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Ireland's young lightweight double scull of Siobhan McCrohan and Claire Lambe sprung a surprise by winning their heat and qualifying directly for the semi-finals at the World Cup regatta in Bled. The Tribesmen/UCD unit led from early on and held off Italy and fancied Poland to take the only place on offer. Cathal Moynihan had earlier qualified directly for the men's lightweight single scull semi-final.

World Cup Regatta, Bled, Slovenia Day One (Irish interest)


Lightweight Double Scull Heats (Winner Directly to A/B Semi-Finals) – Heat One: 1 Canada (D Vandor, C Sylvester) 6:38.60; 2 Austria 6:45.11, 3 Greece 6:50.04, 4 Denmark One 6:51.61, 5 Ireland One (N Kenny, J Ryan) 6:52.15, 6 Denmark Two 7:06.50.

Heat Two: 1 Italy Two (L Bertini, E Luini) 6:35.21; 2 China One 6:37.84, 3 Britain (B Rowe, P Chambers) 6:43.07, 4 Serbia 6:44.57, 5 The Netherlands 6:44.73, 6 Ireland Two (M O’Donovan, M Maher) 6:47.39.

Repechages (First Two to A/B Semi-Finals): Repechage One: 1 United States (J Winter, B De Regt) 6:31.07, 2 Serbia 6:32.36; 4 Ireland One (Kenny, Ryan) 6:39.14.

Repechage Two: 1 Portugal 6:32.58, 2 Britain (Rowe, Chambers) 6:34.40.

Repechage Three: 1 Greece (P Magdanis, E Konsolas) 6:34.37, 2 Slovenia 6:35.83; 4 Ireland Two (O’Donovan, Maher) 6:41.21.

Lightweight Single Scull Heats (First Three Direct to A/B Semi-Finals) – Heat Three: 1 France One (M Goisset) 7:14.17, 2 Ireland (C Moynihan) 7:18.98, 3 France Two (Fabien Dufour) 7:19.93; 4 Uzbekhistan (A Kudryashov) 7:33.93.

Adaptive Events

Legs, Trunk and Arms Mixed Four – Heat One (Winner to A Final): 1 Britain 3:32.63; 3 Ireland (K Cromie, S Ryan, K Du Toit, S Caffrey; cox: L Purdy) 3:38.17. Repechage (Four to A Final): 1 Ukraine 3:42.52, 2 Ireland 3:44.0, 3 Poland 3:45.68, 4 Italy 3:50.87, 5 Russia 3:51.62.

Arms and Shoulders Single Scull – Heats (First Three Directly to A/B Semi-Final) – Heat Two: 1 Ukraine (A Kryvchun) 5:16.13, Spain 5:20.58, 3 Ireland (K Doherty) 5:25.61; 4 France Two 5:33.26, 5 Croatia Two 7:03.24.


Lightweight Double Scull Heats (Winner Directly to A/B Semi-Finals; Rest to Repechages) – Heat Two: 1 Ireland One (C Lambe, S McCrohan) 7:14.84; 2 Italy (E Trivella, E Bello) 7:17.26, 3 Poland (M Kemnitz, A Renc) 7:27.18, 4 Sweden 7:31.89, 5 Russia 7:36.93, 6 Czech Republic 7:41.39.

Heat Three: 1 United States (A Broughton, U Grobler) 7:13.56; 2 China Two 7:24.13, 3 Greece 7:27.90, 4 Spain 7:34.84, 5 Ireland Two (S Dolan, S Clavin) 7:49.32.

Heat Four: 1 Netherlands (R Sigmond, M Head) 7:20.20; 2 China One 7:24.47, 3 Switzerland 7:33.23, 4 Portugal 7:37.61, 6 Ireland Three (D Kelly, S Jacob) 7:39.91.

Repechages (First Two to A/B Semi-Finals) – Repechage One: 1 Poland 7:12.97, 2 Spain 7:15.27; 5 Ireland Three (Kelly, Jacob) 7:31.07. Repechage Four: 1 China One (X Wang, W Huang) 7:13.14, 2 France 7:19.61; 4 Ireland Two (Dolan, Clavin) 7:35.71.

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NUIG’s senior eight took the Leander Trophy with a good win over St Michael’s and Muckross at the Cork Regatta at the National Rowing Centre. The event was run in good conditions but the Grand League suffered its first major hitch when the singles finals were run on mistaken data from the time-trialled heats. Senior athletes ended up as low as D Finals. The organisers acknowledged the mistake and promised to rectify it in future events.

Cork Regatta, Saturday, National Rowing Centre, Farran Wood


Eight, Division One (Senior, Junior 18): 1 NUIG (senior; Jason Wall, L Molloy, E Mullarkey, P Bracken, E Donnelly, A Martin, C Folan, James Wall; cox: R Cooke) 6:14.0, 2 St Michael’s (sen) 6:20.0, 3 Muckross (sen) 6:21.0, 4 Neptune (sen) 6:26.0, 5 University of Limerick (sen) 6:29.0, 6 University of London (sen) 6:33.0, 7 St Joseph’s (junior) 6:38.0, 8 Presentation (jun) 6:53.0. Division Two (Novice, Junior 18B, Junior 16): 1 NUIG (nov) 7:15.0, 2 St Joseph’s B (jun 16) 7:23.0, 3 Muckross (invitation) 7:24.0, 4 St Joseph’s A (jun 16) 8:14.0.

Four – Division One (Senior, Under-23): 1 NUIG (sen) 6:56.0, 2 Muckross (sen) 6:59.0, 3 Commercial (sen) 7:09.0, 4 St Michael’s (sen) 7:18.0, 5 University of London (sen) 7:20.0, 6 Cork (sen) 7:21.0.

Four, Coxed – Division One (Senior, Intermediate, Junior 18A) – A Final: 1 University of Limerick B (sen) 7:14.0, 2 Neptune (int) 7:15.0, 3 St Joseph’s A (jun) 7:22.0. B Final: 1 Lee (int) 7:36.0, 2 Neptune (jun) 7:44.0, 3 Cork (jun) 7:50.0. Division Two (Novice, Junior 18B, Junior 16; Coxed) – A Final: 1 Shannon (nov) 7:27.0, 2 Fossa (nov) 7:32.0, 3 NUIG B (nov) 7:39.0; 7 Cork (jun) 7:58.0. B Final: 1 Cappoquin (jun) 7:59.0, 2 St Joseph’s (jun 16) 7:59.0.

Pair – Division One (Senior, Intemediate, Junior 18A) – A Final: 1 St Michael’s (sen; K O’Connor, S Lynch) 8:08.0, 2 Cork A (sen) 8:13.0, 3 Univ of London (sen)  8:18.0, 4 Methody (jun) 8:21.0, 5 Cappoquin (int) 8:22.0.

Sculling, Quadruple – Division One (Senior, Junior 18A): 1 Skibbereen (sen) 6:46.0, 2 Skibbereen (jun) 6:47.0, 3 Neptune (jun) 7:12.0. Division Two (Novice, Junior 18B, Junior 16; Coxed) – A Final: 1 Lee (jun 16) 7:31.0, 2 Skibbereen (jun 16) 7:32.0, 3 Col Iognaid (jun) 7:45.0. B Final: 1 St Michael’s (jun) 8:18.0, 2 Offaly (nov) 8:37.0, 3 St Michael’s (jun 16) 8:40.0.

Double – Division One (Senior, Intermediate, Junior 18A) – A Final: 1 Skibbereen A (jun; S O’Driscoll, P O’Donovan) 7:34.0, 2 Lee Valley (int) 7:44.0, 3 Neptune (int) 7:45.0. B Final: 1 Skibbereen B (jun; D O’Driscoll, G O’Donovan) 7:59.0, 2 Fermoy B (jun) 8:02.0, 3 Clonmel (int) 8:08.0.

Division Two (Novice, Junior 18B, Junior 16) – A Final: 1 Castleconnell A (jun; Quigley, Moloney) 7:46.0, 2 Lee B (jun 16) 8:00.0, 3 Galway (jun 16) 8:04.0; 5 Shandon A (jun) 8:38.0. B Final: 1 Workmen’s (nov; Dower, Kennedy) 8:01.0, 2 Clonmel (jun) 8:22.0, 3 Athlunkard (jun) 8:31.0. C Final: 1 Skibbereen (nov) 8:45.0, 2 Neptune (jun 16) 8:54.0, 3 Col Iognaid B (jun 16) 9:01.0.

Single [Finals Run on Basis of Mistaken Data; Results will stand for classification purpsoses] Division One (Senior, Under-23, Intermediate, Lightweight, Junior 18A) – 1 Lee Valley (A Final, int; Keohane) 8:09.0, 2 Skibbereen (A Final, jun; S O’Driscoll) 8:10.0, 3 NUIG (B Final; sen; Molloy) 8:12.0, 4 Skibbereen (A; jun; P O’Donovan) 8:13.0, 5 Muckross (B; jun; Prendiville) 8:13.0, 6 Neptune (B; sen; S King) 8:18.0, 7 Garda (B; sen; G Duane) 8:19.0, 8 St Michael’s (D Final; int, K O’Connor) 8:2.0.0, 9 Skibbereen (A; int, Murphy) 8:22.0, 10 Skibbereen (A; jun; G O’Donovan) 8:26.0, 11 Lady Elizabeth (C Final; sen, C Lewis) 8:30.0, 12 Neptune (B; int; O’Carroll) 8:32.0. Division Two (Novice, Junior 18B, Junior 16) – A Final: 1 Lee (nov; O’Connell) 8:31.0, 2 Castleconnell (jun; O’Connor) 8:37.0, 3 Castleconnell (jun, Quigley) 8:46.0, 4 Skibbereen (jun 16; Hegarty) 8:55.0, 5 Clonmel (jun 16, Brady) 9:58.0. B Final: 1 Lee (jun 16, Collins) 8:44.0. C Final: 1 Skibbereen (jun 16, P Leonard) 8:52.0. D Final: Cork (jun 16, Peilow) 9:12.0. E Final: 1 Skibbereen (jun 16; C Leonard) 9:25.0. F Final: Col Iognaid (jun 16; Kelly) 9:39.0.


Eight - Division One (Senior, Intermediate, Junior 18A): 1 NUIG (sen) 7:46.0, 2 UCD (inter) 7:53.0, 3 Col Iognaid (jun) 9:03.0.

Division Two (Nov, Junior 18B): 1 St Michael’s (jun) 7:50.0, 2 UCD (nov) 8:03.0, 3 NUIG (nov) 8:29.0.

Four - Division One (Senior, Junior 18A): 1 NUIG (sen) 7:52.0, 2 UCD (sen) 7:53.0, 3  Cork (jun) 8:13.0.

Four, Coxed – Division One (Senior, Intermediate): 1 NUIG B (int) 8:12.0, 2 University of Limerick (sen) 8:26.0, 3 UCD B (int) 8:31.0.

Pair – Division One (Senior, Junior 18A): 1 Neptune (sen) 8:55.0, 2 UCD (sen) 9:15.0, 3 Shannon (jun) 9:27.0. Division Two (Novice, Junior 18B, Junior 16): 1 St Michael’s (jun 16) 8:38.0, 2 UCD A (nov) 8:56.0, 3 NUIG A (nov) 9:10.0.

Sculling, Quadruple – Division One (Senior, Under-23, Intermediate, Junior 18A): 1 Skibbereen (jun) 8:09.0, 2 Fermoy (jun) 8:47.0.

Quadruple, Coxed – Division Two (Novice, Junior 18B, Junior 16): 1 Shandon A (jun 16) 9:01.0, 2 Cork (jun 16) 9:05.0, 3 Lee (nov) 9:07.0; 5 Bantry (jun) 9:30.0.

Double – Division One (Senior, Under-23, Intermediate, Junior 18A): 1 Skibbereen (jun) 8:29.0, 2 Neptune (int) 8:44.0, 3 Skibbereen (under-23) 8:49.0.

Division Two (Novice, Junior 18B, Junior 16)  - A Final: 1 Killorglin (jun 16) 8:49.0, 2 St Michael’s (jun) 8:55.0, 3 Garda (nov) 9:03.0. B Final: 1 Bantry B (jun) 9:32.0, 2 Cork (nov) 9:44.0, 3 Col Iognaid (jun 16) 9:51.0.

Single -  Division One (Senior, Under-23, Intermediate, Lightweight, Junior 18A): 1 Cork (int; O’Neill) 8:48.0, 2 Skibbereen (jun, Walsh) 8:52.0, 3 Commercial (ltwt; Quinn) 8:57.0. Division Two (Novice, Junior 18B, Junior 16) – Final A: 1 University of Limerick (nov; O’Sullivan) 9:34.0, 2 Skibbereen (jun 16; Connolly) 9:36.0, 3 Cork (jun; Fehily) 8:59.0. B Final: 1 Athlunkard (jun 16; Green) 9:40.0, 2 Athlunkard (jun, Willis) 9:44.0, 3 Bantry (jun 16; Cronin) 9:55.0.

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Fourteen visually impaired teenagers from both Rosmini Secondary School and St. Joseph’s Centre for the Visually Impaired took part in a rowing intro afternoon at  Dublin Municipal Rowing Centre this week. The aim of the afternoon was to introduce them to indoor rowing as well as rowing on the water and to show the participants as well as their teachers and carers that rowing is an activity that caters for those with visual impairments.The students ranged from being completely without sight to some with partial sight. A number of the group had a visual impairment combined with a learning difficulty. For the group, with the exception of one student from Rosmini, this was their first experience of rowing. Rosmini student Aron O’Dowd, who won a bronze medal at the World Indoor Rowing Championships, is the perfect illustration of this and he spent the afternoon teaching his peers the skills he has learned.

All those who took part in the day thoroughly enjoyed it, and even the four teachers and carers who came along got out on the water for their first time! With the amount of interest from the day I believe there is great potential for Rosmini and St. Joseph’s to develop a link with the sport, whether that be taking up a regular slot at Municipal Rowing Centre or entering teams in the adaptive events at the 2010 Irish Indoor Rowing Championships.

The try it out day also highlighted the use of ErgChatter, a free download from Concept2 which allows the data on the performance monitor (PM3 or PM4) to be spoken aloud through a laptop or PC. It is very simple to use as all it requires is a printer cable that connects performance monitor to one’s laptop or computer. ErgChatter allows the user to choose what data they want to have read out, and at what intervals. It also allows users to set up specific training sessions.

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Neptune Rowing Club (Dublin) top the new Rowing Ireland Grand League table with two regattas under their oars but this could all change by next Saturday when the third regatta of the six series league takes place at the National Rowing Centre in Cork.


While Dubliners Neptune will be there in force with crews in most grades from under 14 to senior, they will be strongly challenged by the other big clubs, Skibbereen, UCD, Dublin Commercial and St. Michaels from Limerick. In particular, Skibbereen will compete strongly in mainly small boats. (Note: See current league standings below.)

Rowing Ireland spokesperson, Pat McInerney explained, “The overall entry for the regatta is well ahead of previous years which shows that clubs are embracing the new league format and enjoying the enhanced competition structure it offers.”

“From here on this season the top racing group of senior, intermediate and junior A will be collectively known as Division 1 while the novice, junior B and junior 16 group will be known as Division 2.  With a massive entry of almost thirty junior 16 men’s single scullers, this is indicative of the health of sculling in the younger ranks and must augur well for the future.”

University of London, who are coached by former Irish lightweight rower, Brian Young, .are sending their men’s squad to challenge for senior eights, fours and pairs.  They will line up in the eights against NUIG, Neptune, St Michaels, University of Limerick, Muckross and the top Junior eights of St Josephs and Presentation. This presents a very attractive prospect in store for the famed Leander trophy for eights which was first presented at Cork City regatta in 1904 when the world famous Leander club from London came to challenge for the trophy. 

The Grand League offers an overall prize for top club based on all entries and this suits the bigger clubs. Smaller clubs can challenge for individual boat class or one of the four major categories of senior men, women, junior men and junior women


Current Grand League standings:


1    NEPTUNE ROWING CLUB                                       219

2    COMMERCIAL RC                                                      206

3    SKIBBEREEN RC                                                       192

4    UCD BOAT CLUB                                                       171

5    ST MICHAEL'S ROWING CLUB                              150

6    PORTORA BOAT CLUB                                            117


8    BANN ROWING CLUB                                               93

9    LEE ROWING CLUB                                                  86

10  GARDA SIOCHANA BOAT CLUB                           83

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There are just ten days remaining for you to get your entry in for the annual Ocean to City race starting in Crosshaven and finishing in Cork City.

The 15-mile race starts at 11.30am at Royal Cork YC on June 12, passing Cobh, Monkstown and Passage West before heading on into Lough Mahon, with the finish at Lapps Quay.

This year's race will feature Atlantic rower Peter Williams and entry is €30 per person, with a €10 entry fee for junior rowers.

More details on the official race website.



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Niall Kenny, from NUIG, and Justin Ryan of UCC finished second to Germany in a very competitive under-23 lightweight double scull final at the Wedau International Regatta in Duisburg. The Irish were the only crew to stay in touch with Clemens Hubler and Matthias Arnold, who made up half of the German lightweight quadruple which took silver at the World Under-23 Championships last year. Italy’s Davide Babboni and Tommaso Sacchini, well back in third place, were the bronze medallists in the lightweight double scull at last year’s Under-23 World Championships.

Wedau International Regatta, Duisburg, Germany, Sunday (Selected Results)

Men, Eight – Final: 1 German Composite 5:47.84; 4 Queen’s 6:10.90.

Pair - Final: 1 Greece (I Tsilis, G Tziallas) 6:51.32; 5 Old Collegians/NUIG (Jacob, Folan) 7:02.49.

Under-23 Lightweight Pair – Heat One: 5 UCD/St Michael’s (English, Hanily) 7:20.75.

Under-23 Lightweight Double Scull – Heat Two: 3 NUIG/UCC (N Kenny, J Ryan) 7:07.11. Final: 1 German Composite (C Hubler, M Arnold) 7:00.83, 2 NUIG/UCC (Kenny, Ryan) 7:02.71, 3 Italy (D Babboni, T Sacchini) 7:09.83, 4 France 7:12.95, 5 Greece 7:16.33, 6 Strathclyde/Durham 7:17.30

Single Scull – Heat One: 3 Queen’s (Williamson) 7:39.69. Final: 1 Greece (I Christou) 7:39.57; 3 Queen’s (Williamson) 7:46.44.

Lightweight Single Scull – Heat One: 6 Commercial (Maher) 7:59.91. Heat Three: 4 Muckross (Moynihan) 7:43.15. B Final: 2 Muckross (Moynihan) 7:47.17.


Quadruple (Straight Final): 1 Austria 7:04.56, 2 St Michael’s/Old Collegians/Carrick-on-Shannon/Tribesmen (Clavin, Jacob, Kelly, McCrohan) 7:06.59.

Single Scull – Heat Two: 2 Old Collegians (Puspure) 8:33.68. A Final: 1 Rostock (M-L Draeger) 8:14.89; 5 Old Collegians (Puspure) 8:31.97.

Lightweight Single Scull – Heat One: 4 Trinity (Dolan) 8:56.14. Heat Three: 4 UCD (Lambe) 8:40.21. B Final: 1 UCD (Lambe) 8:44.28, 2 Trinity (Dolan) 8:45.83.

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Irish crews recorded three third-place finishes on the second day of the Wedau International Regatta in Duisburg in Germany. For the Ireland team, the under-23 lightweight double scull of Niall Kenny and Michael Maher and Sanita Puspure in the women’s single scull were on the mark. The senior eight from Queen’s Unversity continued their good form, conceding only to the Poland and France under-23 squad crews. Poland won the under-23 world championships last year, and three of that crew and the cox were in the crew which finished 2.31 seconds ahead of Queen’s. Eton College, in fourth, were almost five seconds behind the Belfast crew.

Wedau International Regatta, Duisburg, Germany (Day Two, Selected Results)


Eight – A Final (Men/Women): 1 Polish Composite 6:14.70, 2 France 6:15.11, 3 Queen’s University 6:17.01; 4 Eton College 6:21.91, 5 German Under-23 Composite 6:40.52, 6 France (Women) 7:12.34.

Pair – Heat One: 1 Greece (I Tsilis, G Tziallas) 7:01.98, 2 Old Collegians/NUIG (S Jacob, C Folan) 7:05.81.

Under-23 Lightweight Pair – A Final: 1 France (C Breschet, E Jonville) 7:25.55; 6 UCD/St Michael’s (A English, P Hanily) 7:50.57.

Under-23 Lightweight Double Sculls – Heat Two: 1 Greece (P Magdanis, E Konsolas) 7:11.38, 2 NUIG/Commercial (N Kenny, M Maher) 7:12.57. A Final: 1 Greece 7:12.44, 2 France (A Pilat, C Fonta) 7:15.88, 3 NUIG/Commercial (Kenny, Maher) 7:15.90.

Single Scull – Heat Two: 1 Krakow (W Chabel) 7:36.77, 4 Queen’s University (C Williamson) 7:51.73.

Lightweight Single Scull – Semi-Final One: 1 Neptun eV Konstanz (I Voigt) 7:38.80, 6 Muckross (C Moynihan) 7:54.32. B Final: 1 Muckross (Moynihan) 8:02.18.


Lightweight Double Sculls – Heat One: 1 Austria (M Taupe-Traer, S Borzacchini) 7:54.17, 5 Old Collegians/Tribesmen (S Jacob, S McCrohan) 8:06.92. Heat Two: 1 Zug/Thun (F Albrecht, D Birrer) 8:05.06; 3 Carrick-on-Shannon/St Michael’s (D Kelly, S Clavin) 8:13.38. A Final: 1 Treptower/Potsdamer (D Reimer, S Burmeister) 7:57.24; 5 Carrick/St Michael’s (Kelly, Clavin) 8:12.24. B Final:

Under-23 Lightweight Double Sculls – Heat Two: 1 France (C Mulot, R Jung) 8:2.06, 2 Trinity/UCD (S Dolan, C Lambe) 8:03.17. A Final: 1 Greece 8:08.19; 6 Trinity/UCD (Dolan, Lambe) 8:21.67

Single Sculls – Heat Two: 1 Rostocker (J Lepke) 8:18.78, 3 Old Collegians (S Puspure) 8:22.25. A Final: 1 Koninklijke Belgische (A DeDecker) 8:28.86, 2 Greece (A Tsiavou) 8:31.92, 3 Old Collegians (S Puspure) 8:34.31.

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Lightweight single sculler Cathal Moynihan and the the under-23 lightweight pair of Anthony English and Peter Hanily both advanced to today’s round of the Wedau Regatta in Duisburg in Germany yesterday. The men’s pair of Sean Jacob and Cormac Folan could only finish sixth in their heat and must wait until Sunday to compete again.

Wedau Regatta, Duisburg, Day One (Selected Results)

Men, Pair - Heat Three: 6 S Jacob, C Folan 7:06.77.

Under-23 Lightweight Pair – Heat Two: 2 A English, P Hanily 7:26.40.

Lightweight Single Scull: Heat One 3 C Moynihan 7:47.38.

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The first Irish man to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean has spoken of his fears that some one will be killed on the challenge which he says was "horrific". After spending 118 days at sea Limerick man Seán McGowan was honoured with a mayoral reception in his native city last night Kathryn Hayes has the full story on the Woodvale Ocean Rowing Race in the Irish Times. Click read more for the story link.

Sean McGowan reached land in Antigua May 1 to become the first Irish-based oarsman to row across an ocean. The 42-year-old from Shannon Rowing Club crossed the Atlantic in 118 days one hour and 14 minutes. He had rowed out of La Gomera in the Canary Islands on January 4th.

Solo rower warns against 'horrific' Atlantic challenge

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A new initiative to get schoolkids rowing will pit schools against each other online in virtual rowing competitions.

Rowing Ireland’s ‘Get Going, Get Rowing’ initiative is underway and has already brought several schools into contact with the sport. The first phase of the programme gets children rowing on machines and competing online, and hopes to assist them to make the transition onto the water.

Rowing Ireland’s Development Officer, Lisa Hayden explained that they hope to set up a schools league using the online rowpro software, where 16 'boats' can compete online.
She said the experience is 'like a Nintendo Wii, but it's not just giving the illusion of exercise, it's real exercise'.
“The 'Get Going...Get Rowing' initiative is about getting as many young people active as possible through the use of rowing machines, known as ergometers. There are different incentives and lesson plans devised to ensure that it never gets boring. The initiative gives students the opportunity to experience on of Ireland's most successful Olympic sports.
"It is important to the growth of the sport, and getting students, particularly girls, involved at this age is critical if they are to remain active for the rest of their lives.”

The programme will then join with clubs like the Dublin Municipal Rowing Centre, run by Dublin City Council, to transfer rowing enthusiasm into boats on the river.




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