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The 160ft schooner Eleanora, a modern classic based on a 1910 design, is in the long process of rising from what seemed to be a permanent watery grave after she was T-boned in Tarragona Harbour in June by a hefty Marine Service Ship, resulting in a maritime horror video which went viral

It was October before negotiations had reached the stage where a three week retrieval process – involving much specialist equipment and a team of thirty experts - could set about lifting her. And once she was out of the water, to the casual observer she might have looked much as she’d been before. But anyone close to the project knew that bringing her back to life would be a doubly complex process, as it has to be a complete re-build, while also incorporating any of the interior furnishings and other items which have somehow survived intact, in order to maintain as strong a connection as possible to the original much-loved boat.

So it will come as no surprise to those with knowledge of the top end of the international marine industry to learn that the job is being done in The Netherlands. Quite how the Dutch find any time to go sailing themselves is a matter of wonder, as their leading yards have carved out an unrivalled position at the top of the classic and superyacht industries, and regardless of the world’s general economic health, they seem to be busy all the time. In fact, it may well be that in these volatile times, authentic classics are a currency in themselves, and catering for its needs can be a 24/7 job for the most successful companies. But whatever the reason, Eleanora is a very beautiful yacht, and after June’s shock it will be good to see her sailing again.

Timeless classic beauty – Eleanora is based on the 1910 schooner Westward. Photo: Eleanora GalleriesTimeless classic beauty – Eleanora is based on the 1910 schooner Westward. Photo: Eleanora Galleries

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Friday morning's horror crash in Tarragona in Spain between a massive supply ship and the berthed classic schooner Eleanora (162ft) is now on YouTube in several versions. The shock of seeing such a vessel - one of the finest of the classic reproductions, and a replica of the legendary Westward - is made all the more horrific by noting how her masts and rigging are shaken like toys in the excruciating impact.

As Afloat previously reported here, Eleanora then sank in the harbour.

See the vid below

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Until this morning, the 162ft (49.5m) classic schooner was one of the most beautiful boats afloat. But in Tarragona Marina in Spain today, some manoeuvring by a large red work-ship didn't quite go according to plan, and Eleanora floats no longer. Howth sailor Luke Malcolm couldn't believe what he was seeing but stayed cool enough to record the scene.

The photos speak for themselves.

 Eleanora hit - Moment of impact - and this was no nightmare, this was realMoment of impact - and this was no nightmare, this was real

Eleanora sunk - How do you even begin to sort out something like this?How do you even begin to sort out something like this?

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