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With news that 65 boats have now been built, it is clear there are more owners attracted to this new J/99 cruiser-racer design which combines excellent all-round racing performance with attractive interiors.

Inshore, the J/99 performs well around the windward/leeward race tracks, while offshore it will plane in strong winds.

All of this comes with a starting list price of €117, 000 ex VAT.

New J/99 video

A new J Composites produced video of a J/99 sailing two up at speed in France has been posted with some amazing shots. It certainly shows what it's like to push a J/99 in rough conditions...

IRC Performer

A J/99 also recently won her IRC division at Les Voiles de St Tropez. See results here.

For further enquiries about any of the J/Boats range, contact Irish agent, Mark Mansfield at [email protected] or telephone 00 353 87 2506838

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Mark Mansfield, J/Boat agent for Ireland with news that wheel steering is now an option on the speedy J/99 cruiser-racer

There is one J/99 already racing in Ireland, Andrew Algeo's’ Juggerknot 2. Juggerknot 2, the 2019 Dublin Bay Sailing Club champion, has been mainly sailing two-handed this year in ISORA coastal racing.

The J99 was designed for both shorthanded and fully crewed sailing and many clients had asked about a wheel option.

The first J/99 with a wheel was delivered to a UK client last week and photos are above and below of the smart Carbon wheel.

Already over 50 x J99’s have been delivered to clients with many more on order. Smaller crews and shorthanded sailing has been growing hugely with the announcement that a two-handed offshore boat will be included in the 2024 Olympic lineup. The J/99 is currently one of the boats under consideration.

The arrival of the COVID 19 pandemic has further pushed the case for shorthanded sailing with crews being able to keep apart more easily.

A J/99 with wheel steeringA J/99 with wheel steering

Any interested parties wanting to talk about any J/ boat or test sail a J/99, even the option with a wheel, should contact mark Mansfield at [email protected] or at 087 2506838.

It is hoped that a J99 will be on show at the Ocean Village Boat Show in Southampton from the 11th to the 20th of September.

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Andrew Algeo's J/99 Juggerknot II is the 41st entry into August's Round Ireland Race

The entry for the 21st edition of the 700-mile race from Wicklow Sailing Club is building again after a hiatus during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Round Ireland will be the second offshore foray for the Royal Irish Yacht Club and Baltimore Sailing Club entry, the Dun Laoghaire crew finished in the top ten in the 2019 Dun Laoghaire Dingle Race.

The former J109 National Champion  had his first regatta in the new J99, Juggerknot II (IRL3990) at Spi Ouest Regatta in April 2019 and since then has campaigned at Dublin Bay Regattas and ISORA.

Juggerknot II is entered for the offshore fixture under the joint names of Algeo and Mark McGibney, the RIYC Sailing Manager.

Sigma 33 entry

A third Kinsale Yacht Club entry, David Riome’s Sigma 33, Valfreya brings overall entries in the Round Ireland to 43 so far.

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Olympian Mark Mansfield is the J/Boat agent for Ireland. Here he describes sailing the multipurpose J/99, its improving performance and why this new J/boat model is shortlisted for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The J/99 is one of 12 models that have been shortlisted for selection for upcoming Olympic 2024 Offshore Mixed Keelboat Qualification events. The actual equipment (boat) that will be used at the Olympics will not be known until Dec 2023, but the J/99 must be in the mix. An all-inclusive (including sails and instruments) new stock J/99 is available for May delivery at a competitive price.

A number of the other 12 shortlisted boats are older designs, and likely may just be used in qualification events.

There is already a J99 is sailing in Dublin. Andrew Algeo's Juggerknot, and has been showing increasingly good form since her Launch in April 2019. She was the overall DBSC class 1 winner for 2019.

J99 InteriorThe J/99 interior

Of the 12 listed boats, some are out and out offshore boats that may not perform particularly well inshore or in light winds.

Should the Olympic organisers decide to go for a more all-round boat that can perform in all conditions, and still be designed for a smaller or doublehanded crew, then the J99 must be a serious contender.

I have sailed on the J/99 several times and can see that little by little; the J99 is improving its performance. Most new designs go through a year or two of changes and improvements. In the case of the J/99, more rake to the mast has been added throughout the season, which has helped. Some small sail area and pole length increases are planned for 2020, and a few small deck equipment updates. Similarly, with the larger J109, it took a few years for this boat to become ultra-competitive and this is now a tough boat to beat on IRC rating.

Juggerknot 2 DingleThe J/99 Juggerknot  at the start of the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle race Photo: Afloat

Key Yachting UK has a new stock J/99 available in April and is ready for sale.

The package will include Instruments and a top-level sail inventory of five-race sails (main, two headsails and two spinnakers). This all-inclusive pricing arrangement may appeal to prospective purchasers, as we can pass on discounts that often would not be available to the general public.

For further information, contact Mark at 087 2506838 or [email protected]

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Mark Mansfield, J Boats agent for Ireland will be on the J Boats stand at the Dusseldorf Boat Show from the 18th of January. One of the three boats that J Boats will be showing will be the J/99, which has received the following accolades in its short life.

  • US SAIL Magazine’s 'Best Performance Boat over 31’
  • British Yachting Awards 'Racing Yacht-of-the-Year 2019'
  • Sailing World magazine’s 'Best Crossover Boat-of-the-Year'
  • The J/99 is also nominated for the '2020 European Boat of the Year' in the performance category.

J99 InteriorJ99 Interior

Rarely can you find a cruiser-racer that sports a comfortable interior plus the ability to be able to race it competitively.

  • Inshore —Very competitive around the buoys and some recent improvements will make it even more competitive in 2020.
  • Offshore —planing hull gives it the ability to really get up and plane downwind.
  • Shorthanded—Designed for ease of handling to be easily sailed by a small crew.
  • Shorthanded with water ballast—water ballast tanks and pumps can be added for single or doublehanded sailing.

Unlike many other modern boats of this size, the J/99 can perform in all conditions, at all wind angles. Very many new designs are fully offshore orientated with wide sterns and high wetted surface areas. That's great if you are reaching downwind in big breeze, but not so quick upwind and, in particular, upwind in lighter conditions.

J99 SailingJ99 sailing under spinnaker

J/99 - Perfect for solo, twin, shorthanded or the full crew

The new J/99 (32'6") does it all - combining great sailing performance and stability with below-decks comfort in a boat that can be sailed by just one or two. The deck layout and sail plan are optimised for easy handling, while the roomy cockpit accommodates eight + for fun daysailing.

Want to jump into the next adventure-style overnight race or cruise and can’t find crew? No problem. The J/99 will reward you with easy, high-speed sailing no matter how many crew.

This year there is a public vote for the J/99’s category in the European Yacht of the Year Awards. The winner will be decided in Dusseldorf. Vote here.

Contact [email protected] if you would like to view the J/99 at the Dusseldorf Show. Tel:00 353 87 2506838

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J109 National Champion Andrew Algeo of the Royal Irish Yacht Club will have his first regatta in his new J99, Juggerknot II (IRL3990) at Spi Ouest Regatta, this Friday, and it looks like the fleet of 436 boats gathering at La Trinite Sur Mer, will be the biggest in six years.

A very interesting class IRC B line up means the Irish boat will meet stiff competition from the get-go. Afloat reported on the arrival of the new J99 into Dublin in January.

A J99 sistership will be also competing in La Trinite. Called J Lance 14 she is sailed by French pro–sailor Didier Le Moal, so there's going to be plenty of pacing opportunities for the new Irish marque that has a summer of Irish-based regattas awaiting her.  

Here is the full class line up at Spi-Ouest with boat types and TCCs also listed: 

IRC B - Spi Ouest

 ID.   Bateau Voile Skipper Club Bateau TCC
124   AD HOC FRA44058 Jf. Cheriaux C N LORIENT JPK 10.10 1.0010
211   ANAVEL FRA43914 H. Cardon Y C CARNAC JPK 10.10 1.0050
127   APLYSIA 3 43918 C. Faure   SUN FAST 3200 1.0000
146   CAVOK FRA53119 P. Gach Y C CROUESTY ARZON POGO 30 1.0450
149   CLIFDEN FRA44059 F. Jooris Y C TRINITE SUN FAST 3200 0.9950
199   CRESCENDO FRA39098 P. Sauzieres S N TRINITE S/MER JPK 10.10 1.0000
284   DELNIC FRA9210 B. Rousselin S N TRINITE S/MER JPK 10.10 1.0040
221   EDM SERVICE FRA39201 B. Daniels S R ROCHELAISES SUN FAST 3200 0.9940
355   ENEDIS FRA44737 J. Rigalleau SNSablais SUN FAST 3200 1.0000
332   EXETERA FRA21859 A. Rougeulle S N TRINITE S/MER X 36S 0.9990
181   FOGGY DEW FRA37310 N. Racine S N P H jpk 10.10 0.9990
135   HAKUNA MATATA 35914 Jf. Nouel C N PORNIC SUN FAST 3200 1.0000
158   HEY JUDE FRA9624 P. Girardin S N TRINITE S/MER J 120 1.0400
192   IOALLA FRA1382 G. Prietz/Y. Le Trequesser S N TRINITE S/MER X 382 1.0140
394   J LANCE 14 FRA53145 D. Le Moal S R ROCHELAISES J 99 2.0000
171   JACKPOT 9679 H. Mehu S N TRINITE S/MER J 109 1.0040
136   JIBOULIX 25577 Jb. Prot S N TRINITE S/MER X362S 1.0060
137   JUGGERKNOT 2 IRL3990 A. Algeo   J 99 1.0170
410   LEMANCELLO FRA43904 Fx. Mahon C N FERRET SUN FAST 3200 0.9930
139   MUSIX FRA43893 P. Baetz S N TRINITE S/MER J 122E 1.0430
183   PEN KOENT FRA53160 E. Le Men Y C VAL ANDRE FIRST 40.7 1.0410
141   RACING BEE 2 FRA43933 Lm. Dussere   JPK 10.80 1.0420
314   REALAX FRA21706 Jy. Le Goff S N TRINITE S/MER A 35 1.0210
421   TIGER 5 3303 M.Menesguen   MMW33 1.0070
125   TIP FRA39430 G. Pages YC LA GRANDE MOTTE SUN FAST 3600 1.0520

Didier's previous very successful boat was another J Lance, a J112e which won both the IRC Europeans and IRC Worlds last year. 

Other interesting boats in the class will be a J112e, Musik, a very well sailed Beneteau 40.7 Pen Koent, a number of A35s, a number of JPK 10.10s, Jpk 10.80s and Jeanneau sunfast 3200s.  These three last designs will perform well if the conditions turn out strong, but will not be great if conditions are light and the long range forecast looks light.

Algeo previewed his new J99 for Afloat in January here and he gave one of the reasons for downsizing to the newer but smaller J model as local crew availability. 

On board for Algeo's maiden sail in France as part of the Irish crew is North Sails Ireland's, Nigel Young.

The J99 type has been sailed recently under IRC at the Warsash Spring series and so far the IRC optimised J109s are still holding sway. Unfortunately, there won’t be many tricked up J109s at Spi Ouest to see how they go. Unlike the Warsash J99, both J99s that will be sailing in La Trinite will be using Symmetric Configurations (with spinnaker poles) as against the sprit asymmetric configuration of the Warsash J99.

From a Dublin Bay and also a national perspective, it will be interesting to see how she goes.

Symmetric v Asymmetric Spinnakers

Another J109 in Ireland, the new Outrageous of Richard Colwell and John Murphy launches this week complete with a symmetric configuration, with the ability to change to asymmetric, if she wishes. Pat Kelly's J109 Celtic Cup champion Storm changed over to symmetric in 2017 too with well-documented success in the Scottish Series. The all-conquering J112e, J Lance, mentioned above, is also a symmetric setup.  

Storm Symmetric(Above) Howth J109 Storm sailing to success in the 2017 Scottish Series with an 'experimental' symmetric kite Photo: Mark Turner and (below) Storm using an asymmetric at last year's Irish Nationals on home waters Photo:

Storm Assymetic 2782

Generally, it is thought that windward leeward events, especially in medium to strong winds suit boats with poles, whereas offshore likely would suit sprit boats.

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Royal Irish Yacht Club skipper Andrew Algeo on why he has sold his national championship-winning J109 Juggerknot and replaced it with a brand new J99, Juggerknot 2. 

Juggerknot has been the means to get a bunch of old friends out on the water together and it has worked a treat, most of the time.

Paul Nolan, Gary Haughton, Richard Knatchbull, Ben Cooke and I have sailed with or against each other in one combo or another in boats as varied as RS400s, SB20s, J/24s, Flying Fifteens, 1720s, Lasers and Enterprises going back to the 80s and since. But the activity levels had fallen somewhat in recent years and it was time to kick start our sailing - hence the J/109 in 2016.

Juggerknot crew 1Juggerknot champions - the winning J109 crew at the 2018 national championship prizegiving at Howth were Richard Knatchbull, Shane Conneely, Gary Haughton, Paul Nolan, Ben Cooke, Joe Hughes, Rob O’Leary and Andrew Algeo (with trophy)

Juggerknot got us competing again together on the race track, learning a new discipline of sailing, socialising in the RIYC bar and most enjoyably allowed us to rope many others in so that we’re a much a bigger bunch of friends now in team Juggerknot. Add to that that the J/109 is probably the most competitive boat under IRC in these parts, as well as having its own one design scene, and really what could be better?

"There was not enough of us to get the boat to the start at the weekends"

The only fly in the ointment, albeit a sizeable one, is that we haven’t been able to sail as often as we’d like to. We have found that while the spring and early summer is great, there was not enough of us available to get the boat to the start line from mid-July to the end of Sept at the weekends. That’s 10 or more weekends out of a short season.

Juggerknot 2 is launched

J99 Juggerknot 2

Juggerknot 2 will be a J/99 which will suit us better. With an optimum crew number of 7 or 8 we’ll still get the large team out for regattas and every other time we can. Yet the J/99 is a few feet shorter, has smaller sails and is a good deal lighter than the J/109 so we’ll be able to give racing a shot when only 3 or 4 of us are available because the degree of physicality necessary to sail her is less.

"Our first sail will be for Spi-Ouest, La Trinité Sur Mer at Easter"

So we hope to sail more often in 2019, build the team further and race again in IRC1 which we enjoy so much. Our first sail will be near the J-Composites factory for Spi-Ouest, La Trinité Sur Mer at Easter. In at the deep end for sure, but bucket list stuff too...

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Could the latest design from J Boats, the new J/99, a 9.9 meter (32.6') 'crew-friendly', 'offshore-capable' speedster be on its way to Dublin Bay this season?

J/Boats launched the new boat the under development at J/Composites in Les Sables d'Olonne, France. sources say that at least one will be based in Dun Laoghaire for 2019. It brings to three the number of new designs entering the Bay's yacht racing scene; two Sunfast 3600s and a new Grand Soleil 34 are already competing on the capital's waters.

The J/99 is the newest addition to the J/Sport range, combining headroom and comfortable interior accommodation with the tiller-driven responsiveness of a sports boat. The sail and deck plan are optimized for easy handling with fewer crew, and incorporate the latest developments from the award-winning J/121 and the new Offshore Sailing World champion J/112E.

"Now more than ever, sailors are attracted to adventure-filled, signature events"

The interior features twin aft cabins, a proper sit-down forward facing nav station, an L-shaped galley, and a private forward head with sail locker.


Now more than ever, sailors are attracted to adventure-filled, signature events (Fastnet, Middle Sea, Chicago-Mac, etc.) where straight-line speed, sail handling, strategy and weather routing are all equally put to the test. The J/99 is designed to excel in these events (both fully crewed and short-handed) while delivering the exhilarating, family-friendly experience the J Sport range is known for.

"The J/99 opens up a wide range of sailing possibilities," commented designer Alan Johnstone. "The versatile sail plan, balanced hull form and efficient cockpit will work as well for short-handed offshore sailing as for weekend sailing with friends. The J/99 packs a lot of performance and versatility into a manageable size and budget."

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