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Tuesday night marks the start of a week-long tribute to long-standing Dublin Bay Sailing Club member Carmel Winkelmann who passed away on Saturday, 12th June. 

DBSC Flag Officers are preparing for a minute's silence on all boats in the fleet before racing commences on each race day this week.

There will be an additional sound signal made five minutes before the first warning signal for the first class each day. The DBSC burgee will be dipped and a minute's silence will be observed in Carmel's honour. 

DBSC Committee Boat MacLir displaying an RIP tribute to the late Carmel Winkelmann prior to Tuesday, June 15th's racingDBSC Committee Boat MacLir (above) and Freebird (below) displaying an RIP tribute to the late Carmel Winkelmann prior to Tuesday, June 15th's racing

Freebird DBSC

As Afloat repeated earlier, Carmel was an active member of DBSC and also gave a huge commitment to Dublin Bay sailing in general.

Due to the Government restrictions, a family funeral will take a place privately at 10 am on Friday (June 18th).

As a mark of respect, the funeral cortège will be passing the yacht clubs along the Dun Laoghaire Harbour waterfront on Friday morning at 9 am.

Funeral notice here

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Tony Fox's IMX 38 Gringo from the National Yacht Club beat club mates John and Brian Hall's J109 Something Else in the Cruisers One IRC division of Dublin Bay Sailing Club's Saturday racing.

Racing for classes in Seapoint Bay in the DBSC AIB sponsored Summer Series was subjected to variable westerlies for the opening races before a more solid breeze from 170 degrees came through for the second race.

Jim McCann's Mustang 30 Peridot from the Royal Irish Yacht Club beat two Sigma 33s for the top spot in class two IRC.

In the One Design classes,  DMYC's Enfant de Marie (Ben Mulligan) was the winner of the first race with Phoenix (John Lavery) of the National Yacht Club the second race winner.

The top three results in each DBSC class are below

DBSC Results for 12/06/2021

Race 1

Cruiser 1 IRC: 1. Gringo, 2. Something Else, 3. Chimaera

Cruiser 1 Echo: 1. Gringo, 2. Powder Monkey, 3. Raptor

Cruiser 1 J109: 1. Something Else, 2. Chimaera, 3. Powder Monkey

31.7 One Design: 1. Attitude, 2. Kalamar, 3. Kernach

31.7 Echo: 1. Kalamar, 2. Kernach, 3. Attitude

Cruiser 2 IRC: 1. Peridot, 2. Leeuwin, 3. Rupert

Cruiser 2 Echo: 1. Leeuwin, 2. Rupert, 3. Peridot

Cruiser 2 Sigma 33: 1. Leeuwin, 2. Rupert, 3. Gwili II

Cruiser 3 IRC: 1. Maranda, 2. Starlet

Cruiser 3 Echo: 1. Maranda, 2. Papytoo, 3. Wynward

Cruiser 5 NS-IRC: 1. The Great Escape, 2. Gung Ho, 3. Playtime

Cruiser 5 Echo: 1. Sweet Martini, 2. The Great Escape, 3. Playtime

SB20: 1., 2. Ted, 3. So Blue

Flying 15: 1. Enfant de Marie, 2. Flyer, 3. Phoenix

Sportsboat: 1. Jambiya, 2. Joyride, 3. Jay Z

Sportsboat VPRS: 1. Jambiya, 2. Joyride, 3. Jawesome III

Shipman: 1. Curraglass, 2. Viking, 3. Jo Slim 5

Glen: 1. Glenroan, 2. GlenDun

PY Class: 1. Brendan Foley, 2. Michael McCambridge

IDRA 14: 1. Dunmoanin, 2. Chaos

Fireball: 1. Owen Sinnott, 2. Paul ter Horst

Race 2

SB20: 1. Ted, 2. Bad/Kilcullen, 3. Rubadubdub

Flying 15: 1. Phoenix, 2. Rodriguez, 3. Fflagella

Sportsboat: 1=. George 6, 1=. Jawesome III, 3. Jambiya

Sportsboat VPRS: 1. Jawesome III, 2. Jambiya, 3. Joyride

Ruffian: 1. Bandit, 2. Ripples, 3. Ruffles

B211 One Design: 1. Yikes, 2. Chinook, 3. Beeswing

B211 Echo: 1. Beeswing, 2. Ventuno, 3. Chinook

Squib/Mermaid: 1. Lively Lady, 2. Periquin, 3. Allsorts

PY Class: 1. Brendan Foley, 2. Michael McCambridge

IDRA 14: 1. Chaos, 2. Dunmoanin

Fireball: 1. Owen Sinnott, 2. Paul ter Horst

Race 3

PY Class: 1. Brendan Foley, 2. Michael McCambridge

IDRA 14: 1. Chaos, 2. Dunmoanin

Fireball: 1. Owen Sinnott, 2. Paul ter Horst

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After a number of training races, which were very well attended and received, Mother Nature and Race Officer Jack Roy’s Team conspired most favourably to give the Flying Fifteens a good workout in a brisk breeze last night.

Throughout the day the forecast was for wind just west of south in the 12 – 14 knot range but with gusts in the 17 – 19 range and with low tide around 18:15, the flood was already evident on the racecourse.

Windward-Leeward JW2 was the course of the night – Battery(P), Bulloch(P), Molly(P), Bulloch(P), Island(P), East(P), Island(P), East(P), Pier(P) – Finish. Battery was not a turning mark and most people had twigged the requirement to leave this mark to port, leaving Bulloch as the principle windward mark of the first leg.
Thirteen boats contested last night’s race and five of these decided to take an offshore route for the early part of the beat. Of these Shane McCarthy & Chris Doorly (4085) and Frank Miller & Ed Butler (3845) were two of the more prominent. Ben Mulligan & Cormac Bradley (4081) worked the middle of the course with a number of others – Ken Dumpleton & Joe (3955) coming to mind, while the rest of the fleet went shorewards. Neil Colin & Margaret Casey (4028) and possibly Alistair Court & Conor O’Leary (3753) were in this final group.

As the fleet converged at Battery, it became apparent that the offshore option had paid dividends with Miller & Butler crossing the entire fleet on port to assume the leading slot in the final section of the beat from Battery to Bulloch. McCarthy/Doorly also featured prominently, while Mulligan/Bradley slotted in behind these two with Dumpleton/Joe and Court/O’Leary following in behind them.

Miller/Butler led the fleet around Bulloch, followed by Mulligan/Bradley and McCarthy/Doorly and an excellent spinnaker leg took the fleet off towards Molly. The front three had a gap on the rest of the fleet, so I am going to use poetic licence here and suggest that Dumpleton and Court were at the head of the chasing bunch. Miller/Butler held the lead to Molly while in the very latter stages of the leg, McCarthy powered over Mulligan in the final boat-lengths to the mark, but a more efficient spinnaker drop by Mulligan/Bradley allowed them to recover second place and leave McCarthy/Doorly, who had a few problems, to leeward and behind for the beat back to Bulloch.

This leg was more difficult to interpret. Miller and McCarthy kept further offshore than Mulligan and Dumpleton also took a more offshore approach. Later, onshore, Colin admitted he had gone offshore and found it paid dividends. The front group of three then became four, with the sequence at Bulloch being Miller, McCarthy, Dumpleton and Mulligan. Dumpleton then erred by flying spinnaker on what was a two-sail reach to Island. Island to East was another enjoyable spinnaker leg and at East the leading three were a bit more circumspect about their drops. McCarthy had taken the lead at this stage and led the race to Island for the third beat of the night. However, even with the state of the tide, pushing the boats offshore at Island, both the leading boats appeared to overstand the mark, allowing Mulligan to close until he was forced into a double tack to round Island. The third spinnaker leg of the night allowed mulligan to close the gap a little on Miller, but McCarthy was comfortable at this stage.

In a brief period of bravado, they tried to fly spinnaker, but soon came to see the error of their ways. Miller then found himself to leeward but ahead of Mulligan on the two-sail reach to Pier and gradually started to eek his way upwind to protect his second place. The distance between these two ebbed and flowed, but not to any significant extent.

Miller tacked immediately at Pier for the upwind hitch to the finish whereas Mulligan held on for a few more boat-lengths before tacking and setting himself up for a finish at the committee boat end of the line which is where the favourable bias was. It was enough to pip Miller at the finish.

Thursday 10th June

Flying Fifteen – 13 starters. (1 DNF).

1. Shane McCarthy & Chris Doorly, 4085
2. Ben Mulligan & Cormac Bradley, 4081
3. Frank Miller & Ed Butler, 3845
4. Ken Dumpleton & Joe, 3955
5. Alistair Court & Conor O’Leary, 3753
6. Neil Colin & Margaret Casey, 4028.

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102 yachts started on a windy evening on Dublin Bay last night for the first Thursday race proper of the 2021 DBSC summer season.

Tim and Richard Goodbody's J109, White Mischief from the Royal Irish Yacht Club were Cruiser One winners in both IRC and ECHO. Chris Johnston's National Yacht Club Prospect was the Beneteau 31.7 winner 

Royal St. George's Windjammer (​Lindsey J Casey & Denis Power) won Class Two in IRC but Conor Ronan's Corby 26, Ruthless won on ECHO. 

Full results below.  

DBSC Results for 10/06/2021

Cruiser 1 IRC: 1. White Mischief, 2. Something Else, 3. Jalapeno

Cruiser 1 Echo: 1. Something Else, 2. White Mischief, 3. Jalapeno

Cruiser 1 J109: 1. White Mischief, 2. Something Else, 3. Jalapeno

31.7 One Design: 1. Prospect, 2. Attitude, 3. After You Too

31.7 Echo: 1. Indigo, 2. Attitude, 3. Bluefin Two

Cruiser 2 IRC: 1. Windjammer, 2. Ruthless, 3. Rupert

Cruiser 2 Echo: 1. Ruthless, 2. Windjammer, 3. Boojum

Cruiser 2 Sigma 33: 1. Boojum, 2. Rupert

Cruiser 3 IRC: 1. Starlet, 2. Maranda, 3. Eleint

Cruiser 3 Echo: 1. Grasshopper 2, 2. Starlet, 3. Saki

Cruiser 4 NS-IRC: 1. Boomerang, 2. Playtime

Cruiser 4 Echo: 1. Boomerang, 2. Antix, 3. Playtime

Cruiser 5A NS-IRC: 1. Prima Luce, 2. Act Two, 3. Persistance, 1. Sweet

Cruiser 5A Echo: 1. Aurora, 2. Prima Luce, 3. Act Two

Cruiser 5B Echo: 1. Sweet Martini, 2. Gung Ho, 3. Fortitudine

SB20: 1. Ted, 2. So Blue, 3.

Flying 15: 1. Shane MacCarthy, 2. Enfant de Marie, 3. Glass Half Full

Sportsboat: 1. Jester, 2. Jheetah, 3. Jitterbug

Sportsboat: 1. Jester, 2. Jheetah, 3. Jitterbug

Ruffian: 1. Bandit, 2. Shannagh, 3. Ruffles

Shipman: 1. Curraglass, 2. Twocan, 3. Jo Slim 5

B211 One Design: 1. Chinook, 2. Yikes, 3. Billy Whizz

B211 Echo: 1. Chinook, 2. Isolde, 3. Small Wonder

Squib/Mermaid: 1. Jill, 2=. Periquin, 2=. Aideen

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Damian Moloney won both of Tuesday night's Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) in-harbour Laser dinghy races, the first of the 2021 season.

Ten-knot southerly winds greeted the DBSC fleet that resumed Dun Laoghaire competition following almost a month of training races in line with COVID-19 protocols.

Frank Miller was the winner of both Fireball races. Likewise, Brendan Foley, sailing an RS Aero, won both of the PY races.

In the Radial class, Conor Clancy and Sean Craig took a win apiece.

DBSC Results for 08/06/2021

Race 1

Cruiser 3 Tuesday Echo: 1. Maranda, 2. Papytoo, 3. Saki

Flying 15: 1. Shane MacCarthy, 2. Perfect Ten

Ruffian: 1. Ruff Diamond, 2. Carmen

Shipman: 1. Poppy, 2. Bluefin

PY Class: 1. Brendan Foley, 2. Noel Butler, 3. Barry Byrne

Fireball: 1. Frank Miller, 2. Louise McKenna, 3. Owen Sinnott

Laser Standard: 1. Damian Maloney, 2. Chris Arrowsmith, 3. Gary O'Hare

Laser Radial: 1. Conor Clancy, 2. Hugh O'Connor, 3. Shirley Gilmore

Race 2

PY Class: 1. Brendan Foley, 2. Noel Butler, 3. Barry Byrne

Fireball: 1. Frank Miller, 2. Louise McKenna, 3. Owen Sinnott

Laser Standard: 1. Damian Maloney, 2. Gary O'Hare, 3. Theo Lyttle

Laser Radial: 1. Sean Craig, 2. Hugh O'Connor, 3. David Cahill

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Dublin Bay Sailing Club Commodore Ann Kirwan rounded off a successful DBSC Race Training Mini-Series yesterday before racing commences after Bank Holiday Monday from next Tuesday, June 8th.

The well-attended series, running since May 16th - in line with COVID guidelines -  presented a great opportunity for boats and crews and race personnel to prepare for the summer racing season as lockdown eases. 

Next week the AIB DBSC Racing season begins in earnest where the country's biggest yacht racing club welcomes back training participants along with the rest of the membership to the following schedule.

DBSC Weekly Racing Programme

  • Tuesdays: Keelboats – From Committee Vessel
  • Tuesdays: Dinghies – Harbour sailing
  • Wednesdays: Water Wags – Harbour sailing
  • Thursdays: Keelboats – Committee Boat starts
  • Saturdays: Keelboats – Committee Boat starts
  • Saturdays: Dinghies – Harbour sailing

Meanwhile, the last week of the training series ran as follows: 

Tuesday dinghies - RO Barbara Conway aboard DBSC committee vessel Freebird ran one training race in light winds inside the harbour. 9 PYs and 22 Lasers over 2 starts.

Wednesday Water Wags - RO Harry Gallagher aboard DBSC committee vessel MacLir ran 2 training races in light winds inside the harbour for a full complement of training Wags.

Two Water Wag training races in light winds were held inside the harbourTwo Water Wag training races in light winds were held inside the harbour

Thursday keelboats - RO Jack Roy aboard committee vessel Freebird headed outside the harbour to survey the conditions and reported gusts of over 30 knots and a big swell in a strong southerly wind. Jack (Red Fleet) and Barry MacNeaney (Blue Fleet) decided to cancel race training for all classes.

Saturday saw the last day of DBSC’s Race Training mini-series.

RO Barry MacNeaney aboard MacLir ran race training for the Blue Fleet of 36 boats with Cr 0 - 2, Cr1 - 7, B31.7s - 7, Cr2 - 3, Cr3 - 7, Cr 4&5 - 7, Shipman - 3, Glen - 0.

RO Barry O’Neill aboard Freebird ran 2 training races for the 34 Green Fleet boats with SB20s - 5, FFs - 13, Sportsboats & Dragons - 3, Ruffian - 5, B211 - 7, Squibs & Mermaids - 1.

RO Suzanne McGarry aboard committee vessel Spirit of the Irish ran race training for the Dinghies (2 races) with 19 boats - PYs - 5, Lasers 14 over 2 starts.

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With Dublin Bay Sailing Club's final week of Pandemic-restricted Training Races currently underway (restrictions are lifted on Monday, June 7th), the always-numerous Flying Fifteen class have been threatening to fly too high, and may need to have their wings clipped in order to stay within the Irish Sailing limits of not more than 15 boats per class in an approved training fleet.

FF Class Captain Neil Colin has circulated his members today regarding the races on June 3rd and 5th, and states: “We will run the WhatsApp Roll Call, and if we exceed the quota, I will be asking some to step back on a Random Selection Basis”.

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With just over a week to go until Dubin Bay Sailing Club racing starts on June 8th, 116 boats turned out across  21 classes for race training on the bay on Saturday.

There were light easterly winds and another lovely sunny day on the water for the Dun Laoghaire Harbour fleets. 

Race Officer Barry MacNeaney on MacLir had a busy day, starting the ISORA fleet at 10 am before taking charge of DBSC's Blue/Red Fleet of 45 boats. This included Cr0 1, Cr1 9, B31.7 9, CR2 6, Cr3 5, Cr4&5 9, Shipman & Glen 6

Other fleets were:

Green fleet 47 boats: RO Barry O’Neill on Freebird: SB20 7, FF 15, Sportsboat & Dragon 5, Ruffian 7, B211 9, Squibs & Mermaids 4

Dinghies: RO Barbara Conway on the Spirit of the Irish Committee Boat - 24 boats - PY 8, Laser 16 over two starts

DBSC has also been reporting strong turnouts for training last week as follows: 

Tues dinghies: RO Suzanne McGarry on Freebird - approx 24 over 3 starts, mostly Lasers

Wed Wags: RO Harry Gallagher on MacLir 15 boats

Thurs Blue Fleet: RO Ed Totterdell on MacLir 38 boats Cr0 2, Cr1 7, B31.7 9, Cr2 3, Cr3 9, Cr4&5 8

Thurs Red Fleet: RO Brian Mathews 44 boats SB20 4, Sportsboats&Dragon 4, FF 15, Ruffian 7, Shipmans 5, B211 6, Squibs&Mermaids 3, no Glens

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The second Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) Saturday race training day attracted a fine fleet of 126 boats, forty more than last Saturday as the country's biggest yacht racing club prepares to resume competition from June 7th. 

The fleets training today were:

  • Blue/Red fleets combined - RO Ed Totterdell aboard MacLir - 1 training race
    Total of 50 boats:
    Cr0 - 5, Cr 1 - 10, Cr 2 - 4, B31.7 - 7, Cr4+5 11, Shipman - 5, Glen - 0
  • Green fleet = RO Barry O'Neill aboard Freebird - 2 training races
    Total of 43 boats:
    SB20 - 7, FF - 15, Sportsboats+Dragons - 6, Ruffians - 5, B211 - 6, Squibs+Mermaids - 4
  • Dinghies - RO Suzanne McGarry aboard Spirit of the Irish - 2 training races
    Total of 33 dinghies inside the harbour:
    PY+IDRA 14+Fireball - 8, Lasers - 25 (2 4.7s, 6 standard rig, 17 Radial rig - split over 3 starts with max 15 in any start)

Winds were generally a bit lighter and shiftier in the north western end of the bay where the cruisers course was set and as a result, only one race was sailed.

Barry O'Neill and his Green fleet race management team got two great windward/leeward training races starting in the vicinity of the East mark. The wind died after the first training race and went down to just three knots, so Barry waited for about 15 minutes for the wind to fill in and then a second training race began in about 12-15 knots. 

The past week has seen the start of the full programme of the DBSC training mini-series.

Last Tuesday DBSC dinghies had approximately 36 boats on the water. Race Officer Suzanne McGarry aboard Freebird persevered to get a course laid in very shifty conditions and got one training race in which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

On Wednesday the Water Wags had perfect conditions for RO Harry Gallagher aboard MacLir with 15 boats taking part in the training race inside the harbour as WM Nixon reported here

Thursday keelboat racing was cancelled due to weather.

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DBSC Thursday night training is cancelled for all fleets this evening on Dublin Bay due to current weather conditions and the forecast for further strong southerly winds.

Three training fleets were in operation as over 90 boats from the Dun Laoghaire Harbour waterfront clubs turned out for the first training session last Saturday, as Afloat reported here.

DBSC is running the mini-series this month in order for crews and DBSC race management teams to train and to get ready for the racing season on June 7 as sailing is now considered a safe, non-contact sport with no material difference between training and competition re COVID-19.

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Round Ireland Yacht Race Information

The Round Ireland Yacht Race is Ireland's classic offshore yacht race starts from Wicklow Sailing Club (WSC) and is organised jointly with the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) and the Royal Irish Yacht Club (RIYC). This page details the very latest updates from the 2008 race onwards including the race schedule, yacht entries and the all-important race updates from around the 704-mile course. Keep up to date with the Round Ireland Yacht Race here on this one handy reference page.

2020 Round Ireland Race

The 2020 race, the 21st edition, was the first race to be rescheduled then cancelled.

Following Government restrictions over COVID-19, a decision on the whether or not the 2020 race can be held was made on April 9 2020 to reschedule the race to Saturday, August 22nd. On July 27th, the race was regrettably cancelled due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19.

Because of COVID-19, the race had to have a virtual launch party at the Royal Irish Yacht Club for its 21st edition

In spite of the pandemic, however, a record entry was in prospect for 2020 with 50 boats entered with four weeks to go to the race start. The race was also going big on size and variety to make good on a pre-race prediction that the fleet could reach 60. An Irish offshore selection trial also looked set to be a component part of the 2020 race.

The rescheduling of the race to a news date emphasises the race's national significance, according to Afloat here


704 nautical miles, 810 miles or 1304 kilometres

3171 kilometres is the estimate of Ireland's coastline by the Ordnance Survey of Ireland.

SSE Renewables are the sponsors of the 2020 Round Ireland Race.

Wicklow Sailing Club in association with the Royal Ocean Racing Club in London and The Royal Irish Yacht Club in Dublin.

Off Wicklow Harbour on Saturday, August 22nd 2020

Monohulls 1300 hrs and Multihulls 13.10 hrs

Leave Ireland and all its islands (excluding Rockall) to starboard.

It depends on the boat. The elapsed record time for the race is under 40 hours but most boats take five or six days to complete the course.

The Race Tracker is

The idea of a race around Ireland began in 1975 with a double-handed race starting and finishing in Bangor organised by Ballyholme Yacht Club with stopovers in Crosshaven and Killybegs. That race only had four entries. In 1980 Michael Jones put forward the idea of a non-stop race and was held in that year from Wicklow Sailing Club. Sixteen pioneers entered that race with Brian Coad’s Raasay of Melfort returning home after six days at sea to win the inaugural race. Read the first Round Ireland Yacht Race 1980 Sailing Instructions here


The Round Ireland race record of 38 h 37 min 7 s is held by MOD-70 trimaran Musandam-Oman Sail and was set in June 2016.

George David’s Rambler 88 (USA) holds the fastest monohull race time of two days two hours 24 minutes and 9 seconds set in the 2016 race.

William Power's 45ft Olivia undertook a round Ireland cruise in September 1860


Richard Hayes completed his solo epic round Ireland voyage in September 2018 in a 14-foot Laser dinghy. The voyage had seen him log a total of 1,324 sea miles (2,452 kilometres) in 54 sailing days. in 1961, the Belfast Lough Waverly Durward crewed by Kevin and Colm MacLaverty and Mick Clarke went around Ireland in three-and-a-half weeks becoming the smallest keelboat ever to go round. While neither of these achievements occurred as part of the race they are part of Round Ireland sailing history

© Afloat 2020

At A Glance – Round Ireland Yacht Race 2022

Race start: Off Wicklow Harbour date to be announced, most likely end of June 2022

There will be separate starts for monohulls and multihulls.

Race course:  leave Ireland and all its islands (excluding Rockall) to starboard.

Race distance: is approximately 704 nautical miles or 1304 kilometres.

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