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In a normal year sailmakers would be offering autumn /winter discounts. However this COVID-19 year is no normal year. Quantum Sails understands that owners may not get as much use out of their boats this year, but still have a need for some new sails. Now, rather than waiting for 2021 to use new sails purchased with the winter discounts, sails can be bought and used in late 2020, still with the advantage of a substantial discount.

Quantum Sails Ireland (Mark Mansfield/Yannick Lemonnier) are available to discuss any needs that owner have, whether it is a Cruising Dacron or laminate sail, or a top of the range Fusion Racing sail—like the below photo of a J109. Quantum have won two of the last 3 years J109 North American Championships, where the J109 is extremely popular.

J109 Upwind with Quantum Fusion sails J109 Upwind with Quantum Fusion sails
This 15% discount is available for sails purchased up to the 15th of July. Delivery time is approximately six weeks from order, so sails ordered today would arrive mid-July, likely just in time for the resumption of racing this year (we hope).

J99 with Quantum Cableless Code 0J99 with Quantum Cableless Code 0

If your interest is in cruising or long distance racing, Yannick Lemonnier has years of experience in this area and would be ideally suited to assist. If racing is your thing, four time Olympian and Top Professional sailor, Mark Mansfield, will be on hand to help work up your boat for the season.

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Quantum Sails Ireland's Yannick Lemonnier based in Galway is a short and single-handed sailing wizard.

Get ready for your solo and short-handed adventures with these short videos explaining Yannick's top six tips and tricks.

Note: Tips 1-3 are from Yannick's live webcast "Short-handed Sailing Tips & Tricks" and are in the same video below

  • How to get started: (at start)
  • Sailing at Night: (minute 6:19)
  • How to Secure your Battens: (minute 10:17)
  • Labeling Sails
  • Spinnaker Packing
  • Folding a Headsail Solo
  • Sail Preparation & Storage

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Quantum Sails Ireland is now 110% operational within COVID-19 guidelines and open for business for new sails, sail service and covers.

Since mid-March, a lot has been going on behind closed doors with two new machines fitted and building work completed achieving a full relocation from Galway Docks to Oranmore near the motorway exit, another milestone since the loft was established in January 2011.

Sail collection boxes

Sail Collection Boxes are waiting for you in Dun Laoghaire Marina and in Galway Bay Sailing Club but collection can also be organised in the Cork area thanks to Mark Mansfield.

3 mark mansfield3Olympic sailor Mark Mansfield is a sales agent for Quantum Sails Ireland

Quantum Sails NewNew sails ready for delivery

New sails ready for delivery

Quantum Sails production being slowed down by the virus in April is back at its original pace and can now achieve an improved lead time. You can ask us for quotes, and it is not too late to be on time for sailing in August.

Shorthanded Sailing

Shorthanded sailing is now going to be a new norm with social distancing, and you will need a different onboard organisation.

My background includes over 50,000 miles solo sailing and I can advise you on how to get yourself and your boat ready for this new challenge.

Yannick Lemmonier Yannick Lemonnier – short-handed specialist

Basic changes could mean that you will need to bring onboard smaller sails and re-arrange your deck to get everything within close reach including reefing lines, also you could use an asymmetric spinnaker with a snuffer or top-down furlers, all above will be topic for a future article bringing more details.

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During this Coronavirus crisis, the Quantum Sails Ireland and West Sails service loft in Galway will remain open behind closed doors and contactable by phone and online.

Drop off or collection of sails can also be arranged.

New sail production continues and we are still servicing sails and covers as usual.

quantum box marinaWe have our sail collection box back in Dun Laoghaire Marina with good logistics behind it. Just don’t forget to label and call or send a text.

With sailing in the coming weeks or months unlikely, here is a list of things that could be done:

  • Stay fit with indoor exercise
  • Do you really know the racing rules? There are lots of resources like videos or even apps online
  • Learn new skills: splicing (splicing webinar), making soft shackles to get your boat lighter, navigation techniques, mechanics or electricity
  • “Like” social media pages to get updates, some examples: Quantum sails, Quantum Racing and West Sails service loft
  • Play: search “virtual regatta” PC & smart devices, another one is “Yacht Racing game” on smart devices (very good to understand wind shifts).

If you are still bored, you can call us, we're always ready to listen to your needs and give advice.

Mark Mansfield Yannick LemonnierMark Mansfield (left) and Yannick Lemonnier during the recent ICRA conference in Dun Laoghaire

Mark Mansfield [email protected] Tel 087 250 6838
Yannick Lemonnier [email protected] Tel: 087 628 9854

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Mark Mansfield, Quantum Sailmakers Ireland agent and professional sailor, outlines what downwind sails should be available to owners who want to compete at a top-level offshore.

Having competed in the last two Round Ireland Races (on the Euro Car Parks/J109 in 2016 and the JPK 10.8 Rockabill VI in 2018). and with the next Round Ireland being just a few months away, I will go through the options and the must-have downwind sails which owners who want to be in contention, should have.

In Ireland, offshore racing is on the increase, as is shorthanded racing. The ISORA series is going from strength to strength, races like the Dun Laoghaire to Dingle and Round Ireland Races are increasing each year. In 2020, not only do we have Round Ireland, but we also have the Morgan Cup race which finishes in Cork and the 'Kingstown to Queenstown' Race also finishing in Cork. The latter two are also being used as races to get the fleets to the Cork 300 spectacular in July.

Added to this, coastal racing at regattas such as ICRAs and Dun Laoghaire Regatta is gaining a lot of support, which in effect is like a mini offshore. The sails you carry for inshore races are often quite different to the sails you will need for long offwind legs. I will outline below the downwind sail inventory that each competitive boat might look to carry.


There is a difference between the sails that need to be carried for each option. The Asymmetric option may allow fewer sails, as all sails are Asymmetrical. With a symmetrical configuration, you will ideally need your running sails (maybe an S2 and an S4), but also you will need reaching sails such as a Code 0 and an A3 (reaching Asymmetrical) preferably set on a small bowsprit.

So what sails do both asymmetrically configured boats (pole) and symmetrically configured boats need? They are:

Code 0

Up to about five years ago, there were few code 0s on boats. However, with all new boats now generally using non-overlapping configurations, there is a big gap when reaching from a sheeted out headsail, to a Code 0. Take an example of a 35 footer with a non-overlapping 30 sq. metre headsail. Generally, such a boat, if it uses a pole (symmetric), will have a circa. 100 sq. metre max sized spinnaker. If it was an asymmetric boat, it would have about a 110 sq. metre asymmetrical spinnaker on a bowsprit.

Quantum Code 0 cableless slipping along in light airsQuantum Code 0 cableless slipping along in light airs

In each of these cases, If you are tight reaching in light airs, say TWA of 60/80 degrees, It will be too tight to get an A sail working. If you don’t have a Code 0. Then you end up with an outboarded sheeted jib of 30 sq. metres. However a similar boat next to you, which has a Code 0, can set this and because it is rated as a spinnaker, it likely will be about 75 sq. metres, approx. 2.5 times the size of the Jib. The new Cableless Code 0’s from Quantum, can, in light airs, get right up about 55 degrees TWA, as the excess cloth in the sail can be minimised by tightening the Halyard which compresses the full part of the sail. In IRC the mid girths for a Code 0 cannot be less than 75%, so getting rid of fullness in the middle is the challenge. The cableless Code 0 does this more effectively than a Cabled Code 0.

When the breeze gets broader a bit, then the halyard can be eased and the excess cloth comes free and actually can project to windward.

In strong airs, the code 0 can also be used as a small blast reaching spinnaker, in conditions too windy for a normal A3/A5 spinnaker. The Code 0 is a must-have sail nowadays, particularly for non-overlapping boats. Even with overlapping boats—take the 35-footer mentioned above, if she had an overlapping 40 sq. metre headsail, the code 0 would still nearly be twice the size.

A3/A5 Asymmetric Spinnaker

Whether your boat is set up with a Pole(symmetric) or only a sprit(asymmetric), if you have a long reaching leg, You do not want to be carrying either an S4(heavy Running Symmetrical Spinnaker) or an A4(heavy running Asymmetrical spinnaker). The reason for this is they are designed to be very deep in the head and midsections, to run deep and fast.

For beam reaching, or even reaching with the wind aft of the beam in stronger conditions, a flatter, slightly smaller Asymmetric spinnaker, is what is needed. This will lessen broaching, and will just be quicker. In the case again of the 35 footer with a full-size symmetrical spinnaker of 100 sq. metres, she would likely carry an A3/A5 of about 90 sq. metres. Even if this 35 footer, was sailing with full Asymmetrical configuration, her A3/A5 would still likely be around the same size.

If you were able to carry both an A3 and an A5, then the sizing might be more like 95 sq. metres for the A3 and 80 sq. meres for the A5. However most boats have a max spinnaker number that they can carry, so a Hybrid A3/A5 makes sense. A 90 sq. metre A3/A5 fits nicely then for reaching with the 75Sq metre Code 0, and covers all the Requirements when reaching.

Running Spinnakers

Asymmetric set up

Quantum TP52 Power reaching with Asymmetric chuteQuantum TP52 Power reaching with asymmetric chute

If you are purely an asymmetric boat with a sprit (like a J109) and you only want to carry 3 spinnakers, then you have just one spinnaker left, if you have the A3 and the Code 0.

This then has to be the A2 Running all-round spinnaker. It will get close-ish to the wind in light airs but is really designed to be sailed deep, broad-reaching and running. The only downside with this is if the breeze gets to 20kts plus, you run the risk that the A2 will blow, and be unrepairable. Then you are just left with the A3/A5 as your biggest spinnakers.
A much better option is to carry four spinnakers, take An A4 heavy runner and accept the approx. 1 point difference in rating. If it did come to pass that the A2 blew, at least the A4 is approx. the same size, although a heavier cloth and maybe a little narrower in the head.

Symmetric set up

This is quite similar to the Asymmetric setup, with one difference, if you decide to only carry 3 spinnakers, then the S2 is likely the one you will go with. However, If this blows, you have no Symmetric spinnakers to use when running. For an Asymmetrical boat, at least they still have a long sprit to carry the A3/A5 when running. With a Symmetrical setup boat, the sprit is very short and the A3/A5 is very inefficient when running with a short sprit. So for this setup, I would always suggest an S4, in addition to an S2 be carried, and take the one-point penalty in rating.

However, the weather forecast will also be taken into account. If it were forecast to be light for the whole race, maybe it is worth the risk to just go with one running spinnaker. If, however, it is scheduled to be strong at a time when going downwind, then it would be very risky just to carry one running spinnaker.


My thoughts then on which spinnakers should be carried offshore, bearing in mind the above paragraphs, would be,

  • Symmetric set up: S2 , S4, A3/A5, Code 0.
  • Asymmetric Set up: A2, A3/A5, Code 0. If windy forecast, also take an A4.

There are other sail options downwind, that involve sails rated as headsails—like staysails, flying Headsails, and I will touch on these in a later article.

Quantum Sails Ireland would be delighted to discuss downwind or upwind sail options with any client or potential client, and give our thoughts.

Download the Quantum brochure below

Mark Mansfield [email protected] ph 087 250 6838

Yannick Lemonnier-- [email protected] Tel: 087 628 9854

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Sailmaker Yannick Lemonnier, a five-time Figaro sailor with over 90,000 miles sailed mostly solo, shares some Quantum Sails tips

Whether the wind shifted for the downwind leg or you need to reach home to the marina, knowing how to reach with your runner or run with your reacher is a valuable skill. Quantum’s specialist shares his tips for these valuable techniques.

While each sail has a prescribed purpose or wind range, there are techniques that allow you to push a sail beyond its intended purpose, particularly when it comes to spinnakers. Whether you want to avoid a sail change or you need to quickly alter course to make a mark or destination, here is how to set up your downwind sails to reach or run when the breeze is not cooperating.


Quantum 2 When you want to reach, you will need to set your symmetrical kite to act like an asymmetrical one Photo by Gary Trinklein

Symmetrical spinnakers are designed to fly with the fullest shape possible. This allows the boat to run faster downwind by capturing as much breeze as possible. However, when you want to reach, you will need to set your symmetrical kite to act like an asymmetrical one. Start by moving the pole forward and down. Next, set the weather tweaker at the deck and ease the leeward tweaker (use your spinnaker-pole downhaul, if equipped). Moving the pole forward sets the tack close to centerline (like a sprit) while the pole tip-down hardens the luff so it can act as a leading-edge (like an asym). The hotter the angle of sail, the more forward the pole will need to be relative to the forestay. (Note: Be careful to keep the pole controlled and prevent it from banging against the forestay. A sudden gust can cause crash it into the forestay and damage the rig.) Once the pole is properly positioned, cleat the guy and have the trimmer trim the sail like an asymmetrical kite. Ease the sheet until the luff curls, then back in again. If you sheet it in hard or tight, it will act similar to a code zero. 


sailing dead downwindSailing near-dead downwind. Photo by Sharon Green

By design, asymmetrical kites are better for reaching. They are built with more of a foil shape similar to a working sail, making them easier to use. However, their shape also limits their effective angles. When you need to sail deeper than the polars might recommend, there are a few simple adjustments you can make. Start by easing the tack 10-18 inches to extend the length of the luff to give a fuller shape. This allows the sail to rotate around the forestay. Next, as the driver turns down, the trimmer should ease the sheet to induce even more rotation.

This combination helps project the sail area forward and enables the kite to run deeper. Trim as you normally would.

Whether conditions call for reaching or running, the ability to maximize your downwind inventory is a handy skill. Because every boat is rigged a bit differently, the exact adjustments can be specific to the boat or one design class, but these tips will get you started.

For more information on a particular boat and spinnaker setup, you can contact Yannick Lemonnier or Mark Mansfield to discuss in detail.

Ireland now has another proper option for the purchasing of sails, with the arrival of this World Class Quantum brand to Ireland. Come and ask Yannick or me for a quote. You won't be disappointed.

Download the Quantum brochure below

Mark Mansfield [email protected] Tel: 087 2506838
Yannick Lemonnier [email protected] Tel: 087 628 9854

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6th February 2020

Why Quantum Sails?

Mark Mansfield, four-time Olympian, professional sailor/coach and J Boats and Grand Soleil agent for Ireland, outlines why he has decided to link up as an agent for Quantum Sails.

I was recently appointed the Irish agent for J Boats and Grand Soleil Yachts in Ireland so adding a sailmaker agency to my armoury was a natural addition. I looked at various options and in the end, I went with Quantum because:



I am a little biased, in that I chose Quantum sails in three of my four Olympic campaigns, but these were Dacron one-design sails. Quantum has also been one of the major big boat sailmakers for many years.

Their Top range Fusion Technology can be seen in such boats as:

  • Quantum TP 52—Consistently the top Tp 52 in the Ultra competitive TP52 circuit.
  • American Magic—Foiling US Americas Cup Challenger from the New York Yacht Club 
  • Swan 36—Chose Quantum to design the first sails for this new exciting class, as did the Dehler 30 one-design class.

American MagicAmerican Magic—Foiling US Americas Cup Challenger

Dehler 30Swan 36

Swan 36Dehler 30 OD

They all use Fusion MR Technology product, which are membrane sails designed and built specifically for a particular boat. This product can be had with, Carbon Strengthening Threads—Fusion 7000 series—generally used at the top racing level and needed for boats over about 33 feet to keep the sails from stretching.

Aramid (Kevlar) Strengthening Threads—Fusion 5000 series—Generally used at a top level for racing and needed for boats between about 28 to 33 feet to keep the sails from Stretching.

We then also have our Tri Radial product, which uses laminated sailcloth with various Strengths (some Carbon, some Aramid, some Polyester), constructed in load-bearing tri-radial designs. These sails are perfect for the club racing level sailor, who wants a quality product, which will last, at a more affordable price level.


I priced sails with other sailmaking brands in the 30 foot, 35 foot and 40-foot range and consistently Quantum came out the most competitive for both their Top range Grand Prix Fusion MR products and also their Step down Club racing sails.

I believe in Ireland Owners are generally unhappy about the high pricing levels for sails, which have seemed to increase right through the recession at a level not seen in any other products.

Clients should remember if they are getting quotes for sails, that the quotes they receive have the same base structural strengthening material (Carbon/Aramid/Polyester) as the other sailmaker. Just because a sail has a fancy badge, has a fancy brand name and is black, that doesn’t mean it is the correct sail for the boat and is strong enough. Often sailmakers, especially if they are in competition with another sailmaker, will quote on a sail that looks fancy, but the internal load-bearing material (maybe Polyester instead of Carbon) is not going to stop stretch and so will have a much shorter competitive life.

TP52A top TP 52 using Fusion MR Main and headsail


This is always important and Yannick Lemonnier has been servicing sails in his Galway Loft for over 10 years. Yannick was the Quantum Sails Agent for a number of years and is now back into the Quantum family. Yannick has a 250 Sq. metre Loft with three Machines, which can repair and recut any size sail. They can also manufacture Covers and other canvas products like Dodgers, Biminis etc.

Yannick will cover the West Of Ireland, I will be covering the South and between us, we will cover the East, Midlands and Northern Ireland. Should a client go with us, he will get significant backup, which will include rig tuning and other go-fast requirements.

Ireland now has another proper option for the purchasing of sails, with the arrival of this World Class Quantum brand to Ireland. Come and ask Yannick or me for a quote. You won't be disappointed.

Download the Quantum brochure below

Mark Mansfield [email protected] 087 2506838

Yannick Lemonnier-- [email protected] Tel: 087 628 9854

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Quantum Sails International has announced that a new agent for Ireland has been agreed. Four times Olympian, Mark Mansfield will join forces as a sales agent for Quantum Sails, with Yannick Lemonnier from West Sails in Galway.

Mansfield is also J Boats and Grand Soleil agent for Ireland and is well known In Irish sailing through his Olympic and other International sailing campaigns. He is also a Professional sailor and Coach and contributor to Afloat. He was previously an agent for another Irish sailmaker.

Yannick Has been based in Galway as a sailmaker for ten years and has recently moved his loft to a new state-of-the-art 250 sq. metre premises in Oranmore in County Galway. Well known for having competed in five Figaro events and more recently he has been competing in his own Mini Transat yacht in events such as Round Ireland and Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Races.

Mark Chellis, Marketing Global Director, Quantum Sails, was delighted to be on hand at the Dusseldorf boat show when details were announced of the new arrangement.  He comments “ We have known Yannick for some years as he previously was our agent, and are now delighted to see him team up with someone of Mark Mansfield’s pedigree. Mark has competed in 3 Olympics using Quantum Sails and understands the standard of Design and expertise that our worldwide team brings. Our TP 52 has consistently been the top performer on the Med Circuit for the last number of Years, winning overall on four occasions. Our sails compete in the Top events worldwide with great results. we are also tightly aligned with Dehler 30 OD, the ClubSwan36 & foilers like American Magic.

Club Swan 36Club Swan 36Delher 30 ODDelher 30 OD

Mark Mansfield helmingMark Mansfield

Mark Mansfield comments—“ I am really looking forward to the challenge of helping Quantum Sails become a major player in the Irish market, and now is a good time to bring such a worldwide brand back to the notice of Irish customers. Before going with Quantum, I did an in-depth study on the other available brands and Quantum came out on top for providing quality sails at a competitive pricing structure that will compete very well in Ireland. Yannick is a great offshore and shorthanded sailor and is a proven sailmaker, operating from his new West Sails sail making Loft in Galway. We have the technology and design from The Quantum Group, the service back-up from our own Galway Loft and now the proper, on the ground personnel, to take care of clients all over the country”.

Yannick Lemonnier MiniYannick Lemonnier

Yannick Comments—” I am delighted to be back in the Quantum family after a years break with another Sailmaker. It is a new start with 10 years of experience in the background and now look forward to working with Mark, who is well known in Ireland. This is why I decided to work again with Quantum sails which I like very much for its consistent quality, performance and price. It is very easy to work with their top-level designers, other lofts and Class specialist. Joining forces with Mark is giving another dimension to the business, giving access to the East and Southern coasts where Mark is well known.

west sails loftNew 250 square metre Quantum Sail Loft premises in Galway
Quantum Sails Have a range of brands to suit any sailor, from Top Grand Prix level Fusion membrane sails found on TP 52s right down to Club racing and cruising sails. The range of products can suit any requirement and can adapt to fit the price level of most owners.

Mark and Yannick can be contacted for quotes or other information at:

[email protected] or [email protected] Tel: 087 628 9854

Mark—[email protected] Tel: 087 2506838

Quantum 2

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