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Dublin Bay Sailing Club's annual Cruiser Challenge for Cruisers 0, 1, 2, Sigma 33 and 31.7’s will be held from 26th-28th August 2011. This year the sailing weekend event is hosted by Dun Laoghaire's National Yacht Club. The notice of race for the event is below:



The Cruiser Challenge 2011

26th-28th August 2011


Cruisers 0, 1, 2, Sigma 33 and 31.7’s.

1. Organising Authority and Rules

The organising authority is Dublin Bay Sailing Club. The event is governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing and any amendments thereto, IRC, the ECHO handicapping system rules, Sigma 33 class rules, the 31.7 Class Rules, this Notice of Race and the sailing instructions. In the event of a conflict the sailing instructions shall prevail.

2. Schedule of Races

Warning Signals

Race 1 26th August 16:55 hrs. Fixed mark course.

Race 2 27th August 10:45 hrs. Windward/Leeward or Trapezoid type course.

Race 3 ASAP after Race 2 Windward/Leeward or Trapezoid type course

Race 4 28th August 10:45 hrs Windward/Leeward or Trapezoid type course

Race 5 ASAP after Race 4 Fixed mark course

Note: Any of the above courses may be substituted for each other or a course as announced on VHF Channel 74.

3. Racing Area

The racing area will be the waters of Dublin Bay and Killiney Bay - Admiralty Chart 1468.

4. Eligibility

Eligible boats are those the classes which comply with the relevant handicapping system, the one design Sigma 33 rules, the 31.7 class rules and the entry requirements.

5. Classes and Handicap Systems

5.1 Boats will race under IRC, ECHO Handicap System, Sigma 33s and 31.7 classes  will race one design and under ECHO.

5.2      Cruisers will be divided on the basis of their current ISA Standard ECHO Reference Handicap/ IRC

ECHO Handicap as follows:

Cruisers 0 - Boats at 1.045 to 1.250

Cruisers 1- Boats at 0.980 to 1.044

Cruisers 2- Boats from 0.920 to 0.979

5.3 Boats shall comply with all stipulations and/or conditions relevant to the valid current certificate. (Subject to the right of the organizing authority to allocate a boat to any class.

6. Team Event

A trophy will be presented to the entered team comprised of one boat from each cruiser class, the Sigma33 class and 31.7 class which aggregates the lowest number of points over the series of races under IRC, one design for the Sigma class and 31.7class. Teams should be nominated in writing to the Race Office before commencement of racing. Note: RRS Appendix D (Team Racing Rules) shall not apply.


7. Certificates

ECHO handicaps will be advised to DBSC by the relevant rating authority. A copy of the relevant IRC certificate must accompany the entry form. However, it is the entrant's responsibility to ensure that DBSC have the correct handicap available and therefore late changes should be advised to the Hon. Secretary by the boats concerned.


8. Responsibility

8.1 The safety of a boat and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner(s) or the owner’s representative whose obligation it is to ensure that the boat is fully sound, seaworthy, manned by an experienced crew and equipped with all the necessary safety gear. Neither this Notice of Race or the Sailing Instructions nor any action of the organizing authority in any way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of the owner(s) or owner’s representative.

8.2    Attention is drawn to RRS Fundamental Rule 3 “Acceptance of Rules” and Rule 4 “Decision to race”.

8.3    Boat owners and competing crews shall ensure that they are adequately insured against loss, damage or injury to persons, boats or equipment at all times and however occurring and shall maintain third party insurance cover of not less than one million five thousand EURO (€1,500,000), and shall produce a valid certificate of insurance upon request.

8.4    No responsibility shall be accepted by the organizing authority, its members, servants or agents, nor those officials or members connected with the event for any loss, damage, injury or other claim of whatever nature howsoever arising or caused in connection with participation in, or intended participation in this event.

9. Entries

The entry fee for each boat is  €80.00 Entries shall be made by completing the details on the boat entry form  (overleaf) and forwarding it to the Hon. Secretary, D.P.O'Sullivan, 72, Clonkeen Drive, Foxrock, Dublin 18.  (The form may also be downloaded from the DBSC website). An entry is required from all boats intending to compete, including those already racing in a current DBSC series. The latest date for entries is Monday 22nd rd August. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Committee and on payment of late entry fee of €25.00

Helmsmen and their crews competing in the event will be temporary members of DBSC and  the National Yacht Club for the days of the event. Owners, Helmsmen and their crews will be bound by the rules of the Clubs. The Clubs reserve the right to withdraw such temporary membership. All entries are accepted at the sole discretion of the Committee.

10. Sailing Instructions (May be available during August 2011) 

Sailing Instructions may be posted to each entrant, left in entrant’s yacht club or collected from the Race Office before racing. Please indicate on the entry form whether Sailing Instructions are to be posted or to be collected. The Race Office and official notice board will be situated in the National Yacht Club.

11. Berthing

Boats requiring berths on the Marina must register with the Marina Administration Office on Ch. 37A prior to being advised which berth they will be allocated. Overnight berthing is available at normal rates. Berths will be allocated on first come basis. Marina Tel. (01) 2020040./ Fax  (01)2020043.

A limited number of berths may be made available at the National Yacht Club. Please contact the boathouse prior to arrival.

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The fifth "Nora Barnacle Challenge" takes place this year on Friday 20th August 2010 at 4p.m. in Dublin Bay. The event is a charity yacht race sailed in 11 Sigma 33 boats. The purpose of the race is to raise funds for the Blackrock Hospice. The event is run by 3 Sigma 33 sailors, Bobby Kerr, Paul McCarthy and Maurice Byrne - in association with their local pub "Fitzgerald's of Sandycove". The idea is to provide an opportunity to non-sailors to participate in a short race from Dun Laoghaire to Dalkey and back with the assistance of two experienced sailors.

This year it is expected that there will be over 100 participants sailing on the water. All the proceeds raised for the event are donated to the Blackrock Hospice charity to provide funding for much needed equipment. This event brings together the Sigma 33 sailors in Dun Laoghaire , the traders of Sandycove and Glasthule and the 100 plus participants who together provide the sponsorship and donations for this deserving charity.

This is the fifth year of the event and it is hoped that by Friday evening the group will have raised €75,000 since 2006 for the Hospice through donations and sponsorship raised by participants.

The Nora Barnacle challenge started in 2006 when three local sigma 33 sailors were challenged by the local cliental of Fitzgerald's pub in Sandycove, to settle a score "who was the best sigma sailor in the establishment". The challenge was accepted and the event was organised by the three sailors, Bobby Kerr of "Leeuwin", Paul McCarthy of "White Mischief" and Maurice Byrne of "Miss Behavin". To ensure fair play and that no one boat would have a competitive advantage the rules of the event stated that five members of the crew of each boat would be made up from people with no sailing experience, along with two experienced sailors and that the race would be used as an opportunity to raise sponsorship in aid of the designated charity, the Blackrock Hospice.

In keeping with tradition, all participants, spectators and supporters will retire to Fitzgerald's pub in Sandycove for refreshments and the official prize giving of "The Nora Barnacle Cup" presented by Tom Fitzgerald followed by the annual auction to raise additional funds. The official " Nora Barnacle Challenge" T-Shirt will also be on sale.

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DUBLIN PORT Dublin Bay Sailing Club Results for 14 AUGUST 2010

CRUISERS 0 Echo- 1. Tsunami (Vincent Farrell), 2. Lively Lady (Derek Martin), 3. Tiamat (Tim Costello)

CRUISERS 0 - 1. Tsunami (Vincent Farrell), 2. WOW (George Sisk), 3. Tiamat (Tim Costello)

CRUISERS 1 Echo - 1. Indecision (Declan Hayes et al), 2. Jetstream (Peter Redden), 3. Something Else (J.Hall et al)

CRUISERS 1 - 1. Jalapeno (Dermod Baker et al), 2. Something Else (J.Hall et al), 3. Jetstream (Peter Redden)

CRUISERS 2 Echo - 1. Bendemeer (Gerald Kinsella), 2. Red Rhum (J Nicholson), 3. Jawesome 11 (V.Kennedy/M.Dyke)

CRUISERS 2 - 1. Jawesome 11 (V.Kennedy/M.Dyke), 2. Red Rhum (J Nicholson), 3. Peridot (Jim McCann et al)

CRUISERS 3 Echo - 1. Papytoo (M.Walsh/F.Guilfoyle), 2. Supernova (K.Lawless et al), 3. Jammie Dodger (J.H & D.O'Neill)

CRUISERS 3 - 1. Supernova (K.Lawless et al), 2. Hard on Port (Flor O'Driscoll), 3. Two Step (Ross Doyle)

CRUISERS 4 - 1. Ghrazel (Charles Pearson), 2. Rascal (K.Burke/S.Milner), 3. Maranda (Myles Kelly)

DRAGON Race 4- 1. Diva (R.Johnson/R.Goodbody), 2. Phantom (D.Williams/P.Bowring), 3. Susele (Michael Halpenny)

DRAGON Race 1- 1. Phantom (D.Williams/P.Bowring), 2. Chiang (Iain Finnegan), 3. Diva (R.Johnson/R.Goodbody)

DRAGON Race 2- 1. Phantom (D.Williams/P.Bowring), 2. Diva (R.Johnson/R.Goodbody), 3. Chiang (Iain Finnegan)

DRAGON Race 3- 1. Phantom (D.Williams/P.Bowring), 2. Chiang (Iain Finnegan), 3. Susele (Michael Halpenny)

FLYING FIFTEEN Race 1- 1. Rollercoaster (Tom Murphy), 2. Deranged (C.Doorly), 3. Snow White (Frank Burgess)

FLYING FIFTEEN Race 2- 1. Rollercoaster (Tom Murphy), 2. Hy5ive (D & S Gorman), 3. Snow White (Frank Burgess)

MERMAID Race 1- 1. Jill (P.Smith/P.Mangan), 2. Kim (D Cassidy), 3. Oonagh (J&M Griffith)

MERMAID Race 2- 1. Kim (D Cassidy), 2. Jill (P.Smith/P.Mangan), 3. Aideen (B.Martin/D.Brennan)

RUFFIAN 23 - 1. Diane ll (Bruce Carswell), 2. Paramour (Larry Power et al), 3. Alias (D.Meeke/M.McCarthy)

SHIPMAN - 1. Curraglas (John Masterson), 2. Therapi (Alan McCarthy et al), 3. Euphanzel lll (Louis McSherry et al)

SIGMA 33 - 1. White Mischief (Timothy Goodbody), 2. Gwili Two (D.Clarke/P.Maguire), 3. Rupert (R.Lovegrove/P.Varian)

SQUIB Race 1- 1. Ladybird (M.Muldoon/B.Stevens), 2. Kookaburra (P & M Dee), 3. Little Demon (Marie Dee)

SQUIB Race 2- 1. Nimble (Brian O'Hare), 2. Why Not (Derek & Jean Jago), 3. Ladybird (M.Muldoon/B.Stevens)

WHITE SAIL CRUISERS Echo - 1. Lucy O (Aonghus O hEocha), 2. Finnegans Wake (T.Rowlands et al), 3. Calypso (Howard Knott)

WHITE SAIL CRUISERS - 1. Arwen (Philip O'Dwyer), 2. Act Two (Michael O'Leary et al), 3. Calypso (Howard Knott)

Published in DBSC reported on the Sigma 33 National Championships earlier in the week and now the class association has provided extra details of the ten race series.The format of the event consisted of ten races with 1 discard   Included in the ten races series were 2 double points races at race 7 and race 10.  There were fourteen entries from six clubs including 3 entries from Northern Ireland and one entry from Kinsale.

The racing was very competitive which was demonstrated by the fact that there were five different boats  winning races. The event was wide open to the last race when ‘Tim Goodbody’ in “White Mischief “ from the Royal Irish produced his third 2nd of the day on Sunday in the last race ( a double points race ) to clinch victory by seven points from a visiting yacht ‘Seahawk’ sailed by ‘Clem Mc Elligott’ from Kinsale.  In third place, with an excellent performance was ‘Rupert’ Paddy Varian and Dick Lovegrove  from the Royal St. George.

All told, competitors were delighted with the weekend and in particular had great praise for the quality of race management under Peter Craig who provided excellent courses in the ten race series.




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In spite of a slip in a double points race Tim Goodbody of the Royal Irish YC has retained his Irish Sigma 33 title after a ten race series on Dublin Bay at the weekend. The three day regatta attracted a fleet of 14 boats from six clubs. Second overall was Kinsale's Clem McElligott in Seahawk. Third was Rupert, Paddy Varian and Dick Lovegroves' entry from the Royal St. George host club. Overall prizes of plaques bearing half models of the Sigma 33 were well received.

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