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#ISORA– Welsh yacht Sgrech (skippered by Richard Tudor) took its second victory in a fortnight on the Irish Sea yesterday when it won ISORA's third race from Conwy in North Wales to Howth in North Dublin a distance of some 100-miles.

The ISORA fleet is now berthed in Howth to coincide with the BMW ICRA Nationals starting this Friday. ICRA preview and entry list of the 110 boat fleet here.

An unfortunate clash with other sporting events is being blamed for the fact that only 12 boats came to the start line in Conwy.

The course was : Start; West Constable (P) ;  Archdeacon (P) ; Ethal (P) ; The Skerries (P) ; Finish in Howth.

The beat to Constable appeared to spread the fleet with “Sgrech” rounding first following closely by “Joker 2” and “Lancastrian” and “Adelie”. Close behind these were “Midnight Mojito” and “Madam Wen”. From Constable it was a direct course leaving Archdeacon, Ethal and The Skerries safely to Port.

The 90 mile leg to Howth was a run. Spinnaker reach and ending with a dead run into Howth. As forecast,  the winds got lighter approaching Howth and the usual tricky conditions that Howth finishes are famous for  appeared, light winds and strong tides.

“Sgrech” led the charge from Constable to the approach into Howth Sound, with a very strong following tide giving speeds over the ground of 15-16 knots at The Skerries. These conditions made short work of the long leg to Howth. The two “J” boats, “Sgrech” and “Joker 2” kept close together for the entire leg. Lancastrian and Midnight Mojito took a more southern route. “Adelie” and “Madam Wen” were just behind the leading group.

Four boats entered Howth Sound at the same time from slightly different directions. The J boats were too north and had to gybe to get into the Sound. During this manoeuvre and while the J boats were within several boat lengths of each other, “Joker 2” passed “Sgrech” but failed to monopolise on their position. Lancastrian was also caught and had to gybe in the very light conditions. However, Midnight Mojito got the course correct and stormed into the sound with wind and tide and shot over to take line

Despite the 100 mile course, the first four boats crossed the finish line in just over a minute!!! This would be difficult to achieve even in Bay Racing. The finish in Howth was provided by John Doran, Howth Yacht Club.

“Sgrech” won Class 1 and Overall. “Adeli” took Class 2 and 2nd Overall. “Lancastrian” won Class 1 Sliver Fleet while “Polished Manx” took Class 2 Silver Fleet.

The facilities in Conwy Marina and the Mulberry Bar & Restaurant were first class with a great evening had by all on Friday night. The Mulberry prepared a superb breakfast on the Saturday morning, getting everybody ready for the long race.

The next race is the 100– mile ISORA lynx metmAsts Pwllheli to Wicklow Race on the 2nd June.

Due to the generous sponsorship of lynx metmAsts, a complimentary Crew Bus will meet the 13.15 HSS from Dun Laoghaire and will bring crew from Holyhead to Pwllheli. There will also be a reception in Pwllheli Sailing Club on the Friday 1st June. This race will be the last qualifying race for those doing the Round Ireland race.

ISORA Race three results are avallable to download below.

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#ICRA – Entries for the BMW Cruiser Nationals at Howth Yacht Club in two weeks’ time have broken the 100 boats mark, a figure which also includes 66 boats and crews in Howth for the three-day event. Scroll down for the full entry to date.

The Irish Cruiser Racing Association is expected to confirm the breakpoints for the various classes in the near future, but it is likely that four of the classes involved will each have highly competitive fleets of 20 boats.

In Class Zero, the leading contenders will be Antix and Jump Juice from Cork, WOW from Dun Laoghaire and Crazy Horse from the host club.

Up to 20 boats ranging between 30ft. and 50ft. are expected to contest the non-spinnaker Corinthian Cup.

Organising Committee Chairman Chris Howard is delighted with the entry level, saying that the magic figure of 100 boats had always been the target and that it was pleasing to have achieved it.

Status Event Sail No Boat Name Owner Name Non HYC
A Cruiser Nationals 66 Checkmate XV Nigel Biggs RStGYC
A Cruiser Nationals 79 Graduate Dominc |O Keeffe RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 218 Turtle Robert Hogg  
A Cruiser Nationals 345 Joliba William Kearey pybc
A Cruiser Nationals 418 Seafest 2012 John Hasson Lough Swill ..
A Cruiser Nationals 521 Bendemeer Lindsay CASEY/Denis POWER RStGYC
A Cruiser Nationals 673 TK Lean Machine Team TK GBSC
A Cruiser Nationals 680 Kilcullen Euro Car Parks HYC K25 Team  
A Cruiser Nationals 791 Shenanigans Lee Douglas / Aidan Keane MYC
A Cruiser Nationals 811 Raptor Denis Hewitt & Ors. RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 988 Dux Anthony Gore-Grimes  
A Cruiser Nationals 1075 Julia E Kay  
A Cruiser Nationals 1132 sunburn ian byrne  
A Cruiser Nationals 1141 storm pat kelly Rush Sailin ..
A Cruiser Nationals 1166 Edinpark Liam Farmer RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 1206 Joker 2 John Maybury RIYC
D Cruiser Nationals 1310 After U too Michael Blaney RStGYC
A Cruiser Nationals 1311 Holly Basil MacMahon  
A Cruiser Nationals 1333 White Lotus Paul Tully DLM
A Cruiser Nationals 1517 Alphida of Howth Harry Byrne  
A Cruiser Nationals 1654 Goyave Camier/Fitzpatrick MYC
A Cruiser Nationals 1811 Empress III Fitzpatrick/Glennon  
A Cruiser Nationals 1901 Lazybones Michael Carvill RStGYC
A Cruiser Nationals 2007 Jump Juice Denise Phelan RCYC
A Cruiser Nationals 2138 Wil2win WM Partington Marine Ltd Pwllehi Sai ..
A Cruiser Nationals 2506 Allure Brian Goggin KYC
A Cruiser Nationals 2525 Tribal Liam Burke GBSC
A Cruiser Nationals 2760 SunChaser Michael Marr  
A Cruiser Nationals 2860 Pure Magic Steve Hayes Bray Sailin ..
A Cruiser Nationals 2909 Eazi Tiger Connolly, Oliver, Kyffin Liverpool Y ..
A Cruiser Nationals 3052 Tobago P Hanna, & others MYC
A Cruiser Nationals 3307 Rockabill V Paul O'Higgins RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 3337 Tantrum 3 Jenny OLeary/Ray Klimcke  
A Cruiser Nationals 3470 Flashback Breen/Gregory/Hogg  
A Cruiser Nationals 3471 Black Velvet Parnell Family RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 3506 Just Jasmin Philip Smith DMYC
A Cruiser Nationals 3511 Another Adventure Howard McMullen  
A Cruiser Nationals 3550 Lolly Folly Colman and Lesley Phelan  
A Cruiser Nationals 3709 Axiom Michael O'Neill RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 3939 antix A O Leary RCYC
A Cruiser Nationals 4041 Elf Too Christine Murray Cldye Cruis ..
A Cruiser Nationals 4170 Slack Alice S Statham & T OLeary WHSC
A Cruiser Nationals 4212 Scandal Brian McDowell MYC
A Cruiser Nationals 4536 Elandra Leggett/Hance/Flynn NYC
A Cruiser Nationals 4633 White Mischief Timothy Goodbody RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 4794 Hard on Port Flor O Driscoll  
A Cruiser Nationals 5109 Jalapeno Baker et al NYC
A Cruiser Nationals 5310 Yasemin Aine Stafford Courtown SC ..
A Cruiser Nationals 5568 Moonlighter Michael Ennis Kircubbin S ..
A Cruiser Nationals 5718 Loose Change Mitton/Redden RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 6136 Starlet Bourke,Maher,McGirr.  
A Cruiser Nationals 6695 E05 David Scott KYC
A Cruiser Nationals 6909 Extreme Reality Patrick McSwiney / Emmet RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 7111 wow George Sisk RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 7115 Gecko Kevin Darmody  
A Cruiser Nationals 7495 Maximus Paddy Kyne  
A Cruiser Nationals 7500 Supernova Lawless/McCormack/Shannon RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 7638 Lynx Martin Breen GBSC
A Cruiser Nationals 7737 Impetuous Richard Fildes South Caern ..
A Cruiser Nationals 8094 King One Dave Cullen  
A Cruiser Nationals 8188 Alliance II Vincent Gaffney  
A Cruiser Nationals 8223 Kamikaze Peter Nash RStGYC
A Cruiser Nationals 8245 Asterix counihan/bowhell/meredith DLM
A Cruiser Nationals 8322 Sojourn Blandford/Lacy  
A Cruiser Nationals 8407 Encore Dermot Cronin MYC
A Cruiser Nationals 8541 Mermaid V Seamus Fitzpatrick RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 8709 Cri-Cri Paul Colton RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 8747 Movistar bleu Raymond Killops Killyleagh ..
A Cruiser Nationals 8750 Jester Declan Curtin NYC
A Cruiser Nationals 9191 Jebus Emmet Dalton  
A Cruiser Nationals 9201 GBR9201R James Ives Carlingford ..
A Cruiser Nationals 9265 Toy Yot Team Toy Yot  
A Cruiser Nationals 9508 Huggy Bear Byrne / Doyle NYC
A Cruiser Nationals 9852 Crazy Horse Chambers/Reilly  
A Cruiser Nationals 9898 Indecision Declan Hayes RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 10034 Xtravagance Colin Byrne RIYC
A Cruiser Nationals 13611 Antix Og Derek Ryan RStGYC
A Cruiser Nationals 14117 Toughnut Dermot Skehan  
A Cruiser Nationals 17195 karukera Harvey, Keane and Brown RStGYC
A Cruiser Nationals 19238 Freyja of Courtown Harbou Pål Eikrem Courtown
A Cruiser Nationals 25078 MiniMumm Ronan Cobbe & N McDonald  
A Cruiser Nationals 28181 XtraTime M&P Arthurs MYC
A Cruiser Nationals 28896 Powder Monkey Chris Moore/Mark Byrne NYC
A Cruiser Nationals 34218 Lady Rowena David Bolger RStGYC
A Cruiser Nationals 999999 Tiger Kenefick's RCYC
A Corinthians Cup 100 Demelza W. Laudan / S. Ennis  
A Corinthians Cup 657 Voyager J Carton  
A Corinthians Cup 1217 The Great Escape P & D Rigney RIYC
A Corinthians Cup 1502 Vespucci Sean & Kristina O'Regan RStGYC
A Corinthians Cup 2070 Out & About Mc Coy/Cregan  
A Corinthians Cup 2382 Xerxes Dan O'Neill RIYC
A Corinthians Cup 3335 Bite the Bullet Colm Bermingham  
A Corinthians Cup 3400 Brazen Hussy J Barry/M Stirling  
A Corinthians Cup 3607 Lula Belle Liam Coyne NYC
A Corinthians Cup 4183 Poppy John Roberts Liverpool
A Corinthians Cup 5115 force five R&J McAllister  
A Corinthians Cup 5643 Calypso Howard Knott RStGYC
A Corinthians Cup 6001 rebellion hughes o'mahony hanlon  
A Corinthians Cup 7404 Pretty Polly Chris Harrington SSC
A Corinthians Cup 8331 Changeling Kieran Jameson  
A Corinthians Cup 8609 Jetstream John Collins Pwllheli Sa ..
A Corinthians Cup 9849 Blue Eyes Colm Buckley  
A Corinthians Cup 37050 Sandpiper of Howth Andrew Knowles
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#FISHIING TRAWLER  –  Whatever you were doing on the afternoon of Wednesday April 25th as a nor'easterly gale with torrential rain swept Ireland's east coast, chances are you weren't thinking of going near Howth pier and getting a picture of the seas smashing against the rocks of Ireland's Eye.

The scene was a million light years from the usual sight of yachts arrayed on a gentle blue sea with the gannets tiered on the Stack on Ireland's Eye's nor'east corner, serenely observing the peaceful scene. Rather, it was a case of gannets and everyone else hanging on for dear life.

But Colin Keegan of Collins Photo Agency was taking fantastic pictures using a very long lens - a necessary precaution as there was no going near the East Pier, as it was disappearing in surf. Then suddenly this red trawler hove into view, battling her way seaward out of Howth's fish dock.

We know that windsurfing is now an Olympic sport. But trawler surfing? What next?

Seems it was simply all in a day's work. William Price, who co-owns the John B with his brother Patrick with several other fishing boats in their combined ownership, told the Irish Examiner which ran these pictures today (Thursday April 26th), that Ireland now has a "very sustainable prawn fishing industry" thanks to many vessels being taken out of the business, so those who have stayed in are starting to make a living.

But owing to EU regulations, they are only permitted to go to sea for limited periods at certain times, and the crew of John B were simply making full use of their allocation. "You either go for it, or you lose them. There is no respect for bad weather......In today's environment, we have to ignore weather and just go to sea".

Just so. Make of that what you will. Say what you like. But it certainly makes the choice of scampi or chicken liver pate or goat's cheese tartlet for starters even more difficult. – W M Nixon

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#RESCUE – Howth RNLI's All-Weather Lifeboat and Inshore Lifeboat launched yesterday to assist a person in the water who had got into difficulty on Portmarnock Beach in north Dublin.

The Lifeboat Crews launched and the inshore lifeboat was on scene in eight minutes where Rescue helicopter 116 with standing by. The casualty was recovered from the water and taken onto the lifeboat with the assistance of the lifeboat crew. The lifeboat was met at Portmarnock beach by Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance and Gardai.

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#HOWTH YACHT CLUB – It was another fresh day for the fleets contesting the second series of races in the Key Capital Private Spring Warmers at Howth YC last Saturday, although the north-westerly winds and flat seas made the going a little easier than the previous Saturday.

Some things didn't change, with Class 1, Etchells and J/24s being topped by double-winners on the day. Pat Kelly's Storm headed Ross McDonald's Equinox in both Class 1 races while Dan O'Grady's Kootamundra had a similar success in the Etchells to open up a three point lead over Fetching (Quinn/O'Flaherty).

After a DSQ for sailing through the finishing line on the last downwind leg last weekend, J/24 national champion Flor O'Driscoll in Hard on Port got back to winning ways in both races, beating Mossy Shanahan's Crazyhorse and Fergus O'Kelly's Jibberish into second place respectively.

Having missed the opening day, Sharkbait (Duncan/Moran) had a couple of minutes to spare in both SB3 races, beating RStGYC visitors Seriously Bonkers (Cuppage/Lee) in race 1 and then Dinghy Supplies (Shane Murphy) in race 2, with the latter now heading the overall standings by seven points.

Kevin Darmody's Gecko and Starlet (Bourke & Others) effectively had a match race in Class 3 and it was honours-even after two races, with only a point between them overall. In the Puppeteers, Gold Dust (Walls/Brown) won the first race from Harlequin (Clarke/Egan), who had to be content with another second in race 2, this time behind Trick or Treat (Alan Pearson), the series leader now going into the final day.

There was no racing in Class 2 or Squibs.

The final two races in the Key Capital Private Spring Warmer series are scheduled for next Saturday 28th April.

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MARITIME FESTIVAL – A Dublin Bay Prawn Festival will be held in Howth, Co. Dublin from April 27th – 29th. The Dublin Bay Prawn is highly regarded around the world, appearing on the menus of many of the world's best restaurants writes Liz Bourke. This small orange crustacean is know by a few names, depending on who you ask: the 'Nephrop' by scientists, 'Langoustine' when sold whole in seafood restaurants, as 'Scampi' when its tail meat is deep fried in breadcrumbs or simply a 'prawn' by the fishermen who catch it.

Regardless it is, without doubt, one of the tastiest foods out there and as Howth is considered the home of the Dublin Bay Prawn the festival is a celebration of all things Dublin Bay and all things fun. Last year's Food Village was the highlight of the Festival and this year promises to be no different. Whatever way you like your Dublin Bay Prawns - barbecued, whole, shelled, fried, skewered, marinated, sauced – Howth's many award winning restaurants will serve their favourite prawn dishes in bite sized portions at the "Street Food Fair", in addition to a variety of other miniature dishes, so you can enjoy the many tastes that Howth offers. The food village will also include the ever-popular cookery demonstrations for all those budding cooks.

During the course of the festival Howth's award winning restaurants will present a very special three course Festival Menu (€30) featuring some of their best selling dishes in addition, of course, to showcasing their very own Dublin Bay Prawn dish. Howth's pubs are in on the act too and will also feature their take on the little icon offering a prawn dish and a drink for €12.

For those considering a dining experience with a difference we have the solution! At the Mystery Dine Around guests take a tour, course by course, of a selection of Howth's finest restaurants finishing with a post dinner tipple in the Festival Club. Where the Dine Around will take you .... no one knows. What is known is that you will have a whale of a time (marine theme pun intended). Tickets include a Sparkling Wine Reception, 3 courses in 3 different restaurants, each to include a glass of wine and a post meal drink at the Festival Club.

Also on offer over the course of the weekend will be street entertainment and a programme of walks, talks and seaside antics during the day. As the sun goes down over Howth Harbour the fun continues as each evening the festival offers choices such as a Mystery Dine Around, Fireworks on the Harbour and in-house musical entertainment in Howth's various pubs and venues.

Programme details available here

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#ICRA – Over 50 boats have aready entered the ICRA Nationals in Howth and another 50 are expected but the offer of a reduced entry feef from €175 to €125 for the BMW sponsored event expires this weekend.The offer includes marina berthage and three days of racing to decide the 2012 Cruiser National Champions in all Classes in both IRC and Echo handicap systems.

Running alongside the Nationals will be a non spinnaker event capturing the spirit of this style of sailing the Corinthian Cup with 2 magnificent trophies on offer.

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#CRUISER RACER –-Buoyed up by some early successes abroad Irish cruiser racer fans are in for a treat at home now with Howth Yacht Club staging three cruiser events before the end of May giving a major kick-start to the Irish IRC sailing season. This weekend the Club's Spring Warmer series starts with racing for Cruiser Classes One, Two and Three who line up with one design classes for a weekend series over three weeks. Next up is the Corby Cup on 12th May followed by the ICRA Nationals on May 25th.

Irish boats from Royal Cork YC, Howth YC and Royal Irish YC, Dun Laoghaire have already finished second third and fourth in class respectively at the RORC Easter challenge and further afield the white sail Oyster 56 Lady A skippered by Stephen Hyde has been in the mix in the British Virgin Islands.

As with many events this season entries are admittedly slow at arriving but Howth's innovative Corby Cup weekend expects around 30 boats. Hot favourites in the small section are Brian Goggin's Allure from Kinsale and Will Partington's Will2Win from Wales is also confirmed.

Howth also have a number of 25s and 26s coming from Cork, Dun Laoghaire, Galway, Howth and Sligo.

Some of the bigger boats have yet to sign up but HYC says Roxy, Impetuous, and Independent Bear will all be competing together with a number of 29s.

Early bird entry for the National Championships for Cruiser Classes closes on April 14th so boat-owners and crews who want to compete for national honours have four weeks to avail of the lower entry fee of €125, a saving of €50.

Howth Yacht Club is hosting the event for the Irish Cruiser Racing Association for the third time and this year is supported with sponsorship from BMW. The event is one of the major fixtures on the 2012 sailing calendar and runs from Friday May 25th to Sunday May 27th.

Racing for Cruiser Classes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be over a mixture of round-the-cans and windward-leeward courses in a seven race series. Non-spinnaker boats will compete in six races for ICRA's Corinthian Cup.

A comprehensive entertainments programme has been put in place to ensure competitors have three enjoyable days, on and off the water.

An 'Early Bird' discounted entry rate can be found on

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#IRISH HARBOURS - Yachts berthing at Ireland's main fishing harbours could see their charges hiked by an incredible 800 per cent.

According to The Irish Times, Marine Minister Simon Coveney has announced a mere 21 days for comment and consultation on the draft Fishery Harbour Centres (Rates and Charges) Order 2012. The consultation document is attached to the bottom of this post and available to download as a pdf.

The proposed new charges include an annual fee of €250 per metre for yachts, which could see a 10-metre yacht currently paying €312 a year for a berth shell out as much as €2,500 annually for the same space.

Additional water and electricity costs could even see this bill rise to €3,100 - for berths that come "without proper marina facilities in most cases".

The proposals apply to the State's six fishery centres at Killybegs, Rossaveal, Dingle, Castletownbere, Dunmore East and Howth, only two of which have pontoons suitable for leisure boats.

The Irish Times has more on the story HERE.

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#WATER SAFETY - This coming Friday 30 March is the closing date for applications for Fingal County Council beach lifeguards for the 2012 summer season.

Lifeguard cover will be provided on Fingal beaches on weekdays and weekends 11am to 7pm from 2 July till the last week of August, depending on weather and staff levels.

Beaches and bathing places scheduled to be guarded this summer include Balbriggan (front beach), Skerries South, Loughskinny, Rush North and South Shores, Portrane (Tower Bay and The Brook), Donabate, Malahide, Portmarnock, Sutton (Burrow Road) and Howth (Claremount).

Applicants must be not less than 17 years of age on 1 May 2012. Application forms are available to download HERE.

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