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French kite surfer Alex Caizergues set a New World Speed Sailing Record at 54.10 knots during his first run at this week's Luderitz Speed Challenge event earlier today in Namibia. (SCROLL DOWN FOR VID BELOW)

The event renowned for its super high winds also saw five new national records set. (see below)

The battle for the title of "the fastest speed sailor in the world" is far from over though with more big winds forecast in Luderitz  this week and next it looks certain Caizergues new record time could yet be beaten. 

Kite Surfing:
USA - Rob Douglas, 51.88
Namibia - Stefan Metzger 45.02
New Zealand - Gavin Broadbent, 50.93
French Womens National record - Charlotte Consorti, 45.23
Australia -Tim Pumpa, 46.78 (best kite speed record performance)

Sweden -Anders Bringdal, 44.80.
U.K - Zara Davis, 36.99, Female World performance with Production Board
Sebastien Cattelan from France is placed 2nd in the world speed sailing rankings at 52.33 knots.



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A team of six kitesurfers are planning to cross the Irish Sea, from Cloghy in Northern Ireland to Silloth in West Cumbria.

Whilst not a record it will be the first time anyone has kited from Ireland to England.  Kirsty Jones was the first to kite from Ireland to Wales and Andreya Wharry almost kited from Cornwall to Ireland (130 miles), however she launched 15 miles off the coast and did not make landfall.  Some members of the team complete a crossing from the Isle of Man to England in 2008.

The current record stands at 140 miles. Kirsty Jones holds this from when she kited non-stop from Africa to Lanzarote.  

The team, Andrew Smith, Fraser Dooley, John Flinn, Martin Sandwith, Nick Elliott, Stuart Wood, are all experienced kitesurfers and are hoping to raise money for the RNLI and the NSPCC by doing the stunt.

Their site is and their promo video is visible below this post.


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