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Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) News & Results
Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) Results for 21 September 2013
BENETEAU 31.7 Echo- 1. Prima Nocte (Patrick Burke et al), 2. Attitude (T Milner J Sugars M Branigan), 3. Fiddly Bits (Timmins/Quigley/Murray/Breen) BENETEAU 31.7 - 1. Prospect (Chris Johnston), 2. Levante (M.Leahy/J.Power), 3. Prima Nocte (Patrick Burke et al) CRUISERS…
Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) Results for 28 September 2013
#DBSC - Here are the latest results from the Dublin Bay Sailing Club for Saturday 28 September, the last race of the Summer 2013 season. BENETEAU 317 Echo - 1 Attitude (T Milner/J Sugars/M Branigan); 2 Extreme Reality (P McSwiney/E…
Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) Sailing Results for Thursday, 24 April 2014
#dbsc – BENETEAU 31.7 Echo- 1. Prima Nocte (Patrick Burke et al), 2. Levante (M.Leahy/J.Power), 3. Prospect (Chris Johnston) BENETEAU 31.7 - 1. Prima Nocte (Patrick Burke et al), 2. After You Too (Michael Blaney), 3. Prospect (Chris Johnston) CRUISERS…
Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) Results for Saturday, 26 APRIL 2014
#dbsc - In a cut short programme for Dublin Bay Sailing Club's first Saturday race of the season, only a number of cruisers one boats sailed in the strong and gust southerly winds this afternoon. One boat was dismasted. Racing…

Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) is one of Europe's biggest yacht racing clubs. It has almost sixteen hundred elected members. It presents more than 100 perpetual trophies each season some dating back to 1884. It provides weekly racing for upwards of 360 yachts, ranging from ocean-going forty footers to small dinghies for juniors.

Undaunted by austerity and encircling gloom, Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC), supported by an institutional memory of one hundred and twenty-nine years of racing and having survived two world wars, a civil war and not to mention the nineteen-thirties depression, it continues to present its racing programme year after year as a cherished Dublin sporting institution.

The DBSC formula that, over the years, has worked very well for Dun Laoghaire sailors. As ever DBSC start racing at the end of April and finish at the end of September. The current commodore is Eddie Totterdell of the National Yacht Club.

The character of racing remains broadly the same in recent times, with starts and finishes at Club's two committee boats, one of them DBSC's new flagship, the Freebird. The latter will also service dinghy racing on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Having more in the way of creature comfort than the John T. Biggs, it has enabled the dinghy sub-committee to attract a regular team to manage its races, very much as happened in the case of MacLir and more recently with the Spirit of the Irish. The expectation is that this will raise the quality of dinghy race management, which, operating as it did on a class quota system, had tended to suffer from a lack of continuity.