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# ROWING: Sanita Puspure finished sixth in the World Cup Regatta in Munich today. Puspure had a disappointing start, while Denmark’s Fie Udby Erichsen of Denmark, in the lane beside her, shot away from the field. Puspure recovered, but by the closing stages, when Ekaterina Karsten took over the lead to win, Puspure had faded back to sixth. Emma Twigg of New Zealand took silver and Donata Vistartaite of Lithuania was third, with Erichsen having to settle for fourth.

World Cup, Munich (Irish interest)


Lightweight Four: 1 Britain (P Chambers, R Williams, R Chambers, C Bartley) 6:16.34, 2 Australia 6:18.81, 3 Denmark 6:19.49.

Single Scull – A Final: 1 Germany (M Hacker) 7:07.31, 2 Sweden (L Karonen) 7:09.27, 3 Britain (A Campbell) 7:12.74.


Single Scull – A Final: 1 Belarus (E Karsten) 7:52.74, 2 New Zealand (E Twigg) 7:56.22, 3 Lithuania (D Vistartaite) 7:58.60; 4 Denmark (FU Erichsen) 8:02.80, 5 Azerbaijan (N Mustafayeva) 8:09.03, 6 Ireland (S Puspure) 8:15.05.

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# ROWING: Sanita Puspure moved into the A Final of the World Cup in Munich today with a steady performance which saw her finish third in the semi-final behind Nataliya Mustafayeva of Azerbaijan and Emma Twigg of New Zealand. Puspure established her hold on third by the middle stages of the race and let the top two fight it out while she saw off a challenge by Talia Gjoertz of New Zealand with an effective push.

Puspure also made the A Final in the other World Cup in which she competed, in Belgrade last month. She finished fifth.

Claire Lambe finished 15th overall in the lightweight single scull. She finished third in the C Final: leading into the closing stages, she was passed by both Anna Ioannou of Cyprus and, coming up to the line, Lila Perez Rul of Mexico.

Ireland's Adpative mixed coxed four won their B Final to finish seventh overall.

World Cup Regatta, Munich (Irish interest)


Single Scull – Semi-Finals (First Three to A Final; rest to B Final) – Semi-Final One: 1 Belarus (E Karsten) 7:59.28, 2 Denmark (FU Erichsen) 8:01.68, 3 Lithuania (D Vistartaite) 8:03.58. Semi-Final Two: 1 Azerbaijan (N Mustafayeva) 8:08.36, 2 New Zealand (E Twigg) 8:12.60, 3 Ireland (S Puspure) 8:15.32; 4 Norway 8:17.43, 5 Italy 8:24.12, 6 8:26.14.

Lightweight Single – C Final (places 13 to 18): 1 Cyprus (A Ioannou) 8:05.74, 2 Mexico (L Perez Rul) 8:10.38, 3 Ireland (C Lambe) 8:14.94, 4 Hong Kong 8:17.74, 5 Croatia 8:23.63. Finland did not start.


Adpative - Legs, Trunk and Arms Mixed Coxed Four (1,000m) – B Final (Places 7, 8): 1 Ireland (AM McDaid, S Caffrey, S Ryan, K du Toit; cox: H Arbuthnot) 3:44.18, 2 Belarus 3:51.75

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# ROWING: Athlone Regatta, which was scheduled for Coosan Point tomorrow (Saturday) has been cancelled. The organisers made the decision today because the wind and the flood levels were too variable.

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# ROWING: Sanita Puspure held off Germany’s Peggy Waleska to take second place in her heat and secure automatic qualification for tomorrow’s semi-final of the single scull at the World Cup regatta in Munich. The race was won well by Fie Udby Erichsen of Denmark.

Waleska is chasing selection by Germany as their representative in London 2012, but she could not catch Puspure, who was competing for the first time since she secured her spot at the Olympic Games.

Claire Lambe finished third in her heat of the lightweight single scull and third again in her repechage, where she was outsprinted for the crucial second place. The Ireland Adaptive Four missed out on an A Final place when they finished a close-up fifth in their repechage.

World Cup, Munich (Irish interest)


Single Scull (First Two Directly to A/B Semi-Finals; rest to Repechages) – Heat One: 1 Belarus (E Karsten) 7:46.62, 2 Norway (T Gjoertz) 7:53.27. Heat Two: 1 Denmark (FU Erichsen) 7:46.50, 2 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:51.85; 3 Germany 7:54.79, 4 Lithuania Two 8:14.10, 6 Korea 8:18.66. heat three: 1 Azerbaijan (N Mustafayeva) 7:50.53, 2 Lithuania (D Vistartaite) 7:54.00. Heat Four: 1 New Zealand (E Twigg) 7:45.76, 2 Serbia (I Obradovic) 7:49.23.

Lightweight Single Scull, Heat Three (First Directly to A/B Semi-Final, rest to Repechage): 1 Germany (L Pless) 8:04.51; 2 Sweden 8:05.33, 3 Ireland (C Lambe) 8:17.16, 4 Finland 8:20.69, 5 Algeria 8:26.75. Repechage One (First Two to A/B Semi-Finals): 1 Switzerland (P Weisshaupt) 7:51.00, 2 Hungary (Z Hajdu) 7:54.57; 3 Ireland (Lambe) 8:01.01, 4 Mexico 8:05.48.

Adaptive - Legs, Trunk and Arms Mixed Four, coxed (1,000m) – Heat One (First to A Final; rest to Repechage): 1 Britain 3:34.42; 2 France 3:40.69, 3 Ireland (A-M McDaid, S Caffrey, S Ryan, K du Toit; H Arbuthnot) 3:48.64, 4 Belarus 3:58.35. Repechage (First Four to A Final): 1 Ukraine 3:32.65, 2 Canada 3:37.14, 3 France 3:37.16, 4 Brazil 3:40.78; 5 Ireland 3:41.04, 6 Belarus.

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# ROWING: Ireland's Sanita Puspure, who recently qualified for the Olympic Games, will compete at Henley Royal Regatta. The Old Collegians woman takes part in the World Cup in Munich this weekend.

Entries for Henley Royal Regatta (Irish interest)

Temple: Trinity

Remenham: UCD

Visitors’: Queen’s

Wyfold: Cork BC

Queen Mother: UCC/London RC

Prince Albert: Queen’s

Diamond Sculls: J Keohane (Lee Valley); C Williamson (Queen’s)

Princess Royal: S Puspure (Old Collegians)

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#ROWING: Carlow overcame cold conditions to run 11 hours of racing, mostly for young athletes, today. The big entry came from as far apart as Portora in Enniskillen and Fermoy in Cork.

Carlow Regatta, Sunday


Eight – Masters: Carlow/Commercial/Neptune bt Athlone.

Sculling, Quadruple – Novice: Neptune bt New Ross. Junior 18: Carlow bt Neptune. Junior 16: Athlone bt Portora.

Double – Senior: Carlow A bt Carlow B. Novice Commercial bt Neptune. Junior 18: Carlow A bt Carlow B. Junior 16: Commercial bt Waterford.

Single – Senior: Carlow (Bolger) bt Carlow (Coughlan). Intermediate: Carlow (Murphy) bt Carlow (Ayers). Novice: Cappoquin bt Waterford. Junior 18: Carlow (Byrne) bt Carlow (McGrath). Junior 16: Commercial (Carroll) bt Athlone (Hannon). Masters A: Offaly (Hussey) bt Three Castles (Murphy). Masters B: Portora (Murphy) bt Commercial (Crowley)


Sculling, Quadruple – Novice: New Ross bt King’s Hospital. Junior 18: Athlone bt Portora. Junior 16: Carlow bt Portora. Masters: New Ross bt Offaly.

Double – Intermediate: Carlow bt Fermoy. Novice: Cappoquin A bt Cappoquin B. Junior 18: St Michael’s bt St Michael’s. Junior 16: Carlow bt Portora.

Single – Novice: Fermoy (Costigan) bt Offaly (Piggott). Junior 18: Portora (Mulligan) bt St Michael’s. Junior 16: Fermoy bt Graiguenamanagh.

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#ROWING: Belfast Boat Club and Bann had a fine weekend at regattas in England. On Saturday, Bridget Jacques and Lucy Litvack won the Girls’ Championship Doubles at the British Schools Championships in Nottingham  – and Katie Cromie took third in the Championship Single. Bann, through Joel Cassells and Chris Black, won the Boys’ Championship Pair today (Sunday) . 

The BBC double of Jacques and Litvack went on to win the Intermediate One double scull at Metropolitan Regatta at Dorney Lake. Other winners from Irish clubs at the Olympic venue included UCD women’s crews, who took the Senior coxless fours and the Intermediate coxed fours today and Colin Williamson of Queen’s University, who won the Senior single scull on Saturday.

University Boat Races, Belfast

Men – Senior: Queen’s bt Cambridge. Fresher: Queen’s bt Trinity.

Women – Senior: Queen’s bt Cambridge. Fresher: Queen’s bt Methodist College, Belfast.

Metropolitan Regatta, Dorney Lake, England (Irish interest; selected results, finals)



Eights, Elite: 5 Grainne Mhaol/NUIG 6:27.47

Senior: 4 Grainne Mhaol/NUIG 6:32.90

Intermediate Two: 4 UCD 6:44.62

Fours, Intermediate One: 3 NUIG A 7:14.49. Intermediate Two: 4 UCD 7:24.80, 6 NUIG 7:31.41.

Pairs – Elite: 2 Cork IT/Queen’s University 7:46.71. Intermediate One: 3 NUIG 8:15.76

Sculling, Quadruple – Senior: 5 University of Limerick 6:59.75.

Single – Senior: 1 Queen’s (C Williamson) 8:15.71, 2 UCD (D Neale) 8:17.96. Intermediate One: 1 University of Limerick (J Brinn) 8:38.14.


Eights – Intermediate One: 2 UCD 7:32.46, 3 Trinity 7:37.50. Intermediate Two: 5 NUIG 7:51.73.

Fours, coxed – Intermediate One: 2 UCD 8:10.35. Intermediate Two: 3 NUIG 8:22.23. Intermediate Three: 4 Trinity 8:40.00.


Double – Senior: 4 NUIG 8:41.03. Intermediate One: 6 NUIG 8:46.01.

Single – Intermediate One: 1 University of Limerick (A O’Sullivan) 9:20.92; 5 Shandon (K Corcoran-O’Hare) 9:55.78, 6 Commercial (G Foley) 10:39.46. Intermediate Two: 6 UL (O’Sullivan) 9:23.67, 7 St Michael’s (J O’Keeffe) 9:30.88.



Eights – Elite: 5 Grainne Mhaol/NUIG 6:26.28. Senior: 5 Grainne Mhaol/NUIG 6:25.01. Intermediate One: 2 NUIG 6:29.95. Intermediate Two: 4 UCD 6:32.14.

Four – Senior: 3 St Michael’s 6:53.05. Fours, coxed – Senior: 4 UCD 7:06.41. Intermediate Two: 6 NUIG A 7:29.61. Intermediate Three: 3 St Michael’s 7:31.47.

Pairs – Elite: 3 Cork IT/Queen’s 7:33.03. Senior: 2 St Michael’s 7:38.66; 5 St Michael’s 7:46.77.


Quadruple – Senior: 2 University of Limerick 6:56.33

Double – Intermediate One: 2 Belfast BC/RBAI 7:15.78.

Single – Elite: 3 Queen’s (Williamson) 7:52.44. Senior: 2 University of Limerick (Brinn). Elite Lightweight: 3 Queen’s (Evans).


Eights – Senior: 2 UCD 7:23.01. Intermediate One: 3 NUIG 7:26.78, 4 Trinity 7:28.44.

Fours – Senior: 1 UCD 7:46.14; 4 NUIG 8:28.19.

Fours, coxed – Intermediate One: 1 UCD 8:15.72; 3 NUIG 8:37.97. Intermediate Three: 4 Trinity 8:23.59; 6 NUIG A 8:42.67.

Pairs – Intermediate One: 3 NUIG 9:47.41.


Double, Intermediate One: 1 Belfast BC 8:14.62

Single – Senior: 3 Shandon (Corcoran-O’Hare) 9:12.93, 4 University of Limerick (O’Sullivan) 9:13.61. Intermediate One: 3 UL (O’Sullivan) 9:08.80; 6 Commercial (Foley) 9:39.95. Intermediate Two: 5 St Michael’s (O’Keeffe) 9:21.77, 6 Commercial (Foley) 9:39.89. Intermediate Three: 1 St Michael’s (J O’Keeffe) 8:53.69.

British National Schools’ Championships, Nottingham (Irish interest)


Girls – Championship Double: 1 Belfast BC (B Jacques, L Litvack) 7:34.97

Championship Single: 3 Portora (K Cromie) 8:13.68



Championship Pair: 1 Bann (C Black, J Cassells) 6:57.12

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#ROWING: Metropolitan Regatta, the third leg of the eFlow Go Row League series, was cancelled this morning because of high winds on Blessington Lakes. The organisers suspended racing at 9.15 hoping for a pick-up, but then cancelled because the winds, coming from the north east did not ease off.

The regatta is a huge event. It had an entry of 359 crews and the programme was due to stretch from 8 am until after 7pm this evening.

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# ROWING: Ireland will have a rower at the London Olympic Games. Sanita Puspure finished fourth at the Olympic Qualifier in Lucerne in Switerland today, making the final place for the Games her own by passing Kaisa Pajusalu of Estonia and Iva Obradovic of Serbia.

Olympic Qualification Regatta, Lucerne (Irish interest)


Single Scull – Final (Four Qualify for Olympic Games): 1 Australia (K Crow) 7:38.79, 2 Denmark (FU Erichsen) 7:41.45, 3 United States (G Stone) 7:44.91, 4 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:48.07; 5 Serbia (I Obradovic) 7:52.68, 6 Estonia 7:57.33.

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# ROWING: Ireland’s Mark O’Donovan and Niall Kenny missed out on the chance of Olympic Qualification when they finished fifth in their lightweight double scull semi-final at the Olympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne today. The race was won by Australia, but the three boats behind them finished so close together that there was a a long delay as the judges decided which two landed positions in the final. The verdict went to Austria and Bulgaria – credited with exactly the same time – with Spain losing out. Ireland had not looked likely to land one of the top three spots for most of the race.

Olympic Qualification Regatta, Lucerne, Switzerland


Lightweight Double Scull – Semi-Finals (Three to A Final; rest to B Final) – Semi-Final One: 1 Hungary (Z Hirling, T Varga) 6:31.46, 2 United States (A Campbell Jr, W Daly) 6:33.77, 3 Switzerland (S Zehnder, M Schmid) 6:38.01; 4 Poland 6:41.29, 5 Sweden 6:44.72, 6 Slovenia 6:45.28. Semi-Final Two: 1 Australia (R Chisholm, T Gibson) 6:33.03, 2= Austria (P Sieber, B Sieber) 6:35.66, 2=Bulgaria (Z Karaivanov, V Vitanov) 6:35.66; 4 Spain (A Bertran Sastre, D Sigurjorsson Benet) 6:36.09, 5 Ireland (M O’Donovan, N Kenny) 6:39.18, 6 Czech Republic 6:53.74.


Single Scull – Semi-Final One (Three to A Final; rest to B Final): 1 Australia (K Crow) 7:32.83, 2 Serbia (I Obradovic) 7:37.99, 3 Ireland (S Puspure) 7:41.27; 4 Norway (T Gjoertz) 7:42.55, 5 Ukraine (N Huba) 7:52.73, 6 Britain (R Gamble-Flint) 7:52.90. Semi-Final Two: 1 Denmark (FU Erichsen) 7:36.13, United States (G Stone) 7:39.48, Estonia (K Pajusalu) 7:42.79; France 7:48.85, 5 Latvia 8:02.96, 6 Bulgaria 8:03.05

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Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) in Ireland Information

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is a charity to save lives at sea in the waters of UK and Ireland. Funded principally by legacies and donations, the RNLI operates a fleet of lifeboats, crewed by volunteers, based at a range of coastal and inland waters stations. Working closely with UK and Ireland Coastguards, RNLI crews are available to launch at short notice to assist people and vessels in difficulties.

RNLI was founded in 1824 and is based in Poole, Dorset. The organisation raised €210m in funds in 2019, spending €200m on lifesaving activities and water safety education. RNLI also provides a beach lifeguard service in the UK and has recently developed an International drowning prevention strategy, partnering with other organisations and governments to make drowning prevention a global priority.

Irish Lifeboat Stations

There are 46 lifeboat stations on the island of Ireland, with an operational base in Swords, Co Dublin. Irish RNLI crews are tasked through a paging system instigated by the Irish Coast Guard which can task a range of rescue resources depending on the nature of the emergency.

Famous Irish Lifeboat Rescues

Irish Lifeboats have participated in many rescues, perhaps the most famous of which was the rescue of the crew of the Daunt Rock lightship off Cork Harbour by the Ballycotton lifeboat in 1936. Spending almost 50 hours at sea, the lifeboat stood by the drifting lightship until the proximity to the Daunt Rock forced the coxswain to get alongside and successfully rescue the lightship's crew.

32 Irish lifeboat crew have been lost in rescue missions, including the 15 crew of the Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire) lifeboat which capsized while attempting to rescue the crew of the SS Palme on Christmas Eve 1895.


While the number of callouts to lifeboat stations varies from year to year, Howth Lifeboat station has aggregated more 'shouts' in recent years than other stations, averaging just over 60 a year.

Stations with an offshore lifeboat have a full-time mechanic, while some have a full-time coxswain. However, most lifeboat crews are volunteers.

There are 46 lifeboat stations on the island of Ireland

32 Irish lifeboat crew have been lost in rescue missions, including the 15 crew of the Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire) lifeboat which capsized while attempting to rescue the crew of the SS Palme on Christmas Eve 1895

In 2019, 8,941 lifeboat launches saved 342 lives across the RNLI fleet.

The Irish fleet is a mixture of inshore and all-weather (offshore) craft. The offshore lifeboats, which range from 17m to 12m in length are either moored afloat, launched down a slipway or are towed into the sea on a trailer and launched. The inshore boats are either rigid or non-rigid inflatables.

The Irish Coast Guard in the Republic of Ireland or the UK Coastguard in Northern Ireland task lifeboats when an emergency call is received, through any of the recognised systems. These include 999/112 phone calls, Mayday/PanPan calls on VHF, a signal from an emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) or distress signals.

The Irish Coast Guard is the government agency responsible for the response to, and co-ordination of, maritime accidents which require search and rescue operations. To carry out their task the Coast Guard calls on their own resources – Coast Guard units manned by volunteers and contracted helicopters, as well as "declared resources" - RNLI lifeboats and crews. While lifeboats conduct the operation, the coordination is provided by the Coast Guard.

A lifeboat coxswain (pronounced cox'n) is the skipper or master of the lifeboat.

RNLI Lifeboat crews are required to follow a particular development plan that covers a pre-agreed range of skills necessary to complete particular tasks. These skills and tasks form part of the competence-based training that is delivered both locally and at the RNLI's Lifeboat College in Poole, Dorset


While the RNLI is dependent on donations and legacies for funding, they also need volunteer crew and fund-raisers.

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