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DBSC organisers have published the handicaps and start sequences for next Sunday's third race in the Citroen sponsored Turkey Shoot Series on Dublin Bay.

Download the handicaps and starts below.

As previously reported, after a shifty race two, Bay newcomer Hot Cookie, a Sunfast 3600, that had North Sails Tactician Maurice O'Connell onboard last weekend, has moved into the overall lead but only by a single point.

DBSC has produced a fine turnout of up to 75 boats for the pre-Christmas series and it has secured a buoyant collection of weekly sponsors too with Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin, North Sails, UK Sailmakers Ireland and Viking Marine all involved.

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Chris Johnston's Beneteau 31.7 has won Dublin Bay Sailing Club's Newsom Cup for the best one-design boat in the club's 2018 Summer sailing season. It is one of six premier awards to be made by the club at the end of a hectic Sherry Fitzgerald sponsored season. The Waterhouse Shield was won by Richard and Philip Lovegrove's Sigma 33 Rupert for the best cruiser on handicap.

DBSC Commodore Chris Moore will salute the club's 213 trophy winners at what will certainly be a gala prizegiving on Friday evening at the Royal St. George clubhouse that will also be Donal O'Sullivan's last as Master of Ceremonies. The Honorary Secretary is stepping down at the end of the month after 27 years in the role.

Rupert Sigma 33 3950Best Cruiser on handicap – Richard and Philip Lovegrove's Sigma 33 Rupert of the Royal St. George Yacht Club Photo:

In other premier awards announced, Dun Laoghaire Harbour Trophy for the best newcomer was awarded to John O'Gorman's new Sunfast 3600 Hot Cookie. 

Hot Cookie Sunfast 3600 0544 John O'Gorman's new Sunfast 3600 'Hot Cookie' is the best newcomer to the Bay Photo:

The Dr Alf Delany Cup was won by Fireballer Frank Miller in Blind Squirrel for the best boat on the dinghy course. 

The Beneteau 31.7 Bluefin II (Michael and Bernie Bryson) was the winner of the Brendan Ebrill Memorial Cup. DBSC Race officer Suzanne McGarry was awarded the Viking Trophy for her notable contribution to sailing. 

On November 26th, the club's AGM bears witness to a changing of the DBSC Guard when Donal officially steps down. Interestingly, it is the outgoing Commodore Chris Moore who will fill his shoes. Moore, over a nine-year period, has also served as rear and vice commodore. The AGM will elect a new Commodore Jonathan Nicholson, Vice Commodore Ann Kirwan and a new Rear Commodore Eddie Totterdell. Before that, however, it will be a busy wind-down for Donal with DBSC's annual gala prizegiving this Friday.

2018 DBSC Prize Winners

Knox-Gore Bowl (1) Cruisers 0 Tsunami Vincent Farrell Thursday ECHO Overall  
Martin Cup (3) Cruisers 0 Tsunami Vincent Farrell Thursday IRC overall  
Knox-Gore Cup (2) Cruisers 0 WOW George Sisk Saturday IRC overall  
Centenary Trophy (4) Cruisers 0 WOW George Sisk Saturday Echo overall  
John Rennie Trophy Cruisers 0 WOW George Sisk Coastal Races  
West Pier Officers cup (7) Cruisers 1 Bon Exemple Colin Byrne Thursday IRC overall  
Weir Cup (8) Cruisers 1 Bon Exemple Colin Byrne Saturday IRC overall  
Cr.1 Royal Alfred Cup Cruisers 1 Dear Prudence Pierce Tynan & others Coastal Races  
Tiamat Trophy (6) Cruisers 1 Gringo Tony Fox Thursday ECHO Overall  
Osterberg Cup (5) Cruisers 1 Jump the Gun John M. Kelly & Michael Monaghan Saturday Echo overall  
Silver Foam Trophy (77) Cruisers 2 Antix Derek Ryan Most improved boat  
Briscoe Trophy (9) Cruisers 2 Elandra Joe Conway Tuesday Echo overall  
Fireseal Sigma 33 Trophy (24) Cruisers 2 ( Rupert Richard & Philip Lovegrove Thursdays overall ISigma 33(  
Silver Salver (12) Cruisers 2 Rupert Richard & Philip Lovegrove Saturday IRC overall  
Cr.2 Royal Alfred Cup Cruisers 2 Rupert Richard & Philip Lovegrove Coastal Races  
Rupert Bowl (26) Sigmas 33 Rupert Richard & Philip Lovegrove 1st Saturday Series-Trophy  
Bective Lights Crystal Trophy (27) Sigmas 33 Rupert Richard & Philip Lovegrove Saturdays overall  
J.B. Stephens Trophy (25) Sigmas 33 Rupert Richard & Philip Lovegrove Thursday Saturday Combined  
T.P. Early Cup (11) Cruisers 2 Springer Ian Bowring Saturday Echo overall  
Lady Shamrock Trophy (13) Cruisers 2 Windjammer Lindsay J. Caser & Denis Power Thursday IRC overall  
Centenary Cup (10) Cruisers 2 Windjammer Lindsay J. Caser & Denis Power Thursday ECHO overall  
Annette Cup (90) Cruisers 3 Maranda Myles Kelly Tuesday overall  
Mercia Cup (16) Cruisers 3 Pamafe Gerald Costello Saturday Echo overall  
Viking clock Trophy Cruisers 3(a) Running Wild Brendan Foley Thursday Echo overall  
Smalldridge Cup Cruisers 3 (a) Running Wild Brendan Foley Thursday IRC overall (3a)  
Mini- Sam Maguire Cup Cruisers 3 Running Wild Brendan Foley Coastal Races  
Jack Kennedy Memorial Cup (15) Cruisers 3 Asterix Frazer Meredith, Ml.Boushal, J,Counihan Saturday IRC overall  
Sanderling Trophy (14) Cruisers 3(b) Cacciatore Maidead Ni Cheallachan & Ann O'Callaghan Thursday IRC overall (3b)  
Whimbrel Rose Bowl (19) Cruisers 3(b) Maranda Myles Kelly Thursday Echo overall  
Facet Jewellers Cup (95) B21s Small Wonder Hugh C Kelly Thursday Scratch Overall  
Beneteau 21 Cup (94) B21s Ventuno Rowan Fogarty Saturday Scratch Overall  
Old Baily Bowl B21s Ventuno Rowan Fogarty Coastal Races  
White Sail Class Trophy (21) Cruisers 5 Cevantes Paul Conway Saturday IRC overall  
Gerry Henry Salver (20) Cruisers 5 (a) Katie Nua Thos.Dunne, P.Fitzsimons, & D.Grace, C.McGuinness Thursday Echo overall  
Burford Trophy (23) Cruisers 5(a) Persistance Charles Broadhead, Ian Stuart c & Gerry Collins Thursday IRC overall  
Trevor Wood Trophy (92) Cruisers 5(b) Afternoon Delight Ml.Bennett & Martin Brennan, JP Mackay Thursday Echo overall  
Galileo Cup (93) Cruisers 5(b) Cevantes Paul Conway Thursday IRC overall  
Anna Livia Trophy (22) Cruisers 5 Cevantes Paul Conway Saturday Echo overall  
Royal Alfred Howth Trophy Cruisers 5 Sea Safari Jacqueline Smith Coastal Races  
Horrigan Cup (28) 31.7s Camira Peter Beamish Thursday Overall -Echo  
Long John Silver Cup (29) 31.7s Fiddly Bits P.J. Timmons,Bill Quigley Gerry Murray, Dermot Breen Saturday Overall- Echo  
Royal Alfred 31.7 Cup 31.7s Levante Michael Leahy & John Power Coastal Races  
Feanor Trophy (31) 31.7s Prospect Chris Johnston Thursday overall One-Design  
Arandora Trophy (30) 31.7s Prospect Chris. Johnston Saturday Overall-One Design  
Torry Cup (88) Dragons Hy Brasil Peter O'Reilly Special conditions  
Oxford & Cambridge Cup (33) Dragons Phantom Peter Bowring & David J.H. Williams Thursday overall  
Old Time Cup (87) Dragons Phantom Peter Bowring & David J.H. Williams Combined Saturday & Thursday  
RIYC Cup (32) Dragons Sir Ossis of the River Denis Bergin Saturdays Overall  
Pterodactyl Cup (34) Glens Glendun David Houlton, Bian Denham Alison OBrien, Derek Freedman Thursday overall  
Glen Challenge Trophy (35) Glens Glendun David Houlton Crews races  
Hamilton Reid (38) Glens Glenluce Lucy Grant Dalkey Island Race  
The McMullen Cup (37) Glens Glenluce Richard O'Connor Sts & Thurs combined + regatta  
Pair of Silver Vases (39) Glens Glenluce Lucy Grant Ladies Race  
Harry Maguire Memorial Cup (36) Glens Glenluce Richard O'Connor Saturday overall  
Commodore O'Meara Trophy Glens Glenluce Richard O'Connor Olympic races  
Royal Alfred Glen Trophy Glens Glenluce Richard O'Connor Coastal Races  
John Donnelly Perpetual Cup (41) Ruffians Alias David Meeke & Martin McCarthy Best Tuesday Boat  
British Airways Trophy (44) Ruffians Bandit Ann Kirwan., Brian Culllen & Ciara Brown. Saturday Overall  
J.Lamont Brown Trophy (42) Ruffians Bandit Ann Kirwan., Brian Culllen & Ciara Brown. Sat & Thurs overall  
Dr. O'Leary Memorial Cup Ruffians Bandit Ann Kirwan., Brian Culllen & Ciara Brown. Coastal races  
Huet Trophy (43) Ruffians Shannagh Stephen Gill & Padraig MacDiarmada Thursday overall  
The Shipman Perpetual Trophy (47) Shipmans Barossa Neil McSherry Brian Geraghty, Stuart Trotter Special Conds.(sats not major trophy  
Royal Alfred Shipman Bowl Shipmans JOSlim John D. Clarke & B.J.Maher Coastal Races  
The Malindi Cup (46) Shipmans JOSlim John D. Clarke & B.J.Maher Saturdays overall  
The Midweek Trophy (45) Shipmans Viking Fergus Mason Thursdays overall  
Lunasa Trophy (48) SB20 Black lac k James Gorman Special Conditions (Saturday Series 2 etc)  
Bealtaine Trophy (49) SB20 Know How Do Daragh Sheridan Special Conditions  
Equinox Trophy (50) SB20 Sea Biscuit Barry Glavin & Niall O'Riordan Special Conditions- 3rd series)  
Saturday SB3 Cup (51) SB20 Sin Bin Michael O'Connor Saturday overall  
Crichton Trophy (52) SB20 Ger Dempsey Thursday overall  
Sportsboat Saturday Cup Mixed Sportsboats Jambiya Vincent Lattimore & Martin Ryan Saturday overall  
Thursday Sportsboat Cup Mixed Sportsboats Jester Declan Curtin Thursday overall  
G.Pugin Melden Trophy (53) Water Wags Swift Guy & Jacqui Kilroy Wags Series 2  
Goldsmith Cup (54) Water Wags Swift Guy & Jacqui Kilroy Wednesday Overall  
Blue Bird Trophy (55) Water Wags Swift Guy & Jacqui Kilroy Wags Series 1  
Brian S.Ryan Trophy (57) Flying 15's fFinisterre Conor O'Leary & Alistair Court Saturday overall  
Flying Fifteen Gun (56) Flying 15's Frequent Flyer Chris Doorly & Alan Green Thursday overall  
Fifty Something Cup Flying 15's Ignis Caput David Mulvin 1st Thursday Series  
Blake Cup (89) Flying 15's Perfect Ten Alan Balfe & John Whelan Special Conditions  
Iolar Cup (59) Mermaids Aideen Brendan Martin & Dan Brennan Saturday overall  
Stella Cup Mermaids Aideen Brendan Martin & Dan Brennan Saturday-special conditions  
Amy Cup (58) Mermaids Jill Paul Smith & Patrick Mangan Tuesday Overall  
J.B.Kearney Shield (61) Mermaids Tijuana David Stedmond & David Creedon Thursdays: special conditions  
Shannon Cup (62) Squibs Periguin Noel Colclough Saturday Overall  
Minx Trophy (63) Squibs Periquin Noel Colclough Thursday Overall  
Nuits St.George Trophy (64) Fireballs Blind Squirrel Frank Miller Tuesday overall  
The Kennedy Cup (66) IDRA 14's Dart Pierre Long Saturday Overall  
Bay Cup (67) IDRA 14's Dunmoanin' Frank Hamilton Tuesday overall  
Half-Way Trophy (80) IDRA 14's Siabhra David Long Special Conditions  
Crews Challenge Cup (79) IDRA14's Siabhra Cyril Sagot Special Conditions  
Melampus Cup (78) IDRA 14's Slipstream Julie Ascoop Special conditions  
The Windmill Cup (68) PY No.1170 Eoin McKeon Tuesday overall  
Early Bird Trophy PY No.814 Paul Ter Horst 1st series Tues, & Sat.combined  
Sailcraft Tray (69) Laser PY No. 212521 Ross O'Leary Tuesday overall-2nd place  
The Lanaverre Trophy Laser PY 166313 Ronan Wallace Tuesday overall  
PY Junior Trophy PY 601 Patrick Hassett PY September Series  
Seapoint Cup (82) Optimists 1545 Trevor Bolger Optimist September Series  
Mitchell Cup (83) RS Feva 1776 Peter Williams & Russel Bolger RS Fever September Series  
Lawson Cup (84) Toppers 47727 Eoghan Turner Topper September Series  
Jimmy Mooney Goblet (86) Laser Radial 174731 Robert O'Connor Laser Radial September Series  
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This weekend's DBSC Winter sailing fixture will remember club members who died in the conflict of World War One with a brief ceremony before the start of 'Turkey Shoot' racing this Sunday afternoon. The club's Honorary Secretary Donal O'Sullivan relates the story of sailing in Dublin Bay in 1914.

During the First World War, the naval authorities banned sailing in Dublin Bay. The reason given by Admiral Le Marchant to the flag officers of the Dun Laoghaire (then Kingstown) clubs was “that the presence of many boats who would have to be kept under observation every time they entered and left the harbour would be an inconvenience to his officers. 

Not stated was a likely reason why this observation might be deemed necessary – a number of prominent yachtsmen had been involved in landing the arms for use by the by the Irish volunteers. Besides Erskine Childers, there had been Conor O’Brien, whose bust graces the vestibule of the Royal Irish Yacht Club, and Sir Thomas Myles, former president of the Royal College of Surgeons, honorary surgeon in Ireland to King George V and member of the Royal St. George Yacht Club and the Royal Irish Yacht Club.

But it was a time of conflicted loyalties. A large group of the DBSC membership (sixty-eight) volunteered for service in the British forces. Eight were killed in action. These included the Club’s Commodore, Viscount Crichton, M.V. O, and D.S.O. who died in the early stages of the war. The list reads as follows: W.P. Bridge (corporal Royal Dublin Fusiliers), J.E. Burke (Lieutenant, Royal Dublin Fusiliers), R.B Clegg, Viscount Crichton (Major, Royal Horse Guards), Herbert S. Findlater (corporal, Royal Dublin Fusiliers), F.A. Marrable (Royal Dublin Fusiliers), Harry North and E.T. Weatherell (Lieutenant, Royal Dublin Fusiliers).

On Sunday, 11th November many in Ireland will be remembering the deaths of family members in the war. In the afternoon DBSC will remember its own members who died in the conflict with a brief ceremony before the start of Turkey Shoot racing.

The procedure on Sunday is as follows:
Sound Signal. Reading from the committee vessel of the names of DBSC members killed in action during the First World War. Sound Signal and flags lowered. One minute silence. Sound signal. Flags raised.
Competitors are asked to observe the minute’s silence.

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The start sequence for this Sunday's second DBSC Turkey Shoot race will repeat the starts of last week's opening race that was won by the RIYC J109 White Mischief. Results here

 A great Turkey Shoot turnout out of 65 boats from an entry of 75 is a major boost for winter sailing on Dublin Bay.

Handicaps and starts for the second race sponsored by Citroen are downloadable below with a reminder that due to World War One centenary commemorations the first start is 1410 this Sunday.

The DMYC Dinghy Frostbite series will be in progress in the harbour with a first gun 13.57. There are 91 entries in the dinghy event, so the harbour will be busy from about 1.30 onward. Turkey Shoot yachts heading to the bay are asked to keep clear of the dinghy race course.

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Tim and Richard Goodbody's potent J109 White Mischief leads after the first race of seven in the DBSC Turkey Shoot on Dublin Bay last Sunday.

A bumper turnout of 61 boats from 74–entries received to date is a shot in the arm for sailing in the capital's waters this winter.

A light air start to the series saw the Royal Irish Yacht Club entry come in ahead of clubmate Andrew Alego's Juggerknot, the current J109 National Champion.

Goodbody's White Mischief was helmed by Maurice O'Connell of North Sails Ireland.

Third overall is another RIYC boat, Leslie Parnell's Beneteau 34.7 Black Velvet. 

The fleet includes a great turnout of 1720 sportsboats from across the Dun Laoghaire waterfront and includes a new Grand Soleil model Justina that finished 25th in her debut race.

Full results for the Citroen Sponsored Winter Series are downloadable below

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With two days to go to the DBSC Turkey Shoot on Dublin Bay, organisers have issued Sailing Instructions (and an amendment) for the seven race series. 

Download the Sailing Instructions below

Start sequences for Sunday's first race in the Citroen sponsored handicap series are expected to be issued later today as late entries continue to be received for the much-anticipated bumper series. 

Further to the issue of the Sailing Instructions yesterday, an amendment to 'SI 12 TIME LIMIT' has been made: Change date 4th November to read 11th November.

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Writing in the Irish Times Sailing Column this morning, David O'Brien predicts that Colin Byrne's XP33 'Bon Exemple' will be the winner of the top performing cruiser-racer in the country's biggest racing fleet this season. Dublin Bay Sailing Club has yet to announce its six premier awards for its gala prizegiving in a fortnight's time but front-runners are already clear from the summer season's results.

This morning's sailing column also reveals how outgoing Commodore Chris Moore is to fill the shoes of the DBSC Hon Sec Donal O'Sullivan who retires after 27 years in the role.

For much more click here.

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Women on Water at the National Yacht Club are entering two 1720 Sportboats in the DBSC Turkey Shoot — and you could be a part of the action.

Experienced women sailors will have their own boat (€100pp) but those newer to racing won’t be left out as a second vessel will have a coach on board (€150pp).

The Turkey Shoot series, now sponsored by Citroen South Dublin, will run for seven Sundays from 4 November.

Women also have the option of sailing Wayfarers in the DMYC Frostbites in the afternoons (€100pp).

And Women on Water are running a coaching session on Saturday 3 November to familiarise those taking part with the 1720 and Wayfarer boats.

Register online at the NYC website HERE.

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Time goes quickly, here we are again for another DBSC Turkey Shoot of winter racing!

Below is a Notice of Race and Entry Form. Also, entry can be made online here.

The series starts on November 4th but one slight change this year is for the second race on 11th November when there will be a first gun of 1410. This is to allow for numerous centennial commemoration events and services that are taking place that morning.

"The series is now sponsored by Citroen South Dublin"

As you will notice, the series is now sponsored by Citroen South Dublin, a sister company of Rathfarnham Ford. Our many thanks to Paul Molloy for his strong continuing support of our sailing.

Also, many thanks again to our supportive weekly sponsors - Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin (Pat Rigney), North Sails Ireland (Prof O'Connell) and UK Sailmakers Ireland (Barry Hayes and Graham Curran).

All our sponsor's involvement in our series is much appreciated by us all!

Again I am lucky to be able to call on the usual crew of volunteers for the event - more craic again on the committee boat!

Please get your entries in asap as it would be a great help to have before we go racing!

Looking forward to seeing you all out there again. Tell your friends.

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DBSC dinghy fleet came out in force for the end of season race on Saturday in the Harbour. Over 30 dinghies competed on the water in the 4 race no discard format. The fleet starts were designed to have plenty of traffic at each mark rounding in tight racing in the harbour. This was a welcome relief to the Laser class after a very busy sailing season on long courses.

Tight racing in the Radial fleet, left the ever competitive Judy O’Beirne and Conor Clancy on equal points – with Conor clinching the victory in the last race. Shirley Gilmore used her Laser Master World Championship experience to finish third. 

It was nearly an O’Beirne family day affair as Judy O Beirne’s son Conor, with his superior boat handling, dominated the Laser Standards. Outgoing Class Captain Ross O’Leary came in second with the incoming Class Captain Gavan Murphy finished in third. 

The Vago’s had some exciting sailing in the gusty conditions with Pat Mc Goldrick winning it on count back from Nick Miller & Quentin Laurent.

The IDRA’s were finishing off there busy September series of 31 races! On the day Julie Ascoop in ‘Slipstream’ beat Brian Murphy in ‘Diane’ by 1 point to claim the IDRA’s Final Fling 1st place. Frank Hamilton finished in 3rd.

Thanks to DBSC for supporting the event along with the Royal St George YC. Special thanks to PRO Suzanne McGarry and Joe Hickey from DBSC for the help in organising.

Final Fling is open to all dinghy classes that want to get a taste of the competitive Tuesday evening sailing offered by DBSC during the summer months. If you or your class is interested in join us in 2019.

FINAL FLING 2019 – 28th of September 2019 - Save the date!

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