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Drogheda Port
200+ competitors will take to the river Boyne to swim the 2.7km tidal route
Drogheda Port
The Boyne Swim will once again headline the Irish Maritime Festival taking place in Drogheda Port this summer. 200+ competitors will take to the river Boyne to swim the 2.7km tidal route. Ray Donagh of Drogheda Triathlon Club is one…
Drogehda's maritime buoy - L to R   Austin Campbell, Resettlement Officer Drogheda Homeless Aid, Jene Hinds Kelly Artist, Paul Flanagan Murtaghs of Drogheda,  Paul Fleming CEO Drogheda Port Company.
Drogheda Port
The maritime buoy located at the Mall area of Drogheda town is now well established as a unique artistic canvas and a talking point since it was first used as a canvas back in 2012. St. Patricks Day marked the…
Largest vessel to dock at Drogheda Port, cargsoship Botnia seen assisted by tug Mourne Pride and tender workboat Boyne Protector.
Drogheda Port
#LargestShip - The largest ever cargoship to dock at Drogheda Port berthed at the Co. Louth's downriver terminal at Tom Roes Point. The MV Botnia arrived on 20 January from Klaipeda in Lithuania. The vessel having taken a seven day…
Drogheda artist Raymond Balfe (right) has brought the famous paddle steamer ‘Town of Drogheda’ back to life in an oil painting to commemorate the vessel's 190th anniversary. Pictured left is Paul Fleming DPC CEO
Drogheda Port
On Monday 13th November 1826, 190 years ago, the new paddle steamer 'Town of Drogheda' arrived at her home port having come from the Clyde in Scotland. The vessel was the very first vessel belonging to the newly formed Drogheda…
File photo of activity along the North Quay, Drogheda
Drogheda Port
#DroghedaPort - Drogheda Port was the base of a major emergency planning exercise this morning (Thursday 27 October) as Garda units and other emergency services simulated a three-stage hostage scenario, as The Irish Times reports. In the first stage, the…
Wilson Tana off Drogheda Port's Tom Roes Terminal with berthed Arklow Shipping's former older 'S' generation class cargoship Arklow Star.
Drogheda Port
[email protected] - President of the Irish Farmers Association, Joe Healy, says farmers are extremely angry that brokers are continuing to import barley, undermining the Irish grain sector, at a time when incomes are on the floor and the sector is…
File photo of activity along the North Quay, Drogheda
Drogheda Port
#Contaminated - Drogheda Port Company said it was normal practise to transport shipments of contaminated soil to Rotterdam. Some concerns had been raised when the trucks were spotted driving through Drogheda, last Thursday, with the loads that came from a…
The Phoenix departing Drogheda (1)
Drogheda Port
So that's it ... the ships have sailed out of Drogheda Port, gone but not forgotten. What takes a year to plan, five days to build and two days to run takes just a couple of hours to dismantle and…
Geest Externo and Amanda berthed downriver on the Boyne at Drogheda Port's largest facility, Tom Roes Point Terminal
Drogheda Port
#Blueprint2050 - A masterplanning process was announced by Drogheda Port Company to address the key issues on the future development of the port where this weekend the Irish Maritime Festival (9-10 July) takes place. The plan, Blueprint 2050, is a vision…
Tall Ships Depart Drogheda Leave Memories of Classic Sailing Times
Drogheda Port
#DroghedaTallShips- Now that the tallships in Drogheda Port have departed, the memories remain of ketches stretched along quaysides that also date back a century ago and longer, writes Jehan Ashmore The 1904 built West Country trading ketch, Bessie Ellen, was…
Video Of Grounded Cargo Ship At Drogheda Port
Drogheda Port
#ArklowRuler - has shared this video of the cargo ship Arklow Ruler as it found itself stuck at the mouth of the River Boyne at Drogheda Port. Thankfully the 80-metre freighter poses no immediate danger and is carrying ho…
Dredging in Drogheda before Tallships Sail in for The Irish Maritime Festival
Drogheda Port
#DredgingDrogheda - Most ships serve a career spanning three-four decades, however Hebble Sand still remains in service more than half a century later and in the same role since 1963, as a dredger carrying out her latest work at Drogheda…
Record for Longest Ship to Dock in Drogheda Port
Drogheda Port
#LongestShip - At over 420ft long, the Russian cargship Pycny-5 (Rusich-5) became the longest ever vessel to pass under the Dublin-Belfast railway viaduct that looms high above the River Boyne at the town quays of Drogheda Port, writes Jehan Ashmore.…
Drifting ‘Ghost' Ship’s Sister Made Historic Call to Drogheda
Drogheda Port
#GhostShip – As previously reported on, the 'ghost' ship Lyubov Orlova, which broke its tow-line in the Atlantic more than three weeks ago is a sister of the first cruiseship caller to Drogheda Port, writes Jehan Ashmore. The small…
Shipping Scene Highlights Busy Port of Drogheda
Drogheda Port
#BusyPort – Within the last 48 hours, Drogheda Port will have had nine cargoships that have either docked or lay at anchor, writes Jehan Ashmore. The busy shipping scene is just a snapshot taken so far in early 2013 and…
Drogheda Port Handled 1m Tonnes in 2012
Drogheda Port
#DroghedaPort – Over 1m tonnes of cargo was handled in 2012 by the Drogheda Port Company. According to the Co. Louth port, this level of cargo outperformed the Irish port sector in terms of year on year throughput growth. Throughputs…

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