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Crosshaven RNLI Lifeboat crew responded to a request from Valentia Coast Guard this evening to a person seen being held onto the side of a moored boat in the Channel at East Ferry.

The Crosshaven volunteer crew happened to be near Roches Point on exercise when the emergency call came through and immediately made best speed to the area arriving some 15 minutes later at 20.45. The crew located the casualty and recovered him to the lifeboat.

It appears the sailor had the mishap while transferring to a punt. The other person required no assistance.

With obvious signs of hypothermia and limb injuries after spending 20/25 minutes in the water, the lifeboat crew administered First Aid and headed for Cobh and a rendevous with the Emergency Ambulance. The casualty was handed into the care of the paramedics before returning to station at 21.50. 

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The Courtmacsherry RNLI All Weather Lifeboat was called out at 5.15 pm yesterday afternoon to go to the aid of three men who got into difficulty in a Jet–ski and small pleasure boat just off the Seven Heads coastline in West Cork.

The Courtmacsherry Lifeboat under Coxswain Sean O'Farrell and a crew of six launched immediately and reached the area at 5.25pm as the three men had overturned in their crafts and were in the water.

The casualties were blown on to dangerous rocks at Seven Heads and the Courtmacsherry Lifeboat succeeded in taking all three men from the rocks and onboard the Lifeboat.

The Coastguard unit from Seven Heads, the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter and The Kinsale RNLI Lifeboat all participated in today's rescue

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Crosshaven lifeboat was launched this afternoon after a member of the public alerted the Coast Guard to an inflatable Dinghy with thre persons on board being blown out to sea.

The lifeboat launched at 14.52 and made their way to Ringabella Bay arriving on scene at 3.10pm. No sighting of the dinghy initially was made, but the crew noticed a Supermarket type inflatable dinghy on the shore at Ringabella beach. A crew member swam ashore and talked to the owners who confirmed they were the 3 people that had left Fountainstown. As they were now ashore and safe all units were stood down.

The occupants were wearing swim gear apart from one who had a wetsuit and a bouyancy aid. The wind offshore was blowing force 5 to 6 although calmer within the bay. Crosshaven Coast Guard imparted safety information to the people involved.

Commenting on the service call, Patsy Fegan, Lifeboat Operations manager said "The use of inflatables and lilo's should only be used in the confines of a swimming pool. Luckily these people came to no harm, but with a force 5 wind they could have drifted well offshore”

As well as Crosshaven Lifeboat, other agencies involved were Rescue 117 helicopter from Waterford, The Naval vessel, LE Niamh which acted as a Radio Relay to the Coast Guard and the Crosshaven Coast Guard boat.

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The RNLI beach lifeguard unit on Benone Strand on the North coast has been vandalised for a second time this season.
A member of the public reported that at approximately 10pm on Monday night last (1 August), they spotted damage being caused to the beach lifeguard unit near the entrance to the beach.
On further investigation, the charity’s lifeguards discovered on Tuesday morning that the vandals had damaged the roof of the beach lifeguard unit having stripped off the brackets that secure an essential VHF aerial.
Ideal for the harsh beach environment, lifeguards rely on handheld VHF radios to communicate with each other when on patrol and to communicate with their colleagues in the Coastguard in the event of an emergency.
RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor Karl O’Neill said: ‘While we were fortunate to find the wire wasn’t damaged on the aerial which would have rendered our VHF communications off service, the damage was such that given the poor weather we have been experiencing the signal could have been affected.’
Prior to the peak season commencing this summer, a window door entrance was smashed in the hut during the Easter period.
It is estimated that the repairs to the beach lifeguard unit will run into hundreds of pounds for the charity.
The RNLI is working closely with the Police Service of Northern Ireland in an attempt to prevent further damage being done to the beach unit for the remainder of the season.
‘We would appeal to those doing this damage to be mindful that the RNLI is a charity’, Karl continued. ‘Our lifeguards are an essential part of what is a seamless rescue service that saves lives from the beach to the open sea. Our lifeguards’ primary role on Benone Strand as on all eight lifeguarded beaches on the Causeway Coast is to make sure the beach can be enjoyed safely by the public.
‘We hope that these acts of vandalism will cease and that our lifeguards can continue to operate from the unit safely.’

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Lifeboat crew from Red Bay RNLI rescued a man who fell over a wall sustaining multiple injuries in the early hours of this morning (Sunday 31 July).

The man who fell at 2.30am landed close to rocks beside the lifeboat station in Cushendall. A community action plan was quickly was put into action and the lifeboat crew was paged to provide first aid.

Crew members along with an off-duty paramedic were quickly on scene where they assessed the casualty who had suffered a broken thigh.

Using the station’s first aid pack complete with oxygen and Entonox, the lifeboat crew worked with the paramedic in challenging conditions to stabilise the man and stretcher him to the lifeboat station in an operation lasting over an hour.

The man was later transferred by ambulance to the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine.

Speaking following the incident, Paddy McLaughlin, Red Bay RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer said: ‘The man was very unfortunate to fall where he did last night and we would like to wish him a speedy recovery from his ordeal.

‘This was a great example of a community working well together to come to someone’s aid. Many will associate Red Bay RNLI with the water but this incident proved how having people with the right skills and training with the essential first aid equipment including oxygen and Entonox, can rescue someone in need.

This was the second incident that Red Bay RNLI responded to this weekend. On Saturday evening just before 6pm, the lifeboat crew was requested to launch their inshore lifeboat after a member of the public spotted two canoeists who they thought to be in trouble in the Murlough Bay area near Fair Head which is known to be dangerous.

Arriving on scene, the lifeboat crew checked the canoeists were safe and well before allowing them to continue unaided.

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There have been two back to back callouts for Lough Derg RNLI Lifeboat to assist a family of seven on a 40ft–cruiser aground at the Goat Road, and to assist a family of five on board at 35ft–cruiser aground at Ryan’s Point, Lough Derg

Lough Derg RNLI Lifeboat launched at 2.26pm this afternoon, Saturday July 30, following a request from Valentia Coast Guard to assist a family of seven, three adults and four children, on board a 40ft cruiser aground at the Goat's Road (a nesting elevation for migrating birds) at the eastern shore of Lough Derg.

Winds were northwesterly, Force 3, visibility was very good.

At 2.38pm, the lifeboat, with helm Eleanor Hooker, Ger Egan and Lian Knight on board, located the vessel inside the Goat Road. The seven people on board were unharmed and all wearing their lifejackets.

A RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew was transferred to the casualty vessel where he reassured everyone and checked for any damage to the hull and any ingress of water. Satisfied that the boat was not holed, he set up a tow and the lifeboat took the vessel off the rocks and out into safe water. The drives and propellers were checked to ensure they had suffered no damage, and, after pointing out their safe route on their navigations charts, the cruiser made way to Dromineer under its own power.

At 3.20pm and on their return journey to Dromineer, Valentia Coast Guard requested Lough Derg RNLI lifeboat to go the assistance of a family of five, two adults and three children, whose 35ft cruiser had run aground on a rocky shoal by Ryan’s Point, midway down the eastern shore of Lough Derg. The lifeboat located the vessel at 3.27pm.
A RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew was transferred to the casualty vessel where he reassured everyone and distributed survivor lifejackets to those who had none.
He checked for any damage to the hull and once he was happy that the boat was not holed, set up a tow. The lifeboat took the vessel off the rocks and out into safe water. The drives and propellers were checked to ensure they were in working order. The cruiser continued on its onward journey.

The Lifeboat returned to station and was ready for service again at 5pm.

Pat Garland, Deputy Launching Authority at Lough Derg RNLI Lifeboat advises boat users to ‘to carry enough lifejackets for everyone on board and to ensure they wear them, and to study their charts and stay within the navigation marks on the lake’.

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Larne RNLI rescued three people late last night (Friday 29 July) after their 6m yacht got into difficulty off the Antrim coast.

The three women were on passage from Norway to the Caribbean having come through the Caledonian canal, and were heading to Belfast when they encountered problems.

The crew raised the alarm at approximately 11.30pm when their yacht was becalmed having sustained engine failure seven miles north east of Larne.

The all-weather lifeboat under Coxswain Norman Surplus launched at 11.45pm and made its way to the scene near the Highland perch, an area far from the coastline known to be hazardous for its shallow water.

Weather conditions at the time were described as excellent with light to no wind blowing and good visibility despite it being dark.

On arrival, a volunteer lifeboat crew member transferred onto the yacht where he first checked that the three on board were safe and well.

The lifeboat crew then proceeded to work with the vessel’s crew to establish a towline before the lifeboat brought the yacht into the safety of Larne harbour. On arrival the all-weather lifeboat was met by the station’s inshore lifeboat which assisted at the end of the call out to put the boat on the mooring.

Speaking following the call out, Larne RNLI Coxswain Norman Surplus said: ‘The three women did the right thing tonight and raised the alarm when they got into difficulty and thankfully all three are safe and well and we would like to wish them a safe onward journey.

‘We would encourage anyone visiting the coast this summer, to remember to respect the water. When sailing, always have a means for calling and signalling for help and ensure everyone onboard knows how to use it. Always check the weather forecast and tide times. Make sure someone ashore knows where you are going and who to call if you don’t return on time. Learn how to start, run and maintain your engine and always carry tools and spares.’

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Lough Derg RNLI Lifeboat launched at 10.20pm yesterday evening to assist seven young people on board a 15ft–RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) with engine difficulties near Coolbawn Quay, on the eastern shore of Lough Derg.

Winds were westerly, Force 3, visibility was poor, with imminent nightfall.

At 10.30pm the lifeboat, with helm Peter Clarke, Eleanor Hooker and Keith Brennan on board, located the vessel by Illaunmor. The seven people on board were unharmed, but feeling chilled and were wrapped in towels. Survivor lifejackets were distributed to those who had none. An RNLI volunteer boarded the RIB and one of the casualties was taken onto the lifeboat. The lifeboat towed the RIB with her passengers to Dromineer.

Peter Clarke, Helm at Lough Derg RNLI Lifeboat, advises lake users to ‘respect the water, to carry enough lifejackets for everyone on board and to ensure they wear them, and to regularly service their boat’s engines’.

The Lifeboat returned to station and was ready for service again at 11.40pm

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In a dramatic rescue on Whiterocks beach at Portrush in County Antrim yesterday three RNLI lifeguards rescued two body boarders from rocks. In waves that reached well over head height the lifeguards launched their Rescue Water Craft and brought the two men to safety. The rescue occurred during one of the hottest days of the year which brought hundreds of people to the coast to enjoy the good weather.

The alarm was raised at 4.30pm when a member of the public contacted RNLI Lifeguard Stephen Parish to say that two body boarders where trapped at the mouth of a cave at the east end of the beach. Steven and his two colleagues on duty, Ali Boyd and Bosco McAuley, were finishing an exercise when the call for help was made and they immediately swung into action.

RNLI lifeguard Ali Boyd drove the Rescue Water Craft while Bosco McAuley accompanied him as crew. They proceeded to the scene some 500 metres offshore where a heavy swell made it impossible to bring the rescue craft close to the trapped pair. With the waves breaking over the men’s heads, the lifeguards waited until there was a lull in the set before Bosco jumped into the water and swam to the rocks. The first man went into the water and was brought by Bosco to the waiting rescue craft. The three of them immediately returned to shore before the two lifeguards headed straight back to the scene to recover the second casualty.

By this time the second man was showing signs of exhaustion and the lifeguards kept a tight hold of him as they recovered him, with Bosco once again swimming out to him while Ali kept the rescue water craft close-by, circling to ensure he stayed clear of the waves and avoided the rocks.

When back on shore both men were brought to the Lifeguard hut and were administered casualty care.

Commenting on the callout RNLI lifeguard Bosco McAuley said, ‘It was a busy day on the beach yesterday and we are always conscious that there can be things happening anywhere at anytime. We had just finished an exercise and were able to launch the Rescue Water Craft immediately. Despite the warm day, the sea swell was huge with massive waves breaking over the heads of the body boarders as they waited on rocks. They had managed to scramble on these rocks when they got into difficulty and were able to wait for help. This was a rescue where every second counted and thankfully these two men are now home safe and well.’

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Howth RNLI launched at 1.15pm Thursday 14th July 2016 to reports of Sailing Yacht with 4 adults and 3 children aground just off Ireland Eye.

The casualty vessel was quickly located and towed to safety.

The request to launch came at 1.15pm and the Howth RNLI all-weather lifeboat proceeded outside the harbour and quickly located the yacht aground in Howth sound. The 32ft Sailing yacht had 4 adults and 3 children aboard. All were wearing lifejackets.

Weather was excellent with overcast clouds but good visibility. The sea state was calm with little or no wind present. The tide was quite low with another hour to go to low tide.
Howth RNLI volunteers Fin Goggin and Stephen Mullaney threw a tow line to the casualty vessel which was then secured and Howth RNLI Coxswain Fred Connolly used his driving skills to safely tow the casualty vessel off the rocks with little or no damage. When clear the sailing yacht was able to make its own way back to Howth Harbour.
Howth RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager Colm Newport says: ‘A quick call was made by the skipper of the yacht as soon as he got into difficulty which showed good seamanship. These things happen and we were delighted to be able to assist.”

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