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Correspondence to: Chris Moore, Hon. Secretary

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Philip (left) with DBSC Commodore Chris Moore (centre) and Richard Lovergrove with the Waterhouse Shield for the best DBSC cruiser-racer performance. The Lovegrove haul of DBSC prizes continued after a successful season in their Sigma 33, Rupert. See below.
As reported previously, last Friday's DBSC prizegiving was a gala affair at the Royal St.George Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire for the country's biggest yacht racing club.  As well as six premier awards for best performances, DBSC Commodore Chris…
Best DBSC one design – Chris Johnston's Beneteau 31.7 Prospect from the National Yacht Club
Chris Johnston's Beneteau 31.7 has won Dublin Bay Sailing Club's Newsom Cup for the best one-design boat in the club's 2018 Summer sailing season. It is one of six premier awards to be made by the club at the end…
DBSC will remember its own members who died in the conflict with a brief ceremony before the start of Turkey Shoot racing this Sunday
This weekend's DBSC Winter sailing fixture will remember club members who died in the conflict of World War One with a brief ceremony before the start of 'Turkey Shoot' racing this Sunday afternoon. The club's Honorary Secretary Donal O'Sullivan relates…
After 27 years in the role, Donal O'Sullivan will retire as DBSC Hon Sec at the Club's agm on November 26th
The retirement at the end of this month of eighty–five-year–old Donal O’Sullivan, Dublin Bay Sailing Club’s (DBSC) Honorary Secretary, after 27 years, is a significant moment in the history of one of Europe’s oldest and biggest yacht racing clubs. In…
Colin Byrne's XP33 'Bon Exemple'
Writing in the Irish Times Sailing Column this morning, David O'Brien predicts that Colin Byrne's XP33 'Bon Exemple' will be the winner of the top performing cruiser-racer in the country's biggest racing fleet this season. Dublin Bay Sailing Club has…
Over 30 dinghies competed on the water in the 4 race no discard format
DBSC dinghy fleet came out in force for the end of season race on Saturday in the Harbour. Over 30 dinghies competed on the water in the 4 race no discard format. The fleet starts were designed to have plenty of…
Juggerknot was the J109 Cruiser 1 winner in today's final DBSC race of the 2018 summer season
Cruiser 0 IRC: 1. Wow, 2. Hot Cookie, 3. Tsunami Cruiser 0 ECHO: 1. Hot Cookie, 2. Tsunami, 3. Wow Cruiser 1 IRC: 1. Juggerknot, 2. White Mischief, 3. Jalapeno Cruiser 1 ECHO: 1. Prima Luce, 2. Gringo, 3. Jalapeno…
Dublin Bay dinghies will have their final fling of 2018 tomorrow afternoon, Saturday 29 September
Dublin Bay Sailing Club has released further details about this weekend’s end-of-season race day at the Royal St George. Amendments to the sailing instructions will see the Blue Fleet (including Shipmans) start and finish at MacLir, displaying a blue pennant,…
Levante was the 31.7 winner in both One Design and ECHO divisions
Cruiser 0 IRC: 1. Wow, 2. Tsunami, 3. Lively Lady Cruiser 0 ECHO: 1. Wow, 2. Tsunami, 3. Lively Lady Cruiser 1 IRC: 1. Juggerknot, 2. Something Else, 3. Bon Exemple Cruiser 1 ECHO: 1. Juggerknot, 2. Something Else, 3.…
Dublin Bay SB20s will race this Sunday and not Saturday as part of changes to the DBSC Green Fleet owing to the conclusion of the Laser Masters World Championships on the same race track
Due to the Laser Masters World Championships being held on two separate race areas on Dublin Bay this Saturday (15th September), Dublin Bay Sailing Club has made the following changes to the DBSC coastal race programme for that day. The…
The National Yacht Club's First 40.7 Tsunami (Vincent Farrell)
After her overall success, after 15 races and three discards, in Dublin Bay Sailing Club's Thursday Series in the Cruiser 0 class, the National Yacht Club's Tsunami (Vincent Farrell) was in winning form again on Saturday taking IRC and ECHO honours. Meanwhile,…
Levana skippered by Jean Mitton competed in the Beneteau 31.7 class race that featured a 100% turnout to mark the last DBSC Thursday Race of 2018
There was a buoyant turnout of 146 entries last night for the final Thursday race of the Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) 2018 season. The fleet included 100% turnouts for both Cruisers Zero, Cruisers 3A and 31.7s for the Dublin…
Diane II won the Ruffian 23 race
Cruiser 3 Tuesday ECHO: 1. Maranda, 2. Wynward, 3. Pamafe Combined Cruisers Tuesday ECHO: 1. Jalapeno, 2. D-Tox, 3. Extreme Reality Sportsboat: 1. NYC2, 2. Finding Saoirse Ruffian: 1. Diane II, 2. Alias, 3. Carmen B211 One Design: 1. Beeswing,…
Gringo was third in Cruiser 1 ECHO
DBSC Results for 25/08/2018 (Incl. Greystones feeder race) Cruiser 1 IRC: 1. Bon Exemple, 2. Jalapeno, 3. White Mischief Cruiser 1 ECHO: 1. Jalapeno, 2. Prima Luce, 3. Gringo Cruiser 1 J109: 1. Jalapeno, 2. White Mischief, 3. Something Else…
In DBSC Cruisers 3 racing, Kevin Glynn was second in the Hanse 301 Grasshopper II
Cruiser 3 Tuesday ECHO: 1. Cacciatore, 2. Grasshopper 11, 3. Papytoo Combined Cruisers Tuesday ECHO: 1. Elandra, 2. D-Tox Sportsboat: 1. RSGYC 1, 2. NYC2 Ruffian: 1. Carmen, 2. Alias, 3. Different Drummer Glen: 1. Glendun, 2. Glencoe, 3. Glenroan…
Andrew Bradley's Dun Laoghaire Marina–based 'Chinook' was third in Saturday's first B211 One Design DBSC race
Cruiser 0 IRC: 1. Wow, 2. Tsunami, 3. D-Tox Cruiser 0 ECHO: 1. Wow, 2. D-Tox, 3. Tsunami Cruiser 1 IRC: 1. Bon Exemple, 2. Jalapeno, 3. Something Else Cruiser 1 ECHO: 1. Bon Exemple, 2. Jalapeno, 3. Jump The…

Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC) is one of Europe's biggest yacht racing clubs. It has almost sixteen hundred elected members. It presents more than 100 perpetual trophies each season some dating back to 1884. It provides weekly racing for upwards of 360 yachts, ranging from ocean-going forty footers to small dinghies for juniors.

Undaunted by austerity and encircling gloom, Dublin Bay Sailing Club (DBSC), supported by an institutional memory of one hundred and twenty nine years of racing and having survived two world wars, a civil war and not to mention the nineteen thirties depression, it continues to present its racing programme year after year as a cherished Dublin sporting institution.

The DBSC formula that, over the years, has worked very well for Dun Laoghaire sailors. As ever DBSC start racing at the end of April and finish at the end of September. The current commodore is Chris Moore of the National Yacht Club.

The character of racing remains broadly the same in recent times, with starts and finishes at Club's two committee boats, one of them DBSC's new flagship, the Freebird. The latter will also service dinghy racing on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Having more in the way of creature comfort than the John T. Biggs, it has enabled the dinghy sub-committee to attract regular team to manage its races, very much as happened in the case of MacLir and more recently with the Spirit of the Irish. The expectation is that this will raise the quality of dinghy race management, which, operating as it did on a class quota system, had tended to suffer from a lack of continuity.

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