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#rayc – The Royal Aflred Yacht Club (RAYC) is offering an extra dimension to Dublin Bay sailing for 'the price of a pint', says RAYC Commodore Barry MacNeaney. Covering all cruiser and keelboat classes and with a very modest entry fee of €5 per crew member, the RAYC Superleague series gives a flexibility that allows every competitor a fighting chance.

In 2012, the RAYC racing club  re-launched the 'Superleague' concept – first staged in the 1990s – to a new generation of sailors in 2012 with the aim of 'rewarding the best boats, skippers and crews', across the whole season, in each class in Dublin Bay, the country's biggest sailing centre.

Saturday's Royal Irish Yacht Club Regatta marks the first of the 2014 RAYC league's ten race series. With a generous discard of four races if all ten races are sailed, winners may not be decided till the final race!

Prizes for the winners and for their crew will be presented at the RAYC Annual Black Tie Dinner being held this year in the RIYC on November 21st

Entry forms are in all the Dun Laoghaire Clubs and Howth Yacht Club. On-line entry is also possible here.


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#rayc - Saturday 12th April was a busy day for the Royal Alfred Yacht Club, being actively involved in simultaneous events on the Liffey and in Howth.

On the Liffey the Royal Alfred was coordinating the on-the water part of the highly successful Colours Race between UCD and TCD. Royal Alfred committee member Eunice Kennedy, working with the overall event organiser, UCD Sailing Club, managed a cooperative effort involving resources from the Royal St. George Yacht Club, the Poolbeg Yacht and Boat Club and the collaboration of Dublin Port,who agreed to open the East Link Bridge.

This was an exceptional day for the students, with Trinity taking the honours in the Colours Race from UCD, who had already triumphed in the precceding round robin. It was however business as usual for the 'Alfred', as they have been running racing in the Liffey for many years.

At the same time, the last day of day of Howth Yacht Club's Spring Warmers Series was also Royal Alfred Day. With another set of prizes to fight for, even those whose previous results left them with no chance in the overall series could aspire to take home some glassware from the Royal Alfred event, thus adding further interest to the competition.

Other 'Alfred' events are planned this year, many of them in cooperation with other clubs. Thus the Royal Alfred Yacht Club's annual Bloomsday Regatta will neatly avoid a potential clash of dates in an overcrowded season by running the event alongside the Irish Cruiser Racing Association's National Cruiser Nationals which runs from 13th to the 15th June. The cruiser classes will sail the ICRA courses, and all entrants in the ICRA Nationals will be automatically entered in the Bloomsday Regatta. The first 2 races sailed on the ICRA course on Saturday 14th of June will count for the Bloomsday results. All other classes will sail on courses managed by the RAYC.

The Royal Alfred Superleague is also run in cooperation with the waterfront clubs and DBSC. The Dun Laoghaire and Howth Club regattas, including, naturally the RAYC Bloomsday Regatta and designated DBSC races count towards a season-long competition, with a prize-giving at the prestigious RAYC dinner.

In much the same way, the Royal Alfred continues it's ancient association with offshore racing (a sport the club can claim to have invented) by running the RAYC Coastal Series within the Irish Offshore Racing Association Series. By awarding prizes for the shorter races, the Royal Alfred YC offers competition for those who are tempted by racing offshore.

The Royal Alfred continues to add something extra to the Dublin sailing season. It is also satisfying to see ideas developed by the club, such as a multi-class regatta for one design keel-boats, being taken up elsewhere. The RAYC continues to develop and confirm its long tradition of Corinthian sailing.

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#rayc – At Friday's Royal Alfred Yacht Club Annual Dinner, past Commodore Ailbe Millerick was awarded the Dr John O'Leary Memorial Trophy for Services to Sailing.

Royal St George member Ailbe Millerick has had a long and distinguished sailing career which is far from over. He has competed successfully in dinghies, offshore racing and in Dragons. He was with John Ross Murphy and Ed Peel when they won the Dragon 75th Anniversary Race in St. Tropez. This was an all Dublin Bay affair with Tony O'Gorman in charge of trying to start the 267 Dragons.
For many years Ailbe lead the revival of Irish team racing, trailing boats round the country to events. He became an International Umpire in 1999, and has been a mentor and guide to Irish umpires ever since.
Not least, Ailbe was a committee member of the Royal Alfred YC for 15 years, of which he spent 7 years as Commodore. He was very much a hands-on Commodore, out starting RAYC's offshore races, serving as race officer, judge and many other functions, including towing boats up the Liffey for RAYC racing in the heart of Dublin. Ailbe Millerick continues to maintain the Royal Alfred YCs ideals of Corinthian racing.

The RAYC dinner was attended by 142 members and guests. The prizegiving for the Bloomsday Regatta and the RAYC Superleague was onc eagain the opportunity to admire a spectacular array of silverware, dating, for many of the trophies from the 19th Century.

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#rayc – Following an excellent four race series, the final positions in the Royal Alfred Yacht Club (RAYC) Offshore Series run in association with ISORA have been published writes RAYC Commodore Barry McNeaney.

In the Gold Fleet it was the last race that decided the result as "Jedi's" (Andrew Sarratt) magnificent first place allowed a discard on race two and they just pipped "Ruth" (Liam Shanahan) at the post! A margin of one point at the finish – it could not have been closer!

In the Silver fleet "Polished Manx" took a commanding lead from early in the Series. It was unfortunate that there were not more competitors in the last race as "Polished Manx" did not compete and "Windshift" ,who did compete and finished well could not amass the points needed to overtake them. Well done to "Polished Manx"!

Gold Fleet: points
1st Jedi 26
2nd Ruth 25
3rd Adelie 20
4th Lula Belle 18
5th Jointly Mojito and Tsunami 16

Silver Fleet: Points

1st Polished Manx 26

2nd Windshift 21
3rd Jointly Desert Star and Yahtzee 19
5th Quite Correct 17
6th African Challenge 14
7th Orna 5

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The Royal Alfred Yacht Club enjoyed a brilliant day of sunshine for its annual regatta. The Bloomsday Regatta was hosted at the Royal Irish Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire. 

With gust south westerly winds, the A & B courses completed two windard/leeward races with White Sails enjoying a race around the cans. In three of the classes there were tie breaks broken by the best placing in the last race of the day. Result highlights below and full results downloadable as MS Word files below.  No Beneteau 31.7 or Shipman results have been issued by RAYC.

Cruisers 0 IRC 1st, Loose Change, Morris Mitton and Petter Redden, RIYC
Cruisers 0 Echo 1st, Tsunami, Vincent Farrell,RIYC

Cruisers 1 IRC 1st Gringo, Tony Fox
2nd Jalapeno, Barrington, Bourke & Phillips,RIYC
Cruisers 1 Echo 1st Adrenain, Joe McDonald, NYC
2nd Axiom, M. O'Neill

Criusers 2 IRC 1st Sunburn, Ian Byrne, HYC
2nd Bendemeer, L Casey & D Power, RSGYC
3rd Red Rhum, J & C Nicholson
Cruisers 2 Echo 1st Helter Skelter, Adrienne Jermyn, RSGYC
2nd Kamakassie, Peter Nash, RSGYC
3rd Graduate, Dominic O'Keefe, RIYC

White Sails IRC 1st Orna, Phillip Dilworth NYC
2nd Warrior, Dave Shanahan
3rd Voyage, Joe Carton HYC
White Sails Echo 1st Sweet Martini, Bruce Carswell, RSGYC
2nd Vive, Brian Cumerford, DMYC

Cruisers 3A IRC 1st Cri-Cri, Paul Colton
2nd Hyflyer, John Barnard PYBC
3rd Supernova, McStay/Timbs/Monaghan/Costello,
Cruisers 3A Echo 1st Borraine, Ean Pugh, RIYC
2nd Carrabeg, D. Martin, RSGYC

Cruisers 3B Echo 1st Saki, Ryan/McCormack, RIYC
2nd Asterix, Boushell.Conimhan/Meredith

Sigma 33's 1st Springer, Ian Bowrning, RSGYC

Ruffian 23's 1st Alias, D. Meeke & M. McCarthy
2nd Paramour, Sastree/Russell/Power NYC

Glens 1st Glenluce, Richard O'Connor, RSGYC
2nd Glendun, Brian Denham, RSGYC
3rd Pterodacty R & D McCaffrey, RIYC

Beneteau 21's 1st Yikes, Joe Conway, RIYC

Squib's 1st Perfection, Jill Flemming, RSGYC
2nd Little Demon, Sheila Power, RSGYC
3rd Tais, Micheal O'Connell, RIYC

In the Laser fleet the results were very interesting in that we had a number of under 18's competing with one of them taking 3rd place. The results are as follows:

Juniors 1st Rory McStay RIYC
2nd C O'Beirne RIYC
3rd L. Murphy RSGYC

Senior 1st Mattie O'Dowd RSGYC
2nd Paul Keane RIYC
3rd Sean Craig RAYC

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Bloomsday Regatta will be held this Saturday on Dublin Bay under the Burgee of the Royal Alfred Yacht Club and in association with all four Dun Laoghaire waterfront Yacht Clubs. The host club is the Royal Irish Yacht Club.

The regatta caters for Cruiser Classes 0,1,2, 3a and 3b & White Sails, Laser SB20, Dragon, Sigma 33, Beneteau 31.7, Beneteau 21, Puppeteer, Ruffian, Glen, Shipman 23, Flying 15, Squib, Mermaid, Fireball, 420, IDRA 14, Laser 1, Radial, Water Wags and Portsmouth Yardstick.

There are two races back to back scheduled and the forecast indicates high winds for race time.

A notice of race is downloadable as a PDF below. 

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Results from last weekend's RAYC Baily Bowl Weekend at the National Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire

3rd Rick Johnson in Diva
2nd Peter Bowring in Phantom
1st Andrew Craig in Chimaera

3rd Mark Brien in Fullmarks
2nd Stephen Polley in Storm
1st Tiffany Brien in Kin

3rd Jill Flemming in Perfection
Joint 2nd Peter Wallace in Toys for the Boys and Frank Whelan in Lola
1st Gordon Patterson in Quick Step 111

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The Royal Alfred Yacht Club 2013 Superleague comprises four Dublin Bay Saturday's (11th May, 27th July, 17th August and 14th September), Howth Regatta Lambay Race 8th June, RAYC Bloomsday Regatta 15th June and the Dun Laoghaire Regatta 11th to 14th July.

Club sailing secretary Eunice Kennedy reports the Royal Alfred will also stage its Baily Bowl one design event on the May 25 and 26th. The RAYC Bloomsday Regatta is on 15th of June.

Entries for our events can be done on line at

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#rayc – There were Class One IRC wins for outgoing Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) Commodore Tony Fox in the The Royal Alfred Yacht Club Superleague this year and victory too for former Royal Irish Yacht Club (RIYC) Commodore Peter Redden in Class Zero IRC sailing Loose Change. The prizes will be presented at the RAYC Annual Black Tie Dinner in the National Yacht Club on Friday, 30th November, a highlight of the Dublin Bay sailing season.

The Superleague series for keelboats was revived in 2012. This series combines the results of the 5 Dun Laoghiare Regattas with 5 designated Dublin Bay Sailing Club race days. With 10 days racing in the series, with the 6 best counting for the final results, the SuperLeague has proved to be a successful and engaging addition to the Dublin Bay Sailing Club's programme of summer racing. Without adding to an already crowded sailing calendar, the RAYC Superleage provides a summer-long series, adding an 'extra frisson' of interest to racing in Dun Laoghaire.

The spread of ten races with a generous four discards meant that for this revived edition, almost 60 boats took part, a good percentage of the yachts that race on a regular basis. In most classes, winners winners were decided on the last or second last race of the series. However, "Supernova" was the clear leader from early on and never looked likely to give up their pole position.

The Royal Alfred Yacht Club has attached particular importance to awarding Superleague prizes not only the Skipper but also to the crew of winning yachts. These small mementoes are a reminder to us all that without the efforts of the crew there would be very little activity in the Bay !

The Royal Alfred Yacht Club Superleague will be sailed again in 2013. A special effort will be made to persuade those classes that did participate this year to join in this enjoyable extension to the racing programme.

Royal Alfred Superleague 2012 Results

Cruisers 0 IRC

1. Loose Change M.Mitton, P. Redden

2. WOW George Sisk

3. Tsunami Vincent Farrell

Cruisers 0 Echo

1. Tsunami Vincent Farrell

2. Loose Change M.Mitton, P. Reddan

3. WOW George Sisk

Cruisers 1 IRC

1. Gringo Tony Fox

2. Xtravagance Colin Byrne

3. Jalapeno P.Barrington, D. Baker et al

Cruisers 1 Echo

1. Jump the Gun M Monaghan, J. Kelly

2. Gringo Tony Fox

3. Powder Monkey Chris Moore, Mark Byrne et al

Cruisers 2 IRC

1. Smile P. O'Connell, E. Healy, B. O'Sullivan

Red Rhum Johnathan and Christopher Nicholson

Bendemeer Lindsay Casey, Denis Power

Cruisers 2 Echo

1. Bendemeer Lindsay Casey, Denis Power

2. Smile P. O'Connell, E. Healy, B. O'Sullivan

3. Peridot Jim McCann, Hugh O'Donnell et al

Cruisers 3 IRC

1. Supernova K. Lawless, P. Shannon, S. McCormack

2. Quest B. Cunningham, J. Skerrit

3. Asterix Counihan, Meredith and Bushell

Cruisers 3 Echo

1. Supernova K. Lawless, P. Shannon, S. McCormack

2. Quest B. Cunningham, J. Skerrit

3. Asterix Counihan, Meredith and Bushell

Beneteau 31.7

1. Prospect Chris Johnston

2. Attitude D. Owens, J. Sugars

3. Extreme Reality P. McSwiney, E. O'Rafferty

Ruffian 23

1.Paramour L. Power, D. Russell

2. Crescendo Loran Balfe


1. Whiterock Henry Robinson

2. Gusto Christine Heath

White Sails IRC

1. Act Two M. O'Leary, T. Roche, D. Andrews

2. Vespucci S. & K. O'Regan

3. Calypso Howard Knott

White Sails Echo

1. Act Two M. O'Leary, T. Roche, D. Andrews

2. Vespucci S. & K. O'Regan

3. Calypso Howard Knott

The prizes will be presented at the RAYC Annual Black Tie Dinner in the National Yacht Club on Friday 30th November.

All members and friends of the RAYC are welcome and booking can be made directly with Mr Tim O'Brien, the Club Manager at 2805725.

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#RAYC – It was only in the last race that Andrew Sarratt's Jedi from Dun Laoghaire moved from second to win the 2012 Royal Alfred Yacht Club (RAYC) Coastal Series run over three races in association with ISORA. Full results for the Dublin Bay based series are available for download below as an MS Word document.

It is another offshore win for the J109 class, a design that has proved unbeatable offshore this season.

The RAYC has awarded two trophies for the coastal series - one for the Gold fleet and another for the Silver fleet.

African Challenge, a Beneteau First 42, won the silver fleet.

The Royal Alfred Yacht Club Dinner and Prize-giving takes place on Friday 30th November in the National Yacht Club.

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