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Last weekend (11/12th June) saw the Optimist Ulster Championships return to Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club after a three year gap.

The weather, always so critical in sailing events, did its usual trick of throwing everything possible at the sailors and organisers.

Saturday was a day of light airs and sunshine. With light fickle winds dropping away to nothing, the Featherweights in the fleet were delighted and preformed well.

Sunday was a different day entirely and with winds of 18 knots gusting 22, the heavier sailors came into their own. All in all, something for everyone!


The fleet jostle for position supervised by a yellow Jury boat. Photo: Thomas Anderson

Race 1 in the Junior Fleet was won by Ronan Cournane (Royal Cork Yacht Club) followed closely by Colin O'Sullivan (Malahide Yacht Club). Race 2 was started in light winds but on the second beat the sailors made little progress against the tide. As the wind disappeared only 10 sailors managed to finish, the rest being "timed out". The third race of the day was yet another "light airs" affair. Again the promising breeze fizzled out and Royal North's very experienced Race Officer, Nigel Kearney, raised the abandonment flag.

The sailors went ashore for the day to enjoy the hospitalities of Royal North's recently refurbished clubhouse.

In the Senior Fleet Races 1 and 2 were won by "experienced" sailor Peter McCann (he is only 13) from Royal Cork Yacht Club. Like the Juniors, their Race 3 was also abandoned and the tired sailors sailed back to a fantastic welcome and great meal provided by Royal North. A difficult day for all, both Race Committee and sailors alike worked hard as the wind shifted, built up, dropped away, and built up again.

On Saturday evening Irish Optimist President, Fred Campbell from Royal North presented the Irish Team sailors with their iconic

Green Life Jackets and team gear and wished them all luck in their respective International events.

Sunday morning came and the promised wind which had the heavier sailors in a jubilant mood started to build steadily.

Race 1 was won by Sean Donnelly from the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire with Races 2 and 3 being won by fellow Dun Laoghaire sailor Adam Hyland (Royal St George Yacht Club). Adam was unfortunate to have incurred a "timed out" and a "black flag" penalty in Saturday's racing. These "expensive" scores pulled him down the results allowing Royal Cork sailor, Peter McCann who sailed steadily on both days to secure the overall Senior Championship.

In the Junior Fleet, Race 1 was won by Rebecca O' Shaughnessy (Royal Cork) with Niamh Henry (Royal St George) winning Race 2 while strong wind expert Issy Delamer won Race 2 making Sunday an all girl affair in the Junior Fleet. However, the girls' excellent performances in the stronger breeze did not prevent Royal Cork sailor Ronan Cournane repeating his brother Daire's success the previous year and securing the Junior Championship.

Congratulations to Peter McCann who is the Ulster Senior regional Champion. Congratulations also to Ronan Cournane who is the Ulster Junior Regional Championship.

At a prize giving ceremony following the event, Royal North Commodore, Mike Vaughan welcomed all the visitors and referred to the long association between the club and the Irish Optimist Association. Irish Optimist Vice President Des Flood from Howth Yacht Club thanked the Royal North Yacht Club and its volunteers who worked tirelessly all weekend to make the event the resounding success that it was!

The top five in each fleet were:

Senior Fleet:

1 1439 Gold Peter McCann 14 RCYC 7 1 1 4 2 3
2 1438 Gold Sean Donnelly 14 NYC 17 12 3 1 9 4
3 1375 Gold Richard Hogan 13 HYC 22 5 39 6 3 8
4 1425 Gold Douglas Elmes 13 RCYC/WHSC 27 3 2 11 11 31
5 1444 Gold Sophie Browne 14 TBSC/RCYC 29 18 18 2 4 5

Junior Fleet:

1 1411 Gold Ronan Cournane 12 RCYC/KYC 9 1 2 3 7 3
2 1012 Gold Niamh Henry 12 RStGYC 10 4 1 6 1 4
3 1372 Gold Isabelle Delamer 12 HYC 16 13 5 8 2 1
4 1343 Silver Colin O'SULLIVAN 12 MYC 20 2 3 7 8 14
5 1341 Gold Ewan MCMAHON 12 HYC 20 8 4 2 6 46

Local Sailor Success
Just 5 years ago Royal North sailor Ross Vaughan was Ireland's highest ranked Optimist sailor. In his wake up to 20 Royal North sailors competed on the Irish Optimist circuit. Last year saw a bit of a gap in Northern competitors, but Royal North was pleased to field a total of eight sailors in this event. All are very young but led by enthusiastic Class Captain Greg Bell, all are looking forward to joining the "Irish Optimist Circuit" in the years ahead and bringing success once more to Royal North Optimist sailing.
Best local sailors at the event were Sally Bell in the main fleet and Louis Miller in Regatta Fleet. Expect to see these names again.

Regatta Fleet
Held in conjunction with the championships was a "very" junior event for the very youngest sailors who have recently completed their dinghy competency courses and are getting ready to go racing. This racing experience is essential to equip the sailors with the skills they will need when they move to the main fleet.
Watched by anxious parents from the lawn of Royal North the sailors were led by coaches, Katie Malcolm, Katie White and Holly Campbell. In a series of short races conducted by Race Officer Mark Brien, the kids mostly between 8 and 10 years old got their first taste of racing.
All regatta fleet racers were presented with medals and fun prizes.

Next Year?
It is hoped that when the whole entourage returns to the North next year, these youngest sailors will have progressed to join their older friends in the main fleet.

Judging by the comments from the visiting sailors and parents, North Down can look forward to the return of the class next year. Royal North Commodore, Mike Vaughan, when thanking North Down Tourism and other sponsors of the event, expressed his hope that the championships would again return to Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club.

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Raging Bull charged back to the top of the ISORA fleet in a race across the Irish Sea. The offshore focus now is on the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle race. Adam Hyland won the Oppy Leinsters and visiting Kinsale sailors took the Dragon Easterns, both events were held on Dublin Bay. Dick Dastardly won Class 2 at the same venue in DBSC's Saturday race. Abroad Irish Olympic hopes were making the headlines at the Delta Lloyd Regatta in Holland but no medals just yet.

Royal Cork's Anthony O'Leary is racing at the Scottish Series and better weather is promised tomorrow. ICRA has arranged craneage for next month's national championships and there are less than two weeks to the first gun of the Fireball World Championships in Sligo. 58 are entrered from nine countries.

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 Barry Hurley and Mick Liddy prepare for the ISORA start in Wales on Saturday. More photos by Cathy Mullan on our ISORA post here


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Dublin Bay local Adam Hyland has won the Optimist Leinster Championships on home waters this afternoon in blustery conditions that saw the series completed in the comparative shelter of Scotsman's bay in the lee of Dun Laoghaire's East pier as winds across Dublin Bay hit 25 knots from the West. Howth Yacht Club sailors Sean Waddilove and Robert Dickson were second and third respectively.

The Championships hosted by the National Yacht Club also featured racing in the Junior and Regatta fleets. The juniors was won by Ronan Cournahane and regatta racing by Eva Millar.

Results below.

Series PlaceSail NoFleetHelmPrize AgeClubSeries PointsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11413GoldAdam HYLAND14RStGYC713523
21437GoldSean WADDILOVE14SSC/HYC851252
31355GoldRobert Dickson13HYC1121581
41443GoldSean Gambier-Ross14KYC1347522
51407GoldConor O'Beirne13RStGYC1812666
61441GoldEoin Lyden14RCYC / BSC20115184
71433GoldJil McGinley14RCYC24910552
81305GoldSandy APLIN13RStGYC26321439
91440GoldHarry Whitaker14RCYC/BSC26351178
101307GoldAnna Kelly13RCYC/BBSC291081211
111438GoldSean Donnelly14NYC36239452
121315GoldFergus Flood13HYC371941452
131316SilverRoss Quirke14NYC39728257
141444GoldSophie Browne TBSC/RCYC401516952
151420GoldMegan Parker13SSC411818235
161425GoldDouglas Elmes13RCYC/WHSC4116191015
171335GoldScott Levie14LDYC428402212
181415SilverCaitlin Waters15RStGYC5025321510
191410GoldDaire Cournane13RCYC/KYC56352152
201314GoldAlexandra Walsh14RStGYC5617235216
211369GoldAdam D'ARCY13RCYC5730221322
221340GoldAlacoque Daly13TBSC5827242014
231436GoldDaniel Raymond NYC6313311952
241446SilverStephen Judge13RIYC6421372419
251298GoldBill Staunton14SSC6524202152
261352SilverCara MC DOWELL13MYC6626272713
271439GoldPeter McCann14RCYC681425252
281234GoldMark Bolger14RStGYC6928132852
291442GoldCliodhna Ni Shuilleabhain13KYC7041121752
301422GoldChloe Eggers14RStGYC756175252
311361GoldAoife Hopkins13HYC7620401652
321332SilverJames O'Connor13RStGYC7622383321
33961SilverClaire O'Sullivan RCYC8134353017
341427SilverJacob MARTENSSON14RIYC8131362624
351360SilverNicole Hemeryck13RIYC/WHSC8233295220
361349GoldConor KNEAFSEY14NYC8442253425
371243SilverCharley Breen13RCYC8840332926
381358SilverErica Markey13HYC9445393223
391225GoldPeter Healy14KYC10239521152
401375GoldRichard Hogan13HYC10229215252
41122SilverFionn O'REGAN14DSC10338343152
421392SilverCian BUCKLEY14MYC10443263552
431154GoldCiaran Finnegan13WHSC10737525218
441389SilverLaura COLEMAN13RIYC12444433752
451303SilverD.J. MCGOVERN14MYC12936415252
461278SilverEoghan O REGAN13RCYC14052523652
471313SilverAlex Kavanagh13HYC14652425252
48768SilverJulia GEOGHEGAN13RIYC15652525252
481218SilverEmer Rafferty 15652525252
481359SilverIsabel CAHILL13HYC15652525252
481402SilverLucy McCutcheon14RStGYC15652525252
Junior Division
Series PlaceSail NoFleetHelmPrize AgeClubSeries PointsRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
11411GoldRonan Cournane12RCYC/KYC715113
21408GoldKate Lyttle12RStGYC831132
31346SilverPhilip McDowell12MYC1112821
41012GoldNiamh Henry12RStGYC124445
51343SilverColin O'SULLIVAN12MYC158259
61282SilverOskar Cahill12 155377
71372GoldIsabelle Delamer12HYC1969144
81347SilverBen Walsh12SSC21214136
91266GoldScott O'Sullivan12KYC22.577.5818
101341GoldEwan MCMAHON12HYC24911514
111290SilverHarry Durcan12RCYC25136118
121421GoldEvie Byrne12NYC281012616
131302GoldHarry Craig12RStGYC31217223
141217GoldRebecca O SHAUGHNESSY12RCYC3211101611
151445SilverHugh Perrette12NYC/SDC4314191021
161342SilverDarragh KELLY12SDC445713922
171148GoldEoghan O'Buachalla12TBSC4423161216
181119SilverConor LEE11GBSC4715181715
191246SilverJohnny Durcan12RCYC5520171857
201143SilverRichard McGinley11RCYC5616272020
211399SilverDaniel Hopkins11HYC5817315710
221324SilverHeather SPAIN12NYC6530242417
231291SilverAmy CARROLL11 6525221924
241382SilverConor Byrne12NYC6722202557
251403SilverJamie O'GRADY11HYC7119262627
261357SilverJames McCann11RCYC7518573126
271297SilverLuke MCGRATH11RCYC7628255723
281404SilverAlex O'GRADY11HYC7731232331
298SilverEmma Parker10SSC7857292128
301275SilverNell STAUNTON11SSC8024572729
311294SilverTom KEAL10RCYC8629282957
321192SilverRachel Eggers11RStGYC8927305732
331244SilverAlix Buckley11SSC9057215712
341153SilverRonan WALSH11RCYC11732572857
351435SilverPatrick RIORDAN12RIYC13957575725
361089SilverHarry BELL10RNIYC14026575757
371397SilverLucy DONWORTH12RCYC/BSC14457575730
381293SilverKillian MCHUGH12GBSC14457573057
39698SilverShane O'Brien SDC17157575757
39885SilverImogen MCNAMARA11RIYC17157575757
39934SilverJane Bolger10RStGYC17157575757
39989SilverLucy WATERS11RStGYC17157575757
39996SilverGavin Roche Griffin11RStYC17157575757
391195SilverGrace O'Beirne11RStGYC17157575757
391196SilverOisin LYONS11GBSC17157575757
391233SilverSarah CUDMORE11rcyc17157575757
391253SilverSarah LEVIE11LDYC17157575757
391255SilverRos Morgan12SSC17157575757
391280SilverGemma MC DOWELL11MYC17157575757
391296SilverPhoebe NORWOOD12RIYC17157575757
391309SilverHelen O'Beirne11RStGYC17157575757
391354SilverDavid O'REILLY11GBSC17157575757
391364SilverDara Donnelly12NYC17157575757
391379SilverMax Kavanagh10HYC17157575757
391384SilverSally BELL12RNIYC17157575757
391423SilverTom SHANAHAN12NYC17157575757
Regatta Division
Sail NoHelmPrize AgeClub
720Mairead MCHUGH10GBSC
786Caoimhe Totterdell10NYC
795Cormac BUCKLEY10MYC
844Robert KEAL0RCYC
1009Kate D'ARCY10RCYC
1081Peter FAGAN11NYC
1133Cliona COYLE11NYC
1150Patrick COYLE13NYC
1173Megan CAHILL11HYC
1182Clare GORMAN10NYC
1196Michael CARROLL10
1204Brian FOX13TBSC
1208William SPAIN11NYC
1242Alison MAGUIRE11RIYC
1254Emily Whitaker10RCYC/BSC
1269Guy Withinshaw WITHINSHAW10NYC
1321Katie-Jane Marshall10NYC
1348Ella DUFFY11NYC
1394Neasa O'CONNELL9RstGYC
1396Morgan Lyttle9RStGYC
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The IODAI Optimist Trials concluded in Dun Laoghaire this weekend at the Mitsubishi Youth Regatta with a fine win for Sophie Browne. The Tralee Bay Sailor raced a consistent series with blinding boatspeed to pip long term leader Sean Donnelly (NYC). The purpose of the trials is to select teams to represent Ireland at the World, European and German Championships. The Royal Cork continued its recent history of fine results with 7 of the 18 available places being filled by club members.

By winning the trials, Browne has now taken up the option of travelling to New Zealand in December 2011 to represent Ireland at the Optimist World Championships.

The following sailors were selected by the trial process to represent Ireland at the European Championship which will be held in Portugal in July 2011: Sean Donnelly, HYC, Peter McCann RCYC, Harry Whitaker RCYC, Eoin Lyden RCYC, Jil McGinley RCYC Cliodhna Ni Shuilleabhain KYC and Megan Parker SSC

The team selected to travel to the German National Championships include Robert Dickson HYC , Daire Cournane KYC, Sean Waddilove Skerries SC, Richard Hogan HYC, Adam Hyland RSGYC, Ronan Cournane KYC, Sean Gambier Ross KYC and Fergus Flood HYC, Aoife Hopkins and Alacoque Daly Tralee Bay SC.

In addition 10 sailors were chosen for the Irish under 12 squad who will compete in the Optimist UK National Championships.

IODAI Trials 2011 Entries: 53 Races Sailed: 14 Discard: 3 Provisional Results
Series PlaceSail NoFleetHelmM/FPrize AgeClubSeries Points
11368SeniorSophie BrowneF14TBSC/RCYC29.71
21438SeniorSean DonnellyM14NYC31
31439SeniorPeter McCannM14RCYC46
41440SeniorHarry WhitakerM14RCYC50
51441SeniorEoin LydenM14RCYC/BSC68.29
61355SeniorRobert DicksonM13HYC98
71410SeniorDaire CournaneM13RCYC/KYC100
81433SeniorJil McGinleyF14RCYC101
91437SeniorSean WADDILOVEM14SSC/HYC103
101442SeniorCliodhna Ni ShuilleabhainF13KYC110
111375SeniorRichard HoganM13HYC111
121413SeniorAdam HYLANDM14RstGYC118
131411JuniorRonan CournaneM12RCYC/KYC125
141443SeniorSean Gambier-RossM14KYC134
151315SeniorFergus FloodM13HYC135
161407SeniorConor O'BeirneM13RStGYC148
171436SeniorDaniel RAYMONDM13NYC161
181341JuniorEwan MCMAHONM12HYC174
191425SeniorDouglas ElmesM13RCYC/WHSC177
201335SeniorScott LevieM14LDYC/KYC179
211348SeniorMegan ParkerF13SSC183
221154SeniorCiaran FinneganM13WHSC203
231305SeniorSandy APLINM13RStGYC215
241298SeniorBill StauntonM14SSC218
251361SeniorAoife HopkinsF13HYC252
261369SeniorAdam D'ARCYM13RCYC252
271340SeniorAlacoque DalyF13TBSC264
281307SeniorAnna KellyF13RCYC267
291234SeniorMark BolgerM14RSGYC/BSC272
301422SeniorChloe EggersF14RStGYC279
311349SeniorConor KNEAFSEYM14NYC283
321302JuniorHarry CraigM12RStGYC289
331012JuniorNiamh HenryF12RStGYC297
341412SeniorEva DONWORTHF15RCYC/BSC330
351337SeniorDonagh O'BuachallaM14TBSC330
361372JuniorIsabelle DelamerF12HYC349
371314SeniorAlexandra WalshF14RStGYC351
381243SeniorCharley BreenF13RCYC357
391225SeniorPeter HealyM14KYC358
401229SeniorMaeve O'SullivanF15RCYC390
411353SeniorThomas MooreM14SSC393
421421JuniorEvie ByrneF12NYC395
431415SeniorCaitlin WatersF15RStGYC400
441217JuniorRebecca O'ShaughnessyF12RCYC414
451360SeniorNicole HemeryckF13NYC/ HYC416
461148JuniorEoghan O'BuachallaM12TBSC417
47961SeniorClaire O'SullivanF13RCYC421
481266JuniorScott O'SullivanM12KYC438
491408JuniorKate LyttleF12RStGYC465
501402SeniorLucy McCutcheonF14RStGYC470
511250SeniorAnna PottertonF13WHSC/HYC497
521247SeniorConor TotterdellM15NYC542
531414SeniorAlexander GILLETTM13RStGYC/LDYC594
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Ireland finished top country at the massive Dutch Easter Optimist dinghy sailing event at Braassemeer Easter regatta. The National Yacht Club's Sean Donnelly was fourth and Royal St. George's Adam Hyland fifth overall in the Gold fleet. Cliodhna Ni Shuilleabhain took the first bullet of the event for the Irish and finished 22nd just behind Chloe Eggers who was 20th overall. The Oppy sqaud are in action again this weekend at the Mitsubishi Youth National Championships on Dublin Bay.
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Over the next few days hundreds of boats will arrive in Dun Laoghaire in preparation for the Mitsubishi Youth National Championships over the May Bank Holiday weekend (29 April – 02 May).

Over 300 sailors will compete in Dublin Bay in seven different classes (Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, 420, Feva, Topper, SL16 and Optimist). For youth sailors, this event is the most important in the annual calendar as it is the decider for the top Irish sailors to compete internationally during 2011 and is the pathway for future Olympic sailors. Podcast with Olympic Team Manager James O'Callaghan here.

The 420 fleet is already in situ as the Leinster Championships were held over Easter and the girls team Emma Geary and Niamh Connolly won the event in style. This team is the only 420 crew to qualify internationally for a place on the Irish team to compete in the ISAF Youth Worlds in Zadar, Croatia and will be looking to win next weekend to secure this honour.

Dublin Bay will host the 2012 ISAF Youth World Championships and this year's ISA Mitsubishi Youth National event is an important test event with representatives from the international sailing authority visiting Dun Laoghaire to view plans and test logistics.

In addition to the 420 fleet the Laser radial fleet will also be competing to qualify to represent Ireland in Croatia. Philip Doran aged 17 from Courtown in Wexford is the current former under 17 World Champion in the Laser Radial fleet although the National title has eluded him so far. In the girls fleet it will be a toss up between Saskia Tidey (RIYC) and Sophie Murphy (Quoile YC) as both already have a national title each under their belts.


A fleet of top Optimists are expected. Photo: Bob Bateman

The younger Optimist fleet is also celebrating this week after two top 5 positions at the Easter Regatta in Braassemermeer, the Netherlands. In fact an Irish team has competed at this event for 23 years and this is the first time that Ireland has won the country prize. Sean Donnelly from Dun Laoghaire who finished fourth in Braassemermeer is also leading the Optimist fleet in the trials and will be anxious to hold on to first position during the ISA Mitsubishi Youth Nationals.

In other fleets, the laser 4.7 fleet is enjoying record numbers with many ex-Optimist and Topper sailors choosing this boat. Finn Lynch from Blessington and Seafra Guilfoyle from Cork will be firm favourites to win the class.

Overall Dublin Bay will be a spectacle of sail over the May Bank holiday weekend with light winds forecast.

Mitsubishi Motors have been a proud supporter of junior sailing in Ireland for the last 7 years. In recent years Ireland has had successes at youth level with winner of the girls under 21 Laser World Championships and a top 10 at the 2010 ISAF Youth Worlds and wins at the British National Optimist Championships.

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A European Sailing Championship, four national championships, four regional championships and a dozen local regattas/events are the central features of a hectic year afloat being organised by Howth Yacht Club in 2011 which will bring thousands of sailors and their families to the town and contribute significantly to the local economy.

At a launch reception in the club on Thursday 31st March attended by representatives of local commerce, tourism and community bodies, HYC Commodore Roger Cagney announced that in addition to junior and adult sail training courses and club racing four days a week in the summer months, the Club would host over 20 open events during the year.

"We are used to sailing being a year-round activity," he said, "but even by our standards this will be an exceptionally busy year for Howth Yacht Club. We are fortunate in the number of talented volunteers we can call upon to help make these events successful and we have an enviable track record in this regard. We are also extremely grateful for the sponsorship of individual events from commercial concerns, details of which will be released in due course."

The major event on the 2011 calendar is undoubtedly the European Championship of the J24 Class, the world's most popular racing keelboat, when over 200 sailors from six or more countries will compete in the four-day regatta in September.

Howth will also host the Irish Championships of four classes – Puppeteer, Squib, Howth 17 and Optimist – between July 1st and late-August, with the latter attracting up to 200 competitors, together with their families, coaches and supporters. In addition, HYC will run the SB3 Eastern Championships (end April), the RS Feva Leinsters (late May) and the Dublin Match Racing Open (in J80s in early September).

The club's programme also comprises the Spring Warmer series in April, the annual Lambay Races on June 11th, the Dinghy Regatta a week later and the ever-popular Autumn League over five weekends in September/October.

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Dun Laoghaire's Royal St. George Yacht Club has announced that its inaugural Junior Spring Open, sponsored by Craftinsure, will be held on the 19th & 20th of March 2011. This event promises to be a great kick start to the Junior Sailing Season for the Optimist, 420, Feva and Laser Classes.

There will be both Regatta and Main Fleets, Regatta Coaches on the courses and the event will count as an Optimist Pre-Trials and Pre-Regional event. With the ISA Mitsubishi Youth National Championship being held in the same sailing area at the end of April, this event is a great opportunity for sailors from all around the country to get some practise in the local waters.

There will be entertainment for sailors and parents on both evenings, evening dinners and, of course, full Six Nations Rugby coverage on the Saturday throughout the Club. There will also be live-tweeting from the water throughout the event - follow this live action unfold at

For further information and to enter online please visit The Entrance Fee is €85 for Fevas & 420s and €55 for Oppies & Lasers.

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May Bank Holiday weekend (29 April – 02 May) over 300 sailors will compete in Dublin Bay in seven different classes (Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, 420, Feva, Topper, SL16 and Optimist). For youth sailors, this event is the most crucial in the annual calendar as it is the decider for the top Irish sailors to compete internationally during 2011 and is the pathway for future Olympic sailors.
Not only will the ISA Mitsubishi Youth Nationals over the May weekend be an important event for youth sailors it is also a major milestone for the organisers of the ISAF Youth Worlds 2012 as it offers them the opportunity to test drive the logistics of managing such a large event incorporating three clubs, three race courses and hundreds of volunteers.
'Dun Laoghaire has a proud reputation for hosting international events such as the biennial combined clubs Dun Laoghaire Regatta and numerous world championships. However in 2011 the ISA Mitsubishi Youth Nationals is of more significance as it gives us an opportunity to test our systems in advance of the ISAF Youth Worlds 2012.' stated Event Chairman Brian Craig.
Dun Laoghaire won the bid to host the ISAF Youth Worlds 2012 from 12-21 July when, in excess of 300 sailors and windsurfing champions from over 60 nations will participate. The granting of this prestigious sailing event to Ireland is a major boost to the sport and secures Ireland's position as an ideal location for hosting world class sailing events. It also establishes Dun Laoghaire as one of the prime major racing locations in the world, capable of running multiple classes and courses to the highest international standard.
'The Youth Nationals is a significant event on the racing calendar. It involves young sailors from all of the 'Olympic Pathway' classes, some of whom are competing for places on the team that will represent Ireland in the ISAF Youth Worlds later this year.  In recent years Ireland has had successes at youth level with winner of the girls Laser World Championships a top 10 at the 2010 ISAF Youth Worlds and wins at the British National Optimist Championships.

Three hundred sailors from around the country are expected to compete for national youth and junior pathway titles and the Mitsubishi coaching grant during the event.

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Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, has set the Guinness World Record for the 'Largest Parade of Boats' with the International Optimist Class Association.

The record took place on July 25, 2010 within the waters of Weymouth and Portland featuring over 300 young Optimist sailors. Requirements to set the new world record were extensive; requiring 300 plus people, all holding a full licence for their boat to sail a set course. The attempt was completed with a total of 318 Optimist sailors in a controlled area. The record attempt required a huge amount of skill from the young sailors, all aged between 7 and 15 years, who had to navigate the course at the helm of their own dinghy.

The Guinness World Records formed back in 1954 cover both human achievements and extremes of the natural world. It is the best selling copy-righted book series of all time and hugely popular internationally. This award is a global recognition of very significant profile within the record breaking field.

The record success can be attributed to the talent of the sailors who were welcomed from across Europe, Asia, United Arab Emirates and even Oceania. Many of them will have aspirations of Olympic sailing one day like their predecessors from the Optimist class.

John Tweed, Chief Executive at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, commented, 'we are extremely proud of what we accomplished back in July, now officially being a world record holder, I want to extend a big thanks to everyone that made it possible. All participants had a great time and we will be able to look back and remember the day we broke a Guinness World Record TM'.


The new Guinness World Record was Awarded to the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy

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The Irish Cruiser Racing Association (ICRA) Information

The creation of the Irish Cruiser Racing Association (ICRA) began in a very low key way in the autumn of 2002 with an exploratory meeting between Denis Kiely, Jim Donegan and Fintan Cairns in the Granville Hotel in Waterford, and the first conference was held in February 2003 in Kilkenny.

While numbers of cruiser-racers were large, their specific locations were widespread, but there was simply no denying the numerical strength and majority power of the Cork-Dublin axis. To get what was then a very novel concept up and running, this strength of numbers had to be acknowledged, and the first National Championship in 2003 reflected this, as it was staged in Howth.

ICRA was run by a dedicated group of volunteers each of whom brought their special talents to the organisation. Jim Donegan, the elder statesman, was so much more interested in the wellbeing of the new organisation than in personal advancement that he insisted on Fintan Cairns being the first Commodore, while the distinguished Cork sailor was more than content to be Vice Commodore.

ICRA National Championships

Initially, the highlight of the ICRA season was the National Championship, which is essentially self-limiting, as it is restricted to boats which have or would be eligible for an IRC Rating. Boats not actually rated but eligible were catered for by ICRA’s ace number-cruncher Denis Kiely, who took Ireland’s long-established native rating system ECHO to new heights, thereby providing for extra entries which brought fleet numbers at most annual national championships to comfortably above the hundred mark, particularly at the height of the boom years. 

ICRA Boat of the Year (Winners 2004-2019)


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ICRA Nationals 2021

The date for the 2021 edition of the ICRA National Championships is 3-5 September at the National Yacht Club on Dublin Bay.

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