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#frostibtes –Strong and gusty westerly winds gusting to over 30–knots at times put paid to both cruiser racing and dinghy competitions from Dun Laoghaire today writes Cormac Bradley.

First to be scrubbed was Rathfarnham Ford's DBSC's Turkey Shoot series for 59–cruisers this morning.

Racing's 'flags of surrender'to the elements, N over A, were flying as early as 12:30 this afternoon from the yardarm of the DMYC signalling that no Frostbite racing would be taking place. 

From an earlier view from my office windows, the sea conditions didn't look that bad but the absence of the bigger boats from the waters of Dublin Bay gave the game away. Even the INSC's white-sailed Squibs seemed to take an early relief from the conditions.

While it is still a cloudless sky here in Dun Laoghaire, the forecast is for westerlies of 18/19 knots gusting up to 29 knots – as advised by both the XCWeather website and the Windfinder App – with a projected air temperature of 6˚.

This leaves the Frostbite Series with a single race left for 2014 as, traditionally, there is no racing on the last Sunday before Christmas.

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#dbscturkeyshoot – One could have been forgiven for having a severe case of déjà vu yesterday morning as the DBSC Turkey Shoot had almost the exact same conditions as in the previous weeks racing writes INSC's Kenneth Rumball. The wind was from a similar direction, however this week being more westerly than southerly and also a change in race officer with Henry Leonard taking the reins this week. A similar course was laid, to last week with a short beat to a laid weather mark followed by a short reach to the yellow outfall mark and from there to another laid mark in Scotsman's bay and then down to the Muglins Island again before passing the other marks in reverse order back to a finish at the outfall mark.

The startline was a much more disciplined affair in the third fleet as opposed to the last two weeks with the entire fleet getting away cleanly. The 1720s mostly took a course in towards the Harbour to gain a valuable windbend up the course. A tight weather mark saw Brian Matthews and team round first with the remaining 1720s separated by inches bow to stern along the top reach. With such a tighly packed fleet, the hoist at thenext mark was going to be crucial, tack lines pulled on too early saw the RIYC's Lady A and Brian Matthews pair trawling for some Dublin Bay Mackerel.

Slowing these tow boats down and with some start 2 traffic, 6 1720s were neck n neck racing down the West Pier INSC1 and INSC2 Kenneth and Alexander skippering each were praising their crews on the race training programme for providing excellent spinnaker handling and trimming to keep the boats up at the top of the fleet.

The initial downwind saw the boats stay quite tight until the mark set just off the 40 foot where the fleet split, the Royal St George's Merlin and Lady A from the RIYC went out to sea in search of more wind while Brian Matthews kept close to shore. INSC1, INSC2 and Niall O'Neills 1720 kept to the middle putting in a few more gybes than the rest. At the Muglins, It was apparent that hugging the side was the right call with Brian Matthews rounding first, followed by the RIYC's Lady A, Merlin, INSC2, INSC 1 and Niall O'Neill and team popping around.

A long beat upwind saw little place changing with the final finishing order in the 1720 fleet with Brian Matthews and team claiming the win.

With two more races to go, the racing is intense as ever across the Turkey Shoot fleet.

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#dbsc – With three races to go in the Rathfarnham Ford DBSC Turkey Shoot series, the 67–boat fleet is preparing for light winds this Sunday. The latest starts and handicaps have been revealed by the organisers and are downloadable below. Overall results to date that show Mermaid IV leading are here.

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#dbscturkeyshoot – A Beneteau First 50 is being chased hard by two J109 designs for the overall lead in DBSC's Turkey Shoot fixture. The fifth race of the series is this Sunday and after four races sailed and some changing handicaps, the overall scores are getting very interesting.  

Mermaid IV has an overall lead of six points from Dear Prudence. A J/109 sistership and Turkey Shoot regular, Indecision, is third by a single point.

The overall scoresheet for the 67–boat fleet is downloadable below.

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#insc – Clear skies, 15 kts from the South West and a flat sea greeted all competitors for the fourth race of the Dublin Bay Sailing Club Rathfarnham Ford Turkey Shoot series writes Kenny Rumball. Fintan Cairns laid the course we all love in the Turkey Shoot, a quick beat to the outfall mark off the west pier with then a long run down to round the Muglins Island off Dalkey Island, not to mention a small kink of a dog log in Scotsmans bay which was there to test boat handling as kites needed to be dropped for the short fetch. Starts and Handicaps for yesterday are downloadable below.

In start three or what is commonly looking like the 1720 start, the level of competitiveness has been building throughout the series. Despite INSC1's (Skipper Kenneth Rumball) efforts to push the fleet above the barging line failed and in a questionable 'Clear Start' INSC1 was down the pan up the first beat. INSC2 Alexander Rumball tustled with Brain Matthews and crew from the NYC and Collie Byrne and crew aboard Lady A up the left hand side of the race track hugging the harbour walls to get a few crucial lifts from the wind bends. Martin Byrne and crew from the RstGYC kept out of trouble up the right hand side of the course.

At the top mark, INSC2 was right in the mix of the top boats, followed by a quick hoist and a gybe out to clear breeze looked to be a good option for the team as opposed to the rest of the fleet who took a track closer to the Harbour walls. Some tight sailing especailly between Martin Byrne and Niall O'Neill tested crew's boat handling at Fintan's kink in the course into Scotsman's bay. Niall ONeill was an unfortunate casualty of the test with a spinnaker wrap causing valuable time. INSC2 (skipper Alexander Rumball) suffered some technical issues with their tack-line on the re-hoist causing them to loose some valuable time sailing under main and jib on the long downwind.

While most boats sailed a course in under the Forty Foot and Loreto Dalkey, the team on INSC1 sailed dead down the rhumb line towards the Muglins with excelent rrimming from the crew keeping the baot moving at full tilt. The more direct course paid off at the bottom mark as INSC1 had moved to third 1720 aroundthe Muglins only a hairs breath behind Brian Matthews and team with both boats not leaving an inch to spare around the iconic mark. The beat home was mainly a tight fetch with only a handful of tack along the 2.25nm leg back to the harbour mouth. The kink was still there to contend with but Martin Byrne and team sailed fast to finish first 1720 across the line followed by Brian Matthews and team in second and INSC1 taking third.

It was a fantastic last leg with the 1720s revelling in perfect conditions for the boats sailing higher and faster than the lfeet with only Wow (Farr42) and Mermaid V (First 50) beating them for line honours.

INSC race skippers, Kenneth and Alexander Rumball then went on to coaching/racing duties in the DMYC Frostbite series.

Our junior teams competing in the PY fleet in their double handers and adult sailors competing in their Laser dinghies enjoyed a thrilling two races with Kenneth and Alexander giving a thorough de-brief and answering tactical and other questions at the end of the day in the INSC clubhouse.

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#dbsc – The latest Turkey shoot results for Dublin Bay Sailing Club have been published this afternoon and reveal a new overall leader in the 51–boat fleet.

The 1720 sportsboat 'Third time Lucky' has a 2.5 point winning margin over the ILC 30 'Incorrect'. 

Third overall is DBSC regular, the Mustang 30 Peridot.

Full overall results to date are availabe to download below as a word document.

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#dbscturkeyshoot – It was a tough day for INSC teams in DBSC Turkey Shoot Race three but a better day for the INSC dinghy teams in the DMYC Frostbite series yesterday afternoon. From last week's dominant performance in the Turkey Shoot, both INSC teams were in top spirits heading out into a sloppy north easterly race track with wind against tide and around 10-15 kts of wind speed. A shifty breeze was changing the bias of the line rapidly and despite a start where most were over, the team got away in the middle of the bunch on the more port side of the ine.

Up the beat, INSC1 (Kenneth Rumball) went initially left but then came out to the right hand side while INSC2 (Alexander Rumball) held on out to the left a bit longer coming into the weather mark a bit below the port layline. It was the closest race so far in the 1720 fleet racing on the bay with Brain Matthews around first on the NYC boat, followed by INSC2, then INSC 1 with a tight gap of the Colin Byrne's entry from the RIYC rounding just below INSC1 and Niall O'Neill and Martin Byrne sailing Merlin from the Royal St George just behind.

On the downhill leg of the two lap windward leeward, Brian Matthews and team got away cleanly allowing them to gybe out to the left early followed quickly by Lady A from the RIYC and INSC2. At this stage Martin Byrne used his prior 1720 experience, powering through at high angles to get up to third by the next bottom mark. The usual tight 1720 racing followed on afterwards with small place changing but tow boats in particular gained mostly being Martin Byrne and Niall O'Neill.

INSC1 suffered on poor spinnaker work with a wrapped kite on the next downhill putting them at the back off the 1720 pack. Despite this, some great sailing and surfing in cracking conditions had a smile on all crews on the way home after another faultless race by the DBSC race committee team.

Moving to the afternoon, our INSC teams took to the water for the DMYC frostbite series in the INSC dinghy fleet. A smart move by Olivier Prouveur and team to run the race outside the harbour in 'cleaner' breeze gave all a five lap trapezoid style race track. Junior racers from the INSC were competing primarily in the PY fleet and all enjoyed considerable success compared to the initial race over two years ago.

Race coaches Alexander and Kenneth were competing in their boats in the RS400 and Fireball class respectively. Kenneth and crew Brian Byrne made it two from two while Alexander managed a credible 3rd in his first race of the series.

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#dbscturkeyshoot – With the tweets from the Dublin Bay Buoy giving an average wind speed of 10kts and gusts of 16kts, the two INSC teams (INSC1 skippered by Kenneth Rumball, INSC2 skippered by Alexander Rumball) headed out to the second DBSC Turkey Shoot race with smiling crews after the baptism of fire from the previous week writes Kenny Rumball. Such light southerly winds meant most 1720s thumbed a tow from passing engine driven yachts to hitch a lift to the outer harbour. As the training days for both INSC teams were mostly blown out, the two teams took advantage of the lighter conditions to practise a few hoists gybes and drops of the bigger mast head spinnakers on the 1720s.

Shifty conditions gave Fintan Cairns and his team on Freebird a tricky course to lay, so shifty that between the second and third start, there was almost a 50 degree shift from the south to south east turning a square start line into a heavily biased pin end line inside the sequence. INSC2 lined up for a run in on port tack at the pin end whereas INSC1 took a more conservative start on starboard tack near the pin end. INSC2 pulled off a great start but with a narrow infringement with a RIYC boat forcing the INSC2 team to do a few penalty turns. INSC1 got buried in the line and immediately set about rolling into a few tacks in the shifty conditions to pull back into the race. It was anybody's guess as to what was the best track up the beat, INSC2 went out towards the left side with one of the Royal St George 1720s, Merlin, helmed by Ben Cooke and the National Yacht Club entry helmed by Brian Matthews. INSC1 took a route more up the middle of the track availing of the puffs and shifts coming in from the right hand side of the beat. The boats on the left ended up in a hole near the top mark with the other Royal St George entry helmed by Hugh Butler storming in on the starboard lay line in a lovely little bit of pressure. INSC1 tacked out to fall in behind the Royal St. George boat around the top mark, a quick hoist in almost no wind on the top reach allowed INSC1 to roll most boats by the next mark on the trapezoid course. At this stage INSC1 had managed to squeeze through and find some breeze to gain a dominant lead over the rest of the fleet. INSC2 after struggling in the hole on the top left of the beat had managed to work through the fleet in the downwind legs using some smart sailing to get up into the top end of the fleet.

INSC1 continued with its lead massively reduced up the last beat as the breeze died off again towards the top of the course but still managed to claim line honours followed in a very close finish between the NYC's Brian Matthews and the RstGYC's team lead by Ben Cooke with Brian Matthews and team claiming the narrow spot for second over the water.

The INSC race team then returned to the water in a horrendous downpour before the start of the DMYC Frostbite series which was unfortunately abandoned today due to lack of wind.

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#turkeyshoot – The champion Sigma 33 White Mischief was the winner of a drama–filled first race of the 2014 DBSC Turkey Shoot on Dublin Bay last Sunday. Second was Black Velvet with the A35 Another Adventure third. Full results for the Rathfarnham Ford sponsored series is downloadable below.

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#dbscturkeyshoot – The sailor at the centre of Sunday's air-sea rescue drama on Dublin Bay has been released from hospital. Rescue services who responded to the emergency suspected a spinal injury to a crew member after they were called to the dismasted yacht Elandra, a competitor in the Rathfarnham Ford Sponsored DBSC Turkey Shoot series.

Race organisers said last night no spinal or major injuries were sustained. Happily, the injured male sailor, who was kept in hospital overnight only for observation, is said to be making a good recovery.

The organisers have thanked rescue services including the Coast Guard and the RNLI.

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