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#ROWING: Siobhán McCrohan and Sinéad Jennings dead-heated in the shoot-out for the place in the lightweight single sculls at the European Championships. The race was held over 1500 metres because of a powerful tailwind at the National Rowing Centre, and neither sculler could draw clear of the other in a stirring contest. McCrohan started and finished well, while Jennings did well in the middle stages. The two are set to race again over 1500 metres on Friday or Saturday.

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#ROWING: Christian Brothers College and Cork Boat Club today signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding at the College in a signing ceremony which moves the longstanding close relationship between the College and the rowing club to a more formal basis.

This follows the recent decision by Christians Brothers College Board of Management to invest in rowing boats and equipment to enhance the facilities available to its students, and to work closely with Cork Boat Club to take advantage of the excellent coaching and training facilities at the club.

The chief executive of Rowing Ireland, Hamish Adams, attended the signing of the agreement between Christian Brothers College and Cork Boat Club and said “Rowing Ireland is delighted to endorse this joint initiative between Cork Boat Club and Christian Brothers College. Such a positive relationship advancing Schools and Club rowing through one of the most successful Clubs in the country is very innovative and encouraging for the future of our sport.”

Dr. Larry Jordan, Principal of Christian Brothers College, added: “We are delighted to work closely with Cork Boat Club to avail of the excellent equipment, facilities and coaching at the club. Their ethos and ours are very complimentary and the relationship has allowed the college to develop rowing as a sport, as a result of which the College is already competing well at schools competitions both in the UK and Ireland. Many of our past rowers have gone on to row at university level and at the highest levels of rowing both nationally and internationally and are sources of great pride for the College.”

Karen McCarthy, Captain of Cork Boat Club, said: “We are very focused on developing schools rowing, and in fact supported six different schools at the recent Schools Rowing Championships with boats and coaches. The relationship with Christian Brothers College has been a very positive one and we are delighted to now work more closely with the College to develop deep rowing talent in the coming months and years.”

Cork Boat Club is the largest rowing club in Cork City and in 2014 won seven national rowing championships. In 2014 it also had the distinction of being the club with the most rowers selected to represent Ireland in various international competitions.

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#rowingworldchampionships – Enjoy the sensations of a rower at the start, just before the rowing battle begins! In this video rowers talk about being at the startline, describing their emotions, the stage-fright, the goosebumps and about their mental preparation before the rowing battle begins.
Listen to the world class rowers Fabiana Beltrame (BRA), Barnabe Delarze (SUI), Pedro Fraga (POR), Kristine Putnina (LAT), Iva Obradovic (SER) and Llilijana Josic (SER).

The 2015 rowing season has started with World Rowing Cup in Bled, Slovenia. Tight racing resulted in the World Cup regatta points trophy being shared equally between China and Germany. Germany won four gold medals. These came in the blue riband men's eight race as well as the men's double sculls and men's and women's quadruple sculls. The men's double sculls saw former single sculling champion Marcel Hacker team up successfully with Stephan Krueger to create a potentially winning new 2015 combination.
Scoring the most number of medals overall was China. The Chinese came to Bled with a large team and they won gold in both the lightweight women's double sculls and the lightweight men's pair. China won silver and bronze in the women's pair after getting five of their six entered crews through to the final. But it was the Dutch pair of Olivia van Rooijen and Elisabeth Hogerwerf who earned the gold. China also took silver and bronze in the lightweight men's four.
Belarus won two gold medals, one by 42-year-old Ekaterina Karsten in the women's single sculls. The six-time Olympian Karsten was a last minute entry in the single after her doubles partner had to withdraw due to injury. Belarus was also successful with gold in the men's four.

As well as the women's pair, the Netherlands won a second gold medal in the lightweight men's double sculls. Brothers Tycho and Vincent Muda kept the lead in a close race to the line which saw the silver and bronze medals decided by less than a second.
Poland picked up six medals overall to finish third on the points table. Poland's medals included gold in the women's double sculls following an impressive performance by Magdalena Fularczyk and Natalia Madaj.
Overall 20 nations earned World Cup points.

The World Rowing Cup series now moves to Varese, Italy from 18-21 June 2015 for World Rowing Cup II. Before that, European nations will be competing in the European Rowing Championships in Poznan, Poland from 29-31 May 2015. Ireland will compete in Poznan.

The World Rowing Cup series was launched in 1997 and consists of a series of three events. The overall World Rowing Cup winners are determined after the third event. This year, the three stages of the series are Bled, Slovenia (9-10 May), Varese, Italy (18-21 June) and Lucerne, Switzerland (10-12 July), where Ireland will also enter a team.

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#ROWING: Dave Neale had a good day at Queen’s Regatta on Saturday. The Old Collegians man won the senior single sculls from Sam McKeown of Portadown and teamed up with Sean Jacob to take the senior double for Old Collegians at Castlewellan Forest Park in Co Down. McKeown won the intermediate single. The top senior eight were Portora, with Commercial and Carlow second and third. Carlow won the senior four.

Queen’s Regatta, Castlewellan Forest Park, Co Down, Saturday (Selected Results):


Eight – Senior: 1 Portora, 2 Commercial, 3 Carlow. Club One: 1 Belfast RC, 2 Queen’s B. Junior 16: 1 Portora A, 2 Commercial, 3 Methody A.

Four – Senior: 1 Carlow, 2 Lady Elizabeth/Commercial, 3 Belfast RC. Club One, coxed: 1 Queen’s C, 2 Carlow, 3 Belfast RC A. Junior 18A, coxed: 1 Portora, 2 Bann, 3 Athlunkard. Jun 16, coxed: 1 Portora, 2 Coleraine AI B.

Pair – Senior: 1 Queen’s B, 2 Queen’s A, 3 Neptune. Intermediate: 1 Portora, 2 Neptune, 3 Carlow A. I


Quadruple – Club One, coxed: 1 Sligo, 2 Methody, 3 Coleraine AI. Jun 18A: 1 Commercial, 2 RBAI, 3 Carlow. Jun 16, coxed: 1 Methody A, 2 St Michael’s, 3 Three Castles. Jun 15, coxed: 1 Commercial A, 2 St Michael’s, 3 Coleraine AI A.

Double – Senior: 1 Old Collegians, 2 Commercial A, 3 Commercial B. Club One: 1 Sligo, 2 Garda, 3 Commercial B. Novice, coxed: 1 Methody, 2 Belfast RC, 3 RBAI B. Jun 18A: 1 Carlow, 2 Methody A, 3 Commercial. Jun 16: 1 Three Castles, 2 Methodist A, 3 Methody B. Jun 15: 1 St Michael’s A, 2 Commercial D, 3 Methody.

Single – Senior: 1 Old Collegians (D Neale), 2 Portadown (S McKeown), 3 Commercial (F Groome). Inter: 1 Portadown (McKeown), 2 Garda (D Kelly). Club One: 1 Carlow (O Nolan), 2 Carlow (L Keating), 3 Sligo (G Patterson). Jun 18A: 1 Bann (D Mitchell), 2 Commercial (R Baskerville), 3 Belfast BC (A Murray). Jun 16: 1 Three Castles (O Clune), 2 Bann (J Bell), 3 Three Castles (T McKnight).


Eight – Club Two: 1 Queen’s A, 2 Commercial, 3 Neptune. Novice: 1 Queen’s A, 2 Belfast RC, 3 Methody. Junior 18A: 1 Portora, 2 Bann. Junior 16: 1 Portora A, 2 Commercial, 3 Methody.

Four – Club One, coxed: 1 Garda, 2 Queen’s A, 3 Commercial.

Pair – Intermediate: 1 Queen’s B, 2 Commercial A, 3 Queen’s A.


Quadruple – Club One, coxed: 1 Methody, 2 Neptune. Novice, coxed: 1 Commercial, 2 Sligo, 3 Belfast RC. Jun 18A: 1 Bann, 2 Carlow, 3 Neptune. Jun 16, coxed: 1 Commercial, 2 Carlow, 3 Methody A. Jun 15, coxed: 1 Bann, 2 St Michael’s, 3 Portadown.

Double – Club One: 1 Belfast BC, 2 Queen’s, 3 Belfast RC. Jun 18A: 1 Methody, 2 Belfast RC A, 3 Belfast RC B. Jun 15: 1 St Michael’s A, 2 St Michael’s B, 3 Portora.

Single – Intermediate: 1 Belfast BC (S Quinn), 2 Trinity (H O’Neill). Club One: 1 Belfast BC (O Blundell), 2 Belfast BC (K Turner), 3 Methody (C Deyermond). Jun 18A: 1 Bann (F Chestnutt), 2 Belfast RC (L Taylor), 3 Belfast RC (C Coulter).

Mens Senior 8+ Portora View 1st  
 Commercial View 2nd  
 Carlow View 3rd  
 Bann View 4th  
 QUBBC View Did not start  
Mens Senior 4- Carlow View 1st  
 LEBC / Commercial View 2nd  
 Belfast RC View 3rd  
Mens Senior 2- QUBBC B View 1st  
 QUBBC A View 2nd  
 Neptune View 3rd  
 LEBC View 4th  
Mens Senior 2X OCBC View 1st  
 Commercial A View 2nd  
 Commercial B View 3rd  
 OCBC / UCDBC View Did not start  
Mens Senior 1X OCBC, Neale, D View 1st  
 Portadown, McKeown, S View 2nd  
 Commercial, Groome, F View 3rd  
 Commercial, Gahan, N View 5th  
 Commercial, Dowling, C View 6th  
 Commercial, Maher, M View Did not start  
 QUBBC, Beck, C View Did not start  
Mens Intermediate 2- Portora View 1st  
 Neptune View 2nd  
 Carlow A View 3rd  
 Athlunkard A View 4th  
 Commercial View 5th  
 Athlunkard B View 6th  
 Carlow B View Did not start  
 QUBBC View Did not start  
Mens Intermediate 1X Portadown, McKeown, S View 1st  
 Garda, Kelly, D View 2nd  
 QUBBC, Doyle, P View Did not start  
Mens Club 1 8+ Belfast RC View 1st  
 QUBBC B View 2nd  
 QUBBC A View Did not start  
 RBAI View Did not start  
Mens Club 1 4+ QUBBC C View 1st  
 Carlow View 2nd  
 Belfast RC A View 3rd  
 QUBBC A View 4th  
 CAI View 5th  
 QUBBC B View 6th  
 Belfast RC B View Competed  
Mens Club 1 4X+ Sligo View 1st  
 Methodist View 2nd  
 CAI View 3rd  
Mens Club 1 2X Sligo View 1st  
 Garda View 2nd  
 Commercial B View 3rd  
 Methodist View 4th  
 Commercial A View 5th  
 Portadown View 6th  
 Carlow View Competed  
 CAI View Competed  
 QUBBC A View Competed  
 QUBBC B View Competed  
Mens Club 1 1X Carlow, Nolan, O View 1st  
 Carlow, Keating, L View 2nd  
 Sligo, Patterson, G View 3rd  
 Garda, Allen, R View 4th  
 Commercial, Joyce, D View 5th  
 Commercial, Fowler, P View 6th  
 Carlow, Jones, S View Competed  
 C of Derry, D'Urso, G View Competed  
 Commercial, Healy, J View Competed  
 Garda, Maceoin, D View Competed  
 Lagan, McAllister, J View Competed  
 Lagan, McGivern, T View Competed  
 Portadown, Chambers, L View Competed  
 Portadown, Laivins, A View Competed  
 QUBBC, Martin, P View Competed  
 QUBBC, Roy, D View Competed  
 QUBBC, Williamson, R View Competed  
 RBAI, Hoy, J View Competed  
Mens Novice 4X+ Methodist View 1st  
 Belfast RC View 2nd  
 RBAI B View 3rd  
 RBAI A View 4th  
 QUBBC A View 5th  
 QUBBC B View 6th  
 QUBBC C View Did not start  
Mens J18A 4+ Portora View 1st  
 Bann View 2nd  
 Athlunkard View 3rd  
 CAI View 4th  
 Carlow View Did not start  
Mens J18A 4X- Commercial View 1st  
 RBAI View 2nd  
 Carlow View 3rd  
 Methodist View 4th  
Mens J18A 2X Carlow View 1st  
 Methodist A View 2nd  
 Commercial View 3rd  
 Methodist B View 4th  
 Sligo View 5th  
 CAI View Competed  
 RBAI View Competed  
Mens J18A 1X Bann, Mitchell, D View 1st  
 Commercial, Baskerville, R View 2nd  
 Belfast BC, Murray, A View 3rd  
 Sligo, Hough, C View 5th  
 Sligo, Hackett, D View 6th  
 Carlow, Doyle, P View Did not start  
 Commercial, Meehan, E View Did not start  
 RBAI, Reid, N View Did not start  
Mens J16 8+ Portora A View 1st  
 Commercial View 2nd  
 Methodist A View 3rd  
 Portora B View 4th  
 Methodist B View 5th  
 Portora C View 6th  
 Portadown View Did not start  
Mens J16 4+ Portora View 1st  
 CAI B View 2nd  
 RBAI View Did not start  
 CAI A View Did not finish  
Mens J16 4X+ Methodist A View 1st  
 SMRC View 2nd  
 3 Castles View 3rd  
 Bann View 4th  
 Commercial View 5th  
 RBAI View 6th  
 Methodist B View Competed  
 Portadown View Competed  
Mens J16 2X 3 Castles View 1st  
 Methodist A View 2nd  
 Methodist B View 3rd  
 SMRC View 4th  
 Bann View 5th  
 CAI View 6th  
 Portadown A View Competed  
 Portadown B View Competed  
 Portora View Competed  
 RBAI View Did not start  
Mens J16 1X 3 Castles, Clune, O View 1st  
 Bann, Bell, J View 2nd  
 3 Castles, McKnight, T View 3rd  
 3 Castles, Quinn, R View 4th  
 SMRC, Keating, M View 5th  
 Methodist, Young, X View 6th  
 Bann, McNeill, B View Competed  
 Carlow, McHale, F View Competed  
 Commercial, O Toole, O View Competed  
 Methodist, Ryder Moore, O View Competed  
 Portadown, Martin, C View Competed  
 RBAI, Hetherington, H View Competed  
 SMRC, Guilfoyle, M View Competed  
 SMRC, Kiely, J View Competed  
 3 Castles, Irwin, A View Competed  
Mens J15 4X+ Commercial A View 1st  
 SMRC View 2nd  
 CAI A View 3rd  
 Commercial B View 4th  
 Methodist A View 5th  
 Methodist B View 6th  
 CAI B View Competed  
 Commercial C View Competed  
 Methodist C View Competed  
 Portadown View Competed  
Mens J15 2X SMRC A View 1st  
 Commercial D View 2nd  
 Methodist View 3rd  
 Commercial A View 4th  
 SMRC B View 5th  
 Commercial C View 6th  
 CAI View Competed  
 Commercial B View Competed  
 Portadown View Competed  
Womens Intermediate 2- QUBLBC B View 1st  
 Commercial A View 2nd  
 QUBLBC A View 3rd  
 QUBLBC C View Competed  
 Commercial B View Did not start  
Womens Intermediate 1X Belfast BC, Quinn, S View 1st  
 DULBC, O'Neill, H View 2nd  
 Garda, Ryan, J View 3rd  
 Portadown, Martin, A View 4th  
Womens Club 1 4+ Garda View 1st  
 QUBLBC A View 2nd  
 Commercial View 3rd  
 Belfast RC View 4th  
 QUBLBC B View 5th  
 DULBC View 6th  
 QUBLBC C View Competed  
Womens Club 1 4X+ Methodist View 1st  
 Neptune View 2nd  
Womens Club 1 2X Belfast BC View 1st  
 QUBLBC View 2nd  
 Belfast RC View 3rd  
 Portadown View 4th  
 Castleconn View Did not start  
Womens Club 1 1X Belfast BC, Blundell, O View 1st  
 Belfast BC, Turner, K View 2nd  
 Methodist, Deyermond, C View 3rd  
 Carlow, Byrne, A View Competed  
 Commercial, Edwards, C View Competed  
 Garda, Galvin, L View Competed  
 Garda, Moore, M View Competed  
 Garda, Sheila, K View Competed  
 Portadown, Martin, A View Competed  
 QUBLBC, Smylie, R View Competed  
 3 Castles, Feeley, A View Competed  
 3 Castles, Greve O' Meara, J View Competed  
Womens Club 2 8+ QUBLBC A View 1st  
 Commercial View 2nd  
 Neptune View 3rd  
 QUBLBC B View 4th  
 Belfast RC View 5th  
 QUBLBC C View Did not start  
Womens Novice 8+ QUBLBC A View 1st  
 Belfast RC View 2nd  
 Methodist View 3rd  
 QUBLBC B View Did not start  
Womens Novice 4X+ Commercial View 1st  
 Sligo View 2nd  
 Belfast RC View 3rd  
 Methodist View Did not start  
Womens J18A 8+ Portora View 1st  
 Bann View 2nd  
Womens J18A 4X- Bann View 1st  
 Carlow View 2nd  
 Neptune View 3rd  
 Belfast RC View 4th  
 Methodist View Did not start  
Womens J18A 2X Methodist View 1st  
 Belfast RC A View 2nd  
 Belfast RC B View 3rd  
 Sligo View 4th  
 Portadown View 5th  
Womens J18A 1X Bann, Chestnutt, F View 1st  
 Belfast RC, Taylor, L View 2nd  
 Belfast RC, Coulter, C View 3rd  
 Portadown, Flack, C View 4th  
 Commercial, Bartley, A View 5th  
 Sligo, Dunbar, T View 6th  
 Bann, Mullan, B View Did not start  
Womens J16 8+ Portora A View 1st  
 Commercial View 2nd  
 Methodist View 3rd  
 Portora B View 4th  
Womens J16 4X+ Commercial View 1st  
 Carlow View 2nd  
 Methodist A View 3rd  
 Belfast RC View 4th  
 Methodist B View 5th  
Womens J16 1X Belfast RC, Hobson, E View 1st (private race) 
 SMRC, Devereux, J View Did not start (private race) 
 Portadown, McCann, K View Did not finish (private race) 
Womens J15 4X+ Bann View 1st  
 SMRC View 2nd  
 Portadown View 3rd  
Womens J15 2X SMRC A View 1st  
 SMRC B View 2nd  
 Portora View 3rd
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#ROWING: Next weekend will see one of the biggest rowing invasion of the Mid-West since the Vikings sent their longboats up the Shannon estuary in the 9th century. With over 800 crews entered over two days it is the largest rowing undertaking ever to take place at the Limerick Regatta course in O’Briensbridge. On Saturday, Limerick Regatta has a full programme, with events running every four minutes over 11 hours, while on Sunday the biggest ever Irish Schools Regatta will be held.

The Schools Regatta was first run in O’Briensbridge in 2006 as part of the University Championships. Eleven crews from five schools battled for honours in two double sculls events. The following year additional events were added and the event started to grow. Given that the University Championships always took precedence at the combined event, there was a limit on the size of the Schools Regatta. This ceased to be the case when Limerick Regatta agreed to run the event in 2014 on a stand-alone basis: there was an entry of just over 300 crews from 45 schools. This year there are almost 400 entries from 71 schools.

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#Rio2016 - If you thought the news about Brazil's sailing waters for next summer's Olympic Games was bad, brings us a dire tale from the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon that's set to host rowing events for Rio 2016.

Going by its latest condition, with a fish kill incident resulting in many thousands of twaite shad clogging up the lake, there isn't much rowing or canoeing to be done at present.

Local photographer Alex Moutinho described the fish die-offs that occur on an annual basis as "one more Brazilian shame" - coming after news of a collision with floating rubbish at the sailing venue in Guanabara Bay that's renewed concerns for athletes' safety on the water. has more on the story HERE.

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#Rowing: UCD took some late and notable wins at Trinity Regatta in Islandbridge today. They won the intermediate men’s eight final with a convincing win over the hosts, and also took the club eights with a win over Queen’s. Trinity’s A crew had just one and a quarter lengths to spare over their B crew in the men’s senior eights final – suggesting that had UCD put out a senior eight there could have been a good race. Commercial’s Neil Gahan and Colm Dowling won the senior pair and were part of Commercial’s winning four, while Damien Kelly won the senior single sculls, beating Fionnán Groome, and the intermediate single, where he was given a serious test by clubmate Ronan Allen. Bann won the junior 18 women’s eight and coxed four.

Trinity Regatta, Islandbridge, Saturday (Finals, Selected Results):


Eight – Senior: Trinity A bt Trinity B 1¼ l. Intermediate: UCD bt Trinity 3¾ l. Club: UCD A bt Queen’s ¼ l. Novice: Queen’s bt Trinity A 3ft. Jun 16: Commercial bt Methodist canvas. Junior 15: Reading A bt Commercial ½l. Masters: Neptune bt Old Collegians ¼l.

Four – Senior, coxed: Commercial A bt Trinity B 4l. Intermediate, coxed: UCD bt Cork 1¾ l. Club, coxed: UCD B bt UCD A 2½ l. Masters, coxed: Neptune bt Commercial ¼l.

Pair – Senior: Commercial B bt Lady Elizabeth/Old Collegians easily.


Quadruple – Novice, coxed: Reading bt Trinity easily. Jun 18B, coxed: Athlone bt Graiguenamanagh 1½ l. Junior 16, coxed: Methody bt Three Castles 1l. Jun 15, coxed: Graiguenamanagh bt Commercial A easily.

Double – Senior: Trinity bt Belfast 4½ l. Jun 15: Neptune bt Reading easily.

Single – Senior: Garda (D Kelly) bt Commercial (F Groome) 1¼ l Club: Garda (R Allen) bt Trinity (Browne) easily. Intermediate: Garda (D Kelly) bt Garda (R Allen) 1l. Jun 18: Athlone (Munnelly) bt Graiguenamanagh (Lennon) easily. Jun 16: Athlone (Byrne) bt Three Castles (Irwin) 1l. Jun 15: Commercial bt Neptune 3l. Masters: Commercial (O’Toole) bt Belfast BC (Curran) 1½ l


Eight –Intermediate: Trinity bt Queen’s easily. Club: Commercial bt Queen’s 2¾ l. Novice: Queen’s bt Methodist College, Belfast easily. Jun 18: Bann bt Neptune easily. Jun 16: Commercial bt Bann 2¾ l.

Four – Club, coxed: Garda bt UCD ¼ l. Jun 18, four: Bann bt Methody easily.


Quadruple – Novice, coxed: Carlow bt UCD easily. Jun 18B, coxed: Bann bt Carlow 1¼ l. Jun 16, coxed: Carlow bt Commercial canvas. Junior 15, coxed: Commercial bt Carlow 2l.

Double – Jun 15: Athlone bt Commercial 4l.

Single – Club One: Methody (Deyermond) bt Garda easily. Junior 18: Neptune (Coleman). Jun 16: Three Castles (Darcy) bt Carlow (Nolan) easily. Jun 15: Three Castles (Darker) bt Athlone (Donovan) easily.

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#ROWING: Ronan Byrne of Shandon Boat Club won the Cork Sculling Ladder on Thursday evening. Byrne beat Shane O’Connell of Cork Boat Club by three lengths. The 2014-2015 Ladder, sponsored by Hanley Calibration Ltd, had a delayed finish. This race should have taken place two weeks ago but was postponed due to very strong winds, which made sculling conditions dangerous. Byrne won the men’s Open, Intermediate, Junior 18 and Junior 16 sections. O’Connell was joint winner of the time trial with Daniel O’Sullivan (Lee Rowing Club) last October. Claire Synnott (Lee Rowing Club) won the women’s section. The Byrne-O’Connell race was umpired by Brian O’Flaherty, a previous winner of the sculling ladder in the 1988-89 season.

The 2015-2016 Cork Sculling Ladder will start with the Time Trial at the Marina Course on October 4th, 2015.

Result: (Thursday, April 16th): (2) Ronan Byrne (Shandon Boat Club) bt (1) Shane O’Connell (Cork Boat Club) 3 Lengths.

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#ROWING: Coastal rowers are invited to take part in the 2015 Boyne Boat Race, over the 14 kilometre coastal, estuary and river course from Clogherhead beach to Drogheda Port on Sunday, June 21st. The Boyne Boat Race 2014 was a great success, with clubs coming from Donegal, Wexford, Wicklow and Dublin. All sorts of vessels participated, including All-Ireland craft, Pembrokeshire longboats, Slaney cots, Skiffs and Currachs to race alongside the host club’s hybrid Skiff/Australian surf boat, Bean Threasa. Craig Wolfe, the over-60s open water single scull world champion, came from Boston to row in the event. The race starts at Clogherhead beach at noon and the course runs out along the coast through the mouth of the River Boyne and winds its way up to Drogheda Port. The race time is approximately 90 minutes to two hours. The race is being held as part of Drogheda’s Maritime Festival, which runs from the 19th to 21st June.

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#Rio2016 - Afloat's Rower of the Year for 2014 Sanita Puspure has her sights set on the European Championships next month, the next big step towards qualification for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

In the latest update on her progress for the Olympic Council of Ireland, the single sculls rower and scholarship athlete – who competed for Ireland at London 2012 – did not have the best performance at her most recent regatta in Italy due to illness.

But the last few months of training, following a few setbacks, have gone "really well" – and the training continues towards the World Championships coming in August, at which only nine rowers will qualify for Rio.

"We are going to test ourselves in the World Cup 3 in Switzerland in July before we head to fight for qualifying places," she says. "But in the meantime it's a 'one step at a time' approach. Training hard, dreaming big."

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