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At 1615 local time (1915 GMT) Cork, Ireland, crossed the start line at Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club to begin the 2,075 mile race to Kinsale. The team, led by Hannah Jenner, has 48 hours to build the biggest possible lead before the fleet of nine Clipper 68s starts to hunt them down. For the first time in the Clipper round the world yacht  Race’s history this will be a pursuit race after the original Clipper 68 was lost when Cork hit a submerged reef in the Java Sea last January.


Race start for Cork followed the usual procedure and crews from the nine remaining boats lined the rails of their yachts to cheer their friends out to sea. A team from the Fortress of Louisbourg primed their 8lb replica cannon and, after the ten and four and one-minute preparation signals, fired it to unleash the yacht towards the waiting ocean.


The Challenge 67 that the team is now sailing is slightly shorter and also heavier, so the fleet is racing under IRC handicap rules. For Race 12 that handicap is being applied up front, hence their departure from Cape Breton Island today, rather than with the rest of the fleet on Saturday afternoon.


Cork’s crew almost immediately changed up from their yankee headsails to a mid-weight spinnaker to take full advantage of the ten knots of breeze. 


Irish crew member Kevin Austen shared his thoughts prior to the boat departing, saying, “This Atlantic crossing is a nice big carrot at the end of the stick and we are looking forward to pushing her hard and bringing her home. The concept of the pursuit race is really interesting; the next 48 hours will be pedal to the metal, keep her moving to get as much space between us and the pursuers. The weather gods have not been on our side in the last couple of races but we have already shown that we can be competitive. We are hoping to show that properly now and push fast and hard across the last great ocean crossing of this race.”


The others are really looking forward to the moment the team makes landfall on the other side of the Atlantic, including County Kerry resident, Jacqui Browne. 


“When I see Ireland for the first time, you will probably never see such a big smile, ever, on a person’s face,” she says. “I’ll have the biggest grin I have ever worn! Even this morning, seeing the routing chart and seeing the straight line across the Atlantic, it makes home feel very close.”


Before they slipped their mooring lines, the team was invited to a send-off reception at which Burton MacIntyre, a local step dance teacher who will be coming to the stopover in Kinsale and Cork with the Cape Breton Island delegation, put the crew through their paces. For many of the team arriving in Ireland will mark their return home after almost a year away and a quick brush up on their dancing skills in readiness for a huge party in Kinsale was deemed essential. Burton promised to be on the quay side to greet the team when they arrive after the final major ocean crossing of the Clipper 09-10 Race. 


He won’t be alone – the Cork crew members already have big plans for celebrating their homecoming and supporters will be there in large numbers. 


Kevin says, “My mother has a few plans for Cork but it’s easier getting a line up for a music festival early on as it is to get the plans out of my Mum! I have heard talk of a big barbecue. They will all be in Kinsale; my friends – the two Tims, Luke and Neil and all of my mates will be down. They’ve rented a house in Kinsale and it should be a massive big party.”


Jacqui will also have a sizeable group of supporters waiting to cheer her in as she arrives home. “It will be really emotional but for now it’s excitement at the anticipation of seeing friends and family that I know will be waiting at the quayside and I’m really looking forward to seeing them and hearing them screaming and roaring out my name. I would expect at least 50 to 60 people that I know will be there – people from Cork and Kerry plus many of the Cork crew who have sailed on previous legs. It’s going to be one big happy party.



“I am particularly proud of this boat because I went out to Antigua to collect her and work on her and now I’m bringing her home to Cork. That has always been our huge ambition, as the Cork team, to bring her in to Cork – hopefully in first place.”


Skipper Hannah Jenner knows she has the team that can do that, and that starting ahead of the rest of the pack could give them a slight psychological edge. 


“It really depends on what happens with the weather because the first 24 hours are going to be quite difficult,” she explains. “It looks like potentially there’s going to be light winds from a lot of different directions so it’ll either be good for us going out there, getting into reasonable wind and knowing we’re getting ahead or its going to be a really stressful night as we go slowly and nervously look at the clock as it counts down to the time when the others start. So, fingers crossed for the good wind and good boat speed and we’ve just got to keep it. 


“The boat’s fine in heavy airs and we’re competitive under the handicap in heavy airs but if the wind drops under 15 knots it becomes a nervous time for us. So we’re hoping for that breeze that keeps us ahead and that we can get far enough ahead and into new breeze that’s due to fill in around the time the rest of the guys start so that we can keep moving when they’re moving.”


The other nine yachts of the Clipper fleet will leave Sydney, Cape Breton Island, on Saturday 19 June and they and Cork are due to arrive in Kinsale between 1 and 4 July for an eight day festival there and in Cork City. For more information on the festival programme, visit


Aerial footage of Cork Harbour below.

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To celebrate the arrival of the Clipper Round the World Race to Ireland, Kinsale Arts Week has invited each of the countries participating in the Yacht Race to select an artist to represent them at an exhibition. The Clipper Round the World Race is expected to arrive in Kinsale, Co. Cork from 2nd - 7th July, when the town will host the Kinsale Clipper Carnival.

The selected works will be showcased as part of an exhibition titled “Stopover” at the Art Hub at the Mill, opposite St. Multose Church. This is the first Exhibition at the building, which has been beautifully, and sensitively, renovated by Kinsale Town Council and Cork County Council, and will be a permanent legacy of the Carnival.

“Stopover” is intended to create a cultural dialogue between the participating countries as well as promoting the diverse cultures in an event that reflects the global scale of the Clipper Race itself. The exhibition is free and is open daily, from Saturday 3rd to Sunday 18th July, from 10am to 6pm.

Other highlights of the Carnival Weekend include “Ebb-Tide-Flow” an audio-guided walk on mp3 players. Designed by artist Fiona Hallinan and composer Alex Synge, the tour is accompanied by an original map and comprises a score and original text written for the Scilly walk. Also during the weekend children and adults will be invited to come to the Methodist Church in the town to make a page for “The Clipper Adventure Book”. The book will follow the journey of the Clippers around the world and will then be exhibited for the year at the local library.

One of the centrepieces of the Carnival Weekend will be Live Music at the Square with local, national and international acts throughout Saturday and Sunday featuring artists such as Ian Whitty and The Exchange; Aaron Dillon and Band; Novella Hermosa and Txutxukan.

Friday, July 2nd, will see the Kinsale Clipper Burrells. A Burrell is an evening of music in different venues, where instead of the audience travelling to see different acts in different venues, the acts come to each venue in turn. There will also be Kinsale Historical Walks with Dermot Ryan daily at 10.30am and 3pm from the Tourist Office.

The culmination of the weekend, on Sunday 4th July, will be the Kinsale Clipper Parade where the streets of Kinsale will be transformed into the mighty trade routes - from Asia to Europe - that the Clippers of old sailed along. The Kinsale Clipper Carnival is sponsored by Cork County Council, Cork City Council and Fáilte Ireland.

For more details on the exhibition or the Clipper race visit or 

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Photographer Bob Bateman has added new images to the Afloat gallery from the Round Britain and Ireland race that departed Kinsale this week. The images are here.

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Race 10 is already over for Cork. Concerned that they would not reach New York in time to be ready for the next race to Cape Breton Island, yesterday evening the Race Committee offered the Irish team tenth place. Skipper Hannah Jenner and her crew have accepted it and are now motoring towards North Cove Marina on Manhattan Island.


"Spirits are as high as they can be and that is testament to a bloody good team.  I think if we all had the choice we would turn right now and head straight for Cork," she says.

Cork, a steel-hulled Challenge 67, is a much heavier boat than the Clipper 68s and will do well in tougher, upwind conditions as we saw on the race to Jamaica where, on corrected time under the IRC rating system, the team finished in a creditable eighth place in their first

race back together on their new boat.

However, the very light conditions the crew has been experiencing over the last few days have pinned them frustratingly just to the north of the Bahamas, much as California was held prisoner in the Doldrums during Race 2. The Race Committee made their offer in order to allow Cork's resilient crew to reach New York in time to prepare themselves for Race 11.

Hannah says, "I think all of us are gonna need quite a few beers when we get in! I am very lucky to have a crew with such a good attitude or this would be a very difficult situation."

Meanwhile, the race goes on for the team that knows only too well from the early stages of Clipper 09-10 round the world yacht race what if feels like to be frustrated at every turn by the lightest of airs.

California, along with Jamaica Lightning Bolt and Team Finland, is now making good speed towards the Big Apple and skipper Pete Rollason says, "The crew on board California have realised for some while that we are battling for the minor places in Race 10 but battle we will.

Congratulations to Cape Breton Island, Uniquely Singapore and Edinburgh Inspiring Capital for getting the Scoring Gate points. It has been a great race to watch from our position as the leaders fight it out in some very close racing so I am sure everyone watching the race viewer on the website will be on the edge of their seats with chewed nails wondering who will take the honours into New York.

The Clipper Round the World yacht Race will arrive in Kinsale and Cork City for an 8 day festival from 02-09 July 2010. 

In Kinsale, an exciting array of entertainment is planned including local and national circus acts and musicians, food and craft markets and live music at Kinsale Square which will feature Aaron Dillon and Band, Ian Whitty and The Exchange and a Cork and Cape Breton outdoor Ceili! 

On Wednesday 07 July the fleet will make its way in a parade of sail to Cork City. To celebrate the Cork Clipper’s homecoming in style Albert Quay beside the Custom House will be transformed into a Race Village for three days from 10am to 10pm daily with food, drinks and crafts stalls and a large stage for musical acts such as Cork favourites John Spillane and Fred.


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Preparations are in full swing for the arrival of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race for its first stopover in Europe since it departed the UK last September. The project is sponsored by Cork City Council, Cork County Council and Fáilte Ireland with the principle objective of building Cork brand awareness internationally.

Kinsale has developed a very exciting programme which highlights what Kinsale does best – arts, cultural, cuisine and good craic. The yachts are expected to arrive sometime over 02/03 July but the festival will kick off on 02 July to ensure that there will be a warm welcome for the 180 crew when they arrive. An artisan food and craft fair will run for the whole weekend and Kinsale Arts Week will run STOPOVER an exhibition of an artwork from each of the regions participating in the Clipper Race in the Mill which has been renovated by Cork County Council and Kinsale Town Council and will be a lasting legacy from the event as it will provide long term exhibition space in the town.

Other activities that Kinsale will host include national and international performers and music acts, Adventures of the Seven Seas Parade on Sunday and a unique Clipper book project which will be held in Kinsale Town Library whereby everyone who visits can make an entry in the book.

Speaking at today’s launch Cork County Mayor, Cllr Derry Canty stated: ‘When I participated in the start of the Clipper Race in Hull last September, I was amazed at the courage of the crew taking on this challenge and now we are looking forward to welcoming them back safely to Kinsale after an incredible 10 month journey. They have been fantastic ambassadors for the Cork region and we will ensure that we will have a true Cead Míle Fáilte for all the crews and sponsors when they arrive in July’

On Wednesday 07 July the fleet will make its way in a parade of sail to Cork City. To celebrate the Cork Clipper’s homecoming in style Albert Quay beside the Custom House will be transformed into a Race Village for three days from 10am to 10pm daily with food, drinks and crafts stalls and a large stage for musical acts such as Cork favourites John Spillane and Fred. Each day there will be street entertainment and a vintage carousel and amusements for all the family.

The Clipper fleet will be moored at the new Cork City pontoons at the Custom House which have been installed by the Port of Cork with assistance from the City Council.

‘The Cork Clipper Festival will be a fun event for all the family celebrating our participation in this wonderful Round the World Race. The festival adds to the packed summer programme in Cork including the Midsummer Festival, Live at the Marquee with its world class acts, the Ocean to City rowing race and The Cork Marathon. Cork is the place to be this summer and I encourage everyone to visit over the summer months to enjoy our wonderful city centre with its vibrant streets and excellent shopping’ stated Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr Des Cahill.

The festival website has just been launched which details all free events over the 8 day period which will see over 200 performers participate in the two different venues.

‘We are expecting over 3000 people from overseas to travel to the event and many more tens of thousands domestic visitors’ said Fiona Buckley, Head of Operations,  Fáilte Ireland at today’s launch. The national media campaign for the Cork Clipper Festival will run in June in the lead up to the event and as there is an increase in attendance for free festivals  we expect strong numbers and a positive outcome for the tourism trade in the region’ she continued

Cork is the first ever Irish entry in Clipper Round the World Yacht Race however, it hasn’t been all plain sailing for the Cork Clipper crew in this year’s race. In January the ten boat Clipper Race was cut to nine when the original Cork Clipper hit a reef in the Java Sea leaving it unsalvageable forcing the Cork Crew to join other teams.

"However onshore the news has been better according to Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, founder of Clipper Ventures. ‘We sourced a replacement racing yacht at our own cost within days of the incident so that Cork’s participation in the Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race could continue. Independent research has recorded a cumulative global audience of more than 360 million people following the race to the end of February, already a significant increase over previous Clipper Races, and delivering an important return on investment to our sponsors."

In conjunction with Tourism Ireland the Cork Clipper has been a valiant promoter of Cork and Ireland in destinations which so far have included Hull, La Rochelle, Rio de Janeiro and South Africa.

An independent economic and media study has been undertaken by students in the UCC MBS Management & Marketing Programme and the project will release full results in Autumn 2010.

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is the only global event raced by people from all walks of life; from teachers to accountants anyone can take part, no experience necessary. In fact 40% of the crew had never stepped aboard a boat before. The Clipper Race consists of a 10-month-long, 35,000 mile course that has taken the race from England to France before crossing to Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, China, California, Panama, Jamaica, New York, Cape Breton Island, before arriving into Kinsale and Cork and then to the Netherlands. The Race will make its triumphant return to the Humber on July 17 2010.

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The Kinsale Carnival Parade is planned as part of the Clipper Stopover weekend on Sunday 4th July and organisers are looking for the people of the town and surrounding areas to be part of the big welcome and attend a meeting in Actons Hotel on Thursday May 27th.

“We’re going to be sailing 4 giant ships through the streets of Kinsale and need you to get involved. We’re looking for people of all ages to participate: to be the waves, the sailors, and the colour, that will make this a wonderful afternoon of carnival mayhem, joyous dancing and loud partying through the town of Kinsale” says Organiser, Moray Bresnihan.

“If you’re interested in getting involved please come down to Actons Hotel between 6 – 7pm on Thursday 27th May for more information, to sign up and meet the crew.

It’ll be fantastic fun so be sure to get yourself down there. We’re open to all ages and groups. If you can’t make it along but still want to get involved, telephone on 021 427 0475 or email [email protected]

Kinsale is the first landfall in Europe for the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and the town is hosting a Kinsale Clipper Stopover Carnival to welcome the participants. The Carnival will take place from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th July 2010.

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is a ten-month event during which a fleet of identical racing yachts cross all the world's major oceans and visit ports on six continents during the 35,000-mile race, around the planet. The race is due in Kinsale on the first weekend of July, the first European stopover, so let us all ensure that it’s no one will forget.

The Kinsale Carnival is sponsored by Cork County Council, Cork City Council and Failte Ireland. 

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Just as Kinsale's Spring league ends the McWilliam Sailmakers May League takes place at the Royal Cork Yacht Club (RCYC), Crosshaven, County Cork starting next Friday. All the details are here:





1          RULES

1.1       The Regatta will be sailed under the current RRS (2009 – 2012), the ISA prescriptions, the IRC Rules, part 1, 2 and 3, the ECHO handicapping System, Class rules where applicable, by this Notice of Race and by the General Conditions and Sailing Instructions of the Royal Cork Yacht Club (RCYC) except as amended by this program. Amendments to this program and RCYC General Sailing Instructions will be posted on the RCYC notice board.


1.2       IRC Crew limitation shall not apply. 


2.1       A completed signed Race Entry Declaration 2010 and current valid ECHO and /or IRC certificates must be submitted before 18:00hrs on Friday 7th May 2010 in order for a boat to be eligible for a result. Boats that have not submitted a valid Race Entry Declaration and Certificate(s) may not be given a result.


2.2       Classes will be divided on the basis of their IRC TCF and the anticipated Class Divisions are as follows:

Class                          Rule type Parameters                 Class Flag

1          IRC/ECHO    TCF 0.980 and above              Numeral Pennant 1

2          IRC/ECHO    TCF 0.920 to 0.979.                Numeral Pennant 2

3          IRC/ECHO    TCF 0.919 and below.             Numeral Pennant 3


White   IRC/ECHO    No Spinnakers, Gennakers        White Pennant

Sail                            Spinnaker poles, or

Whisker Poles


2.3       Results will only be issued to boats that have valid sail numbers clearly legible on both sides of its mainsail.


3.1       Entries must comply with ISAF Special Regulations Governing Offshore Racing for Category 4 Races.


3.2       Entries in all classes are required to fly the correct pennant. Any boat not flying the correct pennant may not be scored.


3.3       The OA reserves the right to combine Classes if the number of entries does not justify separate Classes.


3.4       Boats shall show their correct Sail Numbers. Permission to race using any other Sail Number must be sought from the Race Office prior to going afloat. Any boat not showing its correct Sail Numbers may not be scored.


3.5       The Race Committee reserve the right to place any boat in any Class they deem appropriate.


4          SCHEDULE

4.1       Dates of Racing:                                   First Gun each day:

Friday May 7th 2010                            1850

Sunday May 9th 2010                          1155

Sunday May 9th 2010                          as soon as possible after the finish of Race 2

Thursday May 13th 2010                     1850

Thursday May 20th 2010                     1850

Thursday May 27th 2010                     1850

4.2       6 races are scheduled.



The event will be sailed under the General Sailing Instructions of the RCYC.


6          VENUE

The League will be hosted by the RCYC and will be sailed in the waters of Cork Harbour and its approaches.

7          SCORING

7.1       The Low Point System of Appendix A will apply, with the following amendments:


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The final races of Kinsale's Spring Series, sponsored by Ron Holland Design, were sailed on Sunday in trying conditions for both competitors and race management alike. The wind, what little of it was there was from a south westerly direction, originally at 8 knots writes Keith O'Riordan.

Bob Bateman's photos from Sunday are here.

Classes 0,1 and 2 had a windward leeward course officiated by Principal Race Officer Alan Crosbie, while Jeanot Petch looked after classes 3,4 and the White
Sail fleet, who had an around the cans course.

The breeze was light and shifty with a strong ebb tide and it says a lot for the race management that both fleets got off the line on time. Classes 0 and 1 got under way on their beat up towards Black Head with Anthony O'Leary's Antix leading the way from Dave Dywer's and Gloves Off (Kieran and
Brian Twomey). This was the way the positions stayed with the sports boats in command throughout. On handicap took first position and thereby the series with 8 points overall. Antix came in second overall on 10 points with Gloves Off in third position.

In ECHO 0 Tom Roche's Meridian took first place followed by Johnny Godkin's Godot in second and Freya(Conor Doyle) in third place. This gave Freya the win overall in ECHO 0 with and Antix in second and third respectively.

Freya again featured in the top three in the IRC Restricted Class, in second place. This was won by Nagle/O'Malley's Jelly Baby and David Scott's Eos in third place.

In IRC 1 the day's race was won by Jelly Baby from Derry Good's Exhale in second and Dan Buckley's Justus in third. This gave Jelly Baby pole position in the
overall standings with Eos in second place and Exhale getting on the podium in third.

In ECHO 1 the day's racing was won by John Downing's Samba, from Indulgence (Aidan Heffernan) and Exhale third. Overall the top prize was taken by Exhale from Eos in second and Indulgence in third in an extremely tight finish to the Series.

Class IRC 2 was dominated throughout by the consistency of Jerome McCarthy's Harmony, and it was therefore fitting that he took the top overall prize.
Thunderbird, Denis Coleman's Corby 25 chased hard but could only manage second place with Clem McElligott's Sea Hawk squeezing into third place overall.
In ECHO 2 Y-Knot took a second in Sunday's race to give them the overall win .In second place overall was Mark Mendell's Wicked with No Gnomes (Leonard Donnery) in third position.

Classes 3,4 and the White Sail fleet were on the Round the Cans course which was slightly more inshore and consequently had a bit more breeze. These Classes managed to get a second race in after a short break. Conditions during the break were more akin to an arctic ice shower than a first day of summer!
In class IRC 3 Ian Traver's Bandit came into the last day with a practically unassailable lead and didn't make any mistakes, winning both races and the
series. Pathfinder owned by Alan Bateman had 2 seconds and second place overall followed by Powder Monkey(Liam Lynch) in third place.
ECHO 3 was won overall by Monkey Business (Bill McConnell) followed by Tony & Alice Kingston's Away On Business, with Powder Monkey coming in third place.

In IRC 4 it was Mike Sexton's consistency, with 5 firsts and 2 seconds which gave him the overall win on Granny Knot. Sundancer (Alan Mulcahy) came up with second place overall from Paul Swanton's Go Kart in third. Two of these boats were also to the fore in ECHO 4. This was won overall by Go Kart from Sundancer in second with third place going to Guinness Kann (C Forde/G Good).

The White Sail Class also got two races, which were both won by John Whelan's Wheels. This gave Wheels the Series overall from Dave O'Sullivan's Cimmarron VI with Dave Akerlind's Beneteau 47 Paragon in third place overall.

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Frank Whelan's Lola from Dublin Bay leads the 13-boat Squib champs in Kinsale. The results are here and event photos here. 




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Photos from the first days action of the South Coast Squib championships are online in our gallery.

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