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Preserving The Naomh Éanna, GPS Failure, & Buying An Island?
Island Nation
#IslandNation - Readers of this blog have been kind in welcoming me back to the airwaves, for which I am grateful. Community radio on which I now broadcast is quite a big operation about which I did not know a…
Why Does The Central Bank Not Recognise Marine?
Island Nation
#islandnation – Having written last week about the lack of national recognition for our maritime heritage I received a press release about the Central Bank honouring John Philip Holland, the Irish inventor of the submarine. I am pleased to see…
Is Ireland's Maritime Heritage Recognised?
Island Nation
#maritime – I was giving a talk at Bishopstown Library on the western side of Cork City during Heritage Week on the subject – "Is Ireland's Maritime Heritage Recognised as Part of Ireland's Heritage?" – outlining what had been achieved…
Irish Sailors Deserve More Coverage, Sailing Deserves Better Reporting
Island Nation
#sailing – I have been friends for a long number of years with Ireland's two top international sailors who set new speed records for sailing in the Round Britain and Ireland Race. I hear regularly from them and am proud…
Clouds & Fighting 'Blue–Sky' Thinking
Island Nation
#clouds – Clouds can be unjustly maligned. Life would be immeasurably poorer without them. They are expressions of the mood of the atmosphere and can be read like the moods of a person's countenance. "Clouds are so commonplace that their…
Taking Over Cork Harbour, Seamanship, United Nations & The Sea
Island Nation
#corkharbour – In compiling this month's edition of This Island Nation I met a 23-year-old student from University College, Cork, who told me the story of Soviet-inclined workers of Cork Harbour Board taking over the port and flying the Red…
This Island Nation Podcast by Tom MacSweeney: August
Island Nation
#islandnation – In this month's programme we have the story of a Soviet take-over of Cork Port, hear that love is in the air at the country's lifeboat stations, with the 45th station due to open shortly; we go to…
The Spirit of Sailing, A Commodores' Cup Boost & Youth Drop Out Rates
Island Nation
#rorcbdcc – At a time when the future of Irish sailing is under examination by the sport's national association, the Irish success in winning what has been described as the world cup of offshore racing, the Commodore's Cup, is in my…
Maritime Guardians, Sailing Decisions & Ireland's First Angling Medal
Island Nation
#islandnation – The sea moulds the Irish coastline, it lubricates the nation's economy, its exploration is a resource for scientific investigation, it provides adventure and leisure. The sea which surrounds us also has the potential to be a cradle for…
An Irish Tall Ship or a Bantry Longboat – Which is Best for Sail Training?
Island Nation
#tallship – The first Bantry Longboat ever built in the Midlands will go sailing on the Shannon at Banagher in County Offaly. It will be some sight when it does, bringing involvement with the Atlantic Challenge which organises international competition…
Superyacht Names, Marine Crying & Fog at Sea is Frightening
Island Nation
#islandnation – We were beating on port tack up past Cobh. It was a pleasant night's sailing in Thursday night's cruiser league race out of Monkstown Bay Sailing Club. Then the VHF came alive with the first radio call I have…
Who Is To Blame For The Decline in Sailing?
Island Nation
#sailing – Sailing is a sport, not the qualification of a superior social standing. Is that fully understood by everyone involved in the sport or is there still an element of elitism which needs to be eradicated? The term 'yachting' was…
A New Maritime Safety Strategy But Will Irish Maritime Administration Listen or Dictate?
Island Nation
#seachange – The Government is planning a new maritime safety strategy. The Irish Maritime Administration, which is effectively the Coast Guard and other aspects of maritime transport within the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, has decided that Ireland needs…
Changing Nature of Cork Harbour, Marine Wildlife & B31 Iceberg Breaks–Off
Island Nation
#thisislandnation – Enjoying the current good spell of weather in the South of the country I have been reflecting on how marvellous Nature and marine wildlife is and how fortunate it is to have ownership of a boat which allows…
A Lifetime in Kinsale Boats – Ships, Fishing, Piracy, Hanging & A Happy Ending
Island Nation
#islandnation – Entering Kinsale Harbour, east of the Bulman Buoy, is a prominent 200-foot cliff rising sharply above the sea. It is known as Hangman Point and was the location of a gibbet, a warning to everyone not to engage…
This Island Nation Podcast (June) – Irish Maritime Interests Are Wide & Varied
Island Nation
#thisilandnation – There are 11 different storylines in this month's THIS ISLAND NATION programme here on the Afloat website, underlining the wide variety of maritime topics to be reported. They range from an exclusive interview with the head of the…

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