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#ISAF – County Carlow's Finn Lynch continues to grind down the opposition at the top of the Laser Radial Boys fleet in the Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth World Championships. Today he skilfully moved up one place to eighth overall in blustery conditions when winds reached 25 knots in a squall off Dun Laoghaire.


With some consistent sailing the 16–year–old is one of two of a five Irish boat team to stay in the top ten of their respective fleets as the event passes the half way stage and a full programme of seven races now sailed.

Although the National Yacht Club sailor is a full 37 ponits adrfit of third overall there are still five races left to sail and potentially some significant gains yet to be made to pull back to fourth a position he held on Sunday.

Lynch continues to have the best result across the Irish contenders, holding eighth place overall in the 58 strong Laser Radial Boys' fleet after a tough day when he scored 24-16. However the leaders – Mitchell Kiss from the USA, Russian Maximum Nikolaev and Norway's Hermann Tomasgaard – are racing away with Kiss now some 40 points ahead of Lynch.

Mother Nature was not content merely to throw more testing westerly offshore winds at the 343 Olympians of the future racing in the Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships. For today's two races, held on this third day of the competition, the under 19-year-old sailors who have descended from 61 nations as far flung as Belarus, Macedonia, Peru and Korea, faced the additional challenges of torrential rain and, at times, reduced visibility.

"The first race was okay, but it was like so inconsistent again," said Irish hope Sophie Murphy, who, after scoring a 13-20 today, lies 16th overall in the 42 strong Laser Radial Girl's fleet. "A lot of the top people were at the bottom and vica versa, so it was trying to do damage limitation up each beat."

In the second race the wind had built greatly, to the extent that on the last downwind leg many of these skill teenage competitors capsized and went swimming as their tender singlehanded dinghies were overwhelmed. "In the top 20 there were something like seven capsizes downwind," said Murphy. "There were about five in front of me at the leeward mark so I was trying to avoid them and then I capsized but luckily it was a quick one, because some people went from 11th to 23rd just by capsizing."

Despite knowing these waters well, Murphy said that today it was difficult to read the conditions, the gusts and the shifting breeze. "You could kind of seeing it coming, but with those clouds it was very hard to tell what is coming and some of them move quite slowly at funny angles."

Tuesday is a 'lay day', a day off for the United Nations-style line-up of crews competing here in Dun Laoghaire. Murphy says she hopes not to do a lot. "I'll do as little as I can physically as possible..."

One place behind Lynch in the SL16 catamaran, but where only 15 teams are competing, are Alexander Rumball and Rory McStay, who performed the best of the Irish sailors today, finishing 11th and 7th in their two races.

"The first race was very difficult - the wind just seemed to be very very random, it seemed to come down in patches," said Rumball. "I felt the key to the day was keeping your head out of the boat, helm and crew working in unison together, taking in all the information and making a decision on it." In race two Rumball reckoned they achieved this, and were able to spot the shifts better, after they also had managed to get a better start.

As to their day off tomorrow Rumball said that they had to try and not lose focus. "Keep the foot on the pedal, see what the rest of the week brings..." Rumball and McStay's boat is parked next door to the overall SL16 race leaders, Rupert White and Tom Britz from the UK. White is grandson of the 1976 Tornado catamaran Olympic Gold medallist, Reg. Despite the variable conditions White and Britz have scored four wins in the seven races held to date.

Lying 12th in the 29er skiff, brothers Sean and Tadgh Donnelly, had a tough day in the variable conditions, with a 20-13. "We didn't get on too well in the first race at all, had a bit of a shocker to be honest," admitted Tadgh. "We didn't get a clean start, and never really got back from that, we couldn't cover..." They are hoping for better results when racing resumes on Wednesday, provided it's not 30 knots, says Sean, the helmsman of the duo.

Ireland's 420 Boys' representatives, Patrick Crosbie and Grattan Roberts from Cork, also had a tough day scoring a 16th and a 23rd – the latter their worse result, that is now their discard. "It wasn't the best," admitted Crosbie of how today unfolded. "I think it was just our tactics and where we went on the first beat. It was a disaster. It wasn't great at all." Crosbie added that they had struggled to keep the boat up to speed and powered up in the very variable conditions when at times Roberts would be trapezing hard and at other times would be standing inside the boat during a lull.

Irish team leader, Croat Milan Vujasinovic gave his assessment at the halfway stage of this, the top annual event in the youth sailing calendar. "The results are not bad, but I thought we could do better today in these windy conditions. I was watching the Radials - Sophie had an average day, which was expected in this stronger breeze, but I expected more from Finn. In the first race he was really unlucky with some wind shifts in the first upwind leg and in the second race he was in the top five in 25 knots of breeze when he capsized – so, not good. Looking at the results there are still a lot of chances to get a good result. There are five more races and in these shifty conditions, anything is possible."

Tomorrow is a day off for the competitors at the Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships. Racing will resume on Wednesday when two races are scheduled, starting at 1200.

ISAF Youth Worlds 2012

Day THREE results (& overall points)

Laser Radial (Boys)

1st - Mitchell Kiss (USA) 47pts 2nd - Maxim Nikolaev (RUS) 49pts 3rd - Herman Tomasgaard (NOR) 50pts

Laser Radial (Girls)

1st - Line Flemhost (NOR) 38pts 2nd - Pinar Kaynar (TUR) 41pts 3rd- Julia Carlsson (SWE) 42pts

420 (Boys)

1st – Guillaume Pirouelle/Valentin Sipan (FRA) 18pts 2nd - Pieter Goedhart/Lars Van Stekelenborg (NED) 26pts 3rd - David Charles/Alex Charles (ESP) 38pts

420 (Girls)

1st - Carrie Smith/Ellie Clark (AUS) 20pts 2nd - Anabel Vose/Kirstie Urwin (GBR) 20pts 3rd- Ilaria Paternoster/Benedetta Disalle (ITA) 22pts


1st - Carlos Robles/Florian Trittel (ESP) 12pts 2nd – Lucal Rual/Thomas Biton (FRA) 13pts 3rd – Klaus Lange/Mateo Majdalani(ARG) 20pts

SL16 Catamaran

1st –Rupert White/Tom Britz (GBR) 8pts 2nd - Paul Darmanin/Lucy Copeland (AUS) 15pts 3rd - Henri Demesmaeker/Phillip Hendrickx (BEL) 17pts.

RSX Boys

1st – Wonwood Cho (KOR) 16pts 2nd- Matta Camboni ( ITA) 23pts 3rd - Kiran Badloe (NED) 30pts

RSX Girls

1st - Saskia Sills (GBR) 9pts 2nd - Anastasiya Valkevich (BLR) 22pts 3rd - Naomi Cohen (ISR) 27pts

Irish Team DAY 3 standings:

Radial Boys

8th - Finn Lynch (IRL) – 87pts

Radial Girls

16th - Sophie Murphy (IRL) – 91pts

420 Boys

17th - Patrick Crosbie/Grattan Roberts (IRL) 86pts

SL16 Boys

9th - Alexander Rumball/Rory McStay (IRL) - 53pts

29er Boys

12th - Sean Donnelly/Tadgh Donnelly (IRL) – 70pts

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#isafyw12 – If conditions were challenging yesterday, they were even more so on day two of the Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships in Dun Laoghaire. A westerly to southwesterly breeze, blowing off the town was making the wind both shifty and gusty out on the water for the 343 potential future Olympians, who have congregated in the emerald isle from all four corners of the globe. One squall passed over the fleet measuring 25 knots. SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS  BY BOB BATEMAN

Despite the testing conditions on the water, today competitors in the eight classes all completed three races and having completed five races in total have now been able to discard their worst result.

Ireland's Finn Lynch had a challenging day in the Laser Radial Boy's fleet where at the end of day two he lies ninth of 58 boats. "I'm thinking that yesterday was easier, but it was pretty tricky both days so far - shifty and unpredictable," said Lynch, adding of his results: "It was not great, it could have been better, but it was okay." The 16-year-old from Carlow scored a 14-16-22, the final being his discard.

The big squall struck the 420 Men's fleet on the first beat of their second race bringing with it a huge shift in wind direction. "I couldn't do anything about it," said Lynch, who said that thankfully afterwards he had managed to claw back positions. "I think it's pretty good we've got all the races in. Its lots of fun - I'm enjoying it so far."

Despite the Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships being the number one event of the year for all sailors of 18 and under, because it is in his home port, Lynch says it feels "a bit odd." Normally when sailing at a major regatta he has to travel abroad. "It doesn't really feel like going to a World Championships, being just 40 minutes from my house."

In theory local Dun Laoghaire sailors competing at this event should be able to benefit from local knowledge, but Lynch says this has yet to benefit him. "There's advantages and disadvantages, but I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in this case. Today was so unpredictable but hopefully towards the end of the week it'll start to come good."

In the Laser Radial Girls, Sophie Murphy scored a 25-13-19 today, the first being her discard, leaving her 17th overall in the 42 boat fleet.

"The first race wasn't good at all. The second two races a little bit better, but it was just very tough conditions out there, really shifty, so it was very easy to gain or lose like 20 places just in one leg," said Murphy. "It was a really interesting day, consistency is what it was all about, so if anyone managed that, I'm sure they did very well." Norway's Line Flem Host continues to lead despite scoring an inconsistent 10-2-23 today.

Murphy agreed that conditions were harder today than yesterday, with the wind at times dropping to just 4 knots, but it was the squalls that proved most challenging. "You have to know which way it's going to go, because being on the right side of those shifts is really important." Local knowledge she said didn't help her with the wind but it did with her understanding of the tides on Dublin Bay.

Looking ahead to the rest of the week – racing concludes on Friday - Murphy said: "Every race I'll take as its own race. When you get into the competition you can worry less about the points."

Elsewhere in the SL16s, Alexander Rumball and Rory McStay scored a 10-15-7 and now lie 10th in the 15 boat fleet, a place behind Jordi Booth, son of double Olympic Tornado medallist Mitch.

Sean and Tadgh Donnelly in the 29er skiff, had a consistent 10-12-14 today, in a class where Spain's Carlos Robles and Florian Trittel are dominating, having won today's first two races and now on just five points after their discard.

In the 420 Men's class Patrick Crosbie and Grattan Roberts had a disappointing day with a 20-17-16 score today leaving them 16th overall in the 30 boat fleet. "The first two races weren't good," said Roberts, adding that they had lost out on the first upwind legs. "In the first and second race, we got caught on the wrong side of a shift. The wind was up and down, it was never consistent."

Racing continues at 1200 tomorrow with two races, with conditions forecast to be stronger and even more gusty.

The 42nd International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Youth Sailing World Championship (AKA the Youth Olympics of sailing) is taking place from 13th – 21st July 2012. After a highly competitive bidding process, Ireland is honoured to have been chosen to host this much celebrated event which is renowned for providing the world with its first glimpse of future sailing stars and Olympians. 350 sailors aged 16 – 19 years of age, accompanied by 150 coaches, from 63 nations representing six continents are sail in ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship. 250 boats across eight classes (including Laser Radials, 420s, SL16_s and 29ers) will be raced by these sailors.

The ISAF Youth World Sailing Championship was first held in Sweden in 1971, has taken place every year since and has earned itself a unique place in the international sailing calendar. This premium event is renowned for providing the world with its first glimpse of future sailing superstars. Fifteen of the sailors who won medals at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are past medalists at the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship. 2012 Irish Olympic Team member Annalise Murphy also came up through the ranks of the ISAF Youth Worlds when she competed in a Laser Radial in 2006 in Weymouth. Throughout its history, the ISAF Youth Worlds has visited over 20 nations, covering every continent, and over 100 different nations have competed. France is currently the most successful nation, winning the Volvo Trophy on a record 10 occasions and holding a record 62 medals: 20 Gold, 27 Silver and 15 Bronze. The Royal St. George Yacht Club, the National Yacht Club and the Royal Irish Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire have been appointed to host the championship in association the ISA (Irish Sailing Association.) There will also be a public festival of events in DL focused on next weekend (Friday 13th – Sunday 15th July) to complement the sailing Championship.


ISAF Youth Worlds 2012

Day TWO results (& overall points)

Laser Radial (Boys)

1st - Mitchell Kiss (USA) 34pts 2nd - Marco Zani (ITA) 34pts 3rd - Mark Spearman (AUS) 39pts

Laser Radial (Girls)

1st - Line Flemhost (NOR) 15pts 2nd - Pinar Kaynar (TUR) 18pts 3rd- Agata Barwinska (POL) 21pts

420 (Boys)

1st – Guillaume Pirouelle/Valentin Sipan (FRA) 11pts 2nd - Pieter Goedhart/Lars Van Stekelenborg (NED) 22pts 3rd - David Charles/Alex Charles (ESP) 25pts

420 (Girls)

1st - Anabel Vose/Kirstie Urwin (GBR) 7pts 2nd - Carrie Smith/Ella Clark (AUS) 18pts 3rd- Ilaria Paternoster/Benedetta Disalle (ITA) 18 pts


1st - Carlos Robles/Florian Trittel (ESP) 5pts 2nd – Lucal Rual/Thomas Biton (FRA) 9pts 3rd – Quinn Wilson/Dane Wilson (USA) 14pts

SL16 Catamaran

1st – Rupert White/Tom Britz (GBR) 6pts 2nd - Paul Darmanin/Lucy Copeland (AUS) 10pts 3rd - Henri Demesmaeker/Phillip Hendrickx (BEL) 10pts.

RSX Boys

1st – Wonwood Cho (KOR) 9pts 2nd- Matta Camboni ( HKG) 10pts 3rd - Kieran Martin (GBR) 14pts

RSX Girls

1st - Saskia Sills (GBR) 5pts 2nd - Veronica Fanciulli (ITA) 13 pts 3rd - Anastasiya Valkevich (BLR) 17pts

#ISAF YOUTH WORLDS – Irish debutantes are off to an explosive start at the ISAF Youth World Championship on home waters this afternoon, with two Irish crews in the top five overall after the first two races of the week-long Dublin Bay series.

Royal Cork's Patrick Crosbie and Grattan Roberts are third overall after two races in the Boys' 420 class, counting a 15th and second placing in their 30–boat fleet.

“It was pretty good - better than we expected,” said 15-year-old sailor Crosbie.

In today’s second race they had managed to get into second on the first upwind leg. “It is hard to tell,” Crosbie admitted of where he expected them to be at this early stage of the regatta. “We didn’t know a lot of the boats or what the level was. We are very happy today.”

The good news for the Irish youth sailing team continues with Dun Laoghaire's Finn Lynch posting fourth overall from 45 starters in the Laser Radial class, a second top class result for the host nation.

Conditions were ideal for the start of the championships off Dun Laoghaire with moderate north-westerly winds, if a little chilly.

The international event kicked off last night with an opening ceremony that has drawn 61 nations to Ireland for the 42nd staging of the world class event.

The balance of the three boat Irish team also took top ten results, except for the Dun Laoghaire based 29er boys Sean and Tadgh Donnelly who lie 11th from 24.

The buoyant Irish results bode well for the young Irish squad. Both Lynch and the Cork 420 pairing are making their international debut this week.

Previous ISAF Youth Worlds competitor Sophie Murphy, who hails from Strangford Lough, also got off to a strong start and lies tenth overall in a fleet of 42 in the Laser Radial Girls division.

Murphy said she was “happy enough with today. With the Youth Worlds the points are so high - last year if you averaged a tenth you would have won overall.”

But this early into the competition, she won’t speculate on the ultimate outcome.

“I'm literally going to take each race as it comes - there's no point not looking at the end result; I really don't want to jinx anything.”

Meanwile, Dublin Bay's Alexander Rumball and Rory McStay are 10th from 15 in the SL16 catamaran class.

“We did better in the first race," said Rumball of their performance. "The second race was really gusty and shifty, as all these gusts kept coming down. We got on the right side of one on the last beat of that race and it brought us up a load.”

The competition continues tomorrow, when more wind is forecast with 15-16 knots from the west. Full results from today are posted HERE.

#isaf – Ireland's Sophie Murphy and Norway's Hermann Tomasgaard will look to use their experience to win gold at the 2012 Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship in Dublin, Ireland.

At just 18-year's old Murphy will not only bring her knowledge of her home waters to the regatta, but her big event experience, that cannot be rivalled. Murphy first sailed at the ISAF Youth Worlds in 2010 before heading to the inaugural Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

The following year she sailed at the 2011 ISAF Youth Worlds in Zadar, Croatia followed by the World Laser Radial Youth Championship in La Rochelle, France. With none of the top ten from Zadar competing in Dublin, Murphy is the highest placed finisher from 2011 coming into the regatta. With her 11th place finish and experience behind her, added to knowledge of Dublin Bay a podium finish will be on the cards.

"Sailing has been my favourite sport and the memories and friends I have made are the best part of the sport," said Murphy. "Every time you sail the circumstances change. It's so exhilarating.

"To sail for Ireland is really the ultimate privilege for me. I want to thank all those people who have made it possible, namely my family, my coach Milan, the ISA, my team and all the friends with whom I love sailing."

Newcomer to the Youth Worlds, Maxime Jonker (NED), recently won the Laser Radial Youth Worlds in Queensland, Australia. Jonker came up against several competitors who will be in Dublin and set an early marker by taking the title.

Returnees from previous ISAF Youth Worlds include Maria Cristina Boabaid (BRA), Celine Carlsen (DEN), Milda Eidukeviciute (LTU), Natalia Montemayor (MEX), Khairunneeta Mohd Afendy (MAS), Stephanie Devaux-Lovell (LCA) and Julia Carlsson (SWE).

The Laser Radial Boys fleet has the makings of an excellent competition after eight competitors finished in the top ten at the Laser Radial Youth Worlds in Queensland.

Herman Tomasgaard (NOR) came out on top in Australia on a count back from New Zealand's Andrew McKenzie, both finished on 24 points. Tomasgaard's victory has no doubt set the standard for the rest of the 59-boat fleet to follow and with two ISAF Youth Worlds behind him, a fifth at Istanbul 2010 and ninth at Zadar 2011, the Norwegian will be the one to beat.

McKenzie will compete in his first ISAF Youth Worlds in Dublin but knows what it takes to compete at the front of the fleet after he picked up silver in Australia.

America's Mitchell Kiss rounded off the podium in Queensland and will return to the ISAF Youth Worlds following his 16th place finish in Zadar. "I feel like I am in a good place going into ISAF Youth Worlds," he explained. "Eight out of the top 10 finishers at this regatta will also be in Dublin. I learned about my competitors' strengths and weaknesses this week. I feel well prepared, and am hoping for a little more breeze.

"I expect the competition will be very tough and there will be more distractions - like the press and the hype," he said. "I am glad I had the chance to learn that last year. This is going to be my last international youth event so I am going to really go for it."

Returning from Zadar 2011 in the Laser Radial Boys fleet will be Juan Ignacio Biava (ARG), Owen Siese (BER), Mihkel Väli (EST), Charalampos Mavrogeorgis (GRE), Domonkos Rozsnyay (HUN), Dominykas Kneizys (LTU), Wouter Sonnema (NED), Eduardo Marques (POR) and Pavlo Babych (UKR).

Racing at the 2012 Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship begins on 14 July in Dun, Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland running until 20 July.

#ISAYOUTHNATS – A hard won victory in the third of today's three races just tips the balance in favour of Strangford Lough's Robbie Gilmore in a very hotly contested 68 boat Laser Radial fleet at the ISA Mitsubishi Youth Nationals Sailing Championship.

Racing on Dublin Bay out of Dun Laoghaire, the stakes for Gilmore extend higher than just vying for the Radials National title.

Selection for Ireland's Radial spot in July's Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships to be raced on these same race areas, amounts to a first-past the-post-battle at these four day championships and Gilmore arrived ashore this afternoon feeling that his fifth, second and win today may prove conclusive in what still looks to be a duel with long time rival and fellow ISA Academy sailor Finn Lynch.

The National YC's Lynch, championship leader this morning, could not match Gilmore as the conditions turned breezier. He returned 3,7,3 for the day to drop to third overall.

After two days of fickle sub-8 knots winds, the five classes which raced today enjoyed brisk, chilly NE'ly breezes of over 20kts accompanied by choppy seas.

Gilmore's slight speed edge, which he attributed to good fitness and concentrated training in today's weight of breeze, proved key as he stepped two points clear of Lynch.

He ties New Zealand's Andrew McKenzie at the top of the international fleet.

" It was pretty breezy, up to 20kts, but really nice sailing." Recalled Gilmore, " The first race I did not have a great one but got a fifth. The second race I was leading most of the way around but on the last leg the Norwegian sailor caught me. But the last race I won and so it really was a good day."

"I am feeling pretty good now. It was nice to feel like I had a little bit of a speed edge today, which is probably down to good fitness and training in that breeze, so it puts me in a good position for tomorrow when hopefully I will be able to finish things off. I was not particularly watching out for anyone today, just trying to keep on it in that breeze."


A competitor capsizes after racing yesterday in the choppy conditions

Lynch was less pleased with his three races:

" Nothing really went wrong or happened but I just did not sail as well as I could have. I sailed well, but I could have sailed better. My speed was really good but my tactics could have been a bit better, especially in the second race. But I will be back tomorrow, it is still very, very close."

The French duo of Guillaume Pirouelle and Valentin Sipan, from Le Havre, are primarly here on a training mission in advance of their trials series which will select for their Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Worlds team, but they are proving to be the class act in the 26 boat international fleet. They lead the class comfortably after winning all three races today, but crew Sipan cautioned that their regatta is far from won yet.

"We have not won the regatta yet, we still need another good day, but today really set us up." He said, adding: " It is not decided yet whether we will be here in July, there are two weeks of trials. But we are the only French boys team who are here, along with the girls."

In the battle for Worlds selection among the Irish 420 crews, the odds moved in favour of Cork's reigning ISA Optimist Youth National Champion, Patrick Crosbie with crew Grattan Roberts. They improved race by race, scoring 7,6,5, to move up to sixth overall in the international fleet but crucially gaining themselves a 17pts cushion on their nearest selection rivals Robert Dickson and Sean Waddilove of Howth YC.

"We were just concentrating on keeping clear air and following the gusts as much as possible. We are certainly better in the stronger breeze but so we are also grand in the light stuff. We only started sailing together in August last year and would love to do the Worlds here in the summer. I don't want to say how confident we are, not wanting to jinx anything. We have a friendly rivalry between us all, but for sure there is more pressure this year with the Worlds here, but I like to think we are rising to it." Said helm Crosbie.

After two more races in the 15 boat RS Feva class, the local duo Conor Totterdell and Conor Maguire effectively maintain their perfect scoreline by virtue of discarding their one second place, leading overall by four points.

Topper class leader Liam Glynn from Ballyholme YC has a virtually unbeatable lead after a first and second today, lying 16 points clear at the top of the 40 boat class, whilst Welsh helm Matt Whitfield from Penarth also took a first and second, leading overall by seven points.

In the 29er Class GBR's Jack Hawkins and Christopher Thomas have now won three back to back races in a small fleet which is primarily here to train for the worlds, both the British duo and New Zealand's Trent Rippey and Alex Munro already know that their worlds selection is secured:

Sailing: ISA Mitsubishi Youth Nationals 2012, standings after Day 3 of 4:

Laser Radial Class, after 8 races, inc 1 discard:

1 A McKenzie (NZL/Tamkai YC) 30pts, 2 R Gilmore (IRL/Strangford Lough YC) 30pts, 3 F Lynch (IRL/National YC) 30pts. Other top 10 Irish: 6 S Guilefoyle (IRL/Royal Cork YC) 68pts.

420 Class, after 8 races, inc 1 discard:

1 G Pirouelle/V Sipan (FRA/SNPH) 13pts, 2 N Horwitz/F Fuentes

(CHI/CNP) 20pts, 3 J Poret/L Chevet (FRA/SNPH) 28pts. Leading Irish: 6 P Crosbie/G Roberts (IRL/Royal Cork YC) 50pts, 10 R Dickson/S Waddilove (IRL/Howth YC) 67pts, 11 A Hyland/B Staunton (IRL/Royal St

George) 68pts.

RS Feva Class, after 5 races inc 1 discard:

1 C Totterdell/C Maguire (IRL/Royal St George) 4pts, 2 D Johnston/L Flynn-Byrne (IRL/Howth YC) 8pts, 3 J Tingle/C Guilfoyle (IRL/Royal Cork YC) 14pts

29er Class after 7 races inc 1 discard:

1 J Hawkins/C Thomas (GBR/Restronguet SC) 9pts, 2 T Rippey/A Munro (NZL/Tauranga YC) 10pts, 3 O Bowerman/M Peach (GBR/Hayling Island SC) 14pts,

Topper Class after 5 races inc 1 discard:

1 L Glynn (IRL/Ballyholme YC) 5pts, 2 N Hemeryck (IRL/National YC) 17pts, 3 W Thomas (GBR/Teifi BC) 17pts,

Laser 4.7 Class after 5 races inc 1 discard:

1 M Whitfield (GBR/Penarth YC/CBYC) 6pts, 2 R Auger (FRA/CN Claouey) 13pts, 3 M Hassett (IRL/Baltimore SC) 19pts

Optimist classes did not race today, standings as per yesterday

#DUBLIN BAY 2012 – As the RYA Volvo Youth National Championships 2012 came to a close on Friday (6 April) after four days of adrenaline-charged racing in Cardigan Bay, Sarah Webb Gosling OBE who represented Britain twice at the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships and won two consecutive Olympic gold medals, revealed the names of the twelve sailors who will make up RYA Volvo Team GBR.

These sailors will compete for Great Britain in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland at the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships.

The ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship 2012, to be held from 12-21 July in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, is the 42nd edition of the championship. The venue for the championship will be the Royal St George, National and Royal Irish yacht clubs on Dublin Bay. The event is dubbed as the pinnacle event of the Youth sailing calendar, seen by many as the 'Youth Olympics' for sailing, and has over the years identified talented sailors such as Olympic gold medallists Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy and Sarah Ayton.

Leading the charge for British Team will be Rupert White and his new crew Tom Britz in the multi-hull catamaran class. White has a wealth of experience on his side, winning a bronze medal at last year's event in Zadar, Croatia, as well as being the grandson of the late Reg White who won gold in the Tornado at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.

The due didn't make it easy for the selectors however, as White/Britz had a slow start to the RYA Volvo Youth Nationals eventually finishing second. Conversely with the top boat not being eligible for selection due to age restrictions, the pair made up for their slow start by securing a first and second on the final day - finishing two points in front of Alicia Clifford/Harry Willett.

White said on his selection: 'It's fantastic to be selected for a second consecutive year running. We certainly didn't make it easy for ourselves posting some poor scores at the beginning of the regatta which made it a very stressful week.'

'Tom and I haven't been sailing together for long, and there aren't many events to compete together in the multi-hull class so it's quite hard to prepare for an event when you can't race against other boats. We have learnt a lot from this week and will work extremely hard on certain aspects of racing in time for the ISAF Youth Worlds in July.'

Britz, crew of the Spitfire and ex Laser Radial sailor, added: 'It feels great to be selected for such a prestigious team. Rupert has a wealth of experience in this class so we are very optimistic for the event in Dublin, especially with Rupert winning a bronze last year – I know he wants to go one better this year!'

Adding to the calibre of RYA Volvo Team GBR are the 420 teams who demonstrated the level of racing they are capable of with two fantastic performances across the four days of racing. In the 420 boys class, Charlie Cox/Craig Dibb will once again make the trip to the ISAF Youth Worlds with the intention of improving upon their top ten finish at last year's event.

'We definitely want to go to this year's event with the intention of winning a medal. Last year's event in Zadar was more of a process regatta for us were we went with the intention to learn and test ourselves against the best sailors from around the world. This time around it is certainly an outcome regatta - we will be aiming to perform to the best of our ability and fingers crossed bring back a medal,' explained Cox.

Dibb added: 'We learnt a lot from the regatta last year and also from the RYA Volvo Youth Nationals this week. We unquestionably need to go back to our local sailing club and work on a few key aspects which let us down in certain races this week. The most important being how to deal with racing when under pressure.'

The 29er class was a tough battle at the top of the fleet, but in the end the regatta win and the ISAF Youth Worlds spot went to 29er duo Ben Batton/Tim Gratton. The high performance dinghy sailors had a great start to the week which continued across the four days posting five bullets out on the Welsh waters of Cardigan Bay. The pair have only recently formed a new partnership after Tim Gratton made the switch from the double handed 420 six months ago proving themselves effective in all conditions which will be useful when competing in Dun Laoghaire in July.

In the RS:X windsurfing category Cheadle's Kieran Martin and Launceston's Saskia Sills will be doing battle for the team in Dublin.

Martin, who is the 2011 Techno 293 U17 Windsurfing World Champion and U17 RS:X European Champion, proved his skill performing under pressure to gain his place on the team through count back against Stuart Hards, who led the regatta for most of the week in an extremely tight fought competition.

Sills, who carved out victory at her first RYA Volvo Youth National Championships with an impressive and consistent set of scores will be the youngest member of the British team.

Having just won out on the race course, Sills said: 'It's my first time racing here in Pwllheli and my first RYA Volvo Youth National Championships so it feels amazing to have won.'

Sills continued: 'I didn't really come to win, I came to gain experience for next year's event so I can't quite believe it! My brother Sam [2010 and 2011 RYA Volvo Youth National Champion in the RS:X Men's class] has been great, giving me a few tips and making sure I'm on track but, when it comes to racing I like to focus myself without anyone's input. The weeks been pretty cold but the sailing conditions have been great; I like any wind to race although I did find Tuesday a little bit too windy!'

'Dublin is going to be a great experience for me and my future windsurfing career,' concluded the 2011 U17 Techno World Champion.

In the single handed category, Welsh sailors Michael Beckett and Ellie Meopham made the most of their local knowledge making up GBR's contenders in the Laser Radial class.

Ellie Meopham, the Welsh sailor from Fishguard Bay SC, commented: 'It's quite over whelming to have won but I'm really happy and it's such a great way to end the week. Today's first race didn't go well but in the last two races I had great starts. Generally the weeks racing has gone well; there's been a mixture of conditions which have suited all the sailors and Pwllheli is a great sailing venue. The Youth Worlds is going to be the biggest regatta I have ever sailed in so I'm really looking forward to it.'

Once again, RYA Volvo Team GBR will be supported by Volvo Car UK and Henri Lloyd, who will be the official kit supplier for RYA Volvo Team GBR.

On the selection of RYA Volvo Team GBR, Duncan Truswell, RYA Youth Racing Manager, commented:

'It looks like we have a really exciting team for the 2012 Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships. Amongst the members of RYA Volvo Team GBR there are a number of previous medallists at Junior, and Youth, World and European Championships who I am sure will be keen to exhibit their skills and hopefully challenge for the medals on the big stage. We also have some young sailors who will be keen to soak up the experience, there are some really hot prospects in this team and no doubt they will be ones to watch for the future.

'Irrespective, to win their place in the team they have all worked very hard this week, they dug deep to win the regatta in every case on the final day, because it has been a really closely fought contest and I am really pleased to see that our sailors can keep their heads, deliver under pressure, and get the results when it counts – this will be the measure of them out in Ireland.'

RYA Volvo Team GBR Squad for the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships 2012, Dublin Bay, Ireland (12th-21st July):


Boys: Craig Dibb (Warsash SC)/Charlie Cox (Royal Lymington Yacht Club)

Girls: Annabel Vose/Kirstie Irwin (Royal Southern Yacht Club)


Ben Batton (Lymington Town Sailing Club)/Tim Gratton (Hayling Island Sailing Club)


Boys: Kieran Martin (Carsington)

Girls: Saskia Sills (Launceston)

Laser Radial

Boys: Michael Beckett (Solva SC)

Girls: Ellie Meopham (Fishguard Bay SC)

SL16 Catamaran

Rupert White (Brightlingsea SC)/Tom Britz (Royal Lymington Yacht Club)

For more information and final results from the RYA Volvo Youth National Championships 2012, click here.

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#DUBLIN BAY 2012 – Eleven youth sailors have qualified for US Sailing's 2012 Youth World Team, and will receive invitations to represent the United States at the Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship in Dublin, Ireland, from July 12-21.

The U.S. Youth Worlds Team members were selected based on first-place finishes in their respective classes at US Sailing's two 2012 ISAF Youth World Qualifier events, hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, January 14-16, and hosted at the Tradewinds Regatta, January 13-15.

"This team represents the best of youth sailing in the U.S.," said US Sailing's High Performance Director/Head Coach Kenneth Andreasen. "The majority of our 2011 Team aged-out of youth competition and transitioned to our Olympic development classes. Having a structured pipeline is crucial to our future medal potential, and I am truly excited at the level of talent coming up the ranks. We now have a focused effort and have closed the gap between youth sailing and Olympic sailing."

The members of US Sailing's 2012 Youth World Team are:

•Laser Radial (boy's one person dinghy): Mitchell Kiss (Holland, Mich.)

•Laser Radial (girl's one person dinghy): Nikki Medley (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)

•International 420s (boy's two person dinghy): Harry Koeppel (Mamaroneck, N.Y.) and Charles Bocklet (Waccubuc, N.Y.)

•International 420s (girl's two person dinghy): Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick (Darien, Conn.) and Abigail Rohman (Larchmont, N.Y.)

•29er (open high performance dinghy): Quinn Wilson (Ojai, Calif.) and Dane Wilson (Ojai, Calif.)

•RS:X Boys: Lucas Gonzalez (Miami, Fla.)

•RS:X Girls: Margot Samson (Belleair, Fla.)

Multihull: Jeremy Herrin (Sarasota, Fla.) and Sam Armington (Sarasota, Fla.)

Margot Samson and Mitchell Kiss, 17 are the only returning members of the 2011 Youth Worlds Team. Kiss' impressive sailing resume includes Laser Radial wins at the High School National Singlehanded Championship and Orange Bowl regatta. A member of the US Sailing Development Team since 2008, Kiss is in his final year of youth eligibility and is determined to bring home a medal in 2012. "I'm really excited about going to Worlds and going for the win," he said.

The Youth Worlds Team members are also named to the 2012 US Sailing Development Team. The team, which is annually named by US Sailing, is comprised of the country's top sailors in the classes selected for the 2012 Youth Worlds and the Olympic classes.

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With the experience of reconnaissance visits to three consecutive ISAF Youth World Sailing Championships including Zadar, Croatia in the summer, the organising team which is charged with delivering a memorable 2012 event on Dublin Bay are presently concentrated on the key building blocks which they are sure will contribute to the best possible regatta for competitors, visitors and the large army of volunteers who are already anticipating what Ireland will offer in 2012. Andi Roberston Reports.

Top of the agenda presently is fine tuning the comprehensive infrastructure set up and the logistical processes which will are the foundation of the event. Many of the small details which are being integrated into the programme now are the result of experience of previous ISAF Youth World Sailing Sailing Championships, especially Croatia as well as the large number of major events which have been hosted by the constituent host clubs the Royal St. George and the National Yacht Club.

Brian Craig, chair of the organising team recalls some of the observations in Croatia that the Irish hosts have been able to act on: "I have been to three youth worlds now and they are always different because of the venues, what the constraints of the sire were, but we had our PRO Peter Crowley out there, we had Lucy Grant who will look after our ceremonies out there and Ciara Dowling and Don O'Dowd who will look after the shore side. People came and went at different stages. Our main guys have all been there and so all have a really good feel for the event." Craig explains.

"What was good in Croatia and is a target for all events is I think for the first time in a couple of years they got in all the races for all the classes. They had had more flexibility built into the race programme this time and I think that worked well. It was a challenge in the 420's where they did not have a full fleet, so in fairness it was handled well. We are confident we will have a full complement of boats for everyone and we have been working well with the Nautivela guys on that and we want to make sure that we are getting boats into the territory as well."

Administration and processes

The initial interface with the event is vital. First impressions are lasting ones and Dublin Bay 2012 have been working hard on streamlining the administration processes so that they are largely all on line, entry, registration and boat allocation all being significantly streamlined:

Event secretary Ciara Dowling explains: "We are working to have the entry and registration process all on line, we see a lot of things that we can do there to make life a lot easier for everybody. The NOR was approved at the ISAF Conference and will be ready with an online entry imminently. That will streamline everything, entry, reservations, boat allocations I think that has been a source of a lot of efforts and ambiguity in the past."

"Our real focus is to have that communication with the MNA's, coaches and team leaders on a good level from the outset. So we are actively in touch and we will got with streamlined processes we hope. So far so much has been passed down from year to year on a 'this is how it was done before basis' but I think there are ways we can improve on. Next time around there will be an ISAF solution to all that I think. So we are happy to pilot that this time around. There is a lot of experience
out there and we have had a lot of good help from the RYA with that side of things."

Core communications

Being on site and active in Croatia and at previous youth events means the team have already built a strong, two way relationship with a core group of international youth coaches who have been an invaluable source of advice and information, and allowed the early flow in information:

" There are a very strong group of 12 or 15 guys who go to the Youth Worlds every year and we get on well with them and so we are working well with them to evolve this thing, trying to improve the communication with them. We have been in touch with them regularly already and we are going to stay in communication. There is real wealth of knowledge there and that was a good opportunity for us who were there for the whole time, so we got to know them well." Explains Craig.

Building a strong supplier relationship and future legacy

The full scale buy-in of the boat and equipment suppliers is essential in ensuring that the boat availability is maximised in each of the classes. Dublin 2012 have been diligent in cultivating relationships which work for all parties. One key driver is ensuring that a maximum number of virtually new youth classes boats remain in Ireland, a strong platform for future success.

" Equipment manufacturers we are good with, we are well organised with them and they are committed and we have seen them all again since the last event, and so we are in good shape. That side has worked well." Continues Craig.

" We are working with manufacturers and making really sure of the supply of the boats so we have a legacy and a lot of the boats remain in Ireland and so running clinics during the regatta with the manufacturers, that sort of thing, that'll be part of the legacy."

Complementary preliminary events at Easter in Pwllheli and Dublin Bay The Irish Youth National Championships are a four days event. Thursday 12th to Sunday 15th April and are being run to dovetail with the RYA British Youth Nationals which will be in Pwllheli, Wales – a ferry journey away.

"It will be Pwllheli week before easter and ours the week after and so there is a lot of the overseas nations interested, we are marketing both events in tandem so that teams will do the RYA British Youth Nationals the week before and then come to us, and vice versa."

"Some countries, like the Kiwis for example and the whole British squad have already committed to come here. That'll be great for us, as it gives a great dry run. We had 350 boats last year, it will be bigger this time. It is a four days event. There is a good ferry link across and we are working with the ferry companies, and we have a host programme for sailors who want to stay with local families

Media and commercial aspects given a boost

A challenge in Croatia was taking up the baton of running the first event with no major global sponsor, such as previous sponsors Volvo:

"One difficulty in Zadar was the media and commercial side with no Volvo as sponsor so that left a hole on that side for them. We would hope to wind up that side of a lot more. It felt more local event which has its positive sides for sure, it went very well and felt like a very good atmosphere, within a yacht club feel."

"Ours will still have a very strong yacht club feel. We will have a meet and greet programme with families and sailors meeting teams as they arrive to really make them feel at home and there is a big opportunity to develop that side'.

On a local basis at the moment Dublin 2012 are working on the commercial and sponsorship side of the event, rolling out publicity and communication with all the yacht clubs and junior organisations around Ireland, building the programmes for clubs and organisations to come to the event and get involved.

"One thing we see a real opportunity for is bringing in some of the youth squads and coaches into the event." Concludes Craig, " So we aim to bring top coaches from around Ireland and place them on the water with international coaches, and things like that, get some young Irish sailors integrated with the event a lot more, in small numbers and in a selective way, so that the youth sections of the clubs around the country really are involved and there is a good, lasting legacy. They can be inspired and really feel part of the event and we have seen loads of ways of doing that.

We are building those programmes, we are building the awareness around the yacht clubs, we are buttoning down our sponsorships and really getting the technical side in place and signed off by ISAF so that we are ready to go at the end of the month.

By Christmas we should have information to all the MNA's with on line entries and everything ready to roll."

Royal Cork Yacht Club sailors have lifted two national titles at the 2011 Mitsubishi National Youth Sailing Championships this afternoon in a series cut short today by gale force winds on Dublin Bay. SCROLL DOWN FOR THIS AFTERNOON'S PRIZEGIVING PHOTOS.

Local knowledge offered no advantage as Dun Laoghaire co-hosts the Royal St. George YC, the National Yacht Club and the Royal Irish YC won none of the five national titles inspite of strong turnouts fielded by each of the waterfront clubs.

With winds gusting up to 25-30 knots and easterly winds causing a big swell, sailing for the final day of the ISA Mitsubishi National Championships was cancelled leaving the 300 sailors ashore. However all classes had completed sufficient races to complete the series.

The event was an important test event for Dun Laoghaire organisers of the Youth Worlds which will be held in the same venue from 12 -21 July 2012.

In a show of strength from the regions the three other titles went to other east coast clubs at Howth, Ballyholme and Courtown.

Immediately after the prizegiving, (photos below) Olympic Team Manager James O'Callaghan named the Irish team for the 2011 ISAF Youth World Championships in Croatia in July based on the weekend results. Listen to the podcast with the team manager, talking about the stand out performances of the weekend,  the current strength of youth sailing in Ireland and the prospect of a top finish in Croatia.

Royal Cork YC achieved two national titles with Laser 4.7 event favourite Seafra Guilfoyle winning the title having previously dominated the Optimist fleet in previous years.

Brother and sister team Patrick & Chloe Crosbie also from Royal Cork won the 420 National title and Patrick was awarded the Training Grant for the most promising sailor at the event.

This event was the national trials for the Optimist class which was won by Tralee Bay sailor Sophie Browne who will travel to New Zealand in December to compete in the Optimist World Championships.

Irish optimist sailors are performing well internationally at the moment finishing fourth and fifth at the Braassemermeer Easter regatta. Other events during 2011 where there will be Irish representation include the European Championships in Portugal and the National Championships in Germany and the UK.

Top three results below. Click the links for full results class by class.

Laser Radial - full results here
National Champion: Philip Doran (Courtown Sailing Club)
2nd  Robbie Gilmore (Strangford Lough YC)
3rd Eoin Keller (Lough Derg YC)
1st Girl Sophie Murphy Quoile Yacht Club

Laser 4.7 - full results here
National Champion: Seafra Guilfoyle (Royal Cork YC)
2nd Darragh O'Sullivan (Kinsale YC)
3rd Finn Lynch (NYC/Blessington SC)
1st Girl: Sian Kneafsey (National YC)

420 - full results here
National Champions:  Patrick Crosbie & Chloe Crosbie (Royal Cork YC)
2nd Aodh Kennedy & Daniel Browne (Kinsale YC & Tralee Bay SC)
3rd Emma Geary & Niamh Connolly (Royal Cork YC & Baltimore SC)

Feva - full results here

National Champions: D Johnston & L Flynn Byrne (Howth YC)

2nd C Totterdell & S Craig (National YC/Royal St. George YC)

3rd  C Mollard & J Harris (Howth YC)

Topper - full results here
National Champion:  T Brow (Ballyholme YC)
2nd Laura Gilmore (Strangford Lough YC)
3rd  Andrew Penney (East Antrim BC)

Optimist (Championship fleet)
1st Ben Walsh (Skerries SC)
2nd Ross Quirke (National YC)
3rd Colin O'Sullivan (Malahide YC)

Optimist National Trials
Sophie Browne (Tralee Bay SC) won the trials and took the option of travelling to New Zealand in December 2011 to represent Ireland at the Optimist World Championships.

The following sailors were selected by the trial process to represent Ireland at the European Championship which will be held in Portugal in July 2011: Sean Donnelly, HYC, Peter McCann RCYC, Harry Whitaker RCYC, Eoin Lyden RCYC, Jil McGinley RCYC  Cliodhna Ni Shuilleabhain KYC and Megan Parker SSC

The team selected to travel to the German National Championships include Robert Dickson HYC , Daire Cournane KYC, Sean Waddilove Skerries SC,  Richard Hogan HYC, Adam Hyland RSGYC, Ronan Cournane KYC, Sean Gambier Ross KYC and Fergus Flood HYC, Aoife Hopkins and Alacoque Daly Tralee Bay SC.

In addition 10 sailors were chosen for the Irish under 12 squad who will compete in the Optimist UK National Championships.

All our youth sailing news aggregated here

Prizegiving photos by Gareth Craig below. For daily on the water action: Day one photos here. Day two photos here. Day three photos here.

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Dun Laoghaire sailor Matthew O'Dowd will be hoping for wind at the Laser Radial Youth Worlds in Largs today so that he can bring a discard into play. Dowd will want to shed a black flag disqualification that he has carried from day one and get on with the business of notching up top three results in the group stages.

O'Dowd's record reads 2, BFD, 3, so far. He sat out the first race yesterday with a black flag penalty carried over from a race abandoned on the first day of racing. 

He's now in 55th overall until the discard comes in. 

Irish sailors Ross Vaughan in 29th and Ala Ruigrok in 40th take over the mantle of top Irish for now, with Ruigrok posting his best result, a seventh, yesterday. 

Ruth Harrington is top Irish in the girls' fleet in 59th overall, with Saskia Tidey in 79th.

A steady six to eight knot breeze saw new stock emerging at the head of the leaderboard. With 42 nations represented and some of the world’s most talented youngsters here in Largs for this major international regatta, only the brave would, at this stage of the regatta, attempt to speculate as to who could emerge likely winners. 

The racing today couldn’t have been much closer in both fleets with the consistent Americans scoring a collection of first places. In the Girls’ fleet, 17-year-old Erika Reineke from Florida, who took bronze at the recent ISAF Youth World Championship in Turkey, kicked off well with two second places in yesterday’s opening races, and today sailed impressively to better that position with two firsts. She is now in a strong position in the Girls’ fleet overall, just one point behind Manami Doi (JPN). Doi (Yellow flight) sailed an exceptional race again today, adding another first to her 2,1 scoreline.

In the Boys’ category, Sixteen-year-old Mitchell Kiss (USA) provided spectators with a fine display of impressive racing with a first place in Race 1, as did Yuval Schwartz (ISR). Fresh from the Europa Cup at Warnemünde Week, he also notched up a win in the first race in his flight. But it was Giovanni Coccoluto (ITA) with a win and a fifth who now leads the fleet by two points from Paul Leroy (FRA). With a 14th and 4th today, Elliot Hanson (GBR) is still lying in third place.

After today’s racing, a pattern is clearly starting to establish itself but there is one day of qualifying races remaining so it is still ‘early days’. Once the necessary four or more qualifying races are complete, boats will be assigned to final series fleets Gold, Silver and Bronze on the basis of their ranks in the qualifying series. The finals to determine the world champions will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

The event website is HERE.

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