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#RNLI – An unusual rescue for  Baltimore RNLI lifeboat, the crew launched on Tuesday night to a sheep that was stranded on a ledge close to sea level for two days.

Several attempts had already been made to recover the sheep when the lifeboat crew were asked if they could offer any assistance.  The RNLI inshore lifeboat Bessie was launched with Helm Youen Jacob and lifeboat crew Ronan Callanan and Tadhg Colins, who made their way to Eastern Hole near Baltimore Harbour, to see if they could help in the recovery.  Luckily a break in the weather made it possible for two of the lifeboat crew to climb the rocks and recover the animal.  It was then transferred to the lifeboat and brought on the short journey back to the harbour.

Commenting on the callout, Baltimore RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager Tom Bushe said, "It was certainly not the usual type callout for the lifeboat crew but we were happy to help.  Nobody wants to see any animal in distress and we were also worried that people would themselves get into difficulty trying to recover it.  The crew waited for a break in the bad weather and then went in and scaled the rocks to recover the sheep.  We've rescued many people before but a sheep is a little different."

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#RNLI – Within the past seven days crew from RNLI Bangor Lifeboat have launched twice to assist crews aboard two stricken vessels.

On Thursday 3rd May at 10.40pm Belfast Coastguard received information from a concerned member of the public that a red flare had been observed north of Groomsport. Volunteer crew quickly assembled and launched RNLI Bangor Lifeboat which proceeded at full speed to the Groomsport area. A search pattern was quickly established, thankfully nothing was found. It was reported that a number of unused sky lanterns had been found and it's believed that one of these lanterns could have raised the alarm. While completing the search crew onboard Bangor Lifeboat received a radio call from Belfast Coastguard. A 35ft commercial fishing vessel with 2 people onboard had experienced engine failure 1½ mile south of Blackhead Lighthouse. Relatively calm sea conditions allowed Bangor Lifeboat to proceed at full speed to the stricken vessel. Volunteer lifeboat crew rigged a tow line and towed the fishing boat to the safety of Bangor Harbour.

On Monday 7th May at 11.30am volunteer RNLI crew were alerted by rescue pager that a 29ft yacht with 1 person onboard had difficulty in 'making way' and required assistance. Belfast Coastguard gave the vessels location as 1 nautical miles north of Helens Bay. Bangor Lifeboat was launched and proceeded at full speed to the stricken vessel. Volunteer lifeboat crew rigged a tow line and towed the yacht to the safety of Bangor Marina

Peter Scott, RNLI volunteer helmsman at Bangor Lifeboat Station took this opportunity to stress five very important sea safety tips for anyone going afloat. He said. 'Always wear a lifejacket, secondly check your engine and fuel, thirdly tell others where you are going, fourthly carry some means of calling for help and finally always check the weather and tides' He added 'We're happy that the crews aboard both vessels are now safely ashore'.

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#RNLI – Lifeboat crew with Larne RNLI launched their all weather lifeboat yesterday (Wednesday 2 May 2012) following reports that a nine metre yacht was in difficulty east of Garron Point, off County Antrim.  One of the crew was reported incapacitated due to severe sea sickness and the skipper was unable to manage the vessel single handed.

The lifeboat was launched at 1.30pm along with the inshore lifeboat from Red Bay RNLI.  They were on scene an hour later and immediately recovered the ill woman onboard the lifeboat.  The lifeboat crew administered first aid and rehydrated the casualty before returning to Glenarm where the woman was then transferred to a waiting ambulance to receive further medical attention.

Red Bay RNLI then took the vessel under tow with the remaining crewmember onboard and proceeded to Glenarm marina.

Commenting on the rescue operation Larne RNLI mechanic Rab Rice said, "Unfortunately this woman was suffering from a very severe form of seasickness and as such was incapacitated onboard the yacht.  Her condition was pretty severe and she was in need of medical attention.  Our priority was to recover her off the yacht, make her comfortable and bring her back to shore.  Our colleagues in Red Bay were then able to take the vessel under tow and bring the skipper home."

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#RESCUE – Howth RNLI's All-Weather Lifeboat and Inshore Lifeboat launched yesterday to assist a person in the water who had got into difficulty on Portmarnock Beach in north Dublin.

The Lifeboat Crews launched and the inshore lifeboat was on scene in eight minutes where Rescue helicopter 116 with standing by. The casualty was recovered from the water and taken onto the lifeboat with the assistance of the lifeboat crew. The lifeboat was met at Portmarnock beach by Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance and Gardai.

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#RNLI – Both lifeboats stationed at Dun Laoghaire were called into service three times on Saturday afternoon for a variety of incidents in which eleven people were assisted.

Following a 999 call, the Irish Coastguard's Marine Rescue Co-Ordination Centre (MRCC) in Dublin tasked the RNLI's Trent class all-weather lifeboat (ALB) at Dun Laoghaire to assist five people in difficulty with their 12-foot speedboat after engine problems. The lifeboat launched shortly after 3.30pm and found the casualty two miles south of Dalkey Island.

The five persons were taken on board the lifeboat and the speedboat was taken to Dun Laoghaire marina.

Later in the afternoon, MRCC Dublin tasked the RNLI after reports of kite-surfers in difficulty off Dun Laoghaire's West Pier. Due to the shallow-water area, the Inshore lifeboat (ILB) was used and found two people whose kite wires had become tangled and were unable to reach land. The pair and most of their equipment was recovered and taken to the ILB boathouse.

As the ILB entered Dun Laoghaire Harbour, the coastguard received a call for assistance on VHF radio from a party of kayakers that were crossing the Irish Sea to Holyhead. Having departed for the Welsh port with an ETA of 6am on Sunday, one of the group had sustained a shoulder injury and was unable to continue. MRCC Dublin tasked the ALB at Dun Laoghaire at 5.45pm which launched immediately after the ILB had landed the kitesurfers.

The party of kayakers had reached a position ten miles east of Dun Laoghaire and were located after 30 minutes using VHF direction finding equipment on the lifeboat. All four were taken on board the ALB and the large kayaks loaded onto the sidedecks. One of the volunteer lifeboat crew was a Doctor who examined the injured paddler. The group was landed at Dun Laoghaire marina at 8.15pm and no further medical attention was required.

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#LIFEBOAT – Volunteer lifeboat crew took to Dublin's Grafton Street to launch the RNLI's MAYDAY campaign in Ireland, which is proudly supported by John West. The charity is asking the public to get behind its lifeboat crews in Ireland by donating on 1 May or by holding their own fundraising event.

Funds raised on MAYDAY will go towards the training of volunteer lifeboat crews and the operation of RNLI lifeboats across Ireland.

Lifeboat crew and their D-class inshore lifeboat, received a warm reception from the public on Grafton Street. Crewmembers Sharon Pollock from Newcastle, County Down, Joss Walsh, Luke Malcolm and Ian Martin from Howth all volunteer for the RNLI. Being a lifeboat volunteer means they must wear a pager full time to alert them when there is a Mayday emergency call, night or day. It means dropping everything, leaving the workplace, their families or the comfort of their beds to launch the lifeboat and assist those in trouble at sea, whatever the conditions.

Sharon Pollock (31) has been a volunteer lifeboat crewmember for the past eleven years. 'I wanted to join the lifeboat crew since I was a little girl. Every Mayday call is different. Saving a life at sea is hugely rewarding, as it's often carried out in challenging conditions. Sadly we are faced with tragedies too and returning a loved one to their family is important part of the work the RNLI do.'

Commenting on the Mayday campaign RNLI Corporate Partnerships Manager Michelle Noone said, 'We are delighted to have the support of John West for the RNLI's first MAYDAY in 2012. John West know firsthand the reality of the power of the sea, and fully support and appreciate the work the RNLI do in saving lives every day throughout Ireland. We would like to thank them for their wonderful support.'

John West MD Brendan Murphy said: 'We have worked closely with the RNLI fundraising team to come up with the MAYDAY initiative. We are hoping that 1 May will become synonymous with Irish people playing their part in saving lives at sea. We appreciate any donations that are made to the RNLI, no matter how small.'

The collection will take place on Tuesday 1 May. RNLI collectors will be out in force raising funds. Every cent the RNLI receive will help train and equip the lifeboat volunteers.

For details and information on how to donate go to or call 01 895 1837

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#RESCUE – Lifeboat crew with Red Bay RNLI in County Antrim were involved in a dramatic cliff rescue last night (Saturday 14 April 2012) when a man out walking on Fair Head in Antrim lost his footing, falling thirty feet and sustaining multiple injuries.

The lifeboat launched at 5.15pm on Saturday evening to a report of a walker injured on the cliffs.  Conditions in the area hampered the lifeboat going in too close to the rocks with a heavy sea swell present.  The lifeboat crew called for assistance and the Irish Coast Guard helicopter from Sligo was called to the scene.

Two volunteer lifeboat crew swam from the lifeboat to the rocks and made their way up to the casualty.  He was suffering from a number of injuries and in considerable pain.  The lifeboat crew administered oxygen and first aid and made the man as comfortable as possible while waiting for the Coast Guard helicopter.


The Red Bay lifeboat crew attend the casualty

The lifeboat volunteers stayed with the casualty for two hours and assisted the Coast Guard team who secured him onto a stretcher and winched him up to the helicopter for transfer to Coleraine Hospital.

Commenting on the callout Red Bay RNLI Paddy McLaughlin said, "Under the circumstances the man was extremely lucky he managed to raise the alarm for help.  No one knew where he was and the area has very poor mobile coverage.  First aid is an important part of lifeboat crew training and it played a vital role in this callout.  "

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#BUNDORAN RESCUE  – Bundoran RNLI Lifeboat were this evening, Saturday 14 April, called to aid a small pleasure craft, following a mayday call to Malin Head Coast Guard.

The 18 foot craft, with two persons on board who were both wearing lifejackets, suffered engine failure and immediately deployed 2 emergency flares. These were spotted by the nearby Prospector One who issued a mayday relay to the Coast Guard at Malin Head who in turn issued a page to the crew of Bundoran Lifeboat. Within minutes, the Atlantic 85 lifeboat William Henry Liddington launched and the volunteer crew were on the scene.

The craft had received an initial tow from Prospector One as it was floating dangerously close to rocks. The Killybegs coastguard unit were also tasked to the scene and arrived shortly afterwards whilst the Sligo based Rescue 118 helicopter who were en route, were stood down. The Bundoran Lifeboat then proceeded to take the vessel under tow to Mullaghmore Harbour.

Volunteer lifeboat helm Brian Gillespie said 'engine failure is a common cause of lifeboat callouts. Luckily the two persons on board were prepared and had emergency flares and were able to raise the alarm. Importantly they were also both wearing lifejackets. Being prepared is the key and we would always advise boaters to have basic safety equipment on board'.

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Bangor lifeboat crew received a request from Belfast Coastguard to launch on Saturday afternoon and rescue eight people onboard a 21ft speed boat which had struck rocks close to the seaside town of Millisle.

Within minutes of the rescue pagers being activated, volunteer crew had assembled and launched RNLI Bangor Lifeboat.

Relatively calm sea conditions allowed for the Lifeboat to proceed at full speed to the stricken vessel.

Upon arrival, lifeboat crew spotted a young man standing on an isolated outcrop of rocks far from the stranded vessel. With tides rising, the young man was plucked to safety by Lifeboat crew.

Once the young man was safely onboard the Lifeboat crew turned their attention to the rescuing the 7 people onboard the stranded speed boat. Because of the shallow water and rocky seabed a volunteer RNLI crew member swam to the stranded speed boat with a tow rope.

The lifeboat towed the speedboat to deeper water and then back to the safety of Millisle slipway.

RNLI senior helmsman Kyle Marshal who was involved in this rescue said 'Engine failure so close to shore could lead to a life threatening situation. We always urge everyone going to sea to make sure their electrical systems and engine are well maintained and in good working order. A good chain and anchor should always be carried as part of essential safety equipment'. He added 'We are glad that these people are now safely ashore'.

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#LIFEBOAT – After 24 years of service the old Baltimore Tyne class Lifeboat 'Hilda Jarrett' was launched from its West Cork Lifeboat station for the final time on March 18th. The launch was also the last ever launch of an all-weather lifeboat from the boathouse slipway. The slip now idle that was used for 93 years as the youtube clip from 'Baltimore Sea Safari' shows.  As previously reported on the replacement lifeboat named Alan Massey is the latest in life saving technology. The €3 million boat can be seen in picture swinging on her mooring.

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