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Dún Laoghaire Harbour has marked a significant milestone as it welcomed its 100,000th cruise passenger, Melinda Berk from New York, who arrived on the Norwegian Dawn Cruise Ship.

To celebrate the occasion, Melinda was presented with a hamper of gifts, including a beautifully crafted wooden replica of the harbour. She was warmly greeted by Councillor Denis O’Callaghan, Cathaoirleach of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Team.

Melinda Berk from New York is welcomed to Dún Laoghaire Harbour as the 100,000th cruise liner passenger by Councillor Denis O’Callaghan, Cathaoirleach of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County CouncilMelinda Berk from New York is welcomed to Dún Laoghaire Harbour as the 100,000th cruise liner passenger by Councillor Denis O’Callaghan, Cathaoirleach of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

The cruise industry is a significant contributor to the Irish economy, providing between €50-70 million per year, with €10-15m per year going to local economies, such as Dún Laoghaire. The Harbour has been working hard to maximize the benefit of cruise ship visits to the local area. Efforts have included extensive branding, a dedicated tourism office catering specifically to cruise ship passengers, and partnerships with the local business community and the DLR Chamber of Commerce.

Dún Laoghaire Harbour has welcomed 65 cruise ships in the current year alone, with an additional 20 expected in the coming weeks, bringing the total to 85 for the 2023 season. This marks a significant increase of 20 ships from last year, and nearly 100 ships are expected in 2024. Councillor Denis O’Callaghan said, "It is important that we showcase our local attractions to these visitors."

Frank Curran, CEO of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, said, "The team at Dún Laoghaire Harbour is committed to continuing their efforts to enhance the experience for cruise ship passengers and to drive economic growth in the region. With its breathtaking natural scenery and cultural heritage, Dún Laoghaire offers an unforgettable experience for all who visit."

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A group of swimmers were rescued by Dun Laoghaire Harbour RNLI this morning near Dalkey Island on Dublin Bay.

The crew was on a training exercise in the station’s inshore lifeboat when they were alerted to an incident unfolding at Dalkey Island. The swimmers had become separated from their main group, and upon reaching shore, became concerned for their friends who had not returned.

A passing Dive Support RIB was flagged down and alerted the Coast Guard, who promptly tasked Dun Laoghaire’s inshore lifeboat. All swimmers were accounted for, and the remaining swimmers were brought safely ashore and assessed by ambulance crews.

This was the first callout for volunteer crew member Andrew Sykes, who had recently passed out as a Helm at Dun Laoghaire RNLI for the station’s Inshore lifeboat. Andrew joined the station at the age of 18 and has worked his way up to the senior position of lifeboat Helm after six years on the lifeboat crew.

Dun Laoghaire RNLI Deputy Launch Authority Dara Totterdell urged all swimmers to keep safety in mind, advising them to know the area they are swimming in, watch the tides and the sea state, have an agreed plan, and know their limits. The RNLI’s Float to Live campaign recommends anyone in difficulty to float on their back if in trouble and never hesitate to call for help.

“We would encourage anyone planning a water-based activity to be wary of sea temperatures and to wear a wetsuit as hypothermia can set in within minutes,” Totterdell said. “If you see someone who may be in trouble in the water, raise the alarm immediately and call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard. Time is always of the essence in these situations.”

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The volunteer lifeboat crew of Dun Laoghaire Harbour RNLI has been kept busy over the past week, responding to ten calls for assistance from the Dublin Bay area.

The Coast Guard sought the help of the Inshore and All Weather lifeboats for incidents ranging from stricken craft to people in distress on the water.

The crew responded to calls from both the lifeboat station and their homes and businesses, launching in less than nine minutes to attend to the emergencies. The variety of callouts included broken down boats, fuel shortages, entangled sails, stranded fishermen, and walkers cut off by the tide at Sandymount strand. The crew provided assistance to the casualties and ensured their safe return to shore.

Dun Laoghaire RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager Ed Totterdell expressed his appreciation for the dedication of the volunteer crew. "Behind every call out, no matter how minor or major, is a person in difficulty and unsure of what to do to get themselves to safety. We have a fantastic team of volunteers here who train for every type of call out and will look after people when something goes wrong on the water."

Dun Laoghaire Harbour RNLI inshore lifeboatDun Laoghaire Harbour RNLI inshore lifeboat

As summer weather continues, Totterdell reminds water enthusiasts to prepare for emergencies with basic safety measures. He advises ensuring the seaworthiness of boats and engines, having enough fuel for the trip, wearing lifejackets or flotation devices, and informing someone on shore of their plans. He also encourages carrying a means of communication, such as a VHF radio, and knowing how to dial 999 or 112 to reach the Coast Guard.

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Rescue services rescued a man from off Dun Laoghaire Harbour on Sunday afternoon (August 13th).

Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 116, Dun Laoghaire Harbour RNLI, the local Coastguard unit, and nearby pleasure craft were all involved in rescuing a man 'treading water' in Scotsman's Bay. 

Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 116 - operating over Dun Laoghaire in the search and rescue of a man in the water in the south of Dublin Bay Photo: AfloatCoastguard Rescue Helicopter 116 - operating over Dun Laoghaire in the search and rescue of a man in the water in the south of Dublin Bay Photo: Afloat

After a search that began at Sandycove Point and the Forty Foot Bathing Place, local yachts and Rescue 116 located the man in the middle of Scotsman's Bay, who was retrieved from the water by Dun Laoghaire Harbour RNLI's inshore lifeboat.

The lifeboat requested an ambulance to meet it on its return to the Harbour with the casualty.

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New ship fender installation is underway at Dun Laoghaire Harbour's Carlisle Pier. 

The installation of nine new fenders supported on tubular piles will increase the capacity and flexibility of the quay for berthing a range of vessels which moor at the Harbour.

These visitors to 'berth number three' include Navy ships, cruise liners, wind farm service and research vessels, beam trawlers and visiting superyachts. 

The project requires the demolition and removal of three existing concrete buttresses and steel fender collars. 

It is a busy time for upgrading the 200-year-old harbour as the fender installation occurs as separate €2m works are underway to the revetement at the back of town's East Pier.

The works follow extensive repairs since 2018, when Storm Emma caused serious damage to the East Pier.

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Due to strong winds, Sunday's (July 2) classic boat/yacht parade at Dun Laoghaire Harbour was cancelled this afternoon.

This event was arranged in association with Dun Laoghaire's Coastival Festival, a week-long series of events and activities that culminates in the Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta.

Sailing classes that were planning to participate included iconic Dublin designs - Water Wags, Dublin Bay 21s, IDRA 14s, Mermaids, and Glens.

Event organiser Hal Sisk says the parade will be rescheduled.

Other inaugural Coastival events did survive today's strong gusts, including the kite flying festival to the east of the harbour on Newstownswmith Green, where expert kiters gave workshops on kite aerodynamics and design.

A Kite Zone featuring stunt kites, large static kites and tournaments hosted by Francois and the Pure Magic team. During the Coastival event at Dun Laoghaire, master kite flyers demonstrated their skills and creations A Kite Zone featuring stunt kites, large static kites and tournaments hosted by Francois and the Pure Magic team. During the Coastival event at Dun Laoghaire, master kite flyers demonstrated their skills and creations 

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A €2M repair project to Dun Laoghaire's East Pier Revetment (the concrete slope behind the East Pier) commenced on 19th June, and works there will continue for approximately 16 weeks.

As Afloat reported previously, this important repair scheme to the 200-year-old harbour is funded by the Brexit Adjustment Local Authority Marine Infrastructure Scheme 2022-2023.

Access to the revetment behind the pier will be closed off from the Bandstand to the Lighthouse Battery throughout this project.

The €2M repair project to Dun Laoghaire's East Pier focuses on the Revetment or the concrete slope behind the East PierThe €2M repair project to Dun Laoghaire's East Pier focuses on the Revetment or the concrete slope behind the East Pier

The works follow extensive repairs since 2018, when Storm Emma caused serious damage to the East Pier.

Also pictured by Afloat in 2018 was damage to the stonework of the town's West Pier roundheads. There are growing fears that this surface damage may indicate further damage undermining the structure of the pier roundhead.

The current works are being undertaken by Mayo-based Cunnigham Civil and Marine, who have carried out extensive work on Ireland's islands and lighthouses.

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Dun Laoghaire Harbour RNLI had a late call from the Irish Coast Guard last night, Monday (19 June) to assist four people on a small boat with engine trouble, close to Carlisle Pier.

The volunteer crew were alerted at 10.11pm by the Irish Coast Guard that one of the four occupants onboard the craft had swum to shore to raise the alarm that the engine had failed and that the craft was drifting. A volunteer crew at Dun Laoghaire RNLI had just completed a routine evening training session on the inshore lifeboat minutes earlier and were on hand to assist within minutes. As well as the casualty who swam ashore, two other calls for assistance came from members of the public who witnessed the scene unfold.

The inshore lifeboat helmed by Alan Keville, launched back into the calm weather conditions; reaching the boat within minutes, the crew saw that the vessel’s engine had failed.

The lifeboat crew observed that the three remaining people onboard were safe and well. The crew quickly assessed the situation before deciding to establish a tow line and bring the boat and occupants to the safety of Coal Harbour and ashore.

Speaking following the call out, Dun Laoghaire RNLI Helm Alan Keville said: ‘Those on the vessel did the right thing by wearing lifejackets. We would encourage anyone planning a trip to sea to always have a means of communication with you such as a VHF radio or a mobile phone and if you get into difficulty or see someone else in trouble, call 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.

‘As we continue to enjoy the summer weather, we would remind everyone that basic preparation leads to heightened safety in an emergency. Always ensure your boat and engine are seaworthy and that you have enough fuel for your trip. Always wear a lifejacket or suitable flotation device for your activity and let someone on the shore know where you are going and when you are due back.’

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 Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has launched a digital event brochure for its inaugural Coastival Festival that coincides with Ireland's largest sailing regatta, the VDLR, from July 6th.

The flipbook contains the full programme for the eight-day event and is viewable below.

Scroll down for a flipbook of event for the DLR Coastival FestivalScroll down for a flipbook of event for the DLR Coastival Festival

As regular Afloat readers know, the waterfront VDLR regatta has a massive entry of 300 boats coming from across the Irish Sea area for racing in 22 different classes.

Now the town is running Coastival 2023 to celebrate 'everything it loves about Dún Laoghaire' but especially the borough's 200-year-old harbour.

The new week-long festival from July 1-9 includes family fun each day both on land and water.

Coastival 2023 also has a full live music and comedy programme for 'Coastival Nights'.

Events include:

  • Maritime movies on the green,
  • Live music, including KILA, Jerry Fish, Mack Fleetwood and much more,
  • Comedy club with Dave McSavage and Dublin Improv,
  • Boat cruises and boat trips,
  • Family fun day at the dlr LexIcon Library,
  • Free sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding,
  • Summer of heritage events and much more!

Check out the Coastival Festival digital event brochure below


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This season more than 90 cruise ships will call to Dún Laoghaire Harbour bringing a total of 164,000 passengers and 71,000 crew to the area

With 44% of passengers* who tender ashore visiting Dún Laoghaire Town and the surrounding area, the cruise industry is generating significant income and creating a range of job opportunities. The benefits of these cruises extend beyond the immediate tourism sector, contributing to the restoration of the historic Harbour.

Councillor Mary Hanafin, Cathaoirleach, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council said: “This is a very exciting time for Dun Laoghaire with thousands of visitors arriving in cruise ships. The DLR Cruise Tourism Kiosk is open daily to offer advice on local attractions, while the Dun Laoghaire Business Association operates a souvenir shop for passengers. The benefits of these cruises extend further with job creation in various roles such as tourist cabin, security staff, and Tender escort boats”.

Dún Laoghaire Harbour was the second busiest Harbour in Ireland for Cruise visits last year (65 in total) second only to Cork/Cobh** and the aim is to continue to build on this success for the years ahead.

Frank Curran, Chief Executive, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council highlighted: “The significant income generated from the cruise ships contributes to the restoration and repair of the 200-year-old Harbour and to future plans which include a national Water Sports Campus”.

Norwegian Cruise Lines will top the schedule with 20 visits to Dun Laoghaire this year, followed by Viking Cruise Lines who will visit 17 times. (Afloat adds for a full list of cruise callers this season, click here). 

Gabby Mallon of dlr Chamber added: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council promoting Dún Laoghaire as an attractive shopping destination for the influx of International Cruise ship tourists, expected to arrive this year”.

Kyron O’Gorman from the local Powerboat School who tender in the passengers from the cruise liners highlighted:

“Our staff are early risers, waiting for the next cruise ship to come over the horizon and ready to tender them ashore. This greatly expands our marine sector in the county, creating 40 mariner sessional jobs on the water and much more ashore”.

Cruise Statistics for 2023

  • The combined passenger and crew complement exceeds the population of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown by nearly 1k.
  • The 2023 cruise season surpasses last year when 65 cruise ships arrived with 79,000 passengers and 44,000 crew.
  • At 333m, the longest cruise ship will be ‘MSC Preziosa’ which has a gross tonnage of 139,072t and a capacity for 4,345 passengers 1,313 crew. In a very close second place, is the ‘Regal Princess’ at 330m long. With a capacity for 3,592 passengers 1,205 crew. These enormous cruise ships are operated by MSC Cruises and Princess Cruises respectively. Both will be regular callers this year, ‘MSC Preziosa’ calling twice and ’Regal Princess’ calling 11 times.
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines are once again top of the schedule with frequent visits to Dun Laoghaire 20 times this year.
  • Viking Cruises will visit 17 times this year sending 7 different ships from their ocean going fleet.
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The Irish Cruiser Racing Association (ICRA) Information

The creation of the Irish Cruiser Racing Association (ICRA) began in a very low key way in the autumn of 2002 with an exploratory meeting between Denis Kiely, Jim Donegan and Fintan Cairns in the Granville Hotel in Waterford, and the first conference was held in February 2003 in Kilkenny.

While numbers of cruiser-racers were large, their specific locations were widespread, but there was simply no denying the numerical strength and majority power of the Cork-Dublin axis. To get what was then a very novel concept up and running, this strength of numbers had to be acknowledged, and the first National Championship in 2003 reflected this, as it was staged in Howth.

ICRA was run by a dedicated group of volunteers each of whom brought their special talents to the organisation. Jim Donegan, the elder statesman, was so much more interested in the wellbeing of the new organisation than in personal advancement that he insisted on Fintan Cairns being the first Commodore, while the distinguished Cork sailor was more than content to be Vice Commodore.

ICRA National Championships

Initially, the highlight of the ICRA season was the National Championship, which is essentially self-limiting, as it is restricted to boats which have or would be eligible for an IRC Rating. Boats not actually rated but eligible were catered for by ICRA’s ace number-cruncher Denis Kiely, who took Ireland’s long-established native rating system ECHO to new heights, thereby providing for extra entries which brought fleet numbers at most annual national championships to comfortably above the hundred mark, particularly at the height of the boom years. 

ICRA Boat of the Year (Winners 2004-2019)


ICRA Nationals 2023

The date for the 2023 edition of the ICRA National Championships is 8th to 10th September at Howth Yacht Club in Dublin.

ICRA Nationals 2024

The date for the 2024 edition of the ICRA National Championships is the 6th to 8th of September at the Royal Irish Yacht Club on Dublin Bay.

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