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For many years O’Sullivan’s Marine have been the ‘go to’ outlet for quality outboard engine brands such as Tohatsu, Suzuki and Honda — and now Yahama outboards have been added to their available stock range, writes Brian O’Sullivan.

Whether you are looking to purchase an individual engine, or as part of a tailored boat package, O’Sullivan’s Marine are now able to offer all top-quality engine brands — ex stock.

Yamaha’s highly popular engines are well known for their reliability, quiet running and excellent fuel economy, and range from lightweight portable 2.5HP right through to the powerful 350HP V8.

O’Sullivan’s Marine are renowned for their expertise in both the supply and servicing of outboard engine, and have the largest choice of outboard engines on permanent display in their Tralee showrooms.

With full-time mechanics and the latest equipment and software, O’Sullivan’s Marine can service everything they supply. Contact them for a quotation — for a new engine to whatever repairs may be required, they are happy to oblige.

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After launching a comprehensive new range of Cool Kayaks earlier in the season, the demand was so high that stocks soon ran out… not surprising considering their high quality and exceptionally good prices writes Brian O'Sullivan of O'Sullivan's Marine.

The good news is that a new consignment arrived into O’Sullivan’s Marine on 6th August, and the even better news is that they have increased their range, and can now offer an even bigger selection of “best value” kayaks in Ireland!

Sit On Top Kayaks

Sit on top kayaks are getting increasingly more popular, and at O’Sullivan’s Marine they have models to suit all budgets and abilities.

Recreational Fun for all the family

From the low profile sleek Flash Kayak for small adults and children up to the 9’6” Conger single kayaks and several models in between, O’Sullivan’s Marine can offer a range to suit all individual kayakers.

oceanus 5 767Oceanus 5

For those who want to share the fun, they also offer the Glide 1 + 1, this stable versatile platform has room to bring a small passenger in front of the paddler or the Oceanus 2.5 seater, a well-priced tandem kayak.

Angling Kayaks

Using kayaks for angling is a rapidly growing pastime that has many advantages for fishermen and women. It allows the exploration of areas that would otherwise be difficult to access, giving more fishing time and potentially bigger catches!

Dace pro 8 767pxThe Dace Pro 8

O’Sullivan’s Marine has a comprehensive choice of models for the angler, fully equipped with everything needed for a comfortable and productive outing. Ranging from the 9’6” Rodster up to the Dace Pro Angler 14’ single kayak, and the Caster double seater, these kayaks are well-featured and offer the perfect combination of stability, speed, manoeuvrability and straight-line tracking.

Tarpon Propel Kayak

Packed to the gills with fishing features, the Tarpon Propel 10 pedal kayak is equipped with a performance-engineered pedal drive system for hands-free fishing, accessory gear tracks, adjustable seat, hand-controlled rudder and 2 flush mount rod holders. Coming in at 10.5’ long and 33 inches wide this fishing machine is ready for anything!

Tarpon 767pxTarpon

Touring Sit in Kayak

The Swift touring kayak has a unique design that cuts through the water easily, giving it extraordinary acceleration. Equipped with a large seat well and two storage hatches.

swift 3 767pxSwift 3

SUP Boards

Available in 10’ and 12’, the cool SUP boards are high quality, competitively priced and equipped with storage hatches, foot cushions, bungees, drain plugs and carrying handles.

All Cool kayaks are well equipped as standard, but also offer a full range of additional accessories, from roof racks to luxury seats, all available from next week at O’Sullivan’s Marine.

For more information contact 066 7124524 or visit

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As part of its expansion, O’Sullivan’s Marine is now offering two exciting new ranges of RIBs and Inflatables to the Irish market writes Brian O'Sullivan.

OSM RIBs AND INFLATABLES – After years of research, O’Sullivan’s Marine have finally found a range of RIBs and Inflatables that are high enough quality to put their name to!

Designed to deliver the perfect balance of functionality and performance, OSM RIBs are now available in Ireland from 2.7m to 5.8m in single and double skin fibreglass as well as aluminium hulls.

These top quality, very competitively priced RIBs are available in three ranges ‘ECO’, ‘XPERT’ and ‘ELITE’ to suit all budgets, in Mehler 1.2mm and in Hypalon. OSM RIBs make the ideal platform as dive boats, rescue craft, support boats as well as recreational use. With a full range of accessories available, O’Sullivan’s Marine, with their renowned expertise, can tailor boat packages to individual specifications, including outboard motor fit out, trailers, marine electronics and all the safety gear – and usually from stock!

OSM INFLATABLES are available from 2.7m to 4.2m with Aluminium floors, inflatable keel and marine grade plywood seats. A vast range of accessories are readily available.

HSD420 web 767OSM INFLATABLES are available from 2.7m to 4.2m

All OSM RIBs and INFLATABLES come with five Year Warranty on Fabric, Three Year Warranty on seams and One Year Warranty on accessories.

GLADIATOR RIBs AND INFLATABLES – These well established and popular boats are now available in stock at O’Sullivan’s Marine. RIBs from 2.7m to 5.9m and inflatables from 2.4m to 4.2m will suit a variety of needs and budgets. Material density from 850 to 1350gm2, with a choice of waterproof laminated plywood, aluminium or inflatable floors, Gladiator boats offer excellent value for money and come with 5 Year Warranty on Fabric, 3 Year Warranty on seams and 1 Year Warranty on accessories.

380AL RIB Gladiator 767PX380AL RIB Gladiator

Whether you are looking for just a RIB or Inflatable, or want a complete package with engine, trailer, electronics and safety equipment, O’Sullivan’s Marine can offer a complete package, at VERY competitive prices.

For more information visit

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Tohatsu has just launched its new 60HP outboard engine in Ireland through O'Sullivan's Marine. The legacy of the MFS50 model has been passed on to the MFS60, weighing in at under 100kg, it is the lightest in its class writes Brian O'Sullivan.

Outboard motors are about a whole lot more than just the specs. A truly great motor delivers it all – performance, safety and the ultimate ease of use. Tohatsu has been manufacturing engines since 1922, and they stand by their quality, offering a 7-year conditional warranty.

Lighter weight means more self-bailing, less swamping, easier planing and superior fuel efficiency at 3.09 litres per kilometre at wide open throttle. Top speed up to 59.1km/hour.

Tohatsu has listened to what their customers want, and they have certainly delivered - simple architecture, easy to use interface and absolute quality.

Equipped with standard features such as variable idle speed from 650 to 950 rpm’s, a low gear ratio giving you the increased low end torque your boat needs, a freshwater flushing system designed to make routine flushing easier, and a high output 21 amp alternator, the MFS60 provides the industry-leading features you expect from Tohatsu.

Tohatsu engines come with a one-of-a-kind direct injection technology, which has revolutionised environmental performance. Offering a full range of 4 stroke engines from 2.5HP to 250HP and 2 stroke engines from 3.5HP to 50HP, these outboards are powerful and robust, yet some of the lightest available.

Here at O’Sullivan’s Marine, we offer a high level of expertise in marine engines, from supply to servicing, we offer the whole package and are proud distributors of Tohatsu, Suzuki and Honda outboards. We are currently offering special offer prices on outboards, contact us for more details here

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Not only is the OSM 575 Speedliner boat hand-made to the highest specifications, but we also take our customers' safety seriously writes Brian O'Sullivan of O'Sullivan's Marine.

Loading up the 19-foot OSM 575 Speedliner along with hoses, barrels and other paraphernalia needed to conduct a swamp test, we headed out to the canal to meet up with a Department of the Marine approved surveyor, to great success. The OSM 575 Speedliner is now passenger licence approved for both sea and lake.

OSM speedliner 575Conducting a swamp test

OSM 575Boat building continues in Co Kerry… under construction and made to order for one of our customers, the OSM575 Speedliner. Buoyancy tanks fore and aft as well as along each side – these double as a shelf, for rod storage if required. 

Maintaining the conventional simulated clinker appearance and built to last using only top quality marine fittings and fibreglass materials, we have successfully incorporated a good turn of speed into this design.

Stability and an excellent drift pattern are strong features of this durable boat. The flared bow cuts through the waves while the long keel increases stability.

The main difference between the 19` Speedliner (OSM 575), and the rest of the boats in our seagoing pleasure and commercial range is speed. Achieving 20 knots with low horsepower outboard motors, this boat is also very economical to run.

OSM 575 1The OSM 575 completed and fitted out to the required specifications Another very satisfied customer takes delivery

Check out our full range of OSM boats from the 9’6” Suir to the 20’ Seamrog Cruiser on our website: Quality assured, built right here in Tralee!

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With expanded staff and premises, plus a brand new website and online offerings, the Tralee boatbuilders and dealers emerge from the storm of the recession ship-shape for the future

Wow, what a brutal storm. Even stronger for those further west!

Spinnaker up, absolutely flying along at well above hull design speed. Pushing hard, clinging on to the surfing waves, getting the most out of every surge. Everyone and everything working to the maximum limit, anticipating the next wave, the next sail change or even dropping that spinnaker, consider play safe or continue flat out. And then bang: that rogue wave, that slight misjudgment and it was crashing down around us.

In many ways, we realised very early on what was happening, but we could never have anticipated the extent of that crash. Who else did? Fortunately, we recovered quickly, assessed the situation as calmly as possible and planned the next steps. With a great crew on board, we managed to limber home, battened down the hatches, licked our wounds and came back fighting fit, ready to take on whatever was thrown at us.

That describes the economy in Ireland after September 2008 and what happened to most businesses, especially in the marine trade. We at O’Sullivans Marine were no different.

But we steadied the course, fixed what wasn’t perfect, trained up the crew, brought in new skill sets and were ship-shape once again.

osullivansmarine 1

Busy reception are at

History of O’Sullivans Marine

We have been around for over 50 years, and boy has that time gone by in a flash.

It all began in 1963 when Jerry O’Sullivan started the business and we built our first boat – which was in timber, believe it or not. Within two years we had already progressed to building our first fibreglass boat. And since then the business has moved several times, always getting bigger and more ambitious.

The staff grew, too. Jerry’s son Brian joined in 1978, coming home after college with the intention of staying around for a year or two. More than three decades later, he’s still an integral part of the team.

In 1980, we built a new factory on the outskirts of Tralee where we manufactured boats, but we still ran a shop in Tralee town centre. We subsequently moved everything marine in to that purpose-built development in 1990, with over 12,500 square feet of boat-building space, a service bay, offices and the marine shop.

Why Tralee? True, it’s not the centre of Ireland’s marine trade. The simple answer is that it’s a great place to live, but that’s not all. Coming from two large families in Kerry, both Jerry and his wife Noreen had strong connections all around them and, indeed, had several other business interests on the go at the time in Tralee. To relocate to a stronger market location might have made good business sense, but with a large family of their own, the thought was never really entertained. 

In any case, Kerry has its own strong maritime traditions. Being a founder member of Tralee Bay Sailing Club in the late 1950s, Jerry had saltwater running through his veins, and to go into the marine business just seemed a natural progression.

By the time the 1990s were over, the aforementioned development outside Tralee proved too small once again. So out came the diggers to expand over the next seven years with up to 30,000 square feet of covered space with another 20,000 of outdoor storage space, along with a private car park, and still allowing room for further expansion. We completed that round of developments by May 2007 – probably not great timing in retrospect.  

We have seen recessions before and probably will again, but we believe that the worst is over with this one, and we’re climbing back up the graph. We also believe that now is the time to prepare for the next phase and be ready for that filling tide. Reports confirm daily that Ireland is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe yet again, if not the fastest.

All the signs are positive, so we must be ready to catch the breeze as it picks up and avail of whatever opportunities come our way.

The USP of OSM

Our unique selling point here at O’Sullivans Marine is our very extensive selection of boats that we build here in Tralee, ranging in size from 2.5 to 8 metres. 

Many of the ‘old reliables’ are still being built; they’re truly ageless. Take the 19’ Mayfly, for example, or the 18’ Sheelin. Several decades on, these boats are still in strong demand. And the major advantage these models have over other lake boats is the fact that they are all fibreglass with practically no timber above the waterline, so maintenance is minimal.

If a sea boat is more to your liking, we have quite a selection in stock and ready to order, both brand new and second-hand (and many available at special prices). All are fully certified and all pass with flying colours the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive, the EU statutory regulation determining safety and build standards. Being CE certified, you can also rest assured all our craft are high-quality builds, safe and seaworthy. 

All of this from a renowned boat-building yard that had 70 Cork 1720 sports yachts on the start line at Cork Week in 2000, some of which are still racing competitively throughout Ireland and abroad to this day. The same can be said for most of the leading boats in the National 18 class a few years later.

Now we are producing another racing craft: the Irish Coastal Rowing Federation’s own one–design coastal rowing yawl. This is a four-man (plus a coxswain) specialist coastal rower, proving extremely popular throughout the coast of Ireland. We build these to a high standard and to a strict weight tolerance and design.

Our steadfast crew

osmarine 2OSM staff; Maurice O’Sullivan, Jo Quirke, Brian O’Sullivan and Thomas Gibney

We have reinforced our already excellent crew this year and are looking at some further reinforcements for 2016.

Thomas Gibney has been added to take charge of the technical IT side along with social media and other marketing roles. He joins our seasoned campaigner Maurice O’Sullivan, who has been integral to the team for over 30 years along with Jo Quirke, who has been and is at the front line for almost two decades now.

Brian O’Sullivan is our ever-present skipper at the helm and the main driving force behind the whole campaign. Born into the business, Brian has cut his teeth in the marine industry and still runs a tight and competitive ship. 

This team is the backbone of the business, and with Sean, Bernard, Ian, John and David coming into the team with their complementary skill sets, this makes for a pretty formidable outfit in any situation.

Our loyal suppliers

osullivans marine 3

Overview of some of OSM boats including some Linder Aluminium boats and OSM's Irish made 18’ Sheelin

At O’Sullivans Marine, we are fortunate to be able to count on several big names in the marine industry who have supported us over many years with the supply of excellent products.

We have long-established relationships with many leading brands in the business, such as Linder Aluminium Boats from Sweden; Gemini Ribs and inflatables from South Africa; Poseidon Boats from Greece; Tohatsu Outboards from Japan (one of our longest contracts, in fact – we’ve been selling Tohatsu in Ireland since 1975); Brenderup Trailers from Denmark; Garmin and Raymarine from UK and USA; Sole, Yanmar and Volvo inboard diesel engines; Ultraflex steerings; International Paints and Precision Paints from the UK; Whale from Northern Ireland.

And that’s to name but a few of our vast selection of quality and reliable brands – a selection that’s grown since our expansion into the online marketplace.

osmarine website

New website homepage –

Going online

Our most significant development as of late here at O’Sullivans Marine is our new website and online shop at – expanding our already significant online marine presence by growing our chandlery and spare parts section, covering the proverbial needle to the anchor.

This has been and still is a massive undertaking, with an inventory of several thousand products, and more being added on a weekly basis. But it’s very much worth it, as for one, it renders our location on the Wild Atlantic Way practically insignificant.

That’s also thanks to our network of delivery companies shipping out overnight to most parts of the country, and within two days to the UK and Europe. We’ve only just begun and have already sold to as far afield as Belgium, Spain, Finland and even Greenland.

These are again exciting times. We believe our prices to be very competitive and our goal is to remain competitive by giving you the best value on the market today.

Facebook competition

The O'Sullivans Marine page on Facebook is a real winner – simply log on to to connect with our Facebook page, click 'Like' and you'll be entered in a draw for some brilliant prizes!

Special boat/trailer offer

O'Sullivans Marine currently has a special offer on the 18' Sheelin all-fibreglass, fully CE-certified lake boat, equipped with a Tohatsu 6hp four-stroke engine and with oars and stainless steel pins as standard. The deal includes a Brenderup galvanised trailer, with both boat and trailer covered by five-year warranties. And all for the special price of only Ä5,885 inc VAT. It's first come, first served on this very limited offer!

Our future goals

So much has happened throughout the history of our business, with wind shifts all over the place. And as any good sailor will know, if you don’t keep on top of the shifts, you will find yourself left behind, even on the start line. 

Over the past 12 months, we have changed tack yet again, and decided the other side of the course was better going forward. That meant heavy investment in our IT side, with new systems and new crew to get us fully race-ready with our ‘secret weapon’ – our aforementioned new website and online shop. 

But we bring another dimension to the marine industry in Ireland and to all customers, both returning and potential, by stressing value for money with excellent service and back-up. 

Our experienced and well-trained staff know the industry, know the products and go the extra yard to satisfy the requirements of every customer. We cover all aspects of owning a boat, including engines and trailers, not to mention safety equipment, servicing, maintenance and, of course, repairs. 

And yes, we still build our own range of boats, truly ‘made in Tralee’.

As with any new developments, there are plenty of challenges, some foreseen and some totally unpredictable. But isn’t that what makes life really interesting?

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A 1999 Mitchell has just been added to Afloat's Boats for Sale site. This is an ideal river cruiser, with a small cabin, decent sized wheelhouse and good cockpit space. The blue hulled boat is fitted out with an inboard diesel engine, on a shaft drive, she is extremely economical to run, according to broker O'Sullivan's Marine of Tralee. On a trailer and ready to go the boat is priced to sell at Euro 4,0000. Check out photos and a full spec HERE.

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