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Searching for Trawlers, Sailing Solo, Salp & Parking Your Boat
Island Nation
Fishing – THE MAN WHO SEARCHED FOR 60-FOOTERS #islandnation – Can you imagine spending years searching for old 60-foot boats, travelling the country's coastline because of a 'bug' within your system? Pat Nolan from Cork, who now lives in County…
Coastguard Warns of Putting to Sea Alone. Where is Ireland's Maritime Government?
Island Nation
#islandnation – On THIS ISLAND NATION this week – an island nation without a maritime government ... Coast Guard doesn't seem to like solo boaters.... Whispering to sharks ... Scrapping the only nuclear container ship and more .... Safety COAST…
Massive Container Ships will Challenge Port Capacities
Island Nation
#islandnation – This week – massive container ships are on the way to challenge the port capacities .... Costa Concordia Captain speaks... Slavery for Irish seafarers... Time for environmentalists to talk to fishermen.... And much more.... THE NEW AGE OF…
Farmed Fish, Harbour Master Retires & Shipping Revival
Island Nation
#islandnation – On THIS ISLAND NATION this week – farmed fish overtake the wild kind ... Cork Harbour Master retires ...Shipping revival predicted ... EU attempt to licence leisure boating stopped ... And much more marine news ..... FARMED FISH…
Making Sailing in Ireland Less Elitist
Island Nation
#islandnation – Making sailing less elitist; BIM addressing difficulties between fishermen and processors;Captain defends his sunken ship; Cork brotherly angling duo amidst lots of cod; Using one sea to help another; RNLI independence and a giant squid is filmed. CREATING…
Pope Benedict Pledges Support for Seafarers
Island Nation
This week in Afloat's ISLAND NATION column by Tom MacSweeney – the Pope supports seafarers... Lightkeepers were an unusual breed of people ... Developing the Shannon Estuary ... An Arctic Convoy Medal ... and other news stories. Shipping – SEAFARERS HAVE…
Cork Harbour Health, Sea Bass, Irish Fishermen & Rogue Waves
Island Nation
#islandnation – This week in THIS ISLAND NATION – health in Cork Harbour, sea bass and Irish fishermen, shipping unions take unusual action, where have the Puffins gone, rogue waves and much more... Cork Harbour is a great local and…
Ireland is Plotting a Course for Compulsory Boat Registration
Island Nation
#islandnation– This week in THIS ISLAND NATION .... Can politicians be trusted to imposed compulsory boat registration? Preserving fishing tradition... Restricting access to the wheelhouse ... A 27-year wait ends at Glandore and much more ..... BOAT REGISTRATION There are…
Recession is Affecting Sailing
Island Nation
This week in THIS ISLAND NATION .... recession affects sailing ... when is it safe for ships to leave port ... an Irish refuge for skates... offshore exploration to increase and new protection for whales ... RECESSION AFFECTING SAILING As…
A Most Dangerous Cargo, No Volvo for Ireland & Lots More
Island Nation
This week in THIS ISLAND NATION blog .... an island people, but not insular ... the most dangerous ship's cargo in the world ... an Arctic Convoy Medal .. no Volvo for Ireland... fishing... history and much more .... A…
Dublin Bay the Cradle of Yacht Racing, Boyne Currachs & Argentinian Tall Ships
Island Nation
This week on THIS ISLAND NATION .... Dublin is the cradle of yacht racing, or is it? ... In shipping the United Nations is warned about dangers to passengers aboard cruise ships ... Environmentalists are accused of trying to damage…
Fish Stocks Up, Coastal Communities Face Losses & Figaro Race Not Sailing to Ireland
Island Nation
This week on THIS ISLAND NATION .... Fishing coastal communities could face €50m. losses .... a 9,000-mile voyage with no one aboard the vessel .... More seafarers lose their lives .... A 3-year whale and dolphin plan ... An eerie…
Coastal Communities Beat Coast Guard Management & the Economic Value of Sailing
Island Nation
#islandnation – This week on THIS ISLAND NATION .... coastal communities beat Coast Guard management for the second time; when will the Government realise the economic value of sailing; sea snails have an acidic message; shipping emotion; seafood is doing…
Shipping Shock, Figaro, Tall Ship Crew, Dead Sailors & Seaweed Kayaking
Island Nation
#islandnation – A major world shipping shock, a Corkman Figaro-ing, a tall ship crew drawing their guns in port, remembering 235 dead sailors in Donegal, seaweed kayaking and an Irish Volvo crewman goes it alone around the world, all in…
Oil Pollution, Ship Break-ups, Dublin Bay Viewing Tower & Angling
Island Nation
#islandnation – Denying ships refuge when in trouble is a questionable policy... a sea watch tower in Dun Laoghaire... Two World Presidents from Ireland ... Angling is good this November and the people of Malin to Mizen, all in this…
Hybrid Car Carriers, Whales, Sea-Sickness & Preserving Island Life
Island Nation
#maritimenews – The world's first hybrid car carrier, whale trouble in Baltimore, is it safe to live near the water, 'heave ho' the stomach, preserving island life read more in THIS ISLAND NATION .... SEASICKNESS – HEAVE HO! SEASICKNESS, mal…

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