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The search has resumed this morning for an angler who was seen falling from the Tawe Lock gates into the River Tawe last night.

A 999 call was received by the UK Coastguard from a member of the public at 00.18 this morning. Mumbles Coastguard Rescue Team and the Coastguard helicopter from St Athan were sent to the scene and the Mumbles RNLI all weather lifeboat was requested to launch. Police, ambulance and the Fire and Rescue Service also attended the scene.

After an intensive search of the area in the early hours of this morning, the search was suspended. The search was resumed at 8.00 this morning with the Mumbles and Port Talbot Coastguard Rescue Teams, Police search teams and the Mumbles RNLI all weather lifeboat.

Pete Summers who is the Coastguard Area Commander and currently on scene with the coastguard rescue teams says:

“We are very concerned for the safety of this man. The weather last night was challenging with a moderate to rough sea, rain and winds gusting up to gale force. The coastguard rescue teams’ search this morning will be land-based, whilst the lifeboat will be searching the Swansea Bay area.

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An extensive search is being carried out of an area south west of the Isle of Man after an emergency code was received from an unknown aircraft.

UK Coastguard is overseeing the search after the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre at RAF Kinloss called to say that the aircraft had been lost on the radar.

A search between Northern Ireland and the south west of the Isle of Man is being carried out.

Two RNLI boats, one from Newcastle (Northern Ireland) and Port St Mary (Isle of Man), the Irish Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Dublin and two Coastguard Rescue Teams, one from Portaferry (UK Coastguard) and Castletown (IOM Coastguard) are all involved.

Ryan Gray, senior maritime operations officer at the UK Coastguard said: ‘We also issued a Mayday relay in the area which means that other merchant shipping are also keeping a lookout for this aircraft.’

‘This is the first time we’ve worked with the Isle of Man Coastguard since joining the national network.'

The search remains ongoing.

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As part of an effort to find the source of a Mayday call off Cork Harbour today, owners of boats named ‘Bluebird’ around Ireland have been contacted by the Coastguard.

No yacht has been found after a major six-hour search effort off Cork Harbour and the Cork coast this morning.

The search and rescue operation got underway at 9.25am when the Valentia Coast Guard was called with a report of a yacht in trouble.

helicopter search cork harbour


Contact was received over VHF radio that a 32–foot yacht called ‘Bluebird’ was experiencing engine trouble and sinking around one mile south of Roche’s Point.

The Coast Guard sent out three boats inlcuding local RNLI Lifeboats and two rescue helicopters, accompanied by naval boats and a number of local vessels. The search continued for six hours, concluding at around 3pm.

An area stretching from Waterford down to Galley Head in Cork was searched, with a 6 km square area near to where the yacht was believed to be covered.

Investigations are underway to discover the source of the distress call.

It has been suggested by someone involved in the search operation that it may have been a hoax call, although a spokesperson for Valentia Coast Guard has said that there is nothing to confirm this.


Calling all competitors in the CH Marine Autumn League, as most of your are aware there was a Mayday received yesterday...

Posted by Royal Cork Yacht Club on Monday, 19 October 2015

A hoax call to the service over VHF radio would be considered unusual.

The UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency has been involved in the effort, and is checking with ‘Bluebird’ boat owners in the United Kingdom.

No further search is taking place at this time, although a warning has gone out to boats in the area to alert the Coast Guard if they spot anything in the area.

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HM Coastguard is coordinating a search for an overdue kayaker. The Kayaker left from Portmuck, County Antrim, Northern Ireland and has not returned as expected.

The Kayaker was reported overdue to the Coastguard just before 19:00 last night by a concerned friend.

The Royal Navy Rescue helicopter based at Prestwick, Irish coast guard rescue helicopter based at Dublin, the police helicopter, lifeboats from Redbay, Donaghadee, Bangor and the all-weather and inshore lifeboats from Larne, along with Coastguard Rescue Teams from Port Muck, Larne and Bangor are involved in the search.

Dawn Petrie, UK Coastguard said:

“The kayker was reported overdue after not returning home this afternoon, we are carrying out an extensive search in the Gobbins coastal path area of Portmuck. Rescue resources were quickly sent to the area and we are also asking vessels in the area to help”

RNLI adds: 

A massive search and rescue operation from Belfast Lough to Fairhead in County Antrim, involving four RNLI lifeboats has resumed this morning (Tuesday 29 September) in a bid to find a kayaker missing from yesterday afternoon.

Volunteer lifeboat crew from Larne, Red Bay, Bangor and Donaghadee RNLI searched for the missing man throughout the early hours, stopping at 3.30am for a short rest and to allow lifeboats to refuel.

Despite the darkness, weather conditions for searching were described as good during the night with clear visibility.

This morning, Larne RNLI’s all-weather and inshore lifeboats and Red Bay RNLI’s inshore lifeboat launched once again while Campletown RNLI in Scotland also joined the search. The operation is being coordinated by Belfast Coastguard.

Larne RNLI was first requested to launch at 7.30pm yesterday evening following a report of a missing kayaker who had set sail from Portmuck at Islandmagee at 1.30pm. The kayaker was due to return to shore at 3pm.

Larne RNLI’s all-weather and inshore lifeboats were initially launched to search from Portmuck to Whitehead before moving to search the area of Gobbins Path. Red Bay RNLI meanwhile was diverted while on a training exercise and requested to go southwards towards Larne. Later at 9.30pm, the search was extended and both the inshore lifeboat from Bangor and the all-weather lifeboat from Donaghadee launched. Bangor RNLI initially searched the Groomsport area before moving across back up into Belfast Lough while Donaghadee searched the Copelands area.

As the search got underway once again this morning, Darren Byers, RNLI Divisional Operations Manager said: ‘Our volunteers have had a short break to rest and refuel their lifeboats but are now back out and will be making every attempt this morning to find the missing kayaker and bring him home. Our thoughts and prayers are very much with the man and his family at this time.’

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#Coastguard - Howth Coast Guard responded to two separate cliff rescue incidents within an hour of each other yesterday afternoon (Sunday 27 September).

The first call was at 4pm to a man who had slipped 10 metres while descending to the rocks at Balscaden to go shore fishing.

Coastguard volunteers arrived quickly and an EMT from the team administered medical care until the arrival of the paramedic from the Irish Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 116.

The fisherman's colleague was taken by the Howth RNLI lifeboat to Howth Harbour while he himself, with serious head injuries, was winched aboard the helicopter and taken to Beaumont.

A crew from Howth Coast Guard, along with the assistance of local Gardaí, secured the landing site and assisted with the transfer of the casualty to a waiting ambulance.

Meanwhile, at 5pm a call came in for a tourist trapped 25 meters up a 40-meter cliff at Whitewater Brook near the Baily lighthouse.

The team in Howth were closing down from the previous call at the station and were dispatched to the scene by the IRCG operations centre.

A rope cliff rescue was set up and a rescue climber got to the casualty, who was a tourist that got confused on returning from a beach below and found himself unable to ascend or descend from a steep cliff face.

The tourist was secured and brought to safety by the team, and no further medical care was required.

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Work has been carried out at the UK Government–funded search and rescue coordination centre to upgrade the technology and introduce new systems. This means Belfast CGOC will be connected to the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) in Hampshire and other Coastguard stations around the country, which will be able to offer mutual support during busy periods.

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The Coastguard co–ordinated a multi-agency response to rescue a paraglider who crashed into a cliff on the Isle Of Arran yesterday.

Belfast Coastguard was contacted at 4pm by Police Scotland for assistance after a mid air collision between two paragliders on the Isle Of Arran. One of the paragliders managed to land but the other crashed into a cliff at Catacal about half a mile inland, sustaining injuries and suspended in an inaccessible location on the cliff.

Belfast Coastguard sent the Arran Coastguard Rescue Team and requested the Royal Navy Rescue Helicopter from Prestwick to attend. Members of Arran Mountain Rescue team were transferred to the cliff top by the rescue helicopter and will attempt to recover the paraglider using cliff rescue equipment.

Arran Coastguard Rescue Team are providing the on scene communications between airbourne and land based responders. Police Scotland and Scottish Air Ambulance are also on scene.

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#RNLI - Skerries RNLI responded to reports of a car submerged on Gormanston beach yesterday afternoon (17 September) following an emergency call to the coastguard.

Shortly before 2.30pm, Skerries RNLI were tasked by Dublin Coast Guard to investigate a submerged car on Gormanston beach after they received a 999 call from a concerned member of the public.

The lifeboat – with Joe May at the Helm and crewed by AJ Hughes, Laura Boylan and Ian Guildea – launched and made their way directly to Gormanston Beach. Conditions at the time were relatively calm with Force 3 westerly winds.

After arriving on scene, the crew located the car and were able to confirm that it was unoccupied.

As a precaution, Irish Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 116 carried out a sweeping search of the coastline while the lifeboat carried out a search of the immediate area. Skerries Coast Guard unit also conducted a search of the shoreline.

Nothing was found and Gardaí later confirmed that the car had been reported as abandoned.

Speaking after the callout, Skerries RNLI lifeboat press officer Gerry Canning said: "This was a positive outcome as it turned out nobody was in danger. The member of the public did the right thing by dialling 999 and asking for the coastguard."

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#RNLI - Clifden RNLI launched to an emergency medical situation at 12.50pm yesterday (Thursday 17 September) in Clifden Bay.

A male angler had become unwell and as a result sustained a head injury, leaving him in need of urgent assistance.

The Irish Coast Guard requested the immediate launch of both Clifden RNLI’s Atlantic 85 and all-weather lifeboats.

Clifden RNLI volunteer crew members Kenneth Flaherty and Barry Ward boarded the angling boat and administered first aid to the casualty. Oxygen was administered and the casualty was placed in the recovery position.

Lifeboat helm Thomas Davis then requested two more crew members from the all-weather lifeboat, which was standing nearby, to assist in the transfer of the casualty to a stretcher.

Speaking after the callout, Clifden RNLI helm Thomas Davis said: "The lifeboat crew responded quickly and calmly to this situation, in which the casualty was seriously unwell.

"Having the additional crew members nearby in the second lifeboat was vital and the total time between the pagers going off and recovery to shore was around 38 minutes."

The casualty and another angler were transferred to shore where an ambulance was waiting. At this point the coastguard helicopter Rescue 118 had also landed and with the assistance of Cleggan Coast Guard, he was transferred to University College Hospital Galway.

Clifden RNLI lifeboat operations manager John Brittain added: "Well done to the Clifden volunteer crew members for a seamless rescue and for once again working well in conjunction with the coastguard and other emergency services."

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#Coastguard - Ireland's coastguard is about to get a boost to its IT infrastructure thanks to its new computer system for co-ordinating rescues nationwide.

As the Irish Examiner reports, Critical Software won the Irish Coast Guard's tender for an incident management system with its Oversee product, which will be adopted by the National Maritime Operations Centre (NMOC) in Dublin as well as the control centres at Valentia and Malin.

As well as handling live tracking and tasking of services, the Oversee system also provides for performance analysis of historical missions and incidents for greater efficiencies in coastguard resources.

The Irish Examiner has more on the story HERE.

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