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#Rowing: Carlow’s junior 18 quadruple were the fastest crew at the Offaly Head of the River in Tullamore on Saturday. The winning crew had over 40 seconds to spare over their nearest rivals, winning in a time of 10 minutes 44.25 seconds.  


NoGradeBoat typeClubNameTime (s)MS
1MJ184X-Carlow 644.251044.25
7MJ164X+Commercial 685.871125.87
4MCL12XCarlow 687.011127.01
19MJ164X+Commercial 688.381128.38
20MJ164X+New Ross 717.881157.88
29WCL12XCarlow 718.481158.48
22WJ184XCarlow 737.261217.26
4MCL12XCarlow 740.611220.61
26WJ182XCommercial 741.191221.19
8MJ164X+New Ross 745.351225.35
27WJ182XNeptune 745.921225.92
18WJ182XCommercial 754.741234.74
28WJ182XNew Ross 764.411244.41
2MCL14X+Carlow 766.141246.14
40WJ162XCommercial 770.111250.11
125WJ184X+Neptune 779.691259.69
10WJ184X-Commercial 780.43130.43
14MCL11XCarlowJones S780.71130.71
24WCL14X+Commercial 787.11137.11
11WCL14X+Commercial 789.79139.79
3MN4X+Neptune 795.141315.14
23WJ184XCommercial 800.151320.15
27WJ181XOffalyMooney A801.631321.63
26WJ181XNeptuneFeerick C801.711321.71
34WJ164X+Neptune 804.451324.45
25WCL12XClydesdale 805.391325.39
21WJ182XNewRoss 810.771330.77
36MJ152XCarlow 811.011331.01
16MCL11XOffalyGannon A815.61335.6
35WJ164X+Offaly 821.721341.72
35WCL11XCarlowByrne A824.331344.33
23MJ161XCarlowMead H825.951345.95
29WJ181XNeptuneClark A826.141346.14
31MM1XAthloneGallen P (F)828.591348.59
43WM1XNew RossPattersonJ (C)834.811354.81
18MJ164X+Carlow 835.951355.95
2MJ182XNeptune 837.81357.8
34MM1XOffalyHogan D (B)856.11416.1
6MJ164X+Carlow 861.361421.36
54WJ142XOffaly 863.151423.15
32MM1XLaganReid G (E)867.551427.55
17MN1XNew RossJones E868.31428.3
37WCL11XNew RossWalsh J868.711428.71
21MJ162XNeptune 876.381436.38
45WJ161XNew RossBrownL878.951438.95
44WJ154X+Commercial 882.521442.52
51WJ151XNew RossPendergast883.461443.46
42WJ161XNew RossCoughlan883.461443.46
28WJ181XCarlowWebster C884.331444.33
24WCL12XCarlow 885.511445.51
41WJ161XNew RossBrown L885.541445.54
50WJ151XNew RossTierneyS888.331448.33
15MCL11XNew RossRyan P891.971451.97
33WCL11XNew RossWalshJ892.491452.49
16MN1XNew RossJonesE892.51452.5
47WJ161XNew RossFlanagainC893.681453.68
40WJ154X+Commercial 901.58151.58
53WCL12XClydesdale 905.5155.5
49WJ151XNew RossPendergast F910.121510.12
45WJ144X+Commercial 917.671517.67
39    924.321524.32
56WJ141XOffalyMurphy A924.351524.35
36WCL11XCommercialOçonnor C930.671530.67
50WJ151XNew RossByrneA931.481531.48
51WM1XNew RossPatterson J (C)953.631553.63
49WJ144X+New Ross 1008.281648.28
46WJ144X+New Ross 1010.631650.63
47WJ152XNew Ross 1020.82170.82
67MJ144X+Offaly 1046.221726.22
48WJ144X+Commercial 1057.421737.42
52WM1XOffalyNolan C (B)1060.91740.9
14MCL11XNew RossRyanP1105.111825.11
46WJ161XNew RossCoughlanA1106.021826.02
53MJ141XCarlowConnors T1172.891932.89
52WJ151XNew RossTierneyS1269.05219.05
43WJ161XOffalyDowling E1272.042112.04
38MJ151XCarlowHeslin S14752435
5MI1XCarlowMurphy N   
13MCL11XAthloneFlynn D   
30WJ181XTraleeTurner A   
33MM1XLaganPhelan J (E)   
Published in Rowing

Coastal Notes Coastal Notes covers a broad spectrum of stories, events and developments in which some can be quirky and local in nature, while other stories are of national importance and are on-going, but whatever they are about, they need to be told.

Stories can be diverse and they can be influential, albeit some are more subtle than others in nature, while other events can be immediately felt. No more so felt, is firstly to those living along the coastal rim and rural isolated communities. Here the impact poses is increased to those directly linked with the sea, where daily lives are made from earning an income ashore and within coastal waters.

The topics in Coastal Notes can also be about the rare finding of sea-life creatures, a historic shipwreck lost to the passage of time and which has yet many a secret to tell. A trawler's net caught hauling more than fish but cannon balls dating to the Napoleonic era.

Also focusing the attention of Coastal Notes, are the maritime museums which are of national importance to maintaining access and knowledge of historical exhibits for future generations.

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In addition Coastal Notes has many more angles to cover, be it the weekend boat leisure user taking a sedate cruise off a long straight beach on the coast beach and making a friend with a feathered companion along the way.

In complete contrast is to those who harvest the sea, using small boats based in harbours where infrastructure and safety poses an issue, before they set off to ply their trade at the foot of our highest sea cliffs along the rugged wild western seaboard.

It's all there, as Coastal Notes tells the stories that are arguably as varied to the environment from which they came from and indeed which shape people's interaction with the surrounding environment that is the natural world and our relationship with the sea.

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