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There are just ten days remaining for you to get your entry in for the annual Ocean to City race starting in Crosshaven and finishing in Cork City.

The 15-mile race starts at 11.30am at Royal Cork YC on June 12, passing Cobh, Monkstown and Passage West before heading on into Lough Mahon, with the finish at Lapps Quay.

This year's race will feature Atlantic rower Peter Williams and entry is €30 per person, with a €10 entry fee for junior rowers.

More details on the official race website.



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Crosshaven will play host to the annual Crosshaven Traditional Sail event on the weekend of June 18-20, with traditional boat races, currach competitions, and even a 'pirates and wenches' fancy-dress party.

Proceedings kick off on Friday June 18 with an 8pm opening ceremony at the Anchor Inn. Saturday's racing gets underway after a 12pm skippers briefing, with entertainment and food in the village throughout the day and more of the same on Sunday. The festival has, in the past, attracted a wide variety of Gleoiteogs and other traditional craft, and more information is available on

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Global media coverage of Cork in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race has reached over €600,000 according to a media evaluation report commissioned by Clipper Ventures and undertaken by SMS (Sports Marketing Surveys). The role of the Cork Clipper, which is sponsored by Cork City Council, Cork County Council and Fáilte Ireland, is to promote Cork as a business and tourism destination at every stopover  in the worldwide race and its presence is certainly paying off.

In conjunction with Tourism Ireland the Cork Clipper has been a valiant promoter of Cork and Ireland in destinations which so far have included Hull, La Rochelle, Rio de Janeiro and South Africa. With more stopovers planned in  the Caribbean, New York and Cape Breton before culminating in a homecoming festival in Cork, global media coverage is expected to exceed €1 million.

However, it hasn’t been all plain sailing for the Cork Clipper crew in this year’s race. There have been several dramatic events that pushed Cork Clipper into the spotlight; In January the ten boat Clipper Race was cut to nine when the original Cork Clipper hit a reef in the Java Sea leaving it unsalvageable forcing the Cork Crew to join other teams. Cork Crew Gavin Kelly and Noreen Osbourne were caught up in treacherous sea conditions on board the California Clipper where she was demasted in rolling seas and some crew members were evacuated with injuries. The marine conditions were briefly overshadowed when the volcanic disruption of air space left Qingdao’s Skipper Chris Stanmore-Major stranded in the UK only to be rescued by new Cork Clipper Skipper Hannah Jenner who stepped in to skipper Qingdao from San Francisco to Panama. Hannah continues to grab attention with her amazing performance battling for 1st place with Spirit of Australia.

The weather conditions were not out of the headlines for long with this morning’s announcement that Race 8 will be cut short due to extremely light and unreliable winds which could affect the fleet's planned transit through the Panama Canal. Joff Bailey, Clipper Race Director explained the importance of cutting the race short,

“A delay in arriving at the lock gates of the Panama Canal means that they run the risk of not being able to transit the isthmus on schedule and as a result would be made to wait for several days.”

The shortened race will come as a welcome surprise to the separated Cork Crew as it means they will be reunited sooner than previously thought. The new Cork Clipper yacht is ready and waiting for its crew to rejoin the race in Panama. After the emotional rollercoaster offered by this year’s Clipper Race, sailing into Cork on the new Clipper Yacht be all the more special. The homecoming festival in Kinsale will be held from the 02 to 07 July and will feature international circus acts, food/ drink and crafts stalls as well as live music in Kinsale Square. The homecoming revelry will continue when the Clipper fleet arrive in Cork City on Wednesday 07 July for a 3 day festival. A free festival will be held at the specially constructed Race Village with live music, street theatre, amusements and food and drink concessions.


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Cork Port Company is in the process of installing a 100 metre pontoon facility at the South Custom House Quay which is expected to be in operation from mid- June and this will provide an opportunity for users to overnight in the City in a secure location.

It will be possible to use both sides of the facility which will allow approximately 180 metres of berthage.  The Port of Cork are currently in the process of finalising the details relating to the management and operation of the facility and these will be published in due course. It is intended that there will be charges in respect of overnight use of the facility but harbour users who have paid either mooring or boat charges will benefit from a discount.  The operating procedures and proposed charges will be published prior to the opening of the facility.

The following timelines are indicative only, but the Port of Cork will endeavour to keep on schedule:

  • Initial planning application lodged – January 2010
  • Planning Granted – 2nd week March
  • Contractors appointed –  3rd week April
  • Final construction drawings and method statements signed-off – 1st week May
  • Mobilisation of construction equipment and plant – 2nd week May
  • Commence manufacture of the pontoons – 2nd week May
  • Commence piling on site – 17th May to 28th May approx
  • Pontoon delivery form supplier – 24th May approx
  • Pontoon and Gangway installation – 24th May to 4th June Completion 4th June


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Just as Kinsale's Spring league ends the McWilliam Sailmakers May League takes place at the Royal Cork Yacht Club (RCYC), Crosshaven, County Cork starting next Friday. All the details are here:





1          RULES

1.1       The Regatta will be sailed under the current RRS (2009 – 2012), the ISA prescriptions, the IRC Rules, part 1, 2 and 3, the ECHO handicapping System, Class rules where applicable, by this Notice of Race and by the General Conditions and Sailing Instructions of the Royal Cork Yacht Club (RCYC) except as amended by this program. Amendments to this program and RCYC General Sailing Instructions will be posted on the RCYC notice board.


1.2       IRC Crew limitation shall not apply. 


2.1       A completed signed Race Entry Declaration 2010 and current valid ECHO and /or IRC certificates must be submitted before 18:00hrs on Friday 7th May 2010 in order for a boat to be eligible for a result. Boats that have not submitted a valid Race Entry Declaration and Certificate(s) may not be given a result.


2.2       Classes will be divided on the basis of their IRC TCF and the anticipated Class Divisions are as follows:

Class                          Rule type Parameters                 Class Flag

1          IRC/ECHO    TCF 0.980 and above              Numeral Pennant 1

2          IRC/ECHO    TCF 0.920 to 0.979.                Numeral Pennant 2

3          IRC/ECHO    TCF 0.919 and below.             Numeral Pennant 3


White   IRC/ECHO    No Spinnakers, Gennakers        White Pennant

Sail                            Spinnaker poles, or

Whisker Poles


2.3       Results will only be issued to boats that have valid sail numbers clearly legible on both sides of its mainsail.


3.1       Entries must comply with ISAF Special Regulations Governing Offshore Racing for Category 4 Races.


3.2       Entries in all classes are required to fly the correct pennant. Any boat not flying the correct pennant may not be scored.


3.3       The OA reserves the right to combine Classes if the number of entries does not justify separate Classes.


3.4       Boats shall show their correct Sail Numbers. Permission to race using any other Sail Number must be sought from the Race Office prior to going afloat. Any boat not showing its correct Sail Numbers may not be scored.


3.5       The Race Committee reserve the right to place any boat in any Class they deem appropriate.


4          SCHEDULE

4.1       Dates of Racing:                                   First Gun each day:

Friday May 7th 2010                            1850

Sunday May 9th 2010                          1155

Sunday May 9th 2010                          as soon as possible after the finish of Race 2

Thursday May 13th 2010                     1850

Thursday May 20th 2010                     1850

Thursday May 27th 2010                     1850

4.2       6 races are scheduled.



The event will be sailed under the General Sailing Instructions of the RCYC.


6          VENUE

The League will be hosted by the RCYC and will be sailed in the waters of Cork Harbour and its approaches.

7          SCORING

7.1       The Low Point System of Appendix A will apply, with the following amendments:


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Three units of Cork Fire Brigade dealt with a fire that broke out close to a diesel tank in a boatyard in Crosshaven today. No one was hurt in the blaze that broke out at lunch time and there was no damage to boats. Containers stored in the yard near a travel lift have been damaged, according to bystanders.

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Situated on an elevated site with superb views in a popular coastal base. The Baltimore Harbour hotel in Co. Cork is for sale by private treaty. The site includes hotel suites, 6 town houses and 12 self contianed apartments. More details from Contact CB Richard Ellis, 01-618 5500 or DTZ Sherry FitzGerald, 01-639 9300.

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26th April 2010

New Cork Chart for RIBs

Admiralty Leisure, which is part of the UK Hydrographic Office is currently expanding the range of Tough Charts and the latest to be published is a Tough Chart of Cork to Kinsale which will be available next month. 

The new Tough Chart (SC5915) provides coverage from Cork to Kinsale at various scales, including major rivers and estuaries printed on 16in the form of 14 robust and durable pages, all are referred to WGS84.  Also included is a comprehensive index diagram based on a Standard Nautical Chart detailing coverage of this product.  The product has been designed specifically for the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), dinghy and wet boat enthusiast, it is also great for use on deck on any vessel sailing or racing in the area.  This new Tough Chart will make the ideal accompaniment to those competing in Cork Week. Check out Afloat TVs high definition footage of this beautiful coastline below.

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Newly appointed Cork Clipper round the world yacht race Skipper, Hannah Jenner, will earn her 2010 sea legs earlier than expected. The volcanic disruption of the air space has left Qingdao’s Skipper Chris Stanmore-Major stranded in the UK after he flew back for a family medical emergency, almost leaving Qingdao stranded in San Francisco Bay. In the true Clipper spirit of helping one another Hannah Jenner flew back from back from Antigua where she was refitting and commissioning the new Cork boat, to Skipper Qingdao on its next leg from San Francisco to Panama. Speaking from the UK Chris expressed his gratitude and relief that his crew was in such good hands,
“I am delighted to learn that Hannah Jenner is available to drive Qingdao. This will be great boost to the team who have found a new taste for podiums and is keen to continue and develop that into even greater success on the next leg. Hannah is no stranger to the podium having won third overall on Glasgow, Scotland with Style in the last race. I hope my team will benefit from her great skill and maintain their momentum.”
Hannah, who had already been in San Francisco to greet the Cork Clipper and meet her new crew on their arrival through the Golden Gates, was happy to oblige and feels it will prepare her for when she takes control of the new Cork boat in for the Panama leg.
 “It’s exciting to be here and I’ve now got to get my head back into race mode as I’ve been in refit mode for the last week” said Hannah. “There are a few differences between this race and Clipper 07-08 in terms of racing instructions with Scoring Gates and Stealth Modes to consider but I’m always up for a challenge and I’m definitely looking forward to this one”.
The volcanic disruption leading to the skipper substitution is only one of several natural element challenges that have affected this year’s eventful Clipper Race. In January the original Cork Clipper hit a reef in the Java Sea leaving it unsalvageable and forced the Cork Crew to split up and join other teams before they collect their new boat in Panama on the 1st of May. And it wasn’t a case of plain sailing for Cork Crew’s Gavin Kelly and Noreen Osbourne on board the California Clipper. Their 90 foot mast snapped in rolling seas in the middle of the Pacific, 2200 miles from San Francisco.
All crews were rewarded with a long stopover in San Francisco where they enjoyed a civic reception at San Francisco Yacht Club, trips to Alcatraz and even a visit from Californian
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He commended the crews on their bravery, talent and hard work by saying,
“I applaud all the participants for putting their talents and skills to work. As a former professional athlete I know what it takes to excel in demanding sporting contests. Everyone here has trained hard to be ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity and you can be proud of what you have accomplished so far. To all the participants I wish you the best of luck and happy sailing.”
The Cork Clipper Crew’s adventures will come full circle when they sail into Kinsale for the Kinsale Festival July 2nd -7th in their new boat. Crew and supporters alike will be treated to an array of entertainment from international circus acts, food, arts and crafts stalls, tours and live music in Kinsale Square. The homecoming revelry will continue as they come into the Port of Cork in a Parade of Sail on July 7th -9th celebrated with live music and entertainment at the specially constructed Race Village in Albert Quay.
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The Marina Point Complex in Cobh, Cork Harbour is for sale. The 114–acre property includes the former IFI plant that runs on to the waterfront with a deep water jetty. No purchase price is quoted but it is understood that in early 2008 a purcahse price of Euro 40 million was suggested. The property is for sale in one or more lots.

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Coastal Notes Coastal Notes covers a broad spectrum of stories, events and developments in which some can be quirky and local in nature, while other stories are of national importance and are on-going, but whatever they are about, they need to be told.

Stories can be diverse and they can be influential, albeit some are more subtle than others in nature, while other events can be immediately felt. No more so felt, is firstly to those living along the coastal rim and rural isolated communities. Here the impact poses is increased to those directly linked with the sea, where daily lives are made from earning an income ashore and within coastal waters.

The topics in Coastal Notes can also be about the rare finding of sea-life creatures, a historic shipwreck lost to the passage of time and which has yet many a secret to tell. A trawler's net caught hauling more than fish but cannon balls dating to the Napoleonic era.

Also focusing the attention of Coastal Notes, are the maritime museums which are of national importance to maintaining access and knowledge of historical exhibits for future generations.

Equally to keep an eye on the present day, with activities of existing and planned projects in the pipeline from the wind and wave renewables sector and those of the energy exploration industry.

In addition Coastal Notes has many more angles to cover, be it the weekend boat leisure user taking a sedate cruise off a long straight beach on the coast beach and making a friend with a feathered companion along the way.

In complete contrast is to those who harvest the sea, using small boats based in harbours where infrastructure and safety poses an issue, before they set off to ply their trade at the foot of our highest sea cliffs along the rugged wild western seaboard.

It's all there, as Coastal Notes tells the stories that are arguably as varied to the environment from which they came from and indeed which shape people's interaction with the surrounding environment that is the natural world and our relationship with the sea.

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