards. IRL were clear winners on 25 points from Dalhousie University on 37 points and Italy's CUS Brescia in third place on 41 points. 14 Teams competed. (See full results sheet for download below).

It is the second time Ireland has won the prestigious trophy, Cork Institute of Technology won in 2008.

The Irish team claimed victory by the largest margin ever recorded by an Irish team competing throughout the 32 year history of the event. Team Ireland dominated the regatta by consistently scoring podium places in almost all of their 13 races throughout the championship to finish on a total of 25 points while their closest rivals, Team Canada, finished on 37 points.

The regatta which was held in La Rochelle, France, saw the top 14 teams from around the world compete for six days in wide ranging sailing conditions and race course formats. Team Ireland set down a clear marker of their intentions on the first day of the regatta by carding two second places. Team Ireland took a little longer to find their groove on the inshore race course however carding an eighth place, leaving them in third place overall on the first evening.


UCD hike hard on their way to a World tite win in La Rochelle

From there, the team's ability and confidence improved as they learned how to sail the boat most effectively in the varying wind and wavy conditions that La Rochelle produced on a daily basis. Team skipper Aidan Mc Laverty produced some breath-taking start line manoeuvres when jostling with the other nations trying to ensure the team started at the most favourable end of the start line on each occasion. Team Ireland's tactician Barry Mc Cartin's research on wind and tides in La Rochelle paid dividends as he frequently called the best lines and angles to sail the team around the course.

Day two of the regatta brought similar sailing conditions with a short chop and 12 knots of breeze. Team Ireland carded once again two second place finishes and an unfortunate "Did Not Finish" in the inshore race due to a navigational error. It was at this stage in the regatta where Team Ireland's training began to show as sail trimmers Simon Doran and Cathal Leigh-Doyle ensured the team maintained the best boat speed in the fleet.

The regatta brought numerous twists and turns on day three as the team carded a third place finish followed by two first place finishes in race numbers 8 and 9. The team utilised their subs tactically by brining on Ben Fusco and Ellen Cahill for the night race. This six hour long race was started at 16.30 and provided a unique tactical challenge to the team who had to cope with pitch black darkness as they sailed around La Rochelle bay. The team fought extremely hard in the testing conditions and finished third only securing their place on the last 20 meters of the race. Team Ireland's pit crew member Alyson Rumball, played a crucially influential role in ensuring our sail changes went smoothly and quickly throughout the night.

Going into the final three days of the regatta, Team Ireland had the smallest of cushions over second place Team Canada. Team fitness allowed the team to push on in the increased winds. Team mast man Theo Murphy and bowman David Fitzgerald excelled in the conditions and allowed them to out manoeuvre the other teams downwind while Bella Morehead trimmed brilliantly downwind.

Unfortunately, the last two days of the regatta had to be cancelled due to winds gusting 40 knots on the race course. However, Team Ireland's lead of 12 points ensured they secured the prestigious trophy and won the regatta. As a result of their win, Ireland Sailing Team –UCD will return to defend their title next year in France.

The team have to thank everyone for their support in the lead up and during the event. Support from Ireland and across the world during the regatta has been amazing and kept the team motivated and focused on representing our country.

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#sywoc – UCD sailing team extended their overall lead at the Student world Yachting Cup in La Rochelle France yesterday after producing video evidence to prove they should not have been disqualified from Tuesday's racing for a premature start rule infringement.

Overturning the decision means the UCD team now lead the world championships by 11 points overall.

According to team captain Cathal Leigh Doyle UCD discovered a video of the start oin question that showed UCD acutally under the line when the start flag was dropped!

There are only two races left to sail in the series and sailing is called off todaywith 27-33 knots. The forecast for tomorrow is similar or worse. The latest they can start a race is 1.30 tomorrrow.

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#ucd – UCD sailing team lie second in La Rochelle, France this morning buoyed up by a string of consistent results that sees them chasing overall leaders Canada by four points after xx race sailed so far in the  Student Yachting World Cup.

UCD, captained by Cathal Leigh Doyle came second in six of the races so far which has tightened up the event leaderboard after discard. Yesterday UCD got out of the blocks with a second and another second and then a 13th.

Although lack of funding has already led to the withdrawal of two teams from next week's competition, Team Ireland under captain Cathal Leigh Doyle is celebrating a deal with sponsor Miagen in the nick of time.

A last minute  deal for the team has given them a boost for their world title assautl, a  title won previously by the Cork Institute of Technology.

The annual regatta attracts the top student sailors from around the world including Australia, Canada, Japan, the UK and the USA.

Heavy weather is due later on this week.



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#youthsailing – Although funding issues have already forced the withdrawal of two international teams for the 2012 Student Yachting World Cup, Team Ireland from UCD is celebrating a title sponsor in the nick of time for next week's event in La Rochelle, France.

This Thursday, the Ireland Sailing Team - UCD travel to La Rochelle in France to compete at the 2012 Student Yachting World Cup. The annual regatta attracts the top student sailors from around the world including Australia, Canada, Japan, the UK and the USA.

After the team's last training session on Irish waters at the weekend UCD captain Cathal Leigh-Doyle thanked all the teams' official sponsors and formally announced that the team had finally secured a title sponsor "Miagen".

Cathal told "Miagen's signing today as the teams title sponsor adds perfectly to the great group of sponsors the team has secured over the last four months. We are delighted and honoured to have Dubarry, Martin Reilly Motors, CH Marine, Mast and Rigging Ireland, Meteo Forecasting Group, North Sails and Fotosail supporting the team. Without our sponsors we would not be going to this event"

Sponsorship though has been a worldwide problem for teams hoping to compete at this event this year as only as of two weeks ago, Team Scotland and Team Singapore had to pull out of the event due to lack of funding and sponsorship.

The UCD students earned the right to represent Ireland having won the Irish Student Yachting National Championships in Dun Laoghaire in March. The highly experienced team will not just be representing UCD but all corners of the island of Ireland. The 10 sailors hail from all over the country including Antrim, Cork, Down, Sligo, Wexford, Wicklow and Westport and between them share a wealth of skills and knowledge.

The team has been carrying out an intensive training program both on and off the water. The team has trained nearly every weekend under the instruction of their coaches Marty O'Leary and Maurice (Prof) O'Connell from North Sails. The Irish team have been training on board an A35 designed yacht in Dublin which is very similar to the "Grande Surprise" design boats which the team will be racing in La Rochelle, France. The yacht was generously lent to the team for their training program by the boats owners Joe Balfe and Joe McDonald to whom the team are extremely grateful. The team also frequently carried out two boat training sessions with another identical A35 named "Another Adventure" which was driven by Kenny Rumball.

Since last May the team has been searching for a number of service and financial sponsors in order to cover some of the costs associated with this very expensive regatta. The team contacted over 70 companies all over Ireland however the team were unable to secure a title financial sponsor until this week. A number of companies across Ireland agreed to provide their specific services free of charge which has covered a large proportion of the costs associated with the event and effectively enabled the team to travel to the event. Funding issues has been a worldwide problem for teams hoping to compete at this event this year as only as of two weeks ago, Team Scotland and Team Singapore had to pull out of the event due to lack of funding and sponsorship.

The team has also been carrying out an intensive fitness and strength training in UCD's High Performance Gym under the instruction of "". These training sessions were specifically designed and tailored for each team member specific roles on the boat.

Team skipper Aidan McLaverty competed at the event last year with Cork Institute of Technology when they came in third place and had this to say when asked how things were shaping up with a week to go:

"Training has gone really well, our coaches have been amazing and the team has really come together well. The next big issue for the team is the boat draw in France on Friday night. Last year we [CIT] had the worst boat in the fleet and it really affected our overall result - but we will have to wait and see!"

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# ROWING: The Tullamore Time Trial drew a big entry on Saturday, with Dave Neale of UCD coming out on top with a time of eight minutes 26.40 seconds. Neale’s closest rival was Rory O’Connor of Queen’s University, who also learned his craft with Offaly Rowing Club. Sheila Clavin of St Michael’s in Limerick was the fastest woman, clocking 9:28.60.

Tullamore Time Trial, Saturday (Selected Results)

Overall: 1 D Neale (UCD) 8:26.40, 2 Neale 8:32.50, 3 R O’Connor (Queen’s) 8:39.00, 4 M McKibbin (Queen’s) 8:44.90, 5 McKibbin 8:56.40, 6 A Bolger (Carlow) 8:56.50. ]

Men – Open: Neale 8:26.40. Intermediate: McKibbin 8:44.90. Junior 18: Molloy (Athlone) 9:01.10. Junior 16: Egan (Athlone)

Women – Open: S Clavin (St Michael’s) 9:31.20. Intermediate: A Bulman (UCD) 9:30.40. Junior 18: Kelly (Carrick-on-Shannon) 10:06.60. Junior 16: McCabe (Carrick-on-Shannon) 10:41.30. Masters A: S Clavin (St Michael’s) 9:28.60.

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#ANNALISE MURPHY - The Daily Sail reports on a busy few days ahead for Irish Olympic sailing star and August Sailor of the Month, Annalise Murphy.

As previously covered on, the 22-year-old - who scored Ireland's best Olympic sailing result in 32 years at London 2012 in the Laser Radial class - will today join the crew of the Omani MOD70 yacht Oman Sail-Musandam in Dublin Bay as part of the MOD70 European Tour, in celebration of the 19th anniversary of the Round Ireland speed record set by the late Steve Fossett.

Meanwhile, Murphy is also busy supporting her fellow UCD students selected as Ireland's representatives in the 2012 Student Yachting World Cup, to take place in La Rochelle, France late next month.

Murphy, who returned to UCD this week to complete the degree in science she deferred for her Olympic training three years ago, said: “I’m great friends with the guys on the team from either sailing or my first year in UCD.

"They’re a really strong team and have a really good chance of winning at the World Cup. I wish them the best of luck."

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#studentyachting – UCD will represent Ireland at the 2012 Student Yachting World Cup in La Rochelle, France from the 27th of October to the 3rd of November. Scroll down for the names of the ten member team.

The UCD students earned the right to represent Ireland having won the Irish Student Yachting National Championships in Dun Laoghaire in March. Cork Institute of Technology previously won the world student trophy in 2008 under skipper Nicholas O'Leary.

The highly experienced team will not just be representing UCD but all corners of the island of Ireland. The 10 sailors hail from all over the country including Antrim, Cork, Down, Mayo, Sligo, Wexford and Waterford and between them share a wealth of skills and knowledge.

The team's skipper Aidan McLaverty competed at the event last year when he and the team from Cork Institute of Technology took home the bronze. The Health and Performance graduate also trained previously with London Olympian Annalise Murphy and has won silver and bronze at world championships. The tactician for the team, Barry McCartin holds nine Irish National Sailing Championship titles across six different classes and has also competed internationally on the Olympic 470 class circuit.

The annual regatta in France attracts the top student sailors from around the world including Australia, Canada, Japan, the UK and the USA.

Team Captain Cathal Leigh Doyle, a UCD Business and Law graduate and Bowman David Fitzgerald have won numerous Irish national titles between them whilst medical students Simon Doran and Theo Murphy spent years competing in the Laser Radial class at international level. Ben Fusco has 9,000 miles of offshore experience and in 2009 won the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race with a record setting time. He also skippered the youngest team ever to sail around Ireland non-stop in 2010. The three girls on the team also have both national and international experience in spades. Isabella Morehead and Alyson Rumball both began sailing in Optimists from a very young age and quickly progressed to international regattas in Optimists, Fevas, 420s and 29ers. While Ellen Cahill has spent the past 18 months in California studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of California San Diego where she partook in both Team Racing and yacht racing,

This incredibly talented team know that experience isn't enough, they must train as much as possible over the next six week if they are to effectively challenge the reigning champions from Euromed Arthur Loyd in France. Utilising the UCD High Performance Gym, the team will be working on their strength and conditioning a minimum of two days per week with the gym's trainers. They will also spend every weekend, and evenings during the week on an ad hoc basis, on board their training yacht 'Adrenaline'.

Under the instruction of coaches Nicholas O'Leary, brother of Olympian Peter O'Leary and past Student Yachting World Cup competitors John Downey and Marty O'Leary, the team hope to ensure their best chances of bringing home the gold to Ireland, something which has not been repeated since 2008.

UCD Sailing Team

· Aidan McLaverty (Skipper) – from Belgooly, Co. Cork

· Barry McCartin (Tactician) – from Cushendun, Co. Antrim

· Cathal Leigh Doyle (Headsail Trim) – from Ballincar, Co. Sligo

· Isabella Morehead (Headsail Trim) – from Rochestown, Co. Cork

· Simon Doran (Mainsail Trim) – from Gorey, Co. Wexford

· Alyson Rumball (Pit) - Greystones, Co. Wicklow

· Theo Murphy (Mastman) – from Belfast, Co. Down

· David Fitzgerald (Bowman) – from Westport, Co. Mayo

· Ben Fusco (Shore Team) – from Kinsale, Co. Cork

· Ellen Cahill (Shore Team) – from Westport, Co. Mayo

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Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) in Ireland Information

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is a charity to save lives at sea in the waters of UK and Ireland. Funded principally by legacies and donations, the RNLI operates a fleet of lifeboats, crewed by volunteers, based at a range of coastal and inland waters stations. Working closely with UK and Ireland Coastguards, RNLI crews are available to launch at short notice to assist people and vessels in difficulties.

RNLI was founded in 1824 and is based in Poole, Dorset. The organisation raised €210m in funds in 2019, spending €200m on lifesaving activities and water safety education. RNLI also provides a beach lifeguard service in the UK and has recently developed an International drowning prevention strategy, partnering with other organisations and governments to make drowning prevention a global priority.

Irish Lifeboat Stations

There are 46 lifeboat stations on the island of Ireland, with an operational base in Swords, Co Dublin. Irish RNLI crews are tasked through a paging system instigated by the Irish Coast Guard which can task a range of rescue resources depending on the nature of the emergency.

Famous Irish Lifeboat Rescues

Irish Lifeboats have participated in many rescues, perhaps the most famous of which was the rescue of the crew of the Daunt Rock lightship off Cork Harbour by the Ballycotton lifeboat in 1936. Spending almost 50 hours at sea, the lifeboat stood by the drifting lightship until the proximity to the Daunt Rock forced the coxswain to get alongside and successfully rescue the lightship's crew.

32 Irish lifeboat crew have been lost in rescue missions, including the 15 crew of the Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire) lifeboat which capsized while attempting to rescue the crew of the SS Palme on Christmas Eve 1895.


While the number of callouts to lifeboat stations varies from year to year, Howth Lifeboat station has aggregated more 'shouts' in recent years than other stations, averaging just over 60 a year.

Stations with an offshore lifeboat have a full-time mechanic, while some have a full-time coxswain. However, most lifeboat crews are volunteers.

There are 46 lifeboat stations on the island of Ireland

32 Irish lifeboat crew have been lost in rescue missions, including the 15 crew of the Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire) lifeboat which capsized while attempting to rescue the crew of the SS Palme on Christmas Eve 1895

In 2019, 8,941 lifeboat launches saved 342 lives across the RNLI fleet.

The Irish fleet is a mixture of inshore and all-weather (offshore) craft. The offshore lifeboats, which range from 17m to 12m in length are either moored afloat, launched down a slipway or are towed into the sea on a trailer and launched. The inshore boats are either rigid or non-rigid inflatables.

The Irish Coast Guard in the Republic of Ireland or the UK Coastguard in Northern Ireland task lifeboats when an emergency call is received, through any of the recognised systems. These include 999/112 phone calls, Mayday/PanPan calls on VHF, a signal from an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) or distress signals.

The Irish Coast Guard is the government agency responsible for the response to, and co-ordination of, maritime accidents which require search and rescue operations. To carry out their task the Coast Guard calls on their own resources – Coast Guard units manned by volunteers and contracted helicopters, as well as "declared resources" - RNLI lifeboats and crews. While lifeboats conduct the operation, the coordination is provided by the Coast Guard.

A lifeboat coxswain (pronounced cox'n) is the skipper or master of the lifeboat.

RNLI Lifeboat crews are required to follow a particular development plan that covers a pre-agreed range of skills necessary to complete particular tasks. These skills and tasks form part of the competence-based training that is delivered both locally and at the RNLI's Lifeboat College in Poole, Dorset


While the RNLI is dependent on donations and legacies for funding, they also need volunteer crew and fund-raisers.

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