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23rd December 2010

River Blackwater Freezes Over

The Munster Blackwater froze over in the middle of Fermoy town preventing anyone from launching boats. Never in living memory on this inland waterway has this occured before writes Timmy Carey.

In 1963 there was some ice on the river during heavy snowfall, but on that occassion the river froze only half way across. A local Fermoy historian Christy Roche thinks that this is the first time that the Blackwater froze right across since 1601, on that occassion it was recorded that Red Hugh O Donnell and Hugh O Neill crossed a frozen river Blackwater on their way to the Battle of Kinsale.

The photo below shows a frozen river Blackwater at Barnane walk in Fermoy, Co. Cork.


Published in Inland Waterways

The Minister for Natural Resources, Conor Lenihan T.D., has approved a suite of regulations and bye-laws that will govern the wild salmon fishery in 2011. These will come into effect from Friday, 1 January 2011.

On receipt of management and scientific advice on the current status of Irish salmon stocks from Inland Fisheries Ireland and having considered submissions received through the public consultation exercise, the Minister of State introduced conservation measures for the management of the wild salmon and sea trout fishery in 2011.

Having signed the regulations and bye-laws the Minister remarked:
"I am cautiously optimistic about our native salmon stocks given the performance of stocks over recent years. The 2011 season will see 20 rivers which were closed in 2010 being opened because of an improvement in salmon stocks. 5 rivers which were previously closed for fishing, the Castletown, Suir, Glenamoy, Kerry Blackwater and Eske, will open with an identified surplus number of fish for harvest. 18 additional rivers will be open to angling on a "catch & release" basis."

"My caution is founded on the knowledge that 3 rivers which previously had been open will be closed on conservation grounds in 2011 (the Sheen, Screebe and Srahmore)", added the Natural Resources Minister.

In all the Standing Scientific Committee assessed 141 rivers and have advised that:-
·         52 rivers are open as a surplus of fish has been identified in these rivers (i.e. 2 more than in 2010);
·         29 rivers have been classified as open for "Catch and Release" only (i.e. 18 more than 2010 (see list below); and
·         60 rivers are closed as they have no surplus of fish available for harvest in them (i.e. 20 less than 2010).

The Minister also announced that in 2011 the cost of a one-day salmon angling licence (often used by tourist anglers) will be reduced by €12 (37.5%) on the recommendation of Inland Fisheries Ireland. "The purpose of the initiative is to give as much encouragement as possible to visiting tourist anglers to come to Ireland and experience the excellent game angling product being developed around our improving stocks" said Minister Lenihan.

With the exception of a proposed change to the number of blue (angling) tags applicable to a one-day salmon licence holder, the Wild Salmon and Sea trout Tagging Scheme Regulations for 2011 are in essence unchanged from the Regulations which were introduced following the establishment of Inland Fisheries Ireland in July, 2010. A number of minor amendments to the Regulations, recommended by Inland Fisheries Ireland, will provide for more effective administration of the tagging scheme regulations in 2011.

Summary of main changes to the management of the wild salmon fishery in 2011


19 Rivers which were closed in 2010 will open for angling on a "catch & release" basis in 2011:-
Ø      Glyde (Dundalk fishery district)
Ø      Slaney (Wexford fishery district) (note; river is closed until 12 May 2011)
Ø      Bride (Lismore fishery district)
Ø      Glengariff, Adrigole (Cork fishery district)
Ø      Kealincha, Lough Fada, Behy, Owenascaul, Milltown, Feohanagh (Kerry fishery district)
Ø      Grange (Sligo fishery district)
Ø      Oily, Owenwee (Yellow River) (Ballyshannon fishery district)
Ø      Bracky, Glenna, Tullaghobegley, Ray, Glenagannon (Letterkenny fishery district).

5 Rivers which were "catch & release" in 2010 and will open for harvest in 2011
Castletown (Dundalk fishery district)
Suir (Waterford fishery district)
Kerry Blackwater (Kerry fishery district)
Glenamoy (Bangor fishery district)
Eske (Ballyshannon fishery district)

3 Rivers which were open in 2010 will be limited to "catch & release" in 2011
Sheen (Kerry fishery district)
Screebe (Connemara fishery district)
Srahmore (Bangor fishery district).

8 Statutory instruments/Bye-Laws give effect to the decisions made by the Minister of State for management of the salmon fishery in 2011:

Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme (No. 2) Regulations, 2010 provide for, among other things, the total allowable catch of fish that can be harvested by commercial fishing engines and rod and line from identified rivers.

Salmon Rod Ordinary Licences (Alteration of Licence Duties) Order 2010 and Special Tidal Waters (Special Local Licences) (Alteration of Duties) Order 2010: prescribe the licence fees payable from 1 January 2011.
Conservation of Salmon and Sea Trout (Catch and Release) Bye-law No. 873, 2010:  specifies the rivers in which angling is permitted on a catch and release basis and associated conditions.

Conservation of Salmon and Sea Trout (Bag Limits) Bye-law No. 874, 2010: provides for the annual, season and daily bag limits for the 2011 season and also provides for fishing methods.

Conservation of Salmon and Sea Trout (Closed Rivers) Bye-law No. C.S. 306, 2010: prohibits angling for salmon and sea trout over 40cm in specified rivers.

The following bye-laws make provisions in relation to specific rivers:

Conservation of Salmon and Sea Trout (Newport River) Bye-law No. 875, 2010.

Conservation of Salmon and Sea Trout (River Bandon) Bye-Law No. 876, 2010.

Conservation of Salmon and Sea Trout (Garvogue River) Bye-Law No. 877, 2010


Published in Angling
Waterways Ireland has issued a warning to advise masters of vessels and all other users of the need to take extreme care if visiting the inland waterways navigations during the present cold weather.

Snow bound harbours and ice covered jetties in particular are dangerous to walk on or near because of the risk of slipping, tripping or falling near to the water's edge.

Sections of the Royal and Grand Canals and the Shannon Erne Waterway have restricted navigation due to ice accumulation.

Where water in lock chambers has frozen the public is warned not to attempt to cross over a lock in this state due to the great danger of ice cracking underfoot and being drowned in the lock.

Published in Inland Waterways

Irish Water Safety is asking people to keep away from the water's edge during the current violent storm force winds and high seas. Ireland averages 153 drownings every year and every year a number of tragedies occur as a result of people walking too close to the edge of coastal areas, cliffs, rivers and lakes during such stormy conditions.

Irish Water Safety is also asking those who own a small craft to make sure that it is well secured and when doing so, to wear a lifejacket at all times as there have been drownings during such activities in the past.

Motorists need to be particularly vigilant to avoid flooded areas on roads but particularly near rivers, because with poor light and short days it is not possible to determine the depth of floods easily.  Swift water will carry cars and other vehicles away and there have been very tragic drownings in the past as a result of such accidents.

Children are naturally curious about water, therefore parents should caution them that floodwater hides the true depth and that manhole covers may be open and that small streams when swollen are very fast and deeper than normal.

What should I do when I hear a Flood Warning?
·                Listen to the national and local radio for met eireann updates and AA Road watch updates
·                Check on neighbours particularly if they are elderly, infirmed or families with young children
·                Move your vehicles to higher ground
·                Move animal stock to higher ground
·                Check your small craft to ensure they are well secured or moored
·                Make sure you have warm clothes, food, drink, a torch and radio.
·                Block doorways and airbricks with sandbags or plastic bags filled with earth. Floodgate products will work effectively also.
·                Switch off gas and electricity supplies if flooding is imminent.
·                Check the time of High Water in the Newspaper.
·                Check out for more detail on General flooding

Personal Safety
·                Avoid flood waters at all times
·                carry a mobile phone at all times in case you need to call for help - call 112 or 999 in emergency
·                Wear suitable protective clothing & a lifejacket in on or around water
·                Do not enter fast flowing water.
·                Never put your feet down if swept away by fast flowing waters
·                Flooding on roads will be deeper at dips and around bridges.
·                Stay away from sea and flood defences.
·                when walking or driving, be aware of manhole covers and gratings that may have been moved due to the heavy flow of water.
·                Take care when using electric appliances in damp or flood conditions.
·                Remember that during the hours of darkness the dangers are multiplied.

After the flood
·                Avoid eating food that has been in contact with flood water.
·                Run water for a few minutes and wash your taps.
·                Check gas and electricity supply.
·                Leave wet electrical equipment alone to dry and have it checked prior to use.
·                Ventilate your property well.
·                Check on elderly neighbours.

Published in Water Safety

The winner of the prestigious Taste of the Inland Waterways Award was revealed this week by Georgina Campbell as "Keenan's of Tarmonbarry".
Presenting the Taste of the Waterways Award to Keenan's of Tarmonbarry, Martin Dennany, Director of Marketing and Communications, Waterways Ireland stated "Keenan's of Tarmonbarry epitomises the waterway dining experience and I am delighted to present this Taste of the Waterways Award and to commend Georgina Campbell on her choice. With the recent completion of the link between the Royal Canal and the Shannon Navigation, we hope that many will take the opportunity to visit the area and to experience for themselves the delights of waterside hospitality at this fine establishment. Waterways Ireland is happy to sponsor this award and to recognise the contribution that businesses like Keenan's make to the tourism industry".
The Taste of the Waterways Award was first introduced in 2008 and runs in conjunction with "The Taste of Waterways" booklet, a publication produced by Waterways Ireland in partnership with Georgina Campbell highlighting the excellent hospitality of the waterway experience. The guide is free and updated regularly with Georgina's selection of establishments of all kinds serving food and hospitality all along the inland waterways.
Martin Dennany commenting on the guide stated "The judging criteria and standard of assessment for the Taste of the Waterways Georgina Campbell guide is very high, with selection made on merit alone: no payment is charged for entry, no payments accepted for advertising".
Georgina Campbell described Keenan's as "Just beside the bridge over the Shannon in Tarmonbarry, this well-run bar and restaurant has been a favourite watering hole for river folk for many years - and it makes a great place to break a journey between Dublin and the north-west. The range is wide, offering wholesome, hearty fare that pleases all age groups and includes very welcome traditional dishes. But it's for their steaks, above all, that people beat a path to Keenan's of Tarmonbarry - and why wouldn't they? Whether you go for a classic sirloin, a big juicy fillet, or their renowned steak sandwich, the steaks at this hospitable watering hole are not to be missed."

Published in Inland Waterways
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