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Wanted! Someone to find an unmanned yacht on the Galway coast!  The mini craft has voyaged for four months from From Conneticut to Connermara as part of a school project.

Project leader Kaitlyn Dow of Waterford High School in Connecticut is seeking help to find it when it lands on the Irish shore 'anytime now'. See maps below.

The model has taken a northerly route above the Aran Islands has passed Lettermullan and due to make landfall in the Carraroe area.

Last year, Dow began the project that involved building an unmanned miniature sail boat. The yacht has a GPS unit on board so it is being tracked. It was launched four months ago, 100 miles south of the Connecticut coast. Dow says the craft is 'currently about 10 miles of the coast of Ireland and due to make land fall any day now'. 

'We are looking for someone to recover it and we believe it will make landfall any time now', she told

track of unmanned yachtWaterford High School drifter (white) and unmanned sailboat (cyan) deployed on 7 May 2016 

Connemara coastLand Ahoy! The school project is closing in on the Connemara coast

The yacht can be tracked through this link

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