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Naval Visits
On Saturday the public can board the slick 6,000 gross tonnage 'Aquitaine' class French Navy FREMM frigate Provence during a call to the capital.
Naval Visits
#StealthShip - Presenting ‘stealth’ characteristics is frigate Provence of the French Navy which is to make a courtesy call to Dublin tomorrow and will be open at the weekend, writes Jehan Ashmore. On Saturday the public are invited to board…
Dutch frigate HNLMS Van Amstel (F831) was in the Aegean Sea on NATO anti people-smuggling duties and is set to visit Dublin Port this weekend
Naval Visits
#DutchFrigate – A Dutch navy frigate HNLMS Van Amstel (F831) equipped with surface and anti-submarine warfare systems is to visit Dublin Port this weekend, writes Jehan Ashmore. The 3,353 tonnes Karel Doorman-class multi-purpose frigate of the Royal Netherlands Navy is…
HMS Duncan pictured in Portsmouth this summer
Naval Visits
#NavalVisits - The Royal Navy’s HMS Duncan was among a fleet of NATO warships that sailed into Belfast Lough on Friday 4 November, as ITV News reports. The Type 45 Destroyer, only the second of its kind in Northern Ireland’s…
"X" tail configuration at the stern of leadship submarine HNMLS Walrus. A sister HNMLS Bruinvis is this afternoon calling to Cork city quays for the weekend
Naval Visits
#X-Submarine - A Dutch navy non-nuclear powered submarine built during the Cold War is this afternoon arriving to Cork City for a four-day visit, writes Jehan Ashmore. HNLMS Bruinvis is a diesel electric powered submarine. The 68m submarine is equipped…
Time to clean the injectors? The powerful Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov may have created unhealthy amounts of smoke with her troublesome engines as she headed through the English Channel, but this is still one formidable fighting machine.
Naval Visits
The recent stately progress through the English Channel of the giant Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the Battle Cruiser Peter the Great in a flotilla of eight warships bound for the Eastern Mediterranean has been a matter of fascination…
On the left: A sister of USS Porter, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill berthed at the UK's Portsmouth Naval Base. Also berthed is HMS Dauntless a Type 45 destoyer, in which a sister HMS Duncan 'shadowed' units of the Russian Navy recently in the English Channel
Naval Visits
#USdestroyer - A high-security cordon will be put in place around a US Naval Destroyer during a three-day visit to Cobh, Cork Harbour.  In yesterday's Evening Echo it was reported that USS Porter was due to dock at the Cobh Deepwater Cruise…
Armada Fleet: Spanish Navy wreath laying ceremony on board Centinela, a fishery patrol vessel off the Sligo coast
Naval Visits
#ArmadaEvent - The Spanish Navy held a ceremony in memory of the Armada fleet that brought the 6th annual Celtic Fringe Festival to a close at Streedagh Beach in Sligo on Sunday afternoon. Tributes were paid on land and at…
HNLMS Holland, leadship of her namesake class, is to make a crew rest call and host events for Dutch trade and business interests located in Cork and the Munster region
Naval Visits
#HollandVisit- A Royal Netherlands Navy ship is to visit Cork City for crew rest and recreation in addition to promoting Dutch trade and business interests in the Munster region, writes Jehan Ashmore. HNLMS Holland the leadship of its namesake class…
Making a rare call by a Polish Navy vessel to Ireland (Dublin Port) is the OKP Wodnik, a trainee schoolship with 100 cadets
Naval Visits
#PolishNavy - A Polish Navy vessel is to make a rare visit to Ireland, as the trainee schoolship is heading to Dublin Port this morning, writes Jehan Ashmore. The trainee vessel ORP Wodnik (251) arrived in Dublin Bay to pick…
Daring class destroyer HMS Dragon clearly demonstrates her 'stealth' profile. The Royal Navy ship is on an anchorage visit during the Volvo Cork Week along with RFA Fort Rosalie (at Cobh) a tanker /supplier replenishment vessel of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.
Naval Visits
#DaringDragon - One of the UK’s most modern Royal Navy destroyers is also on a visit to Cork Harbour, having arrived yesterday afternoon, following that of a large auxiliary replenishment tanker-supply vessel, writes Jehan Ashmore. The Type 45 ‘Daring’ Destroyer HMS…
One of the largest UK naval ships, RFA Fort Rosalie a tanker/supplies vessel of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary arrived to Cork Harbour this morning, to berth at Cobh where cruiseships normally occupy
Naval Visits
#LargeUKvisitor - One of the largest UK naval vessels is at time of writing arriving into Cork Harbour this morning to coincide with Royal Cork Yacht Club’s Volvo Week, writes Jehan Ashmore. The visit of RFA Fort Rosalie is also…
BNS Leopold I, one of a pair of Belgium Navy frigates that are moored alongside each other during a call to Dublin Port this weekend
Naval Visits
#FrigateSisters – A pair of former Dutch Navy frigates now part of the Belgium Navy docked within two hours of each other in Dublin Port yesterday for a weekend visit, writes Jehan Ashmore. The first frigate to arrive BNS Louise-Marie…
During a NATO flotilla visit to Dublin in April, among the callers were HMS Ramsey and a Royal Netherlands minehunter. Another unit of the Dutch navy, an auxiliary trainee ship is to call to the capital this weekend.
Naval Visits
#RoyalNavieS – The UK’s Royal Navy Faslane-based mine hunter HMS Ramsey has returned Scottish home waters this week, after a successful term of deployment as part of Standing Mine Counter Measures Group 1 (MCM1) NATO flotilla which Afloat adds visited…
Sailors and 'Fighting Foxes' football team! of HMS Atherstone that visited Dublin at the weekend, are seen earlier this month to cheer and celebrate Leicester City Football Club’s triumph.
Naval Visits
#LeicesterBlue – A Royal Navy ‘Hunt’ class minehunter equipped with Sea-Fox mine-disposal team departed Dublin Port yesterday, the same day in which across the Irish Sea the City of Leicester also turned into a sea of blue, writes Jehan Ashmore.…
The "X" tail configuration of the stern of Dutch submarine HNLMS Walrus having swung from a berth in Alexandra Basin to depart Dublin Port
Naval Visits
#NATOsub - Belgian Navy vessels are visiting Dublin Port over this May bank holiday weekend. They follow calls from two other members of NATO, France and Netherlands whose non-nuclear powered submarine HNLMS Walrus features an unusual stern design as explained below,…
Belgium Navy's auxiliary command and logistical support ship, BNS Godetia is one of three vessels visiting Dublin over the May Bank Holiday
Naval Visits
#ThirdNavyVisitor – It’s been a busy week so far in Dublin Port in terms of visiting European navies, as the Belgians are the latest to call to the capital from where French and Dutch vessels in recent days have departed,…

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