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Howth Yacht Club’s WD-40 Autumn League, sponsored by Team PR Reilly, got off to a blustery start on Sunday (25th September), with the ten classes encountering fresh 26-knot southerlies, stronger gusts and tough sea conditions.


Perhaps it was the post-Rugby World Cup match euphoria or the gale forecast that was off-putting, but whatever the reason, around a quarter of the 150 boats entered for this year’s WD-40 Autumn League didn’t make it to the starting line for the first race of the series! As it was, some boats experienced gear damage and others were unable to complete the course.


It’s been a good season for Pat Kelly’s ‘Storm’ and the run continued with a comfortable win in Class 1 on IRC while ‘Tiger’ (Harris/Hughes) took the spoils on ECHO in a race which saw the first four boats crossing the line within a minute.


Line honours by a minute converted into a bigger IRC win for Anthony Gore-Grimes’ ‘Dux’ over second-placed ‘Superhero’ (Byrne/Banahan) in Class 2 and was also enough to earn top spot on ECHO too, in that case ahead of ‘Indigo’ (Ritchie/Eadie).


In Class 3, Antrim visitor Alfred Mayrs’ ‘Quickflash’ and ‘Starlet’ (Ed Bourke) battled it out at the head of the fleet, with the local boat taking the gun and ECHO honours (ahead of ‘Shenanigans’ – Douglas/Keane, MYC) and the northern crew heading the IRC standings.


Another visitor, Paul Tully of Dun Laoghaire Marina on ‘White Lotus’, clearly enjoyed heading the dozen Howth boats in Class 4 (White Sails) on ECHO while Colm Bermingham’s ‘Bite the Bullet’ did enough to beat ‘Changeling’ (Kieran Jameson) into second place on IRC. In the other White Sail division – Class 5 – ‘Demelza’ (Ennis/Laudan) had a good win over bigger rivals on ECHO and Harry Byrne’s Alphida’ topped the IRC rankings.


The Etchells was a match-racing affair, in effect, with Jay Bourke’s ‘Dirty Protest’ having a fairly comfortable margin of victory over ‘Glance’ (O’Reilly/Dix) while in the J24s, national champion Flor O’Driscoll (‘Hard on Port’) had a similar lead over second-placed ‘Crazy Horse’ (Mossy Shanahan). A feature of the J24 event is two boats – ‘Scandal’ and ‘Kilcullen’ – being sailed by two HYC Development Squad crews and they finished 3rd and 4th respectively.


The biggest entry and biggest fleet on the day was the Puppeteers and national champions ‘Harlequin’ (Clarke/Egan) filled their accustomed position at the top of the standings, with two minutes to spare over ‘Mojo’ (Callen/Stanley), although that order was reversed under the HPH handicap.


Biggest scratch win of the day was in the Squibs where ‘Kerfuffle’ (Craig/Ruane) had over 6 minutes in hand over ‘Too Dee’ (Dave Sheahan) and almost as big a win on HPH over ‘Arctic Fox’ (G.Barry). Only 22 seconds separated ‘Oona’ (Peter Courtney) and ‘Isobel’ (the Turveys) in the Seventeens after an hour and a half’s racing, but the latter had the consolation of winning on HPH.


The WD-40 Autumn League, sponsored by Team PR Reilly and supported by H.B.Dennis Airside and Windguru, continues next Sunday, 2nd October, with the second race in the 6-race series.

Class 1 IRC
1. Storm, P Kell, HYC
2. Equinox, R McDonald, HYC
3. Tiger, Harris/Hughes, HYC

Class 1 ECHO
1. Tiger, Harris/Hughes, HYC
2. Riot, B Linehan, HYC
3. Storm, P Kelly, HYC

Class 2 IRC
1. Dux, A Gore-Grimes, HYC
2. Indigo, Ritchie/Eadie, HYC
3. Maximus, P Kyne, HYC

Class 2 ECHO
1. Dux, A Gore-Grimes, HYC
2. Indigo, Ritchie/Eadie, HYC
3. Maximus, P Kyne, HYC

Class 3 IRC
1. Quickflash, A Mayrs, ABSC
2. Starlet, E Bourke, HYC
3. Goyave, Camier/Fitzpatrick, MYC

Class 3 ECHO
1. Starlet, E Bourke, HYC
2. Shenanigans, Douglas/Keane, MYC
3. Goyave, Camier/Fitzpatrick, MYC

Class 4 IRC
1. Bite the Bullet, C Bermingham, HYC
2. Changeling, K Jameson, HYC
3. White Lotus, P Tully, DLM

Class 4 ECHO
1. White Lotus, P Tully, DLM
2. Sojourn, Lacy/Blandford, HYC
3. Bite the Bullet, C Bermingham, HYC

Class 5 IRC
1. Alphida, H Byrne, HYC
2. Demelza, Ennis/Laudan, HYC
3. Voyager, J Carton, HYC

Class 5 ECHO
1. Demelza, Ennis/Laudan, HYC
2. Alphida, H Byrne, HYC
3. Voyager, J Carton, HYC

1. Dirty Protest, J Bourke, HYC/GSC
2. Glance, O'Reilly/Dix, HYC

1. Hard on Port, F O'Driscoll, HYC
2. Crazy Horse, M Shanahan, HYC
3. Scandal, HYC Dev Red, HYC

Puppeteer Scratch
1. Harlequin, Clarke/Egan, HYC
2. Mojo, Callen/Stanley, HYC
3. Gold Dust, Walls/Browne, HYC

Puppeteer HCap
1. Mojo, Callen/Stanley, HYC
2. Harlequin, Clarke/Egan, HYC
3. Flycatcher, Dillon/Wright, HYC

Squib Scratch
1. Kerfuffle, Craig/Ruane, HYC
2. Too Dee, D Sheahan, HYC
3. Arctic Fox, G Barry, HYC

Squib HCap
1. Kerfuffle, Craig/Ruane, HYC
2. Arctic Fox, G Barry, HYC
3. Too Dee, D Sheahan, HYC

17 Footer Scratch
1. Oona, P Courtney, HYC
2. Isobel, B & C Turvey, HYC
3. Deilginis, Deilginis, HYC

17 Footer HCap
1. Isobel, B & C Turvey, HYC
2. Oona, P Courtney, HYC
3. Deilginis, Deilginis, HYC

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The 2011 championship in Howth, North County Dublin, sponsored by SIAC Construction promises to be the largest Irish Squib Championship for many years, with 38 entries from fleets throughout the country, including 2 boats from Kinsale on the south coast, 2 boats from Westport on the west coast, 11 boats from Dun Laoghaire on the east coast, and 7 from The Royal North of Ireland Yacht Club on the north coast.

Recent days have seen high pressure with light winds, but this is no guarantee that the conditions will not have changed by the weekend.
Last year when the UK Nationals were held in Dun Laoghaire there were 24 Irish boats competing, so an event with 38 entries is an excellent turn out. It shows the excellent state of the class in Ireland which now has fleets in Arklow, Wexford, Kinsale, Glandore, Westport, Belfast Lough, Strangford Lough, Howth and Dublin Bay. In any fleet there would normally be a pecking order, but in 2011 there are many northern boats which have never sailed against the southern boats and many eastern boats which have never sailed against the western boats. This shows the logic in holding the Championship in a central location, Howth. If I were a betting man, which I am not, I would put money on any of the following boats to win the event:

Gordon Patterson and Ross Noland in No. 820 'Quickstep III', who won the Irish Championships last year in Hollywood. Aidan O' Connell and Sian Mc.Cleave in No. 35 'Ruby Blue'. Peter Wallace and Kerry Boomer in No. 818 'Toy for the Boys' who won the recent Volvo Dun Laoghaire Week event.

However some of the quickest boats in the country such as 'Aficianado' ( 2nd. Place in Northern Championships), Lola (regular event winner), and Femme Fatale ( Southern Championship winner) are not entered. It is important for the class that the Class Officials select a date and venue which suites as many boats as possible, and which would attract visitors from Wales.

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Howth Yacht Club's Lambay Race is renowned for providing a real mix of conditions to test the skills - and patience - of the hundreds of crews participating.... and the 2011 event was certainly no different!

Light to moderate westerlies which greeted the fleets at their respective starts veered and died, veered some more and gained in strength, faded along the back of the island and eventually veered to the south-east by the finish in a steadily increasing wind!

The effects were reflected in a number of the class results where pre-race favourites became victims of tidal flows and wind fluctuations, although there would be no complaints about shortening both courses after three and a half hours and more on the water.

Class 1 was led home by Crazy Horse (Reilly/Chambers) on the water but it was Makutu (Doyle & Others) who took the IRC honours by three minutes corrected ahead of the fleet leader while Trinculo (M/Fleming) was comfortably the ECHO winner.

MiniMumm (Cobbe/McDonald) got the gun and the IRC award in Class 2 ahead of Impetuous (Noonan/Chambers) and was runner-up to Superhero (Byrne/Banahan) on ECHO by a narrow margin.

Royal Irish YC visitor Supernova (Lawless & Others) were clearly not fazed by the conditions, romping home in Class 3 by a massive 25 minutes on the water, corrected to over 15 minutes on IRC ahead of Holly (B.McMahon). Unsurprisingly, the margin was also good enough to win ECHO too, from Lee na Mara (R.O’Malley).

The White Sail ‘A’ Division saw On the Rox (C&J Boyle) get the better of Bite the Bullet (C.Bermingham) on both IRC and ECHO while Alphida (H.Byrne) topped the ‘B’ Division on IRC and was runner-up to Bandersnatch (K.O’Grady) on ECHO.

Five First 31.7s travelled from Dun Laoghaire to compete with Howth’s C’Est la Vie in a scratch event and it was magic (O’Sullivan/Espey) of the Royal Irish which came home first by just under two minutes. An importation of six Shipman from the southside saw Joslim (Clarke/Maher, RSt.GYC) beat second-placed Just Good Friends (M.Carroll, DMYC) by over three minutes.


The other one-design classes started on the Inshore Course with the Squibs and Howth 17s given a head-start before a 3-class start of Etchells, SB3s and J24s gave chase, followed by E-Boats, Ruffians and Puppeteers.

Fetching (Quinn/O’Flaherty) had just 23 seconds to spare over second-placed Glance (Dix/O’Reilly) in the Etchells, Shockwave (E.Quinlan) had the better of Sin a Bhuifl (G.Guinness) in the SB3 match-race and former All-Ireland Sailing Champion Stefan Hyde (RCYC) on Kilcullen headed home the J24s by a little over a minutes from Hard on Port (F.O’Driscoll).

The regular fleet leader in the Puppeteers, Harlequin (Clarke/Egan), didn’t disappoint and headed the 17-strong fleet home by 15 minutes on scratch from Yellow Peril (N.Murphy), with the result the same on handicap.

Ten Ruffians travelled from Dublin Bay and it was the National Y.C.’s Ruff N Ready (Kirwan & Others) who took the honours from Ruffles (M.Cutliffe, DMYC) while Puffin (E.Harte) topped the Squib rankings by two minutes from Wasabi (C&N Penlerick) on scratch and was runner-up to Pegasus (T&K Smyth) on handicap.

The Howth 17s, almost as old as the Lambay Race itself, were led home after almost 4 hours racing by Aura (I.Malcolm) from Rita (Lynch/Curley) with the latter taking the handicap honours from Leila (R.Cooper).

HOWTH YACHT CLUB.  LAMBAY REGATTA (RACE) 11/06/2011   Class 1  IRC:  1, Makutu Doyle/Others HYC;  2, Crazy Horse Reilly/Chambers HYC;  3, Storm P Kelly HYC;  Class 1  ECHO:  1, Trinculo M Fleming HYC;  2, Makutu Doyle/Others HYC;  3, Gringo T Fox NYC;  Class 2  IRC:  1, MiniMumm Cobbe/McDonald HYC;  2, Impetuous Noonan/Chambers HYC;  3, King One D Cullen HYC;  Class 2  ECHO:  1, Superhero Byrne/Banahan HYC;  2, MiniMumm Cobbe/McDonald HYC;  3, Impetuous Noonan/Chambers HYC;  Class 3  IRC:  1, Supernova Lawless/Others RIYC;  2, Holly B MacMahon HYC;  3, Goyave Camier/Fitzpatrick MYC;  Class 3  ECHO:  1, Supernova Lawless/Others RIYC;  2, Lee na Mara R O'Malley HYC;  3, Taiscealai Richardson/Lindberg RIYC;  First 31.7  SCRATCH:  1, Magic O'Sullivan/Espey RIYC;  2, Bluefin Two M & B Bryson NYC;  3, C'est la Vie Flannelly/Others HYC;  Puppeteer  SCRATCH:  1, Harlequin Clarke/Egan HYC;  2, Yellow Peril N Murphy HYC;  3, Blue Velvet C & K Kavanagh HYC;  Puppeteer  HPH:  1, Harlequin Clarke/Egan HYC;  2, Yellow Peril N Murphy HYC;  3, Blue Velvet C & K Kavanagh HYC;  Squib  SCRATCH: 1, Puffin E Harte HYC;  2, Wasabi C & N Penlerick HYC;  3, Pot Black I & R McMurtry HYC;  Squib  HPH:  1, Pegasus T & K Smyth HYC;  2, Puffin E Harte HYC;  3, Wasabi C & N Penlerick HYC;  17 Footer  SCRATCH:  1, Aura I Malcolm HYC;  2, Rita Lynch/Curley HYC;  3, Leila R Cooper HYC;  17 Footer HPH:  1, Echo B & H Lynch HYC;  2, Leila R Cooper HYC;  3, Pauline O'Doherty/Ryan HYC;  Etchells  SCRATCH:  1, Fetching Quinn/O'Flaherty HYC;  2, Glance Dix/O'Reilly HYC;  3, Northside Dragon D Cagney HYC;  Shipman  SCRATCH: 1, Joslim Clarke/Maher RStGYC;  2, Just Good Friends M Carroll DMYC;  3, Whiterock H Robinson RIYC;  E Boat  SCRATCH:  1, OctupussE P O'Neill CY&BC;  Ruffian 23  SCRATCH:  1, Ruff N Ready Kirwan/Others NYC;  2, Ruffles M Cutliffe DMYC;  3, Ripples F Bradley DMYC;  SB 3  SCRATCH:  1, Shockwave E Quinlan HYC;  2, Sin a Bhuifl Guinness/Costigan HYC;  White Sail A IRC:  1, On the Rox C & J Boyle HYC;  2, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham HYC; 3, Flashback Hogg/Others HYC;  White Sail A  ECHO:  1, On the Rox C & J Boyle HYC;  2, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham HYC;  3, Changeling K Jameson HYC; J 24  SCRATCH:  1, Kilcullen S Hyde RCYC;  2, Hard on Port F O'Driscoll HYC; 3, Jibberish Wormold/Others HYC;  White Sail B  IRC:  1, Alphida H Byrne HYC; 2, Voyager J Carton HYC;  3, Demelza Laudan/Ennis HYC;  White Sail B  ECHO:  1, Bandersnatch K O'Grady HYC;  2, Alphida H Byrne HYC;  3, Demelza Laudan/Ennis HYC;  White Sail B  HPH:  1, Voyager J Carton HYC;  2, Sandpiper A Knowles HYC;  3, Alphida H Byrne HYC;  White Sail A  HPH:  1, On the Rox C & J Boyle HYC;  2, Sojourn Blandford/Lacy HYC;  3, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham HYC

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Howth Yacht Club's WEDNESDAY Sailing SERIES 1 (RACE) 18/05/2011 Class 1 IRC: 1, Equinox R McDonald; 2, Storm P Kelly; 3, Trinculo M Fleming; Class 1 HPH: 1, Trinculo M Fleming; 2, Equinox R McDonald; 3, Storm P Kelly; Class 2 IRC: 1, Dux A Gore-Grimes; 2, Sunburn I Byrne; 3, Maximus P Kyne; Class 2 HPH: 1, C'est la Vie Flannelly/Others; 2, Maximus P Kyne; 3, Dux A Gore-Grimes; Class 3 IRC: 1, Hard on Port F O'Driscoll; 2, Starlet Bourke/Others; 3, Checkmate J Faller; Class 3 HPH: 1=, Sea Esta P Mitchell; 1=, Checkmate J Faller; 3, Hellyhunter L McMurtry; White Sails HPH: 1, Brazen Hussy Barry/Stirling; 2, Cogar K & C Halpin; 3, Tantrum 3 O'Leary/Klimche; White Sails IRC: 1, Alphida H Byrne; 2, Tantrum 3 O'Leary/Klimche; 3, Brazen Hussy Barry/Stirling
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Equinox, the well known X-332 campaigned by the McDonald family was tonight's winner of Howth Yacht Club's Wednesday night racing in IRC class one. Second was a tie between the Sigma 400 Trinculo (M. Fleming) and the Hughes/Harris campaigned Tiger, a Beneteau 40.7. Full results below:

HOWTH YACHT CLUB. WEDNESDAY SERIES 1 (RACE) 11/05/2011 Class 1 IRC: 1, Equinox R McDonald; 2=, Trinculo M Fleming; 2=, Tiger Hughes/Harris; Class 1 HPH: 1, Trinculo M Fleming; 2, Equinox R McDonald; 3, Tiger Hughes/Harris; Class 2 IRC: 1, Dux A Gore-Grimes; 2, Toughnut D Skehan; 3, Sunburn I Byrne; Class 2 HPH: 1, Toughnut D Skehan; 2, Maximus P Kyne; 3, C'est la Vie Flannelly/Others; Class 3 IRC: 1, Jibberish O'Kelly/Others; 2, Alliance V Gaffney; 3, Starlet Bourke/Others; Class 3 HPH: 1, Jibberish O'Kelly/Others; 2, Checkmate J Faller; 3, Starlet Bourke/Others; White Sails HPH: 1, Tantrum 3 O'Leary/Klimche; 2, Brazen Hussy Barry/Stirling; 3, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham; White Sails IRC: 1, Bite the Bullet C Bermingham; 2, Tantrum 3 O'Leary/Klimche; 3, Alphida H Byrne

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East Coast inshore campaigner Lively Lady (Derek Martin) left Dublin Bay racing behind yesterday for ISORA's offshore race to Rockaill and won. The Royal Irish boat, a Beneteau First 44.7, topped a 13-boat fleet over the 50 mile course to Rockabill. It was the second ISORA race of the 2011 calendar.

Second overall was another Beneteau, Walter Mitty, Stephen Mullaney's First 375 from Howth Yacht Club. Third was Jedi, Andrew Sarratt's J109 from Dun Laoghaire.

Yesterday's race was a much more pleasant start to the season compared to the previous weekend's pasting taken during the slog across the Irish Sea to Holyhead. Perhaps that was the reason for the drop off in entries from 21 to 13?  Next Saturday's ISORA fixture features another cross Irish Sea venture, this time to Pwhelli.

Race two results are available for download below. Latest ISORA news here.

ISORA Commodore Peter Ryan adds: 

It had been hoped that there would be a bumper fleet out for this popular day race run in conjunction with the Royal Alfred Yacht Club and the Lee Overlay Offshore Series but despite 25 entries, only 15 came to the start line. The heavy offshore race to Holyhead and delivery back the previous weekend and the strong winds all the week since then, had taken its toll with damage to boats and crew and boats not being to get to Dun Laoghaire.

The weather forecast for the day was for wind force 3-5 south east going east. The original course was to go south to North Arklow buoy. However, with the strong spring tides going north at the start and the light winds forecast, the Sailing Committee decided that going north to Rockabill would ensure a finish would be achieved to all boats. The course was: Start – North Burford(P) – Lambay (P) – Rockabill (S) – Lambay (S) – Kish Light (S) – Finish at Dun Laoghaire Harbour (45 miles).

Paul McCarthy of the RAYC provided the start at 10.00 and the fleet set off on a white sail reach towards North Burford. The wind was as forecast, south east force 3-4. Rounding that mark, spinnakers were raised and the fleet sped north with the tide. Shorthy after 12.00 “Lively Lady” rounded Rockabill followed by “English Mick”, “Orna” and directly behind her “Tsunami”.

The leg back to Kish was a beat keeping Lambay to starboard. The wind fluctuated with the stronger wind being out to sea. Most boats tacked behind Lambay to get the benefit of some lack tides in the lee of the island.

The wind was holding as the fleet neared Kish. First round was “Lively Lady” followed by “English Mick”, “Tsunami”, “Orna” and “Jedi”. As forecast the wind backed to east and dropped. What was looking like a charge to the finish turned out to be a crawl. Many of the boats at the back of the fleet gained by a temporary filling of the wind from behind as they caught up with the leading pack. However, “Lively Lady” and “English Mick” held their positions and crossed the line first and second. “Jedi” and “Orna” crept past “Tsunami” to cross the finish.

“Lively Lady” took line honours, 1st in Class and 1st Overall. “Jedi” took 1st in Class 2 while “Walter Mitty” won Class 3.

Sandra Moore of the NYC provided the finish. The usual après sail took place in the NYC after the race.

The next race is the Day Race in Pwllheli on the 14th May. It is hoped that the day race there will attract some new entrants from the Welsh side.


1Class 1Lively LadyIRL 1644First 44.71.10910.00.0016:21:
2Class 3Walter MittyIRL 7963First 3750.94710.00.0017:36:387.36.387.12.2692.8
3Class 2JediIRL 8088J1091.02910.00.0017:05:
4Class 1OrnaIRL 532 1.04710.00.0017:13:
5Class 2Lula BelleIRL 3607First 36.71.01910.00.0017:28:557.28.557.37.2775.4
6Class 3WindshiftIRL 37737SF370.99210.00.0017:41:597.41.597.38.1769.6
7Class 2First of SeptemberIRL 8581First 43.51.01710.00.0017:32:417.32.417.40.2363.9
8Class 1TsunamiIRL 4007First 40.71.06110.00.0017:15:
9Class 1English MickGBR4771RBeneteau 47.71.13010.00.0016:50:
10Class 2Miss ScarlettIRL 4763Sunfast 40.31.02510.00.0017:33:
11Class 3YahtzeeIRL 1068Oceanis 4110.98310.00.0017:57:517.57.517.49.4440.7
12Class 1Sailing West IntuitionGBR 9383Reflex 381.06010.00.0017:28:337.28.337.55.2834.9
13Class 1RebellionIRL 6001Nicholson 581.05410.00.0017:39:
14Class 1African ChallengeIRL 2649Fast 421.07710.00.0017:33:
15Class 3ObsessionIRL4513Sigma 330.905 DNF 10.0
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Four points separate the top four boats going into today's second day of sailing in the SB3 Eastern Championship at Howth Yacht Club. Yesterday's opening races were sailed in fresh (but later moderating) north-easterlies, big swells and lumpy seas which contributed to several retirals during the three-race schedule writes Graham Smith.

The conditions didn't seem to bother the 30-strong fleet in Race 1 with all bar one boat crossing the finishing line, the honours going to Andrew Algeo's 'Flutter' from the Royal St.George YC. Another visitor, 'Sibelius' (K.Dorgan) from Carrickfergus took second ahead of another northerner, former Olympian Peter Kennedy of RNIYC in ''. Local interest was maintained by 'Sharkbait' (Duncan/Moran/Morris) by finishing 4th, a promising start for what would become an even better day.


Heavy going at the SB3 Easterns. More photos on the gallery here. Photo: Brian Carlin

Race 2 saw HYC's 'Sharkbait' take line honours ahead of Sean Craig's 'Yeti' (RSt.GYC) while 'Sibelius' came home third to keep the pressure on the leader. 'No Name' (Darren Martin of Strangford Lough) took 4th and Andrew Algeo's 5th kept him in touch after two races. Kennedy in '', however, was one of six boats forced to retire but unlike four boats which could not continue racing, he was able to return to the action for the third race.

In fact, he bounced back rather well with a 5th in that last race so he is not out of contention yet. Sean Craig's 'Yeti' went one better than in Race 2 with a bullet, this time changing places with Howth's leading contender 'Sharkbait'. 'Sibelius' and 'Flutter' continued to demonstrate admirable consistency, finishing 4th and 5th respectively.

It doesn't get much closer at the top of the leaderboard after PRO Harry Gallagher and his team got the three races completed and as the Championship reaches its half-way stage, HYC's 'Sharkbait' (Duncan/Moran/Morris) has the narrowest of margins over 'Sibelius' (K.Dorgan), with 'Flutter' (A.Algeo) two points adrift and 'Yeti' (S.Craig) another point behind, the reward for consistency so far.

Placings after 3 races at Howth Yacht Club

SB3 Easterns
Plc. Boat Owner Club Gross Disc Nett
1 Sharkbait Duncan/Moran HYC 7.00    
2 Sibeluis K Dorgan CSC 8.00    
3 Flutter A Algeo RStGYC 10.00    
4 Yeti S Craig RStGYC 11.00    
5 Pattersonlifts G Patterson RNIYC 28.00    
6 Seriously Bonkers Cuppage/Lee RStGYC 29.00    
7 Bad G Dowling RIYC 31.00    
8 Bluebird C MacAleavey NYC 31.00    
9 No Name D Martin SLYC 32.00    
10 Shockwave E Quinlan HYC 32.00    
11 Toucan 3 A Vaughan RNIYC 33.00    
12 Dinghy Supplies S Murphy HYC 36.00    
13 P Kennedy RNIYC 39.00    
14 Investwise May/Quinn HYC 41.00    
15 Sin A Bhuifl Guinness/Costigan HYC 43.00    
16 Lupi D'Irlanda M Sorgassi RStGYC 47.00    
17 Monkey Cassidy/Others HYC 53.00    
18 Mr Bump D Taylor CSC 60.00    
19 Ruby Blue A O'Connell RStGYC 61.00    
20 Quantitative Easing P McMahon HYC 62.00    
21 Kick'er Off Cook/Dicker RStGYC 62.00    
22 No Name D MacCauley CSC 66.00    
23 Sunday Brunch R Tate RStGYC 67.00    
24 Smoke on the Water B Hobby GISC 70.00    
25 Bomchickawahwah J O'Dricsoll RStGYC 72.00    
26 Seriously Blonde J Toettcher RStGYC 72.00    
27 Mahanama R Downing KYC 75.00    
28 Sirius Black Hudson/Leech ASC/LRYC 77.00    
29 Rubadubdub N Doherty NYC 90.00    
30 Sandy Bottom G Judge RStGYC 93.00
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Howth Yacht Club's Spring Warmer Sailing Series, sponsored by Key Capital Private, came to a close on Saturday afternoon after the eight classes completed the six-race series in conditions which, while pleasant, were particularly frustrating for the race officers. With the winds shifting from northerly to easterly as the day wore on, it was no surprise that the starts for both races were delayed until conditions settled.

In terms of numbers, the SB3s had the biggest entry with 17, with a dozen or so out each week. Sharkbait (Duncan/Moran) and Yeti (Sean Craig, RStGYC) dominated proceedings on the last day, notching 1st and 2nd respectively in both races. While that was no doubt satisfying, it wasn’t enough to prevent the consistent Eoin Quinlan in ‘Shockwave’ from taking the overall prize.

The Quinn/O’Flaherty partnership in Fetching has been the crew to beat in the Etchells from day one and while Kootamundra Wattle and Jabberwocky took turns to win on the last day, two second places was more than enough for Fetching to head the fleet overall. That their discard was a second place speaks volumes for their dominance.

Class 1 was a three-boat affair but it was Storm (Pat Kelly) who headed Equinox (Ross McDonald) with two wins to take the overall honours by two points on IRC, although the order was reversed under ECHO.

Xtra Time (M&P Arthurs, MYC) enjoyed success in the first race but it was never going to be enough to upset the odds on Maximus (Pat Kyne) winning the Class 2 trophy on IRC, with the Howth boat also winning on ECHO as well.

Over on the ‘inshore course’, Class 2 was effectively a match-race between two boats – Gecko and Starlet – who took it in turns to win the races so that in the end they couldn’t be separated and had to share the spoils.

Lough Erne visitor JP McCaldin got away well to win the first race and with two guns and two seconds over the first two weekends had the luxury of retiring from the final race knowing that the series was wrapped up. Scandal from MYC (with Mossy Shanahan on helm) won well in the last race to share second overall with Flor O’Driscoll’s Hard On Port.

The only perfect score of the series was in the Puppeteers where Dave Clarke’s Harlequin topped the fleet with a peerless six guns and the margin of victory was such that they also won on handicap. Eclipse (A & R Hegarty) had a satisfactory series, finishing runner-up on both scratch and handicap.

Visiting boats dominated the Squibs from day one and while Royal North entry Toy for the Boys (P.Wallace) won the penultimate race, normal service was resumed with Lola (F.Whelan, RStGYC) in the last, to take the title by a clear four points from another George boat Nimble (O’Hare & others). 

Published in Howth YC
This weekend sees the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival (1-3 April) take place at Howth Harbour and throughout the peninsula, writes Jehan Ashmore.
Throughout the three-day festival which starts this Friday, a wide ranging programme of events and activities will be held at the north county Dublin fishing and yachting harbour.

A Sampi trail will be held in various pubs and hotels on the Friday night starting at 7pm, no booking is required. On the Saturday afternoon there is a Prawn Shelling Competition starting at 2.30pm.

Howth Yacht Club will open its doors to public viewing on the Saturday and the Howth Coastguard Station (West Pier) will also be open on that day too in addition to the Sunday. The West Pier is also to host a Fishing Techniques demonstration on Sunday at 3pm.

On the mornings of Saturday and Sunday a self-guided walk from Howth to up to Howth Hill taking up to two hours will meet at The Courthouse at 10am. The walk which is to be pre-booked and registered online is also suitable for families. The route is weather dependant and will follow one of the four looped walks.

The Irish Seal Sactuary will be offering a seal watching tour and harbour walks guided by volunteers on the Saturday and Sunday. An information stand will be made available for more details click

Throughout the weekend there will be all day events which include island boat / eco tour trips and the National Transport Musuem, noting that these activities will be charged. It should be noted that festival programme is provisional and is subject to change.

For more information about the full festival programme logon HERE and by contacting Howth Tourist Office on 01 8396955 and by email: [email protected]

Published in Coastal Notes
Howth Yacht Club will launch its programme of open sailing events for 2011 at the club house tomorrow evening.
In addition to running club sailing throughout the year, and both junior and adult sailing courses to get more involved in the sport, HYC will also be hosting more than 20 open events this year.
These are set to include local, provincial, national and international championships, which are hopes to attract visitors from all over Ireland and beyond.
For more details visit the Howth Yacht Club website at

Howth Yacht Club will launch its programme of open sailing events for 2011 at the club house tomorrow evening (Thursday 31 March).

In addition to running club sailing throughout the year, and both junior and adult sailing courses to get more involved in the sport, HYC will also be hosting more than 20 open events this year. 

These are set to include local, provincial, national and international championships, which are hopes to attract visitors from all over Ireland and beyond.

For more details visit the Howth Yacht Club website at

Published in Howth YC
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William M Nixon has been writing about sailing in Ireland and internationally for many years, with his work appearing in leading sailing publications on both sides of the Atlantic. He has been a regular sailing columnist for four decades with national newspapers in Dublin, and has had several sailing books published in Ireland, the UK, and the US. An active sailor, he has owned a number of boats ranging from a Mirror dinghy to a Contessa 35 cruiser-racer, and has been directly involved in building and campaigning two offshore racers. His cruising experience ranges from Iceland to Spain as well as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, and he has raced three times in both the Fastnet and Round Ireland Races, in addition to sailing on two round Ireland records. A member for ten years of the Council of the Irish Yachting Association (now the Irish Sailing Association), he has been writing for, and at times editing, Ireland's national sailing magazine since its earliest version more than forty years ago

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