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Race 1

Cruiser 3 Tuesday Echo: 1. Saki, 2. Pamafe, 3. Wynward

Sportsboat SptBt. Hcap: 1. Sea Jade, 2. Team INSS

Ruffian: 1. Carmen, 2. Diane II, 3. Ruff Justice

B211 One Design: 1. Billy Whizz, 2. Yikes, 3. Ventuno

B211 Echo: 1. Bees Wing, 2. Ventuno, 3. Small Wonder

PY Class: 1. E McKeon, 2. R Mooney, 3. F Hederman/K Rumball

IDRA 14: 1. Dumoanin, 2. Sapphire, 3. Doody

Fireball: 1. S Oram, 2. F Miller

Laser Radial: 1. M Sorgassi, 2. C Clancy, 3. J O'Beirne

Race 2

PY Class: 1. E McKeon, 2. R Mooney, 3. F Hederman/K Rumball

IDRA 14: 1. Dumoanin, 2. Sapphire, 3. Slipstream

Fireball: 1. S Oram, 2. F Miller

Laser Radial: 1. M Simington, 2. C Clancy, 3. B Hughes

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DBSC Results for 04/05/2019:

Race 1

Cruiser 0 IRC: 1. Wow, 2. Lively Lady

Cruiser 0 Echo: 1. Tsunami, 2. Lively Lady

Cruiser 1 IRC: 1. Bon Exemple, 2. Something Else, 3. White Mischief

Cruiser 1 Echo: 1. Bon Exemple, 2. Jump the Gun, 3. Raptor

X44 Wow Dublin Bay 2352George Sisk's X44 Wow was the Class Zero IRC DBSC winner Photo:
Cruiser 1 J109: 1. Something Else, 2. White Mischief, 3. Chimaera

31.7 One Design: 1. Prospect, 2. Levante, 3. Attitude

31.7 Echo: 1. Fiddly Bits, 2. Bluefin Two, 3. Levante

Cruiser 2 IRC: 1. Rupert, 2. Springer, 3. Leeuwin

Cruiser 2 Echo: 1= Enchantress and Gwili Two, 3. Springer

Cruiser 2 Sigma 33: 1. Rupert, 2. Springer, 3. Gwili Two

Cruiser 3 IRC: 1. Asterix, 2. Starlet, 3. Maranda

Starlet 2613The Formula 28 Starlet was second in DBSC Cruisers Three IRC Photo:
Cruiser 3 Echo: 1. Asterix, 2. Starlet, 3. Wynward

Cruiser 5 NS-IRC: 1. Cevantes, 2. Gung-Ho, 3. Persistence

Cruiser 5 Echo: 1. Cevantes, 2. Gung-Ho, 3. Persistence

Sportsboat SptBt. Hcap: 1. Jester, 2. Jambiya, 3. Toute Si

Flying 15: 1. Flyer, 2. Fflagella, 3. Betty

Ruffian: 1. Bandit, 2. Ruffles, 3. Carmen

Shipman One Design: 1. Invader, 2. Jo Slim, 3. Barossa

B211 One Design: 1. Small Wonder, 2. Ventuno, 3. Yikes

B211 Echo: 1. Small Wonder, 2. Ventuno, 3. Chinook

Glen: 1. Glendun, 2. Glenshesk

Race 2

SB20: 1. Smoke on the Water

Sportsboat SptBt. Hcap: 1. Jester, 2. Jambiya, 3. Toute Si

Flying 15: 1. 4018, 2. Betty, 3. Glass Half Full

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Dublin Bay Sailing Club’s dinghy instructions and course card for 2019 are available online as a handy two-page PDF file.

With the hope of Laser 4.7s joining the club’s growing Laser fleet, revised start times have been instituted for Tuesday racing, which got under way for the 2019 season last week:

  • PY, Mermaids, IDRA and Fireballs — Flag F — Warning Signal 19:00
  • Laser Standard and 4.7 — Flag Laser — Warning Signal 19:03
  • Laser Radial — Flag Radial — Warning Signal 19:06

Revised course cards have also been published for Tuesdays and Saturday Blue Fleet racing due to the loss of the Harbour and Zebra marks.

For the latest DBSC news be sure to check out the club’s newly redesigned website at

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A Dublin Bay risk assessment carried out by Dublin Port Company has led to the removal of some of Dublin Bay Sailing Club's (DBSC) yacht racing marks and the upgrading of others.

Some courses in next month's busy DBSC summer calendar have been amended to take into account concerns raised by Dublin Port's Harbour Master over ships coming into contact with the 10-foot conical racing buoys that until now were unlit and without radar reflectors.

23 fibreglass marks provide turning points for up to 300 racing yachts based at Dun Laoghaire and are positioned each season in the south and western areas of the capital's waters. Summer racing runs from April to late September in one of Europe's biggest yacht racing clubs.

Pier mark 1316Racing yachts round DBSC's Pier Mark. Photo:

Two marks have been removed entirely while others are to be replaced by more substantial buoys with lights and radar reflectors this month.

DBSC's Honorary Secretary Chris Moore told "he has been more than happy to work with the harbour authorities to eliminate any concerns and make the Bay a safer place for both watersports and shipping"

Marks can only be laid with the permission of the Dublin Harbour Master whose jurisdiction extends over the entire Bay.

Both DBSC Harbour and Zebra marks located north of Dun Laoghaire Harbour mouth have been permanently removed to make way for an anchorage for small cruise liners with an option for temporary placement in required.

"Some courses have been amended for the coming season so bay sailors will need to update their boat's chart plotters", Moore said.

The location of each mark will remain as before and will be published in the 2019 DBSC Yearbook due out at the end of the month.

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Forecasted strong westerly winds threaten the final race of Sunday's DBSC Spring Chicken Series on Dublin Bay. 

As reported earlier, the overall lead is currently held by the Irish National Sailing School's 1720 sportsboat but race organiser Fintan Cairns says he "hopes we get racing to mix up the overalls" so anything can happen to the scoresheet if the forecasted blow does not materialise.

Handicaps and Starts for the last of the six-race series are downloadable below.

Cairns says that if sailing is cancelled the prizegiving for the Citroen South sponsored event will commence around 1230 in the National Y.C.

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Dublin Bay Sailing Club has issued the Notice of Race for its forthcoming 2019 summer season.

First DBSC Races
Tuesday: 23rd April: Thursday 25th April: Saturday 27th April

Last DBSC Races
Tuesday 27th August: Thursday: 29th August: Saturday 28th September

Full details will be published in a further Racing Schedule.

1 Rules
1.1 All racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of Irish Sailing, the rules of each class concerned (except as any of the above are altered by the sailing instruction) there may also be some other changes to the RRS. These will be noted in the Sailing Instructions
1.2 Where appropriate, class rules are amended by these sailing instructions to allow the use of VHF radio and GPS.

2 Advertising
2.1 The Committee reserve the right to refuse entries from boats which display advertising that the Committee deem inappropriate

3 Conditions of entry
3.1 A boat shall not be eligible to race until a properly completed entry form and entry fee have been accepted by the Hon. Secretary. All communications will be directed to the person first named in the entry form.
3.2 Boats racing in cruiser classes will not be included in the results unless a current ECHO or IRC handicap has been issued by the Irish Sailing Association.
3.3 A boat in cruiser classes 0,1,2,3and 5 shall not be eligible to race unless (a) she is fitted with lying down bunks for two people and sitting down accommodation for four people, (b) she is capable of racing around the Burford marks in wind force 6 and can cope with wind force 8 conditions, (c) she is a monohulled boat.
3.4 DBSC recommends that boats entered for DBSC racing should also enrol in their local class association.
3.5 Boats visiting the area to compete in local club events or championship races or making a temporary stop in a waterfront club or marina while on passage, may enter for DBSC racing for a period of up to 14 days. The current entry fee is €50. This fee must be paid and a visitor’s entry form and declaration (obtainable from the Hon Secretary), be completed before racing.
3.6 After the start of the season, late entries must reach the Hon. Secretary seven full days preceding the day the boat concerned intends racing.

4 Scoring System
4.1 All races will be scored using the low point system as per RRSA4

5 Disclaimer of Liability
5.1 It shall be the sole responsibility of each boat’s skipper to decide whether or not to start or continue to race: and each owner/helm shall sail or race his/her boat entirely at his/her own risk; and that Dublin Bay Sailing Club Ltd. and its committee, race officers and organisers shall not be liable in the event of any accident or mishap. All Yachts shall be adequately covered by 3rd party liability insurance.
5.2 The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject a boat’s or Skipper’s entry on grounds of safety or other such grounds as they deem appropriate.

6 Sailing Instructions
6.1 Sailing Instructions will be supplied upon receipt of valid entry.
6.2 Sailing Instructions and amendments may also be posted on

7 Venue
7.1 Racing area is denoted in the yearbook DBSC Racing Marks 2019.

8 Courses
8.1 There will be a fixed mark and other laid courses as per course cards and special instructions.

Entries can be made online at

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Dublin Bay Sailing Club has issued the notice of race for its 2019 six-race Spring Chicken Series that will run from 3rd February to March 10th. 

Racing is under modified ECHO handicap for cruisers, cruising boats, one-designs and boats that do not normally race are very welcome for the novelty series that precedes the main DBSC season

The first gun is 10.10 hrs for the Citroen South sponsored series.

An entry fee of €60.00 includes temporary membership of Dublin Bay S.C. and the National Yacht Club.

Download the Notice of Race and the Entry form below

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Fintan Cairns of Dun Laoghaire is disarmingly modest about his many achievements in cruiser-racing organisation, based as they are on his extensive experience as an active sailor, his own innovations, and his readiness to acknowledge when he has taken an idea from other centres and adopts it to suit Dublin Bay’s needs. November would not normally be the month of sailing choice for many top boats.

Yet when Fintan Cairns introduced his DBSC Turkey Shoot series to provide seven successive Sunday mornings of brisk racing between late October and mid-December, his own determination to get out there in the Committee Boat and set an interesting course provided inspirational sailing leadership which, towards the end of 2018, saw 78 boats of top quality getting some of the best racing of the year.

Published in Turkey Shoot

Donal O’Sullivan’s retirement after 27 years as Honorary Secretary of Dublin Bay Sailing Club provides the opportunity for honours from all sides for someone whose contribution to the continuing vitality of one of the world’s largest yacht racing organisations is unparalleled.

He belies his age with a continuing enthusiasm for sailing and a sense of erudite curiosity on all topics which enhances his many friendships.

The fact that he compiled the comprehensive history of DBSC for its Centenary way back in 1984 is only part of the lengthy achievement of a very accomplished contributor to our sport.

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Dublin Bay Sailing Club has announced its key dates for the 2019 sailing season, which kicks off right after Easter.

Tuesday races will begin on 23 April with the last races taking place on 27 August. Thursday racing takes place in the same weeks, from 25 April to 29 August.

Saturday races will begin on 27 April and will continue through to 28 September.

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Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) is one of Europe's biggest yacht racing clubs. It has almost sixteen hundred elected members. It presents more than 100 perpetual trophies each season some dating back to 1884. It provides weekly racing for upwards of 360 yachts, ranging from ocean-going forty footers to small dinghies for juniors.

Undaunted by austerity and encircling gloom, Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC), supported by an institutional memory of one hundred and twenty nine years of racing and having survived two world wars, a civil war and not to mention the nineteen thirties depression, it continues to present its racing programme year after year as a cherished Dublin sporting institution.

The DBSC formula that, over the years, has worked very well for Dun Laoghaire sailors. As ever DBSC start racing at the end of April and finish at the end of September. The current commodore is Chris Moore of the National Yacht Club.

The character of racing remains broadly the same in recent times, with starts and finishes at Club's two committee boats, one of them DBSC's new flagship, the Freebird. The latter will also service dinghy racing on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Having more in the way of creature comfort than the John T. Biggs, it has enabled the dinghy sub-committee to attract regular team to manage its races, very much as happened in the case of MacLir and more recently with the Spirit of the Irish. The expectation is that this will raise the quality of dinghy race management, which, operating as it did on a class quota system, had tended to suffer from a lack of continuity.

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