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In the past, PR and advertising might lead you to think that there was only one sailmaker to go to if you want to do well in cruiser racing and big boat one-design fleets. However, the results worldwide, particularly in the last season, are showing that is not the case, according to Quantum Sails Ireland's Mark Mansfield.

The majority of the top big boat one-design and near one-design fleets (like the TP 52) now have Quantum winners and podium results in their big events, such as world championships. Take the recently concluded RC 44 Class series. The final event, just finished last weekend in Lanzarote was won by Team Aleph racing. The overall ranking through the whole season has Team Aqua winning with Team Aleph racing in third. The World Championship was won by Team Aqua. Both Boats used all Quantum sails.

Team Aqua and Team AlephTeam Aqua and Team Aleph

And if you think this was a one-off, consider the following results in likely most of the major big boat one-design and near one-design classes.

  • Maxi — Mini Maxi World Champion 2021-Cannonball—All Quantum Sails
  • TP 52 Class — 2nd and 3rd (Platoon and Quantum racing) in the TP 52 Series overall—All Quantum Sails
  • RC 44 Class — 1st and 3rd in RC 44 season series overall (Team Aqua and Team Aleph), and 1st in World Championships 2021—All Quantum Sails
  • Club swan 50 —1st overall at Swan 50 Worlds—Hatari
  • Club Swan 36 — 1st overall at Swan 36 worlds.—G Spot. Quantum jib only. All other sails by another sailmaker.
  • Melges 32 —1st, 2nd and 3rd at World Championships 2021

Hatari —Club Swan 50

There is a new wave and it is called Quantum Sails.

Watch out for the Green Q badge on big boats in Ireland in 2022. There will be quite a few. And if that is not a good enough reason to consider getting a sail quote for your cruiser, then also consider the following,

  • Check the pricing, and see the difference for a similar product
  • Quantum has a full-size loft in Galway for servicing and modifications/ alterations where sails on yachts up to 45 feet can be fully laid out.

Ask for a quotation today for your racing or cruising sails, and get some good advice along with it. Contact Mark Mansfield at [email protected] or at 087 250 6838. 

Correction (25/11/21): This article was updated to correctly state the sail wardrobe on the Swan 36 Worlds winner, G-Spot was by another sailmaker except for one Quantum jib.

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The RC44 class World Championship has just finished last weekend at Scarlino, Italy, and like the TP52 Class, it was won by a boat using Quantum Fusion upwind sails and spinnakers.

A last-minute manoeuvre by Nico Poons’ Charisma won them the final race of the 44Cup Scarlino World Championship by a mere second, but it was the defending champions on Chris Bake’s Team Aqua that defended their title in this 11th RC44 World Championship by one slender point.

Like a final curtain call to this World Championship, as well as a reminder of how close the racing always is between the high-performance owner-driver one designs, the top eight RC44s all crossed the finish line for the final time within just 20 seconds after 40 minutes of racing.

If you would like to avail of the designers and technology for your yacht in Ireland, that leads the RC44 Class and TP52 class, contact Quantums Mark Mansfield at [email protected] or at 00 353 87 2506838

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The TP52 class is regarded as one of the most competitive classes globally, and the circuit of events, called the '52 Super Series', has just finished its second regatta. Sailmakers, yacht designers, and other marine companies highlight their top-level products to the world in this class that is crammed full of Professionals, Olympic medallists, and America's Cup teams.

After two regattas sailed, there is one common denominator for the two teams coming first and second overall in the 52 Superseries. Both first overall, Platoon, from Germany and second overall, Quantum Racing, from the USA, use upwind and downwind sails from Quantum Sailmakers.

These are the only two yachts in the fleet using Quantum Sails.

Both yachts use Quantum Fusion M Membrane sails and Spinnakers.

52 Super Series52 Super Series results

The most recent event finished a week ago in Menorca. One final regatta remains. The World Championships, again in Menorca, in November, will determine the overall winner for 2021.

If you wish to avail of the design and technological advances that Quantum Sailmakers are bringing forward through this class and others, contact your local Irish Quantum sails agent, Mark Mansfield, at [email protected] or 087 250 6838.

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Mark Mansfield of Quantum Sails Ireland highlights that their Winter discount period, where additional discounts of up to 10% are available, will be coming to an end in the next few weeks.

Mark comments “ We have had a great response to this promotion, with orders coming in from both race boats and cruisers, from owners in Northern Ireland and in the South. In particular, our Contender CDX laminated Cruiser/racer product has proved very popular with owners using it for both club racing and cruising. It is strong, long-lasting and low stretch, and is also competitively priced”.


Mark was racing as a Tactician Aboard Frank Whelan's J122, Kaya, at the ICRA Nationals recently where Kaya won her Class Zero with straight wins and took the overall event prize. At that event, they used their new Quantum A3 Spinnaker to great effect, built from Contender Superkote 90.

“It is just two years since Quantum restarted operations in Ireland and we have made great strides all over the country with turnover and sales increasing each year, despite the Covid Pandemic,” comments Mark.

“Unlike many others selling sails in Ireland, we have a full-size operational loft in Galway for all needs, including servicing, and alterations. Yannick Lemonnier is a fully trained sailmaker with great experience, including a number of Figaro Campaigns and will be competing in the Mini Transat this year.

Most new sails when they arrive are laid out and inspected at the Galway loft to ensure the customer receives what he is expecting”.

For New sail enquiries for the 2022 season, contact Mark Mansfield at,[email protected] or at 087 2506 838

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Mark Mansfield, Agent for Quantum Sails in Ireland, provides some thoughts on setting up your yacht to make it more competitive offshore and on longer coastal races.

Having competed in the Recent Dun Laoghaire to Dingle race (finished third overall) and was tactician on the New Grand Soleil 44, Samatom, when she won the Coastal Class at the Sovereigns Cup, here are some thoughts that came to me about areas that are important on both offshore and coastal disciplines.


Like any racing yacht, the bottom finish is equally important, inshore, offshore and on coastal racing.

On both the D2D Race and Sovereigns Cup, I persuaded the owners to haul the boat before each race and get it wet sanded while in the slings. In both cases, the bottom finish was not great, and wet sanding improved it significantly. Boatyards will normally apply antifoul with a large roller to get it done quickly, leaving a significant orange peel finish. A smaller quality roller will apply it a lot better, but really, to get a good finish, it is better to spray on a few coats, and even then, light sand afterwards is needed. Having a top-class racing finish on the bottom needs to be considered a must if you want to get on the podium.


Ensure you know exactly when sails need to be changed. Upwind it is fairly straightforward. Most race boats will hold a J1 to about 12 knots, then a J2 to 18 or so, a J3 then to about 25 knots, then a J4 and perhaps a reef after.

However, downwind is where it gets trickier and where most time is lost. When you buy new sails, you will often get a sail selection chart from your sailmaker, overlapping colourful Venn diagrams, showing which spinnaker should be up in various winds. This information is usually input into performance software such as Expedition and Adrina. The system should tell you which downwind sail to have up at what angle and wind strength.

Very often, though, these sailmakers sail selection charts are not specific for your style of yacht and are only an average. Also, they assume you have a vast array of spinnakers, whereas you might only have 3. So the sail selection chart might say an A5 is the sail to use, but you may not have one of these.

Sail selection crossover chartSail selection crossover chart

The best downwind Sail selection Chart is one you make up yourself with your own sails. It will take time and a bit of organisation. If you go out with enough crew to fly spinnakers on a particular day, say in 12 knots of wind, try each of your spinnakers and compare speeds and angles and ability to sail without broaching. So, most offshore boats have a Code 0, a reaching spinnaker and at least one all-around running/broad reaching max size spinnaker. It is when you go tight, you need to compare the three spinnakers. Test each one to the highest level it will go, then 10 degrees lower, then 10 degrees lower again. In that 12 knot wind, you will then learn which spinnaker is fastest in each wind strength at specific angles.

Then do this in 10 knots, in 14 knots, 16 knots and so on. Yes, this will take a lot of time, but it is well worth doing. How often, offshore and on long coastal races do you have the dilemma of whether you have the correct spinnaker up. In particular offshore, during the night or when the crew are tired, a reliable chart is required to answer that question.

On coastal races, when you are going from one downwind leg onto another, if you have a good sail selection chart made out, it is easy to know what spinnaker will be needed on the net leg. Putting up the wrong spinnaker, and going slow, then needing to change it can cost a lot of time.


It is often easy to concentrate on the leg you are on and then, coming to the next mark, make a call on the sail you need. However, often a small wind change or wind strength change can utterly change the decisions. If there are two options, always be prepared for both.

This year, at Sovereigns Cup week, we decided to set up a code 0 to launch before we rounded the last leg of the last race. Even though we decided to go with an outboard sheeted J2 on the last leg, it likely won the regatta for us. We initially went with the outboard J3, but the wind freed and lightened a little within about 10 minutes, and we were able to get the code 0 flying very quickly because we had it all set up. Two other boats near us on time, we later learned, took some time to get their code Zeros flying and lost time. We just beat these boats by seconds, and that won us the regatta overall.


As someone selling sails, you may think it is obvious that I would say this. However, it is amazing how many boats that race regularly offshore, and Coastal races do not have the basic downwind sails that are regularly needed - and these are,

Code 0 - This would be used both in light airs for tight reaching and doubles as a small Asymmetric spinnaker for blast reaching in strong winds, particularly with the advent of Cableless Code 0's, which are more adaptable.  A code 0 is normally about 70% the size of your biggest spinnaker and would have a lightweight laminate cloth.

XC code 0 diagramXC code 0 diagram

Reaching Asymmetric spinnaker (preferably on a sprit) — sometimes called an A3. Normally this sail would be sized in between the Code 0 size and the biggest spinnaker, so maybe 85% the max size. It would be a Nylon sail and fuller and more powerful than a Code 0.

Full-sized running spinnaker. If you are all Asymmetric, then it would be called an A2. If your boat uses a pole (symmetric), then it would be called an S2. This is the biggest spinnaker so it will be used the most.

An A2 sail set on a J/109An A2 sail set on a J/109

Bigger boats will have more spinnakers than the above, Maybe an A4 for heavy air running, perhaps an A5 for power reaching, perhaps even an A1 for very light air reaching; however, the Code 0, Reaching A sail, and Full-sized runner are the must-haves.


In particular, for outboard sheeting, a headsail, a pad-eye for an outboard sheet in the correct position is very important. Usually, it would be just forward and outboard of the upwind position.

A code 0 will need an adjustable Tweaker, and the position of this is very important. When tight reaching in light airs, the tweaker will be tightened to ensure power is not lost from the leech. Effectively you are trying, as best you can, to turn this flat spinnaker (code 0) into a very big headsail. Your sailmaker should be able to assist you in the positioning of all these pad-eyes.

Offshore and coastal racing is becoming more popular both in Ireland and elsewhere. At Quantum sails Ireland we have both myself and Yannick Lemonnier, who has a very strong offshore history, to assist on sail selection and other matters to make your racing more enjoyable and more successful.

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What better way to get excited for what 2021 has in store by taking a look back at our favourite articles from 2020.

The top five articles from Quantum Sails sites are listed below. They cover a range of useful topics including solo sailing, with our own Yannick Lemonnier from Quantum Sails Ireland.

Other articles cover sail recuts, custom graphics, family sailing and Code 0 use.

For all your sail needs for 2021, be sure to contact us for some advice or a quote. Contact details below for Mark Mansfield and Yannick Lemonnier from Quantum Sails Ireland


Short-handed sailing played a big role in many adventures this year, from cruising with a partner to racing single-handed around the world. Quantum's Yannick Lemonnier shares his expertise, tips, and tricks. Getting started with your short-handed sailing here.


Are you having a hard time pointing? Overpowered due to stretched or bagged out sails? Precision recuts extend the life of your sails, and now is the perfect time to learn about the process or schedule service.
What You Need to Know About Recuts here


Make a statement in 2021! Custom sail graphics can be applied to any new or old, upwind or downwind sail, no matter if they're Dacron, nylon, or Quantum Fusion M. Check out the article below to learn how simple the process is and for some inspiration when creating your own design! Custom Sail Graphics are Easier & Cheaper than you think here


Now is the perfect time to plan your 2021 adventures. Here are some reminders to help keep it fun and create lasting memories while sailing with your family. Sailing as a Family here


Code Zeros are all the rave, and for good reason. They're easy to control, extremely useful, practical, and available for both racers and cruisers. Quantum's Dave Flynn gives insight and details why these sails should be part of your sail plan. Code Zero: Light-Air, Close-Reaching Powerhouse Sail here 

For further information contact:

Mark Mansfield [email protected] ph 00 353 87 250 6838
Yannick Lemonnier [email protected] Ph 00 353 87 628 9854

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Mark Mansfield, Quantum Sails agent Ireland reports that with Covid-19 numbers reducing, there is additional confidence that some of the early and mid-summer regattas may go ahead.

Events like Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race, commencing the 9th of June and the Sovereigns Cup on the 23rd of June could still make the Covid-19 cut.

However, this is also the busiest time for sail manufacturing so spinnaker orders could still make Dun Laoghaire to Dingle race (just), whereas main and headsail orders will likely be delivered later and can still make July's Dun Laoghaire Regatta.

Our Top Level Fusion Membrane sail delivery is now the end of June for sails ordered now.

J/99 going upwind with Quantum Fusion Membrane sailsJ/99 going upwind with Quantum Fusion Membrane sails Photo: Quantum Sails

Cruising sails orders have been busy all season and our Contender CDX laminated Option for Radial Upwind sails is the most popular choice for our Clients. A bit more expensive than Dacron, but it will hold a good shape for a lot longer.

Delivery for sails such as these are now out to the end of June for Delivery, so still in time for Dun Laoghaire Regatta.

For further information or enquiries, please contact Mark Mansfield—Quantum sails Ireland Agent at Ph—087 250 6838 E mail—[email protected]

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Mark Mansfield from Quantum Sails Ireland announces that a new 10% Spring discount is now available on Quantum sails ordered up to the 15th of April. Also with the VAT rate scheduled to revert back to the original 23% on the 28th of Feb, Boat owners have an opportunity to purchase sails at the 21% VAT rate until that 28th Feb date. After that, unfortunately, unless the Government extends the VAT reduction, sails will be sold at the 23% rate.

Delivery dates on new sails are now ten weeks approximately from order due to the very high demand this year, so a sail ordered at the end of February will not arrive till mid-May. If owners are looking for new sails for their racing or cruising boats, now is the perfect time to order.

Cruising sailors

For cruising boat owners, our Contender CDX sails are proving very popular for owners looking for a laminate long-lasting option that will hold its shape better than Dacron and not cost the earth. A step above that then is our Fusion M6 Membrane which is a Carbon Aramid material and we have just received in a 42 footer Main and Headsail in the loft for an owner who both races and cruises.

CDX mainsail for a 40-footer being examined in the Quantum loft in Galway. A laminate sail in a lovely Grey colour (white also available).CDX mainsail for a 40-footer being examined in the Quantum loft in Galway. A laminate sail in a lovely Grey colour (white also available).

Fusion M6 Mainsail for a 42 footer being checked over in our Galway loft. Carbon Aramid sail suitable for Both Racing and CruisingFusion M6 Mainsail for a 42 footer being checked over in our Galway loft. Carbon Aramid sail suitable for Both Racing and Cruising 

Racing sailors

For the racing sailor, our Fusion Carbon M5 sails for boats up to 40 foot are proving popular. Above that size the higher-spec Fusion M7 carbon sails are the material of choice. Both options are Top-end sails and are priced very competitively.

A Fusion M5 mainsail on the Half Tonner, Miss WhiplashA Fusion M5 mainsail on the Half Tonner, Miss Whiplash

A Fusion M5 Headsail on First 35 being sail trialled in DublinA Fusion M5 Headsail on First 35 being sail trialled in Dublin

Downwind sails

We have just delivered 2 Asymmetric spinnakers to a top J109 owner in Dublin and these will be sail trialled shortly when Covid restrictions allow. The sails in Superkote material are designed in the same Mould as the winning sails in the last 5 years US J109 Nationals.

Code 0's are now a must-have for racing owners, particularly those doing coastal and offshore racing. However, the cruising fraternity have now become volume Code, 0 buyers, as the ease of launching and retrieving is a big advantage. The code 0 would be rolled on a furler and launched and retrieved without fuss. The latest Cableless range also allows the halyard to be eased when broad reaching allowing the sail to become deeper. This gives the cruising sailor a better range of options and some even dispensing with conventional spinnakers.

Code Zero with StaysailCode Zero with Staysail

Flying Jibs

Recent IRC changes still allow a Flying Jib to be flown from a bowsprit as long as the Flying Jib is the same size as the boats normal Jib. This does not affect the rating. We have just received our first order for such a sail and will be trialling it shortly. A flying Jib is very suitable when there is too much wind for a code 0 when reaching. This flying jib can be set with another Jib inside it or a Staysail and can be a race winner if the right condition presents itself.

Contact Quantum sails agent Mark Mansfield to discuss any sail requirement you may have. Phone 00 353 87 2506838 or [email protected]

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Meet Yannick and Sean Lemonnier, Galway Bay's father-son shorthanded offshore sailing duo. Yannick is the owner of Quantum Sails Ireland and is preparing for the 2021 Mini Transat Race.

He has been sharing his passion with Sean for years and the two have spent some unforgettable moments together on the water.

As regular Afloat readers will recall, the duo – with a hat-trick under their belts – are the reigning champions in the Cong-Galway Race, Ireland’s oldest and Europe’s longest inland yacht race. 

Learn more about their favourite offshore adventures in the Quantum vid below.

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A number of Irish owners have recently opted for the New Fusion M6 and M8 Membrane sails, built with Carbon. The first of these for an X332 has arrived at the Quantum Sails Galway loft. Another Main and Headsail is due in for a 42 footer for an owner who mainly races but occasionally cruises. Quantum sails agent Mark Mansfield highlights the Membrane products Quantum offers and, in particular, it's M6/M8 product for cruiser racing and cruising.

Why a Membrane sail?

All the top sail producers now offer membrane sails as their top-level product. A membrane sail, unlike a radial sail, is built and designed specifically for an individual boat and client. The load-bearing requirements are designed and laid up online for that individual boat and then transferred to the membrane laminating machines which produce each panel. With a Radial sail, the cloth, though high tech, comes in rolls and is laid up in larger panels to mirror the load bearing. They are good, but not as good as a membrane layup.

Quantum Fusion M8 main and headsail, showing both the Cruising and racing potentialQuantum Fusion M8 main and headsail, showing both the Cruising and racing potential Photo: Quantum Sails

If you are an owner who only cruises, a Carbon Membrane sail will hold its shape far longer than a radial sail which will mean it doesn't get baggy with use causing the boat to become overpowered. It can be used very effectively with a Furler and would likely have a UV protective strip so it can stay permanently up the furling system.

If you are mainly a club racer, then likewise this M6/M8 Carbon sail will provide nearly the performance of our full race sails, but can also then be used for cruising easily, due to its stronger layup. Add to that our competitive pricing levels compared to many of our opposition and you can see how the Fusion product is growing in popularity.

Quantum also have their Fusion M5 and M7 ranges of membrane Carbon racing sails which would be built lighter than the M6/M8. The M6 and M8 have the same layup Membrane system, except with extra fibre and a heavier external light taffeta skin for less chafe and longer life.

Quantum Fusion M5 racing main on the top Half Tonner, Miss WhiplashQuantum Fusion M5 racing main on the top Half Tonner, Miss Whiplash Photo: Mark Mansfield

An X332 mainsail on the Quantum loft floor in GalwayAn X332 mainsail on the Quantum loft floor in Galway Photo: Yannick Lemonnier

Contact myself or Yannick today for a quote on any of our Membrane Products, either Fusion M6/M8 for Cruising/racing or our M5/M7 for pure racing. We can assure you that our pricing and service levels will impress you.

Mark Mansfield—Quantum Ireland: [email protected] ph. 00 353 87 250 6838

Yannick Lemonnier—Quantum Ireland 00 353 87 628 9854 [email protected]

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